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Park // Colby Brock

Prompt: Im too lazy for one …. :)

Warning: Swearing, cuteness

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She was so gorgeous. Here I am laying next to literally the perfect girl and I dont even have the balls to ask her out. She was totally my type and literally everything about her is just so perfect.

She’s gorgeous, sarcastic, funny, and so many other things. Nothing can describe how perfect she is. I was supposed to film with Sam but I forgot and I’m guessing he did too. He also I guess rescheduled the midnight game for another night.

I sighed and stood off the couch and turned off the TV. I picked up Y/N bridal style and carried her to her room.



I rubbed my tired eyes and sat up looking around my room. I stood up from my warm bed and dragged myself down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Good morning sunshine.” Sam looked up from his phone. He was sat at the kitchen counter as Colby was looking around in the fridge.

“Morning Sam.” I rubbed my eyes once again. “Where is everyone else?”

“Work and other things.” Colby answered but didn’t bother to look at me as he grabbed a gallon of milk from the fridge. “The normal thing that adults do you knoww.”

“Oh.” I replied simply. “Is there any coffee?”

“Uh yeah Elton just made a fresh pot, it’s over there.” Sam pointed in the direction of it.

I poured myself a mug of hot black coffee and took a sip. “You don’t add sugar or anything?” Colby asked with a look of disgust on his beautiful face.

“Nope.” I shake my head and sat in the seat across from him.

“I am going to Kat’s today and Colby is going where ever he’s going, are you okay with being here alone for awhile?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, of course.” I nodded and took another sip of the warm beverage.

“Okay. Elton is probably staying at Amanda’s and I doubt Corey will be home until late tonight so you’ll have the house to yourself.”

“That’s great, I get to binge watch some shows.” I grin but really I just wanted to be alone do I could cry. Something I haven’t done in a little while

“By some shows do you mean Teen Wolf perchance?” Colby asked and I nodded.

“I was planning on watching American Horror Story.” I said. “But Teen Wolf seems morr appealing.”

“Okay well, we’ll seen you later.” Sam said and Colby kissed the top of my head before following Sam out.

“Yep.” I nod. “See ya. Have fun at Kat’s and you too with whatever you’re gonna be doing Colby.

“He’s probably gonna masturbate all day.” Sam said and my nose scrunched up in disgust.

“That’s gross, Sam.” I cringed.

“Very. But also a little true” Colby agrees.


Sam and Colby left about an hour ago and I was all ready to just lay on the couch and watch Teen Wolf but my phone rang.

(Italics: Gwen / Bold: Colby)



What do you want, Colb?

Why so grumpy?

I was ready to watch a show but you interrupted me.

Well, I’m bored and have nothing else to do or go alone soooooo come onnn

Fine, are you picking me up?

Yeah. Be there in an hour.



I hung up and jumped off the couch. I ran up the stairs and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair.

I put on my normal makeup and some red lipstick then grabbed a fast outfit. {Above} I left my hair down in its natural waves and headed down the stairs. I still had about 30 minutes until he got here.

I’m here. I looked at the text and smiled. I grabbed my purse off the couch and walked out the door. I opened the passenger door and slid in.

“So, what are we doing?” I asked as I buckled my seatbelt.

“I was thinking maybe we can just go to a park or something. I haven’t been to one in awhile.

“Okay.” I nod and he drives away and off to the park.


“This is gorgeous.” I say in awe as I look around the park. There was a huge gorgeous lake next to it as well.

“I know I love it here.” Colby smiled and dragged me over to the swings.

I threw my flannel onto the ground and sat on the swing. “Can you push me?” I turned to Colby and he nodded and began to push me softly.

Soon I was pretty high and the wind was blowing my long hair around.

“So Y/N, tell me about yourself.” Colby continued to pump his legs but looked at me with his beautiful eyes. You and Colby had only started talking like this about a week ago and it was great.

“What do you want to know?” I asked and turned my head towards him.

“mmmm favorite things, passions, everything.” He smiled at me.

“Uhm I really like to read, I love music, one of my passions is most definitely acting or singing. I used to do a lot of plays in high school and I loved it.” I say. “Oh and my favorite color is probably black or navy blue.”

“You like to act?” He asked.

“Yeah uh, I like to pretend to be someone I’m not because it makes me forget how shitty my life is and I can live in the persons life that I am acting as.” I say.

He hummed in response and rubbed his chin. “What?” I ask as I noticed the weird look he was giving me.

“Oh nothing.” He smirked and jumped off the swing.

I watched as he pulled out his phone and began taking photos of me. I squealed and cover my face and I jumped off the swing and crashed into him.

His phone fell and so did we. “Well that was fun.” I laughed and looked down at Colby who was under me.

“If you call breaking every bone in my body fun.” He groaned and I Laughed, standing up and putting my hands out to help him up.


About an hour passed and Colby had already hurt himself about 5 times. I loved watching him fall off of everything around him.

“Shit.” I heard and turned to see Colby on the mulch. I laughed and held my hand out to help pull him back onto the play set.

“Alright I think we both have enough scrapes. Let’s go home now.” I said and he groaned, shaking my hand up and down since he never let it go when I helped him.

“Nooooo.” He whined.

“Yes come on.” I intertwined our fingers and dragged him to the car.

He groaned the whole way but once we got to the car we let go and got in. The whole way home we listened to music and danced.

Being with Colby made everything better. He was the one thing that could get my mind off of my dead family. I looked over and him and smiled to myself.

When we got home Elton fired questions at us, well mainly me.

“Where were you?” “Why didnt you guys call?” “I thought you were kidnapped since I know you dont leave the house alone.”

“Elton I’m fine, I was with Colby all day.” I assured him.

“Jesus did you guys beat each other up? You’re all covered in bruises.” Elton examined my legs. I looked down and back up.

“Yeah Colby likes to beat me.” I smirked and Colby started explaining what actually happened.

Elton nodded and I started up the stairs. “Wait Y/N. Do you want to film a video?” Elton stopped me.

“What kind of video?”

“We’re gonna go to suicide bridge. You down?”

“Yeah I guess.” I shrugged and went upstairs so I could shower and change.

When I was finished getting ready {outfit above} in warm clothes since I knew I’d get extremely cold later tonight I went and laid on Colby’s bed, waiting for him to shower.



I got out of the shower and walked yo my room with the towel on my waist. When I entered I saw Y/N curled in a ball. She must’ve fallen asleep waiting for me.

I smiled at her and quickly got dressed while she slept. “Wake up!” I yelled and jumped on her when I was fully dressed.

She screamed and kicked up, hitting me in the balls. I doubled over and fell on the floor in pain. “Shit Colby I’m so sorry!” She said and fell on the ground next to me.

“Kiss it and make it feel better?” I said with my eyes still squeezed shut.

“You wish.” She said and kissed my cheek instead of my balls.

“Yes I do wish.” I winked in pain.

“shut up.” She laughed and waited.

When my balls finally felt like they weren’t in my stomach she helped me up and dragged me down the stairs and to where Elton and everyone me as waiting for us.

“Were you guys fucking? We heard loud noises.” Sam smirked.

Gwen’s nose scrunched up in disgust and she shook her head. “I fell asleep waiting for him and he jumped on me and scared me so I accidentally kneed him in the balls.”

“Yeah accidentally.” I joked and rolled my eyes playfully.

“I can do it again if you’d like.”

“No please.” I put my hands over my jeans to protect me against any sudden blows.

“Alright you guys ready?” Elton asked as he picked up his camera. The room filled with “yes” and we all walked out to Elton’s car.


Once we got there Elton sat up his camera and we filmed the intro. While we filmed the into Y/N stood between me and Sam with her head down.

Y/N held onto the Ouija board with one hand and the other was laced with mine. Her hand was cold and she was shaking. I didn’t know if it was from fright or she was just cold but either way I held her close to me.

This was our third time being here and I felt as though out of us all Corey and Y/N would be the most scared.

“I know we’re descending into hell right now but 30,000 likes and Y/N and Colby will kiss” Elton smirked behind the camera.

“No we won’t.” Y/N denied and flipped Elton off. I wouldn’t mind kissing her but I also didnt want that to be our first kiss.

On the way down we saw a car and heard a few things. Y/N held onto me tightly but didn’t say she was scared to anyone. The last thing she said since the camera came out was her telling Elton no about the kissing thing.

“Ouch!” I heard Y/N screeched and I turned to her with concern. There was a cut in the middle of her hand and it was bleeding.

“Shit Y/N what happened?” Elton rushed over to her.

“I’m not sure.” She said snd showed the camera her hand. “Damn that hurt.” she laughed it off.

“Alright well if you’re okay then let’s get to our spot.” she nodded and we all continued our way.



We played the Ouija board and after a few questions we got to one asking if we were gonna die tonight.

“Fuck.” I groaned as I felt something go down my face and onto my lip. I was behind Elton since I didnt wanna play. I looked up and seen that Sam’s nose was bleeding.

“Guys?” I asked and they all turned to me. Elton’s flashlight went onto me and I wiped my nose and there was blood on my fingers.

“What the hell!” Colby rushed over to me and looked at my nose. “What happened?”

Everyone was freaking out and I was pretty calm, even though my nose was all bloody. Sam was pretty calm as well. Elton handed me something and I cleaned myself up.

After awhile of them freaking out and playing the game we all decided we would go to sleep. It was Amanda next to Elton and then Sam then Corey.

I sat up with Colby since I knew I wouldn’t sleep. I never sleep.

Colby soon passed out and I just stood on the wall with my head against it and eyes closed.

“What the fuck!” Corey shot up and was yelling over and over. We all looked at him with confusion as he explained that someone pulled his blanket.

“Guys can we leave?” I asked and grabbed Colby’s hand for protection. He held me close and looked at Elton asking if we could leave.

They all nodded and got the equipment and began running. We finally got to the top and made out way to the car. Once we got there we did the outro and went on our way home.

Rest and Relaxation

PAIRING: reader x Steve Rogers


WARNINGS: Fluff and light smut, oral (female receiving) 

Request from @theoneandonlysaucymoSo im at work ew, but could use some fluffy steve. Like maybe reader has been working a bit too much and steve thinks she needs a break from it all. It could get steamy too not opposed since she has been ignoring him some for work. Love your blog ♡

This was a little bit shorter than I expected it t be, but I tried my best with the fluff and I threw in a little bit of smut as well :) 


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Wearing heels was possibly the worst decision you made today. You limped into your apartment slamming into the wall as you ripped the small torture devices off your feet. Wincing as the hard wood floor came into contact with your sensitive skin you hobbled into the kitchen. Working at Stark Enterprises meant not only sacrificing your body to the strict office dress code. It also meant sacrificing your time, a lot of your time. Lately it felt like you spent more time at work than you did at home. But it was a Friday night and that meant you had two days, two whole glorious days just to yourself and Steve. 

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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 17

A/N: Helloooo. So, it’s sad to say that I was so excited for this chapter that I wrote half of it before even finishing 16 lmaoo, but I want to lightly blow your beautiful minds with this part. I’ve already written the next chapter so I can have a head start on you guys. As always, get this to 100 notes and send me feedback and I hope you enjoy💕

**WARNING**: Smuutt

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

It was awkwardly quiet as the three of you sat in your living room. Connor and Felix were sat beside each other stiffly, looking out of the corner of their eye to sneakily see if the other was looking. You on the other hand were sitting in your bean bag chair beyond annoyed that this was the first time they’ve seen each other in over a month and had nothing to say. Not even a simple hello.

“Well, yall waisting all of my time, but we’re not going anywhere until you talk so…” you shrugged your shoulders, pulled out your phone from your bra, and curled into the large chair while tugging a fluffy blanket over your frame.

“So….how have you been?” Felix scratched the back of his neck and Connor scoffed at the obvious question.

“How do you think? My boyfriend of almost a four years left me and hasn’t spoken a word to me for over a month.”

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My Hero

Author: @redstringlovers

Characters: Scott x reader

Request: So this was from a prompt list which you can find here. The prompt was “You have…Superpowers?”

Warnings: fluff and daddy Scott ;) like literal dad lmao

Word count: 3,012 words

A/N: I loved this request and as soon as I saw it, I had a great idea and instantly started writing. Huge thanks to @susybird for proofreading :) And thanks to the anon that requested this. Hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think :)

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“Come on Lissa and Chris, time for breakfast!” I yell at the bottom of the stairs, making sure the twins heard me. I walk back into the kitchen, seeing Y/N by the stove, cooking some breakfast. I sneak behind her and wrap my arms around her waist, planting a kiss on her cheek.

“How’s my beautiful wife today?” She hums before turning off the oven and putting the eggs that were in the pan onto a plate.

“Just great now that I have my handsome husband here.” She turns around and snakes her arms around my neck before connecting our lips.

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alltheluvharrys  asked:

Hello, how are you? Pretty please, can you do a blurb about Harry and (Y/N) planning their wedding? Thank you and have a lovely day

A/N:  Sorry this took so long to get posted.  It was swirling around in my brain for a long time.  I sincerely hope that this Harry fluff brings you joy.  I know that cuts in Asks don’t always allow you to read the whole thing on mobile, so I apologize if that’s the case for you.  

Wedding Plans

The parade of dresses is making your head spin.  Not only do you have to decide on a wedding dress from all of the designers who had submitted dresses to your wedding planner, but you have to choose a dress for the wedding brunch, the rehearsal dinner, the engagement party in London, the engagement party in LA, and the dress to change into after the reception.  You are exhausted with all of the choices.  Rodeo Drive was made for rich people who are used to being catered to in this way, but the champagne the clerk keeps refilling for you is giving you a headache.  

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Fareeha Amari is drowning. She drowns in her fear. She drowns in her guilt. She drowns in these expectations placed upon her shoulders. Looking back at the new recruits she can’t help but wonder how she is meant to lead them. She remembers feeling as lost as they do. She had tried to block out the rest of the world as she tried to deal with the loss of her mother. Later, Gabriel and Jack joined Ana in a supposed death. Their deaths might not have been real, but, by god, the pain had been. Jesse and Genji had jumped ship before Overwatch crashed, Gabe had been dropping hints at everyone to get out of dodge and save themselves. If only she had listened. She drowned then too. The grief had been almost too much without her family and the memories still drag her down, but it won’t stop her from doing her best. The position of strike commander is daunting, one which she could never have dreamed of filling. And yet…. And yet, here she is. Fareeha Amari, Strike Commander of Overwatch. 

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els-main  asked:

I READ OPEN TAB IN 3 DAYS AND it's so well written and the way you portray characters is fucking phenomenal. I noticed that you have Dave Matthews in the notes section and I have a new song that Daichi should sing. Shake me Like Monkey. Amazing song, it fits well. If you want sexy songs they would be Every Other Freckle by Alt-J or Shady by Adam Lambert. I loved your fic, it's honestly the best I have ever read, and I'm so excited for when you update it. I'm even thinking about making a fan art

3 DAYS!!!!!! That’s an incredible feat.

Seriously like… that’s a lot of reading. So many chapters. So many words. How did you do it? You must be some kind of reading super human. I applaud you.


So I decided to write you something.

Uhm… it’s kinda weak but I hope you like it anyway (I’m a little bit ill and half asleep but I don’t want to take a nap so here we go.)

“Sing off.”

Sugawara liked to believe that he lived a life unpredictable enough that no new development could possibly surprise him. He was the king of unpredictable, after all. He prided himself in doing and saying things that earned shocked gasps from the people around him.

But not even Sugawara, king of unexpected developments, expected to be awoken in the middle of the night by a drunken Daichi pawing at his chest and chanting the same two words over and over again like a man possessed.

“Sing off. Sing off. Sing off. Sing off,” he mumbled, sitting cross legged on the bed at Sugawara’s side, kneading at his bare torso as if it were Mint Julep that had taken over his body.

Sugawara reached up and rubbed his eyes sleepily.


“Sing off. Sing off,” Daichi continued. “Let’s have a sing off.”

“A sing off,” Sugawara repeated, pushing up into a sitting position, batting Daichi’s groping hands away. “Right now?”

Sing off. Sing off,” Daichi said more insistently, tugging on Sugawara’s hair.

“Alright, alright,” Sugawara pushed his hands away and slowly examined his appearance. He was still wearing half of his bartending uniform, lacking his pants but donned in his shirt and vest- opened all the way down his stomach- with his tie circling his forehead, hanging limply over the left side of his flushed face. His eyelids drooped, lips parted as he panted and hiccuped softly.

“The guys got you drunk again,” Sugawara observed, struggling to keep the smile from his lips.

“Asahi tried to hide the tequila,” Daichi scooted closer to him, cupping his jaw in his hands. He leaned forward and kissed him sloppily on the corner of his mouth, traveling across his cheek as he mumbled, “But I found it. I know all the good hidin’ places. ‘S my bar after all…” his speech was slurred and disjointed and Sugawara couldn’t hold the grin back any longer.

Daichi’s hands slid down Sugawara’s shoulders and he clumsily dragged him into his lap, turning him sideways on top of his crossed legs, wrapping his arms around his middle tightly. Sugawara chuckled and allowed himself to be manhandled, thoroughly enjoying the handsy part of drunk Daichi that never failed to make an appearance after a few too many shots of tequila.

“Suga, let’s have a sing off,” Daichi said again. “And the winner gets to do whatever they want with the loser. Okay deal?”

“Whatever I want huh?” Sugawara tugged on Daichi’s tie.

“Whatever I want,” Daichi corrected, nuzzling the hair that flopped over his forehead. “‘Cause I’m… I’m a win.”

“Mmmm… confidence is key, I guess,” Sugawara smirked.

“Okay so let’s do it.”

“What are the rules?”

“I sing then you sing then I sing.”

Sugawara grinned and leaned his head on Daichi’s shoulder, “How do we know who wins?”

Daichi was silent for a moment before loosening his hold around Sugawara.

“We just will.”

Sugawara snorted, “Okay then. You start.”

Daichi cleared his throat loudly, “Alright. Here I go.” He started off humming, fingers dancing up Sugawara’s bare side. And then he sang in a low voice,

Oh whoa-oh… devour me…”

Sugawara let out a groan and slipped a hand inside Daichi’s shirt, “Yes Daddy.”

“Shhhh,” Daichi hushed him and went on, “Oh whoa-oh… devour me. If you really think that you could stomach me… I want every other freckle, I want every other freckle,” he started repeating the line, pressing his face close and playfully kissing Sugawara’s beauty mark.

Sugawara giggled and leaned back, pushing at his shoulder.

“Okay, okay!” he laughed. “Your turn is done. Now I’ll go.”

“Good luck beating my flawless performance,” Daichi leaned back on the heels of his hands.

Sugawara scampered up and turned in his lap, wrapping his legs around Daichi’s hips. He put his arms around his neck, “Are you ready?”

“Ready,” Daichi’s eyes wandered lazily over his face.

Sugawara twirled his fingers in Daichi’s hair as he started singing lightly, “First time that I saw your eyes… boy you looked right through me. Mmm, mmm…”

Daichi grinned slowly.

Played it cool, but I knew you knew… that cupid hit me. Mmm, mmm…”

Sugawara wiggled his shoulders, “You got me trippin’, stumblin’ flippin’, fumblin’. Clumsy ‘cause I’m fallin’ in love.”

“Ahh…” Daichi leaned his head back. “Fergie. My one true weakness. That’s playing dirty, Suga.”

Sugawara winked, “Your move, Sweetheart.”

Daichi closed his eyes quietly for a moment and then pushed forward, lifting Sugawara up and then pressing him back into the mattress.

“Oooo, I like where this is going,” Sugawara clung to him.

Daichi kissed his neck and then stared into his eyes as he growled, “Lick your sticky fingers, boy, and sing for your dinner. Sing.”

Sugawara shivered.

Come on pretty baby, make me lose my mind,” Daichi lowered his head and kissed down his throat to his collar. “Everybody get together, gonna make love shine…”

“Okay, you win,” Sugawara murmured. “Daichi, stick it in.”

“Your turn,” Daichi said, trailing his tongue over his skin softly.

“Ugh… but…”

“Your turn.”

Sugawara sighed and dragged his fingers through Daichi’s hair, “Okay…” he cleared his throat, attempting to gather his wits as Daichi continued to taste him.

“Uhm… okay…” he inhaled deeply and sang, “So I say, fuck me then feed me. And I’ll be your diamond. If you never leave me, yeah I’ll keep you skyward.”

Daichi lowered down to his chest and Sugawara closed his eyes.

And I won’t be crazy. No I’ll keep you grounded. And if you want it baby, just get yourself around it now…”

Daichi lifted his head, bracing himself up on his hands on either side of Sugawara’s shoulders.

“You’re totally crazy. That song is a lie.”

“Fuck off.”

“My turn?”


Daichi sat up, forcing Sugawara to drop his arms to the bed, and then teased his shirt over his shoulders.

No I ain’t broken but I, I need a fix.” He shifted the shirt and vest down his biceps slowly and Sugawara’s eyes widened. “That satisfaction when I, I get my kicks.” He yanked the clothing down and whipped it over his head like a lasso. “I’m up all night, I’m out of sight…” He tossed the shirt and vest to the floor and then leaned over Sugawara once more, gyrating his hips forward. “Don’t turn on the light… Cause I’m feelin’ so shady lately…”

“Hnnnnnn,” Sugawara wrapped his arms around Daichi’s shoulders and held him tight against his chest. “Okay, okay. You win. Do whatever you want with me, Daddy.”

“Whatever I want?” Daichi repeated, voice low and rough.

Chills raced down Sugawara’s spine, “Anything.”

Daichi pulled his arms away and rolled onto his side, facing away from Sugawara. He reached over and grabbed Sugawara’s wrist, pulling him until his chest was pressed flush with Daichi’s back, arm draped over his side.

“I wanna be the little spoon,” he murmured drowsily.

Sugawara stared at the back of Daichi’s head for a long second.

“That’s it?”

Daichi yawned loudly and shifted back against him, “That’s it.”

Sugawara pressed his face between Daichi’s shoulder blades and sputtered with laughter.

Daichi grunted indignantly, “Suga, shut up. I’m trying to sleep.”

“Sorry, sorry,” Sugawara giggled, pulling his face away. He kissed the back of Daichi’s neck and then reached up and removed the tie from around his head. “Good night, my drunken diva.”

Daichi grunted again and fell silent, save for the rumbling snore that vibrated deep in his chest.

Sugawara draped his arm back over his waist and kissed him again, murmuring, “Unpredictable as always,” before closing his eyes and falling slowly back to sleep.

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Class Clown pt 8

Part 8 is finally here :)!! I hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for reading and supporting me! I love you guys so much xx

Taehyung x Reader, fluff, angst 

Warning: drinking, attempted sexual harassment 

Summary: Class clown Taehyung has a lot more going on at home than anybody realizes, especially not you, the class valedictorian. Will college tear you and Taehyung apart?

part 7  master list

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Connection Thirty Four

Mrs. Holmes was beaming as she moved around the small groups with tea and crackers. Mr. Holmes, Mycroft, Greg, and Vic were standing in a semi-circle by the Christmas tree in some active discussion and Mrs. Hudson, after being shooed off by Mrs. Holmes, joined Molly and John on the couch playing with Will and Rosie and their favorite toys from this morning.

You watched them from the hallway, leaning against the wall just far enough away that you weren’t immediately visible. You could already hear the speech Mrs. Holmes would end up making at the dinner table, thanking all the people who helped her boys and helped bring her girl home. At least, one of them. Hopefully, that wasn’t part of the speech.

You had missed quite a lot while you were in the hospital but you had helped Mrs. Holmes work things out with Mycroft when she came to visit you and Will. Maybe your near death experience did give you a different perspective because you were way more insistent that they work it out before they lose the chance and have to live with that regret the rest of their lives. You knew Mycroft went with his parents when they visited Eurus but he was quiet when he returned and never spoke about it. The past few days had been usual holiday affair so you could only assume that was going to work itself out as much as it could.

A familiar body pressed against your back and his breath tantalized the side of your neck, “need anything?” He pressed a chaste kiss to the skin he teased.

“I am getting a little tired. Maybe I did push myself yesterday.”

“And this morning but that’s why I’m here.” He turned you around and guided you through the hallway over to the chair in front of the fire in the sitting room. You sat down and he stood gazing down at you with a funny look. “Sherlock?”

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Maid-Ashton Irwin

Smut smut smut oh my gosh I cannot believe I wrote this but I hope u like it

*One month before*
“So what are your biggest fantasies?” Your boyfriend Ashton asked you as you were lying in bed together one night. The two of you had a great sex life but you both knew that talking about sex and what you liked and felt comfortable with was just as important as actually doing it.

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Wedding Dress (Jr.)

Request: Based on the music video of Taeyang’s ‘Wedding Dress’. The reader is getting married to JB but Jr. loves the girl. Plot twist, the girl is actually sad about her marriage with JB—but she doesn’t know it was arranged.

Length: 1,017 words

Genre: Angst

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Someone's Excited

Hey guys, I really hope you like this. I know the ending is a bit lame, so I may rewrite it. But I think I did a decent job on my first smut ;) anyways, send me some feedback for the end please. ~Marcy

Pinning me to the bed, he kisses me roughly, biting my bottom lip as his hands started to roam my body, landing on my breasts and squeezing. My hands tug at the hem of his shirt and in only a matter of seconds, it hits the floor. My hands roam along his chest, down to his waistline, I move one hand over the prominent bulge in his jeans. I rub gently, earning a breathy moan. He rips my shirt and bra off me, exposing my chest. “God you have such a beautiful pair.” Jack states as he attaches to one of my nipples and squeezes the other. His tongue swirls around my nipple as his other hand starts to teasingly trail down to the waistline of my pants. He unbuttons my pants, removing them to leave me in only my panties. Taking this as my chance, I flip us over so I’m on top and can take full advantage of him. I hold his hands above his head and kiss him hungrily. I move to his neck and leave a few love bites, “Mmm, y/n, having fun on top?” He asks smugly. I reply by grinding on top of him as I bite on his collarbone. Jack moans and flips us over again, he ties my hands to the headboard smirking, “Now so you know who is really in charge.” He removes his pants and spreads my legs moving in between them as he comes to kiss me. Jack grinds on me, gaining a soft moan of excitement. He places his hands on my breasts and squeezes my nipples as he is kissing me, earning a muffled moan. He took this opportunity to stick his tongue in my mouth, we battled for dominance. Just as I was about to win, Jack squeezes my nipples harder than before, knowing I’d give up. “That’s right, give into the pleasure,” He growled into my ear. “Cheater,” I mumbled against his lips. Kissing me sloppily, he says, “You know you love it.” Smirking as he harshly starts to rub my clit through the thin fabric of my lace panties. “Mmmm Jack!”

~Jack’s P.O.V.~

Glancing at the clock I see it’s almost noon and y/n asked me to wake her up about now, placing my guitar down I leave my room and head over for hers. “Y/n?” I say as I knock softly on her door, no answer. ‘She must be still sleeping, jeeze she is a deep sleep,’ I think to myself as I reach for the handle. Opening her door slowly, I see her laying bed in fast asleep. ‘I could totally jump on her to get her to wake up.’ Moving back to jump on her, I hear y/n moan. “Y/n?” confused if she is awake or not, I step to the side of her bed and examine her. “Y/n?” I question slightly louder, lightly poking her cheek. Y/n’s head moves but her eyes are closed. As I sit, I hear her moan but this time she moaned a name, my name. Slightly aroused by this I suddenly realize she is we dreaming about me. “Oh the joys of being fuck buddies. Rule number 5: If caught in a wet dream the buddy can help finish it” I whisper excitedly as I pull back her covers. ‘She wore shorts again, make this easier and more enjoyable for me’ I get on the bed and start to massage her legs, making my way up to her shorts. Unbuttoning her shorts, I remove them and toss them to the floor. Y/n moans softly as I trace my fingers up to her clit. I begin to rub her through her black lace panties, she moans a little louder. I do this a little more, looking up at her face watching her reactions. “Wow you’re such a heavy sleeper.” I slip my hand into her panties and run my fingers over her wet folds. “Huh, someone’s excited.” I chuckle and insert a finger into her. I start going slow, enjoying the feeling of her on me. I add another finger in her and y/n’s face reveals she is having more fun than I thought. Her mouth parts as I start pumping my fingers in faster. Going at it a bit longer I see her leg twitch a bit, I know she is close. I take off her panties and decide, she should be woken up properly with a nice orgasm. Removing my fingers I bring my mouth to her clit. “Jack?” I hear as I’m about to make contact. “Well good morning sunshine, I heard you moaning my name and thought maybe I should be of some assistance for your dream.” Her eyes are clouded with sleep and pure lust. Not losing eye contact, I attach to her clit. I start flicking my tongue on her clit and she moans loudly, I insert my fingers again pumping slowly. Y/n grabs my hair and tugs lightly, I moan at the sensation of her tugging and her moans. “Jack, please, f-faster.” She pleads. Sucking on her clit, I start pumping my fingers into her faster, curling them every so often to hit her g-spot. “Jack! Fuck! Oh, yes!” She moans as I continue to eat her out. I chuckle and remove my lips from her clit to harshly rub it. I lean up and kiss her. I begin to suck on her neck as my fingers work wonders on her. “Jack, I’m so fucking close! mmm” She moans an octave higher into my ear. I rub harder and bite her neck, she became undone on my fingers. I remove them and lick them clean of her lovely juices. “Mmm just what I wanted for breakfast.” I chuckle and kiss her. “What a lovely way to wake up.” How about some real breakfast now? She kisses me and gets her panties on.


“Jack!” She called out. “What? I’mlike right here.” I say as I enter the kitchen. Y/n turns from the stove to look at me, I see she is in nothing but a tank top and her panties from earlier. “Good,” She smiled, “I made us breakfast.” Smiling brightly she removes her skillet from the stove, placing eggs on 2 plates with toast and hashbrowns. Y/n sits and pats the seat next to her. I stand a moment longer, admiring the scene in front of me. Y/n looks at me stating, “Jack, if you don’t sit down and eat this then I will.” I flash a toothy grin and sit next to her, we begin to eat and make small talk.


Y/n stands to leave, I quickly grab her by her hips and pull her into my lap. “Now where do you think you’re going?” I question as I nip at her shoulder. “Well,” she says keenly, “I was going to take a shower.” Wrapping my arms tighter around her waist, I mutter into her shoulder, “Sounds fun, but too much work.” Turning to face me, she runs her hand along my jawline and softly says, “You could always join me. I know you’re a dirty boy.” Flashing me a wink, she removes herself from my arms and walks into the hall, swaying her hips seductively arousing me. I get up and follow her to the washroom.

~Your P.O.V.~

I hear the door open as my shirt hits the floor, turning to see the obvious intruder, I see Jack smiling as desire began to fill his eyes. He takes a step towards me as he removes his shirt, tossing it on the floor. He grabs my arm and pulls me to him, crashing our lips together. His hands slide up to my breasts as my hands roam down to his waistline and dip into his boxers. I start to stroke his growing member, making him moan sweetly into my mouth. Parting from the kiss we look into each others eyes. I gesture towards the shower and we slowly move towards it, walking together as Jack begins to bite on my neck. He releases me to remove his boxers as I turn on the water and remove my panties, we step inside and he immediately pins me to the shower wall.

“Just how I like it, steamy.” He roughly kisses. Jack holds my hands above my head as he grabs my breast, kissing me hungrily. I can feel his hard member against my thigh and I want to touch it badly. He starts to play with my nipple as I bite his lower lip, pulling back slightly. He releases my nipple and at a painstakingly slow pace starts to trail his fingertips down to where I needed him most. Releasing my hands he places his hands on my hips and pulls my body flush against his. I kiss him lustfully, intertwining my hands in his hair and lightly pulling on it. He stops the kiss and sloppily kisses down my jawline to my neck and starts to bite. “Mmm” I moan as he finds my spot. I take my hand and grab his member, I start to slowly stroke it. I look down at his member and am still surprised at how large he is. I begin to pick up my pace as I hear him moaning in my ear. “Fuck” he moans as I feel him twitch. Jack grabs my hand and looks me in my eyes, they are clouded with lust. “We’re cumming together.” He kisses me and starts to rub my clit. I moan at the sudden sensation, he starts to bite along my collarbone down to my nipple. Distracted by Jack biting my nipple and flicking his tongue against it, I didn’t expect him to shove 2 fingers into my glorious cave of wonder. Taken back by the sudden new sensation I was experiencing, my breathing quickened and my moans became louder. He began to pump faster and faster, rubbing my clit with his thumb as he continued biting my chest. “Jack- fuck - I’m, I’m so fucking close.” He stopped abruptly. Emitting a whine of protest, Jack kisses me and lifts me by my thighs, pinning me once again to the shower wall. He starts to rub the tip of his member against my cave of wonder, “Jack, please..” I whine. Jack kissed me and shoved his tongue in my mouth just as he slammed into me. A muffled moan escaped my lips. My hands pull at the back of his hair as he slowly fucks me. Our tongues battle for dominance as he slowly pounds into me. He wins and starts to pound harder into me. Raking my nails down his back, I earn a rather loud moan. “Jack please, faster.” I moan feeling his length inside me. Jack picks up his speed and starts biting my collarbone. “Fuck you’re so fucking tight,” he mumbles against my skin.

Jack’s speed picks up again and he’s going deeper than he’s ever gone before. I feel myself getting the familiar warmth in the pit of my stomach. “Jack, fuck, I’m close.” I managed to say between moans. “Me too” He says huskily into my ear, turning me on more. Speeding up the progress, Jack begins to rub my clit harshly with his thumb as he pounds into me endlessly. “Fuck” we moan continuously. As I begin to reach my end I moan Jack’s name. “Let it go.” I release onto him, tightening and triggering his own orgasm. “Fuck, y/n” He breathes heavily. Riding out our orgasms, he lets me down. “What a nice shower.” I kiss Jack. “Nice how wet dreams turn out.”

The Cave (1/1)
Rating: Mature

Just a quick dirty one-shot about Emma’s time in the ice cave. My attempt to get my writing skills/juices flowing. Not beta'ed, just needed to write. Thanks to the always awesome holdingoutforapiratehero for chatting with me as I type! :)


She was so damned cold.

Honestly, she lost count of how many hours she had been trapped under Elsa’s wall of ice awhile ago. All she knew was that there was nothing left to do, nothing but wait for someone to rescue her.

Emma looked at the nearly-frozen walkie-talkie that she was cradling in her lap, the batteries nearly drained from the intense cold, and frowned. She knew that her father and Killian were beside themselves with panic, each man doing their damnest to get to her before…


Before she froze to death.

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Promises (Newt Imagine)

Time slips away like sand between your fingers. How ironic is that, when you’re stuck in a bloody desert.

Despite everything, you had some good times in the Glade. Without the monsters that have a worrying obsession over tearing your limbs apart, you could live with it. The Maze wasn’t that bad, minus the Grievers. Every month, there was a new addition to the family. And whatever happens, you stuck together no matter what.

At least, you preferred that over trudging across a barren wasteland.

What even sucked more was that it was your birthday.

Not that you made such a big fuss about it. You knew about it just days after you and the other Gladers were rescued from the Maze. You also understood that the situation was so dire that there was absolutely no reason to pause when you’ve come so far. Plus, with your limited knowledge of birthdays, you didn’t even know what to do on that day. You had a feeling it had something to do with massacring an obnoxiously large cake using a knife, but you didn’t jump to conclusions.


Your stomach growled, and that snapped you out of your daydream, and you sighed.

A hand slipped into yours. “Hey,” Newt said. “You okay?”

You smiled at him weakly. You and Newt had been together ever since the times in the Glade, and everything you two had been through only made your relationship stronger. Now, in the Scorch, it was no different.

His blonde hair, which used to be a bright bunch of golden locks, was now dull and dry due to the sun’s intense heat. His face and body was covered in grime and sweat, and his skin had turned bright red. Despite the dirt and the sunburn, you still thought he was the most gorgeous thing you had ever seen.

“I’m good,” you replied, squeezing Newt’s hand. “Just a little hungry, that’s all.”

“Well, it’s nearly sunset. We’re bound to stop soon.”

Newt was right. The sky was beginning to dim, and the sun had already started to sink. You checked Newt’s watch; it was nearly 5 in the evening.

Minho made everyone stop and rest. Immediately, blankets were brought out, food was being pulled out of bags, and water canteens appeared in everyone’s hands.

Newt brought out his own blanket, setting it down next to yours. You sat down next to him, resting your head on his shoulder as you munched on a sandwich.

Newt rummaged around in his bag, brought out a paper bag, and handed it to you.

“What’s this?” you asked, opening it. To your delight, you saw a piece of cake, though slightly smushed and sticky with the frosting.

“Sorry it’s a bit smushed,” Newt apologized. “I tried to wedge it between my clothes, but it only made it worse.”

“Are you kidding?” you said incredulously. “This is amazing! How did you get this? I don’t remember it being on the table for our rations…”

“Tommy and I snatched it when we went snooping around,” Newt said proudly. “We were going around WICKED’s compound, snuck into the kitchen and grabbed some rations.”

You playfully shoved his arm. “You could have gotten yourself killed.”

“For you, my lady, I would gladly get killed to get you a piece of cake.” He winked at you before kissing your forehead. “Really, though. Everyone deserves something for their birthday.”

You rolled your eyes and leaned in to kiss him, when something hit you and you pulled away.

“You knew it was my birthday?” you asked, stunned.

“You’re not the only one with secrets, love. Did you honestly think I wouldn’t try to find out what my bloody girlfriend’s birthday was?” Newt kissed you again, his lips sweeter than the cake.

“I love you,” you said, smiling at him like he was your entire world, because he was.

“And I love you more.” Newt cupped your face and kissed you lightly on the lips.

You sat together in silence, eating your cake.

“Oh! I forgot. Your birthday present,” Newt said, grabbing his bag and shoving his hand into the contents. He pulled out a small wooden box and handed it to you.

You took it in between your fingers and examined it carefully. You shook it, and something rattled around inside.

“What is it?” you said.

“Open it.”

You pulled the lid off the box, and sitting inside was a beautiful wooden ring.

It was simple, polished wood, with intricate carvings of wave and circle patterns. As simple as it was, you wanted to cry. Newt had probably gone out of his way to keep it this far.

And then, suspicion crept in.

You weren’t that dense when it came to dating. First there was attraction, then that confusing denial stage, then dating, and then-

Your head snapped straight up, looking at Newt in alarm, probably asking with your eyes if your hunch was right.

Apparently, you looked really shocked, because Newt laughed out loud and kissed your head.

“No, I’m not asking for your hand in marriage. Yet.” He waggled his eyebrows, and you sighed in relief, but smiled anyway.

He took the ring and slipped it on your finger. “It’s a promise ring. I can’t promise you that we’ll live through all of this-”

“Got that right,” you mumbled.

“Or that everything is going to be alright because if anything, this is far from alright. I’m promising you that no matter what happens to you, or to me, or to us in general…” Newt tapped the ring. “We’ll stay together. Nothing can ever tear us apart. And who knows…I’ll come back for this ring someday and replace it with a bigger one. I hear girls like big rocks.”

He smirked at you, that bloody smirk that he knows will get you hooked. You never tired of it, and you never tired of him.

You threw away the empty paper bag, crawled into his lap, and hugged him tightly. He crushed you in his arms as well, burying his head in the crook of your neck.

You pulled away, and took his face in your hands.

“I don’t want a big rock,” you said quietly, smiling. “I just want you.”

“If that’s what you want,” Newt replied, smiling as well.

You brushed his cheek with your thumb. “It is.”

And you were certain that the sunset had witnessed the greatest kiss of all time.

AN: this was the cutest thing I have written omg

Waking him up (Visual)

Harry: “Harry,” you mumbled sleepily, giving him a slight push, “It’s time to get up.” He opened one of his eyes to peek at you, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. You smirked at him before letting your eyelids close again with sleep. “What are you smiling at?” you mumbled. “I just love waking up next to you,” you could hear the smile in his voice.  You grinned and scooted closer to him, nuzzling into his bare chest. After a couple of minute passed you sighed, “We really should get up.” “Mmmm,” Harry he murmured and pulled you closer to him.

Niall: “Five more minutes Princess,” he yawned, pulling the blankets up under his chin. “Ni, come on, you have to go to work,” you giggled leaning into him. “I’ll just be a little late today.” “I don’t think so,” you leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his lips.  He let a small groan pass through his lips as he leaned into your lips, but you pulled away.  "Mmmm, come here,“ he reaches for you with a frustrated look on his face.  "Nope,” you smiled. “If you want any more you have to get up.” He let a vocal sigh and grinned, pushing the covers off of himself.

Liam: You sighed and rolled over in your bed, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.  Your hands instinctively reached out to his side of the bed to wake him up, but instead you find an empty mattress.  Your eyes shoot open and you looked to where he normally sleeps.  "You okay babe?“ you heard Liam laugh.  You turned and looked across the room to find him sitting on the couch, smiling at you. "Li what are you doing? You have to go to work.” He stood up and walked across the room to climb onto the bed and hover over you.  He let his hand cup the side of your face while the pad of his thumb runs up and down your cheek. “I got a call about an hour ago saying we had the day off,” he leaned down and pressed a light kiss to your nose. You beamed up at him wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down so that your lips met.

Zayn: “Zayn,” you poked his side. “Its time to get up,” you whispered poking his side again.  When he remained asleep you groaned and looked at him, planning your next course of attack.  He lay in the position he fell asleep in last night, his body latched onto yours, but of course you had moved away from him, so his arm lay across the bed as if he was reaching for you. “Zaaaaaayn,” you moaned and pushed him a little bit harder.  When he didn’t move you sighed loudly. “You’re so annoying,” you grumbled, and watched as a small smile played at his lips.  "I can see you smiling you know,“ and just like that his smile grew a little bit larger, his eyes remaining shut. "ZAYN. I’m serious,” you whined, not caring how much of a child you sounded like.  You climbed across the bed and sat on his hips, “Zayn,” you tried one more time. “Please?” you whined. He slowly turned his head to face you, lightly gripping your hips with his hands and opening his eyes to look at you. “Good morning beautiful,” he smiled. You rolled your eyes at him, but the tired smile on his face caused you to giggle. “It’s about time,” you whispered, leaning down to kiss his lips.

Louis: When you woke up in the morning Louis was asleep next to you.  You smiled to yourself.  You had been sick for the past couple of days and it worried him.  Last night he had tucked you into bed with a cup of tea and a movie playing on the television.  He had curled into the bed next to you, he head resting in his hand while he ran the tips of his fingers up and down your arm.  You had a coughing fit and Louis instantly grabbed the cup of tea from your hands, preventing you from spilling the hot liquid all over yourself. When you were finally able to catch your breathe you turned to look at him, a frown on his face.  "I’m sorry,“ you muttered, offering him a small smile. "Hey,” he cupped your face with his hand. “You have nothing to apologize for love.” You smiled at him and let out a yawn. “Go to sleep love,” he leaned forward pressing a kiss to your forehead.  You had turned onto your side, curling into his chest, sighing in contentment.  Now you examined his face, memorizing his features.  "Good morning love,“ he murmured, causing you to jump. "Lou, did you fall asleep like that?” you giggled, gesturing toward his position. He shrugged, smiling at you, “I had to look out for my baby girl.”

Snowed In-Ashton Irwin

wow guess who’s writing for the first time in forever. so basically this is smut where you and your boyfriend get snowed and and he takes the opportunity to show you some new things in bed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The first thing you realized when you woke up was how cold it was. Seeking warmth you curled closer to your boyfriend, marveling at how Ashton could be warm even though it was probably below freezing out as if he was lit from within by a tiny fireplace. You movements roused him, his hazel eyes opening slowly and meeting yours. “Good morning love.” He said, his morning voice raspy and sexy.

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A/N: okay so you’re Ashton’s girlfriend but who can resist Calum Hood so

You knew you weren’t the only one who felt this way. You knew Calum felt it as well. Not that you two could really act upon it. Ashton was yours and you were Ashton’s, but Calum just had this ridiculously strong charisma to him that drew you towards him. Whenever you hung out with Ashton and his band mates, you found yourself staring at Calum, just watching him, his hands, the way his plump lips move when he talks, and your want for him grew stronger.

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If You'll Be Mine

A/N: Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day Evil Bandits! Have some fluffy OQ and Royal Bandit Family feels :3 Hope you had a love-filled weekend! XO *smoochies

Summary: Robin and Roland stop by Regina’s to surprise her for Valentine’s Day
Words: 1,906
Rating: Fluffy


The last thing she expects to see when she opens the front door of her home on Valentine’s Day morning is Robin and Roland Hood. Her brow pinches in confusion as she cants her head to the side while she studies them — two handsome guys with twin smiles and matching dimples. Brown eyes flicker back and forth between father and son and she hates to admit it, but her heart melts a little bit as they stare back at her. It makes her sigh and she barely manages a greeting before Roland is launching himself at her, his little arms wrapping tightly around her waist.


Her name is a muffled sound against her stomach and she smiles as she bends over slightly to embrace him, her eyes dropping from Robin’s. “Hey,” she chuckles lightly. “What’s all this?”

“I brought you a present,” Roland says.

He pulls away and waves a single long-stemmed light pink rose at her with one hand, while the other holds up a tiny envelope that matches the color of the flower. Her name is scrawled on the front in his childish handwriting and the backwards ‘e’ makes her smile as she squats down to his eye-level to take both the gifts from him.

“You did?” she asks incredulously. 

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Bloodlust [Drink] + CS Fanfiction

The ninth in a series of soon to be smutty one shots about vampire Killian Jones and the woman he can’t stay away from.

Rating: M 
Word Count: 9,590

Catch up here on FF.NET and AO3.

“I must say that when you said you wanted to warm up,” he teased, placing a gentle kiss on the side of her head. “This isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

Emma couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped her, the sound drawing a weak ripple across the water as the bubbles surrounding them shifted. His chest was solid behind her and his arms kept her close as she relaxed into him. She wiggled slightly, causing his knees to bend and widen the space he’d left for her between his legs just a bit more. He let out a deep groan when she leaned back again, letting the small of her back rub against his naked torso.

“Was that-” she taunted, tilting her head to smile back at him. “-a complaint?”

“Not in the slightest, love,” he replied as the scruff on his jaw grazed her shoulder. “More of a warning.”

He nipped lightly at her ear, causing a tiny splash in the water immersing them and Emma’s shoulders flinched with what could almost be called a giggle. A teasing growl escaped his lips as he pressed them to her cheek and the sigh she responded with was nothing short of total contentment. Killian’s hands moved carefully, swiping the soap off her shoulders as he left a kiss against her hair. She was glad she opted to pull the wavy blonde strands up and out of the way before they’d sunk into the water, his warm breath on her neck causing a slight shiver. His touch moved into a firm, kneading pattern and Emma hummed in relaxation as she let him work the soreness out of her muscles with his deft fingers.

“Quite tense, Swan,” he teased, kissing her neck sweetly. “You really should allow yourself more time to unwind, love. Happy to make that the ‘doctor’s orders’ if it might convince you more easily.”

“Ah, unwinding,” she laughed, resuming their previous position of her back resting against his chest. “Is not what we’re doing?”

“We’re taking a bubble bath, Swan,” he replied as he wrapped his wet arms around her. “Whether or not it’s relaxing is perhaps a matter of personal preference.”

“Is that your overly elegant way of telling me that vampires don’t like bathtubs?”

Killian tickled her ribs with taunting fingertips and her jumpy reaction caused water to spill over the side. He eyed the slight mess before chuckling in defeat, his chest vibrating against her shoulder blades as he located her hand beneath the bubbles. He lifted his palm out of the water and hers followed instinctively, their combined touch explorative as their fingers linked. Killian took a silent second to examine their hands pressed so fittingly together, a task she’d seen him participate in quite often. She could feel his breath even out as he studied her thumb, stroking it lightly with the pad of his own.

She knew he needed these quiet moments. He needed to feel human - and allowing him that was the least she could do.

“I must say they aren’t typically my favorite,” he confessed quietly in her ear. “But I don’t mind quite so much with you here.”

“Well that’s good to hear-” she told him, turning to loop her arms around his neck. “-because this is an amazing tub.”

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