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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 17

A/N: Helloooo. So, it’s sad to say that I was so excited for this chapter that I wrote half of it before even finishing 16 lmaoo, but I want to lightly blow your beautiful minds with this part. I’ve already written the next chapter so I can have a head start on you guys. As always, get this to 100 notes and send me feedback and I hope you enjoy💕

**WARNING**: Smuutt

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

It was awkwardly quiet as the three of you sat in your living room. Connor and Felix were sat beside each other stiffly, looking out of the corner of their eye to sneakily see if the other was looking. You on the other hand were sitting in your bean bag chair beyond annoyed that this was the first time they’ve seen each other in over a month and had nothing to say. Not even a simple hello.

“Well, yall waisting all of my time, but we’re not going anywhere until you talk so…” you shrugged your shoulders, pulled out your phone from your bra, and curled into the large chair while tugging a fluffy blanket over your frame.

“So….how have you been?” Felix scratched the back of his neck and Connor scoffed at the obvious question.

“How do you think? My boyfriend of almost a four years left me and hasn’t spoken a word to me for over a month.”

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Rest and Relaxation

PAIRING: reader x Steve Rogers


WARNINGS: Fluff and light smut, oral (female receiving) 

Request from @theoneandonlysaucymoSo im at work ew, but could use some fluffy steve. Like maybe reader has been working a bit too much and steve thinks she needs a break from it all. It could get steamy too not opposed since she has been ignoring him some for work. Love your blog ♡

This was a little bit shorter than I expected it t be, but I tried my best with the fluff and I threw in a little bit of smut as well :) 


Originally posted by buddyineedyou

Wearing heels was possibly the worst decision you made today. You limped into your apartment slamming into the wall as you ripped the small torture devices off your feet. Wincing as the hard wood floor came into contact with your sensitive skin you hobbled into the kitchen. Working at Stark Enterprises meant not only sacrificing your body to the strict office dress code. It also meant sacrificing your time, a lot of your time. Lately it felt like you spent more time at work than you did at home. But it was a Friday night and that meant you had two days, two whole glorious days just to yourself and Steve. 

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alltheluvharrys  asked:

Hello, how are you? Pretty please, can you do a blurb about Harry and (Y/N) planning their wedding? Thank you and have a lovely day

A/N:  Sorry this took so long to get posted.  It was swirling around in my brain for a long time.  I sincerely hope that this Harry fluff brings you joy.  I know that cuts in Asks don’t always allow you to read the whole thing on mobile, so I apologize if that’s the case for you.  

Wedding Plans

The parade of dresses is making your head spin.  Not only do you have to decide on a wedding dress from all of the designers who had submitted dresses to your wedding planner, but you have to choose a dress for the wedding brunch, the rehearsal dinner, the engagement party in London, the engagement party in LA, and the dress to change into after the reception.  You are exhausted with all of the choices.  Rodeo Drive was made for rich people who are used to being catered to in this way, but the champagne the clerk keeps refilling for you is giving you a headache.  

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Maid-Ashton Irwin

Smut smut smut oh my gosh I cannot believe I wrote this but I hope u like it

*One month before*
“So what are your biggest fantasies?” Your boyfriend Ashton asked you as you were lying in bed together one night. The two of you had a great sex life but you both knew that talking about sex and what you liked and felt comfortable with was just as important as actually doing it.

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The Cave (1/1)
Rating: Mature

Just a quick dirty one-shot about Emma’s time in the ice cave. My attempt to get my writing skills/juices flowing. Not beta'ed, just needed to write. Thanks to the always awesome holdingoutforapiratehero for chatting with me as I type! :)


She was so damned cold.

Honestly, she lost count of how many hours she had been trapped under Elsa’s wall of ice awhile ago. All she knew was that there was nothing left to do, nothing but wait for someone to rescue her.

Emma looked at the nearly-frozen walkie-talkie that she was cradling in her lap, the batteries nearly drained from the intense cold, and frowned. She knew that her father and Killian were beside themselves with panic, each man doing their damnest to get to her before…


Before she froze to death.

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Someone's Excited

Hey guys, I really hope you like this. I know the ending is a bit lame, so I may rewrite it. But I think I did a decent job on my first smut ;) anyways, send me some feedback for the end please. ~Marcy

Pinning me to the bed, he kisses me roughly, biting my bottom lip as his hands started to roam my body, landing on my breasts and squeezing. My hands tug at the hem of his shirt and in only a matter of seconds, it hits the floor. My hands roam along his chest, down to his waistline, I move one hand over the prominent bulge in his jeans. I rub gently, earning a breathy moan. He rips my shirt and bra off me, exposing my chest. “God you have such a beautiful pair.” Jack states as he attaches to one of my nipples and squeezes the other. His tongue swirls around my nipple as his other hand starts to teasingly trail down to the waistline of my pants. He unbuttons my pants, removing them to leave me in only my panties. Taking this as my chance, I flip us over so I’m on top and can take full advantage of him. I hold his hands above his head and kiss him hungrily. I move to his neck and leave a few love bites, “Mmm, y/n, having fun on top?” He asks smugly. I reply by grinding on top of him as I bite on his collarbone. Jack moans and flips us over again, he ties my hands to the headboard smirking, “Now so you know who is really in charge.” He removes his pants and spreads my legs moving in between them as he comes to kiss me. Jack grinds on me, gaining a soft moan of excitement. He places his hands on my breasts and squeezes my nipples as he is kissing me, earning a muffled moan. He took this opportunity to stick his tongue in my mouth, we battled for dominance. Just as I was about to win, Jack squeezes my nipples harder than before, knowing I’d give up. “That’s right, give into the pleasure,” He growled into my ear. “Cheater,” I mumbled against his lips. Kissing me sloppily, he says, “You know you love it.” Smirking as he harshly starts to rub my clit through the thin fabric of my lace panties. “Mmmm Jack!”

~Jack’s P.O.V.~

Glancing at the clock I see it’s almost noon and y/n asked me to wake her up about now, placing my guitar down I leave my room and head over for hers. “Y/n?” I say as I knock softly on her door, no answer. ‘She must be still sleeping, jeeze she is a deep sleep,’ I think to myself as I reach for the handle. Opening her door slowly, I see her laying bed in fast asleep. ‘I could totally jump on her to get her to wake up.’ Moving back to jump on her, I hear y/n moan. “Y/n?” confused if she is awake or not, I step to the side of her bed and examine her. “Y/n?” I question slightly louder, lightly poking her cheek. Y/n’s head moves but her eyes are closed. As I sit, I hear her moan but this time she moaned a name, my name. Slightly aroused by this I suddenly realize she is we dreaming about me. “Oh the joys of being fuck buddies. Rule number 5: If caught in a wet dream the buddy can help finish it” I whisper excitedly as I pull back her covers. ‘She wore shorts again, make this easier and more enjoyable for me’ I get on the bed and start to massage her legs, making my way up to her shorts. Unbuttoning her shorts, I remove them and toss them to the floor. Y/n moans softly as I trace my fingers up to her clit. I begin to rub her through her black lace panties, she moans a little louder. I do this a little more, looking up at her face watching her reactions. “Wow you’re such a heavy sleeper.” I slip my hand into her panties and run my fingers over her wet folds. “Huh, someone’s excited.” I chuckle and insert a finger into her. I start going slow, enjoying the feeling of her on me. I add another finger in her and y/n’s face reveals she is having more fun than I thought. Her mouth parts as I start pumping my fingers in faster. Going at it a bit longer I see her leg twitch a bit, I know she is close. I take off her panties and decide, she should be woken up properly with a nice orgasm. Removing my fingers I bring my mouth to her clit. “Jack?” I hear as I’m about to make contact. “Well good morning sunshine, I heard you moaning my name and thought maybe I should be of some assistance for your dream.” Her eyes are clouded with sleep and pure lust. Not losing eye contact, I attach to her clit. I start flicking my tongue on her clit and she moans loudly, I insert my fingers again pumping slowly. Y/n grabs my hair and tugs lightly, I moan at the sensation of her tugging and her moans. “Jack, please, f-faster.” She pleads. Sucking on her clit, I start pumping my fingers into her faster, curling them every so often to hit her g-spot. “Jack! Fuck! Oh, yes!” She moans as I continue to eat her out. I chuckle and remove my lips from her clit to harshly rub it. I lean up and kiss her. I begin to suck on her neck as my fingers work wonders on her. “Jack, I’m so fucking close! mmm” She moans an octave higher into my ear. I rub harder and bite her neck, she became undone on my fingers. I remove them and lick them clean of her lovely juices. “Mmm just what I wanted for breakfast.” I chuckle and kiss her. “What a lovely way to wake up.” How about some real breakfast now? She kisses me and gets her panties on.


“Jack!” She called out. “What? I’mlike right here.” I say as I enter the kitchen. Y/n turns from the stove to look at me, I see she is in nothing but a tank top and her panties from earlier. “Good,” She smiled, “I made us breakfast.” Smiling brightly she removes her skillet from the stove, placing eggs on 2 plates with toast and hashbrowns. Y/n sits and pats the seat next to her. I stand a moment longer, admiring the scene in front of me. Y/n looks at me stating, “Jack, if you don’t sit down and eat this then I will.” I flash a toothy grin and sit next to her, we begin to eat and make small talk.


Y/n stands to leave, I quickly grab her by her hips and pull her into my lap. “Now where do you think you’re going?” I question as I nip at her shoulder. “Well,” she says keenly, “I was going to take a shower.” Wrapping my arms tighter around her waist, I mutter into her shoulder, “Sounds fun, but too much work.” Turning to face me, she runs her hand along my jawline and softly says, “You could always join me. I know you’re a dirty boy.” Flashing me a wink, she removes herself from my arms and walks into the hall, swaying her hips seductively arousing me. I get up and follow her to the washroom.

~Your P.O.V.~

I hear the door open as my shirt hits the floor, turning to see the obvious intruder, I see Jack smiling as desire began to fill his eyes. He takes a step towards me as he removes his shirt, tossing it on the floor. He grabs my arm and pulls me to him, crashing our lips together. His hands slide up to my breasts as my hands roam down to his waistline and dip into his boxers. I start to stroke his growing member, making him moan sweetly into my mouth. Parting from the kiss we look into each others eyes. I gesture towards the shower and we slowly move towards it, walking together as Jack begins to bite on my neck. He releases me to remove his boxers as I turn on the water and remove my panties, we step inside and he immediately pins me to the shower wall.

“Just how I like it, steamy.” He roughly kisses. Jack holds my hands above my head as he grabs my breast, kissing me hungrily. I can feel his hard member against my thigh and I want to touch it badly. He starts to play with my nipple as I bite his lower lip, pulling back slightly. He releases my nipple and at a painstakingly slow pace starts to trail his fingertips down to where I needed him most. Releasing my hands he places his hands on my hips and pulls my body flush against his. I kiss him lustfully, intertwining my hands in his hair and lightly pulling on it. He stops the kiss and sloppily kisses down my jawline to my neck and starts to bite. “Mmm” I moan as he finds my spot. I take my hand and grab his member, I start to slowly stroke it. I look down at his member and am still surprised at how large he is. I begin to pick up my pace as I hear him moaning in my ear. “Fuck” he moans as I feel him twitch. Jack grabs my hand and looks me in my eyes, they are clouded with lust. “We’re cumming together.” He kisses me and starts to rub my clit. I moan at the sudden sensation, he starts to bite along my collarbone down to my nipple. Distracted by Jack biting my nipple and flicking his tongue against it, I didn’t expect him to shove 2 fingers into my glorious cave of wonder. Taken back by the sudden new sensation I was experiencing, my breathing quickened and my moans became louder. He began to pump faster and faster, rubbing my clit with his thumb as he continued biting my chest. “Jack- fuck - I’m, I’m so fucking close.” He stopped abruptly. Emitting a whine of protest, Jack kisses me and lifts me by my thighs, pinning me once again to the shower wall. He starts to rub the tip of his member against my cave of wonder, “Jack, please..” I whine. Jack kissed me and shoved his tongue in my mouth just as he slammed into me. A muffled moan escaped my lips. My hands pull at the back of his hair as he slowly fucks me. Our tongues battle for dominance as he slowly pounds into me. He wins and starts to pound harder into me. Raking my nails down his back, I earn a rather loud moan. “Jack please, faster.” I moan feeling his length inside me. Jack picks up his speed and starts biting my collarbone. “Fuck you’re so fucking tight,” he mumbles against my skin.

Jack’s speed picks up again and he’s going deeper than he’s ever gone before. I feel myself getting the familiar warmth in the pit of my stomach. “Jack, fuck, I’m close.” I managed to say between moans. “Me too” He says huskily into my ear, turning me on more. Speeding up the progress, Jack begins to rub my clit harshly with his thumb as he pounds into me endlessly. “Fuck” we moan continuously. As I begin to reach my end I moan Jack’s name. “Let it go.” I release onto him, tightening and triggering his own orgasm. “Fuck, y/n” He breathes heavily. Riding out our orgasms, he lets me down. “What a nice shower.” I kiss Jack. “Nice how wet dreams turn out.”

Promises (Newt Imagine)

Time slips away like sand between your fingers. How ironic is that, when you’re stuck in a bloody desert.

Despite everything, you had some good times in the Glade. Without the monsters that have a worrying obsession over tearing your limbs apart, you could live with it. The Maze wasn’t that bad, minus the Grievers. Every month, there was a new addition to the family. And whatever happens, you stuck together no matter what.

At least, you preferred that over trudging across a barren wasteland.

What even sucked more was that it was your birthday.

Not that you made such a big fuss about it. You knew about it just days after you and the other Gladers were rescued from the Maze. You also understood that the situation was so dire that there was absolutely no reason to pause when you’ve come so far. Plus, with your limited knowledge of birthdays, you didn’t even know what to do on that day. You had a feeling it had something to do with massacring an obnoxiously large cake using a knife, but you didn’t jump to conclusions.


Your stomach growled, and that snapped you out of your daydream, and you sighed.

A hand slipped into yours. “Hey,” Newt said. “You okay?”

You smiled at him weakly. You and Newt had been together ever since the times in the Glade, and everything you two had been through only made your relationship stronger. Now, in the Scorch, it was no different.

His blonde hair, which used to be a bright bunch of golden locks, was now dull and dry due to the sun’s intense heat. His face and body was covered in grime and sweat, and his skin had turned bright red. Despite the dirt and the sunburn, you still thought he was the most gorgeous thing you had ever seen.

“I’m good,” you replied, squeezing Newt’s hand. “Just a little hungry, that’s all.”

“Well, it’s nearly sunset. We’re bound to stop soon.”

Newt was right. The sky was beginning to dim, and the sun had already started to sink. You checked Newt’s watch; it was nearly 5 in the evening.

Minho made everyone stop and rest. Immediately, blankets were brought out, food was being pulled out of bags, and water canteens appeared in everyone’s hands.

Newt brought out his own blanket, setting it down next to yours. You sat down next to him, resting your head on his shoulder as you munched on a sandwich.

Newt rummaged around in his bag, brought out a paper bag, and handed it to you.

“What’s this?” you asked, opening it. To your delight, you saw a piece of cake, though slightly smushed and sticky with the frosting.

“Sorry it’s a bit smushed,” Newt apologized. “I tried to wedge it between my clothes, but it only made it worse.”

“Are you kidding?” you said incredulously. “This is amazing! How did you get this? I don’t remember it being on the table for our rations…”

“Tommy and I snatched it when we went snooping around,” Newt said proudly. “We were going around WICKED’s compound, snuck into the kitchen and grabbed some rations.”

You playfully shoved his arm. “You could have gotten yourself killed.”

“For you, my lady, I would gladly get killed to get you a piece of cake.” He winked at you before kissing your forehead. “Really, though. Everyone deserves something for their birthday.”

You rolled your eyes and leaned in to kiss him, when something hit you and you pulled away.

“You knew it was my birthday?” you asked, stunned.

“You’re not the only one with secrets, love. Did you honestly think I wouldn’t try to find out what my bloody girlfriend’s birthday was?” Newt kissed you again, his lips sweeter than the cake.

“I love you,” you said, smiling at him like he was your entire world, because he was.

“And I love you more.” Newt cupped your face and kissed you lightly on the lips.

You sat together in silence, eating your cake.

“Oh! I forgot. Your birthday present,” Newt said, grabbing his bag and shoving his hand into the contents. He pulled out a small wooden box and handed it to you.

You took it in between your fingers and examined it carefully. You shook it, and something rattled around inside.

“What is it?” you said.

“Open it.”

You pulled the lid off the box, and sitting inside was a beautiful wooden ring.

It was simple, polished wood, with intricate carvings of wave and circle patterns. As simple as it was, you wanted to cry. Newt had probably gone out of his way to keep it this far.

And then, suspicion crept in.

You weren’t that dense when it came to dating. First there was attraction, then that confusing denial stage, then dating, and then-

Your head snapped straight up, looking at Newt in alarm, probably asking with your eyes if your hunch was right.

Apparently, you looked really shocked, because Newt laughed out loud and kissed your head.

“No, I’m not asking for your hand in marriage. Yet.” He waggled his eyebrows, and you sighed in relief, but smiled anyway.

He took the ring and slipped it on your finger. “It’s a promise ring. I can’t promise you that we’ll live through all of this-”

“Got that right,” you mumbled.

“Or that everything is going to be alright because if anything, this is far from alright. I’m promising you that no matter what happens to you, or to me, or to us in general…” Newt tapped the ring. “We’ll stay together. Nothing can ever tear us apart. And who knows…I’ll come back for this ring someday and replace it with a bigger one. I hear girls like big rocks.”

He smirked at you, that bloody smirk that he knows will get you hooked. You never tired of it, and you never tired of him.

You threw away the empty paper bag, crawled into his lap, and hugged him tightly. He crushed you in his arms as well, burying his head in the crook of your neck.

You pulled away, and took his face in your hands.

“I don’t want a big rock,” you said quietly, smiling. “I just want you.”

“If that’s what you want,” Newt replied, smiling as well.

You brushed his cheek with your thumb. “It is.”

And you were certain that the sunset had witnessed the greatest kiss of all time.

AN: this was the cutest thing I have written omg

Wedding Dress (Jr.)

Request: Based on the music video of Taeyang’s ‘Wedding Dress’. The reader is getting married to JB but Jr. loves the girl. Plot twist, the girl is actually sad about her marriage with JB—but she doesn’t know it was arranged.

Length: 1,017 words

Genre: Angst

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One Direction Preference- First Time He Admits Having Feelings For You (Harry, Louis & Niall)

Harry- You were laying on the roof with Harry, attempting to watch the meteor shower. Unfortunately, fog clouded the sky and the most exciting thing you’d seen was car headlights crawling down your street.

A sudden chill came over you as the summer night set in just a bit, “Come cuddle, Haz,” you scooted closer to him.

You heard him laugh just a little, extending his arm around your shoulders, “Alright,” you could feel his smile even through the dark.

It was quiet again as you leaned your head to rest on his shoulder. You took a moment to reflect on how much you really cared about him–he had always been there, no matter what. You didn’t deserve him as your best friend.

You listened intently as he took a deep breath and tilted his chin to look at the sky, “Y/N?”

“Mmmm?” you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck.

“I like you.”

“I like you, too, dumbass,” you smiled, closing your eyes.

You felt his chest rise again, “No, Y/N. I like you–like, I like you.”

You sat up a little, furrowing your eyebrows and moving your eyes to rest on the side of his face as he continued to stare at the sky, “You do?”

He moved his hands up to rub his face as he sighed, “Yeah. I do.”

You definitely weren’t expecting that. Of course you’d thought about dating Harry–who wouldn’t have? You just figured you’d been friends for so long that it had no chance of happening.

You slowly nodded, “Okay.”

He looked over at you, confusion dripping from his features, “…okay?”

“Okay,” you met his eyes, “You’re still my best friend, and this doesn’t change anything. And don’t think the fact that we’re friends gives you an excuse not to take me on a real first date.”

Louis- “Lou…you’re the best,” you groaned, “Seriously.”

“I know, love,” he placed a big bowl of soup on your night stand begore he flung himself on the bed next to you, stretching his arms over the pile of pillows around you, “How ya feeling?”

“Like absolute shit,” you mumbled, burrowing your face into his side.

“You look like it, too,” he laughed as you punched him in the ribs, “Ow!”

You smiled smugly, moving your arm over his stomach and pulling him close to you.

He slouched down into the bed, making himself comfortable, “So, Y/N. I wanted to talk you about something.”

“It can’t wait?” your voice was muffled, “I’m sleepy.”

He chuckled a little, running a hand through your messy hair, “Oh, it can’t wait. I assure you.”

You turned your head away from his chest, tilting your chin up so you could see his face, “What is it, then?”

“I have a very important question.”

“Spit it out, Lou.”

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“What?” your eyes flew open from their sleepy daze.

“Well I mean–like not yet,” he stuttered, “But well, yeah. Do you wanna go out with me? When you’re feeling better, that is.”

“Out of all the days you could ask me out,” you pulled the blanket up over your face, “You chose the day I feel and look like death.”

He tugged the blanket down, “I think it’s cute.”

“Shut up.”

“Make me,” he smiled.

“You know,” you laughed, “If I hadn’t been vomiting my brains out earlier, I would absolutely take you up on that offer.”

Niall- “Y/N! It’s for you!” your mom shouted from the front door.

“Tell them I’m not home,” you mumbled to yourself, climbing off of thee couch in the living room, “Who is it?” you asked as you turned down the hall. She simply raised her eyebrows and nodded to the door, leaving you alone to answer it.

You leaned around the slightly ajar door, tugging it open quickly.


“Uh, hey, Y/N.”

Your eyes moved from his face to the bouquet of flowers in his hands, “What’s up…”

He looked down at his hands along with you, “Fuck. I knew this was stupid,” he sighed, looking back up at you, “Um, here,” he handed the flowers to you.

“Okay?” you laughed, “And these are for…?”

His cheeks blushed pink, “Right,” cracking his knuckles he shifted his gaze to the left, avoiding your face, “Uh–Y/N. Do you, wanna like, go out sometime? I like you a lot and…” he noticed you examining the bouquet, “I knew the flowers were overkill.”

You looked up, shaking your head, “No, no. Not at all,” you smiled, “I love them.

He moved his eyes back to you, meeting yours, "Yeah?”

“Yeah, I do,” you nodded, “And yes, I would love to ‘like go out sometime’” you teased him.

He grinned, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jacket, “Good. I’m glad.”

An incredibly awkward silence ensued as you shifted your weight from foot to foot, “I should go–dinner’s soon…” you motioned back inside.

“Of course,” he nodded, “I guess, see you around, then?”

“I think so,” it was your turn to blush.

“Can’t wait.”

“Me neither.”


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Snowed In-Ashton Irwin

wow guess who’s writing for the first time in forever. so basically this is smut where you and your boyfriend get snowed and and he takes the opportunity to show you some new things in bed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The first thing you realized when you woke up was how cold it was. Seeking warmth you curled closer to your boyfriend, marveling at how Ashton could be warm even though it was probably below freezing out as if he was lit from within by a tiny fireplace. You movements roused him, his hazel eyes opening slowly and meeting yours. “Good morning love.” He said, his morning voice raspy and sexy.

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Waking him up (Visual)

Harry: “Harry,” you mumbled sleepily, giving him a slight push, “It’s time to get up.” He opened one of his eyes to peek at you, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. You smirked at him before letting your eyelids close again with sleep. “What are you smiling at?” you mumbled. “I just love waking up next to you,” you could hear the smile in his voice.  You grinned and scooted closer to him, nuzzling into his bare chest. After a couple of minute passed you sighed, “We really should get up.” “Mmmm,” Harry he murmured and pulled you closer to him.

Niall: “Five more minutes Princess,” he yawned, pulling the blankets up under his chin. “Ni, come on, you have to go to work,” you giggled leaning into him. “I’ll just be a little late today.” “I don’t think so,” you leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his lips.  He let a small groan pass through his lips as he leaned into your lips, but you pulled away.  "Mmmm, come here,“ he reaches for you with a frustrated look on his face.  "Nope,” you smiled. “If you want any more you have to get up.” He let a vocal sigh and grinned, pushing the covers off of himself.

Liam: You sighed and rolled over in your bed, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.  Your hands instinctively reached out to his side of the bed to wake him up, but instead you find an empty mattress.  Your eyes shoot open and you looked to where he normally sleeps.  "You okay babe?“ you heard Liam laugh.  You turned and looked across the room to find him sitting on the couch, smiling at you. "Li what are you doing? You have to go to work.” He stood up and walked across the room to climb onto the bed and hover over you.  He let his hand cup the side of your face while the pad of his thumb runs up and down your cheek. “I got a call about an hour ago saying we had the day off,” he leaned down and pressed a light kiss to your nose. You beamed up at him wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down so that your lips met.

Zayn: “Zayn,” you poked his side. “Its time to get up,” you whispered poking his side again.  When he remained asleep you groaned and looked at him, planning your next course of attack.  He lay in the position he fell asleep in last night, his body latched onto yours, but of course you had moved away from him, so his arm lay across the bed as if he was reaching for you. “Zaaaaaayn,” you moaned and pushed him a little bit harder.  When he didn’t move you sighed loudly. “You’re so annoying,” you grumbled, and watched as a small smile played at his lips.  "I can see you smiling you know,“ and just like that his smile grew a little bit larger, his eyes remaining shut. "ZAYN. I’m serious,” you whined, not caring how much of a child you sounded like.  You climbed across the bed and sat on his hips, “Zayn,” you tried one more time. “Please?” you whined. He slowly turned his head to face you, lightly gripping your hips with his hands and opening his eyes to look at you. “Good morning beautiful,” he smiled. You rolled your eyes at him, but the tired smile on his face caused you to giggle. “It’s about time,” you whispered, leaning down to kiss his lips.

Louis: When you woke up in the morning Louis was asleep next to you.  You smiled to yourself.  You had been sick for the past couple of days and it worried him.  Last night he had tucked you into bed with a cup of tea and a movie playing on the television.  He had curled into the bed next to you, he head resting in his hand while he ran the tips of his fingers up and down your arm.  You had a coughing fit and Louis instantly grabbed the cup of tea from your hands, preventing you from spilling the hot liquid all over yourself. When you were finally able to catch your breathe you turned to look at him, a frown on his face.  "I’m sorry,“ you muttered, offering him a small smile. "Hey,” he cupped your face with his hand. “You have nothing to apologize for love.” You smiled at him and let out a yawn. “Go to sleep love,” he leaned forward pressing a kiss to your forehead.  You had turned onto your side, curling into his chest, sighing in contentment.  Now you examined his face, memorizing his features.  "Good morning love,“ he murmured, causing you to jump. "Lou, did you fall asleep like that?” you giggled, gesturing toward his position. He shrugged, smiling at you, “I had to look out for my baby girl.”


A/N: okay so you’re Ashton’s girlfriend but who can resist Calum Hood so

You knew you weren’t the only one who felt this way. You knew Calum felt it as well. Not that you two could really act upon it. Ashton was yours and you were Ashton’s, but Calum just had this ridiculously strong charisma to him that drew you towards him. Whenever you hung out with Ashton and his band mates, you found yourself staring at Calum, just watching him, his hands, the way his plump lips move when he talks, and your want for him grew stronger.

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Bloodlust [Drink] + CS Fanfiction

The ninth in a series of soon to be smutty one shots about vampire Killian Jones and the woman he can’t stay away from.

Rating: M 
Word Count: 9,590

Catch up here on FF.NET and AO3.

“I must say that when you said you wanted to warm up,” he teased, placing a gentle kiss on the side of her head. “This isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

Emma couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped her, the sound drawing a weak ripple across the water as the bubbles surrounding them shifted. His chest was solid behind her and his arms kept her close as she relaxed into him. She wiggled slightly, causing his knees to bend and widen the space he’d left for her between his legs just a bit more. He let out a deep groan when she leaned back again, letting the small of her back rub against his naked torso.

“Was that-” she taunted, tilting her head to smile back at him. “-a complaint?”

“Not in the slightest, love,” he replied as the scruff on his jaw grazed her shoulder. “More of a warning.”

He nipped lightly at her ear, causing a tiny splash in the water immersing them and Emma’s shoulders flinched with what could almost be called a giggle. A teasing growl escaped his lips as he pressed them to her cheek and the sigh she responded with was nothing short of total contentment. Killian’s hands moved carefully, swiping the soap off her shoulders as he left a kiss against her hair. She was glad she opted to pull the wavy blonde strands up and out of the way before they’d sunk into the water, his warm breath on her neck causing a slight shiver. His touch moved into a firm, kneading pattern and Emma hummed in relaxation as she let him work the soreness out of her muscles with his deft fingers.

“Quite tense, Swan,” he teased, kissing her neck sweetly. “You really should allow yourself more time to unwind, love. Happy to make that the ‘doctor’s orders’ if it might convince you more easily.”

“Ah, unwinding,” she laughed, resuming their previous position of her back resting against his chest. “Is not what we’re doing?”

“We’re taking a bubble bath, Swan,” he replied as he wrapped his wet arms around her. “Whether or not it’s relaxing is perhaps a matter of personal preference.”

“Is that your overly elegant way of telling me that vampires don’t like bathtubs?”

Killian tickled her ribs with taunting fingertips and her jumpy reaction caused water to spill over the side. He eyed the slight mess before chuckling in defeat, his chest vibrating against her shoulder blades as he located her hand beneath the bubbles. He lifted his palm out of the water and hers followed instinctively, their combined touch explorative as their fingers linked. Killian took a silent second to examine their hands pressed so fittingly together, a task she’d seen him participate in quite often. She could feel his breath even out as he studied her thumb, stroking it lightly with the pad of his own.

She knew he needed these quiet moments. He needed to feel human - and allowing him that was the least she could do.

“I must say they aren’t typically my favorite,” he confessed quietly in her ear. “But I don’t mind quite so much with you here.”

“Well that’s good to hear-” she told him, turning to loop her arms around his neck. “-because this is an amazing tub.”

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Revrie, Chapter Twenty Three

“I hate this”, grumbled Eilidh, her head on Harry’s shoulder. He sighed into her neck, gently rocking her, ignoring the chill of the freezing air that was rolling over them both as they stood at the open front door of Eilidh’s Mum and Dad’s house. It was 4pm on Christmas Eve, and Harry had finally, reluctantly hauled himself out of her arms to confess that he had to go, back to Cheshire to spend Christmas with his family.

“I know, baby”, he crooned into her ear. “I could pick you up and steal you away”, he suggested, only half joking. 

Eilidh laughed, playing with the threads of his jumper. “Don’t joke”, she scolded. “You know I would if I could”.

“Next year will be different”, Harry said confidently, pulling away so he could look at her.

Eilidh grinned up at him. “Next year?! You’re getting ahead of yourself, are you not?”

Harry shrugged, gazing down at her steadily, gauging her reactions. “I plan on being with you in a year”, he confirmed, lacing his fingers with hers, and twisting her wrists round. His tone was light, but Eilidh knew there was weight behind it. “Do…you plan on being with me in a year?”

Eilidh smiled, chucking his chin playfully, as he gave her a goofy grin in return. “Oh I’m sure that will be the case…providing noone else comes along”, she teased, and Harry mock growled, making her hug him in tight. 

“Heyyyyy!!”, they heard a shout from behind them, and both whirled to see Alex and Nina trudging through the snow, laden with gifts and bags. “Merry fucking Christmas”, Alex grinned, slapping his hand into Harry’s, who pulled him in for  a hug immediately while Nina embraced Eilidh.

They both looked flushed and excited, happy to be home for the holiday, for as much festive cheer as they could manage.

“Why you out here? It’s freezing!”, Nina lamented, blowing into her mittens and stamping her feet. Eilidh had locked in on Harry again, unable to be far from his long, lean body when she knew he was leaving.

“I’m going home”, Harry explained.

“You’re leaving?”, Alex replied, surprised, while Nina made disappointed noises behind him.

“Yeah”, Harry scratched the back of his head, feeling even yuckier about leaving. “I’m away so much during the year, I think that the least I can do is be home for one day a year”, he joked, and the others nodded understandingly.

“Well, have a good one, mate”, Alex shook his hand again, and Nina kissed his cheek, pushing a brightly wrapped Christmas present into his hand. 

“For you”, she whispered, and Harry grinned, touched that they had thought of him. He was whole heartedly relieved that Alex seemed to be back on his side, and had always thought the petite pixie-like blonde was adorable, and a great support to Eilidh.

The foursome whirled when they heard an overjoyed scream from behind them, as Helen threw open the door, her cheeks flushed from the warmth of the house, delighted to see her son and Nina, ushering them in out of the cold.

“I should go”, Harry said to Eilidh, for the fourteenth time. She nodded.

“Let’s have a selfie, first”, she suggested, and Harry rolled his eyes, and laughed, but posed anyway.

Eilidh grinned when she saw it. They looked cute.

“Our first photo together”, she reminded him, and he smirked, twisting her phone towards him to look at it again.

“I like it”, he admitted, squeezing her. “Send me it, will you”.

“Have an amaaazing Christmas, famous boy”, she whispered, and he groaned and lifted her off her feet in a bear hug, tempted to throw her in the trunk of the waiting car.

“I love you”, he muttered into her hair, while she giggled, still dangling off the ground.

“Love you more. Give your Mum and Gem my love. Now go! Go have fun!” Eilidh shooed him away, laughing and fluttering her fingers as Harry looked back over his shoulder, pouting.

She turned as he got into the car, and he watched, gulping as he saw them all gathered in the living room through the window, hugging, Helen pouring tea, Davie telling stories, while Nina unfurled Alex’s long scarf from his neck for him. He felt an unfamiliar pang, that he was missing out on something. Something great.


“You going home, Neen? ”, Eilidh wandered down the stairs to find Nina in front of the front door, pulling on her boots.

“Yep”, Nina ghosted a quick kiss somewhere near Eilidh’s cheek as she wound her scarf round her neck. “I’ll be back tomorrow, after dinner”.It had been a brilliant evening, full of mice pies and champagne, cheesy Christmassy movies, and laughter. 

“Do you want a lift?”, Eilidh asked tentatively, and Nina laughed.

“What?! It’s like, five doors down!”

Eilidh shrugged. She was bored, and missing Harry. Her phone was silent so far, and she was determined not to bombard him with texts, knowing how important it was to him to spend time with his family. She sighed as the door slammed after Nina, wandering through to the living room, wondering if her Mum needed any help with anything. She was shooed out of the kitchen pronto however, so she went searching for Alex. Perhaps he would wander down to the pub with her, she mused, only to find him horizontal with his mouth open on his old bed, fast asleep. Grinning as she snapped a photograph of him on her phone, determined to blackmail him with it.

Eilidh felt huffy and disgruntled as she eventually went to her room, peeling off her pyjamas, and blowing out her cheeks. The heating was bumped right up because of the low temperature outside, but Eilidh thought her Mum and Dad had overdone it a bit, her room felt like a sauna. She smeared moisturiser on her arms and legs, sitting cross legged in front of her old bookshelf and examining the contents there. 

Finally, she sighed and gave in, tapping out what she hoped was a carefree and non-bunny-boiler text to Harry.

In bed, alone, reading Harry Potter at my Mum and Dads house…have I gone back in time? I feel about sixteen!

Her eyebrows raised, pleasantly surprised when she saw the text bubbles appear almost immediately as he wrote back.

Hiii baby. You sound cute. I’m in bed too. Was just about to call you. Facetime?

Eilidh frowned. For some reason Facetime didn’t work very well at her parents house.

Facetime doesn’t work when I’m here baby, remember? I can call you though?

Awwww :-( I wanna see your face. Can you skype?

Eilidh looked around, checking that yes, she had indeed brought her laptop home with her.

Yeah! Give me five minutes to fire up the computer.

See you soon.

Eilidh lay on her tummy in bed in her bra and pants, waiting impatiently for Harry to log in to Skype, excited when she saw that he was online.

She clicked to call and couldn’t stop the grin that spread across her face when he answered.

Harry was the same, smiling hard at her when he saw her face.

“Hiiiiii”, he greeted her. She could see he was sitting up in bed, recognising the wall behind him.

“Hi baby”, she cooed, rolling her eyes at how much she missed him. “I am bad at being without you, famous boy”, she pouted, and Harry laughed.

“You know, I think I need a nickname for you, if this ‘famous boy’ is gonna continue”, Harry said, mock seriously. “I’m actually not that fond of it as it happens”

Eilidh shrugged cheekily. “Tough shit, famous boy”, she replied. “It’s stuck now, love. And I’ve never had a nickname”.

“Doesn’t mean I can’t make one up”, Harry eyed her.

“Like what?”, Eilidh picked at her nails.

“Hmmmm”, Harry cocked his head, adorably, as he took her in. “Bambi”, he said eventually, with a smile.

“Bambi?!” Eilidh repeated, mock outraged. “Oh great, I’m a motherless cartoon”.

“You have Bambi eyes”, Harry decided. “It’s on. Your name is Bambi. No arguments”.

Eilidh rolled her eyes, but said nothing.

“You are fucking with me, McLean”, Harry said darkly, and Eilidh’s head snapped up, confused.

“How?”, she inquired, pushing her hair out her face, and her glasses further back on to her nose. She always wore them when she was watching tv, or reading.

“Well, for a start you are wearing your glasses, which you know do unspeakable things to me”, Harry paused dramatically, as Eilidh snorted. “And if I’m wrong I stand corrected, but as far as I’m aware you aren’t wearing many clothes”.

“It’s reaaallly hot in here”, Eilidh laughed, looking down at her cleavage, which was on full display, and adjusting herself.

“Sure it is”, Harry nodded seriously. “Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I have a BEAST of a view here”.

Eilidh coyly shifted herself and tried to shrug her sheet round her, and Harry pouted. “Nooooo”, he moaned. “No naked Bambi, makes famous boy sad”, he whined, and Eilidh laughed, shrugging off the sheet and wiggling her cleavage to the camera playfully.

Harry groaned. “I know, your kidding, but that really wasn’t funny”, he said, his voice pained. “It’s quite hard being away from you at the moment, if you know what I mean”.

Eilidh giggled. “Mmmm, I miss you baby”, Eilidh said, suddenly serious, wiggling her bum with frustration.

Harry put his hands over his face. “Seriously, stop writhing around”, he groaned, evoking another peal of laughter from Eilidh. “You are killing me”.

“Why?”, Eilidh said, her tone playful, sitting up to give him a full view of her breasts in their balconette bra and navel. She draped her fingers over her tummy lightly, stroking, ever so lightly, hearing Harry exhale.

“Don’t Eilidh”, he warned her seriously. 

“What?”, she asked innocently, her fingers moving to the tops of her breasts, brushing them over lightly, raising goosebumps on her skin. “Wish this was you touching me”, she whispered, and Harry groaned, shifting his laptop from his groin, which was uncomfortably hard already.

“Touch it baby”, Eilidh encouraged him.

He stared into her eyes, never leaving them as he perched the laptop so she could see him, finally moving his hand down to his cock, which was swollen with arousal, moaning as he squeezed it in a vain attempt to relieve some of the pressure there.

“Take your tshirt off”, Eilidh whispered, while she reached around her back and unclipped her bra, unable to stop herself palming her breasts, and lying back gently, adjusting the laptop so he could see her.

“Fucking hell”, Harry growled, as he pulled off his shirt, and Eilidh sighed with appreciation, reaching to touch the screen, wishing she could stroke his chest, the swallows at his collarbones, the butterfly on his navel.

“I wish you were here”, she whimpered, still massaging her breasts, bringing her thumb and forefinger to tweak her nipples, bringing them to hard, pink peaks.

“I wish that more than anything”, Harry ground out. His cock was in full view now he had brought it out of his boxer shorts, and Eilidh licked her lips, moaning at the sight of it, hard and pink on the screen. The skin was strained, and he was breathing heavily, holding it at the base, his arm muscles tense.

“Move baby”, Eilidh encouraged, sitting up to push her breasts into the camera again, pushing them up with her hands, and rolling her nipples around in her fingers, hearing him pant through the laptop speaker.

“You do it too”, Harry challenged her. “Touch yourself for me, Eil. Do it, baby”.

Eilidh moaned in appreciation at his words, adjusting herself so her crotch was in full view of the camera, bending up so he could see her dip her fingers in her mouth and suck them, her eyelashes fluttering with arousal, as she watched him gulp, and begin to pump on his cock with his fist. She reached down and pulled her panties to the side so he could see her full pussy, hearing him gasp, as she swirled her wet fingers around her clit, letting a moan peal from her lips.

Harry groaned, feeling like he was moving his hand in slow motion, his arousal so piqued, seeing her coo and whimper as she fiddled with the little hood of her clit, watching it as it became swollen and engorged, rising like a hard little bead.

He felt like he was in both heaven and hell as he watched, it was so close but he couldn’t touch, couldn’t lick. All he wanted was to bury his face in her pink, perfect pussy, feel her give and yield against him and thrust into his face. He had always loved giving head, loved the power that came with it, but this was on another level. He would find himself at meetings, at rehearsals, even in crowded bars, fantasising about her pussy, licking his lips in public imagining he was licking away her juices. Having to excuse himself to adjust himself, constantly cursing his choice of jeans which were unforgiving to such issues.

“Oh Harry”, Eilidh mewed, and kicked her legs like a cat, while Harry sped up, his jaw falling onto his chest.

“Come-for-me-Eilidh”, he stuttered, unable to be coherent as he dangled on the precipice of his own orgasm. Letting out a shout higher than usual when he saw her pussy flood with her orgasm, as she kicked and bucked with it, moaning and whining, her come dripping down her inner thighs and tangling in the little tuft of hair at her pubic bone. Black and white spots appeared in his vision as he spurted, finally, a thick jet hitting the screen, the other streams, milking into his fist as he shuddered, gasping, trying to regain control of himself.

“Oh my God”, Eilidh whimpered, eventually. Neither of them had spoken for several minutes. She sat up, wondering if Harry was asleep. He was sitting in the same position, thoroughly dazed. “Are you ok?”

“Am I ok?”, Harry blinked, before bursting out laughing. He felt quite hysterical. “Yes, Eilidh, I am ok”, he said seriously. “As long as we are like this, I will always be ok”.

A slow smile spread across Eilidh’s face. “That was ridiculous”, she hissed, with wide eyes, and Harry continued to laugh, unable to stop, his shoulders heaving.

“Oh my God!”, Eilidh cried suddenly, checking her phone, making Harry stop laughing momentarily. “It’s after midnight!”

Harry grinned at her happily. “Merry Christmas, baby”. He put his lips up to the screen to kiss it, before recoiling when he noticed the come that still streaked his screen. Both of them collapsing with laughter together.


Eilidh blinked as she heard her bedroom door creak open.

Alex stood in the doorway in his boxers and tshirt, glaring at her impatiently. “C'mooooon then!”, he implored, and Eilidh burst out laughing, rubbing her eyes, and jumping out of bed. She smiled as she passed her laptop on the dresser, remembering the night before, before she and Alex clattered down the stairs to where their parents waited in the living room.

“Merry Christmas”, they all cried, hurling their bodies into hugs, while Eilidh gasped at the piles of gifts not only under the tree but spilling onto the couches and the floor. She shook her head. Helen and Davie always went overboard at Christmas, spoiling Alex and Eilidh entirely, no matter how old they were. It was magical.

The next two hours passed in a whirl of present ripping, shouts and hugs, bacon sandwiches and mimosas, clinking glasses and toasts. All the while Eilidh walked around snapping photographs on her brand new camera she had been gifted, while Alex strummed on his new guitar.

Eilidh managed to skip away to her room at one point to check her phone, her face erupting in a grin when she saw Harry had sent her a photograph of him, his Mum and Gemma, all wrapped up and looking very Christmassy.

She grabbed Alex for a selfie and wrapped tinsel round his head, firing it off to Harry as a reply.

“Mum!”, Alex called, piling wrapping paper with Davie into a huge black rubbish bag. “When does Aunt Grace get here?”

“Probably later this afternoon”, Helen replied, up to her elbows in goose fat and potatoes. “You know what she’s like, she’ll be here when she’s ready”.

Eilidh felt a shiver of pleasure run through her at the thought of seeing Aunt Grace. She was her mothers much older sister, and lived alone, quite far from them. She and Eilidh shared a very special, close relationship, having similar carefree spirits. Eilidh had inherited some of her prized vintage clothes, but was more interested in listening to her enthralling stories of the seventies, and the wild antics she used to get up to.

The day passed quickly, as Christmas always did. Aunt Grace arrived in a cloud of Coco Madmoiselle as usual, and held Eilidh closer than usual. “You look well, girl”, she grinned at her. “Better. Shining”.

Eilidh ducked her head, embarrassed but pleased to hear it. The last time she had seen Grace she had gone to stay with her for a few days closely following her split from Fraser. She had been rail thin and hollow-eyed. The difference in her now was staggering.

Dinner was a roaring success, and the drink flowed, Eilidh happily revelling in the bubbles of her champagne, and eating as much as her belly would allow, eventually collapsing on the couch next to her Dad, laying her head on his shoulder. He reached around and stroked her hair absent mindedly, happy and content to have his family together.

Nina arrived with her Mum and Dad at about 9pm, and the evenings lull disappeared, and a party atmosphere took over again, as the music came on and they told stories and jokes. Eilidh sitting as close to Grace as she could without sitting in her lap, overwhelmed at how content she felt.

It was just gone eleven, and Helen was tipsily spooning Christmas pudding into willing mouths when the doorbell suddenly rang through the house. Everyone stilled and looked around, perturbed.

“Who the bloody hell is this”, Davie grumbled, marching to the door, wondering who would come by at this hour on Christmas Day. 

Everyone heard the door open and a whoop, then a thump. Alex eyed Eilidh, a smile curling at his lips, while she gazed back, confused and oblivious.

“Look who I found, darling”, Davie announced, appearing in the doorway eventually and addressing Eilidh. Eventually stepping aside to reveal Harry, tall, nervous, shyly grinning, a sack of presents over his shoulder.

Everyone cheered when she rushed into his arms, and he clumsily dropped his sack, catching her and lifting her into a bear hug, conscious of the many eyes and grins watching. He observed Helen excuse herself, wiping her eyes, and whispered in Eilidh’s ear. “Good surprise, or bad surprise?”

She choked, shaking her head, hard into his neck. “The best surprise”.