and i love that herc never forgot where he came from

{ unexpected guest }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

prompt: Hi there! I was maybe wondering if you could make a hamilsquad fic about when the reader is alone in the house/apartment then suddenly robber shows up and sees her and the rest is up to u?

a/n: yes! i hope you like it! i have a hercules one that kind of follows this prompt so it’s called “vacancy” if you’d like to check it out! 

t/w: none! 

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“Make sure the doors are locked, love.” Alex advised you, kissing your head from where you sat on the couch. You were sitting cross legged, totally engrossed in the newest episode of your favorite show with a blanket wrapped around you tightly.

You hardly noticed until John waved a hand in front of you. “Baby? Did you hear Alex?” 

“Yes. Lock the doors.” You said absentmindedly, looking around him. He managed a laugh and you gave him a small smile. “Promise I’ll be okay, Jack. You guys can go now.”

“You sure, princess?” Herc raised an eyebrow slightly, already slinging his jacket over his shoulders. He looked over at you from where he stood near the front door. Alex got up to look for something, mumbling things you didn’t quite pick up as he got up from the couch. He hurriedly gave you one more little kiss before he did so. John kissed your forehead and headed over near Herc.

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Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 11

A/N: I’m sorry I took so long to upload this! This chapter is pretty bittersweet and kind of a filler, but it gave me some closure lol. Enjoy!

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You carried the turtle into the living room, putting it inside the tank. It quickly went into the water, waddling around. You grinned at how cute it was being. Alexander walked into the living room, rolling his eyes.

You bought the stupid turtle. It was still alive, after all those weeks of being in that small cage. No one bought it, thankfully, so you could bring it home. It was a red-eared slider, one of the most common ones you could buy.

You hoped that John, where ever he was, was happy.

“Y/N, please don’t tell me you got that stupid turtle,” Alexander sighed. You frowned, holding up the reptile in your hand.

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The Planetarium

Lafayette x Reader ft. Hamilsquad

Modern AU

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 1535

Warnings: Swearing, awkwardness, kissing

Request :30, 32, and 39 for Laf PLEASE -anon

30: “C-can you hold my hand?”


39: “The buddy system is very important, you may get lost. NOW GIVE ME YOUR HAND!”

A/N: Hey lovelies! This was suppose to come out on Saturday, so sorry about that. I had finished writing it and just needed to put together the post, but sadly I had a school dance that day and ended being rushed around the whole day and finally getting home at 11 at night right after I had thrown up…Yup I threw up at my school dance and have been sick the whole weekend. I’m super embarrassed lol, but maybe since I’m sick I’ll have time to write more of our requests when I’m not doing homework. Hope I did this request the way you wanted! Requests are still open guys! Hope you have an amazing day and I love you all! 

“FIELD TRIP DAY!!!” Alex shouted through the apartment that you, Hercules, John, Alex and Lafayette all shared.

“Why do we call it field trip day?” You asked, walking into the front hallway where Alex was impatiently waiting.

“Because it sounds much more fun than calling it a hangout. That’s what we do everyday, this is special.” Alex explains, scoffing slightly at the question you had asked.

“Who’s in charge of the field trip today?” Herc asked, watching the Lafayette and John file into the entryway after him.

“That would be me!” Laf announced, pulling on his coat and handing you yours. “Today, we are going to the planetarium!”

“Really?” You asked, the excitement clear in your voice.

“Oh god, this is going to be amazing!” John yelled, exchanging a look with you of pure joy. The two of you had wanted to go to the planetarium since it had opened last fall.

“If you two are so excited, then we better get going.” Laf said his gaze never leaving yours as the boys continued to talk and walk out the door.

Once you were out on the street, you walked in pace with Hercules. Lafayette, Alex and John walked together right behind you. From the corner of your eye you could see Alex and John nudging Laf playfully as he blushed.

“You obviously chose this because (Y/N) has wanted to go since it opened!” John whisper yelled, causing Laf’s cheeks to be even more flushed.

“Maybe we should go with the buddy system.” Alex winked, wriggling his eyebrows.

“I don’t know guys…” Laf said, watching you laugh at something Herc had said.

“Trust us, we know what we’re talking about. Just say that she’s your buddy and buddies always need to hold hands.” John grinned.

“And if you don’t, that’s fine. Just don’t be too disappointed if someone else starts dating them instead.” Alex shrugged, making Laf’s eyes widen as he watched you and Herc goof around in front of him.

“Hey guys!” Laf said, shoving in between you and Hercules.

“What’s up Laf?” Herc asked, a knowing smirk on his face. He had stayed up with John and Alex the night before planning how to finally get the two of you together.

“The buddy system is very important, you may get lost.” Laf said, before turning fully you and shoving his hand at you. “NOW GIVE ME YOUR HAND!”

“Um, okay?” You raised an eyebrow at your friends weird antics, the boys face palming from behind the two of you.

“We’re here!” Hercules called, luckily putting an end to the awkward tension that had filled the air.

“This is incredible.” You breathed, walking through the doors and seeing all types of stars on the walls and ceiling above you.

“(Y/N), those exhibits about the different planets in our galaxies are over there. I know you’ve really wanted to see those.” Alex pointed out, making you immediately sprint towards the exhibit.

“Okay Laf, we’re going to give you two some alone time. This time please don’t yell at them! Just be natural.” John said, grabbing Lafayette by the shoulders and shaking his slightly.

“We believe in you man, don’t screw this up!” Herc commented, pushing Laf lightly to where you had run off to.

It wasn’t hard for Lafayette to find you, gazing at the mini models of Mars. You had already read the facts and now just studied every detail of the small replica. You were just staring at it with one of the happiest expressions Laf had ever seen on your face.

“Isn’t space the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen?” You asked Laf as he came to stand right next to you.

“It is extraordinary, mon ange.” Laf chuckled, walking with you to the model of Jupiter.

Lafayette turned to watch you as you studied the model of Jupiter and read the little facts surrounding it. He was completely entranced, his eyes never leaving your face. He loved to watch your eyebrow furrow as you tried to process the facts. He also loved seeing your face light up as you looked at the beauty of space.

You were standing shoulder to shoulder with him, you hands slightly brushing. He wanted to grab your hand so badly, but was scared that he would make the same mistake of scaring you like he had earlier. He didn’t want to ruin this moment with you. Taking a deep breath, words fell from Laf’s mouth before he could stop them.

“C-can you hold my hand?” Laf asked, his voice slightly timid.

“Did you just ask if you could hold my hand?” You asked, turning your eyes away from the model of Jupiter and to his panicked face.

“Um, no…” Laf trailed off, trying his hardest to cover up the fact that he was panicking.

“Yes you did! Why are you lying?” You exclaimed, turning your body to fully face him.

“Well, it’s dumb anyway! I don’t want to make you hold my hand. Sorry, mon amour.” Laf apologized, turning to walk to the model of Saturn.

“Who said I wouldn’t want to hold your hand?” You asked, following after him.

“It doesn’t matter just drop it.” Laf grumbled, his mood having dropped.

“I want to hold your hand.” You stated, holding your hand out to him expectantly.

“What?” Laf asked in shock, his blood quickly rushing to his face.

“HOLD MY HAND GODDAMNIT!” You yelled, your voice echoing through the entire planetarium.

Lafayette stared at you in shock for a few seconds before hesitantly letting you take his hand in yours. You turned back to the model of Saturn as if nothing had happened. Laf stood rigid for a couple of seconds before finally relaxing. To him, it felt perfect of have your hand in his.

You continued to walk around the planetarium together in mostly silence. Every once in awhile one of you would make a comment about the exhibit. Other than that it was a comfortable silence, where neither of you felt a need to say anything. By the end of it, you had almost completely forgot about his warm hand that was intertwined with yours.

“We should hold hands more often.” You sighed, not realizing the words had left your mouth as you laid your head gently of Laf’s shoulder.

“I completely agree, mon chéri.” Laf smiled, laying his head on top of yours.

“Why’d you want to hold my hand Laf?” You asked, feeling Lafayette slightly tense up at your question.

“You want the truth?” Laf asked, squeezing your hand a little tighter.

“Of course I do.” You said, squeezing his hand back in a reassuring manner.

“I really like you, (Y/N). We’ve been friends for a long time and you are an amazing human being. I’ve had a thing for you for so long it’s been driving me crazy!” Laf paused, pulling his head off of yours to look at you and you followed suit by looking at him. “I know this may make things awkward for us if you don’t feel the same, but I don’t want to be just friends with you anymore.”

“I’m glad you feel the same way as me. I’ve wanted to make a move on you for so long but, I didn’t want to scare you away.” You admitted, feeling as if a heavy burden had finally been lifted off your chest.

“You could never scare me away.” Lafayette grinned, the sight only making you do the same.

“Well, since I could never scare you away…” You pause, taking a deep breath to build up your confidence. “Would you like to go out on date with me tomorrow night?”

“I would love that, mon trésor.” Laf nodded, his eyes flickering for just a moment to your lips.

“Do I have to yell at you, like I did earlier, to get you to kiss me?” You asked, your voice barely above a whisper as your lips inched near his.

Without another word, Lafayette captured your lips with his. One of his hands cupped your face in a slightly rough way. The kiss wasn’t gentle like you had always imagined it to be, it was rough and hungry. You got lost in the moment easily, as did Lafayette. In that moment, all you wanted was Laf and only him.

Laf pulled away first, much to your disappointment. You looked at Laf, only to see him looking right past you with a blush on his cheeks. You turned to see Hercules, Alex and John high fiving and hugging. After a year, the three had finally gotten you and Lafayette together.

“Ready to go home?” Laf asked, turning your attention away from the boys and back to him.

“Yeah.” You smiled, intertwining hands with Laf once again as the two of you met up with the boys and started the walk home.

As you walked home, neither Lafayette or you could stop thinking about the date you would go on the next day. Anything could happen and neither of you would probably lose the smile on your face or the excitement for the next day. After all those months of waiting you had finally come together.

Please Don’t Worry (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N (This is my first fic, so any suggestions are welcome!)

Warnings- Some swearing, self-harm, mentions death of a loved one


It has been weeks since you’ve had a decent night’s sleep. You had been doing so well; clean for almost two years, your anxiety was under control, and your relationship was better than ever. But then your mom passed away and your world came crashing down around you. For the first couple months, it was kind of a blur and you couldn’t really worry about yourself while your dad was mentally not in a place to really be there for your younger sisters. Alex has been so amazing, and he made sure that you took care of yourself, in maybe more of a parent way than a boyfriend way, and you feel guilty about it now, but he won’t hear a word of it, of course.

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Besotted Lafayette

A smol and cute Lafayette x Reader
Word Count: 2,448
Warnings: Google translated French (IM SORRY), also, edited quickly on my phone, so… there are a million typos… pls don’t be upset

“Boys,” Angelica said, demanding the attention of the four men sitting in front of us, each one holding a beer in their hands, “This is Y/N, she’s the girl I’ve been telling you guys about.”
You smiled and awkwardly waved as the man with the wild and curly hair pulled into a ponytail scooted over to make room for you and Angelica. Gratefully, you slid in beside him, Angelica following closely behind you.
“Y/N, this is Alexander, Hercules, John and Lafayette,” she said, gesturing vaguely to each of the men.
"Hello,” you grinned, bashfully.
One of the men, Hercules I think, smirked, “Oh, well hello, there” he said, extending his hand to you.
You took his hand, feeling your face heat up. When your hand rested in his, instead of shaking it, like you anticipated, he lifted it to his lips, kissing the back, earning a swift punch in the shoulder from Alexander.
"You met her a minute ago, Herc,” Alexander shook his head before looking at me, smiling, “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said, smiling at you, genuinely.
"Yeah,” the man with a face full of adorable freckles agreed, “‘Gelica’s told us a lot about you; you’re writing a declaration with her?”
You nodded my head, “I am,” you smiled, “And we’re almost done, as well.”
"I look forward to reading it,” Alexander grinned, “And you are, too, I’m sure,” he continued, nudging Lafayette’s elbow with his own.
Lafayette looked startled, not daring to look at you, rather he kept his eyes on his friend, “Um,” he began, struggling to find words to say, it seemed, “Oui.”
You smiled at his bashful behaviour, “You are from France?” You asked, noting his accent, cocking your head to the side.
Having no other choice, Lafayette looked at you; “Oui,” he said again, making his three friends burst into a fit of giggles, “Je suis ici pour aider à la révolution,” he continued.
You cocked your head in response, “Oh,” you said, softly, “I don’t really know much french…” You explained, and for some unknown reason, the three men continued their giggle party, earning a death stare from Angelica.
"Oh,” Lafayette said, shaking his head to clear his thoughts, “I-um… I was just saying, that uh,” he looked at you, helplessly before turning to look at Alexander, “I forgot what I had said,” he said, frightfully, his eyes wide.
You bit your lip, holding back a chuckle, not wanting to embarrass the poor man any further.
Alexander, however, didn’t care about sparing his friends feelings, and burst out laughing. “He said he thinks you’re incredibly beautiful,” Alexander said, leaning over his friend so he could see me well, “So beautiful that you take all of his words away.”
You smiled and felt you face heat up in a blush; you definitely heard Lafayette mention the revolution, so Alexander was surely only poking fun at his friend.
Angelica groaned from beside me, “I should have never introduced you guys,” he sighed, “I am so sorry, Y/N, these guys really are idiots.”
Lafayette’s face was flushing, “I did not say that,” he said, quickly defending himself.
"But it’s certainly true,” Hercules said, laughing.
"Non,” Lafayette argued quickly, “I was only distracted!”
"Yeah,” John agreed, smirking, “By Y/N.”
Lafayette sighed, and looked to you, “Doan listen to them,” he said, “They are, how you say… Stupid.”
Hercules burst into laughter, “Laf,” he said, “You can speak English just as well as the rest of us.”
Lafayette rolled his eyes, but before he could retort, Alexander spoke up, “Not when he’s nervous, apparently.”
Angelica sighed and grabbed my arm, “Can you guys grow up, please?” She asked, exasperated, standing from the table, pulling me with her.
"Hey, where are you going?” Alexander laughed, “You just got here!”
"We’ll come back when you guys can be grown ups,” Angelica rolled her eyes, holding my hand as she dragged me out of the bar.
Before we were too far away, you waved goodbye to the four boys, “Goodbye Lafayette!” You smiled, chuckling, making the poor boy hide his face in his hands.
Angelica shook her head, “They are so annoying,” she sighed, dropping your hand once you were outside. “I would like to say they’re not always that vexing, but I would be lying.”
You laughed, “I thought they were kinda funny,” you smiled as the pair of you began walking down the street.
Angelica shrugged, “They grow on you,” she sighed, “Eliza, Peggy and I are hosting a dinner party this weekend; do you want to come?” She asked, looking at you, hopefully.
I nodded my head, “I would love to.”
"Y/N will be coming,” Angelica warned her friends as they sat in her front room, chatting and drinking amongst themselves.
A chorus of ‘ooh’s’ flowed from Alex’s, John’s and Herc’s mouths as they all looked at Lafayette, grinning.
Laf rolled his eyes, “I cannot help it!” He exclaimed, taking another drink, “She is so beautiful! I cannot even think straight in front of her,” he sighed, flopping down on Angelica’s couch, “I have nothing to say to her!”
Alexander, John and Herc were all snickering, earning themselves a pillow thrown to their little group on the floor.
"Don’t embarrass them,” Eliza said, more to Alexander than the other two.
Alex shrugged his shoulders, “Hey,” he said, smirking, “I can’t promise anything.”
"Yes you can,” Eliza retorted, raising her eyebrows, “And you will.”
Alex slumped and crossed his arms over his chest, like a child, “You may have sovereignty over me, Liza, but you can do nothing to stop Herc and John,” he said, “They’re bigger than you are.”
Eliza rolled her eyes at the same time a knock came to the door. Happily, she skipped over and swung it open; “Y/N!” She cried, pulling you into a hug, “I’m so glad you could make it, come in, you must be freezing!”
"Thank you,”  you said, grinning, “It smells lovely in here,” you commented, slipping your scarf off from around your neck.
"Thank you,” Eliza beamed, “We’ve been cooking all afternoon!”
You smiled and slipped off your jacket and shoes; you noticed all of the boys from the other night and your three favourite women sitting in the living room, but before you could join them, Angelica stood and ushered everybody into the dining room.
Before the others could join us, she quickly whispered, “They’re in an odd mood today; please don’t stop being my friend after tonight.”
You laughed, “I think I’ll be okay,” you smiled as the other joined you guys. "Do you need any help?”
Peggy shook her head, “You’re our guest!” She chuckled, “We’re just moving the food in, anyway,” she said, grinning.
“You can save a spot beside you for me, though,” Angelica called from the kitchen.
Before I could agree to her request, however, Alexander hollered from the dining room; “Too late, Gelica, she’s got a spot between Lafayette and I!”
"Alexander,” Eliza groaned, carrying a pot of mashed potatoes into the room. I followed her in, and took my seat between the two men.
"What?” Alex asked, innocently, “I saved you a spot, too, angel, right beside me,” he said, gesturing to the empty spot on the other side of him.
Eliza raised her eyebrows, unamused, “Alexander. Stop being a bug, will you?”
He placed a hand to his heart, forging pain, “That hurts, Liza,” he said as Eliza left the room once again, shaking her head. Once she was gone, Alexander smirked, “You look beautiful tonight, Y/N,” he stated.
"Thank you, Alexander,” You replied, smiling.
"Stop it,” Eliza warned as she returned with some roasted vegetables, setting them on the table before taking her seat, “We talked about this; no teasing.”
Shortly after, Peggy and Angelica joined us, Angelica sitting across from you and beside Hercules and John. As you all began gathering your food, John began smirking. “So,” he began, his mouth filled with potatoes, “Laf, your English coming along fine?”
Lafayette rolled his eyes, “I can speak Anglais just fine, Laurens,” he deadpanned, “You know this.”
John shrugged, scooping some more potatoes into his mouth. Lafayette fiddled with his peas.
"You are grown, John,” Angelica sighed, looking down at her little mountain of vegetables.
"Sorry,” he said, taking a drink.
Angelica shook her head and you grinned.
“So how’s the declaration coming?” John asked, sensing the Schuyler sisters dissatisfaction with the constant teasing of Lafayette.
Angelica immediately perked up, “We’ll be done within the week!” She exclaimed proudly, smiling over to me.
I beamed back, “We’re on our final draft,” I told Lafayette, hoping he wouldn’t be too embarrassed by my speaking to him.
He smiled a small smile, making me grin, “That is great, mon amie,” he said, “And what is this for, again?”
"It’s about equality for women in society,” I said, smiling; Angelica and I had been working for a few weeks on it; one month later, we have a fifteen page essay finished and completed.
"From what I’ve seen, it looks amazing,” Alexander commented through a mouth of peas, “I can’t wait to read the completed essay.”
"And we can’t wait to share it,” Angelica said, still beaming; this had all been her idea, and she was a treating this declaration like it’s her first born child.
"That is wonderful,” Lafayette said, shyly; his mumbling and accent combined made him a very hard man to understand, but you were able to manage. “I would love to read it as well.”
You nodded your head, grinning, “Of course you can,” you said, “I would love for you to.”
Over the rest of dinner, the three scoundrels managed to keep themselves quiet and ceased their incessant teasing; instead you all chatted about France, the revolution, both American and hopefully French, as well. Lafayette was very passionate about French freedom, and ever since you had brought it up, he hasn’t stopped talking about it. He wasn’t mumbling anymore, either, making him much easier for you to understand.
As the three sisters began to clear the table, they insisted you stay put; however, you had stayed put during the setting of the table, and decided it was best to help them out.
"Lafayette is so smitten,” Eliza commented as the two of you walked together to the kitchen, both holding empty dishes.
You chuckled, shaking your head, “I don’t know,” you said, honestly, “I think he may just be shy… He was sure happy to talk about France, he wasn’t mumbling, or slipping into French at all.”
Eliza shook her head, “He hasn’t stopped talking about you since Angelica introduced you,” she sighed, “Before you arrived tonight, the others were giving him a pep talk on how to actually talk to you… I suppose it worked,” she shrugged her shoulders.
You laughed; Lafayette was a very handsome man, and also adorable… But throughout all of the teasing, it was rather difficult to tell whether he really fancied you or not. You hoped that he really did.
When you, Angelica and Peggy had finished, the party had moved from the dining room to the living room.
Alexander was sitting in the middle of a couch, beside Hercules, saving his other side for Eliza. As soon as we entered the room, he patted the spot beside him, inviting his girlfriend to join him. When Eliza sat, Alexander pointed incessantly to the empty spot beside Lafayette, while maintaining eye contact with you.
You shook my head, chuckling as you made my way to the bashful frenchman. “Do you mind if I sit here,” you asked, grinning down to him.
He shook his head, “Of course not, mon amie,” he said, shyly.
Smiling, you sat. The conversation resumed, everyone was laughing and joking, talking about childhoods and first kisses, hobbies and jobs… It wasn’t until the sun was completely set that you realized how late it had gotten.
John and Hercules both stood, saying that they should get going. Once they had gone, you stood as well, “I suppose I should go as well,” you sighed, “Thank you for inviting me,” you said to the Schuyler sisters, “It was lovely.”
"Aw, that’s okay,” Peggy said, beaming, “We loved having you,” she grinned, standing up to hug me goodbye.
"I should be heading out, too,” Lafayette said, joining you in slipping on your shoes and your coats.
You smiled and waved, “Goodnight,” you grinned, opening the door for yourself and Lafayette, “I’ll see you tomorrow?” you asked.
Angelica nodded her head, “You will,” she said, smiling, “Goodnight you two!”
"Goodnight, mon amie,” he said, closing the door after we were both out. “Do you live near here?” Lafayette asked as the pair of you began walking down the street.
You nodded your head, “It’s ten minutes down,” you said.
"Génial!” Laf exclaimed, “I live near here too; perhaps I can walk with you to your home… To make sure you arrive safely, I mean…” He said, becoming bashful, suddenly.
You chuckled, “Are you sure?” You asked, “It’s rather cold out, I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold or anything,” you said, holding your coat close to your body, the cold winter wind turning your nose and cheeks pink.
"Oh, I doan mind,” he said, grinning.
"Alright, then,” you smiled, “As long as you don’t mind…”
"I do not,” he beamed. “You look very beautiful tonight,” he said, his voice giving away just how nervous he was.
You smiled, “Thank you,” you replied, you cheeks not pink from only the cold, now.
By the time you made it to your front door, Lafayette had successfully made you blush three times, and made you laugh more times than you could remember.
"This is me,” you said, smiling, not quite ready to leave him yet.
"Okay…” Laf said. You stalled a minute, hoping he would say something more, but when it seemed he wasn’t going to, you made your way up the stairs to your front door. “Um, mon amie,” he said, quickly before you opened the door.
You looked back at him and he jogged to join you, “Yeah, Laf?” You said, cocking your head to the side in question.
"Would you like to, um, how you say… I mean, would you like to accompany me on a date tomorrow evening?” He asked, looking down at you, hopefully.
You smiled, “I would love to, Lafayette,” you said grinning, going onto your tippy-toes so you could reach his cheek, where you place a gentle kiss.
He smiled, “I cannot wait,” he said, bashfully, “Goodnight, amoureux.”
You had no idea what he said. “Goodnight, Lafayette.”

A Not-So-Surprise Party

* Hamilsquad x Reader

* Modern

* Birthday Fic

A/N: So no one asked for this but today is the birthday of one of my friends! The only birthday imagine I had was  Laf x Reader and I wanted to write a Hamilsquad x Reader. This is the perfect opportunity.

Word Count: 1,218


You took a deep breath before you left your room. It was your birthday and your roommates (Alexander, Lafayette, Hercules, and John) always planned a surprise party for you. They only surprised you once, and that was only because they had the party on the wrong day. They were a whole week early. You were definitely surprised that time. But you never knew what to expect in your birthday.

You cautiously stepped out of your room. The first roommate you passed was John. He was standing in the bathroom, leaning toward the mirror and trying to pull his curls back. He placed over a saw you. “Oh good morning.” He said with a smile. He dropped his already gathered hair, letting it fluff out around his face. “Oh and happy birthday.” He added.

You blinked in surprise. You weren’t expecting that. They usually pretended that they forgot abut your birthday. “Oh. Thanks.” You responded. He smiled and went back to tying his hair back. You wandered into the kitchen. Your eyes fell on the upon the ‘Happy Birthday’ banner that you hung up whenever the guys had a birthday. You were surprised that they even knew where you kept it. They never hung it up on your birthday. Though, judging by how unevenly it was hung, you guess Alexander hung it at some random hour of the morning before he went to bed.

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{ five’s company // ch. 10 }

a/n: mostly fluff tbh…sorry this took so long! enjoy! 

t/w: mentions of anxiety, hints at jefferson + your ex boyfriend being gross (but it’s not a lot), implication of sex (but there’s no scene)

french used:

je vais bien - i’m fine

mes amours - my loves

mon coeur - my heart

mon cher - my dear


You were thankful to be seated with your boys and the Washingtons’. Angelica and her husband too were seated at the same table as you as well.

Mr. Madison and Mr. Jefferson were no where in sight, making both you and Alex feel better for different reasons. 

You sat in-between Herc and Laf, since you hadn’t really seen them the whole night. They happily accommodated you, sneaking little kisses every so often when it was appropriate. 

You reached for Laf’s hand underneath the table. Gave it a comforting squeeze. He smiled down at you. The smile was a little tight, almost a little worried, but he hoped you didn’t notice.

You did, but you reassured him the night was almost over. You’d get to go home soon.

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First Impressions

John Laurens x fem!reader

modern! au

we were playing a pickup game of basketball and I elbowed you in the face and you’re bleeding I’m so sorry


you look a lot like my good friend so I ran up behind you and grabbed your ass in front of everyone oh my god I’m so sorry

Okay, I had a lot of fun writing this! 

I hope this can lift your spirits in the light of recent news. 

Also, who knew listening to Mmmbop on repeat could really get my creativity up!

As always, tell me what you think, and enjoy!

~Mandy, your trash goddess

word count: 1,808

warnings: lots of swearing, blood, not sure what else…?


Originally posted by hamiltongifs

The warm summer sun spilled over your face. You were meeting with your friend Gilbert, more affectionately called Laf, to play basket ball at the courts downtown. He had invited some other of his friends you weren’t familiar with, but you were sure you’d have fun either way. With your earbuds in you walked down central ave, crossing the street with out looking, which wasn’t the best idea you’ve had (or didn’t have), and eventually got to courts.

You had on a pair of grey sweatpants, that were a size to big, a thin green hoodie, and your worn out black converses you’d had forever. On your shoulder was slung your old drawstring bag from being on the soccer team in high school. 

You waved to the tall french boy already at the courts with two other guys. You quickened you pace to a jog. He met you, giving you an enthusiastic smile. Pushing open the gate, you ran over to the small group.

“Hey stranger!” You said to Laf.

“Y/n! Glad you could make it today,” he replied, turning to face his other friends briefly. “I don’t believe you two have met y/n before. We met each other last semester at a sip and paint club.”

“You were my model.” You recalled fondly. You gave a small wave to the two other men. “Hey, I’m y/n.”



You nodded with a smile. They seemed nice enough.

“What’s your major?” Alexander asked.

“Theatre arts. You?”

“Law.” You must have made a face, because he laughed at your reaction. “It’s not that bad I promise.”

“Hey guys!” A cheery voiced called from behind you. You turned to see the three Schuyler sisters; Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy. Eliza kissed Alexander’s cheek lightly.

Angelica faced Lafayette.

“John said he’d be here in five. Slept in.”

“Ah,” Laf directed her attention to you. “Have you three met y/n before?”

“Y/n l/n?” Eliza asked. You nodded. “You were in the spring musical right? Yeah, you had that really pretty solo at the end!”

“Thank you. You are…?”

“Oh, yes! I’m Elizabeth, just call me Eliza though.”

“Angelica.” The taller, slightly intimidating girl, nodded in your direction.

“And Peggy!” The smallest of them all pipped in. You gave them a small wave.

“While we wait for Laurens,” Hercules started. “How about we break up into teams?”

“Ladies against the gentlemen?” Eliza proposed. You shrugged.

“Sure. Why not?” Angelica said. 

“Hey guys.” You all turned to Alex you was now rummaging through his bag. “I left my water at home. I’m gonna run to the corner store, want me to grab anything else?”

“Nah, we’re good,” Hercules answered. With that Alex took off out the court and down the street.

The four of you girls began to stretch out. You turned to Laf, who merely stood there scrolling through his phone.

“Not gonna warm up?” You teased.

“Don’t need to, mon amie. I’m sure I’m better than you on the court.”

“In your dreams.” You replied. He laughed at you, pulling the hood of your sweater over your head. You pushed his arm lightly, sticking your tongue out at him. You loved your friendship with Laf. He was like an older brother.

“Hey guys. What’s up?” An unfamiliar voice called from behind you. Before you could turn around, a swift hand smacked against your ass. You froze where you stood, a bit too shocked to do anything. No one said anything, and the silence only added to your embarrassment. “Yo, what’s wrong Ale- oh shit you’re not Alex.” 

The person beside you moved to look directly at you, his freckled face now very pink. He promptly pulled his hand off of you.

“Holy fuck. Dude, I am so sorry, I thought you were someone else.” He stammered out an apology. You gave him a weak smile.

“It’s okay,” was, for some reason, the only thing you could say. What the actual fu- no it’s not okay y/n!

“No, it’s not okay. Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I just fucking grabbed your ass, I don’t even know you. My god, I am so sorry I just did that.”

“You just keep getting worse and worse at getting girls, John.” Herc interjected smugly. John shot Hercules a look.

“That’s not I was trying to do.” He turned back to look at you. “Please know I would never do that to get with anyone. Girl or guy. Anyone for that matter.”

You could see Peggy and Laf trying not to burst into laughter. Angelica simply shook her head like a disgruntled mother who was done with everyone’s shit. You put your hands up in almost a defensive way.

“Dude it’s fine. Just a simple mistake, granted an extremely awkward one for the both of us.” You pulled the hoodie off your head, tugging lightly on your hair.

“How did you even think she was Alex?” Angelica questioned.

“Alex has a green sweater just like her’s, and they’re about the same height!” John defended. It was at this moment, Alexander found it appropriate to interrupt this very awkward encounter.

“Yo, I forgot my wallet…Is everything okay?”

Peggy and Laf burst into unhinged laughter, having to grab on to each other to not fall over.

“John vient de saisir le cul de y/n!” Lafayette said through his fit of laughter. Alex looked at John, who had a very sheepish face.


“Dude, yes.” You sighed.

“John, you’ve gone to extremes with flirting before, but that’s low even for you.”

“That’s not what I was trying to do!” John almost yelled, looking like he was on the verge of an existential crisis.

“Come on guys,” you said, trying to lighten the tense mood. “We came here to play basket ball, not criticize this poor boy’s terrible flirtation skills.”

You heard a “hoooo girl! from Peggy.

“Shots. Fired.” Hercules yelled, his hands cupped around his mouth. 

You smirked up at John, who looked shocked, that quickly changed to a challenging grin, raising one eyebrow at you.

“Really girl? I’m sure I could kick your ass at basketball.” 

“Mhmm. Like how you just smacked my ass?”

“Can we please drop that?”

“Nope,” you said, popping the p. “I’m gonna hold this over your head for a long time.”

“You’re too short.” You heard him say as he walked over the bench setting down his stuff.

“Fight me.” You hissed.You pulled of your hoodie, leaving you in your black sports bra, and tossed your hoodie with your bag on the bench. Tying your hair back, you back tracked back to the other three girls.

“Ready?” You heard Herc call.

“One sec!” Eliza said. “Gotta braid Peg’s hair.” She pulled the elastic over the ends of Peggy’s curls of hair.

Peggy gave you an enthusiastic nod.

“Okay, lets go!”

“Who starts?” You asked. Alex glanced over the group.

“Well, considering our dearest y/n has just been assaulted by Laurens…”

“Can we not?” John pleaded.

“…the lovely ladies can start us off.” Laf threw the ball at you. You caught it, and slowly started to dribble around the half-court, trying to get your head in the game. Quickening your pace, you made your way down to the hoop. Cornered by Laf and Alex, you passed it to Angelica. You slipped past the two guys, running straight to the hoop. She passed to Eliza, to Peggy, then back to you. With all you could, you ran and jumped as high as you could, slamming the ball through the hoop. You hung for a moment to the rim, adrenaline pumping through your body.

“Still think you can kick her ass?!” Peggy shouted to John. Eliza ruffled her little sister’s hair. John stuck both middle fingers up at the youngest Schuyler. You dropped down back to the ground.

The game continued on for a little while. You guys weren’t really keeping score, but you knew you and the Schuylers were ahead. After a quick break, you guys continued. As the afternoon sun shone down on the city, the heat picked up as well. Laf and Laurens had pulled off their tank-tops, Angelica had stripped herself of her shirt as well.

Running down the court, Eliza passed to you. Just as you went to throw it, you felt someone behind you. Ball still in hand, you turned around. You elbow met with a soft force, and you immediately pulled your arms back in. John stood in front of you, clutching the left side of his face.

“Oh my god! Did I hit you?” You dropped the basketball, softly grabbing his wrists away from his face. You internally cringed, seeing blood already dripping from his nose, and his left eye squeezed shut. “I am so sorry! I just elbowed you in the face, oh my god I’m sorry!”

He waved you off, with a small smile on his face.

“It’s cool. I kinda deserved it.” He tried to laugh of the pain.

“No no no, it’s not cool. Dude, I think I broke your nose.” He waved you off. Ignoring him, you inspected his face carefully, taking note the seemingly endless amount of freckles that dusted over his face. “You want some Advil?”

He nodded a no at first, but quickly changed it to a yes. Taking his hand, you sat him down on the bench, and dug through your bag.

“John, you okay?” Alex asked. Before John could say anything, you answered for him.

“I think I may have broken his nose,” you said, tossing the pain killers to John along with your water. Pressing a tissue to the boy’s face, you continued. “And I gave him a black eye. You guys keep playing, I’m gonna run and get John some ice.”

You grabbed your wallet, and left the courts, returning ten minutes later with a small cold pack. The others were still playing basketball, John sitting on the bench with the tissue still pressed to his nose.

“Hey,” you said. He acknowledged your presence with a nod. “Here.” You passed the cold pack to him, and sat down next to him. “Again, I’m really sorry.”

“Y/n. It’s fine.”

You both sat in silence for a few minutes. You heard him begin to chuckle.

“What?” You asked, somewhat amused. He looked at you adoringly.

“Nothing. Just that this must be the worst first impression someone had given you. Getting you ass groped must be a first.”

“Well, I did just give you a black eye, and I hardly know you.” You mused. He moved a bit closer to you.

“Maybe, we could get to know each other better?” Heat met your face, you turned away giggling. You looked back at him.

“Oh you actually meant that. Oh man, I’m so bad at this.” You both started laughing.

“Okay let’s just start over. Hi, I’m John Laurens.”

“Y/n L/n.”

Baby Surprise

Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1502

Warnings: Swearing, pregnancy, panic, alcohol, implied smut

Request: ILYSM you are amazing, Darlin’(s)! Could you do a pregnancy one for Hercules Mulligan? Like how she tells him she is pregnant and she is nervous about how he reacts? I love y'all! - anon

A/N: This was my first Hercules imagine and that made me really happy because I absolutely love him! But I hope this is what you wanted when you requested, lovely anon! And here’s a reminder that requests are open!

You looked at the pregnancy stick in your hand, shaking slightly as you waited for the minutes to pass. You couldn’t be pregnant…could you? You had the symptoms of pregnancy, but it could easily be just a virus going around. Plus, you and Herc almost always used protection. There was no possible way. Unfortunately, you were proven wrong as two lines appeared. Your blood went cold and you could feel yourself shaking.

You were pregnant. You and Hercules Mulligan were going to have a child. You felt tears stream down your face. A flood of emotions all overcame you at once. You were happy, nervous and scared all at the same time. It was completely overwhelming, yet you still couldn’t believe what was happening.

“I’m pregnant…” You said out loud, your voice echoing through the, what you thought was empty, apartment.

“YOU’RE WHAT?!” Alexander barged through the door, his voice booming in the bathroom, making you jump.

“Alex! When’d you get here? I thought I was home alone!” You said, feeling much more panicked than before.

You were so scared that he was Hercules for a second…Wait Hercules! How was he going to react when he found out? The two of you had never talked about starting a family. The doubts and fears started to fill you mind. One right after the other they all went in tormenting you mind. What if he left you? What if he wanted to put it up for adoption? What if he hated kids? There was no stop to these thoughts.

You felt your breaths quicken and become more shallow. More tears fell down your face at a quicker rate. Before you knew it, you were fully sobbing hysterically. Alex crouched down in front of where you were sitting and pulled you into a hug, holding you tightly to his chest. He shushed your cries, and helped you begin to calm down.

“What are you crying for? You and Herc are going to be having a baby. Shouldn’t you be happy? Or are the pregnancy hormones already kicking in?” Alex bombarded you with question, letting you begin to feel overwhelmed again. Taking notice of his mistake, he quickly started talking again. “No need to cry. He’s going to be very happy. I promise you.”

“Are you sure? Cause what if he doesn’t want it? Or even want to be with me anymore?” You asked, watching Alex’s expression soften.

“There’s nothing Hercules loves more in this world than you. If he could have a mini you too, I think it would make his life even more enjoyable. He would never leave you because this is something he’s always wanted.” Alex reassured you, your tears slowing at his comforting words.

“Why are you here, Alex?” You asked, suddenly realizing that it was the middle of the day and your best friend had just barged into your home.

“Oh, sorry about that. I was grabbing a couple things for Herc. He forgot them for his presentation today, with Washington. He also wanted me to invite you out to drink with us and all the boys tonight.” Alex stood up, walking towards the door.

“Oh, okay. Well, I guess I’ll see you later tonight.” You said, looking back down at the positive pregnancy stick in your hand.

“Tell him tonight. Trust me, he won’t be even close to upset.” Alex grinned at you before grabbing what he needed and leaving the apartment.

You slowly stood up, still a little shaky, but much more confident. You were going to be okay. Alex was right, Hercules was a level headed guy and would never ditch a girl just because she was pregnant. He loved you and you loved him. You hoped and prayed it would work out fine.

Taking one last look at the stick in your hand, you wrapped it in toliet paper and threw it in the trash. You had other things to focus on, including figuring out how to break the news to him. You walked out of the bathroom and took a deep breath. You could do this.


“(Y/N)! You came!” John cheered when you entered your local bar.

“Did you think I’d ditch you boys?” You smiled, sliding into your usual booth.

“Of course not, mon ami. But, Alex mentioned that you might not be feeling up for it.” Lafayette shrugged, taking a swig from his beer.

“He did?” You asked, shooting a glare at Alex, who was flirting up a storm at the bar.

“Yup, and he’s already completely wasted.” John laughed chugging his own drink.

“Where’s Herc?” You asked, scanning the bar for him.

“He ran to the bathroom real quick.” Laf said.

Nervousness began to gnaw at your empty stomach. He was going to be back any second and you’d have to tell him. You knew the sooner you gotter it done the better you’d feel, but still it was absolutely terrifying to even think about.

You loved Hercules more than anything and didn’t want to lose him over anything, especially not a baby. And even he wanted the baby, it was just as scary to think of the two of you as parents. Missing out on going to the bar almost every night with the boys and not being able to go on anymore spontaneous trips. This baby meant responsibility for both you and him. Were the two of you even ready for that yet?

“Hey babe, you good?” Hercules waved his hand in front of your eyes.

“Oh! Sorry, I was just thinking.” You blushed, not even realizing that Hercules had exited the bathroom and scooted to sit next to you in the booth.

“How was your day?” Herc grinned at you, intertwining his fingers with yours.

“It was…exciting! I got some surprising news, I may need to share with you later.” You attempted a smile that only grew as he smiled back at you.

“I can’t wait to hear it! Now, how about a couple of drinks!” Herc took his hand from your beginning to stand up.

“Wait, babe!” You called as he began to walk away, hoping to stop him from ordering you a drink.

“Don’t worry! I already have your order memorized!” Herc gave you a thumbs up before he turned and walked to the bar.

“Shit.” You huffed under your breath.

“What happened?” John raised a suspicious eyebrow at you.

“Um…nothing. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You stumbled over your words.

“You’re tense and zoning out every five seconds. What’s going on?” Laf asked, studying your face for anything that would give you away.

“I just have things on my mind. Chill, okay?” You defended yourself quickly.

“Okay…” John and Laf kept a close eye on you as Herc and Alex walked back to your table.

“Here you are, m’lady.” Herc winked, sliding your drink to you.

“Whoa! Herc, she can’t drink that!” Alex slurred, completely drunk.

“Shut up, Alex. It’s a perfectly good drink.” Herc rolled his eyes.

“Alex, don’t be an ass.” You tried to give him a signal to shut up, but he obviously didn’t get the memo.

“No, it’s not that! The alcohol will hurt the baby! And I don’t want my future godson to be messed up!” Alex threw his hands up in protest.

“Baby?” Herc asked in alarm, his head whipping around to look at you. Your breath caught in your throat.

“Yeah! That baby in (Y/N)’s stomach. The one that you helped her make.” Alex nodded, taking another shot and slamming it on the table.

“(Y/N)?” Herc’s eyes were wide.

“Um, yes?” You replied, trying to ignore the confused stares from everyone at your table.

“Are you pregnant?” Herc asked, slowly taking your hands in his.

“Yes and I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I just found out earlier today and I was trying to figure out how to tell you. Alex only knew because he was there when I was freaking out that the test was positive. I’m so sorry, Herc. I’m so sorry!” You rushed your words out, tears pricking your eyes and threatening to fall out.

“What are you sorry for? We’re going to have a child!” Herc cheered, pulling you tightly in his arms.

The boys began cheering nonsense things about becoming uncles and fighting over who would be the child’s favorite. Herc kissed the top of your head and continued to hold you close to his chest.

“I love you.” Herc mumbled into your hair.

“I love you too.” You sighed contentedly, nuzzling your face in his neck.

“Just one thing…” Herc trailed off, looking around at his friends.

“Yes?” You asked, following his line of sight at the boys taking rounds of shots in celebration.

“Can we agree to let one of the Schuyler Sisters be the Godparent and not one of these idiots?” Herc asked, John Laurens now showing to the others how he could belch the alphabet.

“Agreed.” You giggled.

A Great Week-- Hercules Mulligan

Request!:  In honor of oaktober, Hercules and reader trying to make a cosplay for a upcoming con?

Prompt: Comic Con?

Paring: Hercules Mulligan X Reader

Triggers: cursing? did I curse in this one, dogs, idk its just so much fluff

Words: 1216



“Hercules!” You called as ran into your husband’s shop.

“Yes, my love?” Hercules answered which told you where he was. You entered his office jumping up and down with a huge smile on your face.

“Guess what?! Guess what?!” You were jumping up and down excitedly when Hercules turned around in his swivel chair. He had his glasses on and it looked like he was just in the middle of a project.

“What?” He smiled at your excitement, and you hurried over to his side taking a seat in his lap like you always do. You shoved the piece of paper you were holding in your hands to his.

“Wha- OH MY GOD!” Herc’s eyes widened when he saw what was on the paper.

“UH HUH!” You nodded with the biggest smile on your face.”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Hercules asked while picking you up, setting you on the floor and getting up himself.   

“UH HUH!” You reassured with another head nod.

“YES!” He took your hands and you two started jumping around.

“NEW YORK COMIC CON!” You both cheered and jumped around, until you were interrupted by a new voice.

“Um… Hello?”

The cheering stopped. You and Hercules looked at the doorway to see a small woman smiling at the two of you.

“Miss Jackson! You’re early!” Hercules laughed nervously, and greeted his client.

“I didn’t want to be late.” Miss Jackson chuckled.

“Well, I’ll let you get back to your work. You composed yourself and gave Herc a kiss goodbye. You and the woman nodded at each other as you left the room and then the shop.


“We should dress up as Frozone, and his wife, Honey!” Suddenly hearing your husband’s voice and the shut of your front door made you jump. You book fell out of your hands.

“Really?” You asked while picking up your book, and setting it down properly on the coffee table.

“Yeah, we could make the costumes, and then Marco could be a little iceberg!!” Hercules motioned to your dog, Marco, who had piped up at the sound of his name. He jumped off of your lap and ran over to greet Hercules.

“That’s is….. A GREAT IDEA! I LOVE IT! Oh, and we should start ordering supplies right now we only have 2 months!” You picked up your tablet and started ordering materials unaware of the look of adoration on Hercules’ face.


“Babe? Did you put up the costumes last night?” You called from your shared bedroom.

“No? I thought you were going to.” Hercules said.

“Well, I didn't…” You answered.

“SHIT!” The both of you yelled. You sprinted from your room, down the stairs and into Hercules office. Hercules was just rounding the corner from the kitchen.

“OH NO!” You saw the damage done to your costumes you two had worked on so hard for the past month.

Hercules skidded to a halt beside you, and looked at the mess in horror. In the middle of the shreds of cloth, was your dog Marco, looking as innocent as ever.

“Marco, no!” You both scolded. You picked up Marco and stole away with him towards the back door. You set him down outside and shook your head at him, closing the door.

You hurried back to the office and looked as Hercules fell to his knees in the middle of the mess.

“All our work…” Hercules held up a price of fabric, and you realized what it was.

“Hercules…” You put your hand on his shoulder.

“It’s gone…” He whispered.

“Hercules.” You said more firmly.

“It’s all go-”

“Hercules!” You interrupted him and flung open the cabinet in the corner of the room.

In the cabinet were your costumes.

“But… the fabr- OHHHHH!”

“Yeah, it’s Marco’s costume. I guess we just forgot to put his up.” You chuckled.

“That scared the hell out of me.” Hercules sighed and you chuckled at his expression.

“I could tell.” You nodded.


Today was the first day of Comic Con!

“I’m so excited!” You felt jittery in your costume as you waited in line to get into the Convention.

Many people had complimented you and Hercules on your costumes when they realized who you were. You were surprised so many people knew Honey’s name was Honey, and even though they were her, she was never shown in the movie.

“Me too!” Hercules was currently in the more casual part of his costume and so were you. You would should the surprise until later.

Hercules was excited about how the designs came out. You were especially excited because you got to design your costume without any kind of original designs to go off of. Yours was completely unique.

The two people in front of you, who were wear Poe and Finn costumes, moved up in line and kept talking to their friend who seemed to be Rey.

In turn, you and Herc moved up.

You two had left Marco at home, he wasn’t feeling well, and had been acting up lately, but now you regretted not staying home to make sure he was okay.

“Hey, look,” Hercules turned towards you. “Marco’ll be fine.”

“I know, I just have a bad feeling that’s all. We did leave him in Alexander’s care after all.” You sighed.

“Eliza’s is there too, he’ll be fine.” Hercules assured you, and you nodded.

Pretty soon the two of you entered the convention and you gasped at the sight.

Thousands of people dressed up in different costumes surrounded you. See references from so many different countries and universes all gathered in one space was amazing.

“Oh, look! It’s Deadpools!” You pulled at your husband’s hand towards the hoard of Deadpool’s that were running around.

“Hey, wait up!” You called after them as they started walking. They all turned at once and you smiled. You let go of Herc’s hand and ran over to them. “Can I take a picture with you guys?”

They all nodded enthusiastically. You and the group planned what to do for the picture. Once agreed, you ran back over to Hercules.

“Herc take a picture!” You shoved the camera into his hands.

“Okay!” He held up the camera. You ran behind the group of Deadpools.

“Ready?” You asked all of them and they nodded, holding out their arms. You ran from your spot towards the small path the Deadpools created in between them.

Hercules took a picture.

You then jumped right in front of the group.

Hercules took a another picture.

The Deadpools then proceed to catch you just like they said they would.

Hercules took a another picture, chuckling at the exasperated smile on your face.

“Thanks guys, and gals and non-binary pals!!” You stole a line from your favorite viner/youtuber and waved goodbye to the multitude of Deadpools.

They waved back, a few of them saying “Bye, Honey!”

You let out a breath when you reached your husband. “Too much exercise, babe.”

“PBR?” Hercules asked.

“Yes, please.” Hercules kneeled on the floor and you climbed aboard his back. You rose up, and you got to look at everything from a new perspective.

“The weather is nice up here.” You smirked.

“I will drop you.” Hercules threatened, but you could hear the playful tone in his voice.

This was going to be a great week.


Gazes (Lafayette x Reader)

“That sounds wonderful.”

Request: (Anon) Hi! Yet another Hamilton reader insert blog for me to obsess over! What about Lafayette x reader where he’s new to America and reader serves as a translator/English tutor for him?

Notes: I made a bunch of lil scenarios because I love thIS P R O M P T

    You took a deep breath before exiting your car. Your friend Alexander has “hired” you to help out a buddy of his, who is new to America. Apparently his friend is fresh off the boat from France and has some poor English, but luckily you took French for all of highschool. Thanks to your two friends who inspired you to take the classes, Esmerelda and Cosette, French was basically a second mother tongue.

Being Alexander, he opted to meet at a park placed in the tourist area of your city. You didn’t know much about the person you were about to meet, only that they were apart of a group that consisted of John Laurens, Alexander, and Hercules Mulligan. You deducted that you were going to have to join the four in their rambunctious adventures for the sake of the newcomer. Joy.

You walked around the chilly park, searching for your friend and his new companion. You spotted the two near Hamilton’s car, and you briskly jogged to your friend. Alex caught your eyes and greeted you.

“(Name)! It’s great to see you again!” You giggled. “Alex, I literally saw you yesterday after work.”

Alex motioned to his friend, who was a bit taller than him. His hair was pulled back into a bun, and his eyes sparkled with amusement.

“This Marquis de Lafayette. He has a bunch of other names but I kinda forgot them.” You smiled kindly and waved at the man, even though being right in front of him.

“Do you know any English?” you asked him. He paused for a few heartbeats, as if to translate your words and his response.

“I understand English, but my wording is poor.” he responded with a thick accent. You looked at Alex and smiled.

“At least I know what to work with.” Alex clasped his hands together and took a deep inhale.

“Thank you, (Name). The ride to here was awkward, and I’m sure Laurens and Herc will appreciate it.”

You smiled slyly and looked over at Lafayette. “Combien ennuyeux était alex sur le trajet ici?” (How annoying was Alex on the ride here?) The man smiled, in a joking manner and because of your on-point accent.

Vous semblez connaître Alex assez bien, donc vous pouvez imaginer ce que je devais passer par.” (You seem to know Alex pretty well, so you can imagine what I had to go through.) The both of you shared a kind laughter while Alex awkwardly stood to the side.

“Well, I heard my name twice, so I kind of have an idea on what you two are talking about.” he teased. You shrugged in agreement and the three of you started to walk downtown where the shops were. Apparently Hercules and John were already there and waiting for their new friend.

As your trio headed down the sidewalk, you looked up to the new acquaintance on your right and smiled. He noticed your short stare and looked back at you.

“By the way, my name’s (Name).” Lafayette gave a genuine smile and chuckled.

“I believe this is how you call, ‘going to be a long ride,’ no?” You curled your lip up thoughtfully and shrugged.

“As long as you know how to drive it.”




“No, specifically.”

Lafayette put his head in his hands and and waved one off. “Juste me donner un autre mot.” (Just give me another word.)

You looked up in thoughtfulness and slightly opened your mouth when you found the right word.


Menteur,ce n'est pas un vrai mot!” (Liar, that’s not a real word!)

You giggled and crossed your arms as you grinned. “Nope, it’s a real word; you can pronounce it.”

It has been going like this for a few days now. You were to teach Lafayette some English, and when he asked you you followed him throughout the day during errands. But lately, you two have been hanging out more, and less going out. You have bonded greatly with Lafayette’s little “squad,” and they feel the same towards you.

Lafayette thought hard for a moment, staring at the wall in front of him. You loved to stare at the man for some reason, and he didn’t think of the staring as rude. His hair was always in that little puffball on the top corner of his head, and the corners of his lips were always animated in some way, shape or form. Maybe you were falling for the Frenchman, maybe you were just being really petty, but you had greatly appreciated his handsome looks from time to time.



“You’re staring at moi again.” (Me.)

“You have something on your face.” Lafayette glanced at you and felt around his cheeks, brushing off anything that could possibly be there. You put a finger to the middle of his chest, and he looked down. Right when his head moved down, you dragged your finger up from his chest and up his face.

“Hey! Ce qui était que, pour?” (Hey! What was that for?) You giggled and stuck your tongue out playfully at him. “You had a bit of smugness on you.”

As you began scrolling on your phone after your little banter, Lafayette caught himself staring at you. Unlike him, you have been oblivious from his occasional gawking. You were one of his only close friends that lives in the ‘States, and due to all of the English lessons you have given him, he has taken a liking to you. You were extremely likeable, and you easily made friends with random people. Alexander often made fun of him and has been trying to get you too together, but Lafayette was sure it was never going to happen.


Lafayette has been calling you to come over to his place more and more, but never having any English lessons. His English was indeed shit, but you enjoyed how he was determined to speak fluently soon.

One day, you were laying on his couch when he came over from the kitchen. He has been hanging out in there almost the whole time you were at his residence. You didn’t question it, but you had your suspicions that he was hiding something.

“(Name), pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît me dire si je dis cela correctement?” ((Name), can you please tell me if I’m saying this properly?) You nodded and sat up, waiting for the phrase he needed help on.

“Can I go outside with you?” You looked at Lafayette confusedly, and he started to get a little more flustered.

“Outside, as in a walk?” You have been speaking to Lafayette in English more so he could understand the words more, and you knew that he hated it.

Non, non.” (No, no) He thought for a moment before continuing.

“How you say, outside, comme dans l’amour.” (…as in love.) he fixed, the last part coming out a little faster and quieter. You raised your eyebrow in amusement and tried to keep back an overjoyed smile. You knew that Lafayette switched back to French when he was nervous, and it was quite amusing to see him like that.

“So, basically, you’re asking me out?” Lafayette shrugged and crossed his arms slightly turning away from you so he wouldn’t get even more embarrassed by his miswording.

“Sure, whatever, however you say it in English.” You giggled and kneeled on the couch, reaching up over it to pat the man’s head. In a swift movement, you cupped his cheek and pecked the side of his forehead, before grabbing your jacket and bounding off to the front door.

Pour être honnête, I have been waiting for you to say that to me.” (To be honest…) Your steps became more lively as Lafayette realized he didn’t get rejected. He smiled and grabbed his jacket before heading out the same door as you.

“I know a great cafe we can both head to.” you said as you looked up at him shyly. He put an arm around your shoulders and returned the forehead kiss.

“That sounds wonderful.”