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Hi I'm brand new to the SHINes fandom and just wanted to say after reading your tags I'm also worried abt this bc geese what even is the world rn? Particularly America but anyways sorry to hear you are going through so much. I hope you get good news soon! Or at least a break. Stay safe!

Welcome to the SHINee World. Even with this scandal, it like the first major scandal they have ever had in almost ten years, I can promise you, you will not regret becoming a Shawol. I will be a Shawol until the day I die. I love SHINee that much! To maybe take your mind off this mess, may I suggest you try watching Hello Baby? It’s the best. Or maybe One Fine Day? Both are awesome ways to get to know our boys. Check out my SHINee Links Page for lots more SHINee videos to watch. It needs some work because tumblr did something and all the links got broken and I had to restore it from an older version, so some of them may be broken. Really need to set aside a day and make updating that a project. 

America is horrible right now because with have a giant orange buffoon running it, and he has no idea what he is doing, and he is going to get us all killed. I already scraped up all the money I could so my daughter can have it for a quick exit out of Japan if it looks like tings are going to start  going down over there. That does seemed to have cooled a little bit for now, but all that takes is old stupid  Twittler back at it again to rile them back up and who knows what will happen. I feel better that she at least has the money for an emergency flight. But my son’s girlfriend is there too, and many of my daughter’s friends. And what about all our “children” in South Korea. I’m worried about them too. Now’s a good time to take all your groups on foreign tours. Just get them out of South Korea.

And Charlottesville. That just breaks my heart.. What is this world coming to. This all Trump and the Republicans doing. And they just sit there and do nothing, THIS IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM, THESE MEN ARE TERRORIST.. Their next stop is Richmond, where I live, because of Monument “Ave. A gorgeous street, lined with beautiful large house, and monuments, they are kinda pretty until you really look at them and think about what they stand for.THEY NEED TO COME DOWN, and people aren’t going to like it. The same assholes from Charlottesville have submitted a permit for a rally, and thank god, were denied.We don’t need them in our city. We don’t need them in our state, and we don’t need them in our country.They’re the ones who need to leave. You want an all white country, move to Iceland or something, dicks.

And my poor cousin. He just lost his wife after her 4 year battle with cancer. He found out he had it too a while back, but didn’t tell her, or even get treatment, because he was afraid of how it would effect her. Poor guy, Marilyn was his world, and with her gone, I’m not sure he’s going to even try and fight this. :( Gotta go visit him tomorrow in the hospital. 

This will all pass, I’ve gotta be patient. Trump WILL be impeached…but goddamnit they are not doing it fast enough.Now if Jimmy will be okay and we can get some good news on SHINee, maybe, just maybe, I can relax and breathe again.

“When all this is over, I’m gonna visit her in Hammerhead.”

Day 4: Favorite Pairing/Bromance // Recipeh // Ravus Nox Fleuret

I love these cinnamon buns so very much ;-; They’re both just so sweet and I always seen them becoming close friends during the ten years of darkness as he was the one who stayed on Hammerhead to try and keep it safe for her. He’d be such a ray of sunshine in that time (and never quite be able to get over his crush :3). I feel like she’d eventually see him as the one who never left nor ever asked her to change who she was, he liked her just the way she was <3 

Fun fact we made these cosplays a few months before the game came out. Jason connected with Prompto the most and I thought Cindy was super cute. Really we picked them based on looks and basic knowledge. The game came out and come to find out not only did we pick our best fitting characters but also still ended up cosplaying a pairing xD 

Photography - Fruity Cakely

I think one of the big reasons someone gets a photoshoot done is the way it should make you feel. I think the photography team would agree that much of their work is less in the physical creation and more in the intangible goal of “creating something that makes you feel good about yourself.” And images like this last longer, certainly, than the vague memory of “one night ten years ago I looked really good.” Pictures are documentation of that brief feeling and expert aids at supporting the recall of that feeling.

The shoot was fun. I enjoyed myself. As a transman, it’s always fun to play dress up. My dysphoria loves to rear its ugly head at the most inopportune times though and did so because it was my project (it’s worlds better when I don’t have the expectations). But overall, it was easy and nice to work with talented people. And the response of others has been to say how lovely, that I should be so happy with it.

But… I am not.

It is through no criticism or fault of the photography team that made magic happen. But I look at this image and feel disappointment. I see this picture and think “I failed.”

And when I say “I failed” it is not that I failed at being what I set out to be. When I say “I failed,” I mean something far more personally nuanced than mere visible results. I look at that image and say, “if you are so (lovely, stately, photogenic, etc etc etc, choose your own adjective), then why could you never be enough?”

I wanted to be enough for my family. That image is what they always wanted of me (at the cost of my health and happiness), but even when I delivered, it wasn’t good enough. They would find something else to nitpick and criticize and tell me I didn’t bother to try.

I wanted to be enough for my prior relationships. For some, this image threatened them. They wanted the plain boy next door and this image most certainly is not that. It wasn’t enough that I tried to be what they needed because as long as this image existed, they were not partners; they were competitors.

I wanted to be enough for my ambitions. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do or how I train or how I try to represent. I am neither traditional enough nor avant garde enough. Even with the photo shoot, I realize – even for something that comes as easily to me and seems so much fun – I am neither beautiful enough nor handsome enough. I am not anything that anyone has found worthy of exploration or investment.

I see this image of me and think, “what do I have to do?” because everything I have done… it hasn’t been enough.

Makeup: Jennifer Pincelli
Hair: Cat Monster
Model: Valtinen
(me) Photography: Laura Biddle

Kouri watches Shadowhunters, 2.02

  • “Oh no, he withered a flower when he was an infant! Better shoot him with a crossbow!” – Jocelyn, apparently
  • Aldertree appointing Simon to figure out what’s going on with the vampire world is eerily akin to Trump appointing Jared Kushner to bring peace to the Middle East
  • Alec, buddy. Just. I love you so much ninety percent of the time, but that remaining ten percent, you really need a swift kick to the ‘nads.
  • “You have me. That’s not gonna change.” Can you imagine if this scene were between a guy and a girl? I will bet you five hundred bucks they would’ve kissed at the end.
  • You know guys, Clary wouldn’t run away all the time if you just let her go places like a normal person.
  • Jocelyn didn’t even tell Luke about the demon blood thing? For fuck’s sake. Why.
  • Simon is fucking hilarious in this episode.
  • Okay but for reals, is the parabatai bond good for anything other than fucking Jace and Alec up at crucial moments? Like seriously.

Birthday Boy - Jason Todd & Barbara Gordon

Jason slipped through the window of Barbara’s apartment, watching for wires and disabling all but the alert system. It was sparse coverage for Babs, but she’d known he was coming.

He padded past the bathroom, heading for the kitchen when he heard the shower running. The fridge had been recently stocked, and Jason pondered his options before pulling a few ingredients out and hunting for the cutting board.

“That smells delicious,” Barbara said ten minutes later, wheeling to the island. She rested her arms atop it and watched Jason work.

“That’s because I can actually cook,” Jason replied, gesturing meaningfully with a wooden spoon. “Dick can tell you making a sandwich is ‘cooking’ as many times as he wants, but it’ll never be true.”

Barbara laughed, watching Jason’s back carefully as her hand snuck toward the freshly made pasta sauce sitting invitingly on the countertop. She was bare inches away when he turned around and tapped her hand admonishingly with the wooden spoon. She drew her hand back and gave it a shake, glaring at him.

“‘I’m Jason Todd,’” she mimicked, her voice light and airy. “‘I smoke and sit on rooftops so people think I’m cool, but really I spend all my time on new recipes for my family who I pretend I don’t like.’”

Jason rolled his eyes. “If you get this defensive about having to wait for my cooking, then I suppose I’m doing my job right.”

Barbara chuckled and sat back, content to wait. A timer went off by the stove and Jason returned to the task at hand. Barbara wheeled herself to the dinner table to grab a book, and the next hour went in comfortable silence, interrupted only by the singing of Barbara’s kitchen appliances and Jason swearing at the oven.

“Good God,” Barbara moaned, “This is the best spaghetti I have ever had in the entirety of my miserable life.”

Jason gave an amused huff, munching away at a piece of garlic bread. “You flatter me, Barbie.”

“Where did you learn to cook like this?” she asked, not for the first time.

Jason just wiggled his eyebrows and she scowled.

“We’ve all got money riding on it,” she tried. “Steph maintains that the League of Assassins had you on a class schedule. ‘Culinary Arts with Talia Al Ghul’ every Tuesday and Saturday at four.”

She spun her fork in her fingers, gratified when Jason let out a real laugh.

“Alfred says he taught you a couple things when you were younger, but that still doesn’t explain this.” Barbara gestured fiercely at her plate. “You put the Italian restaurants I frequent to shame.”

Jason continued chewing his pasta, an innocent look on his face that no one with even the slightest hint of self-preservation would believe. Barbara threw a balled napkin at his head, and Jason let it hit him, putting a hand to his chest and gaping at her as though she’d wounded him. She shook her head at his antics, opting to shovel more spaghetti into her mouth.

“A magician never spills his secrets.” Jason shrugged, as though there was nothing he could do to help it.

Privately, Dick and Barbara suspected it was Catherine who taught him, but if that was the case, Jason would tell them when he was ready.

They finished dinner in the pinkish light of the setting sun, Jason stacking the plates and taking them to the sink to wash before Barbara could protest. She grumbled, but wheeled over to him, drying the dishes as he handed them over.

“They’re going to find you eventually, you know.” Barbara pressed her lips together, holding back a smile.

“Over my dead body,” Jason scoffed, passing her the last plate and reaching for a towel to dry his hands.

“Your body is technically legally dead,” Barbara pointed out, drawing a surprised laugh out of Jason.

“Bruce would cry,” he said.

“I know.” She grinned up at him before returning to her earlier point, weaving a subtle warning into her words. “But you don’t have much of a chance. Dick and Cass teamed up to find you.”

Jason groaned at the thought of being assaulted by his two older siblings. He tensed all of a sudden, turning to eye Barbara.

“Barbie,” he said, edging towards the window, “You didn’t.”

She mimicked his shrug from earlier, giving him her sweetest smile. Jason swore colorfully, clambering over the countertop to grapple out the window, but Barbara didn’t miss the smile plastered across his face.

“Happy birthday!” she called after him, and she thought she heard an answering laugh.

‘I hate you.’

‘I assume this means they caught up to you.’ Barbara laughed, shaking her head as she texted a reply.  ‘Give up the edgy act for a few hours and enjoy your birthday, Jason.’


Barbara put her phone to the side, smiling fondly. It dinged a moment later as Jason’s favored phone number made a reappearance on her screen.

‘Thanks, Babs.’

She grinned. 

‘Anytime, birthday boy.’

author’s note - listen, no one can tell me jason didn’t idolize babs when he was robin. i love their sibs relationship so much frens, im crying. also, ITS MY BABYS BIRTHDAY I LOVE HIM SO MUCH HE DESERVES EVERYTHING :’)

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Hi lovely, thank you so much for this, i means a lot. I don’t pass these things on because I’m worried about forgetting people and it stresses me out. But thank you!!!! Instead here is a hug for the entire spoonie community

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aaaaaaaaand i’m back and i have some korrasami for you! :D


ten for the celebrity 🎀💓


- Time can be rewritten!
- Not those times, not one line… don`t you dare!


It’s my wish, that she would choose me as her warrior.


Taeyong’s “cute” expression when he is practising revealed😂😂

“The birds are leaving, leaves are flying that way aaaand that means we should follow. Here flies a kiss– Hey! I want my kiss!”

FINALLY. I always opened this old old sketchbook of mine with this three years old sketch and I was always sad I don’t have time or will or whatever another stupid reason why I can’t finish it. And thus I sat my butt, changed the sketch and finished the thing! Yes! <3