and i love jocelyn with all my heart

But think about the pain that Luke feels when he hears Valentine call him Parabatai.

They committed themselves to each other in a way few do, parabatais after all are not a common thing.

Think about it you’re just a child and you’re dedicating yourself to this person. Not only to fight alongside them, but to protect those they love, to follow wherever they may go, to lay beside them in death both literally and figuratively.

You feel their life, it’s buzzing underneath you like the blood pulsing through your very own veins.

Luke genuinely loved Valentine. Thought him to be something greater than life, an inspiration. Luke followed him everywhere even if sometimes he questioned him. And Valentine broke him. He manipulated and twisted their bond and took everything Luke loved away from him, his status, his family, his career.

And you know what’s sad? I don’t think Luke ever stopped loving Valentine in those 18 years. As we see him tell Clary he blames himself for not being able to protect his Parabatai, considers himself selfish and I think he hopes that maybe somewhere there’s still a shred of Val. After all 18 years later he’s the only person who still refers to Valentine as Val.

And now Valentine’s finally gone to far. He killed Jocelyn. He’ll kill Clary to if that’s what has to be done. And Luke finally can’t bear it. In this episode we see Luke for the first time in his life destroy the bonds that still connected him to Valentine.

He’s no longer his parabatai

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what do you say about the "i was gonna propose to you but you got also a ring for me and now we´re the biggest dorks" (spones/spirk/mckirk/mcspirk you get to decide the best fitting ship )

  • “I was thinking,” Jim starts, and he hears a tired grunt coming from Bones. “Jim,” that soft raspy voice rings quietly, “it’s 3 in the morning.” “You’re awake,” Jim says, shifting in closer, and smiling when the other turns around and slides an arm around Jim’s waist. “How do you feel about marriage?” Jim asks. He worries Bones has fallen asleep again, because he takes way too long to answer. “Tried it once,” Bones replies eventually, “I’m not a fan.” “But with someone you love.” “I loved Jocelyn,” Bones says, “with all my heart.” Jim doesn’t know why hearing that sucks. He’s not jealous; Jocelyn has been out of Bones’ life for a long time, and the few moments they see each other each year it’s because of Joanna. "I tend to ruin marriages,“ Bones says, “I just don’t think I’m meant to be like that.”
  • That said, when Leonard gets a hold on Jim’s PADD, he slowly starts changing his mind. It’s not like he’s actively looking for Jim’s browsing history; after all, he does trust Jim. But Jim asked him to look up a restaurant in York town he’d earlier searched for, and that’s where Bones finds multiple searches for wedding venues. It throws Bones off guard for the rest of the afternoon, thinking it over. If Jim’s this serious about him, and Leonard can’t even imagine himself being with anyone else anymore, why wouldn’t they?
  • “You wanna go out tonight?” Jim asks. They’ve arrived in York Town just a few hours prior, and the two of them have only now managed to make it to their shared apartment. “Can’t,” Bones says, “I gotta meet up with Chapel and M'Benga.” “Really? You can’t see them tomorrow instead? I want to go out to dinner with you,” Jim says. “How ‘bout tomorrow?” Bones suggests, and Jim smiles faintly. “Yeah,” he says, leaning in to press a quick kiss to Bones’ lips, “okay.”
  • But the next night Jim calls Bones to cancel their reservations because Jim’s stuck at the Starfleet Headquarters. Bones is asleep on the couch when Jim returns home, PADD resting on his chest and a half eaten pizza on the coffee table next to him. It’s barely a flattering look, but Jim still looks at him so fondly. Briefly, he considers giving him a blanket and let him sleep here, but he knows Bones will just get groggy if he doesn’t sleep in an actual bed. So he walks over, sitting down next to the other, and he gently runs his hand through Bones’ hair. “Bones,” he says softly, “C'mon, old man, let’s get you to bed.”
  • It just happens at least two more times that Bones reserves a table somewhere cozy and romantic, and then either one of them has to cancel because life gets in the way. Every single time. And both are increasingly more frustrated because of this - even if there’s nothing to be frustrated about. It just leads to more bickering, less intimacy, which just leads to even more bickering. Leonard doesn’t regret his ridiculously expensive engagement ring, but the whole idea around a romantic candle lit dinner is just ruined. Jim feels a similar frustration, grumpier than usual and more agitated by Spock (or anyone else) when they fly back out into space.
  • “What’s the matter with you?” Bones asks when he catches Jim in the bar later that night. Save from Scotty and Keenser talking engineering gibberish in the corner, it’s completely empty. Jim sits by the window by himself, staring out the window as they pass a nebula in the distance. “Nothing’s wrong,” Jim says, pushing his empty glass in Bones’ direction for a refill. Bones does so, filling a glass for himself as well, and then he sits down next to him. “Really? Because you’ve been acting like a child,” Bones says, and Jim huffs. “Right back at you, you dick.” At that insult, though, both crack a smile. “I’m annoyed we couldn’t spend any time together in York Town,” Bones says. “Me too,” Jim replies, “we were supposed to take it slow this week and we still ended up working overtime.” “I had to cancel a dinner reservation three times,” Bones says, and Jim laughs. “Me too, man. I even got us a table at Il'thaa.” “That super expensive, always fully booked restaurant at the plaza?” “That’s the one. Used my name and my charm to get us a table.” “Your charm?” Bones asks, “I’m surprised you got in, then.” Jim scoffs at him. “It’s okay,” Bones says, “I don’t think that overly romantic thing is our scene, anyway.” “But I really wanted to,” Jim says, “fancy suits, expensive dinners, great atmosphere. Super romantic. I would’ve swept you off your feet.”  
  • They’re still chuckling about it when they get back to their quarters. Jim watches Bones take off that blue shirt, that toned chest and strong biceps something Jim’s so fond of. In the blueish light from the bedroom window, the other looks stunning. Jim reaches out, pulling the other in closer. “I love you, you know,” Jim says, and Bones smiles. “I know,” is all he replies, and Jim grins against the other’s lips when he kisses him. His arms wrap around Bones’ shoulders, puling him in closer when he falls down on bed. “I was thinking,” Bones starts, and Jim frowns - not quite where he expected this night to go, but okay. “You were thinking?” “Yeah,” Bones says, and when the doctor sits up straight on that bed, Jim figures sex is gonna have to wait. “Something wrong?” Jim asks, sitting up, too, and Bones laughs. “No, not quite. Just something we discussed earlier. I was gonna ask you in York Town, but since we didn’t have the time… and I think, you know, location doesn’t matter when you really want to be with someone.” “Oh God,” Jim groans, catching on, and he realizes how stupid both have been about those canceled dates in York Town, “hold on, Bones.” “No, Jim-” Bones starts, but Jim rolls away instead. “Before you continue,” Jim starts, but Bones interrupts him. “Please, Jim, can it just wait-” “-no, Bones, seriously-” “- let’s talk first and do whatever you want to do after-” “-I  just need to grab something-” “Jim.” “Leonard.” “Marry me.”
  • Jim isn’t sure who says it first. It’s not the romantic scene Jim planned out at all. Not the “whoops oh look at that ring in your champagne glass”, or whatever. Bones sits on bed, half dressed, a little black box in his hand. Jim’s in his underwear, also holding a ring in his hands. Both are silent for a few long seconds. And then Bones just laughs, and so does Jim. “Of course,” Bones says, and though the answer should’ve been obvious - since both of them asked - Jim still feels a sense of relief when he falls back down on bed, immediately pulling Bones in for a kiss. “I can’t believe this. That’s why you were so on edge,” Jim says, and Bones raises an eyebrow. “I was on edge? You were so grumpy cadets came to ask me when it’s safe to approach you, rather than the other way around.” Jim laughs, grabbing that box from Bones’ hands to check out that ring. “Same jewelry shop in York Town, too, huh?” he chuckles, finding a very similar ring to the one he bought for Bones. “What can I say,” Bones says, “great minds think alike? You rub off on me.” Jim grins, pulling the other closer for another kiss. “Pretty sure we rub off on each other in more ways than one.”
Beauty and the Beast - Ch. 2

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Beauty and the Beast: Star Trek AU. Leonard x Reader. 2,312 word(s). No warnings

Chapter 1


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You followed James and Spock as they tinkered down the hallway, still trying to process this whole bizarre situation. Jim’s candlesticks being the only light as they glowed brightly in the dark hallway.

“Oh no, my horse” you say suddenly, feeling guilty for forgetting about Quinto out in the storm.

“It’s alright miss, we’ve already gotten him sheltered in our barn in the back. He’ll be perfectly safe and warm” Spock replied as he slipped inside a doorway.

“Come on, just in here” James said as he waved you over through the door. You followed them through the door and shut it softly behind you.

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loving you is like holding a ghost inside my chest; with every beat of my heart I am reminded that I am alive and you are as good as dead. at least then I would have a body to mourn.


it was such a sad episode but it really was beautiful

- there was definitely not enough of magnus but the scenes we DID get were so important
magnus telling clary about how his mother killed herself when she understood magnus was half-demon absolutely broke my heart. i knew that keris was going to be important but i didn’t realise just how much.
he might say it’s been years but it was so obvious that he is still hurting, even after all this time. and he will never stop hurting.
- i’m glad he refused to help bring jocelyn back. it was dark magic and even though he loves clary, he wouldn’t do that because he understood this too well.
that also showed that magnus isn’t shadowhunters’ pet warlock, he isn’t going to do whatever they ask him to do
- giving clary one of his memories with jocelyn was so beautiful
- magnus becoming alec’s safe place gives me life. malec is already such a healthy relationship. they talk about what’s bothering them. alec feels like he can only talk to magnus and magnus talks with him about how hard it was to send camille away
and i’ve mentioned this when the sneak peek came out but… destroying book!alec’s biphobia in one (1) sentence? iconic
alec understands magnus has a history, he understands that camille was a very important part of magnus’ life (even if their relationship was extremely toxic) and he isn’t judging, he listens and tries to be there for magnus. it’s not just magnus supporting alec when he feels so guilty. it’s also alec trying to be there for magnus
- alec on the roof and trying to keep his mind off things really did break my heart. jocelyn’s death wasn’t his fault but he will always feel like it, won’t he?
crying at her funeral said as much and i hope he will get past this somehow, even if he always feels responsible
- it was a really meaningful episode for clary. nobody could blame her for trying to bring her mother but yes, she should’ve been stopped. of course alec agreed to help her… he felt guilty
- the whole episode we could see her process of her finally coming to terms with jocelyn’s death. and when she understood that bringing her back wasn’t possible and when she started crying and couldn’t even say her name? yeah, i lost it and i was crying so much
- i’m glad jace was there for her. true, maybe he didn’t know jocelyn at all and when he met her, she tried to kill him… but it was so obvious that he wanted to prove to her that he’s much more than an experiment. he wanted more time with his mother, he wanted her to love him. he’s been looking for parent’s love his whole time and he can never find it
- i’m so worried about izzy and that weird ointment that victor gave her… it really looks like she’s getting addicted to it?
- also… i’m getting more and more suspicious of victor. clearly he knows how this works but he gives it to her anyway? something is definitely wrong…
- i loved izzy and jace’s fighting scene, it felt like almost going back to normal (even though it was far from it)
- why did we get only a REALLY short scene of luke? he’s just lost the love of his life and that’s all we’re going to see? yes, it was important to show how clary is dealing with that fact but luke was just as important
- oh my poor simon… i knew going back home wasn’t going to end up well. all he wanted was to be with his family and for them to understand. but now his mum saw him drinking rat’s blood and she was terrified and now simon is probably going to hate himself even more. and i’m just not ready for this… simon doesn’t deserve this, it’s not his fault he’s a vampire and now he has to suffer because of it
- i love how the show doesn’t forget that simon is jewish and that this is such an important part of him. he might’ve become a vampire but he hasn’t lost his religion
- lastly… honestly i can’t really even blame that warlock… yes, what she did was wrong. but who can blame her? she is clearly scared. valentine is killing her people and she is trying to deal with it however she can. it’s a very bad solution but she probably doesn’t see another way

- clary finally showing her power to create runes! i was waiting for it. killing that demon (which really was scary, just as cast said) was so badass. i can’t wait to see more of her power

bonus; alec talking with that cute warlock girl was absolutely adorable. he clearly is so great with kids. and that ‘cool gills’ meant so much. he’s not judging a kid because she is a warlock, he tells her warlock’s mark is awesome
(yes, i am very emo about this because now i can’t stop thinking about malec having kids and alec loving his warlock son that he’s going to adopt with magnus)

bonus2; this episode killing cl*lec fuck yessss ‘your boyfriend?’ ‘UGH NO’
bless this show honestly

in the mailbag


I’m trying to get through a bunch of asks before CoFA comes out. I can’t get to them all — I have 1800 unanswered mails! — but I’m going to try to answer some every day:

Hey, I just have a few quick questions. I was just wondering, if there was a downworlder who had once been a shadowhunter (like Luke), and they had children with a non Shadowhunter, would their child have any Shadowhunter blood? If Luke had a child with Jocelyn, would the child be part werewolf part Shadowhunter? I was just curious because I know Shadowhunter blood is dominant. I was also wondering if a Shadowhunter can become a vampire. I am mostly curious because I was considering the possibility of Stephen Herondale being a vampire… But anyways I LOVE your books with all of my heart! The worlds you build are so complex and I love how much there is to think about! — todayinwonderland


Sure, a Shadowhunter can become a vampire. That’s why Will drinks all that holy water. He’s trying not to start on the path to become a vampire. (It works.)  And if Jocelyn and Luke had a kid, it’s be a Shadowhunter. It wouldn’t display any werewolf qualities at all, since vampire and werewolves are explained by “demon viruses” — which aren’t generally a thing that is passed on. Faeries are probably the only exception: Mark and Helen are part faerie and while they are both Shadowhunters, some of their faerie heritage is expressed in their looks (pointy ears, etc) and abilities. Their children, however, would be completely Shadowhunter, with no faerie characteristics.



Two things: one, Thank you so much for deciding to continue TMI after CoG. Sebastian/Jonathan is one of the most interesting villains I have ever read about and I am so happy that you chose to delve deeper into his character potential. He might be the scariest thing I have come across while reading your books and I sincerely thank you for that, haha! Two, can we expect an overarching plot twist/secret for every series? Like for TMI it was Jace’s genetic identity and for TID it was Tessa’s identity. Is this a reoccurring idea that will encompass your future books? Thanks for all you do!! — boromirbby

 Well, what you’re talking about are twists that involve character’s birth and identities as far as who their parents are, what their bloodline is, what kind of being they are. I think there will always be those in my work, because obviously that’s something that compels me — the idea that we might not be who we thought — the idea about what makes a family, and whether there can be evil in your blood or heritage. I do not feel it is any spoiler however, to say, that James and Lucie Herondale, Emma Carstairs and Cordelia Carstairs all have exactly the parents they thought they did. While their stories certainly involve their identities, there are not mysteries surrounding their births.

To my dear Miss Clare, I have been wanting to communicate with you in some aspect about your new book coming out: City of Heavenly Fire. I’m pleased to say that the books are wonderful and I enjoyed reading them very much so. The Mortal Instruments has been, by far, the best book series I’ve read. Also to include The Infernal Devices, I have just finished Clockwork Princess. May I say what a lovely and wonderful book. Back to speaking in terms of City of Heavenly Fire, I would like to ask you a few questions involving the bond between the Lightwoods. Throughout The Mortal Instruments, Alexander and Isabelle Lightwood have seemed to be a loving pair of siblings to one another, but are we going to see that bond get stronger between the two? Do they become more faithful to one another and act more as siblings other than very close fighters? I am in no way trying to insult you and I hope you know, that I, Alexis, as myself, love everything you have ever written that has been consumed by my thoughts and I hope to see a bit more brotherly/sisterly act toward the two Lightwoods. I did take into consideration about the chapter in City of Bones involving Clarissa and Isabelle in Isabelle’s room, getting ready for Magnus’ party. If Isabelle was so shocked at the fact that Clary did know about Alec’s homosexuality, she must’ve spoken to him about that subject and consulted him through it. I imagine the moment like any other sibling would expect for just a subject. In that moment, you inspired me to write, myself, of what that moment would actually transpire to be. — lexdaflex


Well, if that inspired you to write, then that’s great! I think you should write whatever version of the scene seems right to you.


I think Isabelle and Alec are already very closely bonded as siblings and while I am interested in following the development of their relationship as they both mature and come to accept things about their own family — their parents’ flaws, for instance — I don’t think “getting closer” is something they need to do. They are as close as any siblings can reasonably be expected to be! I’m a bit lost at the idea of them being more faithful to each other because they never betray each other. (If you haven’t read the Bane Chronicle in which Magnus is searching for a gift for Alec, it is a nice one if you’re interested in the Alec and Isabelle relationship, since what it turns out Alec wants more than anything else isn’t something for him, it’s something for Izzy.)

. If Isabelle was so shocked at the fact that Clary did know about Alec’s homosexuality, she must’ve spoken to him about that subject and consulted him through it.


Well, no. As it turns out, Jace has always known Alec was gay, too, but that doesn’t mean Alec consulted him. Isabelle, I’d like to think, would absolutely be there for her brother in any way he needed, if he chose to come to her to talk about his sexual orientation. But there’s no specific evidence he did. He might have, though Isabelle’s later attempt in CoB to sound him out about dating Magnus, to me, indicates that this is not something they talk about openly.

“But that’s not all it is.” Isabelle sounded almost sad. “Didn’t you have any fun at the party, Alec?”


“I thought you might like Magnus. He’s nice, isn’t he?”

 “Nice?” Alec looked at her as if she were insane. “Kittens arenice. Warlocks are—” He hesitated. “Not,” he finished, lamely.

 “I thought you might hit it off.” Isabelle’s eye makeup glittered as bright as tears as she glanced over at her brother. “Get to be friends.”

“I have friends,” Alec said, and looked over his shoulder,almost as if he couldn’t help it, at Jace.

Isabelle’s all ALEC MAGNUS IS HOT AND INTERESTED IN YOU, DO SOMETHING, and Alec is either oblivious to her point, or determined to pretend to be oblivious to it. I don’t think this speaks to siblings who have come to a point where this is a comfortable and open topic for them, though Isabelle might want it to be. Over the course of the books, though, it becomes one, and now they do talk about it openly. (Alec’s discussion of homophobia being like a million small cuts with Isabelle in CoLS, for instance.) So if that’s what you’re specifically looking for in terms of them getting closer, it’s in there, it just might be a quieter plotline than you might imagine.

Hi Cassie! I don’t know if this has ever been asked to you, but when Sophie became a shadowhunter, did her scar disappeared? Me and my friend have been wondering about it. Thank you so much for becoming an author, you have no idea how much I and all Latin American shadowhunters love your books! — tigre-mecanico

No, it didn’t disappear. Shadowhunters have scars, too! And Sophie is proud of hers.

Hello, Cassie! :) I wanted to say thank you for your amazing work, so many characters that we all care for and story that brought us to a different world that we can now call ‘home’. But I also have a question. We all know that people change their mind often and go into different directions. So I was wondering about parabatai bond - is it possible to just stop wanting other person as a parabatai? Or does their bond prevent such situations? Can parabatai dislike themselves with time? Thank you if you read it and I would really love and appreciate if you respond! ♥ — malec-is-my-drug

Well, sure. Look what happened with Valentine and Luke. Parabatai can become deadly enemies. (Though Luke remained torn up about Valentine until the end.) I didn’t want to make the parabatai bond something that rendered people impervious to normal human feelings of disappointment or anger or estrangement.

I do think of the parabatai ritual and bonds as enhancing the natural feelings of love and friendship that should already exist there, so I think there aren’t that many cases of them just getting bored with each other or annoyed with each other, but it’s not like there isn’t ever conflict.

Hi Cassie! So I’m really pumped about the release to City of Heavenly Fire, and I was wondering if there would be any other exclusive goodies. Like for example inside the cover with Jace, Simon, Alec, Isabelle and Maia, and I know that all copies will come with a character letter, but will there be anything else? And I would really like Simon’s letter, but is the letter a spoiler, so should I read it after I finish the book? I’m super excited about the book, and it’s been two years, and I hope you didn’t kill off Simon, because I love him so so so so much, and I absolutely CAN’T wait for The Dark Artifices!! — always-trust-a-herondale

All the first editions of City of Heavenly Fire have the illustration on the inside cover with with Jace, Simon, Alec, Isabelle and Maia. If you buy the book at Walmart, I think they’re giving away a larger poster version of the inside cover, and Target editions have a comic in the back (which I cannot describe as it is a spoiler; it is not the same as the wedding comic in the UK editions of CoHF, but it was also drawn by Cassandra Jean and is just a small coda to the book.)

There is a “handwritten” note on a page at the end of all editions of CoHF — it isn’t a “character letter” like the letter from Jace in COFA was. It’s a letter that ties into both the plot of TMI and and TDA. It seemed like an interesting fun thing to do, but it is not a collection of letters from the characters of the books! The letter is a spoiler; it comes at the end of the book, and if you read it first it will be totally inexplicable.

Hi Cassie! So, I’m finishing up Clockwork Princess (Love it and TID, as a whole!) and was wondering something about the Fair Folk. We know about the Seelie Queen and her Court, but do we know anything about the politics of the Unseelie Court? Is there a King? Queen? It’s been bothering me since I read about Gabriel and Cecily dealing with the satyr, Sallows. Would this also be something to come up in TDA? Since you mentioned awhile back on Tumblr that TDA would deal a lot with the Fair Folk. Thanks! :)

I would say the faeries are the dominant Downworlder race we interact with in The Dark Artifices. So you will hear about the Courts Seelie and Unseelie, and things like the Wild Hunt (briefly brought up in CoLS) are actually quite important.

Hey Cassie, just wondering if you could tell us whether Helen is bisexual or lesbian? And Aline? Or is that something we’ll find out in CoHF/TDA? I hope you’re having an absolutely wonderful day (my days are spent curled up in nervous anticipation for CoHF)! xx — wingsoferos

Helen is bisexual, and Aline is a lesbian. (She does say “no guy is her type.:) Helen has dated men before and also women. Her bisexual identity isn’t touched on in CoHF; I guess we can discuss after that whether it will come up (or whether she simply remains with Aline, because they do plan to be monogamous with each other, and so it doesn’t).

Hi Cassie! First I absolutely adore your work and I am so excited for the release of City of Heavenly Fire next week! I was wondering will we be meeting any pets in the Shadowhunter world that are not cats? Or do shadowhunters just have a tendency to really like cats? So far I can recall Church, Chairman Meow (although he’s Magnus’ cat!), and Oscar (at the LA institute). It’d be interesting to know since a pet can tell a lot about its owner. Thanks!! — royalrunes

Alas, we writers are only human beings, and sometimes our terrible prejudices show through. I am a cat person. I think that may be obvious. 

Tiberius in TDA loves animals, though often odd ones, lizards and whatnot. And Call in Magisterium has a pet very much like a dog.

Hi Cassie, I just realized that City of Heavenly Fire is coming out next week (eep!) and I just wanted to thank you for writing such wonderful books! The Mortal Instruments took me through basically all of my adolescence (I read the first one when I was 11 and I’m 17 now, so it’s been quite a while!) and I think they were the first books I really,ardently loved. Reading your work made me want to go out and read all this classic literature and write my own stories, and I never would have been exposed to any of that if it weren’t for your books. Anyway, I’m thinking about college right now, and where I want to go and what I want to do, and I’m 99% positive I want to be a writer. And it’s all because little 11 year old me picked up a copy of City of Bones in the bookstore one day. So thank you. Thank you so, so much. — star-skipping 

Thank YOU, and everyone else who wrote to me to say similar things. It means a lot.

Let’s Talk Clace 1x13

So season one is finally complete and it was awesome but my Clace heart is totally broken. Jace thinks that something is wrong with him and he’s a killer. Clary tries desperately to convince him otherwise eventually deciding the only way to do that it to wake up Jocelyn. 

When Jace is going after Valentine the tables get turned on him and Valentine goes after everyone Jace loves. He tells Jace they make him weak(You know to love is to destroy). Jace immediately starts to call Clary and warn her. I love that despite all this inner turmoil he’s going through he’s still trying to protect her. He just wants her to be okay.

In the end Jace makes the choice to leave with Valentine to save his friends. Its totally completely heart shattering. I love how Jace looks back twice at Clary. Like he wants to remember her face. She will probably be the last good thing he sees for a long time. Look at that boys face. This isn’t want he wants. He doesn’t want to leave her. He’s so sad. I think part of him thinks he deserves this but Clary doesn’t.

Clary runs after Jace as he disappears into the portal be he’s gone. Alec tells her she can’t follow because she doesn’t know where they are going and will be left in limbo. Dom and Kat were both so on point in this final clace scene. This is the first season this season where I legitimately had tears in my eyes. Clary was absolutely devastated by Jace’s choice as she collapsed in Alec’s arms. But still after all that Clary still doesn’t believe Jace’s bad. She can see his struggle and her faith in him is steadfast. She knows him and she knows he’s good and no one will tell her different.

hiddenpiecesofmybrokenheart  asked:

One thing I love about shadowhunters already is that the cast seems really friendly with each other!

I love that they get along and that they seem to actually be excited to be these characters and be on the show

I mean, there’s Kat with her angel rune phone case (I mean, WHAT?!)

Alberto and his random 2am twitter parties with the fandom

Alan/Maxim/Isaiah having a fake fight on twitter about the Valentine/Jocelyn/Luke love triangle

And of course, there’s how Alan tweets like he’s actually Valentine (he’s even renamed himself ‘Alantine’)

Then there was that tweet where Alberto nominated Dominic for some Hot Guy Award

This cast is too precious 

And I think that liking each other so much is going to make them have more chemistry when they act so this is all really great right now

Sebastian Morgenstern - A Masterpost (contains spoilers)

So, I see all these people saying whether they love Sebastian or not and everyone has a different opinion. So I’d like to share my opinion.


In my opinion, Sebastian Morgenstern and Jonathan Morgenstern are two different people. Like, in CoFA, when Jace was possessed, he wasn’t Jace. He was a kind of warped image of Jace. I think that’s what Sebastian was.

Sebastian, the one who had Lilith’s blood, the one who killed Max and Hodge and … *sob* Jordan and all these other people, I hate him. I hate him. I hate him more than I’ve ever hated any other fictional character ever (with the exception of one). He was evil. He didn’t know love or family. He didn’t have a soul. He was a demon thing.

Jonathan, on the other hand, is someone entirely different. I’m talking about the Jonathan he could’ve been, if Valentine hadn’t poisoned him before he was even born. We see him in CoHF, in a hallucination first, and then for real. And I believe that he was good. He could’ve been good, had he been given a chance to live. Hell, he could’ve been amazing, a good brother, a good son, an amazing fighter and a loyal friend.

But he was never given a chance to live, you see. He was given no choice at all. Valentine destroyed him, as good as killed him, warped him up and that is why I hate Valentine the most. I hate him because he killed Jonathan. Jonathan Morgenstern. His own son. A boy who died before he could ever live. A boy who was all alone. Look at it this way: Valentine took away everything from him, his choice, his life, the love he deserved from his mother, his sister, everything.

That’s why I don’t hate Jocelyn. Some people hate her because she didn’t love her son. But he wasn’t her son. Sebastian wasn’t her son. Jonathan was, and she only ever met him in the end. I pity her too. She had to see her son die twice. Twice.

That hallucination scene in CoHF broke my heart. Literally broke it into a million pieces. Jonathan was so good and happy and alive. He was so good. And I’m not talking about him being hot (we know he is hot). I’m just saying, as a person, he was good. And then in the end, he apologized. He talked about grace and forgiveness and my heart hurts even thinking about it. At that moment, I wanted him to live. I so wanted him to survive. But he died. And his death is one of many that I will never get over.

So, yes, I hate Sebastian but I’m in love with Jonathan.

The prince and I: Chapter 2

TITLE: The prince and I


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: angst / romance

FIC SUMMARY: After having her heart broken, Princess Jocelyn doesn’t want anything to do with men. Instead, she rebels, dresses up as a maid, and attends a local tavern for the night only to meet a mysterious handsome stranger who introduces himself as Harry.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Wow I wasn’t expecting this to be more than 2 chapters but it’s turning out longer than I would have liked. Anyways, thank you to all that have sent me feedback. It was greatly appreciated. I would love to hear more from you guys! <3

Chapter 1

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wolfspirals  asked:

I can't believe people didn't like last night's episode??? I was so caught up in several scenes and I live for the Malec scene in the hallway at the end! So many feelings.

Saame, I loved everything about this episode! I even had clace feels and I really didn’t care about them the whole season? Also that moment when Jace left and Alec held Clary.. I actually teared up! I loved all the scenes with Raphael so much too, even though my saphael heart is broken! The ending with Jocelyn being awake was so emotional as well.. I’m not even mentioning all the malec moments because honestly they killed me..

Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 5 “Moo Shu To Go” Review

I am seriously getting pissed off at all of these people attacking Alec. 

With that being said, I loved this episode, not as much as episode 4,but the love is still their.

Luke is one of the reasons I love this episode. Seeing Luke defend Clary against the alpha male made my heart happy. Jocelyn put her faith in the right person.

Alec is the main reason I love this episode (no surprise there). He is starting to really crack. He made a few mistakes but he realizes he made them, and he accepts the punishment every time he makes a mistake. He is a great soldier. But now I feel like he needs to get a reward for all of the hard work he does. **Enter Magnus Bane** 

Now I am not so happy about the way Jace has been treating Alec.We got one good scene between Alec and Jace in this episode, but it did not make up for all the shit Jace is throwing at Alec. Honestly, I am sitting here crying because I see how much Jace’s cruelty is affecting Alec. 

Me: Jace, back the fuck up off. Alec is your parabatai. Quit acting like a bitch.

Okay, now on to the fact that Clary and Alec were stuck together. I enjoyed seeing them talk it out. I will not say they were becoming friends because obviously no. But they were being friendlier… sort of. One of my favorite lines in the show was:

Clary: Go ahead. Knock me on my ass. You’l feel better.

Alec: Don’t make me say your right about something.

He said this with the smallest of smirks and it was pure perfection… (Matthew Daddario is making my heart melt.)

Then after Clary get’s of the phone with Simon later in the episode. Clary confronts Alec about being in love with Jace and his sexuality. I loved this scene. Especially when She is all like, “Just say it, you’re in love with Jace.” and Alec’s comeback is, “You’re in love with Jace.” and Clary mentions that he is using a middle school comeback. It was one of the greatest scenes  in this episode.

Alec was sincerely trying to protect Clary. It was not his intention for Clary to be kidnapped, but Jace is acting as if Alec just handed her to the werewolves. Ugh, Jace is irritating the crap out of me. I mean when Alec realized he lost Clary and could not find her himself he texted Jace immediately. He took the risk of pissing Jace of for Jace.

Isabelle is my precious Angel. She gets upset when Jace blames Alec. 

Jace: Damn it, Alec.

Isabelle: What?

Jace: Clary snuck out of the institute.

Isabelle: And yet your blaming our brother? Interesting.

Then when she found out Simon was kidnapped too you could hear the concern in her voice. Sizzy feels!

The look of irritation at Jace was evident on her face.

The little bit of Magnus we got in this episode was amazing, but not enough for me or Alec.

Okay Simon is changing and Alec is picking up on this hardcore. My perfect Alexander being the smartest person on the show.

Alec: Climbing a fire escape excites mundanes? I’ll never understand these people. 

Alec is so precious!

Now Valentine, Alan Van Sprang is making me hate Valentine as much as I hated him in the books. But that is a good thing! XD

Now I will admit, I was never a fan of either Robert or Maryse in the books, but Maryse is even more hateable in the show. I did not like how she spoke to her children. I am not going to say anymore about her because it is all negative, because she is just mean.

Raphael is amazing… that is all.

The werewolves were umm…. werewolves… and also looked like shaggy mangy dogs.

The end of this episode broke my heart a little. I need some happy in this show, cue next weeks episode!

Next week we get more Malec so WOOT! XD I cannot wait!

Just a quick reminder, that Alec did save Clary as well. He is the one that grabbed her from Luke while Jace punched Luke. You’re Welcome Jace.