and i love megane characters as well. xd

Disney hits me

Watching Hercules with parents, and it hits me how it can be a Spicycinaroll ship. 

Megan as Red feels so reasonable. There’s the flirting, doubting, betrayals, and how Megan wasn’t interested in Hercules at first and start to doubt if love was possible again. 

Then Hercules as Papyrus, it fits for his outgoing and strong personality, and how that a betrayal can turn him apathetic and hopeless. He’s definitely compassionate to try believing again, and I can see him choosing to be ‘human’ than be a God to be with Red. 

I cry. It’s so beautiful to imagine for me. ;v;) 

Idk who the other characters could be, but godamn the main couple fit so well for the Spicycinaroll!! XD