and i love that a lot

i don’t know if it’s the same for anyone else, but liam was a massive part of why OTRA was so important to me. he went out there every single night and killed it. he read signs. he interacted with fans. he interacted with parents. he danced. he played off his bandmates. he stepped up to the plate and smashed solos that weren’t originally his as they adjusted to touring as a foursome. he just… he really made that tour special. so now that he’s opened up that he was struggling with his mental health during it, i just want to say i’m so proud of him for getting up there. i never would have known he was having a tough time or that he felt like he was forcing it if he hadn’t said so. while he was helping ME with my mental health, making sure i was having the time of my life, being apart of MY happy place, he was also struggling. and i’m just so…. i hope he’s a lot better now and that he’s fallen back in love with being on stage for us again because i sure have missed stage liam and i’ve thrived on seeing him perform his solo material!!!! thank you liam for being so open. thank you for doing what you did on that tour even though it wasn’t easy. i have so much respect and love for liam payne. SO. MUCH.

Marco’s unconditional love for Star and why it is still amazing

TomStar is really cute and I really fell for it at first, I was confused wondering if I still love Starco anymore. Then I re-watched the two previous seasons. 

The amount of care Marco has given to Star is really something, from worried about her during the Blood Moon Ball to the point where he goes down to get her himself, to giving his 100% trust to her at everything such as Baby’s test and riding a bike.

Then, printing a bunch of flyers looking everywhere tirelessly for Star to the police station when she went missing. Understanding the way Star works at playing a game(changing the rules) and allowing her to do so, proceed to get Tom to understand it as well. There’s also the time he wanted to show Star the Old Youthful because he wanted her to see something amazing. During the two seasons, Marco has been noticeably teaching Star how to become a better person.

In the Season 3, Marco realized his feelings for Star. His love and care grew even stronger. When Star tried to contain her sleep-portal ability, Marco guards her as she sleep without any complain, not because he is a squire but is 100% willing to do it. As much as he wanted adventures with Heckapoo, he wishes to protect Star more than anything. When Star went off missing during sleep-portaling, he panics and used the wand even though he knows the risk.

Marco didn’t give up caring for Star even after acknowledging the fact that she’s with Tom now. THAT is true love. 

Starco isn’t dead, it’s been there the whole three seasons. You just need to see it.


On set of Murder on the Orient Express

sometimes when I’m sad I think about the time yoongi tweeted that he licked a bath bomb or that other time when he posted a long ass rant about coffee bc he drank some and couldn’t go to sleep. he’s so cute he makes me happy yoonmin makes me happy. ahh remember when yoongi would always tweet about jimin he’d literally be like “I want to tease park jiminie today” “when he goes to shower I gotta enter and bully him :)” mY HEART 


901122: today i’d like to wish the greatest leader alive a big happy birthday! thank you for being a happy virus, for always keeping our morale up even in the hardest of times. thank you for being so kind and caring of everybody, regardless of gender and age. keep being yourself: a man full of passion, a screaming sunshine & the greatest dad out there; we will forever have your back. i love you and happy birthday!


You guys should listen to all of Amarante’s songs, they’re so amazing !! T__T


Progressively flustered Gladion for everyone’s favorite Star Ruler!! Cuz Shima deserves ALL the good Glads :3


I wanna scoop him up ohhhh my god Kit this is so cute I’m dYIN THANK YOU MY MOOD HAS IMPROVED BY 1000000%

I love all these good Glads :’)



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@hufflepouf25: oui je parle français! ehehe j’ai grandi dans une communauté française quand j’étais petite, donc c’était facile d’apprendre. À mon avis, la meilleure façon d’étudier une langue, c’est par vivre dans un environnement qui utilise la langue tout le temps! Alors en écoutant à la radio, en parlant (dans des situations diverses), en écriant, en lisant etc. (je peux t’aider mais parfois je suis un peu lente à répondre > O < je sais qu’il y a d’autres personnes qui peuvent t’aider dans les commentaires ici!)

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[mmmmmm yes look at hoseok  🍓]

Wow i’m back again with a bias selfie tag! Thank you to the beautiful @myhusbandhobi for tagging me. (you’re the best). I wanted to show how much I loved hoseok so I put lots of hearts but tbh that’s still not enough hearts to show the love i have for him (;¬_¬) Anyway i love you all lots and I can’t wait to see y’alls beautiful faces. ^~^

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