and i love nick

nick grimshaw arguing with harry styles over whether or not it's harry singing
my favorite radio interview ever

some of my favorite things from my favorite thing ever:

nick: *singing badly* / harry: clip 3 please?

nick: THAT’S YOU!!!! / harry: IT’S NOT ME!!

nick: that song where you do the high note that i don’t think you actually do and it’s computer generated / harry: heeeyy

Nadalind | Adalind Schade x Nick Burkhardt

Grimm 6x12 - Spoilers

raredelightfulloveoak  asked:

If we get a crap finale I'm suing...I say with the upmost love and respect for The Nicks ;p

If it has anything to do with either 1) Toby’s gambling debts that he owes that have caught up with him, 2) a Quintis wedding without interruptions or objections, or 3) that mysterious organisation that was using Merrick back in season two (because that storyline went nowhere and I was expecting more of it this season), then I will be super happy.

anonymous asked:

You get a cameo in a marvel movie or tv property: What role would you have?

Well, the EASIEST answer would be a ukulele busker in a Deadpool action sequence…since I’ve actually been that in the comics as well.

But I would love something else.

Nick Katzenberg, maybe? Or somebody working at the Bugle or Bulletin.

“ ‘Morning…”

Sketchy of the midnight (not cleaned DX)…

I was watching “The Prince of Egypt”…. (this scene)

and something happened…

now, I don’t now what “morning after" it could be (I like to think they’re married and Nick does that every morning….. kyaaaaaa),

anyway I have no regrets.


some of my fav cast tweets from 2.10    [all episodes]