and i love playing with fashion in games

Something I wish Inquisition had given us: the option to just hang out with our friends.

We have friendly rooftop time with Sera and it’s wonderful. But where is my option to spar with Cassandra? To ask Blackwall to teach me woodworking, or Solas to teach me painting? To ask Bull if he wants a drink? To sit in a corner and read with Dorian? To wander Skyhold with Cole looking for hurts to help? To listen to Varric tell a story? To discuss fashion with Vivienne? To play more chess games with Cullen? To have another long balcony talk with Josephine? To pray to the Maker with Leliana if faithful, or to just persuade her to take a five minute break to chat if not?

Non-romantic time spent together. Give it to me.

Take The Trade: Part 3

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Word Count: 3,126

Warnings: nsfw!!

Part 1
Part 2

A/N: you can all thank @sabrinas-wolves for this. she helped me so much with this and gave me some amazing ideas of what i should do and she read all of this and gave me so much support. this is dylan’s pov!! enjoy!!

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I dig my hand back into the plastic bowl, my fingers picking at the popcorn until I grab a handful, shoving it into my mouth whilst kernels crumble down my shirt. “Do you have to eat like a pig?” I turn my head, watching as the blonde grimaced at me. I huff at her, a few kernels falling from my mouth and almost hitting her face. “Do you have to be such a snob?” I retort, her eyes rolling in reply and I grimace at her in return.

I focus my attention back onto the baseball game. The Mets were playing, and any other time I’d be completely and utterly consumed by the game, but I had other things on my mind. For example, the love of my life- who was halfway across the world and in two days, married to a sophisticated English man with no taste in music and horrific fashion sense. It was inevitable that I’d probably be unhappy for the rest of my life.

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Oh, please (Mark x FemReader) fluff

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(A/n): Lmaoooooo kill meeee

Summary: Mark plays “Playground Insults” for a video

Warnings: Swearing yo





“Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome… to this weeks video.”

Mark offered to camera a joyous point, his words freezing in midair as he halted his voice.

The camera zoomed in awkwardly on his face.

“TODAY,” the brunette continued, camera panning back out “we will be playing Playground Insults.”

“Playground Insults is a game created by the lovely men on BBC Radio One.” Mark said “If you don’t know what the game is, I highly suggest you maybe look into one of their video’s. Right here. On youtube.”

Mark’s explanation was soundly finished as Ethan popped into frame from the right of the tanned youtuber.

“Also!” Ethan said “Special guest (Y/n) is here!”

At that mention, to the left of Mark, the said girl appear in the same fashion as Ethan.

“HELLO.” She called heartedly, throwing both arms high “Greatness, has obviously arrived~”

The shorter male in the middle scoffed and looked into the camera lens. He said:

“What are you talking about? I’ve been here the whole time.”

“And that’s why no one recognizes your greatness, you’re too easy to forget.” Ethan laughed back. This triggered a series of giggles from (Y/n) as she walked back to get some chairs.


❆   ❆   ❆

Mark and Ethan sat facing one another with hard faces. Neither were smiling, nor were either of them blinking.

“Okay,” said Tyler from behind the set up camera “Ethan can start.”

The dark blue backdrop that stood in the background of Ethan and Mark’s scene gave off a sense of maturity.

“Mark, there is a good chance that you are the reason your dad got cancer.”

Mark puffed his cheeks in restraint as he held back a laugh. He cleared his throat in a small manner and looked Ethan dead in the eyes.

“You are the real superhero of youtube, Ethan- specialty is the power of disappointment.”

Ethan let loose a louder snort like laugh and had to readjust himself as Mark chuckled as well.

“Well Mark,” Ethan finally began “you looked better with glasses.”

Mark almost lost it at that dumb remark. This process went back and forth for at least three more minutes before Mark had finally, truly, lost it. Ethan had called him youtube’s personal bitch. So because of that, the blue boy won.

After that duo, Ethan faced off with Tyler.

To no one’s surprise, Tyler won. A little bit because of the fact that Mark and (Y/n) laughing behind the scenes helped crack Ethan.

Next to face off, were Markimoo and (Y/n). The latter was quite confident in herself- and her ability to roast effectively.

“Alright so, since Mark lost against Ethan, he can serve first this time.” Came Tyler’s voice as he consciously readjusted the camera. Mark rolled his neck.

“(Y/n), you remind me of why I didn’t vote for Trump.”

(Y/n) pushed out an alarming short noise of amusement, covering her mouth quickly while Mark’s face remained cool.

“You know, sometimes I feel like saving that insanely annoying dog from your vocal chords.” was the girls comeback. It made Mark stutter an unsteady laugh.

Mark asked “Where do you… keep your diamond play button?”

(Y/n) inhaled sharply but was quick to return.

“If you ever look down and wonder why you have such a small dick, remember three quarters of it is shoved into your personality.”

Mark opened his mouth to say something back but promptly closed it again. He shook his head hardly- allowing a shallow smile to creep onto his lips. (Y/n) started to spit a laugh.

The brunette though, wasn’t quite done yet.

“You’re right. At least the other quarter is in your mouth at night.”

(Y/n)’s laugh hitched high. She sat silently laughing for several seconds before breathing in and regaining herself.

“At this point… if I ever wanted to go skydiving, I could jump from your arrogance to your youtube video standards.” she shot back, crossing her legs and folding her hands in a petty manner. She broke a little and giggled inwardly at her own joke.

Mark was sat pushing out several broken laughs before saying desperately:

“If I was trapped in your body for a day, the first thing I would do, is pay you a favour and get plastic surgery.”

(Y/n) smiled warmly and said back:

“If I was trapped in your body for a day, the first thing I would do is play with my boobs.”

That was it. That set Mark tumbling off the edge.

He laughed long and hard and so did (Y/n); his girlfriend praising herself for her perfect remarks.

“Ah- ah, you win!” Mark breathed, gripping (Y/n)’s palm in a handshake. She shook back and stood up with her boyfriend.

Mark reassured the girl with “I didn’t mean any of those, darling, I love you too much to say anything even close to harsh.”

“I meant everyone of those, sweet pea.” She commented in response, straightening her shirt.

Mark’s face flushed in surprise for about two seconds before realizing (Y/n) didn’t mean it. He laughed once more and said cutely.

“Shut up, you love me.”

(Y/n) smiled at him.

“I guess I kinda’ have to.”


(A/n): lmao a lot of these were insults I used in actual conversations

Okay but imagine

•all the amis work at an old fashion ice cream parlor and everything is naturally flavored and cruelty free
•courf makes up fun names for all the flavors and jbm make games for kids to play to get free topping
•joly made it so if they drew a picture of chetta they got extra whipped cream and all the kids love them and Bossuet 100% framed the drawings and hung them in the shop
•grantaire, bahorel and feuilly work at night and create ‘adult’ sundaes to draw in more people
•enjolras runs the place with ferre in constant, lactose intolerant fury (but he likes his friends having job security more than he hates not eating ice cream)
•jehan and cosette bring flowers from their shop, and eponine and marius bring fresh ingredients
But Then
•one of those fancy ice cream shops with mason jars and everything is covered in gold leaf
•you know the ones they’re so extra
•and all the hipsters and rich kids go there and their humble ice cream parlor starts losing business rapidly
•this starts a series of attempts at advertising such as
•catering enj’s rallies with free samples and enj getting upset at the distractions
•setting up shop in a playground and being chased out by angry parents for offering their children food
•boss was in charge of printing flyers but put the wrong address
•Now enjolras’s office is filled with hundreds of colorful flyers he uses as scrap paper
•I don’t really have an ending for this? Just, the amis running an ice cream shop with the same intensity that they would the revolution

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Why does everyone always point out that auston is mexican? It shouldn't be more important than his hockey

because he’s the first. first #1 draft pick from the desert and the first mexican-descent hockey player to be drafted as #1 too. and there are gonna be kids from arizona and kids of his heritage that see him play amazing hockey and realize that this is a game that they can not only play, but excel at too.

for every ethnic/regional group there’s gotta be that one person who chooses and fights to go through all that adversity to pave the way. for those little tiny desert/heritage kids who will buy their first skates today and think, i wanna be auston matthews when i grow up. and they’ll see that it’s okay to be a little different when it’s for the game that you love.

we roast auston lots bc of his weird fashion choices but personally i couldn’t be prouder of him, i think in spite of all this media he’s still that mexican-american kid from a place where nobody plays hockey. it can’t have been easy to be the kid that’s a little different from everyone else, but he’s made it his own and he’s represented his home and his heritage very well i think. he’s a great role model for those kids and he deserves that recognition.

“Off we go.”

Needed to get this out there, sketch/color practice out of my sketchbook. It’s been really cold and snowy here, so i’ve been playing War Thunder… a little too much, but still. I love aviation, and classic dogfighting is pretty intense. I enjoy the strategy of it all. 

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I'd love to see some modern wesper headcanons 😉

oh my god Y E S

- jesper loves making playlists for wylan even though their taste in music is very different (wylan is more into instrumentals and jesper likes catchy, upbeat pop songs that may or may not have some hidden innuendo)
- he also gives them cute titles like “you better work wy!!” which is a car playlist to get wylan going in the morning or “let’s get it wy-on” which ofc is a sexy playlist and wylan gets extremely flustered everytime he sees it (either in one of his work folders or his ipod)
- while we’re on that topic, jesper LOVES to push wylan’s buttons and see him get 150% shades of bright pink
- wylan may be hella rich and everything but i’m ready to bet anything they still live in a small cozy flat and order takeout and drink root beer and cheap wine bc they know the true meaning of money and wy would NEVER let it go to his head like that
- jesper has THE BEST fashion sense… i’m talking reece king realness
- wylan takes after his adoptive father, kaz brekker, and runs his biological trashbag of a father’s, jojo van evil, business like a mothereffin BOSS (which he is but i mean like a pro)
- i have this very vivid image of them playing games on jesper’s playstation
- wylan’s a sore loser and jesper adores his pout more than anything in the entire world bc it makes him look so young and sweet and delicious and he loves to plant kisses on every pissed off wrinkle so in a nutshell wylan may not have won the game but his consolation prize is considerable and paid in full
- wylan used to be shy but now he struts in nothing but jesper’s baggy tshirts and smirks when he sees that flush creep up his gorgeous bf’s neck
- sometimes, when jesper’s gambling addiction gets really bad, wylan takes out a deck of cards his mother painted for him a few years ago - a different crow on the back of each card - and they play until sunrise while jesper’s playlists blast on volume in the background
- jesper orders a dozen of those corny couple tshirts and it starts off as an inside joke between them but people at wylan’s company swear they’ve seen him come to work in a tshirt that says JESPER FAHEY IS MY BOYFRIEND at least twice
- wylan may not be able to read but he LOVES to learn and explore new worlds so audible is the #1 app on his phone
- he listens to books EVERYWHERE  - on the train, in his car, while he makes his coffee in the morning
- sometimes, if the book is really really good and catches jesper’s fancy, he would either record himself reading it and upload the mp3 to wylan’s phone or just read it to him live which is even more fun bc he gets to hear wylan gasp and laugh at certain scenes
- and it makes his heart melt and wylan reddens again when he sees how jesper’s eyes shine for him but it’s okay bc they’re both secretly mushy and /not secretly/ super mega hella in love with each other
- wylan sings to jesper when he’s sick (or loads his favourite movies into one massive netflix playlist so he can entertain himself while he’s at work)
- they probably (definitely) get a dog. or two. or a dozen. wylan’s wary of cats bc some of them are a bit too independent and distant but then he finds a stray cat and immediately takes it in
- like he doesn’t even think about it, he just scoops up the poor rascal and takes it home for a bath and a nice meal… and next thing you know, wylan’s filling out pet passports and health cards
- jesper sends flowers to wylan’s mother every week in case her son is too busy and pays her visits (even on his own) every friday
- he reads her the same stories he reads to wylan at home so sometimes he comes back smiling and says to wylan “your mom recommends it too”
- for all of jesper’s endless, tireless flirting, they really like to just cuddle and lie pressed against each other for HOURS
- every once in a while wylan would unbutton his business shirtTM if it gets too hot in the office and there’d be a constellation of hickeys

Révéler à trois - Ch 1

(The Boy I Love - AO3)

It was one of those quiet evenings in Paris when the two super heroes found themselves sitting side by side atop Notre Dame. Patrols were rarely eventful but always useful. If there was no other reason, it was good for team building.

“So I’ve been thinking,” Cat Noir said after a lull in their conversation. Ladybug tilted her head to glance at her partner and let him know he had her attention. “I want to reveal my identity to my boyfriend.”

Ladybug turned so she was facing him completely now. “You guys are that serious now, hu?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” the cat-themed super hero said with a self conscious chuckle as he rubbed the back of his neck. “We started off as best friends as I’ve told you before and he’s just… He’s really great and I don’t want to ruin things, and… yeah.”

Ladybug tried to suppress the grin bubbling up as she watched her partner gush, not for the first time, about his boyfriend. She couldn’t squash it down completely so her lip quivered with a smirk. “And if I said I thought this was a bad idea, you’d do it anyways?”

Somehow, his smile brightened more. “My Lady, while I would always take what you say into consideration, on this I would disagree if you suggested I don’t. Thank you for believing in me in this.”

Ladybug chuckled, amused he saw right through her polite wording to her heart where she was admiring her friend. She was very happy for him, even if a small part of her was a little jealous.

“However, before I tell him,” Cat Noir continued, “I want us to reveal to each other.”

Ladybug’s eyes went big. It had been a long while since they discussed keeping their identities a secret. While on one hand she didn’t think the danger in doing so wasn’t still very much real, on the other hand she did want to know who her long time partner was, and if he was going to expose a civilian too, maybe it was time to just deal with those new challenges head on. “I’d like that, too. And maybe… Someday I’ll have someone I want to share with too.”

Cat Noir lifted an eyebrow as he adjusted his position so he could rest his chin on one knee. “Has someone new caught Lady Luck’s eye?”

There was a deep sigh on her part. “Not someone new.”

“I thought your crush got himself a boyfriend. Has that changed?” He inquired with curiosity.

Ladybug shook her head. “No they’re still together. No, I’m not trying to split them up or anything. Quite the opposite! Um, the boyfriend, he, well we’ve known each other a long time. So I never really thought of him like, well, and then, the crush happened, and I even found out before they were together that the boyfriend, he had a thing for me for a while too before… Well that’s a long story,” she took a deep breath before quickly continuing. “I think I really like them both a lot and it’s a long shot and maybe a little crazy but I would really like to be their girlfriend, both of them, you know, like together?”

“Oh, oh!” Cat Noir said, lowering his leg as he finally understood what she was implying. “Wow, I bet they’d be flattered at the very least. I mean I know, um,” Cat Noir cleared his throat, “I don’t know how to try for that sort of relationship, but you should go for it. Try at least. I’m rooting for you.”

“Thank you,” she told him with much sincerity. The whole topic was a bit stressful for both of them as Cat Noir sagged a bit in relief before taking both her hands, giving them a reassuring squeeze.  She returned it with a smile. “When do you want to… I mean, I guess we could do it now, but….”

Sensitive and sensible as always, he shook his head. “I think you need a little time to wrap your head around this. I did just spring this on you after all, Bugaboo.  How about this,” and he jumped up, dragging her to stand with him. “Let’s make a date of it!”

“A date?” Ladybug blinked, a little surprised.

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Mystic Messenger Theory

so, first sorry for being gone forever. I just started playing mystic messenger, and i’m pretty sure I’m hooked for life now.

But anyway, the following theory is very patchy, because I’ve only read one route so far, and seen a handful of spoilers on here. SO it might have some holes, but it’s mostly just an idea. And it’s vaguely based on the reset theory. 

First I think what’s kind of important to think about, is the format of the game.

There are five characters in all, three in a ‘casual’ story and two in a ‘deep’ story. And the order your supposed to play them is predominantly determined as: Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, and Seven. 

This isn’t really anything new, considering that most of cheritz’s games are formatted in a similar way, where you play certain characters in a specific order so that the story is revealed in it’s entirety in an orderly fashion.  

Now that order that i mentioned, is incredibly important. Most notably because Seven is the last. In the reset theory, it’s important to note that Seven is the only one who remembers each timeline after the reset. Seven has to undergo seeing the person he loves fall in love with someone else time and time again as atonement, and then after he’s seen every one of his friends fall in love with the person he’s meant to be with, is he cleansed of all sin. And finally allowed to be happy himself.

So it makes sense why he would be last

But there’s something else that’s kind of weird about that order, part of it I think has to do with the impact MC has on each person’s life, from least to greatest. When you really think about it, in the casual route, all you did was offer kindness.

You were nice, and thoughtful, and positive. I can’t speak for Zen, but I’m sure for Yoosung to regain his passion in life, and get over Rika, it would have been the same with any other person who offered him love and support.In fact he would have stopped grieving eventually.

Same for Jaehee, sure it would have been hard for her to do it on her own, and find the confidence, but she could have opened that coffee shop by herself. She knew that she wanted more from her life, and eventually I think she might have done it on her own in given time.

But when we get to Jumin and Seven, it’s not the same. Without MC they wouldn’t have been able to change the way they did.

So what’s the point of all of this??

I think that order, has to do with how much each charector retains the events of each previous reset. 

So If we were to think like that, this means seven retains the most (He remembers everything), while Zen retains the least (The bare minimum). 

So by that logic, maybe we can hope that each member retains what they need to grow as a person. 

Maybe Yoosung retains these feelings of wanting to be more mature, and chase after his dream. 

Jaehee scans over these documents Jumin gave her, while she’s eating a boxed lunch from the convience store. And maybe she realizes she wants more then this, and so she finally decides to take time out of her work to go to the cafe everyone from work has been talking about. 

Jumin remember the most (Aside from Seven), and maybe that gives him the strength to turn a new corner, and seek happiness for himself for the first time. He sheds all this baggage from his entire life, and the RFA, and finally gets the fresh start he deserves. 

And Seven? Well he lives happily ever after.

But there’s also something else about the order (A few things actually, but If you’re annoyed I keep referring back to the order lolol)

Maybe the reason we have to go through the more easygoing routes first, is because even our MC has to grow as a person, so she can heal the scars on all their hearts. 

I think our MC retains some information from each timeline as well, maybe on the same level as Jumin. She remembers key parts of the plot, so she’s able to piece together key parts of the plot which help her avoid the bad ends. 

Imagine an MC who never went through Yoosung’s route, who tries to play Seven’s. Automatic bad end. Because she doesn’t know the right things to say, she doesn’t have the emotional strength to heal his scars. (So in short, there’s only one choice you can pick, and it’s always the wrong one)

Now consider  all of these things I’ve mentioned. 

The only logical conclusion I can come up with for all of this, why each reset happens. Is that someone is resetting the game, over and over again. In the hope of obtaining the best possible future. Where everyone is happy.

In Dandelions, it was the wizard who rewound time over and over again out of the name of love.

Also not related specifically to the game but if anyone has seen/played Higurashi, when they cry  time is rewound over and over again in a similar situation where some characters begin to retain information from past timelines, and one charector retains information from every timeline but pretends not to so she doesn’t worry any of her friends (SOUND LIKE SOMEONE WE KNOW???)

Who’s the only person in Mystic messenger who seems to know everything that’s going on? Who rarely shows up, and offers little information to anyone else. Who everyone trusts?

V keeps resetting time, through what I assume is a desperate wish. Or at least he’s fully aware of it, and so each time he try’s to take it just a bit further, in hopes that maybe this time, it’ll be the best possible future.

He knows he’s going to die in each route, but maybe he thinks it’s like atonement for all the bad things he’s inadvertently enabled in the name of love. 

But you know, if it means his friends -his family really- can have a better future, the best possible future.

Then it’s worth it.   

That’s probably why he won’t ever have a route. Because if the MC and he were together, then no matter what, that single decision would lead to the worst possible future every time. 

But it’s all just a guess anyway :)



Anyway, Bendy and the Ink Machine looks great and i hope it does well in the future. I like @therealjacksepticeye ‘s play-through of it.Makes me smile a lot lol.  Can’t wait to see the rest of the chapterssssssss 

ot5 as youtubers

harry: 100% a fashion youtuber and maybe a MUA. he would make getting ready videos and haul videos every week, with the occasional makeup tutorial. v unproblematic.

niall: a sports channel. he would do recaps of golf and footie games, but in the funniest and most endearing way. will also post let’s plays of the latest fifa video game.

louis: idk, i kinda feel like he’d be a prank youtuber? but he’d wouldn’t be douchey and annoying like 99% of them. he’d be rly rly cute about it while still being hilarious.

liam: do you see how much this boy loves memes? 100% a parody/skit/humor youtuber. i can see all of the wigs and outfit changes and parody songs now.

zayn: travel vlogger. he’d recount all of his experiences going to different countries in a funny way, live video of the scenery and all bc what’s a travel vlog without scenery porn? would def do 90% of his vids while stoned.

What I know About the SPM villains

I have never played this game. Here goes.

- gimme ur goddamn money
- once exploded when someone inconvenienced her
-fuk u
-i too turn into nightmare fuel when I don’t get my way
-she cute tho
-i’d go on a date w/ her tbh
-I don’t think I’m buff enough for her tho
-oh well

- speaks in third person because he’s a pretentious fuck
-sad dad™
-gets people married so he can destroy the universe(s)
-screamed into void before it was cool
-is in love with a butterfly???

-loves sad dad™
-fans hyperfocus on this fact and ignore p much everything else
-used to be a bat so fuck off
-is done with your shit
-the only responsible one
- suppresses everything(#relatable)
-brainwashing ftw

-I dont know??
-how did they come up with this guy??
-arms are sashimi
- C H U N K Y
-Maybe not the smartest, but that’s okay
-has a crush on Nastasia??
-wears a kilt I think
-that’s important

Mr. L:
-mom what did you do to him
-edgy Luigi
-is Luigi
-keeps fucking up
-built a robot
-wants to die™
-hates Dimentio
-gets roasted on a daily basis

-do not
-clown-shaped trash can
-everybody is thirsty for him???why
-double-crosses the people he double-crossed his boss for earlier
-shut the fuck up, Dimentio
-still technically more redeemable than Sad Dad™, because he wanted a new universe
-whereas Sad Sad™ just wanted void
-takes nothing seriously
-will go through your shit


Hello! My name’s Elise. I’m 17 and I’m from the US.

Here’s a little bit about me!:
◾I’m actually pretty shy, but despite that, I’m very passionate and ambitious. I want my life to be grand and exciting and nothing is going to halt that determination.
◾I love work. I thrive in a busy environment, and I wanna make the most of my time, and work to make what I want happen.
◾I love learning. I have a passion for learning languages, and am currently studying French and Korean!
◾I want to travel around the world. I don’t really care where.

Some of my interests include: Cinematography & photography, drawing, sewing, business & economics, reading, playing video games,  kpop, fashion

I’d love to meet people with similar interests! Whether friends or something more.
Message me at:
@arinethu on instagram

Alibi in Ashes [x]

When the sun is shining and it’s slightly breezy, I always get the desire to wander around a small town like River Heights. I know that feeling is a large part of why I love playing Alibi in Ashes. To create a springy look inspired by that game, pair a polka dotted dress with a lacy cardigan, skeleton key embellished tights, ruffled socks, perforated oxfords, a cross body bag, and a pearl hair clip. Bow earrings, a handcuff necklace, a charm bracelet, gold bracelets, a conversation ring, and a spoon handle ring complete the look.

  • (Quaint music playing, every line hereafter is spoken as if the two participants are very artificial and know they’re in a commercial)
  • Reaper: (Upset) MAN, JACK.
  • Soldier 76: What’s wrong Gabriel, (Sweetly) love?
  • Reaper: Well I just wanna defend some good old fashion PAYLOAD.
  • Soldier 76: Well, why you so bummed about it?
  • Reaper: Because gee whiz, Jack. I don’t have any way to defend a payload right now!
  • Soldier 76: Um, I think you do! What about Bastion™?
  • Reaper: (Spitting literally everywhere) PFFT, stop joking, Jack! Isn’t that a game?
  • Soldier 76: (Cutting him off, suddenly serious) Yes.
  • (Prolonged Silence)
  • Reaper: ...How am I supposed to defend a payload on a game?
  • Soldier 76: I’m not talking about the game, (Suddenly raging) dummy! (Hits him, stock punching sound effect plays)
  • Reaper: Ow!
  • Soldier 76: ...I’m talkin’ bout Bastion™ ! (Dinging sound)
  • Reaper: (Shouting) Jack!
  • Soldier 76: What.
  • Reaper: (Cheerfully) How does it work?
  • Soldier 76: It’s simple! (Mouth movements not lining up with words at all, steadily crescendoing into scream) just log onto and sign up for the free 30 day trial! Yeah!
  • Reaper: (Suspicious) This sounds like a commercial...
  • Soldier 76: I know!
  • Reaper: HMM… can I defend unlimited amounts of payload on my tablet, mobile device, computer, and Wii U?
  • Soldier 76: That’s a weirdly specific set of things, but let me check! (Looks at hand) Yup.
  • Reaper: That’s amazing!
  • Soldier 76: I know!
  • Reaper: It’s sooo great!
  • Soldier 76: (Exact same clip repeated) I know!
  • Reaper: (Manic, forced laughter)
  • Soldier 76: (etc) I know!
  • Reaper: (Natural speaking voice) …how much are we getting paid for this thing?
  • Soldier 76: Eight credits!
  • Reaper: (Unimpressed) Wow. That’s… (Steadily gets more excited) enough to afford Bastion™’s $6.95 premium membership!
  • Soldier 76: That means you can (looking at script)defend all the payload you want without riptires, and as soon as they come out in PTR!
  • Reaper: I know Jack! (Angry) Please stop treating me like a child! (Throws Pachimari)
  • Soldier 76: I’m sorry, Gabriel. Let’s defend a good payload together. What do you want to defend?
  • Reaper: We can defend: (Alarmingly racist Japanese pronunciation) Dorado, King’s Row, Eichenwalde, Winston’s laboratory on Watchpoint: Gibraltar! (Speaking naturally) …and Hollywood!
  • Soldier 76: (Choppily) Gabe, that one or five things you said are all of my favourites! What–but should we first get back to doing Overwatch, first? (Corpses) …can we use that?
  • Reaper: Yeah, you’re right Jack. (Exaggerated gasp) Since we’re in such a defense mood in this branded, degraded sketch, I’ve got just the map we can play!
  • Soldier 76: Well then what are we waiting for? For heroes to die?
  • Reaper: (Shrieking at the top of his lungs) THAT’LL NEVER HAPPEN, JACK!
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anonymous asked:

Heya! I know I think you've said beforehand you haven't played Legend of Zelda but I think you'd like Urbosa! She's from Breath Of The Wild, and she's absolutely gorgeous and muscled and awesome.

I DO LOVE HER, I LOVE ALL THOSE SAND LADIES TBH (gerudo? is that what they’re called, I think so)

I’ve always had a crush on the character design from a distance, but I’ve been watching the game grumps playthrough of BotW and now I’m in love with all of them

tall shredded lady warriors with amazing choices in fashion is just, yes, thank you