and i love that he helped design everything

The Sugar Gods Blessed Me. My Cinderella Story in Seattle

I’m still in complete awe from the day trip I took in Seattle. I met a guy on SA who flew me out for a same day trip to meet him (meaning I flew there and back in the same day** sorry I realized that needed clarification. lol I talked to him for a while before he flew me out) have dinner with him. While texting him I told him about my recent endeavors with my last guy who screwed me over so bad my head could spin. He couldn’t believe the story and was set on a mission to treat me like a Queen that I am. 

He picked me up in a BMW and he immediately said, "I’m taking you to your first surprise.”  We went to down town Seattle and he dropped me off right at Sephora. “I want you to go shopping, get whatever you want and go crazy.”

I couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth. I was only in Seattle  for about 4 hours before I had to be back on the plane so I had to hurry. I grabbed the first Sephora associate to help me and within 5 minutes I had everything I needed. $600 worth of makeup. 

We then returned to his BEAUTIFUL Victorian style home that he designed and was still in the process of remodeling. He’s VERY meticulous and articulate in his speech. I tried to be as eloquent and sophisticated as I could be which he truly loved about me.  He tuned to look at me and said, “"Now for your second suprise” 

He took me into his spare bedroom which had dress and shoes boxes laid out before us. When he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he buys things to prepare for the next girl. I couldn’t believe I was trying on $500-$2200 dresses with Louboutin shoes! He has impeccable taste! I could have one dress per visit so Inlet him pick out the one for me that he thought looked best. 

We went to dinner at The Lark. Oh my Sugar god, the food was AMAZING. The restaurants in Arizona can kiss ass compared to this place. 

Sadly, dinner ended and we were on our way back to the airport. I purposefully left the dress he gave me in the car. I couldn’t take it. During dinner he mentioned something that would be a deal breaker for him in which I couldn’t change thus knowing I wouldn’t see him again after tonight. :( After I got through security I texted him saying that I wouldn’t be seeing him again and why, that it would be wrong for me to take a $2200 dress with me. He respected how honest I was and insisted that he send me the dress anyways because he truly wanted to go forward with me even if we couldn’t anymore. 

Regardless this man is EXACTLY how I wish every Sugar Daddy would be. He was nearly perfect. Every one of his girls lasted years and I believe it. I’ve never been treated so well in my life. I envy the girl that captures his heart… aka wallet. Lol but I hope she treats him well. 


Marinette and Chat Noir stood in silence. She shifted her gaze towards him for just a moment, trying to find the right words to say. She had wanted to ask him about his life. Who he was, to be more precise. It had been bouncing around her mind for some time now, despite what she had said as Ladybug. She wanted to know the boy beneath the mask, really know him. So much to the point she was willing to throw caution to the wind.

She couldn’t say when the curiosity started. Maybe it was sometime through their talks,  when he would rant to her about his day with such vagueness that it almost irked her. She was a naturally curious person, and often it got her into trouble. Especially as Ladybug. Could she ask him? Would he tell her or would he scorn her for asking such a ridiculous question? She sighed, her eyes now looking at the streets below. Chat took notice, his ears twitching in her direction as he looked at her.

“Is everything alright, Princess?” He asked, taking note of her change in mood. He only got a shrug in reply, the corner of his lips tugging down in a frown. “You know you can talk to me, Mari. Right?” This time, she gave a nod,the faintest of smiles gracing her lips. 

“I know, Chat. It’s just something that has been bothering me for some time now. And I’m not sure how to go about it.” She murmured, managing to meet his stunning green eyes that seemed to peer into her very soul. Her breath hitched in her throat, her body seeming to freeze up on her. How could she ask him? Would it affect their current relationship? 

“Well, all my ears are alert and willing to listen.” He gave her one of his softer smiles, one she adored and took comfort in. God how she loved this stray cat. Marinette took a breath, leaning her head against his shoulder. 

“Thank you, Kitty. I suppose that… talking about it would help.”

He lead her to the lounge chair she often used for sunbathing in the summer, and on occasion an extra place for plants, sitting her down with an ease only Chat had. He took the end for himself, crossing his legs and clasping his hands together in his lap. His tail flicked in curiosity behind him. She looked like a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. He felt his heart constrict at the look in her eyes. 

“I… Chat, who are you?” She asked tentatively, her bluebell eyes searching his in desperation. He froze. His heart stopped. She had just asked a forbidden question. He tried to speak, opening his mouth, closing it when no words came out. He swallowed hard and took a breath, choosing his words carefully.

“Marinette… you know I can’t answer that.”

“Please, Chat…” She pressed, tears pricking her eyes. She was in love with someone she knew little about, yet so much at the same time. It was almost killing her not to know. “It’s driving me insane. I fell so hard and I hardly know you. Everything late night talk, every stupid, crappy movie we’ve watched, every time you’ve helped me with stupid, senseless little problems. Even helping me with designs, every smile you’ve caused, and I can’t even thank you properly.” Tears dripped down her cheeks now, her fingers gripping her pink sweatpants tightly as she averted her gaze, looking away from him.

He sat there in silence, taking in her words slowly. She loved him? She treasured him so much that she wanted to thank him for things he was happy to do? What do I do? If I tell her, she’ll be in danger, along with everyone she loves… I can’t do that to her. Even if I want nothing more than to show my princess who I really am, her safety trumps my desires. He shook his head, sliding his clawed gloves to either side of her face, thumbs resting on her cheeks as his fingers slid to her neck. 

Marinette blinked, forcing herself to look at him. Once she did, he covered her lips with his own in a tender, sweet kiss. Her face flushed, heat spreading through her body and curling around her heart. Once he pulled away, she dared to meet his eyes. He gave a saddened grin. It was his turn to speak. 

“Mari, Princess… I love you. Everything about you. Your smile, your laugh, the way you tap your foot when you lose patience with my puns, when you crack a pun, the way your eyes light up and sparkle when you get a new idea in your head and just have to sketch it then, when you’re dancing and singing your heart out to Jagged Stone, your baking skills, which could rival the best in the world, that blush you get when I compliment you that blends so beautifully with your freckles, especially your freckles… your eyes, and just your overall personality. I want nothing more than to tell you who I really am, believe me when I say this Marinette, but you mean so much more to me than you can imagine. And telling you would put you in danger. And everyone you care for… everyone you love…” He paused, images filling his mind at all the possibilities that could happen to her. 

A wetness on his cheeks brought him out of his thoughts as he leaned his forehead against hers, closing his eyes as he cried. “I can’t lose you, Marinette… please understand that. Please…” The emotion in his voice was clear. He was scared, hurt, worried, and so much more. His body shook, his brain trying to chase away the horrid images of a lifeless Marinette just because she knew his identity. “I’m sorry…” He whispered, voice strained as he choked back a sob.

“It’s okay, I understand.” She placed her hands on his wrists, squeezing in an attempt to soothe him as she closed her eyes. 

“I promise you that one day… one day…” He couldn’t finish his sentence, opening his emerald, teary eyes to gaze at her beautiful, yet heartbroken expression. His stomach felt as though it were in knots, guilt filling him as he rejected her request. 

“Yes,” Her grip tightened on him. “One day.” She concluded, her lips curling into a sad, understanding smile. “But not today.” 


Well, that took a while! This was just my idea of what happened in @australet789 Marichat May Day 18: Rejection art found

here . It’s a beautiful piece of work and they have such an amazing talent. This fic was inspired by the art drawn, so please give credit where credit is due!

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Can you tell us more about those dragons? I love them

aa!! sure!!

they’re supposed to be? like. the three creation deities of the world. or something akin to that. Everything in the world is divided into three according to their domains. Also all their designs are in flux because I can’t decide on anything.

Bob has the domain of Death, Compassion, and Defense, as I mentioned. He’s the most likely to take notice of people asking for divine help/etc bc he really likes people. Good @ funerals.

Al has the domains of Life, Passion, and Attack. He’s the most emotional god and sort of the guy you’d pray to before a hunt or a war. He might get pissed at you if you call on him too much though.

Joe has the domains of Time, Thought, and the Unknown. He’s the most detached god, sort of firmly believing that everything is a social construct and probably constantly dissociating. He generally doesn’t touch the real world but might give you a mental thumbs up if you write a really nice dissertation.

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Okay, serious question. Un-popular opinion, I have a hard time with Tsukki. I love him in season 3, I think he makes tons of awesome progress and stuff and that's great. But I find that in fan fic and art everything I've seen is so ooc that I can't enjoy it at all. I wanna love him, I do. But I really struggle to appreciate him when he's such a butt so much of the time (and not the good kind of butt). So, in the mood of the anon that wanted to love Oikawa, can you help me with Tsukki..?

OKAY so I’m a little biased because I loved Tsukishima from the moment I saw him! I particularly liked his character design and the fact that he was kind of an asshole. For someone so soft I don’t really know why I like ‘em mean lol. BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT!

I think that Tsukki is definitely one of those characters that you either love or hate and that’s just the way it is, that’s the way his character was created. He’s emotionless on the outside, he’s kind of a bully, he’s blunt and a total tsundere lol. But I can forgive most of his negative character traits, especially after we saw what happened with him and his brother. He finds it hard to let people in, and to let himself care about anything too deeply.

Do I think Tsukki is AN ABSOLUTE ASSHOLE? Yes. Do I think he does it on purpose? YEP. But I think there are reasons for it. I also kind of appreciate how he riles up Kageyama and Hinata. Someone’s gotta do it right?? IS IT BAD THAT I FIND IT FUNNY AS FUCK?? And personally I don’t think anything Tsukki says really hurts anybody, he’s just super annoying.

But I want to point out that as much of an asshole Tsukki is, he’s super polite and respectful of his senpai, coach and anyone willing to help him out. 

When you say what you read of him is generally ooc I totally understand. There’s a reason that I don’t read many tsukkiyama fics, because I find that people portray Yams as this smol innocent bean and Tsukki is a huge asshole ALL OF THE TIME, even to Yams which, when tf is he an asshole to Yams EVER in canon?? Sorry, NEVER HAPPENED.

Some of my favourite (and most accurate imo) characterizations of Tsukki are in Kurotsukki fics actually. And if you’re interested I recommended He Always Starts Something and Not For Sale


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Com, a friend of mine thinks that Ink Sans is not the only character in Inktale even after repeatedly telling him otherwise he still doesn't believe me, do you think you can help me with some confirmation on who is right?

You should tell him to read my FAQ and to get to know a subject before claiming something false about it just because he likes it better. (Literally, the first answer is about the issue you’re talking about). It could help him in like, everything in the future, just saying. :) If he absolutely wants to have Ink Papyruses or Toriels I don’t mind, he can design them himself!

Sorry if I sound a bit pissed off. It’s not my intent to sound aggressive toward any of you as humans. But I would have understood if you were confused about something before I remade the FAQ, yet now that it’s done, it feels slightly embarassing to know that people don’t even try to search for information.

BTS reaction to you getting an impulsive tattoo

I have this tattoo in my mindthat I really want but I want it on my wrist but that can affect my jobs so I’m not sure where else to have it :(

-Admin Rj


He would definitely go mom-mode when he first sees it. Especially when he hears that it was an impulsive tatto, he would be afraid that you will regret it later and that you did not give it enough thought before commiting to it. It would take him some time to get used to it but he cares about it and that’s why he’s worried.

“When were you planning to tell me about this??”

Originally posted by jiyoongis


He almost dropped his phone as he saw the snap you sent to him early that day, as Yoongi could clearly see the guy with a tattoo gun against your back. He thought that you were at a doctor’s appointment so he was not expecting for you to get a tattoo. As soon as he arrived home, he asked to see it and his eyes went wide at how it covered half of your lower back.

“I didn’t expect it to be so large!” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID 

Originally posted by parkejimins


He would let out a scream as you lowered your jeans just enough for him to see the design that was placed just above your hipbone. You would shush him as you laughed, enjoying his reaction at your new tattoo. He would coo at how pretty it was, but scold you for not telling him about it as he gently carressed the area around it, not wanting to hurt you.

“I actually find it really attractive, so how about we leave?”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas


He would be the type to find it really cool, especially if your tattoo had a special design or meaning. He would understand the impulsiviness from a creative persepective and he appreacited tattoos as a form of art and expressing yourself. His fingers would trace the tattoo as you two talk about it and the reasons behind it, Namjoon being completely fascinated about it.

“I think it suits you and your personality well.”

Originally posted by mn-yg


He would be quite upset with you, not for getting a tattoo, but for not talking to him about it. He wished he could have been there with you, hold your hand, make sure everything was alright. He wanted you to tell him about the meaning behind the tattoo and maybe he could even have helped drawing the design. He loved the tattoo but he would be pouting for a while, pretending to be hurt.

“Why did you not take with you, to be there for you??”

Originally posted by chimcheroo


He would be worried, much to your surprise, and ask tons of questions about it.  He would want to know where did you do it, if the place was clean and trust-worthy and if it hurt. He knew that you had always wanted a tattoo but you never talked about him about what exactly you wanted tattooed on your body so he was curious about what did it meant to you.

“Did it hurt? How did you came up with the design?”

Originally posted by cmtae


He would see you apply special ointment on it and his brain would try and remember if you ever mentioned anything about a tattoo. He would ask about it and when you casually mention that you just got it today, he would be freaking out. It was definitely cool and he was impressed with how badass you looked right now, getting an impulsive tattoo like that.

“I am dating a little rebel, oh man holy shit”

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KBTBB Stimulating Kiss in The Love Room ~Ichinomiya Eisuke~

Being encouraged by the members of the main promoters, you ended up heading to the love hotel with Eisuke.
As it was the first time for you to be at such a place, in order to loosen your nerves, the thing that Eisuke brought out an aphrodisiac…
Was it due to the effect of the aphrodisiac that your body became flushed?
Or was it because of Eisuke’s warmth…?
“Right before me, lose yourself to your heart’s content.”
How would it go with Eisuke and the love hotel when the stimulation had exceeded the usual?

True to himself, it was really typical of Eisuke in this side story. Lots of nuances but we all know what they did at the love hotel. But as to what was the main selling point of his story, I personally think that it’s the fact that we put aphrodisiac into the equation.

Eisuke + Love Hotel + Aphrodisiac = ??????

That certainly got me hooked. It was fun to read and a little bit embarrassing as the scenes were described in a way that had me imagine myself in the MC’s shoes. Also, the design of the room (scroll down and you’ll be able to see it) they were in humored me. The way Eisuke handled everything was damn smooth. I couldn’t help but empathize with the MC for having to deal with his… teasings. But I also can’t with that smirk of his everytime he reveals the truth behind something.

For those who are interested, get it. To the people who are still contemplating, just get it. And to the Eisuke’s loves, I don’t need to say anything, do I?

His POV is so cute. This story is so worth it. Seriously, I wouldn’t mind reading this all over again a few times. <3

Slight Spoiler Ahead

Keep reading

Been drawing on my iPad again because I can’t risk using my laptop too much at the moment

Here’s another design that would probably make a cool sticker. My beautiful blind boy!

I do love The Host
Everything we ‘know’ about him (except for his appearance, voice and the fact he was The Author) is all headcanons. Whether you think he’s a sweet cinnamon roll, still as violent as before, or even both, he’s such a fascinating character.

I hope one day we’ll either get a video that helps piece some of the puzzle together so we can learn who The Host really is, or have Mark explain the him, like he did with Dark (maybe even tell us why he has a bloody bandage over his eyes and why exactly he became a The Host!)

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Tell about your friends? (how they differ from original or headcanons about them)

“This is ann She’s the best girl in school (she keeps saying shiho but she doesnt even go here anymore but I respect that) Everyone Didn’t like her and thought she was waaaay too flashy And seducing that ass wipe. Her nails area a killer as she gets them done every 2 or 1 week. Honestly though I have no idea how she keeps those things intact during the metaverse. She isnt afraid to tell a guy to fuck off in the middle of class ESPECIALLY if they try to hit on her now that they know the shit eater is out of the way. If it where not for School rules (and makoto) she would probs be wearing full on make up aside from her usual baby blue eyeliner and Lipstick Girl can work it. She basically keeps our group in line For now Along with the new recruit Makoto Though she acts more like that teenage mom who hands their kids a 20 and hopes they dont Spend it all on fidget spinners”

“My best (human) friend he risked his life for me even tho he didn’t know me I guess he thought I was some scared little kid Oh but I showed him wrong! Hes Loud and noisy likes to gather crowds of people towards him to do Stunts and stuff! I think Its pretty cool. His combat boots look like they hurt but he says my Heels look even worse to him. hes pretty Muscular too I mean he hasnt worked out in almost a year and yet he retains a lot of muscle! even now its kinda……. Hard not to stare! As for his eyebrow things thats for another story Ann used to do them but too thick so now he just Does a quick check in mirrors and a pencil liner smh cant man up to ask me. He is always concidererate of his mother and our team often bringing Some food his mom made for us! Boosts up the Sp with motherly love”

“HE ISNT FAIR I mean How dare he say such romantic Things and not even know it does he even know what hes doing???? everything that comes out of his mouth is like a freaking novel. He’s still uncomfortable to wear his normal clothing with us but he still looks really good in it. His “Normal people” clothing is still kinda //// well not normal. HE HAS NO FASHION SENSE UNLESS ITS TRADITIONAL STYLE SMH Though he does Help Ann design new styles TO wear every now and then They cleared up the whole Nude Modeling thing Even tho he still brings it up as a joke every now and then He likes cold environments as its easier on him to dress in is usual style (he has layers of them) Suave mother ********** please notice me”

“Ah makoto Still hiding your true colours I see……. Tho she is a new recruit she still doesn’t seem very trusting of us. I mean she DID blackmail us all you just don’t let things like that go ya know… But I’m sure she’s going through a difficult time I mean the poor girl Did blow up in Kaneshiro’s Bank Let’s let her adjust to us in the meantime and see if she becomes more comfortable at the current time. She IS definitely a valuable asset to the team as she is well verse in fighting close ranged combat. She can analyze enemies Quicker than I can at times. Shes an all around Battle type which lets Morgana take a breather in healing. Shes cool but She needs to learn to trust us and We to her we wont judge”

Jason Momoa Talks ‘Frontier’ and Lisa Bonet, His ‘Dream Woman’

By Donna Freydkin

You wouldn’t be far off in saying Jason Momoa’s latest role is tailored for him.

The guy has a way with a needle and thread. He was raised by a single mom who taught him how to sew, and Momoa made the majority of the 18th century garb he wears as a fur trapper in the Netflix series Frontier, which streams Friday.

“I love that time period. I have a weird collection of stuff from that time period. Rusty blades and tomahawks and arrows. I have an affection for that kind of stuff,” he says, adding with a laugh that “if this [acting stuff] doesn’t work out, I’ll move to Paris and become a designer.”

Plus, he has an affinity for subzero weather. “I love the cold. I grew up in Iowa. I love hockey. It’s filmed in Canada, so it’s awesome and everyone is nice, and it’s filmed in Ireland, so it’s awesome and nice. I can bring my kids up there and they can play in the snow. They cruise up there and get to be young for a month,” he says.

Momoa has a son and daughter with his wife, Lisa Bonet. If you follow his Instagram, you see Momoa’s ongoing odes to his spouse. Talk about #couplegoals.

“We love each other. We’re obsessed with each other. I found my dream woman. It’s ups and downs. It’s hard being away from my family. I want to be home. But my career’s taking off,” he says.

At the moment, Momoa has “a little flu going from the kids. I’m a little under the weather.” But he’s in great spirits, promoting Frontier, a show that truly is a labor of love. He spent about two months creating the clothes and says he’s a regular at flea markets, looking at stuff that inspires him.

“I made all that stuff I wear. I made everything with my friends, with the help of our costume designer. We put the whole character together. We started making our own knives. I flew to Texas and we started building the knives. We made tomahawks. The coat is old Carhartt canvas. We had furs to make the vests. The leather on me is old horse leather,” he says.

Next up for Momoa is Justice League, co-starring Ben Affleck and out in November, and his own superhero vehicle, Aquaman. “I’m excited for it to come out,” he says of Justice League. “That’s everything I can tell you. I’m going to be down in Australia for Aquaman. I read it. I love it. It’s kind of like — finally. That’s what it feels like for me. A big ahhh. I’m stoked.”

He still doesn’t feel like he’s made it, though.

“Things didn’t start picking up until now. I’ve known about Aquaman for about four years, five years. I couldn’t say anything. Nothing’s really happening yet. I love doing Frontier. It’s just started to pick up. I just got tired of doing stuff I didn’t want to do. I started directing my own stuff. I want to tell stories. Work gets work. Put your hustle on,” he says.

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Any mpregs? x

Hey !

I’m not a big fan so I haven’t read a lot, and it was mostly not the main plot of the fic , but :

- you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans : Louis Tomlinson is an English fashion designer. Harry Styles is an American football player. Their paths cross through twitter. (13k, famous!AU)

- We Were Made to Love : “Everything all sorted? Need help with the buckles? I know they’re a bit tricky in this compartment.”The voice startles Louis out of his daze, and he turns toward the voice to let him know he figured it out. When he catches sight of the owner of the voice, though, his response dies in his throat. Whatever he had imagined the conductor of a children’s train that rides around the shopping centre in Leeds would look like, this is certainly not it.Leaning through the window, arms folded across the sill, is a green-eyed angel with cherry red lips stretched wide in a smile and dimples flirting in his cheeks. A black conductor’s hat is the only confirmation that this is not some gorgeous stranger who’s come to flirt with Louis through the window of a children’s train, but is just a man doing his job.[or, Harry drives a kiddie train in the shopping centre for the summer and is obsessed with babies, and Louis never stood a chance.] (16k)

- You Take Me Over, You’re the Magic in My Veins : Louis can feel Harry’s eyes on him as he turns to head toward his seat. He tucks a secretive smile into the palm of his hand while he slides into place beside his sister, his mother’s seat still empty as it awaits the Queen’s entrance. He knows he should be behaving himself a bit more, should be focusing his attention on Gemma, rather than her brother. He’s working on borrowed time, is expected to announce his engagement to the Princess within the next few weeks, but he can’t seem to help himself. Gemma is lovely, kind and witty and beautiful, but he has no interest in being married to her, had no interest in marriage before her arrival, period.Teeth sunk into his bottom lip to disguise his smile, Louis risks a quick glance toward Gemma and Harry’s usual seats, finds Harry already seated and staring steadily back at him. His hair is a mess from Louis’ fingers and his cheeks are still flushed, and Louis’ heart gives a heavy, delighted thud. No, he thinks, he has no desire to be betrothed to Princess Gemma, but he finds he wouldn’t mind being married after all, if it was Prince Harry he was promised to, instead. (36k, Royal!AU)

- wrapped in light, in life, in love : (…) Of all the things to happen while taking care of his niece for a month, falling in love with his boyhood crush all over again is probably the highlight of Harry’s autumn.Well. That, and getting pregnant. (19k)

- We Made These Memories for Ourselves  : Breath held, Harry squints his eyes open and focuses on the first stick. A blue line. Harry breathes out an unsteady breath. He’s pretty sure he read that one blue line is a negative, but he fishes the box from the bottom of the pile just to make sure.“Negative,” he confirms, voice echoing around the small room. “Next.”Now that he’s feeling a little less shaky, he scans the rest of the tests at once, is met with a headache-inducing mixture of pink plus signs and blue double lines. His heart rate picks up until it’s pounding triple-time in the base of his throat and the pit of his stomach, thundering in his ears and throbbing in his temples. He flips over the rest of the boxes slowly, but he knows what they’re going to say before he even looks.[or, Louis is a footballer, Harry owns a bakery, and they’re having a baby.] (17k)

- All About Us  : When Harry and Louis’ teenage daughter bring a boy home for the first time to meet them Louis tries to act as the protective father and Harry just wants everyone to be happy. Throughout the night and protests from their daughter, Louis and Harry reminisce about how they met and overtime share their story with the boy that seems to look at their daughter the same way Louis once and still looks at Harry. (137k):

(and the prequel Back to the Beginning )

Update (Last update on April 14th 2017)

- yes, you make my life worthwhile :  Harry whispers to him that this feels like every dream he’s had for the last three years and Louis kisses his temple, behind his ear, across his cheeks and by the edge of his jaw. He runs the back of his finger across Winnie’s sleep-warm cheeks and sighs, the weight of the world finally off his shoulder. Louis’ a pediatrician, Harry’s a preschooler teacher, and they’re having a baby. (9.6k)

- everywhere (i wanna be with you)  : Harry and Louis meet because they have terrible friends, they fall in love because something feels right in a world of uncertainty and shifting grounds. Louis is an actor and Harry is a model at the top of his game, the best things in life are the most unexpected ones and the things that hit you when you are least expecting it.Featuring winter in London, nights in Paris, early mornings in New York, burning heat in Monte Carlo and an enduring love spent transcending four corners of the globe. (42k)

- Can’t Hide It, You Might As Well Embrace It  : Together since they were teenagers, Harry and Louis are professors at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They may also secretly be married. (67k)

- Needing You More and More, Let’s Give Love A Try  : ‘Do not get hard, do not get hard,’ Harry chants in his head. It’s working, but Harry still breathes a silent sigh of relief when Louis lets go of his wrists and clambers off of him. He doesn’t move for a moment, just watches Louis fuss nervously with his fringe before saying, “Why don’t we go walk off breakfast?”Harry only hesitates for a second, then nods. He gets to his feet with a quiet, “Be right back,” and heads back to his bedroom to get dressed. Once safely enclosed in his room, Harry glares down at his belly and scolds, “It’s bad enough that you’re messing with my body temperature, do you have to mess with those hormones, too?”There’s no answer from the baby, but Harry takes that as surrender. Pausing by his bed, Harry takes a second to shake off the residual, lingering embers of arousal before choosing an outfit for the walk. He’s already pregnant with a stranger’s baby, the last thing he needs right now is to be lusting after his best friend.[OR when Harry gets pregnant after a one night stand, Louis helps him get everything together, from buying pregnancy clothes to taking him on a babymoon. Somewhere along the way, they realize that their feelings for each other are more than platonic.] (33k)

- Only You Can Be My Alpha  : Louis has never liked being an Omega. As if it wasn’t enough to despise what he was born into, he couldn’t even be what he was correctly. Harry Styles changes all of that.OR The one where Louis is banished from his tribe, and lands himself in Harry’s instead. The alluring Pack Alpha makes Louis question his nature and he doesn’t know how he feels about that. But you can’t fight destiny.(154k)

- a couple months too long : “I mean who wouldn’t be scared when a cute little twink comes to tell a famous rockstar that the great sex in a doorway they had ended with a baby.” And yeah, now Louis is staring at him with wide eyes. Louis is a fan of Harry’s and they fuck and end up with a child. (21k)

- (i didn’t mean to) fall in love tonight  : [or, the American boarding school AU where Harry’s infatuated with Louis and one night flips his whole world upside-down] (35k)

Also you can read all the fics of the Harry Pregnant exchange :)

  • THE HEART EYES (Is it possible to get more excited?)
  • The flashbacks were amazing. A+ acting on Stephen’s part (when do I ever not say that). 
  • I didn’t think i could love Malcolm again, but during that part by the car…I may or may not have had feels. 
  • THE HEART EYES (oops I brought it up again but whatever) 
  • Curtis is a big, dumb pine tree but I still love him. 
  • Lord Mesa is my favorite guy on Instagram (not to brag, but he’s liked my commenets a few times), and it is SO cool that he got mentioned and (I’m assuming) got to design the cake. 
  • “Being happy doesn’t mean you don’t have issues. It just means you’re working on them.” HELP ME!!!!! 
  • Oliver’s hair was GORGEOUS 
  • Adrian literally has a girl band backing him and that gives me life. 
You’re My Haven

Ok, here’s my little Modern!Regis fic that I’ve talked about. Sorry, the thought of Regis being a normal everyday person like you and me and him comforting an S/O with only cotton pajama bottoms. It had to happen and this is what became of it. Tagging: @alicemoonwonderland @themissimmortal @toranyx @atlerion @ardyns-jabberwocky @ardynium @sweetchocobae

Warning: Mention of cancer

You sat in your car in front of the house you shared with Regis and his 10-year-old son Noctis, eyes wide and afraid as your phone slipped from your hand.  This was not happening. This absolutely was not happening. Not today. Not now. You’d just got back from a long business trip and you felt sick to your stomach. This could not be happening.

A cold and chilling numbness ran up your spine as your mother’s sobs could still be heard on the other end of the phone. She had just informed you that your father had been diagnosed with Stage IIIB Colon Cancer. You knew your father had been sick, but cancer? That was the last thing that had went through your mind. Today was supposed to be a good day and now your world was shattered.

You slowly picked your phone up from your lap and apologized to your mother. You’d promised that you’d get Regis to take you later after you had calmed down a bit. You couldn’t cry in front of your father. You had to be strong for your parents through these hard times.

You absentmindedly gathered your purse and held it tightly to your chest as you trudged your way up the driveway and stood in front of the door. Your hands shook violently as you searched for your keys only to remember that they were in your hands. Just as you were getting ready to enter your key into the hole, Regis’ 10-year-old son Noctis opened the door to get the morning paper for his father.

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laughingrachel  asked:

For the Dex prompts, ummm maybe 16 with DexRansom? I'm intrigued by Dex having a crush on Ransom because canonically Dex looks up to Ransom and is terrible at expressing feelings so I feel like it could be cute! or 55 if you want to get a little angst in there. i love your writing so I'm happy to read some drabbles no matter what :)

I just saw you mentioned 55! I might get to that later tbh. Also apologies in advanced, I’ve been DYING to teach this fandom the finer points of Greek partying culture.

for @dexrarepairweek

It’s mid March of Dex’s Frog year. He’s trudging back to the Haus after his CS 225 midterm. He’s exhausted, done with classes, and all he wants to do is unwind. He gets as far as laying his head against the armrest of the green couch when a loud mechanical screeching startles the ever living fuck out of him. It continues long enough for him to recognize that it’s the sound of an electric sander roaring from somewhere below.

Against his better judgement, he follow the sound to the basement door. Which, coincidentally has a paper signed taped on it reading “busy: do not disturb.”

“Too late,” he grumbles.

Down below, Lardo has donned a paint mask, and is sanding the shit out of a beer cooler. He can faintly hear her growl as he continues his descent.

She turns off the sander, practically ripping her mask off.“What part of ‘Do not disturb’ do you not get, Poindexter?”

“The part where you’re sanding something at two pm on Wednesday,” he argues.

“Fuck, it’s two already?” Lardo grabs her phone, checking the clock. “I don’t have time for this.”

He stares at the cooler for a long moment. “What is this?”

“Ransom’s birthday gift,” she answers impatiently.

“You’re destroying a perfectly good cooler for his birthday?” he asks incredulously.

“I’m painting it with shit he likes and then resealing it with famowood.”

Dex whistles, impressed.

“Or I will,” she mutters. “If I ever get this done on time.”

Truth be told, Dex was all too aware of the fact that Ransom’s birthday was coming up. He’d been wracking his brain for something to impress him.

Because Justin’s a good captain and a great friend. And not because Dex has been crushing on him since the first day of his Frog year. No, he definitely doesn’t blush every time Justin smiles at him. And neither does Dex feel his stomach drop every time he hears Ransom’s laugh. It’s not like he looks at Justin and wonders if he’s the kind of person he wishes he could be; or if this is what love feels like.

No, Dex has never felt any of those things.

So when the opportunity to both use power tools, and help out with Justin’s birthday present themselves, he has to ask.
“What do you still need to do?”

Lardo blanches at him. “Well…I need to finish sanding. Then I have to spray a primer and let that dry. Then I need to put two base coats of cheap acrylic on the lid and all four sides. And that’s everything before I even start figuring out the designs. ”

“I can do that,” he concludes.

“Really?” She tilts her head quizzically. “No offense, Dex. But why?”

“He deserves a good birthday,” he puts simply.

Lardo crosses her arms, clearly unimpressed with his answer. “Uh uh.”

Instead of interrogating him, however, she hands him her mask. “Don’t forget to use this. Keep a window open when you’re spraying primer. Read the instructions on the can. I’ll be back by eight.”

He nods. It’s simple enough.

Dex misses working in his Uncle’s hardware shop. Half the time, his work was comprised of helping clueless people get started on their home renovation projects. On a good day, a few answered questions about outdoor paint lead to impromptu jobs the next Saturday. He breathes a little easier as the pulse of the sander numbs his hands. His mind drifts off to the first time he ever thought of kissing Ransom.


They were on a roadie, driving through upstate New York. Nursey and Holster were comparing notes about the latest episode of Brooklyn 99 while Ransom typed away on a lab report. Dex, meanwhile, was struggling with an MP. He was sitting across the aisle from Ransom, trying to not disturb him as he fought off the urge to throw his laptop across the bus. He didn’t notice how furious his coding had gotten until he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned slightly, ready to snap at whoever was interrupting him. But there was Justin, with a level and empathetic gaze.

“Homework kicking your ass again?” Ransom chirped.

“Yeah,” Dex reluctantly admitted.

Ransom made him scoot over to the window seat, claiming Dex’s old one. “Tell me what’s going wrong,” he instructs softly.

So Dex walks him through the basics. What the program is supposed to do, how he structured his logic, and what syntax errors he’d found so far. In the middle of rambling, an epiphany hits Dex.

“Fuck, this function is completely off,” he mutters.

“So…you know what to fix?” Ransom asks.

“Yeah,” he nods absentmindedly.

“Good,” Ransoms says. “I knew you could do it.”
Maybe Dex knew what he felt for Ransom wasn’t purely platonic. But the look of certain pride on Ransom’s face as Dex fixed his MP was the final nail in the coffin.

Lardo comes back around eight, as promised. By that point, Dex has sanded, primed, and applied the base coats on all five sides.

“Bro, nice,” Lardo declares. She offers him a fist bump.


She crinkles her nose. “Yeah? You just saved me three days.”

“Swawesome,” he says quietly.

Dex steps back. He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. He’s enjoying the work. He liked painting the base coat. It was soothing.

“So I was, uh, thinking,” he starts. “I don’t know a lot about real painting but I’m pretty neat, and I can follow directions well. Maybe I could help you out with the rest?”

Lardo raises an eyebrow cryptically. She purses her lips, ultimately nodding.

“Ok we have five sides to work with and technically the corners,” she explains.

“What do you put in the corners?”

“Small stuff, like solo cups or bowties. But that’s optional.”

“Ok,” he tries to keep the disdain out of his tone.

“The lid is going to be a Lilly Pulitzer design with his monogram in the center.” Lardo pulls out her pocket sketchbook, scribbling down some quick drawings.

“One side is going to be several Nigerian flags layered around each other. Then the hockey side is gonna be our beer pong table during a kegster and that Gretzky quote ‘you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’.”

“Of course,” he sighs.

She ignores him. “One side will be the Toronto skyline but the clouds are gonna look like the cover of Drake’s ‘Nothing Was the Same’.”


“Because I didn’t know how to make an entire side based on Degrassi without binge watching it,” she says. “Which I really don’t have time for.”

“Fair,” he acquiesces.

“I think one side should be the chemical compounds that make up whiskey.” Lardo shrugs. “Y’know nerdy enough that he likes it. Vague enough that he doesn’t feel awkward looking at it if he doesn’t go to med school or something.”

“Cool,” he hums. “So that’s four sides.”

“Yea, I’m…unsure about the last one,” her eyes narrow.

“What are you thinking?”

“I feel like I’m missing something,” she groans. “Coolers should tell a story y’know?”

He stares at the cooler for a while, imagining what it might look like when it’s done. It hits him, “you’re missing Samwell. Not the kegsters, but actually living here.”

“Huh,” she clicks her tongue. “Ok, what do we do?”

An image of Ransom staring out a fourth floor window on a cool fall afternoon enters Dex’s mind. “Have you seen his favorite study room?”
“The one in the library that overlooks the Pond?”

“Yeah, that one.”

She stares at him again like she’s trying to figure out what he’s about. “Okay, let’s do it.”

They spend the next few afternoons working individually. Lardo would come in and sketch what she needed for each layer of paint. Dex would comply with great precision and the most liberal use of painter’s tape imaginable. On sunday they apply a thin coat of finishing glaze and set up a secure perimeter around it.

Throughout this time, only Bitty is allowed in the basement for secret keeping purposes. Which, incidentally, pisses off Holster who is down to his last pairs of underwear.

Dex is proud of what they’re doing. Still, he wishes there were something else he could do that wasn’t co-opting off Lardo’s idea. The next Saturday is Ransom’s birthday. They haul the cooler upstairs for everyone to see.

“Happy birthday,” Lardo announces as they set the cooler on the kitchen table in front of Justin.

“No,” Ransom gawks. “You didn’t.”

“Oh, but we did,” Lardo preens. She elbows Dex gently in the ribs. “Dex’s soft hands were a big help.”

“Guys this is perfect,” Ransom murmurs. His gaze goes from Lardo to Dex. “Seriously, thanks.”

Dex clears his throat, trying to hide his blush behind a cough. “No problem. Happy Birthday, Rans.”


After presents, they start to set up for Ransom’s birthday kegster. The cooler is stowed away safely in a corner of the attic. Sometime during the kegster, Ransom decides they might need more beer storage. So he decides there’s no better time to break in his birthday present. The lid is a little loose so he pops it open to readjust it when he notices a giftwrapped box.

Since no one will miss him for a while, Ransom sits down on Holster’s bed and opens it. There’s a terrarium and a note inside.

I saw this and thought of you. So I got it just because I thought you might like it.

Justin chuckles as he recognizes the handwriting. Of course Dex thought helping Lardo wasn’t enough of a gift. He places the terrarium carefully on his desk. Then he goes downstairs to find Dex who’s chatting with Shitty on the front porch.

“Dex.” Ransom waves him to follow. They end up in the kitchen, which is very dark and mostly empty.

“Thanks for the gift. The other gift,” Ransom clarifies.

Dex shrugs, trying to look nonchalant as his face brightens. “I remember you saying the only downside to winter is that there’s no foliage to appreciate.”

Ransom chuckles. “Is that the only thing you’ve noticed?”

“No,” he admits. “I’ve noticed the way you only listen to music when you’re not doing anything else. And I’ve noticed the frown you get when your assignments are too easy. That’s why you procrastinate so much, right?”

“Guilty.” Justin leans in closer. Close enough so their faces are only a centimeter apart. “But it’s not procrastination if you’re doing something you like, y’know?”

“No I don’t,” Dex banters playfully. “Tell me about it.”

“How about I show you instead?”

Justin kisses him. Not because of the terrarium. But because he’s been noticing Dex noticing him for months. Justin had plenty of time to think about what he wants. All he wanted to do right now was take a leap.

Bucky (23 & 25)


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Prompts: 25 “S-Stop looking at me like that! You’re making me blush…”
23 “Your eyes are amazing… do you know that?”

Requested by: @firewolfkelly

A/N:  All requests and the prompt list can be found by searching #SpringTimeDrabbles

Leaning over your desk that was cluttered with papers and various tools, you peered into a microscope.  You were studying Bucky’s DNA alongside Steve’s to find exactly what was used on him and how different it was from the original serum.  You had begun your research while you were in graduate school and soon Tony Stark had heard and you were brought in to work alongside him at Avenger’s Tower.   

Both men, after reading your research and meeting you, were more than happy to help you with anything you needed.  Every day you learned more and more about each man.  Steve and Bucky quickly became your closest friends, after spending many hours in the lab asking them tons of questions.

Steve and Bucky had taken to calling your sessions torture because your endless questions and need to poke them with needles.  As much as Bucky disliked the needles and mind numbing questions, he loved spending time with you.  Your demeanor and willingness to treat him like just another guy won him over quickly.   He harboured a crush on you and was being teased on a daily basis by Steve and Sam (who hadn’t met you yet) just to ask you out.

Steve, however, was who you were currently torturing.  He had been there since nine in the morning and was bored.  You had questioned him for the first two hours and now he was sitting in the chair beside you, doing nothing while you looked at the microscope.

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My second submission for @undyne-appreciation ’s Undyne Appreciation Week! The prompt being: a Your favourite thing about Undyne. This one was kinda hard for me because I love her design, her character interactions - everything. But then I thought about her kindness and loyalty. Undyne is extremely kind, this comic might’ve taken more attention to Monster Kid (oops-) but it was meant to show inside that rock hard armour is someone willing to do almost anything to help. Undyne has done so many acts of kindness throughout the game it’s hard to keep track, she creates the piano puzzle in memory of Asgore’s children. To get people thinking about them again, she spends time with Asgore knowing he would get lonely up in the castle (and because they’re father and daughter yes-). Being in the Royal Guard she has sworn to protect monsters of all kinds and capture humans, I’m sure knowing she would be part of the reason for innocent children’s deaths she would have thought about quitting at least once. But, staying loyal she decided to stay.

Day6 Reaction: You having tattoos

anon asked:  Can you do a day6 reaction to them finding and reacting to their s/o’s hella tattoos (like she/ he has a lot of big ones)

I love tattoos, I’m hella excited for this, I’m sorry it took so long!

admin lil

Sungjin: i don’t feel like he would like or hate them, he’d be pretty indifferent. if you liked your tattoos, then he liked them too. all he ever wanted was for you to be happy and comfortable. he would also find himself tracing the line work when he’s bored, or asking you the stories behind them (if any)

Originally posted by busan-calling

Jae: he would love your tattoos so much! i feel like he is one of the people who view tattoos as art and people who have them as walking artwork and to know his significant other has tattoos would make his heart soar with adoration because he keeps finding new things to love about you

Originally posted by jaechicken

Young K: i feel like he would be more on the dislike side than the like side, but he loves you so he would appreciate your tats the most. i also feels like he sees the appeal in them and understands the purpose of them but he wouldn’t ever want one

Originally posted by helloday6

Wonpil:this precious bean has a tattoo of his own so seeing yours might make him want to get more! i feel like he would love to go with you when you got your tattoos done and would love to help you pick out your designs and what type of style you wanted. the love for tattoos would be yet another thing you have in common

Originally posted by daelia21

Dowoon: this little bug i feel is like sungjin in the aspect of him being indifferent about your ink. of course he would like your tattoos because he liked everything about you, but he wouldn’t want to get ink himself, at least not yet. he would like hearing about the stories behind them as well

Originally posted by kyungminie

anonymous asked:

6 n 22! and this is random but I'm in need of some good harry smut, do you have any recommendations?

6: A song that makes you want to dance
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

22: A song that moves you forward
Carpe Diem - You Me At Six

Yes, definitely!! I always recommend anything from @permanentcross and @stylesunchained!! But here are some things that I’ve read recently:

Move - @canistay-haz
This is set in Jamaica and starts out at a concert and the entire vibe just gets me all types of hot and bothered.

Giving Back - @mizpahes
My honey bun did very well with a requested concept. I’m so very proud of her and if you’re into blowjobs I would recommend this one.

Saint Knickers - @kasiwrites
CHRISTMAS IN JULY IS A SPECIAL GIFT. This one is a really cool concept where you’re a set designer and Harry’s acting. And god I love Christmas sweaters and want Harry to just wiggle out of his jeans for me so highly recommend.

Mind the Ferns - @kasiwrites
THIS ONE ROYALLY FUCKED ME UP. I HAVE A THING FOR ROUGH BLOWJOBS AND KASI SET OUT TO KILL ME. Anyways. Harry’s a gardener and you can’t help ogling his sweaty work until you’re in trouble. READ IT.

Model Material - @majorharry
THIS WAS AMAZING. Harry seems like such a tease with everything he does. And I don’t doubt he would hide modeling photos from you until they were released to the public. Plus all of his magazine shoots turn me on so IT’S PRETTY REALISTIC. BLESS YOURSELF WITH THIS ONE.

And I feel like there are more that I’ve read lately but my tags aren’t working rn so that’s all I got. Hope it helps. Xx

Teach Me To Love: Part Two

hehehehe, A second part! Really do hope you loooved the first part! because there is a link right there for ya!

Part One

“How did a scolding become a date?” Aaron asked from the doorway of his sister’s office.

Marinette laughed, moving a stack of sketchbooks off her desk and onto the floor; trying to reorganize the room. “When your science teacher is cute and he asks me out? Does that bother you?”

The teenager shrugged, walking forward and helped folded the material that had been thrown everywhere. “No, not really. I’m happy if your happy…”

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