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Berena Appreciation Week Day 5: Favourite Quotes

I am way behind on the fic side of things; I have started one for every prompt so far, but I’m having trouble finishing *sniggers* *that’s what he said* *shut up you child*
Anyway, I’d just like to take a minute to talk about my favourite quote, as well as some silent moments that speak volumes, to me. 

Stare at him together, shall we?
Ok, so even in the context of Bernie having caught Serena staring at Jason, after Serena has warned the entire ward that Jason is prone to a good stare, this is still SO FLIRTY! So flirty! Bernie in most of this episode is just a big, sauntering flirt. 
And look at their faces! It’s like when Serena just melts when Bernie says “how about this, Serena Campbell…” They literally glow under each other’s gaze.

So off on a bit of a tangent, just a bit about the weight of emotions that Bernie carries in her words and her eyes. 
Aaand apparently here’s where I break the gif search so all I can see is the top of Serena’s head in anything I’m searching for. I mean, there are worse views, but there are infinitely better ones that I was wishing to demonstrate, but I guess we’re back to the good old imagination!

I’ve missed you (19x17 Of Lions and Lambs)

Any room for me in you future plans….Ok. I can live with that. Do you really have to go? (19x26 It’s Only Love if it Hurts)

I’m just very much awed by Bernie in these particular moments. 
By her own admission, she’s been a bit useless with emotions, and it’s a general consensus that she’s a bit pants with words, but she has this overwhelming love for Serena that makes her want to help, to make things better, or right, or something. And she doesn’t want to cloister her, suffocate her, but she wants to make sure Serena knows she cares, and also because, now that she’s embraced it, she can’t fathom not showing Serena that she loves her. 
So it makes for these beautiful moments where Bernie’s going to be completely honest with her feelings, but it’s so weighted that she has to look away in the moment of saying it, or just before/ after saying it. Whether to steel herself at the emotion or to shield Serena from the strength of it. 
As she’s saying “I missed you” she looks down, momentarily, and when she lifts her head, her eyes are positively shining. 

And the rooftop scene oh, my god. “Any room for me in your future plans?” She cannot look at Serena when she asks that. Looks down, and then after they kiss, she keeps her eyes closed for the longest time, and when she opens them, so still takes a while to look up, to meet Serena’s eyes, and her voice, small and accepting, but that little plea that she cannot hide. She doesn’t want to burden Serena with any of it, isn’t sure that she won’t fall apart if she doesn’t look away, take a moment to guard at least some of her emotions, but god, is that beautiful, these actions that speak louder than her words. 
Amazing acting and character development. 

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I cannot begin to explain what that entire segment with Lucretia did to my heart. There was never a fallout, there was never this big, dividing argument that split the group apart. They loved each other to the end.

They never stopped loving each other. They never stopped being each other’s family.

And Lucretia couldn’t bear their pain. She saw the way they hurt - saw them becoming colder, or sadder, or quieter - and she couldn’t take it. She chose to be alone for the chance to make them happy again. She tried so hard to make them happy again.

I don’t know if she’s aware that their individual happiness was limited - I don’t know if she knows how much pain they all faced eventually - but she must have seen them happy at the Bureau. Making friends, doing things they loved that maybe they’d stopped doing shortly before their memories were gone, making jokes like they used to - that must have been like coming home for Lucretia.

Lucretia loves her family so much.

My ideal type of boyfriend

*Someone as intelligent as Namjoon

*Someone as cute as Namjoon

*Someone as caring as Namjoon 

*Someone as talented as Namjoon 

*Someone as honest as Namjoon 

*Someone as thoughtful as Namjoon 

*Someone as hardworking as Namjoon 

*Someone as loyal as Namjoon

*Someone as mature as Namjoon

*Someone as funny as Namjoon

*Someone as sexy as Namjoon

*Someone as precious as Namjoon

*Someone as handsome as Namjoon 

*Someone as good at rapping as Namjoon 

*Someone as inspirational as Namjoon

*Someone as tall as Namjoon

*Someone as cool as Namjoon 

*Someone as clumsy as Namjoon 

*Someone as good at singing as Namjoon

*Someone with as great personality as Namjoon

*Someone with as deep voice as Namjoon 

*Someone with as cute dimples as Namjoon

*Someone with as beautiful smile as Namjoon 

*Someone with as great fashion sense as Namjoon 

*Someone as good at composing music as Namjoon

*Someone as amazing as Namjoon 




So basically he just has to be Kim Namjoon!  

Do you ever just watch BTS videos and feel happy because they exist? Because Sleepy introduced Namjoon to Bang Sihyuk and he had an idea to form a group? Because Jin was at that street at that exact time and got casted? Because Yoongi saw the poster advertising the “Hit It” and decided to audition? Because Hoseok choose Bighit over JYP? Because Jungkook couldn’t get in when he auditioned for Superstar K3 and was casted by BigHit’s staff? Because Jimin was recommended to audition by his teacher? Because Taehyung followed his friend to his audition and was noticed by company’s staff ? Because these 7 dorks had changed your life for the better?

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why do people talk about Jonathan Groff more than Okieriete Onaodowan? Jon left Hamilton months ago and is literally on stage for like 10 minutes. Oak has an amazing range and is the last original cast member. Why does no one talk about him. Why wasn't he nominated for a Tony. I need answers.