and i love how she's secretly a badass

My favorite thing about the Check Please! fandom is like…the mythos that has developed around Camilla Collins. Like, I love how even though she’s not actually appeared in the comic she’s become in the minds of the fandom this definitely queer, badass, lady athlete that everyone on campus is in love with and might secretly be dating Lardo? Like I could write a headcanon about Camilla Collins showing up at a Haus party dressed in a tux with attractive hockey players of various genders fawning all over her to crush at beer pong doubles with lardo and the fandom would be like “yep that seems like a thing Camilla Collins would do” even though Camilla Collins has not actually appeared in this story? And that honestly? makes me? so pleased???

Scott- I Did Tell You I Needed You

Requests: Could you do a imagine with Scott with the song Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande?  /   Scott McCall (written) imagine where the reader is also a true alpha to another pack that just arrived in beacon hills and Scott doesn’t know she’s an alpha and starts to like her but when he and the pack find out she’s also a true alpha he and her start to date secretly. Eventually both of their packs find out and at first don’t like it but see how in love they are and decide to try to get along for Scott and the reader. And can the reader be like a really cool badass brunette. 💕💕💕 thx ILY!!

A/N- So I changed this up a bit and I did combine these requests. Sorry if it’s not what you wanted.

A pile of clothes hit the wooden floor with a thump, brushed away by Scott in an effort to clear off his bed. With the lump of t-shirts now on the floor, Scott fell onto his bed with a creak, tugging you down after him. His arms wound around your waist as your lips landed sweetly on his and he reached up to place a hand on your cheek. His skin was hot to the touch, brushing against yours with nothing but fervor in his fingers.
It was such a relief to be able to melt into someone else like this, to take a step back from who you were and not just exist as a single person. For the moment, it drew your mind away from your troubles and almost made you forget about the chaos happening around you. Almost.
“Scott,” you breathed, pushing yourself away from him. “We…we shouldn’t be doing this.”
Scott blinked as you pulled away and sat up, worry immediately creasing his eyebrows. “I…I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong?”
“No,” you said with a sigh, bringing up a hand and rubbing it over your tired face. “You did everything right, it’s just…”
“My pack?” Scott offered with a sad smile.
You nodded at him. “They make me feel like I’m dangerous or something.”
“Well you’re not,” Scott told you firmly. “You’re amazing. I know you’re a good person, Y/n. You’re just like me.”
You were much like Scott, and while you wanted to stay there and pretend that you were nothing more than a pair of teenagers, you both knew that wasn’t an option. It wasn’t that long ago that you had arrived in Beacon Hills along with your own pack, one that wasn’t as eclectic as Scott’s. Scott had been ecstatic to meet someone like him, because Deaton had said that true alphas were incredibly rare.
Not to mention that you were also young, and you understand the pressure of being an alpha at your age. Scott had never met anyone who had known that feeling, and he had instantly connected with you after you had saved his life a few weeks before.
When you had heard about the deadpool, you figured that because you were only a few towns over from Beacon Hills, you had to stop in and help. If there were assassins trying to hunt down and kill your pack for money, you knew you would have wanted someone to give you a hand. Not every member of your pack had agreed to come. There were a few that had blatantly told you they wouldn’t risk their necks for a stranger and you respected that. You told them that when you came back home, they still had a place with you.
It stung a little, knowing that your pack was divided in some way, but there wasn’t much you could do at that point. You knew you had to try and help the people on that list, and when you arrived in Beacon Hills and met Scott, you were glad you had.
You had gone looking for him at the hospital where you had seen him heading, and when you found him on the roof of the building, there had been a man with no mouth leaning over Scott with an axe in his hands. You had bared your teeth and roared, and you guessed the assassin had taken the hint. Maybe he was willing to try and kill one alpha, but take on two and there would be no chance of getting out alive.
You later found out that there had been many other things going on that night, along with Scott biting his first beta and failing to save a wendigo on the deadpool list. You remembered how he had opened up to you as you tried to get off the roof before someone noticed you, and Scott still wasn’t sure why he had been so honest with a complete stranger. Maybe it was because you had tried to save him or maybe it was because you were an alpha too, but he was just glad he wasn’t on his own anymore.
“They’ll come around,” Scott told you as you sat on his bed. “So will yours.”
“They don’t trust us,” you said quietly. “And my pack, they can tell.They were behind me before, but now they’ve seen what’s happening. Your pack doesn’t even want us here and…and they’re starting to think this isn’t such a good idea if we’re not wanted.”
“Hey,” Scott said, reaching out to grip your hand. “You’re wanted, I swear. They just…they’ve been tricked before. You’re strangers to them and they don’t know you like I do. Maybe they don’t trust you now, but they will.”
You sighed. “I hope so. Otherwise we might not have the numbers to stay.”
“You’d leave?” Scott whispered.
“I don’t want to,” you told him softly. “But I have to do what’s best for my pack. They need me.”
Scott frowned, and maybe it was selfish, but he didn’t want you to go. He leaned forward, running his thumb over the smooth skin of your cheek. His lips hovered over yours for a second, just enough time to whisper the words he had been waiting to say for weeks.
“So do I.”
He leaned forward and kissed you, leaving you no time to reply as he pressed his mouth onto yours. The kiss was sweet and urgent and even though you knew it wouldn’t last, you found yourself wanting to lie in his arms forever. But of course nothing was ever perfect, and as soon as you leaned into Scott, shouting from outside caused both of you to spring apart.
“What the hell was that?” Scott asked with wide eyes.
You sighed. “Trouble.”

“What did you do with Y/n?” the girl in front of Stiles demanded.
She was tall, with bright, angry eyes and a hostility in her tone that made it seem like her sole purpose on this earth was to hate the specific person she was talking to. Stiles was feeling a little like that at the moment, and as the girl crossed her muscular arms over her dark jacket, Stiles got the feeling he was being personally attacked.
“Wh-Y/n?” Stiles demanded as he looked over at her. “She’s your alpha. Shouldn’t you know where she is?”
“Well we would if she would answer her phone,” the guy next to the other girl said. “She said she was coming to meet your alpha and that she would be back at the motel in twenty minutes. That was an hour ago.”
“So she got caught up,” Stiles offered.
Malia stood behind Stiles as he stood in front of the two members of your pack. They seemed concerned, but not concerned enough to avoid a fight. Tensions had been running high between your two groups lately, and even though Malia didn’t understand people very well, but she understood the animal part of them, and if things kept going the way they had been, there was going to be blood.
“Y/n doesn’t just do that,” the girl said venomously, as if Stiles was stupid for not knowing this. “And why are you just hanging around out here? You guarding the place?”
Stiles rolled his eyes in irritation. “No. We’re here to talk to Scott about Liam’s next full moon. We don’t know where Y/n is and we don’t care.”
“We’re trying to help you, you know,” the other guy told him.
His blonde hair was sticking up as if he had just slept on it, and Malia figured that with all the running for their lives everyone had been doing, she wasn’t wrong. There was no shame in squeezing in a nap between each different assassin.
“Well we don’t need your help,” Stiles said firmly. “I can’t believe we’re supposed to trust you. You just show up out of nowhere, claiming you want to help us in a town full of assassins. You’re probably planning on killing us!”
“What the hell is your problem?” the girl demanded with a growl. “Y/n saved your alpha’s life!”
“Chrissy,” the blonde guy warned, reaching out to place a hand on her arm. “Don’t.”
“No, I think I will,” she snapped at him. “Why the hell are we even here? Y/n’s going to get us all killed for them, and they don’t even want us!”
“You know what-” Stiles began, but Chrissy cut him off with another snarl.
Malia’s eyes flashed blue and she stepped in front of Stiles, matching Chrissy’s snarl with one of her own. The girls flashed their brightly colored eyes at each other, and the only reason they didn’t tackle each other to the ground was the sharp cries from the porch.
“Chrissy,!” you yelled at the same time Scott cried “Malia!”.
“What the hell is going on?” you demanded, looking between your two pack members. “Wes?”
The blonde, Wes, opened his mouth to respond, but Chrissy jumped at the chance to snap.
“Where the hell have you been?” Chrissy demanded. “You were supposed to be back 45 minutes ago!”
“I was trying to talk to Scott,” you told her.
“By yourself?” she demanded.
“Yes,” you said bitterly. “Since both of our packs can’t stand to be in the same room together.”
“Got that right,” Stiles said with a scoff. “Maybe you should just leave.”
“Stiles!” Scott snapped. “She’s the only one trying to help us.”
“We were fine on our own,” Stiles told him stubbornly. “And maybe if you weren’t so busy rolling around in the sheets with her, you’d see that we can’t trust them.”
Scott blinked in shock and your breath caught in your throat at the sting of Stiles’ words. Scott looked over at you, regret clouding over his face. It was in that moment you knew that if you kept trying to do what you came there to do, you’d be creating a rift between Scott and his pack. You knew what something like that could do to a pack, especially when someone was hunting them down, and you weren’t going to force Scott to made that choice.
“Y/n, he didn’t-” he began.
“He’s right,” you said softly. “They’re all right.”
“What?” Scott asked softly, and you could hear the hurt in his voice.
“They’re right,” you repeated. “I…I’m going to take my pack back to Hill Valley. Stiles is right. You’ll be better off without us.”
Scott’s eyes widened. “Y/n, no!”
“I’m sorry,” you told him. “But if this is going to tear you and your pack apart, it isn’t worth it.”
“No,-” he tried to protest, but you wouldn’t change your mind.
You stepped forward, grabbing his hands in your own and squeezing them gently. “You’ll be fine. You know how I know? Because you’re an amazing alpha. I wish I was half the person you are, Scott and I’m really glad I got to know you.”
You leaned up and pressed your lips to his cheek, one last kiss before you pulled away for good. You stepped back and looked over at Chrissy and Wes. “Come on guys. Let’s go home.”
“Y/n,” Chrissy began, a frown working it’s way onto her face. “You’re not-”
“That’s an order,” you cut her off brusquely. “I’ll meet you guys at the motel.”
They nodded and headed off to the car they had taken, sharing nervous looks the whole way. Even though you were the alpha, you never liked ordering them around. It always made you feel wrong and out of place, like you were a little kid trying too hard to fit in. They knew that when you did it, you only did it because you thought it was necessary.
Scott watched you get into your car and drive off, and his heart sank in his chest as you didn’t look back at him once. He knew Malia could smell the hurt on him and that Stiles could see it in his face, but he didn’t care. He was so angry that he whirled around, causing Stiles to stumble back in shock.
“What the hell is your problem?!”
“Scott,” Stiles began. “We can’t trust them.”
“They helped save us!” Scott protested. “Y/n, saved my life!”
“What if they’re working with the assassins?” Stiles demanded. “What if-”
“I’ve heard your theories,” Scott cried. “And they’re not true!  Y/n is the first person I’ve met who understands what it’s like to have a pack completely relying on you. That’s why she came to help, Stiles. Without her, we’re dead.”
Stiles opened his mouth to object, but after a few seconds he realized he had no argument. “Fuck.”
“Maybe we should make sure they don’t leave,” Malia suggested as she pulled out her phone. “What’s her number?”
Scott began to rattle it off, but before Malia could type them in, her phone rang. “Hello?”
“Malia,” Lydia breathed through the phone. “Scott wasn’t answering his phone and I knew you’d have yours on. You have to tell him that there’s another part of the list.”
“What?” Malia demanded. “A fourth part?”
“Not exactly,” Lydia told her. “It’s the third part, but it’s an edit. Derek isn’t on there anymore, but now Liam is. And Y/n’s pack? They’re on it too.”
Scott, who had caught this part of the conversation as he leaned in, felt his breath catch in his throat. “We have to call her. We have to tell them.”
Stiles nodded as Malia hung up with Lydia. “We will. Me and Malia can take the jeep to the motel too, just in case.”
“I’ll grab my phone and meet you guys there,” Scott told them.
Stiles nodded and with that, Scott ran back into his house. He thundered up the steps and snatched it from the nightstand, hastily dialing your number as his heart thumped in his chest. He waited for you to pick up, but you never did and that was when he really became afraid. Scott knew that you had come to Beacon Hills to help him and his pack, and if you died or lost a pack member because of him, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself.

Shrill ringing cut through the stuffy air of the car, and you looked down to see your phone vibrating on the console. The caller I.D read the name Scott, and you immediately averted your eyes. It had been ringing nonstop for the past fifteen minutes, but you were hellbent not answering.
“You gonna answer that?” Chrissy asked from the passenger seat as you drove out of town.
“No,” you told her, shooting her a knowing look.
“I didn’t mean for you to do that you know,” Chrissy told you.
“It’s for the best,” you told her firmly, keeping your eyes planted on the road.
“Y/n, come on,” she continued. “We both know that’s a lie.”
“What do you want from me?” you demanded, suddenly looking over at her. “You didn’t want to come here. You were hellbent on leaving and now that we are, you’re criticizing me about it.”
“Yeah,” she agreed regretfully. “I just wanted to make sure we were all safe. We’ve been through a lot, Y/n, and we haven’t lost anyone yet. I don’t want that to happen, but I don’t want you to be miserable either. Scott makes you happy. I can tell.”
“It doesn’t matter,” you said softly.
“Why?” she demanded as you scanned the road once more.
“Because,” you stated stubbornly. “Because…that car’s been following us for the past ten minutes.”
“What?” she asked again, shooting a look over her shoulder.
Sure enough, a huge black SUV that had taken the exact turns you had seemed to be right on your tail. You couldn’t see the driver through the tinted glass windows, but you guessed it didn’t matter. Who it was wasn’t important, because it was someone who was going to try and kill you anyway.
“What do we do?” Chrissy asked nervously, her usual confident demeanor gone. “Y/n?”
“This,” you said, eyeing the stoplight in front of you, which was about to change.
You knew it would turn red before you got there, even if you were going over the speed limit. On any other day you might have been worried about getting a ticket, but as you sped up and crossed through just after the light turned red, you figured this was a life or death situation. As soon as you passed through the red light, you hung a sharp right turn and headed down a deserted side road that led into thick trees.
“Call Wes and the others,” you ordered Chrissy. “They’re probably being followed too.”
Your heart was rapidly beating in your chest as you eyed the road all around you. You realized you didn’t know where you were and getting back to the highway was going to be a bitch.
“He’s not picking up,” Chrissy said, panic filling her voice.
“Call him again,” you told her rapidly. “Wait, no-no, call someone else. Angela, Kitty, anyone. Just call them.”
“Y/n-” Chrissy started, and you thought she was going to protest.
“Call them!” you snapped.
“Y/n, look out!” she screamed, and before you could even realize that she had been trying to warn you, the SUV from before slammed into the side of the car. The sharp, sickening sound of metal crushing metal hit your ears, and the lurch of your stomach told you the car was flipping. You felt a brief flash of pain and then suddenly everything went black.
When you came to, you realized it must have only been for a few seconds because you were still in the car. Your whole body felt like it had been crushed, but luckily you could feel yourself healing. Amazingly, the car was standing upright, but you knew it must have flipped a few times.
“Chrissy?” you groaned, trying to peer around the car.
You craned your head through the flash of pain you felt and you realized blood was dripping down from your forehead. You could just barely make out Chrissy through your blurry vision. She was clutching her arm tightly, and you were either delirious from the pain, or the was bone sticking out of her arm.
“My arm is broken,” Chrissy gasped weakly. “It’s not-it won’t heal until I set it. I-I can’t set it like this. I think I’m stuck.”
“Hold on,” you breathed, just as you heard doors slamming behind you.
You quickly flicked out your claws and sliced off your seatbelt, shifting over the shards of the driver’s side broken window. You winced and managed to crawl over to Chrissy, slicing off her seatbelt too.
“They’re out there, Y/n,” she whispered. “They’re going to kill us, aren’t they?”
“No,” you told her firmly. “They’re not. Back up.”
Chrissy shifted and as you took her place you could just make out  three silhouettes in the darkness of the road. They were approaching the car, and you knew you didn’t have much time.
You held in a pained gasp as you tugged off your jacket. “When I say go, leave through the side window. It’s already  broken so you’ll be fine. Go through the woods, find the others and call Scott.”
“Y/n,” Chrissy protested. “What are you going to do?”
“What I’m supposed to do,” you told her. “Protect the pack. Go!”
You tossed your jacket out the window and sure enough, you heard several gunshots. They hadn’t been able to see much in the darkness, just that something was moving. Your distraction had worked for a few seconds but you knew it wouldn’t buy you much time, so you quickly jumped out and moved behind the car. You had maybe a half second’s delay before bullets began to riddle the mangled vehicle.
“The alpha’s in the front!” a husky voice yelled. “Someone find the other one!”
You looked to your left and when you saw Chrissy’s back disappearing into the trees, you felt a small pang of relief. Her dark head of hair was practically invisible with no light, and the assassins wouldn’t be able to find her now, not unless they knew where to look.
Your palm rested on the metal of the car as you crouched behind it, trying to formulate a plan. You could try to fight off three assassins with guns, which would probably end up getting you savagely murdered, or you could come up with a clever way to escape in the five seconds you had before they got there. An emissary had once told you that the best solutions weren’t always clear cut or obvious, so as you crouched there, you figured you could do a bit of both.
The first hunter who rounded the side of the car expected to find you easily. There weren’t many places you could have gone on the deserted road, and he knew there was at least one wolf still nearby. He figured it would have been an easy kill, but as he came to the front of the car, no one was there.
“Where the hell did she go?” he called out to his friend, who had been coming around the other side.
“She was right there,” the woman told him. “I swear.”
“Well we had better find her before-”
The man was cut off by his own cry of shock as a strong hand wrapped around his ankle and yanked him off his feet. He hit the ground roughly and scrambled for his gun, but the arm that had appeared from under the car dragged him closer. He screamed as he saw the glowing red eyes in the darkness, but you quickly slammed him into the metal underside of the car, knocking him out cold.
You quickly rolled out from under the car, but not before you heard the crack of a gunshot. The bullet whizzed by you just as you managed to move, but you didn’t even have time to feel relieved. You shoved yourself to your feet, only to almost run right into another man, brandishing a taser and thrusting it toward you. You caught it in your hand before it could touch your abdomen, but the electricity zinging through you still made you feel like your whole body was vibrating.
The sharp sting spread throughout your body from your toes to your hair, but you still managed to hold on and yank the taser away from the man. You slammed him into the side of the car, spraying broken glass from the windows onto the ground. He collapsed to the ground in an unconscious heap, but before you could even smile in triumph, three loud shots rang out from behind you.
Crack! Crack! Crack!
The blast of the shotgun hit your ears, only just before you felt the sharp pain of the bullets ripping through you. Three shots, you managed to count off in your head, before falling onto your knees. You looked down and saw blood seeping through your shirt, spreading out in a dark cloud through the fabric. It would be an understatement to say that you were stunned, and it wasn’t until you were on the ground, lying on your back that you really registered what was happening.
I’m going to die, you thought as the woman leaned over you. She had bright red hair and empty, emotionless eyes, like she had done this a thousand times before and would do it again.
“So young,” she mused. “Although I bet you must have done some pretty bad things to get all that power. But then again, we all do horrible things to get what we want.”
No, you wanted to say. All I ever wanted to do was protect my pack. But all that came out was a weak croak, and if the burning in your abdomen told you anything, it was that you were dying. You weren’t healing like you should have been, but you knew the bullets must have had wolfsbane in them. You could feel the wound trying to close, the skin trying to knit itself back together, but it just wasn’t happening.
You took a shallow breath and the woman huffed with impatience. You guessed you were taking longer to die than she preferred and that much was evident when she raised her gun. You had spent so long trying to  do the best for your pack and trying to stay strong and fearless.
Now, none of them were around to see you fail, to see you afraid, just like you had always feared they would. That was why as the assassin lifted the gun, you closed your eyes and waited for the end. You knew you must have been an awful sight to see, splayed out on your back with blood dripping down your face and pooling from your stomach. You just hoped she would kill you quickly.
You waited for the blast of the gunshot that would end your life, but instead of that, you heard a different sound. It was the screeching of tires and the squealing of brakes, ones that sounded like the pads were in desperate need of replacement. You opened your eyes weakly and you saw the assassin stumble back in shock, nearly dropping her gun. Following her panicked gaze, you watched as several shapes jumped out of a pale blue jeep, and if you hadn’t been so weak, you would have laughed.
Stiles, you thought, and then as you heard that comfortingly familiar roar, Scott.
You weakly shoved yourself up, barely able to support your own weight as your palms rested on the ground. You watched through blurring eyes as the woman fumbled with her gun, but she was too shocked to do much of anything as Scott tore it from her hands. Malia was right behind Scott, but it appeared he didn’t need much help as he slammed the assassin into the car. Rage was clear on his face as he thought about the fact that this woman had been trying to kill you. If he hadn’t been there, she would have.
“Y/n!” you heard a panicked voice cry, and your fluttering eyes stilled. A blurry shape slid to the ground by your side, and you saw that it was Chrissy. Her arm still appeared to be broken and you knew it probably hurt. You wished you were strong enough to reach out and take her pain.
“You’re not healing,” she stated miserably. “Why aren’t you healing?”
“Wolfsbane,” you mumbled. “Hurts like hell too.”
She reached out and placed her good hand on yours, gripping it tightly as she drew the pain from your veins. She moved to let go, but you gripped her hand tightly.
“You have to take my power,” you whispered. “I want it to go to you.”
“What?!” she cried in horror. “Y/n, no!”
“Please,” you whispered.
“No,” she practically growled, her blue eyes dark. “I’m not letting you die.”
“She’s right,” another voice added, and when you looked up you saw Scott crouching next to you.
His eyes were dark and determined, and even as he saw the blood pooling against your shirt, he wasn’t prepared to let you go. “You’re not dying.”
You looked up into his brown eyes, trying to form words that wouldn’t come out. Your vision was blurring more by the second, and in a few moments you couldn’t see his face.
“Scott,” you managed to choke out before your consciousness faded. “I’m sorry.”
You didn’t have time to apologize any more than that one short sentence, because your eyes were slipping shut. A normal werewolf probably would have died from the wounds, but you were an alpha. You also had Scott on your side, and if he had anything to do with it, he wasn’t letting you slip away again. You were the only person he had met who really understood him, the first one he had really connected with. Maybe he was stubborn, but he wasn’t prepared to let you go just yet.

The first thing you felt when you woke up was cold. You fingers brushed against the cool metal surface you were resting on, and when you opened your eyes, you realized it was a veterinarian’s table. The X-rays on the walls were what really gave it away, as well as the fact that the room didn’t exactly look like a hospital.
You shivered in the dim light and tried to sit up, but you paused at the sharp stab of pain in your stomach. “Woah, easy. You’re healing, but it’s going to take a while.”
You looked up and saw Scott leaning over you, placing one hand gently on your shoulder. You took one look at his face and smiled, and he felt relieved to see you happy so soon after being shot.
“Is everyone okay?” you asked suddenly.
Scott nodded firmly. “Thanks to you. You bought Chrissy time to escape, and the others were already on their way out of town. Thank god she called me, otherwise we might have lost you.”
“You saved me,” you whispered, looking down at your clothed stomach.
As you did this, you noticed that you weren’t wearing the blood-encrusted t-shirt you remembered passing out in, but instead a maroon hoodie. It was big on you and stretched past your thighs, and you immediately recognized it as Scott’s. You ran your fingers over the soft fabric and smiled at him. “Thank you.”
Scott smiled, a smile bright enough to rival the sun. “Of course. I care about you, Y/n. You’re one of the bravest people I’ve ever met. You were willing to die for your whole pack and not many people would do that. And I did tell I needed you.”
You smiled and reached to grab his hand, running your thumb over the back of it. “I guess I’m going to have to stick around for a while then.”
If it was even possible, you thought you saw Scott’s smile widen. “Do you wanna see the rest of your pack?”
You nodded, and he wrapped an arm around your shoulders to help you sit up. One you were off the table, his arm remained around your waist as you walked toward the door.
“They would have waited in here,” Scott explained. “But there wasn’t enough room for both packs.”
“Both?” you questioned, raising your eyebrows at him.
“Both,” Scott confirmed with a grin, and then he pushed open the door.
You peered out into the waiting room area, which was filled with members of both you and Scott’s pack. You noticed that they weren’t separated either, but that they were all spread out amongst each other. And to your surprise, they were talking like old friends.
“I know,” Wes was saying as he sat in the chair next to Stiles. “The writers totally weren’t thinking when he kissed Leia. I mean, he turns out to be her brother, for god’s sake. No one would have done that on purpose. That’s  a little too Flowers In The Attic, you know?”
“Exactly,” Stiles agreed as he nodded his head vigorously. “God you have no idea how much of a relief this is. Scott hasn’t even watched Star Wars. Everyone in this pack thinks I’m crazy when I talk about this stuff.”
“That’s because you are,” Malia told him as she sat cross-legged on the floor. “Star Wars has nothing to do with it.”
Another girl from your pack, Kitty, sat behind her, braiding her hair as they listened to Stiles and Wes prattle on about their favorite movie. Sitting in chairs across the room were Chrissy and Lydia, with their heads bent over the banshee’s phone as she showed the older girl a new jacket she had bought.
“It was a total steal,” Lydia was telling her. “Oh! And I got these really cute boots to go with it.”
It wasn’t just the six of them either, but everyone else too. Everyone was spread across the room, talking, laughing and waiting. You blinked in shock as you passed through the doorway and froze, your eyes going wide at the camaraderie between the two packs. It was only days ago that they had been at each other’s throats, but now it appeared they had a lot more in common than they had ever realized.  
As soon as you stepped into the waiting room, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at you. Several people jumped up, and not just from your pack either. They rushed toward you and bombarded you with questions. How did you feel? Did it hurt? Was there anything they could do to help?
“I’m fine,” you assured them. “I was more worried about you guys.”
“Us?” a woman named Angela asked you. “We’re fine. You’re the one who got shot three times.”
“Which was totally badass,” Malia added in. “You took out two hunters. That takes skill.”
“It was also pretty fucking crazy,” Chrissy piped up from where she stood next to Lydia. “But you did it to save me. So I guess I should be grateful that you’re totally nuts.”
You grinned. “Hello to you too. How’s your arm?”
“All healed,” she confirmed, holding it out to you. “Brainiac here set it.”
She clapped Lydia on the shoulder and the strawberry blonde scoffed. “Like it was hard.”
Your grin widened. Her and Chrissy seemed destined to be friends.
“Y/n?” Stiles asked from where he stood beside Wes. “I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry. I didn’t trust you before, and everyone kinda just listened to me. But you saved Scott’s life, and you almost got killed for your own pack. If you hadn’t come to help us, that wouldn’t have happened. So thank you for risking your necks…all of you.”
“Thanks, Stiles,” you told him warmly. “For accepting our help. That’s all we ever wanted to do.”
“And,” Chrissy added. “Now that they almost killed Y/n, this is fucking personal. I vote we stay down here until whoever this benefactor is gets a taste of his own medicine. Agreed?”
A chorus of agreement rose up between the two packs, and Scott squeezed your shoulders. You leaned into him and he bent down to press a kiss to your forehead. It was a small gesture, but it told you you didn’t need to worry about what had happened before. You had thought leaving was what was best for your pack, but it turned out that you needed Scott and his pack just as much as they needed you.
You were planning on sticking around, at least until the deadpool was shut down and, if you were lucky, maybe a little longer.

I Love You More

Summary: “the reader always try’s to come across as really confident and outgoing but even though she’s a total badass she’s secretly really shy and a bit of a nerd and she’s too shy to tell Dean how she feels so she hides it by making jokes and pretending she doesn’t care when he hooks up and maybe one day he confronts her about it?”

Word Count:1213

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: mild language, kissing, sexual references

A/N: I hope you like this, anon. Please let me know what you think! This was really fun to write! Thank y'all for reading and please send me requests. I love y'all! xoxo


“A couple shots of whiskey and,” Dean pauses for a moment and looks you over before finishing his order, “a strawberry daiquiri for the lady.”

                “Excuse me, but this lady would like some Jungle Juice with a floater,” you sass back to Dean.

                “That’s a pretty strong drink, ma’am. One of the strongest we got. You sure you can handle that?” the bartender asks.

                “Oh, I’m just starting,” you glance at Dean and smirk. There’s no way you’d be caught dead drinking something like a strawberry daiquiri. No way in Hell would you do something like that.

                “Look what you did, Y/N! Your attitude scared off yet another dude!” Dean teases you. Even though you and Dean were bar buddies, you hadn’t brought home anyone in almost a month. Little does he know that you’re waiting for the right person-him. It’s just that he doesn’t seem to be doing the same thing.

                Speak of the devil, a ditzy blonde in a short pink dress who talked like Barbie made her way over to Dean. Her butt was hanging out of the bottom of her dress, if you wanted to call it that, and the plunging neckline to that glitter covered number left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

                “Hi, my name is Heather,” she said in between smacking her gum. Well you could give her this, she spoke like a true bimbo.

                “Hi, my name is Y/N,” you said mockingly. Dean kicks your leg just hard enough to leave a nice bruise tomorrow.

                “So, Heather,” Dean raises his eyebrows and does that thing where he pokes out his lips just far enough out it makes you want to kiss him, “is your bra as glittery as your dress?” Wow. He wasted no time in getting straight to the point.

                “I can’t remember. You can come check it for me, though,” she says. What a slut.

                “You have room for a bra under that piece of cloth? How? What is this sorcery?” you say condescendingly. Part of you really wanted to know how she pulled off that dress and how she fit a bra under it, but that’s not the reason you asked. You knew fully why you did that. It was out of jealousy because Dean saw something in that bimbo that he didn’t see in you. What could he see in her? She’s probably slept with 9 people this week, and it’s only Thursday.

                “Y/N, cut it out. I’m going to check for her,” Dean remarks. Oh, how you wish you could be that smooth. But you could never. You still get flustered when you have to pretend to be Dean’s girlfriend for a hunt or when you kissed Castiel to make Dean jealous, which, didn’t work.

                “Whatever. I don’t care. Have fun. I’m going back to the bun- the house. See you later. Or not, I don’t care,” you spit at him. When you saw the hurt in his eyes, you immediately regretted saying that, but it was too late now. You can’t take it back.

                Dean just walks off, ignoring your comment. As he’s walking out, you can see Heather slap his butt. Oh, how you wished you could just hold his hand, much less slap his butt. Hell, you can’t even brush arms without you blushing and getting embarrassed.



                “Yer a wizard, harreh.” Ah, finally. Relaxation. You’d been looking forward to this Harry Potter movie marathon for weeks now, but you just haven’t had the chance. There was nothing that could ruin this weekend.  You had popcorn, candy, soda, and a new blanket.

                Knock Knock. So much for an undisturbed movie marathon. Before you could even say ‘come in,’ Dean was busting into your room. You fumble for the remote to turn the TV off. You could never let Dean see you watching Harry Potter. He’d think you were the biggest nerd ever, and it’s not like you need any help making him hate you more than he already does.

                “Dean!” you yell at him as soon as you get the TV off.

                “Y/N. We need to talk.”

                “Yes, you can have some of my pie in the fridge. Bye now,” you try to shoo him away by taking your hands and pressing them on his back to guide him through your door.

                He spins around and grabs your arms. “Y/N, what was that last night?”

                “Oh, her name was Heather,” you squeaked. You tried to sound confident, but you’re almost 100% sure he could hear your voice crack.

                “Hey, hey, hey. What is wrong?” Dean questions you.

                “Nothing’s wrong Dean. Everything’s fine and dandy. It’s all peachy. Everything is going just great!” You started off with a regular voice but by the end you were yelling through tears. Not now, Y/N. You try to calm yourself, but you can’t keep these emotions from happening. You’ve had them bottled in for so long that they’re exploding. You just wish they could explode in the shower like they did last night when Dean wasn’t home.

                “Y/N? Did I- Did I say something?” Dean asks. Ah, the mighty warrior, always blaming himself. No, this was on you. You’re the stupid nerd girl who can’t control her stupid emotions.

                “No, Dean, just get out,” you whispered. “I can’t have this conversation right now.”

                “What conversation?” Dean asks. You shook your head which must’ve only concerned Dean more because now he’s sitting on the bed beside you. “Y/N, please. Talk to me. I’m not leaving until you talk to me.”

                “Looks like you’ll be here a while,” you half laugh at yourself.

                “Looks like I will be,” Dean isn’t budging.

                Your heart’s racing, but you know what you have to do. This is it. You might not be given another chance if you pass this one up. Just tell him. You sigh in defeat, take a deep breath, and turn to face Dean.

                “I love you,” you blurt out. Instinct is to close your eyes, to imagine you’re somewhere far from here, not embarrassing yourself. Your cheeks are burning crimson. What did you just do?

                Dean tackles you down and straddles you. Before you can object, his lips are on yours. That was all the ‘I love you’ you needed. In that moment, you knew your feelings were reciprocated. You giggle a little causing him to laugh.

                You hear the creaking of your door and you and Dean both turn toward it. Sam was just standing there with a shocked look on his face.

                “Dude!” Dean throws one of your round pillows at him, “Get out!”

                Sam backs up muttering his apologies. When the door closes, Dean leans back down and your lips meet and move as one. He rolled over beside you and you both laid on your sides facing each other.

                “So, what flavor pie is in the fridge?” Dean asks.

                “Damn, I just love you so much,” you tell him as you give him another kiss. It was the most passionate, fiery kiss you’ve ever had in your whole life. How lucky you were to be here, Dean Winchester above you, kissing you. His lips moved from your mouth to your jaw and up to your ear.

                “What do you say we have a Harry Potter marathon featuring pie?” he whispers.