and i love how she's secretly a badass

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hiii!! i must know, how do you feel towards lizzy? and how do you feel about her relationship with our!ciel and real!ciel?

Hi anon! Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for stopping by :)

How do I feel: I really like her! I actually liked her even before the series revealed she was secretly a badass. I don’t think she’s a perfect human being and that’s why she’s one of my favs, because she makes mistakes and has character flaws, but is filled with genuine love for her friends and family at the end of the day. 

I think Lizzie was more passive when she was with Real!Ciel. RC comes off as a “natural leader” so whenever they played, he was calling the shots and telling her what to do. Whether or not this ever made Lizzie uncomfortable is still up in the air, but she definitely loved him enough to change a lot of things about herself for him (Ex. she kept pretending to be the “cute lady” to the point of almost dying at least 2x in the series, and that would never have happened if it wasn’t for RC’s comment about disliking strong women). 

I think most of her affection for RC is based on him being the only boy (besides Edward and maybe Our!Ciel) that she interacted with, him being her closest playmate, and her being raised with the idea that her purpose in life was to be his wife.

With Our!Ciel, I think it’s more complicated. When he returned as “Ciel,” he became more withdrawn (in her eyes), so Lizzie probably decided to be less passive and more outgoing around him. This became a routine and at some point, she grew used to this “Ciel.” Imo, their relationship reads more like a real, natural one than hers and RC’s because they technically started from scratch- OC grew to love Lizzie as his fiancee instead of his sister-in-law, and Lizzie grew to love this “Ciel” as much, and maybe more, than the one in her memory.

OC’s the one Lizzie spent more dramatic moments with (including life/death stuff) and the one she actually grew to love instead of being engaged to him from the start (even if she didn’t know). Now that she does know he was faking his identity, I think she’s doubly torn because OC’s the one she’s really in love with (romantically) now, the one she really wants to marry, but she feels obligated to be with RC and a part of her wants to be with the RC from her memory too. So I think the arc will end with Lizzie realizing her love for RC can’t compare to her love for OC then she’ll drop RC like a sack of bricks

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hi hope this isn't weird but what if mc looked badass and was thicc how would rfa +saeran react hope u do love u

Love u too beeb! ——————- ✨ Yoosung ✨
* at first he would be very confused
* Like mc you sounded so nice and sweet
* But you look scaryyy~~
* Then after like 10 minutes he found out that you’re also like thay irl
* Would definitely think its cool once he’s used to it
* And would probably try to dress badass too
* That you’re thicc is like
* “whats thicc”
* O yoosung

✨ Jumin ✨
* He would have to get used to it big time
* He imagined you to be a pure princess
* Not a badass princess
* He’s always like
* “I can buy you stuff yanno”
* “ maybe something PINK”
* Jumin NO
* Once he’s excepted it he think it’s cool that you’re different
* Would buy you badass clothes only
* And that youre thicc
* Well lets say that he loves it and knows how to handle it ;))

✨ Zen ✨
* Would right away think its cool af
* “ wow mc youre even cooler than I thought”
* If people would make weird faces he would make even weirder ones
* Would definitely do your makeup
* He secretly loves it that you’re thicc lololol

✨ Jaehee ✨
* Would be a bit taken back
* But would also love it a few seconds later
* She just loves how unique you are
* Would definitely go shopping with you
* Not that she would ever wear those clothes
* Gotta stay professional yanno
* And thinks its adorable that you’re thicc lmao

✨Seven ✨
* Lets be real he already knows
* Like he s t a l k e d you
* Would love it mdjiw
* So when you two finally meet for the first time he dresses up super badass
* Lmao couple goals
* Wouldn’t mind it that you’re thicc tbh
* He just loves you the way you are

✨ Saeran ✨
* Would LOVE IT
* hed be like yaaasss another emo egg (jkjkjk)
* Would cuss at anyone who looks weird at you or says something
* Would love it that you’re thicc
* Like can you get any better mc bc i dont think so

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What was the moment that made you fall in love with John? As for me, it was how he treated Emori when they first met. Things like him offering her water, not wanting to blow it with her by telling her that he was a murderer, and saying her hand was badass and she shouldn't have to hide it. That was then where I started to get emotionally invested into his character.

Great question!

I was definitely one of the fans who was apathetic/borderline hater toward Murphy early on, and I feel like I went on a “slowly and then all at once” journey from kinda tolerating him to ‘secretly one of my faves’ to ‘my PRECIOUS SON I guess I’ll start an entire t100 sideblog because my love for him is out of control’. ;)

So like… it was a lot of things!  I remember being very resistant to his sad backstory with Raven (because I worried he was going to have a more straightforward/cliched redemption arc than what ended up happening). Yet I really liked the moment where he told Bellamy he’d been tortured for three days and his attitude was very “yeah, of course I talked, this is actually not a thing you get to be mad at me for.” I respected that being said, and that the show wasn’t treating him like a traitor or coward without addressing that something legitimately terrible had happened to him. (And in hindsight I realized how much I liked that in S1 too, he was never a woobie because at literally every turn he reacted Very Badly to trauma, but that trauma was still a real thing.)

Another big thing for me was Murphy being the unlikely voice of reason when Finn massacred the village and clearly freaked out by it. And definitely when he turned into a Soft Flustered Boy around Emori – I wouldn’t say I started hardcore shipping them until S3 (CHEEK KISS) but like you I really liked his kindness toward her and the way they opened up to each other.

By the end of S2 when he went into the bunker and “Werewolves of London” was playing and it was adorable, I realized how much I’d started to like him. But ultimately – final answer to your original question lol – I think the 3x01 opening sequence is where I loved and became especially emotionally invested in him. Just watching him have this breakdown all by himself and then nearly commit suicide but not be able to do it, it triggered a LOT of empathy and sadness and admiration in a weird way, and there was no coming back from my John Murphy Feelings after that.

Or maybe I was just into the beard idk. XD

naruhina; drunk on you

prompt: “You’re drunk.” (D-20)
rating: T
a/n: another mindless fluffy fic. i imagine drunk Naruto being very adorable and clingy, which would make Hinata feel all giddy seeing him that way. hehe. enjoy!


“Let’s get drunk and say things we wouldn’t when sober.”


Opening the door after hearing the thunderous knocking coming from it, Hinata was not prepared to witness the rather humorous sight before her.

Her fellow teammate stood there with a large scowl on his face, the arm of her tipsy husband locked around him as the latter desperately clung to him for support. It didn’t help the fact that Naruto was playfully smacking the brunette’s cheek repeatedly along with messing up Kiba’s hair, adding demeaning comments about how he should get a haircut because of how old fashioned he looked.

Kiba gritted his teeth, his canines bared as his patience wore thin with every time the Hokage kept slurring about he needed to fix his habit on smelling people. Hinata tried to hold back a giggle upon seeing the adorable image of the duo, the contrast of their state of mind amused her greatly.

“Take your husband before I smash his face to pieces,” warned Kiba, leaning his head away from Naruto’s hands that now averted to poke his cheek teasingly.

“Another drinking game?” asked the young Hyuuga, shaking her head mockingly. This had turned into an immature routine; every few nights a month, Kiba and Naruto would find themselves engaged in a silly argument about their alcohol tolerance level and the winner who would still be able to stand up sober after it would be dubbed a true man. Their competitive nature only further fuelled the childish activity as both had no intention of allowing the other bragging rights.

Having the Kyuubi inside of Naruto did provide a boost towards his drinking intake and naturally, the blonde was known to be able to handle his fair share of alcohol. Yet, Kiba was an Inuzuka, and that known clan had an established reign of being some of the strongest drinkers the village had ever seen. To say these competitions were always close knit was an understatement.

“He started it!” defended Kiba, hurriedly passing over the staggering blonde over to Hinata before he would be faced with another onslaught of light attacks by the drunk Hokage. “This idiot doesn’t know when to call it quits.”

“Hey! Who you calling an idiot!?” exclaimed Naruto, pointing a limp finger at Kiba in an accusing manner. “I won that match faaaaiiirrrr and square. You’re the sore loser here, dog face.”

Kiba could only clench his fists and let out a scoff at the ridiculous insults his friend was spouting at him. “Good luck handling that tonight,” he said, shaking his head in disdain, bidding his teammate and her stoned husband goodnight with a wave of his hand. Hinata returned the gesture, struggling to balance Naruto who was stumbling about in place and screaming at Kiba still on how much of a man he was for being able to handle that much Sake.

Walking inside and shutting the door behind with her foot, she mentally felt grateful to her father for choosing tonight to offer to babysit the children. Hinata had been rather excited with the prospect of having a rare night of just her with her beloved with no worries about their kids, yet now she was faced instead with a very intoxicated Naruto who was horrendously singing the village’s folk song with an off pitch tone.

Hinata felt blessed their housing compound was distant from others.

She directed them towards their shared bedroom, moving over to their bed and setting him down gently only to have him fall straight onto his back, a goofy grin plastered onto his features while he blabbered on how the room seemed to be slowly spinning like a carousel. He raised a finger and began twirling it according to how he envisioned the room was turning, chuckling to himself at the amusement of it all. Hinata sighed at his antics but a smile drew on her lips seeing how adorable her husband was acting when he was intoxicated out of his mind.

“Alright, let’s get you changed,” she said, pulling him back up to a sitting position and began helping him unbutton his Hokage robes. Her hands were just fiddling with the button clasping the robes around his broad shoulders when his hand abruptly stopped her, the grip around her wrist tight with his hazy eyes looking at her with a serious expression. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Hinata felt her heart leap slightly seeing him stare at her with that look, exciting her a little having him gaze at her with such fierceness. She smiled genially at him. “I’m helping you take off your robes, dear.”

She loosened his grip on her hand and proceeded to take off his robes. “You can’t sleep in them now, can you?” He remained motionless while she placed the attire aside, leaning forward to now help with his orange jacket. As her fingers touched the metal zipper, he suddenly pulled her with him onto the bed and switched their positions, pinning her down with not only his hands but also his burning stare. Hinata flushed at how severe her husband was acting even in his current drunken state.

“Stop,” he said, his tone enforcing his seriousness.

She looked back up at him innocently. “Naruto-kun, I—,”

“I’m married.”

Hinata drew her eyebrows up, confused at his obvious statement. Adding the fact that his mind was possibly hazy from the alcohol’s influence, she deduced that he was probably so intoxicated, he failed to even recognize who she was and presumably assumed she was another random woman. She would have to question Kiba afterwards on why her husband would even think the brunette would even bring him to another woman’s house. She tried to clarify the situation gently. “I know, dear. I am your—,”

“I told you, I’m married, and happily at that.”

Hinata fell silent upon his words, watching as he broke from the deadpan expression and smiled widely at her. “Miss, you’re reaaaaalllyyyy pretty, and that’s saying something ‘cause the only pretty woman in my life is Hinata.”

A blush crept onto her cheeks, abashed by his blunt and honest compliment. She decided to play along with this awkward scenario, seeing as how it did not seem that Naruto was going to realize her true identity anytime soon . “Oh really?” she asked with fake curiosity.

“Yuuuppp,” he slurred, an aloof grin on his lips. “Wanna know how pretty she is?”

Before she could even respond, his bandaged fingers moved to pick up strands of her hair, feeling the smooth tresses slide through like streams of water as he began playing with it casually. “She’s got really long hair that’s super nice and soft, and when you see it, it looks black but under some lights, it turns into this gorgeous blend of dark purple and black. I’ve never seen such beautiful hair.”

He emphasized it by rubbing some pieces of her locks between his fingers, then surprising her when he bent down so close, she could feel his hot breath near her ear. Naruto took in a deep breath, sighing contently upon inhaling the sweet aroma of her hair. “And the smell, oh god, drives me insane whenever we’re close. It reminds me of peaches. I love it when she snuggles to me ‘cause then I can breathe in her smell all night.” 

Hinata’s body shook with slight tremors, feeling herself get excited by his actions and words, along with the dangerously close proximity they were in. He leaned back and lifted a finger to her neck, very lightly grazing it as he trailed it down in a sensual manner. “Her skin reminds me of snow because it’s so white and fluffy. It surprises me every time I touch her, how is it possible for her to have skin that soft even though she’s such a badass ninja.”

He then slowly raises the sleeves of her shirt, her upper arms now exposed to his eyes and he couldn’t help but lick his dry lips at the sight. “I especially love her arms. Just touching that part makes me crazy. Sometimes all I wanna do is bite on them and watch them turn red.” His fingers move over her arm but never touching it, the sounds of his breathing intensifying whenever he accidentally made contact with her soft skin.

Hinata bit her lip to suppress herself, Naruto knew how much she secretly enjoyed when he touched her arms, them being a rather erogenous zone for her which excited him even more. Her cheeks stained a deep shade of red with his tantalizing movements, her mind begging for him to actually touch her.

He let out a low chuckle as his hand hovered over to her chest area and she would’ve reprimanded him at his brash action but he made no move to lower it further, only outlining the shapes and curves of her voluptuous chest. “Don’t even get me started on her body,” he drawled. “She’s got this super bangin’ body, until there’s been some guys telling me how lucky I am to have her as my wife.”

Hinata blushed furiously, feeling rather appalled that there have been talks about her physique among men with her husband so crudely but Naruto distracted her from her worries as he traced the outlines of her chest with his palm, staring into her eyes with a dreamy expression. “Her boobs are kinda big and squishy, and I love cuddling into them. She gives the best cuddles. Her hugs are always so warm.”

She hadn’t noticed his other hand moving lower, reaching her thigh area and he smirked. “I can’t get enough of that ass too.”

“Naruto-kun!” she exclaimed, burning with embarrassment by his blatant confessions. He then suddenly looked at her sternly.

“Don’t call me that, I only like it when she does.”

The dangerous tone his voice held sent chills down her spine, and if she wasn’t so entranced by his obvious desires for her, she would’ve felt a little scared. He continued staring at her with an intense look, his hand moving back up to cup her cheek gently with his body nearing closer to her.

“Her eyes are my favourite though,” he mumbled, his vision never straying from hers as he rubbed her cheek affectionately. “They look like jewels to me – the way they sparkle when you look closely and the more you look, the more you kinda just fall into them. Something about the way they shine whenever she looks at me makes me just wanna stare at them all day.”

His hand slides further up to lightly touch the corners of her doe eyes staring back at him. “She’s got really pretty lashes too, they make her eyes look bigger. She doesn’t even need that makeup shit to make them look longer too, they’re perfect the way they are.”

Naruto then lowered his hand until the tips of his fingers grazed her lips, she saw him swallowing back something he wanted to say but instead, choosing to bring his face closer until she could smell the bitter scent of alcohol seeping from his body. Her heart thumped wildly, her mind racing with how gently he was holding her but at the same time, the strength of his eyes locked with hers ignited a fiery passion inside of her.

 “And her lips…” He whispered, making her shut her eyes as she awaited the kiss she expected him to give her, only to leave her disappointed when he suddenly backed away and got off the bed. She sat up to look at him wondrously, his hand now brushing the back of his head in an embarrassed manner.

“Sorry ‘bout that. Dunno what came over me.” He said with a drunk hiccup escaping his lips after that. “You’re reeaaaalllyyyy pretty, miss, but I have a beautiful wife waiting for me and I wanna hurry back home to her.”

Hinata couldn’t help but smile adoringly, watching her husband stumble to grab his robes and start staggering in a zigzag pattern due to his tipsy senses failing him. He barely managed to walk towards the door of their bedroom before stopping in place and just flopping to the ground, finally succumbing to the alcohol’s influence and falling into a deep slumber, completely knocked out for the day.

She laughed seeing her husband’s state, shaking her head at his silly antics before moving over and hoisting him up back to their bed. Laying him down and making sure he was comfortable, Hinata joined him as she snuggled cosily and brought the covers over them. She watched dotingly as he mumbled incomprehensible things in his sleep, obviously so deep into dreamland, he would only probably wake up the next day.

She would brace herself to hear his whines and moans of the ridiculous hangover banging on his head, and how he was in no condition to head to the office for work in order to avoid facing the strenuous amount of paperwork. She would also be prepared to give him a stern lecture on how he needed to reduce his competitive nature when it came to these drinking games and know his own alcohol limit. He’d also apologize like usual for troubling her to handle him during his stoned phase but he would also possibly blame Kiba for roping him into these challenges, like usual too.

More than that, she would be ready to give him a warm kiss and hand him some warm broth to help soothe the migraine away, and he would sweetly kiss her back, thanking her for being the best wife like he always did.

Hinata giggled imagining the scenario, finding herself excited for the next day as she wrapped her arm around her husband to bring him closer. She made sure to fit her head underneath his nose nicely so he would be able to take whiffs of her hair like he said he loved to. Sure enough, she felt his own arm lovingly drape around her as he breathed contently into their cuddle. She smiled, whispering to him goodnight before shutting her eyes and falling asleep in his arms.

Maybe having her husband come back home drunk once awhile wasn’t so bad after all.  


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(my pro-Gruvia shipping followers are advised to not read this)

Yes, I have always disliked pro-Gruvia, but recently, it had been getting a bit better development, so I didn’t say much. But now, Mashima has given me a solid reason to make me permanently hate it. Judging from the new pic on twitter…

How in this world is this healthy? Oh, I see she is doing something badass. Oh, how much she has suffered. Gray was so rude to her, right? He always has been, why did he even reject her when apparently, he secretly likes her. Poor girl. You go girl. You go. You own his life, right? Make him love you.

If that’s the kind of gf/wife Juvia is going to be, then I don’t give a damn. I will forever hate it. Don’t get me wrong, this pairing really has some deep moments like that horse-riding scene and Gray leaning on Juvia. While those make my heart sink (I don’t ship it so) at least it looked like Gray was happy. But when I see stuff like this, it makes me cry because it looks like no one cares how Gray ends up with her, they just want him to, one way or another. It’s like Gray’s character is being developed just for the sake of Juvia and more than anything, for the sake of their shippers. Why does Gray have to end up with her in such a forcible manner? Like, aren’t there any other nicer ways…? It’s like he has no choice but to date her, and make babies and wowow “mission please fandom = complete” I don’t see the love on Gray’s side at all. All I see is forced development which became somewhat understandable on the way, but Mashima would rather keep it forced. Congrats, it is officially my most hated pairing. Ever.

 Feel free to unfollow if it makes you hate me, I am in a permanent anti-Gruvia mood as of now. I don’t plan to change either. 

I hope you guys don’t mind if I answer both of these in a single post, since I thought they were pretty similar requests~

Thank you for submitting! Muah! (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ‿ˆc)


🐱 He would be really surprised at first but he did promise to accept everything about you.


🐱 Loves the fact that you can take charge and surprise him in ways he never thought possible.

🐱 He’ll come to all your gigs and always sit at the table in front of the stage.

🐱 Wears his best suit and silk tie, making him stand out like a sore thumb.


🐱 You’re really surprised how calm and collected he looks during your concerts.

🐱 Until you realize he’s always wearing earplugs…

🐱 When you tell him you want to get a new tattoo, he tries to convince you that Elizabeth 3rd’s portrait will look good on you.


★ He’s absolutely AMAZED by how cool you are!

★ Stares mesmerized at all your tattoos and traces them gently.

★ You tease him about getting one himself but he’d probably faint just THINKING about the pain he’d have to go through.

★ He tried to sit through one of your concerts once. It didn’t go well.

★ You get a new tattoo, it’s a little star on your wrist, and when he sees it he cries for a whole day.


★ He sobbed through the whole process and made the poor tattoo artist incredibly uncomfortable.

★ The pain was worth it though, since now he can tell you you’re connected by the stars.


❤ He comes to all your gigs and is super excited to see you on stage!

❤ When the concert ends, he’ll be the one screaming and applauding dramatically.


Babe pls sit down, you’re like an embarrassing mom!

❤ Once he drank one too many beers and joined you on stage for the final song.

❤ Now all your band mates want him as the lead singer.

❤ You both love riding his motorcycle and he takes you to all his favorite spots.

❤ Cold beers when you return home, because that always seems to hit the spot.

❤ He didn’t think anyone could rock tight leather pants more than him, but oh boy did you prove him wrong!

❤ He doesn’t want to get a tattoo but he loves yours and always calls them fine pieces of art on a fine piece of art.


☕ She’s so proper and well spoken while you’re the complete opposite and that drives her crazy! In a good way.

☕ She notices how you get a little jealous when she always goes to Zen’s performances but not yours so she becomes quite dedicated afterward.


☕ She takes care of everything PR related and manages your fanpage.

☕ She was out with you and Zen during a coffee break and when you got up to leave, she noticed just how good your ass looked in tight leather pants.

☕ "So it’s true what they say, good girls do fall for bad girls.”

Zen just quietly sips his drink being overwhelmed by all the gay.

☕ The next day, she gets up to leave first and you whisper to Zen how you love how she looks in that short pencil skirt.


☕ Tells you she’s against you getting another tattoo but she’s secretly turned on by how badass they make you look.


💾 ”Bet you’ll never guess where I have a tattoo~

💾 You were just trying to get his attention because he was ignoring you all day but you managed to unleash the beast instead.

💾 He looks like an excited kid off to a treasure hunt as his hands quickly try to undress you.

💾 “Babe, as much as I love you leather pants, they’re quite bothersome when I need to take them off!”

💾 When he finally finds it, and it’s in an intimate place no less, it instantly becomes his favorite kissing spot.

💾 He offers technical support for your concerts, the lights and sound are always amazing because of him.

💾 When he sees how wild you are on that stage he literally melts in his boots.

💾 He has no problem with you taking charge and will happily wear that cat maid outfit that makes you growl.

💾 ”Please be gentle, master~

💾 A pair of teasing sadists, that’s what you two are!



💀 You’re just as crazy and wild as he is so life is never boring with you.

💀 You always get matching tattoos and hold each other’s hand during the process.

💀 The way you bite your bottom lip when the needle touches your skin sends him in a frenzy!

💀 He thoroughly enjoys your concerts and is good friends with everyone from your entourage.

💀 Make-out sessions behind stage because he claims it gets rid of your stage fright.

💀 I’m sorry but do you guys have anything in your closet THAT IS NOT MADE OUT OF LEATHER?!

💀 You take turns when it comes to being in charge and you both love bondage.

💀 When he looks at you, he sees an equal, and he loves the fact that you’re a big girl that can take care of herself.

💀 When you two go out, people tend to stay out of your way.


💀 You actually argue over whom is more intimidating.


📷 Opposites do attract, huh?

📷 Everyone kind of wonders how someone like him, who is the breathing walking version of comfortable sweater, can be with someone wild as you.

📷 But it’s exactly that rebellious side that attracts him to you, an attraction he’s never felt before.

📷 You always surprise him, whether it’s with a new tattoo or a piercing or simply your attitude, he always finds new things to fall in love with.

📷 Tries to always be present during your gigs and takes the most beautiful pictures.


📷 He’s not your regular mom, he’s cool mom.

📷 You ask him once why he fell in love with you and he just gives you the sweetest smile that melts you on the spot.

📷 “For the same reason that I love cacti. They seem rough on the outside, ready to prick you with their needles if you’re not careful, but they bloom the most beautiful flowers.”

📷 You never doubt that he loves you again.

Stupid AU that would not leave me alone - Hartwin mermaids?

Consider this: Genderbend Hartwin, pirates and mermaids style!

Introducing Genevieve “Eggsy” Unwin, orphaned at age 16, exiled from her only home in a tiny seaside village. Her dad died in a fishing accident when she was a child, her mom got murdered by Dean, and Eggsy was exiled from the village when Dean pushed the blame onto her. Eggsy decides to stay near the cliff side caves, where she discovers tiny baby mermaid Daisy whose parents died in a shark attack. Therefore, Eggsy becomes an older sister / mother figure to lil Daisy. J.B. is a sea dragon. He was the last born egg, so his parents thought him dead in the shell and abandoned him. J.B. was a lone wanderer for awhile till Eggsy ran into him and they became best buds.

Now Harriette “Harry” Hart is a pirate, an infamous pirate of course who dresses in men’s clothes to the horror of the high society she was born in. Harry doesn’t care. She runs away from home to join the pirate crew of “Kingsman” where she rises through the ranks, Merlin by her side as the long-suffering best friend who had sworn to Harry’s mom that he won’t leave Harry alone. Said Mom occasionally writes to Harry talking about home and giving Harry money when she can as a way of secretly supporting Harry. (I LOVE SECRET BADASS MOMS. DON’T QUESTION ME.) When Harry becomes Captain, Merlin sticks with her as an advisor. James! Lancelot is the one who nicknamed Harry “Galahad” in a drunken stupor, and it caught on till everyone calls her Captain Galahad. 


Well, there was a huge storm at sea, big waves and all that, then Harry gets washed overboard. “CAPTAIN OVERBOARD! GRAB HER YOU FOOLS!” Merlin shouts. Too late, as Harry gets struck on the head by debris, and then sinks beneath the water. 

That’s where the mermaids come in. Mermaid Roxy is on her way to meet up with her best friend Eggsy to go dolphin riding, then sees a human drowning. Alarmed, she grabs Harry and swims her fastest to Eggsy for medical aid. Eggsy is just getting ready to swim out to the ocean to find Roxy when the mermaid just slams into the rock pool where they usually meet, and screams for Eggsy to help. Eggsy runs to find Roxy panicking over Harry, and Roxy thinks she killed Harry. Turns out Harry is just unconscious, so Eggsy drags Harry into the home cave and nurses Harry back to health.

Harry’s first words when she sees worried Eggsy hovering over Harry? “Am I in heaven, for you must be an angel with that radiant golden hair of yours.”

Said angel merely rolls her eyes. “I’m your nurse.”


SO….. Y’all want more? I’LL GIVE YOU MORE.

Daisy is curious about Harry. Harry is shocked about Daisy and Roxy. “MERMAIDS?! YOU MEAN MERMAIDS ARE REAL?!” This of course ensues fierce debates between Harry and Eggsy. Roxy ignores the lovebirds and swims away to find Harry’s crew.

IN THE MEANTIME, Merlin and crew are beginning to lose hope about getting Harry back. Merlin decides to drop anchor at the nearest port. On the way there, he decides to patrol the ship since he can’t sleep and just happens to catch a glimpse of a person in the water. Being the self-sacrificing idiot he is, Merlin jumps into the water to save mystery victim.

Mystery victim Roxy isn’t too impressed. She just comes to find for the big ship, and gets knocked into by a stupid - holyshit omg he’s so hot especially with that shirt oh damn oh lords of the seas what do I do?! - two legger. She saves him and pushes him towards the nearest handhold of the ship. When Merlin turns to ask her to come up, Roxy blushes down to her scales and finds herself singing to Merlin. Merlin becomes entranced with her and reaches out to Roxy. Roxy flees before she can embarrass herself further.



Daisy: baby mermaids have the prettiest tails. Thus, Daisy has a warm daisy yellow tail. Their scales have not developed yet. “Can we go dolphin riding already?”

Roxy: Silver tail, sailfish tail cos she’s sleek and deadly. Usually courted by other mermen, but some lose interest after a while cos she doesn’t have the best singing voice, which is important in mermaid culture. She’s also a rebel and likes to train among the guardsmen who guard the Royal family. “You dare call me a seahorse?! (cos seahorses are the slowest, so can be considered insult.) FINE! LET’S FIGHT!

How Roxy first met Eggsy (AKA the incident where Eggsy did a drama BAMF moment.)

Ehhhh, this is random but it suddenly came to me. So Roxy was basically stranded in a small cove, and some mermaids, being the jealous fools they are, basically mocked how weak Roxy was and were on the verge of stoning her. THEN EGGSY COMES IN LOOKING FURIOUS! Picture our darling cinnamon roll just standing above them looking mad. “What are you doing?!” Eggsy demands.

“Shove off, two legger. This is mermaids only, not for tailless fools like you,” A mermaid mocks, “So run on home to your little rock!”

Eggsy scoffs. “You should be the ones running home. JB, get them!” With that shout, a sea dragon rises from her shadow, and FUCKING ROARS IN THE FACE OF THE STUNNED MERMAIDS!

What the mermaids do?

They fled of course, leaving Roxy staring at Eggsy. Eggsy just casually hops down from a rock and goes, “Hi, I’m Eggsy! Pleasure to meet ya!”

Roxy just stares. Then questions Eggsy’s love for the dramatics. Eggsy’s reply is that it’s not often she gets to talk to others so she can’t help it. Both gals get into a mini squabble, then eventually become buds.

OK, maybe I overdid it on the dramatic entrance part. Meh.


Hmmm… Eggsy and Harry enjoy debating on mermaids. Roxy and Daisy just get confused over things. Daisy begins to think of Harry as her second Mom. (Roxy encourages this as a prank at first.) But J.B is the first to realise

Stuckaboo From Hell

This is actually a bit of a long story, but I’ll try to shorten it as much as possible.

I could die from writing this, so pls keep it anonymous thanks. I am scared to even submit this, but it’s something I’m still dealing with and writing about it is therapeutic.

TW: abuse, self harm and suicide mentions, staking, harassment

So up until my senior year of high school, I was horribly shy. I had a lot of anxiety problems, so the whole “making friends” thing was a bit of a challenge for me. I typically used fandoms as a way for me to meet people as it was I easier for me to do. I had been using tumblr for about a year and a half by the middle of my sophomore year rolled around, and this is how I came to discover Homestuck. As an avid reader and writer, the complexity of the story really drew me in and I was immediately hooked. After being in the fandom for two weeks, I was already planning cosplays. I wanted to cosplay Dave, so I ordered the shirt and wore it to school the day after I received it in the mail. This earned me a bunch of compliments and a new friend- Matt. Matt and I became very close very fast and stayed in contact once sophomore year ended and summer came around.

I caught up with the comic in late June and worked on two new cosplays: Roxy and Vriska. Vriska was by far my favorite character. I loved how badass she was and kind of secretly wished I could be her. When Matt and I downloaded Pesterchum onto our laptops, I incorporated her name into my handle and even made my snapchat name the same thing when snapchat was the cool new thing.

Junior year came around and because I was a little asshole who refused to get her license over the summer, I still had to ride the bus. This also meant there were tons of new freshmen riding with me. One of them in particular stuck out to me as she was very loud and dressed very colorfully. I never talked to her until I saw her wearing a Jade shirt.

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I Love You More

Summary: “the reader always try’s to come across as really confident and outgoing but even though she’s a total badass she’s secretly really shy and a bit of a nerd and she’s too shy to tell Dean how she feels so she hides it by making jokes and pretending she doesn’t care when he hooks up and maybe one day he confronts her about it?”

Word Count:1213

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: mild language, kissing, sexual references

A/N: I hope you like this, anon. Please let me know what you think! This was really fun to write! Thank y'all for reading and please send me requests. I love y'all! xoxo


“A couple shots of whiskey and,” Dean pauses for a moment and looks you over before finishing his order, “a strawberry daiquiri for the lady.”

                “Excuse me, but this lady would like some Jungle Juice with a floater,” you sass back to Dean.

                “That’s a pretty strong drink, ma’am. One of the strongest we got. You sure you can handle that?” the bartender asks.

                “Oh, I’m just starting,” you glance at Dean and smirk. There’s no way you’d be caught dead drinking something like a strawberry daiquiri. No way in Hell would you do something like that.

                “Look what you did, Y/N! Your attitude scared off yet another dude!” Dean teases you. Even though you and Dean were bar buddies, you hadn’t brought home anyone in almost a month. Little does he know that you’re waiting for the right person-him. It’s just that he doesn’t seem to be doing the same thing.

                Speak of the devil, a ditzy blonde in a short pink dress who talked like Barbie made her way over to Dean. Her butt was hanging out of the bottom of her dress, if you wanted to call it that, and the plunging neckline to that glitter covered number left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

                “Hi, my name is Heather,” she said in between smacking her gum. Well you could give her this, she spoke like a true bimbo.

                “Hi, my name is Y/N,” you said mockingly. Dean kicks your leg just hard enough to leave a nice bruise tomorrow.

                “So, Heather,” Dean raises his eyebrows and does that thing where he pokes out his lips just far enough out it makes you want to kiss him, “is your bra as glittery as your dress?” Wow. He wasted no time in getting straight to the point.

                “I can’t remember. You can come check it for me, though,” she says. What a slut.

                “You have room for a bra under that piece of cloth? How? What is this sorcery?” you say condescendingly. Part of you really wanted to know how she pulled off that dress and how she fit a bra under it, but that’s not the reason you asked. You knew fully why you did that. It was out of jealousy because Dean saw something in that bimbo that he didn’t see in you. What could he see in her? She’s probably slept with 9 people this week, and it’s only Thursday.

                “Y/N, cut it out. I’m going to check for her,” Dean remarks. Oh, how you wish you could be that smooth. But you could never. You still get flustered when you have to pretend to be Dean’s girlfriend for a hunt or when you kissed Castiel to make Dean jealous, which, didn’t work.

                “Whatever. I don’t care. Have fun. I’m going back to the bun- the house. See you later. Or not, I don’t care,” you spit at him. When you saw the hurt in his eyes, you immediately regretted saying that, but it was too late now. You can’t take it back.

                Dean just walks off, ignoring your comment. As he’s walking out, you can see Heather slap his butt. Oh, how you wished you could just hold his hand, much less slap his butt. Hell, you can’t even brush arms without you blushing and getting embarrassed.



                “Yer a wizard, harreh.” Ah, finally. Relaxation. You’d been looking forward to this Harry Potter movie marathon for weeks now, but you just haven’t had the chance. There was nothing that could ruin this weekend.  You had popcorn, candy, soda, and a new blanket.

                Knock Knock. So much for an undisturbed movie marathon. Before you could even say ‘come in,’ Dean was busting into your room. You fumble for the remote to turn the TV off. You could never let Dean see you watching Harry Potter. He’d think you were the biggest nerd ever, and it’s not like you need any help making him hate you more than he already does.

                “Dean!” you yell at him as soon as you get the TV off.

                “Y/N. We need to talk.”

                “Yes, you can have some of my pie in the fridge. Bye now,” you try to shoo him away by taking your hands and pressing them on his back to guide him through your door.

                He spins around and grabs your arms. “Y/N, what was that last night?”

                “Oh, her name was Heather,” you squeaked. You tried to sound confident, but you’re almost 100% sure he could hear your voice crack.

                “Hey, hey, hey. What is wrong?” Dean questions you.

                “Nothing’s wrong Dean. Everything’s fine and dandy. It’s all peachy. Everything is going just great!” You started off with a regular voice but by the end you were yelling through tears. Not now, Y/N. You try to calm yourself, but you can’t keep these emotions from happening. You’ve had them bottled in for so long that they’re exploding. You just wish they could explode in the shower like they did last night when Dean wasn’t home.

                “Y/N? Did I- Did I say something?” Dean asks. Ah, the mighty warrior, always blaming himself. No, this was on you. You’re the stupid nerd girl who can’t control her stupid emotions.

                “No, Dean, just get out,” you whispered. “I can’t have this conversation right now.”

                “What conversation?” Dean asks. You shook your head which must’ve only concerned Dean more because now he’s sitting on the bed beside you. “Y/N, please. Talk to me. I’m not leaving until you talk to me.”

                “Looks like you’ll be here a while,” you half laugh at yourself.

                “Looks like I will be,” Dean isn’t budging.

                Your heart’s racing, but you know what you have to do. This is it. You might not be given another chance if you pass this one up. Just tell him. You sigh in defeat, take a deep breath, and turn to face Dean.

                “I love you,” you blurt out. Instinct is to close your eyes, to imagine you’re somewhere far from here, not embarrassing yourself. Your cheeks are burning crimson. What did you just do?

                Dean tackles you down and straddles you. Before you can object, his lips are on yours. That was all the ‘I love you’ you needed. In that moment, you knew your feelings were reciprocated. You giggle a little causing him to laugh.

                You hear the creaking of your door and you and Dean both turn toward it. Sam was just standing there with a shocked look on his face.

                “Dude!” Dean throws one of your round pillows at him, “Get out!”

                Sam backs up muttering his apologies. When the door closes, Dean leans back down and your lips meet and move as one. He rolled over beside you and you both laid on your sides facing each other.

                “So, what flavor pie is in the fridge?” Dean asks.

                “Damn, I just love you so much,” you tell him as you give him another kiss. It was the most passionate, fiery kiss you’ve ever had in your whole life. How lucky you were to be here, Dean Winchester above you, kissing you. His lips moved from your mouth to your jaw and up to your ear.

                “What do you say we have a Harry Potter marathon featuring pie?” he whispers.

Title: The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Words: 485

Request: Could you please please write a steamy/cute Dean x reader one shot? (Y/N) wakes up early and is too tired to change out of her spandex shorts and low cut tank, instead heading straight for the kitchen. Dean happens to be up and when she walks in he whistles and says something like “you should have warned me.” (Y/N) throws the remark back and Dean asks her what his warning would say. Long time feelings end up getting confessed.


Y/N turned over in bed, still too tired to be awake. Nine fifty three AM. She lazily pulled her hair into a sloppy bun. Pulling back the covers, Y/N sighed. She was wearing her black spandex shorts and a tight fitting tank top. Y/N needed to get out of bed but couldn’t motivate herself to put on real clothes. 

‘The boys are probably out.’ she thought.

So Y/N waltzed into the kitchen, in desperate need of some coffee. 

She stopped in the doorway, surprised to see Dean sitting at the table. 

“Whoa. You should put a warning label on that.” Dean said flirtatiously. 

“What?” Y/N asked, confused. 

Dean looked her up and down. Y/N’s whole outfit hugged her body. Her shorts exposed her smooth legs and her top accentuated her curves.  “This whole get up.” 

Walking over to the coffee maker, pouring herself a cup. “You should put on label on yourself.” she said under her breath.


“You should put a label on yourself too then.” Y/N said. 

Dean furrowed his brow, curious. “Oh yea? And what would mine say?” 

Y/N thought a moment, taking a sip of coffee before she began. “Oh I’ve got a list. Like, for starters, how you’re a badass who is secretly a sweetheart. Warning: watch out for awesome body and a killer jaw line. Not to mention probably the greenest eyes you’ll ever see. Oh, and beware the awesome hair.” Y/N stopped herself, realizing she’d just spilled all the things she loved about Dean, things she’d never told him before. 

Dean stood. “Really?”

Y/N didn’t know how to handle herself. She held her cup with both hands, “Mhmm.”

“Want to know what I think your warning should say?” 


“Careful, Y/N is a kickass hunter. She can be sassy, like this morning.” Dean joked. “Watch out for her amazing body cause she looks incredible even if she just got out of bed. She’s basically the greatest girl you’ll ever meet, so hold onto her while she’s around.”

Y/N was stunned. Dean was nearly never this forth coming with his emotions. 

“You really think that?” she asked, blushing.

“Yea, I always have.” he said. 

Y/N stood motionless, with no clue what to say. Not many guys had taken interest in her. And to hear that Dean had felt this way for years, made her giddy and butterflies instantly fluttered in her stomach. 

 Dean strolled over to her, taking the cup from her hand and setting it down. Wrapping his arms around Y/N, she felt to right, so at home in his embrace. She lifted herself onto her tip-toes, kissing Dean softly on his perfect lips. He kissed back, grabbing Y/N’s waist. 

“You should be more frank with your emotions.” Y/N said.

Dean smiled. “Hey I wasn’t the only one harvesting feelings, so you can’t be shy either.”

“I’ll try my best.” she said, kissing Dean once again. 

Want a part 2?

madeoficeandfire  asked:

I don't see many people talking about it, but was it just me that cried really hard when Kaltain started to talk about Celaena? I mean... That part broke my heart in tiny little pieces </3

I really disliked Kaltain in ToG. She was getting in the way of my ship and she was such a bitch but omg afterwards I just really pitied her in CoM because she trusted the wrong people and was in that dungeon and had to go with Perr perr :((( Man her life is just sad.

But in QoS she was such a badass, and one thing I really love about the series especially in QoS is how Sarah protrays the strength of her female characters. It could have been Dorian who secretly killed the Valg inside himself while working against his father, but instead Kaltain, this woman most of the fandom has hated on since the beginning of ToG, this woman who had no hope, no one on her side, endured.

It was her against the world, but she still managed to keep persevering, to deceive that man (demon) as he had deceived her.

It is a shame Kaltain and Celaena never became friends, but in that short time where they spent time in the dungeon together they became allies, and when Celaena offered Kaltain her cloak it is almost a repeat of The Assassin and the Healer when Celaena give her money to sponsor Yrene to the Torre Cesme, or when she saved Manon in QoS.

In all three scenarios, what Aelin did was considered to be a kindness, and that’s one way to put it i suppose, but it was also a way out of the darkness. Aelin showed all of them a future, one different from what they imagined for themselves or thought they deserved.

And to think of what Kaltain and Aelin could have accomplished together breaks my heart because they were so similar in a way and I wish Kaltain could have found a way to survive to see Aelin again and give her the Wyrdkey personally. :((