and i love it for it

  • scientist 1: so we found these cool new creatures at the bottom of the ocean what should we call them
  • scientist 2: idk man they look like techinicolor sausages with guy fiery hair
  • scientist 2: ...sea....cucumber
  • scientist 1: nah we gotta make it sound Scientific™
  • scientist 1: ...nudibranch
  • scientist 2: why tho
  • scientist 1: ᵗʰᵉʸ ⁿᵃᵏᵉʸ

I’m saddened and disgusted at the announcement that transgender people can no longer serve in the US military. Trump has done literally no good whatsoever since he became “president” (cause honestly it doesn’t even feel like we have a president, just a village idiot that decided to take over), and the only good job he’s done is successfully un-doing literally all progress we’ve made. These are people who are willing to die for his undeserving and pathetic ass, and he treats them like this? Because of “medical costs”? Here’s an idea, take the money out of the fund for that wall that we don’t need and that will be more than enough to cover it. smh, what a fucking joke.