and i love how they both tell it

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Oooookay, time for a happy question. What is your favorite thing about the main three (that you allowed to tell us so far)?

I wanted to draw something to this but time is not on my side so I will answer now XD

Gosh I don’t know XD I guess their relationship with each other? Milo and Zack remind me a lot of my little brothers and how they acted with each other or with their friends, and Melissa’s relationship with both of them is such a nice balance. I’ve always thought Milo being the little brother of the trio, the kid who’s got things under control in every situation yet absolutely relies on Zack and Melissa for a touch of reality and care that he can’t really get from anyone else. Zack needs the punch of fun Milo and Melissa provide and Melissa needs the boys to entertain and support her in their unique ways.

That was all REALLY vague and I REALLY wish I could say more but I’ll just spoil everything. But omg PLEASE ask me this question when more episodes have come and gone! The relationship between these three kids and the effects they each have on each other is something that I love the most about them.

Captain Canary: Good Enough

A kinda-fluffy fic where Mick calls out Leonard for his unspoken feelings for one special assassin. Pre-Captain Canary, if you will.

“I can feel you exploding anytime,” Mick called out while he and Leonard were cleaning their guns.

Leonard looked up at his partner. “What do you mean?”

Mick went silent for a while, calculating his next statements. “You like Blondie and we both know it. If you don’t tell her soon, you’re gonna explode.”

“I don’t like her.”

“Yeah, because you love her.”

Leonard didn’t respond so Mick kept cleaning his gun. After almost ten minutes of tinkering with their weapons, Snart spoke again. “How did you know?”

Mick chucked. “So you do love her, huh?”

Without answering, Leonard repeated his question. “How did you know?”

The bigger man puts down his gun and faced his friend. Leonard did the same. Mick started:

“Correct me if I’m wrong but she caught your interest the first time we went out for a drink. The look you gave me when she broke that asshole’s wrist was something I’ve only seen from you whenever you find something really valuable that’s worth stealing. She impressed you.”

Leonard smiled a little. “Hell yeah, she did. She even told me she can handle them and only asked for help when five men are teaming up against her. I’m pretty sure she can take them all and she just asked us for help just for us to join in the fun.”

“I’m sure,” Mick agreed. “Then, she looked at you differently when we got back from Russia. With respect. And understanding, probably. She asked me how to thank you. I don’t know what you did for her but I told her you don’t do feelings. She just nodded and left.”

“She looks at me like I’m something more than just a crook.”

Mick continued. “You then forced me out of Star City 2046 to save her. Because that Wilson guy wanted his men to hunt down and kill an assassin in white. And of course, you won’t let that happen. Then Haircut told me you and her got stuck in the engine room. Pretty romantic.”

“You’re twisted if you think dying of hypothermia is romantic,” Leonard smirked.

Mick laughed. “You made a move there? It’s cold. Cuddling is acceptable.”

“Gave her my jacket,” he recalled. “She refused at first but I told her I’d freeze her if she refuse.”

“Really, Snart?”

“Hey, she laughed at that. Then, she finally agreed. And she hugged my arm for warmth. I was anxious to put my arm on her. I think she understood,” he replied.

“She always understood you.”

“I know.”

Silence fell upon them again. Leonard went back to his gun but Mick remained still.

“So when are you gonna tell her?”, Mick asked.


Mick turned to Leonard and hit him lightly at the back of his head.

“What was that for?!”

“For your stupidity, Snart,” Mick almost growled. “She likes you back. I can see it. The others, too. You two have been trying to hide your feelings from each other that you don’t even know how obvious you two are.”

Leonard sighed in defeat. “I’m not good for her, Mick. She wants to change for the better and I can’t promise I’d do the same. I’ve been the bastard that I am for forty years and I don’t think I could change who I am overnight. I can’t promise to stop sealing when we get back to 2016 because that’s what I am and that’s what I do. And she doesn’t deserve that. Not this life. Not with me.”

“I don’t think she cares about us being morally questionable,” Mick defended.

“Her father is a police. Her mother is a professor. Her sister is a vigilante and a lawyer,” Leonard argued. “Her ex-boyfriend is the Green Arrow and her ex-girlfriend is also an assassin. And I’m Central City’s most wanted thief. Also wanted in a lot more cities outside ours. My sister is also a thief. My friend is an arsonist. I’d never be enough, Mick. No matter how much I love her, I’d never be good enough.”

“Why don’t you tell her that and hear what she has to say?”, Mick said, nodding at the person behind Leonard.

Len turned around and saw Sara leaning on the door of the cargo hold, smiling.

“How much of that did you hear?”, he asked softly, as if ashamed of what he was saying.

“All of it.”

Mick stood up, taking his heat gun, to leave the two alone to talk. As he was about to exit the room, he said, “Hey Blondie. Don’t break my bestfriend’s heart.” He left the room muttering, “Those idiots.”

Sara sat down in front of Leonard but didn’t say anything. She was just watching his hands as he put back the parts of his gun.

“You’ve heard what I had to say,” Len started, not looking at her. “Say something.”

Sara took a deep breath and looked at his eyes which are now deeply staring at her. “So, you really planned on not telling me?”

“I’d probably never tell you if you didn’t hear what I said.”

“Never say never, Snart,” she smiled upon saying. But he kept the seriousness on his face.

With great courage, Snart took a deep breath and said, “You know what I feel. What about you?”

“I feel the same, Len.”

Leonard’s eyebrows furrowed in disbelief. “What?”

“I’m in love with you, too.”

Both of them took their time to absorb what has just been said. They’re seating across each other, hands almost touching but not yet. Heads down.

“So what now?,” she asked.

He sighed. “You’ll accept me? Like this?”

“I will, if you’d take me for what I am,” she replied.

“You know I would.”

Tears were falling down Sara’s face for reasons she doesn’t know. Leonard could feel it. He has seen the drops of them falling on the metal floor.

“Scared?”, he asked.


“I was scared too, before telling you,” he said as he tried reaching out for her hand and surprisingly, she took it. “But holding your hand right now, I think we’ll do okay.”

“You think so?”

“I believe so.”

Leonard stood up, still holding her hand. She stood up beside him, wanting to walk out of the cargo bay. Before they exit, Sara hugged him. He didn’t hesitate this time. He held her tight, afraid that she’ll go away.

He wants to kiss her. But this isn’t the time.

Not yet.

They’ll get there.

For now, a kiss on top of her head seems enough.

And so he did just that.

The smile on her face tells him it’s enough.

He’s enough.


Based on a prompt given by an anonymous sender: “Mick asking Len when he’s finally gonna admit his feelings for Sara but Len answering never because he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her”

Thanks for sending a prompt. Sorry it took so long.

Send prompts HERE, if you have any.

The rest of my Captain Canary Collection: HERE

Would anyone with a working mic and an audio recording program like to play an online dress-up game with me and talk about your relationship to femininity? I want to make a series of videos with as wide a range of people as possible, talking about femininity and physical appearance/fashion, where the two intersect, and what your relationship and history is with both of them. I’ll be editing together the audio and video, so all you have to do is skype screen share with me, record your audio and send it to me, play an online flash game (or tell me how to play an online flash game for you) and have an open, honest interview/discussion about femininity, identity, fashion, bodies, fashion, or wherever the conversation goes. 

You 100% don’t have to identify female or even feminine/femme to participate, in fact I’d love to have guests of as many genders and gender expressions as poss. 

If you’re interested, either message me on tumblr or email me at, with your name, age, gender, sexuality, and (if you have one) fave dress-up game and why you like it? If you don’t have a favorite dress-up game, maybe send what kind of dress-up game you’d be most interested in playing, and I’ll try and hunt something down for you. 

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Lottie and Louis are so cute aw I hope they're both really happy, he's such a good brother and you can really tell how much he loves her aw aw aw


@radiatorfromspace– when we were messaging the other day, you asked me what it is about Thorki that appeals to me. My answer was kind of lame, so I want to give it another go, and see what you and other folks thought about it.

Maybe I should start with Loki, because he’s how I fell down this rabbit hole to begin with. As both a producer and consumer of narrative, Loki appeals to me because:
First, he’s incredibly intelligent and cares to educate himself– I love Smart;
second, he’s got a sharp sense of humor and a well-defined appreciation for irony;
next, he inhabits the margins of society– not easily fitting into any pre-defined social roles– this is especially appealing for a storyteller because he’s caught in an emotional push-pull, desperate for acceptance and validation on one hand and desperate to tell society to fuck off on the other;
directly related to that is loki’s lack of patience for stupid people and stupid rules–bureaucracy for the sake of order is to be undermined at every opportunity, making a disruptive force in any culture that sits on the edge of stagnation;
I also lurv his androgyny– my first major crush was for Bowie, so that’s no surprise, but the lean sensuousness of his curvy parts coupled with his lovely hard angles make him irresistibly hot!
And last, I guess, is the fact that I am a complete sucker for a story with a redemption arc– dammit, I love those, and loki is perfectly set up for that type of narrative.

Then there’s Thor. I love the fact that Thor is also really smart, but in a way completely different from Loki, and in a way that sets him up to be underestimated by nearly everyone, because Thor likes for the world to have sharp lines between things, and likes for things to be what they seem to be;
and that’s the second thing I love about Thor– he is what he appears to be– I’ve dealt with enough hypocrites in my life to find that immensely appealing;
he is incredibly loyal;
he has an unerring moral compass;
and he learns from his mistakes;
oh yeah, and muscles– jfc Hemsworth is fucking gorgeous.

And why do I like them together? Because they are capable of either rescuing one another or destroying one another, and there is really no in between. There is no Loki without Thor, and no Thor without Loki. Their self-identities are completely shaped by one another– their opposition and complentariety (is that a word? I don’t care– it is now).

So what do the rest of you think? @lunariagold @darklittlestories @incredifishface @thisdorkyblogthing @sheilatakesabow @pinknoonicorn @thorkys @thorctopus @rynfinity @needleyecandy – who’d I miss?

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Whooooaaa. OK so first off I have to tell you I've never gotten into fan fiction until IGU. It's because of your writing. I can tell that you are an emotionally observant person, which allows you to see how emotionally estute Baekhyun IRL is, and then put that down in what feels like very realistic interactions. It feels so true to his character, both the one we see and know he naturally turns on, and the one we imagine he might have in private.

I cant believe how good you are at compliments holy shit this level of compliments needs to be commended can we just take a fucking moment… look….at this lovely anon….and her skills. Wtf.

Alright so now that you’ve inflated my head a bit, i will just say that i am SO thankful that you love the story enough to send me a message about it. I honestly do get so many empath vibes from baekhyun, to the point where its almost impossible for me to see him in any other way.

I mean hes the clown for christs sake. The clown! OF COURSE THE CLOWN IS IN IT FOR OTHERS omg. Clowns are never in it for themselves, they are always sacrificing and struggling and hiding FOR THE OTHERS SAKE, hes just this whole other level of human being and my DREAM is to be able to convey this character on somewhat the same level as i see him in real life.

If i even come close then i am happy.

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Papa I can't tell you how beautiful and inspirational yours and mama Bee's relationship is. Whenever I see you two being in love and being cute together it gives me hope that I too can make it through my own long distance relationship with my boyfriend (who's studying abroad in another country). Keep on going, and good luck to both <333

ahh; thank you! Honestly the online support me and bee’ve always gotten has been a really strong, constant source of confidence tbh, so I always appreciate messages like this
I believe in you and your bf! Long distance is hard but love is stronger!

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Capricorn girl(rising Cancer) + a Leo guy?

honestly capricorn and leo pairings sound so improbable to me that the other day i was literally thinking that i don’t think any leo befriended a capricorn ever in history alkdfjklgjkfdgj they’re just so bossy??? how are they going to boss one another around?? especially since they’re both intimately convinced of how superior their judgment is so like i really do wonder if they could even be friends, but that of course could depend on the rest of the chart and the placements in their houses. but actually i think that if they’re careful to not tell one another what to do (because for ppl who love bossing other arounds they definitely do not like to follow anyone’s suggestions), they could be a couple brought together by their shared love for power. leos are rather expressive and they like being the centre of attention while capricorns are deeply private people who’d rather keep their emotions to themselves and keep their relationship private. i think the rising would be attracted to ppl like leos because they look like they know what they’re doing but idk how practical the pairing would be. that being said, i don’t think zodiac compatibility is a hard science… a lot of other factors could be taken into account and at the end of the day i think any couple could make it work despite what the theory tells us :) 

Zack x Brandon Playlist

They met in the coffee shop where Brandon works. Zack would fake-study, sneaking glances at the cute barista. These two are so adorable and sweet at the same time. They’re two of my favorite characters in @playchoices‘ The Freshman.

Here’s a list of songs that remind me of them and their relationship. It’s a mix of coffeehouse (ode to Brandon!) and dance (they both love to have a good time!). Enjoy the music!

Zack x Brandon Playlist

1. Can’t You Tell by How to Dress Well (Link) - “I can’t wait, I got all day today. I was just thinking maybe you should come over. Hands around your waist. If I prayed I would thank god for you. Bring you close ‘til we can’t get any closer…” These two so into each other. <3 This song captures how crazy they are about each other.

2. Firefly by Mura Masa (Link) - “Just say you’ll be my firefly. Take everything or nothing at all.” Another song that reflects how much they like (love?) each other.  I love how Brandon is super nuts about Zack and vice versa.

3. Fall Together by Temper Trap (Link) - “Raise your voice cause the time is now or never. And if we have to fall, we’ll fall together.” They’re making the most of their time together before Brandon heads overseas for part of his schooling. They’ll surely miss each other, so they’re making the most of every minute… especially with Zack majorly concerned about the hot South American guys Brandon will be meeting!

4. Body Moves by DNCE (Link) - “Come and roll with me, we’ll rock them body moves. Me and you (oh, just a little bit).” Can imagine them loving dancing to this song together.

5. We Found Love by Calvin Harris ft. Rhianna (Link) -  “We found love in a hopeless place…” This is their ultimate clubbing song! Everyone clears the dance floor for the two of them when this comes on!

6. Walking Stories by Jillian Linklater (Link) - “Every step we take another scribble on a page. We’re all walking stories so what’s yours gonna say?” A song they hold hands on, they relax to.

7. Collide by Howie Day (Link) - “The dawn is breaking. A light shining through. You’re barely waking, and I’m tangled up in you.” Another song to chill to, some coffee house relaxation. Zack catching up on studying while Brandon works the coffee machines.

Listen to more of my playlists inspired by Choices here!

P.S. For the pic, that’s the closest one I could find (that’s free and no attribution is needed) that captured the Zack Brandon vibe. Think they’re cute! :)

Charles Simic - “So Early in the Morning” 

 It pains me to see an old woman fret over
A few small coins outside a grocery store—
How swiftly I forget her as my own grief
Finds me again—a friend at death’s door
And the memory of the night we spent together.

I had so much love in my heart afterward,
I could have run into the street naked,
Confident anyone I met would understand
My madness and my need to tell them
About life being both cruel and beautiful,

But I did not—despite the overwhelming evidence:
A crow bent over a dead squirrel in the road,
The lilac bushes flowering in some yard,
And the sight of a dog free from his chain
Searching through a neighbor’s trash can.

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Elisa calls her daddies from college and is crying and telling them how stressful school is,they help her calm down and finish her work

Sonny and Rafael both remind her that she’s so smart, and so capable of anything that she puts her mind to, and that they believe in her and will always be there for her any time she needs to call and vent. 

By the end of the call, Elisa’s calmed down enough to actually get started on her homework. She says, “I love you both so much” before hanging up the phone.


“when someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. you just know that your name is safe in their mouth.”


let me ask you something,

do you think you would float around in a dream too?

do you think i’m nervous because this is my first love?

I think you are the answer to all of my questions.

[ a surprise present for lovely rina, renders by the kind & talented jaymee ] / ©

cute things I'd do if I had a gf

- flirt with her any time I had the chance
- cuddle with her and our dogs or cats
- play with her hair and her hands to calm us both down
- sleep next to her, especially when it’s cold out so we have an excuse to snuggle up extra close
- watch romantic movies and chick flicks with her
- go on picnics that turn into stargazing, out in the country where there’s no light pollution
- tell her how much I love her
- make sure she knows she’s beautiful
- hug her real close any time we part
- give her small gifts just because they reminded me of her and I couldn’t resist
- forehead kisses! especially when she’s sad
- look deep in to her eyes, in silence for a moment when I’m at a loss for words
- study her unconscious mannerisms and begin to do them myself
- take her to museums and art exhibitions just for the fun of it
- make her dinner or invite her out if we’re up to it
- ask for a kiss every time I want to kiss her (100% cute and good manners)
- play games of all sorts with her
- sing duets with her on long car rides
- take cute pictures of her to post on Instagram
- hold her hand any time we walk together
- lay with my head on her lap while watching tv
- send her songs I love or that made me think of her
- ask questions about her that I don’t already know the answer to
- make silly faces at her to make her smile
- tell her bad jokes or puns until she says to stop
- go to department stores and try on outfits we picked for each other
- write her notes about random things
- always let her know she’s truly amazing and wonderful and I wouldn’t give her up for the world

I matched with a guy from Germany who was backpacking in south east Asia for a few months. We started talking on Facebook but I found out he had already left my country for Thailand, we kept on talking anyway because we both loved traveling and he would give me updates on the new places he’s visited or how his day went. Fast forward one month, he tells me he still had some days booked at one of the hostel he stayed in my country and would come back to meet me before he went back to Germany for good. I was pretty psyched as I enjoyed our conversations. We planned to meet at McDonald’s at a train station at noon. We were both counting on each other to be on time as he didn’t have a phone card. I got there at noon, and didn’t see him, so I assumed he was running late. 50 minutes later, still no sign and I was confident he stood me up. He finally arrived as I was about to leave. He asked me if I waited long and I didn’t want him to feel bad so I said no! He only found out I waited an hour for him when he realized he forgot to change his phone time as Thailand is an hour behind. We both laughed it off. Ended up having the most amazing day ever. Went to see Batu caves (one of the famous temples located in a cave in my country), forced him to see the Petronas twin towers (main tourist attraction, even though he wasn’t interested), had dinner and then watched a movie together. What a great first tinder meet up!

So, can we talk about how, maybe, Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream is described as being brown skinned?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is pretty sparse on detailed descriptions of physical appearance. We know little about how the girl’s are supposed to look except that Hermia is definitely shorter than Helena. (Hermia is called a dwarf, Helena a “painted maypole”) Hermia is called “fair” and beautiful many times, but we don’t get many details besides that. 

But there are two VERY specific insults used against Hermia that I found interesting.

Both come in Act 3 Scene 2, when Lysander (all jacked up on love potion) is insulting Hermia and telling her to leave him alone. 

First, he says: “ Away, you Ethiope! ” Calling Hermia an Ethiopian. Then, a few lines later, he tells her “ out, tawny Tartar, out! ” Tawny meaning “Dark skinned” and Tartar being an ethnic group from Asia. 

These are really specific terms to describe someone with, and I think it’s unlikely that those are completely baseless, even if they are used as insults here. The idea of Hermia being lily white doesn’t jive well given these insults. 


Pregnancy sentence starters

“Y’know, with all your symptoms, it kind of sounds like you might be pregnant.”
“There’s no harm in taking a test, just to know for sure…”
“Morning sickness still pretty bad, I’m assuming?”
“Do you… think you might be pregnant?”
“I know you’ve been feeling pretty shitty, want me to skip work and rub your back?”
“You have to take it easy.”
“Oh my god, we’re going to be parents!”
“Are you pregnant again…?”
“Loving another baby with you would be easy.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“How far along are you?”
“If you’re tired you need to sleep, honey.”
“What did the test say?”
“Do you think it’s a boy or a girl? Or both? Or two of each?”
“I’m pretty sure they call it morning sickness because they want to lie to you and say it’ll only last in the morning so you’ll procreate.”
“Did you throw up again? I can come home early and cuddle with you.”
“I should be recording this for the baby.”
“I mean, someone has to hold your hair.”
“Oh my god! I just felt it kick!”
“Are you SURE it’s a boy/girl or is this just another one of your intuitions?”
“Are you excited?”
“Yeah, growing a person inside you doesn’t sound fun at all.”


Gale Hawthorne Appreciation Week: Day Three (Katniss)

“What a pair we were—fatherless, frightened, but fiercely committed, too, to keeping our families alive. Desperate, yet no longer alone after that day, because we’d found each other. I think of a hundred moments in the woods, lazy afternoons fishing, the day I taught him to swim, that time I twisted my knee and he carried me home. Mutually counting on each other, watching each other’s backs, forcing each other to be brave.”

People say that you’re the most vulnerable when you’re sleeping and I think about that a lot when it comes to sleeping with you. During the day I can see the tough exterior you put out but once night time hits and we are in bed together that exterior fades away to let your soft interior shine. I don’t think you realize half of the things you do or say when you’re asleep. You tend to gravitate towards me to the point where there’s not even an inch of space between us and you wrap your arms and legs around me and bury your face into the crook of my neck. Waking up to us in that position never fails to make my heart race every single time. You also tend to tell me how much you love me a few times during the night and I swear every time you say it I melt a little more inside. And the sleepy kisses exchanged while we’re both drifting in and out of sleep always puts a massive smile on my face. And then when morning hits we’re both so reluctant to separate because the feeling of having our bodies intertwined is far too amazing to ruin. It’s definitely one of the scariest things ever to let yourself be so completely vulnerable with a person but when it comes to you I’d do anything to make sure that heart of yours never breaks
—  May 31st, 7:56pm