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assorted lp fam reunion quotes

“Jack has the biggest dick in AH” - AH Gavin

(In response to someone saying they love Meg on Twitter) “No, I love her!”- AH Gavin

(Talking about Meg) “She was getting real close to Cib earlier” - AH Geoff

“You’re gonna have to make yourself convenient for me” - AH Ryan

(Putting himself in the line of fire once more like an fool) “*sigh* I’ll do it” - AH Michael

“We’re like a turtle with four heads” - Criken

“I just don’t trust Ryan in general” - AH Jack

“Right in the butt” - Criken

(To Jack) “I’m the Morty to your Rick” - Criken

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I saw the gifs you reblogged, with Dean's "not every hook-up is perfect" and the smirk. Ok who looks at their platonic friend like that? It's not a small laugh, or even a consoling a friend style smile. Honestly, who looks at someone with that smile in this context.

I don’t know what you’re talking about there’s nothing flirty about this scene whatsoever

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it’s not like Sam was the exposition for the audience’s intended reaction to this scene:

Also if you take it in the context that at this point Dean is feeling terrible for having kicked Cas out, he literally ran out the bunker to go see him last time, Cas was targeted by an Angel focusing on heartbreak as soon as Dean turned up and exposed that Cas wants to be Human, that Dean just wanted to protect Cas from the terrible stuff going on around them with the Angels etc so he didn’t tell him in the end what was going on and told him to go and be happy. 

That Dean has at this point gotten as second bedside table for his room back at the bunker, that we’ve been shown in the meantime that Dean has always put Sam before his love interests (9x07) and that the worst part after having a night of sex is always the adios (9x08), right after we got this (and you know, don’t think about the fact that in the original run of episodes 9x08 came right after 9x06):

I totally don’t know what you’re trying to imply here.

Also some people just DO look at their friends in a flirty way… I mean… who doesn’t look at their friends like this, flirtingly and longingly, for a decade?

Maybe the same people who looks at their bro like they’re about to eat him up, but, you know, like a bro

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In the exact same way as they might look at the cake they wants to eat up, but they totally just like the cake like a bro too, so it’s ok, don’t fret, it’s still bro-like

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Or maybe the same guy who stares longingly at his bro all the time for nearly 10 years, gives himself up for him, to protect him, even though he’s an all powerful being, who in turn always tries to stay one step ahead to protect him himself, who are repeatedly compared to canon romantic couples all the time, who textually are made to say exactly the same words as a canon romantic couple in a clearly emotional and important scene for their relationship (9x20), or a guy who has an endgame that is totally not about accepting himself and his sexuality and accepting that he deserves to love and be loved, because this hasn’t been set up since the pilot, so he’s just platonically going to be being with his bro and his brother, because all this is all total bro-ness and dude… 

I mean they’re totally not telling the same structural story using the same romantic tropes as Lizzie and Darcy, Westley and Buttercup, Ariel and Eric, Hercules and Meg, Belle and Beast, Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose … I mean all these guys totally ended up as JUST FRIENDS so that’s clearly the story here!

They’re just bros who treat each other so much like husbands that everyone else treats them like it and it comes into the plot as a main plot device for multiple episodes and a whole season’s big bad and ends with Dean totally bro falling to the floor in despair and not coping while his brother, who is also said guys bro, is able to move on, just because, you know, in stories, it’s never used as an exposition to someones feelings to compare them to someone else who might look super happy to see their bro and so upset that they died, but it still comes across as totally different.

Yeah, I think you’re reading way too much into it dude.


Today Jack sat down and listened to his dad’s annual speech about the events of 9/11. But this time he had questions.

His dad had been repeating ultimately the same lecture every year for as long as Jack could remember, making sure his son knew exactly how important this date was in American as well as global history. At this point Jack could murmur the words softly under his breath word for word in time with his father. 

“Today sixteen years ago, 19 Islamic militant extremists launched a plan that killed 2976 American citizens. Many people lost their lives, but many more lost their confidence in the United States government to keep them safe. More importantly, they lost their faith in humanity. It’s important that you understand that in times of fear, people become paranoid and often overcompensate in order to retain some aspect of control. A lot of people were really scared that day, Jack, and they needed someone to blame. So they blamed Muslims. Many Americans died that day, but over 35,276 Pakistani, 48,644 Afghan, and 1,690,903 Iraqi were fated to die in the ensuing war in the Middle East. That number climbs every day. Innocent people were slotted to die because people were afraid.” 

Jack looked up at his father with round, clear eyes. “But you fought too, right? You went to Pakistan, too.”

Aaron blinked in surprise. His son had ever expressed more than a casual interest in the details of his special assignment before. He nodded solemnly. “You’re right, I did. I was head of a team to try to minimize the innocent people that would die in the war zone. We weren’t always successful. I lost many men and even more civilians in the balance.”


Aaron sighed. “They call it the “war on terror” but the terror isn’t in the terrorist acts. The terror is in the manic desperation the Western Nations acted on, redefining the free world and altering the relations between the 1.7 billion Muslims and the rest of the world. Americans especially now have a deep distrust of Muslims and other peoples from the Middle East. That kind of omnipresent suspicion weighs heavily on the backs of the damned. The strong ones shoulder their burden and continue living their lives trying to survive the war of subterfuge tearing apart their homes, but the weak ones fall victim to the very thing that’s keeping them down. Some become sympathetic to the extremist’s cause and others are forced to participate through threat of violence or their families are held hostage. But don’t think for a second that those people are any different from you or me. People have to do what they can to survive, and we can’t always be proud of it.”

Jack processed what his father was saying. “So they’re being made to fight? That’s stupid! Why don’t we help them?”

Aaron smiled at his son’s goodwill. “Not everyone can overcome their fears. People are still suffering from the horror all those years ago. Remember Kate?”

“She lost her sister, right? And Meg lost her mom and dad?”

“They’ll never forget that. And they never should. Just like how we’ll never forget Mom.”

Jack frowned. “But you got the guy who killed Mom.”

Aaron winced. “Yes. But people who’ve lost family like Kate won’t get the same kind of closure because they don’t know how many people had a hand in their loved ones’ deaths. When I was in Pakistan we were trying to find the people who support the twisted ideology. Because very very very few people who are Muslim are terrorists. Muslims believe in peace and love, just like we do.”

“If it’s not their fault then why are people so mad?”

“Because they’re scared. Every year you’ll hear people say bad things about Muslims around this time and I want you to remember that they’re a good people. They’re victims of terror every bit as much as the people who died on September 11. Do you understand?”

Jack nodded vigorously. “I understand, Dad.”

Aaron pulled his son into a hug, squeezing tightly. Jack’s interest and comprehension of the delicate topic was a relief, but he couldn’t help but want to shelter him from the horrors of the world forever. He was proud, loving, and terrified all at once.

The gang discusses Ryan's twitter follows

Gavin: So how many people do you follow now?
Michael: Dude, like, 13.
Ryan: Like 13, yeah.
Geoff: How does it feel?
Michael: I’m keeping track. He fucking loves it.
Ryan: It feels like there’s a lot more going on on my home-thingy.
Jeremy: Yep.
Michael: It’s your timeline man, c'mon.
Gavin: As opposed to just being on Meg’s profile?
Ryan: As opposed to that, yeah. I am now following Meg twice.
Jack: How is that?
Ryan: She’s got 2 twitters.
Jack: Really?
Gavin: Does she?
Geoff: Gavin doesn’t know about the second one.
Ryan: Yes, Gavin, yes she does.
Jeremy: She’s got, like, the MegTurney twitter and then the DollWithAGun twitter, right?
Ryan: You got it.
Gavin: I didn’t know she had two.
Michael: Damn, dude. What else don’t you know?
Jack: Time to burn her phone.

“aint no god on my streets”

i did it! and it took like three days bc i,m lazy but eyyy i did it, and who doesnt love finger tats! gents, lads, and GG for griffons gang, its v nice,

(and if you cant tell, the lineup is from left to right, meg, gav, micoo, linds, jack, geoff, jeremy, ray and ryan)

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Hc that Antis glitches hurts Jack (cause he's the host after all) and their worse when Jack resists more and it takes longer for the cut on his neck to heal (that's why he really didn't upload a second video) and the reason they were worse this video was because Henrik was getting hurt ( or killed ndjsksjsndjd) and Jack was trying to break out of it to help Henrik.


Zimbits: “What’s Your Name?”

(So, in the end I wrote a short drabble for that Your Name AU. I’m not gonna write more, so if someone wants to “adopt” this fic and continue it feel free! Just tag me bc I NEED TO READ IT. Also, if you haven’t seen the movie Your Name go watch it now. There’s angst in the middle with a happy ending.)

Eric woke up all at once.

The first thing he noticed were the tears in his eyes. He had a weird, sad dream, but for some reason…he couldn’t remember it.

Then he realised his alarm was different than usual. He reached out to turn it off but it wasn’t in the usual place. Uh-uh.

He sat up and…

I must still be dreaming.

There wasn’t another explanation. Because this wasn’t his room at all. A pale light was filtering from the windows, revealing blank walls instead of his Beyoncè posters and dull IKEA furniture.

Looking around, he saw the alarm on the bedside table, on the opposite side he was used to. He grabbed it, turned it off and stared at it.

5.30 am.

He was still trying to wrap his head around it when, looking down, had another realization.

This is not my body.

His legs were long, exaggeratedly muscular and covered in dark hair. He put his hands on his thighs and moved them down to his knees, caressing the skin. It felt…nice. Definitely weird, but nice.

He got up and felt dizzy for a second. He felt taller than usual and it was as if his barycenter had been moved upwards. Something wasn’t right, but he told himself it was just a dream so it was ok.

He looked around again and spotted a full figure mirror. He approached it cautiously and slowly peered at it.

That was…definitely not his body. He was tall and well built, had a head full of dark messy hair and droopy blue eyes. He flexed an arm and watched the muscles bulge out. Then he turned around to take a better look and…wow.

He had an ass that was a work of art. Very slowly, he put a hand over one cheek and squeezed it. And for some reason, that was what made him realize.

This isn’t a dream.

He yelled, and some seconds later an even bigger man barged into the room.

A thousand miles away, Jack Zimmermann woke up in a tiny southern baker’s body.

(Under the cut a conversation me and @peppernine had on the Providence Ice chat. MAJOR SPOILERS ABT THE MOVIE! You should probably watch it or read a synopsis to understand what’s being said here. Also angst with a happy ending, warnings under the cut)

Keep reading

Playing GTA
  • Geoff: Michael, please keep an eye on Gavin today. He's gonna say something to the wrong person and get himself shot.
  • Michael: Sure, I'd love to see Gavin get shot.
  • Geoff: Try again.
  • Michael: I will stop Gavin from getting shot.

omg ok! that was quick so…. i’ll explain a little too but. i mainly see kakuhida as this old gothic couple that likes to dance together in graeyards when no ones looking and then in the day they bicker

1) pink martini- ou est ma tete?

this is in french but finding the translation isnt hard….and its so bittersweet for kakuhida… the title is Where is my head? ( x_x see where im going with this?) the song is BASICALLY like…. “i lost my head and i cant find it, ive looked everywhere. i’ve lost my arms where are my arms…ever since i lost you im in pieces and i cant stick the pieces back together by myself…” Q__Q the whole song is about losing diffeent body parts but in the end it doesnt matter because its kakuzu that makes hidan whole

2) Zombie ghost train- Graveyard queen

yes, this is the inspiration for the graveyard king comic…this whole atmosphere is very kakuhida take a listen to the lyrics!  (and the band members dressed as psychobilly zombies?? it just adds to it) 

3) Jack Jones- people will say we’re in love

OK NOW THIS….this one is VERY kakuzu…. trying to deny that he’s falling in love with hidan, telling him  not to do this or that but only falling harder…or panicking that the rest of the akatsuki will figure it out ehe

4) addams family values ost- love on a tombstone

good vibes…good atmosphere…..i can see them tragically looking at each other, hidan asking to kakuzu to die with him and kakuzu asking to live forever with him…cheesy

5) meg and dia- black wedding

just take a look at these lyrics its perfect:

“ But don’t forget that if you pray for me I’ll pray for you and cash flow too, why not?”

(skipping some) 

“It was a black wedding you could hear the organs not, The violins or the words the pope was saying. It was a black wedding, You could hear the organs but, No drunken story or real hallelujahs. Some people swore they saw the devil, While most prayed they wouldn’t last a winter. It was a black wedding,Throw those blessings all around.“

OK those are my current top 5 and reasons why <:,D enjoy!! 

Guys......I got something exciting.

Have you ever read the book called A Wrinkle In Time? It’s a sci-fi chapter book, it’s right here . 

Anyways, they’re making a new movie next year out of it after they insanely screwed up one from I think 2003. 

So we are reading this book in class, and we reached chapter I think eight where we met the father. I imagined him as Chris Pine cause I do that for a lotta people no matter what they’re described as a lotta times in books.

After we went back to our desks from this comfy reading area, my teacher asked if any of us had seen the new Star Trek movie this pass summer. I was the only one who raised my hand, and I was the only one who passionately shot it up high and stretched my arm. 

She said that the “guy who plays Captain Kirk”(you gotta know the name) is playing the father. 

I gasped. 


And everyone stared at me. 

I semi random wordedly I guess explained that I imagined him for the father. I think she laughed and while the other students were staying stuff or whatever cause no one hears exactly every word said in the room, and she, I think, muttered, “he’s cute, isn’t he?”

I mildly internally grew embarrassed. 

But seriously, guys. 

Here’s the cast list:

I got some objections, tho. They’re already slowly messing up. 

1: His name is JACK not ALEX!


3: Meg was also traditionally white, but it’s not a huge deal. Her mom’s black(*says bitterly* in the movie), so it’s not a huge deal. I am, though, interested in both actresses’s performances, though, I’ve never seen them on screen. 

4:Charles was also white, but it’s not even a big deal for me. 

5:I thought the witches were older, but that’s just me. I’m interested to see Reese, Oprah, and Mindy’s performances. 

I know I’m being nit-picky, but that’s just me. *insert kermit drinking tea pic*

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Hey there, just wanted to point something out and would love your opinion, Ok so on Jacks new Instagram post is it just me or jacks mouth look a little....wired? The green side looks like it's smiling and the red side looks like it frowning/scared Anti is Green Jack is red?? I might just be over analysing it 😂😂

ooooh! hey man, nothing here is an over analysis. that’s an excellent observation! i think you’re on to something tbh