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Broduce 101: Episode 6 (Quick Livestream Recap)

Contains spoilers.

  • Jihoon leads the trainees’ greeting to BoA, quick recap of rankings and eliminations last ep
  • All of them has started looking a lot more polished, the stylists must have more time with fewer trainees to focus on
  • Voting after the next mission rankings eliminate all trainees after rank 35
  • Position rankings!
  • Four songs for rap, dance, vocal. BoA’s Amazing Kiss is there too. Team picks by rank, of course
  • Ong-ssi doesn’t want Hyunbin on his dance team and Hyunbin says he doesn’t want to dance anyway
  • Samuel’s blond is really not a flattering shade, he looks so much nicer with darker hair. He didn’t want to be on the same team as Jihoon, who is likely to get the highest votes and edge out his teammates but they both picked Jason Derulo’s Get Ugly
  • So did Ahn Hyungseob
  • And Kang Daniel 
  • And Ong ssi 
  • Rekt.
  • They’re all feeling the stacked team burden, but Samuel and Hyungseob specially lol
  • Jisung picks IOI’s Downpour for vocal but isn’t very confident
  • The lower ranking trainees groan as the teams and songs they want get filled up
  • Woodam has to dance, he’s disappointed he can’t sing and cries because he wanted to use his advantage to its fullest :(
  • Everyone is worried about the Playing with Fire team w/ Sewoon, Baekho, Daehwi and Minki, who have the most potential to shake things up
  • Daehwi is made to look a bit scared of sang namja Baekho, specially considering their friction over the Boy in Love doubling
  • Sewoon aka CEO-nim is leader for their team, and Baekho wants to be main vocal. 
  • Daehwi bows out, since everyone tore the teenager down for being a teenager last few episodes. His dark hair is a good look on him.
  • They’re not a team that has a lot in common, they’re a bit hesitant with each other. Even I can see the awkward air, editing aside. 
  • Sewoon gets some screentime with lowkey friction with Baekho because they clash over the direction they want to take the cover. 
  • Daehwi gets even more nervous
  • Im Youngmin picked Boys and Girls with Donghyun but they don’t look pleased. 
  • It’s actually because Kim Dongbin picked the song too.
  • He apologises because he at least is aware of his lack of skills but is apparently a rapper trainee. The BNM kids aren’t sure what to do, since they’ve clearly trained long and well unlike him, but they try to help
  • Vocal kings Joo Jinwoo and Kim Seunglee battle it out for main vocal in their vocal team
  • Kim Seunglee gets centre because his teammates share my opinion about his voice being lovely and yet somehow distinct
  • The team only has Yehyun who knows music theory so he takes the lead arranging the cover
  • Kim Yongguk finally gets his screentime because he misses his fellow trainee, who left early on. No one even knows he’s a singer, they’re never heard his voice but he sings and they’re impressed because it sounds melancholy and sweet
  • Tiptoe Oppa Park Sungwoo picked a dance team
  • All the trainees pull the most meme faces when he enters with Shape of You as his pick. Daniel’s is particularly meme worthy. 
  • Noh Taehyun is worried, he didn’t want to have to coach anyone but he enters with the Shape of You card 
  • Bright eyed Park Sungwoo waits for him with the same song and he sighs, knowing where this is going.
  • He gets picked as leader for their team too, which is a good choice. 
  • The team compete with their expressions to pick centre and they all pick Noh Taehyun for this too
  • He carried the double sticker load well, quickly choreographing and coaching his team. A good edit for this boy after ages.
  • Moonbok, Lai Guanlin, Taemin, Jonghyun (who of course is leader) are doing Mino’s Fear
  • Lai Guanlin wants to be centre and raps in English. His flow is actually better when not in Korean. His team lets him write lyrics in English to up his skills
  • He edges out the good natured Moonbok, who did want the position since his rank’s been dropping but acknowledges Guanlin is cooler. 
  • Blame your hyungs, Hip Hop President
  • Hong Eunki is leader for Right Round dance team, he wants to replicate the Bang Bang effect
  • Haknyeon vs Hwanwoong for centre, but shockingly Hwanwoong gets centre because they’re not sure if they’ve ever seen Haknyeon’s skills
  • It makes him do a Kwon Hyunbin because he’s disappointed, making a lot of mistakes
  • Smiley Eunki pushes through, but this isn’t making Haknyeon look great
  • Cut to performance day!
  • Random audience member: Kang Daniel is TOO sexy!
  • Super Junior Leeteuk is MC because BoA’s busy. The crowd are shook. He’s a seasoned MC but I like my nervous SM queen :(
  • BoA drops in unannounced during rehearsals and summons the boys, who all run to come see her. She tells them in person she won’t be able to be there in person for their second live performances, so asks for a run through of their stages
  • Vocal performances have a live band! That’s really cool, I’m impressed Mnet.
  • If it is You Team has Yongguk played up a lot this episode, maybe because of his off screen popularity despite his screentime? He gets a lot of love and support from his team to boost his confidence awwww
  • The power of friendship makes his voice stronger (or, just, you know, singing a song in his range). Coach Lee Seokhoon compliments his tone, says it’s innocent like a middle schooler, which is exactly what I thought. It’s very pure, for some reason
  • RBW Lee Gunhee cries everytime he sings
  • Everyone is shook by how pretty his voice his, it’s so emotive, and this song helps bring it out.
  • I’ll cover performances at length in their own dedicated post, but let it be known that they were all really good. A mix of strong vocalists, and the song suits them to a T. 
  • Yehyun<Jinwoo<Seunglee<Yongguk for rankings. Arctic Fox powers up!
  • Dance team’s Flo Rida’s Right Round is up
  • They had behind the scenes issues with Haknyeon messing up and forgetting his moves. He really wanted centre because he didn’t get a chance to have many parts last time too, and he thinks Eunki has too many prominent parts despite not being centre
  • Kahi calls them out for letting teamwork issues spoil their performance. 
  • Haknyeon and Eunki have a talk. Jeju boy wants to stand out because he’s worried about his fall in ranks, he cries and Eunki reassures him. They talk and make up and of course, their performance improves instantly
  • Briefly: I didn’t know Namhyung was going to be on this team, Hyunbin does his K-Tigers thing, Yoo Hwiseung does a lip swipe, Haknyeon gets his moment to shine. It starts off okay, gets underwhelming but picks up towards the end. Pretty average.
  • I can’t stop getting distracted by Chungha in the audience
  • Hwiseung looks good with his hair up. He flaps his hands as they wait for the result, just like he did last time. He’s growing on me, this cutie.
  • Namhyung<Hwiseung<Hyunbin<Eunki<Haknyeon
  • Zico’s Boys and Girls is up for Rap evals
  • BNM feel the burden of their label, and do well at practice
  • Dongbin can’t rap even reading the lyrics in front of him. Cheetah can’t take it.
  • His teammates are getting frustrated but want him to just have confidence and try. He cries again, of course, but his teammates support him with more patience than I have even just watching this
  • In brief: BNM hard carry the whole performance, Youngmin forgets a bit of his lyrics and they play it up far too much. Dongbin sounds out of breath the whole time and flat. Donghyun gets no attention for being consistently good. Underwhelming, all in all.
  • Dongbin<Donghyun<Youngmin for rankings. Youngmin cries out of guilt.
  • Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You for Dance evals
  • Dance battle in rehearsals
  • Park Woojin kills it
  • Eunki does some more of his booty popping
  • Samuel and Ong-ssi do their thing
  • Noh Taehyun’s krumping makes all the trainees starry eyed, they think he’s the best dancer
  • His team…is lagging, Kahi says the choreo doesn’t suit the music
  • Noh Taehyun redoes chunks of choreo for sake of the performances
  • In brief: Noh Taehyun did good leading the team. They all look good, and it’s a neat little routine with a few impressive formations to make it look complex. I can’t wait for the fancams. I think this looks to be one of the best performances. 
  • Chungha shows her approval
  • They all get startled by the screen countdown in the waiting room, screaming when it pops up lol
  • Sungwoo<Junwoo<Donghan<Justin<Taedong<Taehyun for rankings.
  • Rise my boy Taehyun! Finally a voting that’s fair
  • Song Mino’s Fear for Rap evals. This was Lai Guanlin’s segment.
  • Oh god. Fire whoever did Moonbok’s hair. Awful. 
  • You’re so cruel, Mnet, really.
  • Lol Don Mills calls Lai Guanlin baby chick rapper.
  • Baby chick rapper is scared of performing in front of the teachers
  • They only critique his pronunciation. I guess he’s better at being a swaggy rapper than he is at dancing or singing
  • Nation’s Leader Jonghyun makes him practice his Korean pronunciation with a pen between his teeth, which is cute but is also a very good elocution trick. It helps him.
  • Angel Jonghyun, of course. 
  • Moonbok dedicates his bit to Hyunwoo, hold me, I’m in tears
  • In brief: Lai Guanlin looks like a real idol, and he’s not terrible. He has some sort of untrained talent there. Jonghyun references his Nu’est days and we get shots of his members and Kahi. Taemin has a nice rapping tone, I wasn’t expecting that. Moonbok’s emotions bleeds into his rap and he gives Hyunwoo a shoutout. 
  • Jonghyun made a tiny mistake that not even Mnet’s editing played up and cries
  • Moonbok<Taemin<Guanlin<Jonghyun. Jonghyun cries again out of guilt.
  • Blackpink’s Playing with Fire for vocal evals.
  • Oh, the boys look fine. The crowd goes wild, obviously agreeing. The voting for this one is going to be close.
  • Behind the scenes, they’re going for a band sound that they explain with too many technical details. Lee Seokhoon isn’t sure. 
  • Sewoon suggests an acoustic route, different from what Baekho said.
  • Much tense editing, and they go for acoustics. I mean, they love Busker Busker in SK, so it’s not a shock
  • Sewoon feels he needs his guitar to stand along his teammates on stage
  • They talk and come to an amiable agreement.
  • Daehwi’s look here is really fire emoji, he looks his age, but also more like an idol.
  • In brief: I’d like the original song if it sounded more like this. I can’t resist a bit of electric guitar and a gentle pop rock sound. Daehwi throws some confetti. Minki pull his idol persona out while Baekho and Sewoon sing their hearts out. They do a nice bit of showmanship. The synth in the back is too loud, but I’ll discuss that in in depth analyses. A good performance, all in all.
  • Minki<Daehwi<Baekho<Sewoon. He doesn’t expect it and feels bad for his groupmates.
  • Preview for stacked team for Jason Derulo’s Get Ugly. Next week is going to be a Mess.
  • Shockingly, rankings changed up. I’ll put this bit under a read more.

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One Love Manchester

So some of my friends on here might have noticed, some might not and that’s okay. Lately I’ve been pretty absent-minded, not only because of uni and personal stress. I don’t know how many of you are like me not only in the K-Pop fandom but are also part of the Ariana Grande fandom (Arianators), yet in the end it’s not really important to be because it affects us all, fan or not. 

You might guess by now what I’ll be talking about - the Manchester Attack at the Ariana Grande concert. I’ve been thinking about making a post about it since it happened and wasn’t sure whether to do it or let it be but my poor friend Paula has to keep handling my emotional self, bursting out into tears every few days, so maybe this is going to help me deal with all of this a little bit better.

I myself have been an Arianator for about 7 years by now. Having the pleasure of attending a concert of hers in 2015 and meeting her outside of those fan-idol-meetup-situations back in 2013, leading to another conversation with her in 2014, I feel like I know her like a friend. She gives us fans this feeling of not only being a fan to her but to actually being her friend. Always taking the time to talk to every single one of us, to take care of us like nobody else would (she actually took me inside of her hotel with her just so I wouldn’t catch a cold, who else would do that?) and to show us every single day how much we mean to her. She loves us like friends, not like fans who spend their money on her and that’s what makes our bond with her so special. 

Ariana is one of those people that do their best to spread love and support equality. She tells us to stand up for what we believe in, to fight hate with love instead of responding with hate, to be strong and independent and love not only each other but ourselves as well. Ariana is my biggest inspiration, she is my role model, my Queen, my source of power and self-love. Thanks to her, I started to love myself again every day a little bit more, thanks to her I started to fight for what I believe in, thanks to her I gained confidence in myself. I owe her a lot and there are no words in this world that could express how thankful I am to have her as my role-model.

When I heard the news that this attack happened at one of her concerts, my world stopped. Of course I was worried about the people being hurt. I was sick to the stomach. There were so many children at this concert. So many teenagers. So many parents who just wanted their kids to have a good time. So many lives that had been destroyed in a matter of seconds at a place that should be filled with love and laughter. Another prominent thought was “why her?”. Why would anyone want to hurt her? Her, who only spreads positivity and nothing else. I think the answer is - to hit where it hurts the most. Children were attacked because they’re the vulnerable ones, they cannot fight back. Their parents would be helpless no matter if they were there or waiting at home for them to come back safely. They chose Ariana’s concert because of those exact reason. Because she spreads love. Because she’s strong. Because she’s an inspiration. Because there would be so many children. They wanted to take her down and all of her supporters with her.

They didn’t succeed. Even though we have lost 22 beautiful human beings and many have been injured, we’re still standing strong and we’ll still be spreading love and kindness. We’ll still be going to concerts and still enjoy our lives to the fullest. These demons will not bring us down. 

Many have asked me, why I get so emotional with this topic when I wasn’t even there and I’ll try to give you an explanation. This is what I also told my best friend Paula just yesterday (I had to translate it so sorry if there are any mindless errors) but it seemed to bring my point across pretty well:

Even though I don’t know the deceased, they’re like me. They’re young people who love music. Concerts make them happy, it gives them the love they need, the air to breathe, it’s their second home. They’re parents who loved their children just like my parents love me, who were on their way to pick up their kids, ready to listen to them ramble about the best night of their life and just be happy for their young ones. They’re people like you and me that just wanted to see their idol and have a good time. Even though they’re not from my country and I don’t know them, I have things in common with all of them. With every single one of the 22 who have been murdered and everyone who is still in the hospital recovering. I can’t and I won’t let them being forgotten. I will never forget this, never in my entire life. Even though I wasn’t there, every time I think about it, I have a physical pain shooting through my heart which makes my head hurt as a consequence. It just doesn’t stop. I wasn’t there at the arena when it happened, I wasn’t even in front of the arena, not even in the same country. But my heart was with Ariana and all of the fans. My heart broke even though I wasn’t there in person.

I want to add that this is for everyone who enjoys going to concerts, who is part of any kind of fanbase - it affects us all. You don’t even have to be part of a fanbase at all, just a human with a caring heart. 

I’m not saying that every other terroristic attack on this planet isn’t bad or isn’t as bad as the attack in Manchester. They’re all horrible, no matter where they happen. It’s just that this one has affected me the most. This one hits me where it hurts the most. This one makes my heart hurt in a way that’s barely bearable because I see myself and all of my friends and family in the faces of the deceased.

I saw my mutuals on twitter looking for their loved ones or being looked for themselves. I saw them coming out of the arena completely disturbed and terrified of what they had experienced. I went through the process of looking for the missing people with them, only to find out that many of them were taken away from us. I might not have known them personally but it felt like I did. After all those hours of searching, helping and hoping, it felt like I did know them all. 

Watching the One Love Manchester show yesterday, seeing the audience standing together, sharing the happiness but also crying together with the artists, made my heart fill with joy yet with pain. So many heartbreaking words were shared with all of us, yet so many wise and motivational speeches were held that it was a mix of emotions. It’s something that I struggle to put into words, you should experience it yourself to fully understand.   

Honestly, I have no idea where I was going with this post. I just want you guys to know that you shouldn’t be scared. Keep living your life to the fullest. Don’t let them destroy beauty and happiness. We can fight against it. 

Remember the people who have passed during that attack. Don’t let their death just pass by, they deserve so much more. Here are all 22 deceased who’s lives have been taken unnecessarily due to pure evil:

Saffie Rose Roussos, 8

Nell Jones, 14

Sorrell Leczkowski, 14

Eilidh MacLeod, 14

Olivia Campbell, 15

Megan Hurley, 15

Chloe Rutherford, 17

Georgina Callander, 18

Liam Curry, 19

Courtney Boyle, 19

John Atkinson, 28

Martyn Hett, 29

Kelly Brewster, 32

Philip Tron, 32

Angelika Klis, 39

Marcin Klis, 42

Elaine McIver, 43

Alison Howe, 45

Michelle Kiss, 45

Lisa Lees, 47

Wendy Fawell, 50

Jane Tweddle-Taylor, 51

Rest In Peace tiny elephants. Ariana will never forget you and neither will I. 

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RFA + V and Saeran with children from a previous relationship x Mc

Zen: You found out one day when the two of you were hanging out in his apartment and throughout his house there was many pictures two adorable children one boy and one girl, you didn’t ask about it since you didn’t want to invade his privacy. He also had given the pictures many not so hidden glances and that usually ended with him having a really happy smile, you may not have known they were his children but you could tell they were very important to him.

*You met the two little adorable angels one day when you were on your way back to Zens house with a crap ton of food in your hands and the two of them stared at you with.

*K think of all the movies that have the whole kids don’t like the new person there parent is dating and that was your life.

*The kids stayed with their Mom for most of the time but she was legit an angel and would let the kids come over to Zen’s house whenever she was busy or when they had free time…… they really didn’t like you at first.

*However you could understand where they were coming from so you didn’t mind it that much plus they weren’t that bad they just stuck their tongues at you

*The little boy of his is majorly protective and usually had his face in a pout or some angry expression but was very sweet and was a very protective bro to his family.

* the little girl would be pissed if her daddy called you a kawaii nickname of any sort “Daddy I thought I was your princess😫” .“Yes yes you are my #1 princess honey” he would say And this leads to him eventually starting to call you his queen~

*Zen asked you to watch the kids for a while until he came back from rehearsal you agreed but weren’t expecting the events that followed to happen ( u were prepared for the worst).

*You had the kids watch your favorite childhood movie and at first they were both like this is stupid but by the end they were tots invested and were acting scenes out by the time their dad was

home while you made some of there fav treats.

*They sort of accepted you after that and they hadn’t ever called you there Mom but they’d always call you Miss Mc and maybe it was just you but you felt there was a hidden meaning in that somewhere.

*As they got older you received gifts from them a lot and if anyone gave you a problem be it magazines or people on the streets they would be ready to fight.

Jumin:  Jumin had explained very bluntly what had happened for him to become a father and you could tell that he was a trying his best the mother of his child had been out of the picture since birth never before had he mentioned he wanted you to meet them or become one of their parental figures until one day he called and was like a limo will be there in 30 min look nice and be ready please you’re having dinner with the most important people in my life and ended the call you followed his advice you hoped that everything was going to go okay and you wouldn’t screw anything up but it seems kind of silly now that you were worried over having dinner with your boyfriend, his child and his cat.

The babe was a year old when you meet them.

* This babe’s bae was the definition of smol and was hella spoiled and one time he was fussing so loud when you held him you thought the baby hated you until when you gave the kiddo back to the nanny for nap time and they started screaming until they were back into your arms

*Pretty soon they were treating you like a teddy bear and demanded you hold or snuggle them almost all day

*Always called you their mother before knowing you actually weren’t and when they’re old enough to know and you tell them it’s okay if they don’t want to call you that they refuse this and now call you mom more than ever

*Elizabeth the 3rd was their best friend and they have a bunch of plushies in there room still

*The three of you would have little golf tournaments and you’d always lose

*Whenever they would have to deal with Jumin’s father or the child’s mother you’d both become very protective and watchful the two of you will not allow them to hurt your kid emotionally cus you didn’t want them to get hurt emotionally by people concerned with other things in life like money

Yoosung: You’ll admit it was hard at first to imagine this childlike man having a kid but you weren’t one to judge and accepted it on the spot you came over one day to spend the weekend at Yoosung’s apartment and you almost passed out from the kawaii overload of him and his daughter passed out on the couch

*You soon found out Yoosung had a daddy mode and he would sometimes uses it on you if you were sick or something but usually was left for his daughter

*This little girl idolized you  a lot and thought you and her daddy were the coolest things

*Her plans for the future is to save all the animals and be just as nice and pretty as Mc!

*Is already addicted to a v-tech and lololol

*She usually does the shopping with you or anything else to help when Yoosung is still in school

*The two of you will also marathon the shit out of cartoons

*Make breakfast together and it’s fun shaped pancakes and some differently colored foods

*Sometimes does mother’s day quality things for you when it’s not even close and out of the blue

Saeyoung: okay so choi boy Numéro uno didn’t think it was a big deal for him to know everything about you while you knew only a little bit of his life. You on the other hand respected his privacy but still wished you could know more about him anyways some reasonable time later when saeyoung is at like level 666 of being in love with you he brings you to the bunker after a casual date and it’s in ruins-_-  a child that you learn is Saeyoung’s is in a superhero costume and tackles Saeyoung to the ground Vanderwood is currently tied up with a look that screams that they won’t be babysitting again and there is somehow honey budda chips on the ceiling (you soon guess that this is a normal everyday day sort of thing)

When Saeyoungs kid does notice you he is all like why is the person in the cameras here?  And you blush and are not sure what to say Saeyoung instead speaks for you “this is your new mama” que some awkward seconds before the kid nods looks at you again and then tackles you to the couch as well

*You got along with them fine but didn’t form a really tight relationship until you moved in with the three Choi’s (Saeyoung and uncle Saeran live together fite me on this🌠.)


*The kind of child that thought it would be funny to see how you’d react to him getting hurt and he wasn’t expecting you to act the way you did and they felt pretty bad…. So he faked the injury until he was “cured” you don’t know of this to this day

*WOULD only call you mom if they were in trouble but would also mumble or whisper it

*Was a silly little shit who only would want his eggs a certain ways and was a very picky eater and would love off of junk food and unbeknown to yourself he was the one stealing all of the food you made in the fridge

*is obsessed with many famous internet cats and the two of you bond over this

Jaehee: It was no secret that Jaehee was overworking a shit ton but you never guessed that she also juggling taking care of a child and making sure that they were given plenty of time with her she was a super

*Jaehee told you about her kid pretty early on into your relationship but it took you while to finally get some quality time with her but the two of you got along from the beginning

*Jaehee’s child had the most beautiful and elegant name you had ever heard and her eyes were always so full of wonder she was also quite energetic and kept Jaehee shook or on her toes 24/7

*You tried to help as much as you could for your bae whether it be with simple paperwork or cooking some dinner to listening to her child’s demands of a signing Zen for five hours -_-

*Jaehee’s girl could be just like her mama and was an awesome caregiver she’d harass Jaehee into not overworking herself and could make a pretty good coffee or tea with supervision~

*When she did call you a form of Mother it would be Mama and Jaehee would be called Mommy so there wouldn’t be a lot of confusion /at least for her/

*Jaehee’s heart melted the first time she heard her little girl call you Mama and she was so happy with her life and wouldn’t change it for anything she was close to tears

V:  Your may have been in love with V but you knew he didn’t feel the same about (you at least in the beginning). From what you knew Rika V’s ex was out of the picture for quite some time once he started talking to  you. It was kind of a hard time for you since you didn’t know what to do with knowing the abuse of what Rika to V, being in love with him and it seemed like everything was messy and not crystal clear when it came to the two of you. It confused you, made you emotional and usually got the better of you. A certain heavy sadness entered your heart and wouldn’t always go away. The time he mentions the two of you meeting you are shook. You had only seen his son in pictures and despite the worry and doubt that you kept into the back of your mind you agreed and set it all aside and hoped for the best and tried your hardest to be the kind of person the two of them needed. On  the day V brought over his son you made a promise to the two of them you would be someone who could not replace but help heal and create a happier future that was all you wanted and even if it wasn’t with you or they couldn’t love you the same way and if you were just a friend to V it wasn’t at that bad you wouldn’t have it any other way. (they actually did love you more than anything and everything)

*This baby boy was extremely beautiful and he had the sweetest smiles as well but was extremely shy and took him a while to open up to you.

*When he did he was just as sweet if not sweeter than V.

*He doesn’t really have vivid memories of her but from what his Dad told him about Rika she was a very lovely and kind person but he likes to think of you as his mama in his head since you are the person he has come to know and love.

*When he realized that you had a become sad whenever he called you mom or anything so he asked you about and learned that you were reluctant to letting him call you his mom since you really weren’t in any position to be something that important and you were just a friend of his dad so you tried to explain this to him and he gets a sad puppy face with some slight tears in his eyes and hugged you and says it doesn’t matter and you are his momma later if you’re worried about this or if anyone says anything he will become slight yandere and extremely overprotective yet really kawaii to you

*Has a camera and until he learns how to use it the pics are jumin level blurry/( #pics of his otp v x mc 4lifeee.)

*Pretty much the reason you and V got together by tricking the two of you into lots of alone time at the parks and getting ice cream

*Would be always giving you flowers at least once a month

Saeran: It was a surprise to both of you when you heard the news that Saeran was a father. Your boyfriend held no memories of impregnating another person but given his past it wasn’t exactly a thing out of the realm of possibility, the authorities contacted him since the mother of his child would be out of the picture permanently given the abuse she was inflicting on her child and if no one else could take her she would be going into foster care…. Needless to say letting her go wasn’t even considered an option and Saeran was extremely disappointed in himself for letting his child go through some of the same cruel experiences he faced as a child Since you were already living with him (and Saeyoung) Saeran you both are very thankful that the little girl was now in your care but it is going to take a very long time for her to heal the scars that she now has both emotionally and physically. The two of you are learning this as you go and you’re both trying your hardest.

*She began to live with the two of you when she was five and she hardly spoke so this concerned the two of you majorly but you gave her just enough space to get used to things.

*Her daddy would be at a loss of what to do for words or actions so you helped with a bit and somehow the three of you bonded over coloring books.

*She came around eventually and you could usually find her laughing at her uncle’s silliness or staying close to her Papa and she loved to color or cook with you as well.

*Daddy’s girl 400% and would be like a shadow and follow him around and would love piggyback and he would do anything for his little girl he understands exactly what she went through and refuses to have his baby suffer anymore

*However she still hadn’t spoken a word in the two years that she had been there in till one seemingly normal day after dinner she hugged both you and Saeran and a quiet and shy goodnight to her daddy before heading off to bed…. Before she could head to her room Saeran picked her up and all three of you watched t.v on the couch and cuddled bed time be damned.

*The first time she did speak to you it ended in happy tears she had the sweetest voice (p.s she probs if she could punch uncle Saeyoung for tickling her😂).

*The first time she calls you mom is when she is 9 and you were baking cookies together and you tripped and hit your head on the counter `~` The poor babe screamed and had a ton of tears and was like “Mommy please wake up” and was having a slight breakdown Uncle Seven was thankfully home and handled things decently after almost fainting from the scene himself he took you to the hospital and you ended up getting a concussion.

*Thanks to that incident she grew even more close and protective of her fam especially you and has called you her Mom since that day.

@/n i am so sorry I accidentally deleted the first one -_- ,nevermind that I hope you enjoy it still and merry Christmas!!!!!

Weekly Idol

Request: if your requests are open, can you do an imagine where the reader and EXO are on weekly idol show and she needs to do aeygo/play pepero game with Sehun and others tease him about it,because he secretly likes her?

admin k: disclaimer - i’ve never watched a full episode of weekly idol and i can’t figure out how it works lol. also idk the host’s names, so bear with me lmao pce

Originally posted by luedeer

genre: fluff i guess

word count: 1542

pairing: sehun x reader

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My Top 10 K-Dramas of 2013 - What's Yours? [Spoiler Alert]

2013 is about to end and K-dramaland has been kind in bringing us so many goodies this year. Below are my Top 10 favs on the year (my favs so it might not be yours so please don’t judge) :

The Book of the House of Gu

While the ending was a bit meh because WHY THE HELL did Lee Seung Gi have to be such a chaebol like person in modern Korea and all when it could have ended less cheesily but other than that I really enjoyed the drama. Suzy and Lee Seung Gi had great chemistry and the other characters were really well executed to, like Choi Jin Hyuk the forest god daddy and Yoo Yoon Seok as the possessed hyung. And god how much I love these two actors now.

Empress Ki

This drama is amazing. It is still going on now (because it is those 50 ep super long dramas) but I am pretty sure I will cling on all 50 episodes. All the actors are superb and while I got a feeling Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo are supposed to be the otp (because of the Ep 1 K-drama styled stare), I cannot help but love the chemistry and scenes between her and Ji Chang Wook (I love him but I am not being bias here). The puppy emperor is too adorable and right now there is more of a legit reason for the two to be together as they are both ally-less and alone in this freaky baddies infested court of intrigues. Like nearly everyone in this drama is up to something O.O I forsee myself going down with another ship after Reply 1994.

Good Doctor

One of the best medical K-dramas in a good long time and Joo Won was played the role of an awkward genius young doctor with savant syndrome perfectly. The background to his character made the drama all the more interesting and perhaps brought the idea of helping people in a medical drama without being that cheesy (because his character has more reason to stop people from dying and to believe in it stubbornly). Moon Chae Won was also great and jksjkdnslkakncklas it’s just a drama that I would highly recommend. It just makes me feel fluffy inside :)

I Can Hear Your Voice

I had my doubts when I first started because it had the oh we met when we were young thing going on but I think the age difference yet opposite to what you expect in the maturity of the characters really got my attention in the get go. Lee Jong Suk portrayed his mind-reader role really well and I like how the story made his use of it for justice less forced on like what you would expect from a show with a super power possessing lead. Lee Bo Young nailed the playful immature and at times condescending public defender who grew to care for others like she used to while keeping the sassy attitude. Also kudos to Kim Sohyun who played Lee Bo Young’s counter part really well, allowing the growth in the character to be all the more realistic. I also admire the work done for Lee Da Hee’s storyline as most second female leads get demoted to the love ruining villainess and cunning master of manipulation without much explanation or some really unrealistic back story. But this role had development and a reasonable story too so YAY! Also, this drama had one of the better K-drama endings in the year to boot :D

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

So I heard an American Version is being made and I am not surprised. This drama was that good. Unlike the overused back in time model used by many dramas already, this drama actually had a murder mystery for us to follow, with the hero’s love life being tossed back and forth in the most gut wrenching ways possible with every change he makes to the reality keeping us on our toes. This was a great breakout role for Lee Jin Wook who portrayed our cold city man time traveller extremely well while bringing out his emotions at each discovery and change with ease. Jo Yoon Hee was also a pleasant surprise (for me because I never watched anything with her in it before) and her role as the cute but tough journalist was a breathe of fresh air from the pretty poor girl or stunning idol heroines as of late.

Queen of Ambition

Seriously, this drama is so melo, it made me have my doubts in humanity. If North Korea hates Kim Tae Hee for Stairway to Heaven, someone needs to smuggle this drama there and they will discover that things only get worst with Soo Ae. You think she will kill an old man? NO. She tells him his missing son is dead. You think she will blackmail someone with proof of dirty secretsNO. She does that with so much skill she can out pwn a manipulative CEO with blank sheets of A4 paper. She is that good. And there is Kwon Sang Woo, whose amazing acting brought the hero, the man blinded by love now out for revenge, so believable to the point when he was really out to get her, you are scared of him too. Basically you have two amazing actors on a show down of wits and life ruining. Splendid stuff to wet your pants from fear but also cry your eyes out for our poor second male lead of TVXQ‘s Yunho and second female lead Go Jun Hee who involuntarily gets stuck in the mix.

Reply 1994

One of my favourite dramas of the year no doubt. While it was not super dramatic like Queen of Ambition or good at mystery as Nine (why you drag this hubby mystery for so long…), this was one of the best slice of life coming of age K-dramas ever. The emphasis on friendship and growing up together as a family was done fantastically, giving time for all characters to flesh them out into people that seem so real that we cannot help but love (maybe not to Yoo Yoon Seok’s love line though, oh well he left the show with all the woman who watched the drama dying to marry him) Go Ara was also really good, kicking all the critics away with a slipper (say that in Masan dialect XD) as the epic Na Jung who grew from wild girl to mature woman. Jung Woo also broke out as the reliable and manly Oppa for all Korean women (who will trash your house).

School 2013

Korea and its school problems have been touched on in many dramas but School 2013 has to be the most direct one of all. Apparently, there is even more work done in Korean schools now against bullying because of the success of the drama. And of course other than great acting from Choi Daniel and Jang Na Ra, School 2013 won’t be so great without the famous bromance between Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woobin, which led to a real life bromance off screen (and speculations that the two are a gay couple)


Oh betrayal. After watching Queen of Ambition and Secret, it really makes me wonder if that many people go to jail for their loved ones in Korea. Isn’t it guaranteed they will betray you and leave you to rot in there? Isn’t that the point? Oh well, I won’t complain since this drama is so good and this is needed to get it going! Ji Sung was AMAZING (wow you and your wifey are a on roll this year ;) ) and Hwang Jung Eum did such a good job. And Lee Da Hee AGAIN (you killing these second female lead roles girl) wowed me. Now thank you, Bae Soo Bin for doing so well in reminding me yet again that power ruins people in K-dramaland.

The Sun of My Master

The smartest drama of the year - seriously a female lead who sees ghost and a male lead who by touching her stops that from happening; THE PERFECT FORMULA FOR ENDLESS SKINSHIP OPPORTUNITIES!!! Now add in Kong Hyo Jin as the ghost seeing girl and So Ji Sub as the guy she must touch - BAM! Fans = dead. Ok, just to ensure we kill a few more fangirls, let’s also add in Seo In Guk and give him a super hot role and let Infinite's L be mini So Ji Sub! Other than an wonderful storyline, that’s enough reason to watch it, but seriously, watch it for the story XD

What’s your Top 10 K-Dramas of the Year? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and may the drama sharing begin (and the road to more excuse for holiday procrastination!)

The Bangtan Gal Chapter 55- He’s Smitten

A/N- Just read! I’m sure you’ll like it. And stay loyal to Jungkook :) Was in my feelings.

Summary- Jungkook’s white shirts go missing. Jen gets noticed by Baekhyun. Bam Bam finally meets Jennie at Dream concert. Jennie checks out Jungkook’s English. 

Genre- FLUFF FLUFF AND AWAY! Major JenKook fluff. (Has the fluff thirst been quinched?)

Words- 12,900+

Member: Jungkook

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I Just Hit The Lotto - Sehun

Originally posted by lawlliets

Other Parts: Kyungsoo Chen Kai Lay Baekhyun Chanyeol Suho Xiumin

I was sitting in the back of a car with my boyfriend Sehun and his two friends Suho and Chanyeol heading over to the boy’s ware house casino and home after a long day of business. Being the boy’s assistance was both a blessing and a curse because I’m the only girlfriend who knows how dangerous what the boy’s do actually is but I’m glad at the same time because Sehun can open up and talk to me.

Arriving at the ware house we get out Sehun and I heading around the back avoiding the casino as the other two head inside. Getting into our room I head straight for the bathroom stripping my clothes off along the way before running a bath and getting in it turning on the bubbles trying to relieve some of the tension that built up today.

Sehun walks into the bathroom coming up behind me and kneeling down, kissing my shoulder before placing his hands on my shoulders massaging them.
“You okay my queen?” He asks as I lean my head back against the bath tub.
“Yeah I just hate when business meetings turn bad and you boys get hurt” I tell him feeling bad that when these things happen I can’t do anything to help them and that Sehun always has to protect me.
“Baby you know that it’s all part of the job plus the other guys always come out of it worst off” He says standing up and starting to undress himself.
“I know but a lot of the time it’s you protecting me when you really get hurt, I just feel so useless. I was thinking about taking a self-defence class just so I’m not completely helpless” I say moving forward so he can slip in behind me.
“Whatever you need to feel safe my gorgeous sexy beautiful queen” He says pulling me back so my back is against his chest.
“You have all your money and other expensive things you get from winning the lotto but you’re my lotto winning Sehun” I say turning around putting my legs on either side of him and running my hand down his chest till it reaches his cock, wrapping it around him and stroking him nice and slow feeling him become rock hard under my grip.
“And you are my greatest lotto winning baby” He says back following my lead and running one of his hands down my body till it reaches in between my legs and he slides two fingers inside me matching the pace I was stroking him at.

Having enough of teasing each other I move my hand off of him before grabbing his wrist and moving his hand off me before sinking down onto him. Gripping his biceps hard and moaning out his name making a smug smirk appear on his face just like every other time I moan his name because he can never get used to me say it.

Moving up and down on him slowly because of 2 reasons, 1 being that we were in a bath and the water would go everywhere it we went too crazy and 2 being that Sehun and I liked doing it slow after coming back from a long shitty day of business. It’s funny because when I first meet Sehun I would of never thought he would be the type to do it slow and when we first started having sex it was always hard and fast he was always in charge but I was surprised to find out that he liked it slow too.

I connect my lips with his in a heated make out and tangle my fingers in his hair as I push up against him so that our chests are rubbing together and his hands are gripping at my ass.
“God I love you so much (Y/N)” Sehun says once he pulls away from my lips.
“I love you too Oppa, so fucking much” I say back to him never getting enough of him saying that.

I find my release before Sehun but it doesn’t take him long to find his after me. Kissing his lips once more I get off him, climbing out of the bath and grabbing two towels wrapping one around myself before handing one to Sehun who was now standing in the bath. After drying myself off I move into the bedroom quickly putting on some pyjama’s that are actually more like lingerie but the main point is for Sehun to like them.


Moving to the other side of the room I open the door and call out to our dog Vivi only for her to come running down the hall to seconds later. She runs straight into the room and jumps up onto the bed as Sehun enters the room turning into a little kid the second he sees her, jumping around playing with her making me laugh at how one minute he’s sexy and dominate and the next he’s like a baby who needs to be protected from the world but I wouldn’t have it any other way…

To: Chaelin (CL) Haters

Never would I have ever thought I’ll make a post like this. A post to defend a Kpop Idol. 

I can not understand why people hate and bash on Chaelin (CL from 2ne1) so much. A lot of people who criticize her have only stated stupid reasons such as her looks, her voice, her makeup, and her style. Not ONCE have I encounter a hater with a LEGIT reasons to why they dislike her or hate her. 

No, I am not calling you a “HATER” if you don’t like her. I’m talking about those who find stupid, ignorant reasons to bash her. If you’re going to talk smack about someone, at least make your argument logical enough for people to somewhat, consider is true. 

Here.. I’ll help explain and answer some questions that a lot of the unethical people have stated to “why” they hate her. 

“Idk why you people worship her. She doesn’t even work hard. She gets everything handed to her on a silver platter.”

You must not know what Entertainment she comes from huh? First off, let’s make this clear. NO IDOL GETS THINGS HANDED TO THEM. Do you know how long each Kpop idol have to train before debuting? Some of them ranges from 7-12 years of trainee before debuting. Just because you think someone get’s things easily, doesn’t mean they don’t work for it. 

Secondly, she’s from YG. You DO know that YG don’t debut any random artist right? That you have to be in their for at least 5+ years right? That there’s stages in YG to go through right? Unlike most Companies that are just a trainee stage… They have pre trainees, to trainees, to idols. YG don’t debut any person who doesn’t show potential, charisma, or talent. Plus, YG don’t mind dropping anyone who doesn’t “work hard." 

But I agree. Comparing her to other Kpop idols, she does get things a lot easier than most. BUT!!! Have you ever wonder why though? THAT’S BECAUSE SHE IS SUCCESSFUL. Want to know WHY she’s successful? BECAUSE SHE HAS WORKED EXTREMELY HARD TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL. 

So .. To make it easier to explain…

You work hard, you become famous, you become famous, you become successful, you become successful, you have connections, you have connections with people, you get things easier. 


And let me just say this now… EVERY KPOP IDOL WORKED THEIR ASSESS OFF TO DEBUT<<< So quit jumping onto a shallow judgement. 

"Idk why people praise CL for not doing surgery. She wears 10lbs of makeup.”

Indeed, true. But who doesn’t? You think just because your kpop idol doesn’t wear heavy eyeliner that they aren’t wearing a caked layer of bb creams, concealers, and powders? 

Pleaseeeeee….. Just because your kpop seems “flawless” are you really going to believe that they aren’t caked up with 10lbs of makeup too? Just because CL wears heavy eyeliner unlike most Kpop idols, she’s going to get criticize for that? 

Yea, she wears heavy eyeliner and you know what? She #WERKSIT.

What an Invalid argument.

So pretty much…. 
Kpop idol does surgery = OHH SO BAD!
Kpop idol don’t do surgery but wears make up = OHH SO BAD!

Just can’t win either way huh? 

“I don’t get why people hate Hyuna  and calling her a ‘Slut’ for showing skin but you don’t see people calling CL a 'Slut’ for showing skin.”

Is this even worth explaining? C'mon, don’t get me wrong.. I love Hyuna and I’m Hyuna Bias<<< But you can’t deny the obvious here.

CL wear exposing clothes, yes. But the difference between her and Hyuna is that CL wears exposing clothes and represents herself as a INDEPENDENT and POWERFUL women. 
Hyuna on the other hand, wears exposing clothes, rides a banana, drop-it-like-its-hot, grinds, pops/twerk, give you sex face looks, etc. Pretty much, Hyuna represents herself as a Sex Toy. Must we go on?

The vibe that CL gives off when she wears exposing clothes is different from Hyuna. CL gives off a “I don’t need no man, I don’t need anyone, I don’t give a f%ck.” Whereas Hyuna gives off that “Come here, I’m sexy, I’m bold, I’m seductive, etc." 

So…………. It’s a no brainer why people would much prefer CL in exposing clothes than Hyuna. (Once again, I’m Hyuna Bias but I can’t deny the truth).

Just look for yourself. You can clearly see these two females in less clothing, but both expressing in different ways. You bet, it was harder to find CL trying to be "sexy” while wearing less clothes than Hyuna. I even tried to play “nice” here and chose less provocative photos of Hyuna and more dramatic photos of CL (just incase people wanted to criticize and say I’m being unfair). But the way these two carry themselves while wearing less clothing is different. 

Sure, CL is obviously exposing her breast in the bottom left photos but the attitude in her posture, her pose shows the “I’m sexy and I’m confident.” Compared to Hyuna when exposing her clothes, it’s a seductive tease. 
(& before anyone wants to say it’s her dance moves, yes.. It’s her dance move.. But if I had chosen a different photo of her posing with her breast/cleavage hanging out… Trust me, it would just prove my point so [like I said before] this was the “less” provocative photo. All her other cleavage photo was posed with a seductive look or a finger in the mouth. And once again, I’m Hyuna Bias.. But I’m not going to act blind and sugarcoat her)

CL’s confident is what makes her “sexy”… Not her body (like Hyuna). 

“CL is ugly”

K, first off. F%ck you to whoever said that or have come to that conclusion. She is NO WHERE near ugly. Have you not seen this woman? She has the PERFECT (and I mean PERFECT) face shape, the perfect facial features, the perfect body curves, the perfect everything! This woman is strikingly fierce and strong! 

Now, I know people can’t get use to it because of the “makeup” but as stated before, not every kpop idol don’t wear tons of make up. CL just has the confident to wear heavy liners and bold lips. Just bc your kpop idol doesn’t, doesn’t mean one is less prettier than the other. 


“CL is so overrated, she can’t even rap.”

I agree, she’s overrated but you know what? She deserves it.

Please help me understand the connection of being overrated meaning you can’t rap. I get it, you must be bored and annoyed of hearing about her, but with the amount of hate she gets just from being “overrated” means she’s doing it right. 

But let’s focus on the “She can’t even rap” part. Indeed there are bound to be some better Female rapper than CL. But you can’t deny that in the KPOP IDOL INDUSTRY, she ranks one of the top.. NOTE, I said, “ONE OF THE TOP”, not “THE TOP.” She is well respected for her rapping because she can compose, rap, and freestyle. And I don’t see a lot of female rappers composing or free styling their raps. Most of the Kpop female rappers rap to lines that have been written for them and/or can only rap to other rapper’s rap. No originality at all. 

So yea, she may not be THE BEST, but she is definitely ONE of the best in the Kpop Entertainment. 

“CL is so boring”

Just sit down and think for a moment… 

She is the Leader of 2ne1, do you really think she can be acting like a fool? No. She is the leader, she has to hold the group down. Being a leader, she has to represent them well. And also, as a leader, you have to put your PROFESSIONAL game face on. So, boring? Yea, that’s exactly what it seems. 

But if you get to ever watch their 2ne1TV, you’ll get to see a little of her personality. She loves, mothers, and cares for the members very much. She loves to have fun, enjoys making new friends, laughing, and giving to others. She cares and wants the best for everyone. 

Maybe if you give her a chance to learn a little more about her when she’s off stage, you wouldn’t come to such a ignorant conclusion. 

Overall, CL may have her flaws, and of course, who doesn’t? We’re all human.. But it’s not about the way she looks, or the way she wears her makeup, or the way wears her clothes. She is respected by tons and tons of people for the way she carries herself. Because unlike most Kpop Idols, she doesn’t abide by the rules. She is the perfect example to “Personality beats Looks.” Yea, she may not have the best face, best features, but she damn well has the best charisma. The way she carries herself is like no other. She walks like a queen, enters a room like a queen, owns the stage like a king, and dresses like a queen. And that’s the perfect example of a confident, independent, successful woman. 

This post isn’t suppose to change your mind about her or anything. If you still dislike her, by all means you have your reasons and your rights. But all I’m saying is.. If you’re going to criticize her, or put her down.. Atleast make your reasons more rational. Not no stupid “she’s ugly” type of comments. That says more about YOU than her. 

Alright, PEACE OUT~

(lmk if you want me to defend your idols without being bias)

Top 10 Underrated Kpop Songs 2016 [Mainstream + Indie]

Originally posted by j1nwoo

2016 has come and gone before we knew it.  

Continuing with the K-Pop Timeout Tradition (see 2015 ver) of listing the Top 10 Most Underrated K-Pop Songs because all the other sites are just bothered with the Top 10 that pretty much everyone will have heard of/have fan wars over, below are our top 10 picks of songs that did not rank high but deserves your attention! This year we have added a section for underrated non-idol tracks too, in-line with the rise of non-mainstream genres in K-Pop in 2016.

Some of the artists have escaped the list in recent years to stardom (hello MAMAMOO, Zion.T & DEAN!) so hopefully it happens again!

This is in alphabetic order NOT order of awesomeness because all of them are awesome. Also all MVs are linked in the song titles because Tumblr won’t let me share that many videos in one post.

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Olicity Fanfic: Gracie

Title: Gracie by akaHAZZAP

Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: K+

Summary:  One shot, Oliver and Felicity discover she is pregnant for the first time. Written for Father’s day!

Author’s Note:  geniewithwifi made a cute competition for Oliver Queen Father’s Day and it has to involve Oliver Queen and his child/children. I had a ball and hope you enjoy reading this! Hopefully in the future I will continue the series but I am in the middle of writing a full length Bratva fic right now! :)

You can also read this chapter on Ao3 or

Oliver still remembered fondly to this day how they had found out about Gracie, his first daughter. Thea had made a snark comment about Felicity eating for two at a family BBQ which promptly lead to Felicity to slowly chew her mouth of burger before swallowing it in thought, before her eyes widened and locking with his in realisation. They had stared at each other for a brief moment, realisation hitting him just as hard as it hit her, his chest tightening slightly as his hand seeked out hers and giving it a reassuring squeeze. Now wasn’t the right time for this discussion, it would wait until they were alone and Connor was tucked up in bed.

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