and i love how when korra lets her guard down she really looks like her

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AU where pre-epiphany Tarrlok hits on Korra, Katara sense a disturbance in the force and appears in the city, making Tarrlok so uncomfortable he admits a douchy muddled version of his entire backstory to everyone's horror.

Hey anon I wrote >3000 words about this.

Tarrlok puts his hand on Korra’s shoulder and steers her back up the stairs towards the city hall, away from the reporters. There’s something charming about the way she blinks flashbulb after-images from her eyes.

The gala has gone spectacularly well so far.

He leads Korra to a corridor that’s relatively quiet, and it’s only then that she shrugs his hand away.

Tarrlok ignores a brief pang of annoyance, and keeps smiling. “You’re a natural at public speaking, I have to say. It’s not easy standing in front of the press, but you seemed completely confident.”

Korra looks over her shoulder, back to the stairs, then glowers at him. “Yeah, well, it wasn’t like I had a lot of choice.”

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Title: Ready [] [ao3]

Rating: M (smut)

Word Count: ~2300

Summary: Mako and Korra have only recently gotten back together, but their relationship has been missing a certain thing near and dear to both of their hearts…sex.

Author Note: Beginning of the scene is based off one from Castle. Other than that, this is shameless smut.



Korra relaxed into the sofa and perused through the newspaper, skimming through a few articles that caught her eye. It was just another quiet, uneventful evening with Mako. Not that she was complaining; after the past few years, she could only hope for a few months of calm before she was called upon again.

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Omegaverse- Asami's first child is not sired by Korra

(I had an idea come to mind when I saw the prompt. And this isn’t an Asami cheats on Korra thing. I wasn’t feeling evil enough to write that out.)

Korra didn’t know how to react to the one year old clinging to Asami’s neck.

When she first returned to the City after her impromptu rescue from Kuvira’s wrath, Tenzin had noticeably tensed up when she asked about Asami.

“Things are a bit different now,” Tenzin hesitantly informed her.

A brief bolt of panic struck her heart, “Is… she isn’t dating anyone else, is she?” A lump rose in her throat, “She’s not mated, is she?”

Tenzin quickly shook his head in the negative, “No, no. She hasn’t been dating anyone for over a year as far as I know. There’s just been a slight change in her family.”

“Oh,” Korra blinked, “Like a cousin or something? She find some extended relatives?”

The airbending master sighed, “It’s not my place to tell. Besides, I have a feeling she’ll want you to find out from her. It’s not something she’s made exceeding public yet.”

Well now she perfectly understood why.

Asami had a kid, a little boy with green eyes, brown hair, and light skin was looking curiously at her, his little nose twitching as he took in her scent.

The alpha didn’t know what to do.

It wasn’t uncommon for omegas to become parents at young ages, most were the products of heats.

And due to the fact that she couldn’t smell another scent etched into the CEO’s clothes, Korra had a feeling a heat was what probably caused the little ones’ conception.

Asami adjusted her hold on the squirming child, smiling happily at the newly returned alpha in front of her, “It’s been a while Korra. How’ve you been?”

“Besides getting my but handed to me by evil dictators?” Korra poked fun at herself, “I’ve been… finding myself.”

“I heard,” Asami sighed as the boy made a demanding sound, pointing at the ground with a determined, “MA!”

“Fine, fine,” the omega set the toddler onto his feet, watching carefully as he wobbled for a minute before finding his balance, “Go say hi to Korra for mama?”

He grinned toothily up at the Avatar, and she found herself kneeling down so that she was eye-level with the one-year old hobbling to her, “Hey there.”

The kid managed to reach her outstretched arm and latched on to her hand in order to steady himself, before responding to her greeting with a bright, “Hi!”

Korra lifted him into her arms and inspected the joyfully looking boy, “He’s cute. Who’s the dad?”

Asami grimaced and let out a sigh, immediately making Korra feel guilty for asking the question, “I’m sorry. If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine.”

“No it’s okay,” Asami assured her and walked closer, lovingly placing a hand on her son’s back as she worried her lip, “He was a beta, one of my business associates from Omashu. My heat came early during a meeting with him, and this little one was made.” She patted her mini-me on the head.

“Oh,” Inwardly Korra still didn’t feel satisfied; her growing feelings for Asami also seemed to include jealously about previous lovers, “So he’s not around or?”

“He keeps in touch, and I send updates about Ren every now and then,” Asami answered, “But he didn’t really want to be a part of Ren’s life.”

“So he’s not courting you or anything?” Korra tried to ask as casually as she could, but she knew her jealousy could be spotted from miles away.

Asami shook her head, “No.” She smiled at the babbling toddler, who was currently fascinated with the Avatar’s arm gloves, “It’s just us two right now.”

“Oh,” the master of the four elements looked down at the floor, “That’s cool. I guess I’m still a little off-guard about the whole thing. You didn’t mention having a kid in your letters.”

Asami winced and shrugged a bit guiltily, “Sorry. I just… I kept thinking it would be better to tell you when you got back. It didn’t feel right telling you about Ren over letter.”

Korra nodded and looked at the child, who squealed and hid his face when he noticed the alpha staring at him, “Ren? Nice name, it certainly fits him.”

“Nice to know,” the omega laughed, “It was actually Jinora who came up with his name. I guess she heard it in one of her novels, and told me.”

“You named your son after a character in one of Jinora’s romance novels?” Korra snorted and tried to stop a bigger laugh from escaping.

“Hey!” Asami pouted and crossed her arms, “I thought it was cute.”

“It is,” Korra reassured and stepped forward to hug the woman she was secretly in love with.

Asami relaxed and wrapped her arms around the Avatar, being careful not to jostle the boy wedged in between them, “I missed you.”

The alphas’ eyes softened, and she nuzzled her face into Asami’s shoulder, “I missed you too. So much.”

“Well we’ll have plenty of time to catch up at the restaurant,” Asami pulled away and smiled, “Mako got us reservations.”

“Awesome,” Korra beamed, “I can tell you guys all about my adventures.” She grinned at the tiny toddler in her arms, “What do you say? Want to hear about the great Avatar Korra?”

The smile that crossed Asami’s face as Ren giggled and clapped his hands was enough to cause a pleasant warmth that overcame Korra’s heart.

Korrasami: Venti Sized Crush Chapter 2

Chapter 2! Read it on AO3

Quick thanks to my beta bashinglei, you know this would be impossible without you :)


Korra was practically running. The main doors of Future Industries’ tower were in sight, and with two drinks in her hand she was going as fast as she could. But it wasn’t because of excitement. The walk from the coffee shop to Future Industries was at least thirty minutes long, so she’d made sure to get the drinks extra hot so they’d still be warm by the time she got to Asami. Only, they were too hot. Way too freaking hot and her hands were on fire even with the paper sleeves on them.

She reached the automatic doors of the tower, groaning because they were opening so slowly and she had to dodge through to get in faster. It caused her to clip her elbow on one of them, and the bump sent a scalding drop of coffee running down the side of her hand. Composure was nothing now, and Korra sprinted the remaining distance through the massive lobby to the reception desk, sloppily dropping the cups onto the chest-high counter.

“Asami,” Korra sighed loudly, shaking her hands out at her sides and then sticking one to her lips to suck off the hot coffee. “I’m looking for Asami. I don’t know her last name.”

“Are you Korra?” the young man behind the desk asked.

“Yeah,” Korra answered, stretching toward the opposite side of the counter for a box of tissues. “Can I just…?” Before the guy could respond she pulled a handful… or two… of tissues from the box, using one to dry her hand and wrapping the others around the cups so she’d make it the remaining distance to wherever Asami was.

“Miss Sato said to send you to the garage.”

“Garage?” Korra repeated curiously, following the direction of the guy’s finger as he pointed toward the elevators. Wait, did he say… “Sato?” The receptionist’s chin dropped with a nod. “As in heir to Future Industries, Sato?”

“She owns it now,” he said slowly, because clearly Korra needed the exposition, “but, yeah.”

Korra set her arms on the counter and buried her face in them, groaning, “oh my god.” Weeks. For weeks she’d been pestering the CEO of a major, successful corporation, and had no idea. She’d called Asami freaking Sato, owner of Future Industries, ‘Salami.’ She’d called her Salami to her face… Korra picked up her head and grabbed the tissue-wrapped drinks. “How do I get to the garage?”

The receptionist pointed to the elevators again. “Just go down one floor to the basement.”

Korra gave him a grateful smile and headed to the elevators. For being such a big corporation, there weren’t many people around. Sure, it had taken her a while to get here, but it was only just after three in the afternoon. She’d have thought this place would be buzzing with life, when the only other person around was a man in a nice suit waiting for an elevator at her side. He was going up though, so when the elevator to take Korra down arrived she got on it alone.

It took her one floor below to the basement, opening up to a bright garage full of workbenches and tools and cars that were in pieces. Definitely not the kind of place she’d expect to find Asami, but maybe she came down here to monitor employees or something. Or, that’s what Korra would have thought if it weren’t completely empty. The only person in the entire garage was someone bent over the hood of an expensive looking sports car. All Korra could make out was the grease-stained cargo pants with an equally dirty rag hanging out the back pocket.

“Excuse me,” she called to the person working on the car as she paced to the nearest empty tool bench, “I’m looking for Asami Sato.”

“Who’s looking?” asked the muffled voice.

As Korra answered, the person straightened up and turned around, and it was Asami, and her jaw fell open so the end of her name drawled on for a few full seconds. “Korra…”

She didn’t know what to say either. She’d had a witty remark all lined up for when she finally saw Asami. A fake fumble of ‘one extra hot barista… I mean coffee, for Asami,’ but Korra faltered and forgot the line, because Asami wasn’t in business attire like literally every time Korra had ever seen her. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her white tank top was as dirty as her pants. There was even a smudge of black grease across the side of her chin. As Asami strode over she pulled the rag from her back pocket and used it to wipe her hands, returning it to the same pocket when she was done.

Instead of getting anything out, all Korra could do was silently extend the cup. “Thank you so much,” Asami said happily, taking her drink. Korra gave an easy nod. “No, seriously, I needed this.” She took a sip and set it down on the table. “I needed a break too.” As she spoke she ushered Korra to sit on a stool at the workbench, and sank down into the one next to it. “I’m glad you came.”

Korra was still confused and overwhelmed and, honestly, reeling. Her eyes kept wandering around the garage because it was that much of a shock. It was one thing to find out Asami actually owned Future Industries. It was another to find her all greased up and dirty. Frankly, it was an entirely different kind of hot, and as Korra’s gaze wandered back to Asami, she found herself looking the CEO up and down. Scanning the tank top and slim fitted cargo pants. Taking in all the creamy skin that was exposed by the tank top and pulled back hair that was usually covered in business attire. Even the smudge of grease beside her chin and the various smears on her arms added an unexpectedly gritty sex appeal.

By the time Korra met Asami’s eyes again it had been an inappropriate amount of seconds. Korra’s cheeks flushed instantly, because she had so blatantly just been checking Asami out and Asami was smirking, that same coy tilt at one corner of her mouth like there had been that morning at the coffee shop. It was embarrassing, being so caught off guard and unwittingly flustered by an aesthetic. However, Korra’s brain snapped to it, and she remembered something about a witty remark.

Korra pointed to the coffee Asami was holding. “I brought that extra hot barista just for you.” Wait… that wasn’t right. Asami’s smile grew immediately, and Korra’s cheeks shaded even darker and ugh. “Shit, okay,” Korra stammered, and Asami laughed at the growing red on her cheeks. “That came out wrong. I had a thing I wanted to say and then you threw me off looking like that and-” and Korra was babbling, which only made Asami laugh harder, but Asami was apparently too nice to laugh in Korra’s face because her lips were pursed tight with the effort to keep her smile under control. “Did you completely plan this or what?” Korra asked with an embarrassed chuckle.

Instead of answering Asami asked amusedly, “What was the thing you wanted to say?”

“The thing?” Korra waved it off. “No, nothing.” But Asami’s eyebrows rose with curiosity. “It was stupid.”

“Come on,” Asami pleaded. “Was it a pick up line?” The bashful hand Korra threw over her face answered the affirmative. “Please,” Asami whined.

Korra sighed, unable to remove her hand because she simply couldn’t look Asami in the eyes as she said it. “I was going to say ‘one extra hot barista, I mean coffee, for Asami.’” Asami laughed out loud, and Korra instantly beckoned her hands. “See? I told you it was stupid.”

“No, no,” Asami said hastily, still giggling. “It was cute.” Though Korra was still embarrassed, Asami wasn’t making it worse, and Korra was able to laugh about it too. “And I assure you, both the coffee and the barista are hot.” Korra offered a shy but grateful smile, trying so hard not to shade at the compliment. “What are you drinking, by the way?” Asami asked, motioning to Korra’s cup. “So I know for next time.”

“Chai latte,” Korra answered, noting the curious furrowing of Asami’s eyebrows. “Want to try it?” When Asami nodded she pushed the drink across the table, watching while Asami put the cup to her lips and took a small sip.

She set the cup down, green eyes meeting Korra’s for a moment before she took one more sip just to be sure. “It’s pretty good,” she said, handing it back. “I need the caffeine in a macchiato though.”

Korra took her cup back, and as she raised it to her lips to take a drink of her own she noticed that Asami’s lipstick had left a red print on the lid. For some reason the evidence of Asami’s lips on her cup put the smallest jitter in her stomach. It was unexpected to say the least… and kind of sexy, if she were to be completely honest. But the last thing Korra needed was to embarrass herself even more by letting Asami see her hesitate, so she drank from the cup and then set it down.

“So,” Korra said, glancing around the garage. “You’re a CEO slash… mechanic?”

“Officially I’m an engineer,” Asami said amusedly.

“And CEO is just an unimpressive afterthought?” Korra teased.

Asami smiled, but she didn’t look nearly as entertained as Korra had hoped as she replied, “I sort of fell into the title.”

Korra took in the sudden seriousness in Asami’s eyes, how she looked like it wasn’t a huge accomplishment being the CEO of a major corporation. “Why do you look like there’s a story there?”

“You really don’t know?” Asami asked in surprise. Korra shook her head. “Oh,” she breathed, shifting almost uncomfortably in her seat. “My dad was CEO until he got caught insider trading.” Her green eyes fell to the surface of the table. “It nearly ruined the company, but I’m trying to recover what I can.”

“Oh,” Korra murmured with sudden understanding. That’s why Asami was always so busy that she had to take calls even while in line for coffee. That’s why she was CEO at such a young age. Her dad was in jail and left her in charge of the tarnished family business. “Wow,” she said gently, “I’m really sorry you’re going through that.” Then Korra let out a hard sigh and buried her face in her hands again. “And this whole time I’ve been giving you shit for being on the phone at the café.”

“It’s okay,” Asami said, and though she sounded sincere Korra left her face covered because she was blushing, and she groaned her embarrassment. “Seriously,” Asami chuckled, reaching forward and pulling Korra’s hands away. “I’ve been really stressed lately, but your daily sass gave me something to smile about.” Asami shrugged self-consciously. “I wanted to thank you.” As she released Korra’s hands Asami realized she hadn’t completely cleaned the engine grease off of hers, and she’d left an oily smudge across Korra’s dark skin. “Sorry,” Asami apologized, and this time she blushed as she clumsily reached for a tissue, and for some reason Korra liked that, a lot. Liked the adorable shade of pink that colored Asami’s delicate cheeks and liked that it made her more human. It evened the playing field a bit, in Korra’s opinion.

“It’s fine,” Korra laughed. It was just a little grease. Little enough that she simply wiped the back of her hand on her jeans and it was gone, but Asami was making a real effort now to clean up. “You’ve got some,” Korra said, motioning to the grease on Asami’s chin. In an attempt to be helpful she grabbed a tissue, timidly raising it to Asami’s face. “I’ll just…”

And Asami made no protest. She let Korra’s fingers set gently on her chin, holding it in place while she carefully dabbed away the smudge with a tissue. It only took a couple seconds to clean it off, but once she was done she realized Asami was staring at her, and her hands stayed on Asami’s chin because she froze. They locked eyes and Korra couldn’t bring herself to pull her hands away, because they’d looked at each other before but never this intensely. It lasted a long span of seconds, Korra powerless to break it first because it was Asami, and she had the most gorgeous green eyes and why would Korra ever want to look anywhere else.

Then Asami’s eyes fell to Korra’s lips, and Korra realized the position she’d put them both in by touching Asami’s face the way she was. And maybe Asami was thinking about it in the same way Korra was thinking about it, but instead of leaning in or saying something flirtatious she yanked her hands away self-consciously. “Sorry.”

“No, I-” Though one corner of Asami’s lips curled with the hint of an amused smile, she looked almost as embarrassed as Korra felt. “Thank you.”

“Yeah, it’s no problem,” Korra said shyly, unable to keep her eyes from dropping to Asami’s lips again, and her face flushed immediately because she had to stop being so damn obvious. She had to get a grip because this awkwardness wouldn’t be cute forever. But god, Asami was nice and beautiful and just… intimidating. “I got to give it to you,” Korra began, putting every mental effort toward sounding at ease, “you’re not at all what I expected.”

Asami smiled at that. “What did you expect?”

“Um,” Korra hesitated, letting out an embarrassed laugh as she said, “Well, you always dress so snazzy when you come into the café… I kind of thought you’d be prissy and, I don’t know, arrogant.”

“Well,” Asami laughed, “I’m glad I’m not what you expected.” Korra winced, feeling guilty for even saying it when Asami clearly wasn’t like that at all. “Don’t apologize,” Asami said knowingly, “I don’t know what I expected when I ordered on my cell phone all the time.”

“In your defense,” Korra said readily, “most people I’ve encountered that are as attractive and successful as you have a habit of not being very pleasant.”

“Attractive?” Asami asked, with a flirtatious smirk that successfully confirmed Korra’s cheeks would be in a constant state of rosiness for the rest of this… date?

“Yeah,” Korra agreed shyly, taking in the way Asami’s smile grew the more timid she got. So Korra reached over and boldly gave her knee a playful nudge. “Don’t act like you don’t know.” Asami laughed again, and though it was obvious she knew she was attractive, she still looked flattered by the compliment. “So yeah,” Korra said seriously, “you’re actually really sweet.”

“Thank you,” Asami said. She took a sip of her coffee only to set it down with a sense of urgency. “We have to stop talking about me though.” And she motioned to Korra. “What do you do for fun? Do you have any pets? Do you live alone? What’s your favorite color?”

Korra chuckled at the onslaught of questions. The more she talked to Asami, though she remained somewhat intimidating on the sheer basis of how gorgeous she was, Korra realized there wasn’t anything to be afraid of. “For fun… I like to work out.”

“It shows,” Asami muttered under her breath.

“Yeah?” Korra laughed, invitingly raising one arm to flex her bicep.

She wasn’t surprised when Asami reached out to squeeze it for a second. What she didn’t expect was for Asami’s hand to run up the length of it, fingers tracing the cuts all the way up to her shoulder as if Asami had completely forgotten they hardly knew each other. Not that Korra minded… In fact, she was staring again, watching Asami’s bright green eyes trail up her arm, up her shoulder, up her face. When their gazes met and Asami finally remembered herself she pulled away quickly, her cheeks tinting.

Korra absolutely adored it every time Asami blushed. She liked it so much that even though Asami had been gracious every time Korra was embarrassed, Korra couldn’t be so modest. “You know,” she said teasingly, “I usually charge for that.”

“Add it to my IOU,” Asami quipped readily, her eyes narrowing with a playful glare.

“I’ll start you a tab,” Korra laughed.

Asami nodded, giggling at the banter, but she truly must have still been embarrassed, because she asked distractedly, “Pets?”

“I have a dog, Naga,” Korra replied, “but she lives with my parents because she’s way too big for an apartment. Which I share with my ex, Mako, and his brother, Bolin.” Korra met Asami’s gaze, answering the last question with a flirtatious smile. “Right now my favorite color is green.”

Korra thought that was pretty freaking smooth, but Asami wasn’t fazed. “Wait,” she asked, “you live with your ex?”

“Yeah…” Korra answered hesitantly, and at the skeptical look on Asami’s face she couldn’t help but laugh. “I swear it’s not as weird as it sounds.”

“Really?” Asami asked in almost entertained disbelief. “Because I can’t imagine living with any of my exes.”

Korra gave an eager nod. “We fought a lot when we were together. Now that we’re just friends it’s a lot better. They’re like family.” Asami nodded, appearing satisfied with the explanation. “What about you? With all those questions.”

“What even is fun?” Asami asked sarcastically, at which Korra chuckled. “I like to drive. It would be cruel of me to keep a pet because of how busy I am. I don’t live alone if you count the butler.” Asami paused, making sure to deliberately hold Korra’s stare while she finished, “And right now my favorite color is blue.”

“Hey!” Korra complained through a laugh. “That’s my line!” All Asami did was snicker, so Korra playfully threw a wadded up tissue at her. “And you think I’m the smartass.”

“Couldn’t help it,” Asami giggled, reaching up to thumb the corner of Korra’s mouth. “I like your smile.”

“Yeah, well,” Korra grumbled lightheartedly, feeling her cheeks tint again, “you bring it out of me.”

For the second time since Korra had been there, their eyes locked. Only, this time Korra actually considered the real possibility. She wondered exactly what Asami was thinking, because it had probably been less than an hour and Korra was thinking about how Asami would react if she kissed her. Her eyes even dropped to Asami’s lips again, to their perfect fullness and the bright red lipstick. But it was too soon. Way too soon and there was no way Korra could do it, no matter how much she wanted to, so she cleared her throat and glanced around distractedly.

“Can I ask you something?” Korra asked. Asami nodded. “Why’d you give me your number? Like, I know you said I was making you smile but… Is this just to thank me?”

Asami studied Korra for a few silent moments, taking in what Korra was actually asking. As in, was this a date because Asami actually liked Korra, or was it just because she felt like she owed Korra something. “Not exactly…” Asami said, shaking her head. “Well, I mean, if you weren’t interested I was just going to buy you coffee to thank you. But I gave you my number because I noticed you, months ago before you ever started being a smartass. Then you started being a smartass and I’m interested,” Asami hesitated, only to clarify a moment later, “In you.”

As hard as Korra tried, she couldn’t stop the extremely delighted smirk tugging at her lips. That was straightforward, and honest, and so not what Korra ever would’ve expected to hear from the ‘cellphone lady.’ It made her so giddy she couldn’t help but tease, “Is that business speak for saying you have a crush on me?” To Korra’s surprise Asami blushed again, and her smirk turned into a full-blown grin.

The fact that Asami’s cheeks had shaded made it completely shocking when she said confidently, “It’s business speak for I’ve kind of had a crush on you for months.” Asami shrugged. “I’d been wanting to talk to you, but I was always so busy. This morning I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

And now Korra was blushing. Great. She’d been playing it so cool and then Asami had to ruin it by being blunt. “It’s the biceps, isn’t it?” Korra asked playfully.

“What can I say?” Asami laughed her agreement. “I have a weakness for hot coffee and baristas.”

“Wait till you see my abs,” Korra teased without thinking, only realizing how obnoxiously flirtatious that was once it was already out of her mouth.

Asami didn’t miss a beat. “What’s that going to cost me?”

But it came out even more flirtatious and suggestive than Korra’s remark had been, and at the intense fluttering it caused in her stomach, Korra flushed. “Uh,” she said, huffing with laughter because as much as she loved the flirting she was still blushing about it like an idiot. “A couple more dates.”

“Deal,” Asami chuckled without hesitation.

“Alright,” Korra adjusted on her seat so her stomach was more exposed. She knew it wasn’t necessarily the deal that Asami get a taste now, but honestly, she really liked the way Asami’s hand felt exploring her bicep. And Asami hadn’t yet seemed to mind the flirting. “I’ll give you a preview.” Korra patted her stomach. “Go ahead.”

Asami laughed, but didn’t decline the opportunity to reach out and put her hand flat on Korra’s abs. Sure there was still a shirt between Asami’s palm and Korra’s skin, but Asami’s cheeks tinted as she pressed into the defined muscles. Korra was well aware of the effect her brawn usually had, but this time Asami seemed to be making an effort not to go overboard, because she removed her hand after only a few brief seconds.

She refused to meet Korra’s eyes as she asked, “Are you trying to get me flustered?” And a moment later she added under her breath, “Show off.”

“Hey,” Korra said matter-of-factly, “You flustered me a couple times already, it’s only fair.”

“Did I?” Asami asked with genuine surprise.

“Maybe…” Korra mumbled, doing such a deliberately poor job of hiding the truth that Asami giggled. Korra scooted back more comfortably on her seat, laughing off their mutual playfulness. After a few seconds she glanced around the empty garage. “Where is everyone, anyway?”

Asami’s eyes imitated Korra’s, wandering around basement. “I made a corporate mandate that everyone goes home early on Fridays,” she answered, “it helps with morale.” She shrugged, watching the coffee cup in her hands instead of looking at Korra as she added, “Which has really been needed lately.”

Korra hadn’t known Asami long, but at the sudden shift in tone even she could see the exhaustion behind her eyes. It wasn’t just physical and mental exhaustion from working so much either. It was emotional. Korra could only imagine how difficult it must be carrying the weight of the entire fate of a company, and on top of having her father in prison. If Korra knew for certain Asami wouldn’t protest, she’d have probably insisted on dragging her away from work that very instant. “For what it’s worth,” Korra said encouragingly, and for extra comfort she reached out to place a hand on Asami’s, “I think you being able to hold this company together is really impressive.”

Asami glanced down at their hands, and despite all the flirting, for a moment Korra worried the touch might have been too brazen. But then Asami turned her hand over, curling it around Korra’s so she could run her thumb over Korra’s knuckles. “Thanks, Korra,” she said softly, glancing up to offer a small smile.

Korra gave an exaggerated grin, nodding toward the middle of the garage. “What’s up with this car you’re building?” she asked to change the subject.

“You want to see it?” Asami asked, an instant light in her eyes when Korra nodded. She didn’t let go of Korra’s hand as she left her seat, and as Asami led her over to the car their fingers intertwined. “You know how Future Industries makes the affordable Satomobile so pretty much anyone can drive?” Korra nodded again. “Well,” Asami motioned to the sleek body of the car, “I love driving on the race track, and I wanted to design an affordable sports car so other people could experience it too.”

“You literally designed and built this entire thing?” Korra asked in awe. Though she wanted nothing more than to keep holding Asami’s hand, she was so amazed with the sporty, aerodynamic design that she couldn’t help but let go. She set both hands on the car, doing a circle around it while tracing her fingers over the subtle curves.

“For the most part,” Asami answered, eyes following Korra around the vehicle. “I don’t actually make the parts, but I put it together.” Korra returned to where Asami was standing, casually setting an elbow on the roof of the car. “Once I perfect the design we can send it to mass production.”

“It’s amazing,” Korra praised. As Asami gave a grateful smile her eyes fell briefly to the empty hand hanging at Korra’s side. Korra knew what the look meant, and when she reached out Asami took her hand immediately. “I’d definitely buy one.”

“You like to drive?” Asami asked, slipping her fingers through Korra’s again, and she took a step closer to put her own elbow on the roof, mirroring Korra’s stance.

“Oh no, I can’t drive,” Korra chuckled. “But if I could, I’d buy one.”

“I’ll teach you sometime!” Asami beamed at the suggestion. “It can be our second date.” Her mouth tugged to the side in consideration. “Or… the first date, since you bringing me coffee at work isn’t exactly official.”

Korra made an indicative glance toward their clasped hands. “It feels pretty official.” Then Korra laughed to herself, saying teasingly, “Or you’re one hell of a salesperson.”

“You caught me,” Asami chuckled. “I asked you out in order to sell a car.”

“Your talents are never ending,” Korra said through an exaggerated sigh. “I should’ve known this was too good to be true.” Asami gave a small laugh, but after a moment she fell quiet. “What?” Korra asked, somewhat concerned by the sudden pensiveness.

Asami’s mouth opened the slightest bit like she was about to say something, but it closed again before she got anything out. It took a few more seconds, but then she inhaled a deep breath and said shyly, “I actually really like you.”

Korra felt her cheeks tint, and though she was still being playful, she was also a bit serious when she said, “That’s good, because I might’ve actually bought a car if that was the only way to get a date from you.”

Korra wasn’t sure if that was too playful for how serious Asami was being, but their eyes met and for a short moment everything froze. It was like Asami wasn’t sure what to say or how to respond. Then the very next second Asami had crossed what little space was between them and pressed her lips to Korra’s. She should’ve known it was coming. Even she’d been thinking about doing it this whole time, but it was so unexpected that Korra froze from the pure shock, and it was so brief that she didn’t get a chance to snap out of it before Asami pulled back. At seeing the horrified look on Asami’s face, Korra wished more than anything that she’d reacted faster.

“I’m so sorry,” Asami blurted hastily. “I’m not… that’s not a normal thing… that I do. Without asking. I wasn’t thinking.”

Korra’s tongue subconsciously ran over her bottom lip. She could taste Asami’s lipstick, and now that she’d had a few seconds to process it all, it was sinking in that Asami had actually kissed her. With those full, bright red lips. And Korra nearly groaned at how stupid it was not to have reacted. That had been her chance, and she missed it.

“You could, um,” Korra began shyly, raising a hand to trace her thumb under Asami’s lip, where the kiss had smudged her lipstick. “You could stop thinking again, if you want.”

She’d hardly finished the statement before Asami surged forward, and this time Korra didn’t miss her chance. Her hand was already at Asami’s face, so when their lips met she cupped the side of Asami’s jaw. And though the kiss was a bit hesitant, she could feel in the willingness of Asami’s lips that she hadn’t been joking when she said that she’d had a crush on Korra for months, or that she really liked her. It wasn’t just some flirtatious remark meant for flattery. Asami was kissing her like she’d thought about it, like she’d been thinking about it this whole time too and the hesitation wasn’t on account of desire. Maybe it was happening a little fast for Korra, who’d only just realized how attracted she was to Asami this morning, but it didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter because it was soft and open and it felt like the most natural thing in the world. When that hesitation melted away it felt easy and comfortable, and they established a rhythm instantly, as if they’d done this a million times. As if they were only meant to kiss each other and why the hell had it taken this long? When Asami’s lips parted to kiss Korra more deeply, all she could wonder was why she hadn’t kissed Asami when she was thinking about it earlier. When she dropped her hands to set them at Asami’s waist, and felt Asami’s warm palms cup her face, she wondered why she’d been so unsure.

Because this, this was how it was supposed to be. Korra was supposed to be completely consumed by the gentle guidance of Asami’s lips. Consumed by the inviting delicacy of her smell, of the sweet fading perfume and the subtle bitterness of engine grease. She was supposed to feel the hurricane of excitement in her stomach every time Asami’s lips closed around her bottom one. She was supposed to feel the skip in her heart when she pulled Asami closer, and when Asami released a hard, excited breath through her nose. And definitely, most definitely Korra was supposed to feel the crashing heat barrel through her body when Asami’s tongue slipped past her lips.

It was so overwhelming that Korra’s fingertips dug into the small of Asami’s back, drawing her nearer even though they were already pressed flush together. Even though Korra was already straining upward to let Asami know that she didn’t want this to end. She didn’t want Asami’s hands to leave her face. Didn’t want to miss out on a single stroke from her smooth tongue.

She wasn’t sure who made the move, but all at once Korra’s back was against the side of the car and Asami was pushing into her. Korra’s hands ran up her back, too wrapped up in the feel of her to care about being modest. But Asami’s palm fell to Korra’s collarbone, and when Asami held her in place and pulled away Korra realized she’d been the one to make the move. She’d tried for more and Asami stopped it. Even though she stopped the kiss, however, she didn’t step back, or take her hand from Korra’s chest. It lingered, just like her lips lingered an inch from Korra’s so she could feel each charged breath against her mouth.

“Sorry,” Korra said on a whisper, wondering if Asami wasn’t moving because she was still wrapped up in her arms. “Too much.” She also wondered if she should let go, but Asami hadn’t tried to remove herself.

“No, it’s okay,” Asami said, planting a careful peck against the corner of Korra’s mouth, like if it was any more than that she might lose herself again. “It wasn’t.” Her green eyes skittered to the side, as if to motion for Korra to look. “But security was already getting a show, and that’s definitely not what I pay them for.”

Korra followed the direction Asami’s eyes had drifted until she found the camera at the corner of the basement. Her cheeks colored darkly, and with an embarrassed groan she dropped her forehead against Asami’s shoulder. “You’re killing me, Sato.”

She felt Asami’s shoulder shift with a laugh. “Sorry.” When Korra picked her head back up Asami laughed a little harder, lifting both hands to swipe her thumbs around Korra’s mouth. “I got lipstick all over you.”

“Thanks,” Korra muttered without moving her lips, “If I got home with red smeared all over the place I’d never hear the end of it.” Asami laughed and edged the back of her hand around her own mouth. “Hey, Asami,” Korra prompted, and when she finally let Asami’s waist go she took a step back, if only to give Korra some space to breathe.

“Yeah?” Asami asked.

Korra reached out to retake Asami’s hand. “I really like you too.”

“That’s good,” Asami said, copying Korra’s tone from earlier as she folded their hands together. “Now you won’t have to buy a car to get another date with me.”

Korra chuckled, rolling her eyes and muttering sarcastically, “I swear I’m not the smartass here.”

Asami laughed at that, reaching out to swipe at a spot of lipstick she’d missed on Korra’s mouth. “I won’t wear lipstick next time either.”

“No,” Korra said instantly. Asami’s eyebrows rose amusedly, and Korra blushed at having reacted so strongly. “I don’t mind it,” she added calmly, “um, the lipstick. I like it.”

Asami’s tinted lips curled with a smile. “Okay.”

“Okay,” Korra repeated happily. A long beat of silence passed between them, during which Korra was so tempted to kiss her again that she nearly did. She caught herself though, and released Asami’s hand to sidestep away from the car. “I should probably let you get back to work.” Asami nodded knowingly, and followed to walk Korra to the elevator. “I’ll see you in the morning?” Korra asked, because even though tomorrow was Saturday she’d noticed Asami came in on the weekends too. “For all of two seconds.” As they reached the elevator she turned, adding playfully, “And don’t think this means you’re getting free coffee.”

That puts a wrench in things,” Asami teased, pressing the up button. Korra deadpanned, a look that only successfully made her laugh. “I’ll see you in the morning,” she confirmed. “For all of two seconds.” The elevator arrived, and before Korra got on Asami pressed a kiss to her cheek. “Bye.”

Korra got on the lift, but as the doors started to close she stretched her arms out to stop them. “Wait, wait, wait.” Asami’s eyebrows rose curiously. “Is security upstairs? Is it going to be like doing a walk of shame when they see me?”

Asami giggled, leaning into the doors to plant one final kiss on Korra’s lips. “Bye, Korra.”

“Bye,” Korra chuckled, letting the doors close.

The moment they were shut she pushed the lobby button and threw her arms in the air happily. She made out with Asami. She wanted to yell it, but then she realized there was yet another camera in the corner of the elevator and it was bad enough already that if security was watching they’d seen her victory arms. Korra cleared her throat, purposefully avoiding looking at the camera as she blushed for the millionth time that day. But she was still almost too giddy to care. She made out with Asami, and if the speed with which her crush had developed over the span of this date was any indication, Korra knew she was already in deep.

The college dorm Assassins AU no one asked for

A birthday one-shot for komtrashkru.

Prompt: “I thought you were the person in my building who died and I sent your family flowers with my condolences so… hi! Glad you’re not dead”

Okay. So I tried to write this true to the prompt. Twice. Then I realized that it wasn’t working and wasn’t fun to read. So I thought, alright, let’s drop the condolences and flowers and make it a college AU where they’re playing a game of Assassins with the people in their dorm.

If you don’t know how that works: Each person is assigned a target that they have to “kill” (in this case by hitting them with a balled up pair of socks). You inherit the target of each person you kill. Last one standing wins.

This isn’t what you wanted, Alex, but I really hope you like it anyway. <3

(I’ve never actually played Assassins—constant paranoia? no thanks—but I have friends who played with people in their dorms, and if that’s not perfect for fanfiction, I don’t know what is. So yeah, disclaimer: I’m pretty sure I’m bending and breaking the rules to make this work how I want.)

She’s hidden behind the half wall that doubles as counter space enclosing the café/breakroom area in the Physics and Astronomy building on campus. The microwave clock blinks 12:14 AM and save for her, the open room is completely empty. She can’t let down her guard though; Creeping throughout the building are 30 overly-competitive college students, each ravenous for victory.

But Clarke’s here to win, and as far as she’s concerned, hers is the perfect hiding place. The only way to see her is to get close enough to walk through the door or look directly down over the counter. Either way, she’ll be able to hear them coming.

…which is why she’s kind of offended when Bellamy Blake walks through the doorway without so much as a sound.

She moves to scramble up from her position on the floor as quickly as possible, because no way is she going out this early in the game.

Before she gets far though, he’s holding up his hands as he sinks down against the wall across for her, “No worries, I’m already dead.”

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I wrote a thing

A fic sort of thing.  It be dumb and stuff but I had feels and wanted to give some love for Kuvira.


For someone who was branded a tyrant, a dictator, a monster, and all of their synonyms, Kuvira actually had a prison cell that was not too terrible.  Sure, the outside was made of platinum, and she lived now in a tower that scaled a few stories high so as to keep her far enough away from the earth, but sometimes it just felt like a soldier’s room.  Bare, with only the essentials, but because her bending could not be used, she at least was allowed to roam free for the most part. 

And, there was a small window.  Barred, and a little too high (she needed to stand on her toes to see out of it), but it allowed sunlight in and let her look outside once in a while.  

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Alright, Korrasami. I wrote it. Never done a fanfic before, but you got me to buckle. Can I have my life back now?

A heavy rain pelted Air Temple Island—heavy enough to block the city from view outside of Korra’s window. The shelf beneath it was soaked, but Korra had asked Asami to leave it open. She kept her head turned toward it, as if the rain were more interesting than Asami’s reading.

Asami bit her lip. Korra had hardly said a dozen words today—much like any other. The voice that always made her smile, always so passionate and intense… Just like the rest of Korra, even when it was there, most of it wasn’t.

Reading in the low light was starting to strain her eyes. Asami stood to switch on the lights—she’d read as many stuffy old books about past Avatars as Korra wanted, so long as she could see the page. Though she wished Korra would change up the subjects a little. Maybe something without so much fighting, that didn’t always end with death?

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Vows: A Short Story of the Legend of Korra

Maturity Level: PG

Time:  Approximately 3 years after “The Last Stand”

Note from the writer: Sorry about any errors my proofreading skills aren’t terrific.

Asami’s eyes were locked on the mirror.  To be more precise they were locked on the women in the white dress in the mirror.  A part of her brain still wasn’t able to comprehend the fact that it was her standing there.  She began to idly smooth out wrinkles in her dress that weren’t actually there.

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anonymous asked:

pst hey *slides you $20* think you can continue that prompt with korra realizing her feelings for asami are not platonic please? i'd like to see how that nerd handles it when she's faced with asami at dinner

[part one]

The dining hall was lavishly decorated with staff bustling about carrying drinks and plates of amazing looking food. She got there just in time thanks to that guard captain lady, and looked around for a seat. Her eyes gravitated to the girl that’s been plaguing her thoughts so much this evening and just lately in general.  Asami looked up at her and smiled widely before sticking her tongue out playfully, and Korra couldn’t help it but give her the crooked grin that Asami seemed to like so much. She was about to sit next to her when trepid, irrational thoughts entered her mind.

What if she figures it out! Figures what out? I don’t even know what ‘it’ is. Do I like Asami? When did this even happen? It’s fine Korra, calm down, take a deep breath and sit next to her like nothing’s changed. Oh spirits did things change?! They did, didn’t they…

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The Warmest Night Part I

I will end my korrasami spam tonight with a one-shot and then return to my cave where I will religiously study for my exam (the lies I tell myself).

Asami sat crossed legged before a large fireplace. Bright embers illuminated the predominantly dark room. Her back rested against a traditional Fire Nation love seat. The only sounds that could be distinguished were the crackling of the fire and uninterrupted rattling of small gears clashing back and forth. 

For the first time in a long time she was content. No more worrying about Korra’s well being. The Avatar had returned. She could finally just relax and tinker without pushing herself to do it.

A small electrical discharge from the glove caught her off-guard. She had wanted to increase its range. Fighting Kuvira’s henchmen would be a lot easier if she could shock more of them at a time. 

They had decided to stay at the Sato estate for the evening. Too tired from the day’s activities to return to the city. That and Mako wanted to make sure that Prince Wu was settled before his leave. She had retreated herself into her father’s old office. It brought a level of comfort she didn’t know had been missing.

A sudden cold breeze from the open window made her shiver. Pulling the robe closer she continued to turn the screwdriver in her hand, adjusting the new enhancements.

 The wooden door slowly opened. Korra’s head peeped through the small gap.

“There you are,” She slid inside, careful not to make any noise by closing the door behind her. “I’ve been looking for you. One second you were glaring at Wu and the next you were gone.”

Just the mention of his name was enough to bring the annoyance back, “I can’t believe he’s making Mako’s family reenact an Earth Kingdom coronation.”

The Avatar chuckled, “well, Mako’s grandmother simply adores him.” She made her way to the engineer. “So, what is Asami doing this evening? Wait… let me guess. Inventing new gliders for the air kids? Creating the very first flying Sato Mobile?”

Korra settled in front of her, taking a moment to adjust the oversized mens shirt she was wearing. 

“I’m afraid it’s something dull. I’m just adjusting the capacity of the glove,” the older woman set said device aside. “Sorry about the clothes, there wasn’t much else. Unless you want to wear one of my night gowns.”

“I’m going to have to pass on that. This is very comfortable though,” Korra replied, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear. “It was your dad’s wasn’t it?”

Asami nodded, “He liked bringing me here when I was younger. We sometimes spent entire afternoons just sitting here sketching and brainstorming ideas.”

Korra felt nervous, “I want to apologize about what I said earlier. You were right, I had no reason to judge your decision.”

The heiress shook her head, “I shouldn’t have snapped at you like I did. You were concerned, I guess I was just a little upset that you decided to leave for so long.”

“A little,” Korra raised her eyebrow.

Asami exhaled, “fine, a lot.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. You needed time on your own to heal, I’m just glad you’re back.”

The room went quiet. Both sat studying each other.

Korra who had been picking at her nails opened her mouth to speak but shut it just as quickly.

It didn’t go unnoticed.

“Anything you want to talk about?”

“I just… it’s complicated.”

The engineer smirked, “Well, nothing with you is ever simple.” Korra didn’t find the playful repartee amusing. “Tell me what’s bothering you,” This time she held the the Avatars hand. The smirk quickly replaced with concern.

The younger woman sighed and looked down at her legs, “when I was fighting Kuvira I tried to repress the Avatar state as much as I could. And even when I did I… I… I saw…”

“What did you see?”

“Myself. It looked at me with those empty eyes.”

“Does this happen each time?”

Korea shook her head, “it followed me around like a shadow. It haunted me,” She fell back against the rug. Her stomach rising and falling with each breath, “I don’t know what it wants.”

“Are you afraid?”

“Of it? No, I know it isn’t danger—.”

“You’re afraid of failing. You look at this thing, whatever it is, and you see your past. I know you Korra, I know you believe you’ve made a lot of mistakes.” Asami moved to lay at Korra’s side. She held her head up and watched as The Avatar looked at the ceiling, “The decisions you’ve made have changed our world for the best. There will be times were criticism will be made but know that you are the only person who can make those decisions for us.”

“You really think so?”

“There has never been a time where I haven’t trusted your judgement. Well, except when you wanted to sacrifice yourself.” Asami paused, “I don’t think I can go through that again.”

Korra felt Asami move closer. She watched as the engineer lowered her hand and began to trace small patterns along her cheek. When their eyes met a jolt ran through her stomach, fully awakening her senses. She could feel her heart rate increasing with each touch. 

Asami lowered her eyes to Korra’s lips where her hand soon followed. The sensitive skin of her lips burned with each touch. She didn’t know her hand had begun to move until Asami grasped it, carefully bringing it to her own lips.

This is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life: to just caress and memorize each line of her lips. She could feel Asami’s smile widen with each brush.

She wasn’t aware of how close they were until she felt Asami’s breath tickle her skin. The next thing she knew was that soft lips met her own and the butterflies that had gathered in her stomach suddenly flapped their wings all at once.

Their lips molded together. A gentle embrace that was neither demanding nor lustful.

Nothing had ever felt so right in her life. Not even becoming the Avatar.