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ML Writing Prompts: Ask Box

submitted by @random-awkward-bean Marinette has just been cast the lead in the school play! but how does she react when she finds out that Adrien has also been cast as a lead as well? More importantly, what happens if they have a kiss scene? Does marinette freak out? Oh man I love this prompt! I took some liberty with the stage directions because this was how I played it when I did this show and also it’s fun to make them kiss :) Hope you enjoy- I just couldn’t resist with this one.

They had to be doing Much Ado About Nothing for the school play didn’t they. They couldn’t have gone with Romeo and Juliet or Cinderella or Night of the Living Dead? No they chose Much Ado About Nothing. Marinette really didn’t have any problems with the play, she actually thought it was a funny play even for Shakespeare. The entire class had been required to audition for the play. Marinette hadn’t expected to get a large role in fact she sort of expected to be cast as Hero, the supporting actress who is lovesick over Claudio. Marinette knew she could play lovesick easily especially when Adrien was cast as her Claudio. At first Marinette had been excited after all this was a chance to spend more time with Adrien but then Marinette read the script in it’s entirety. It was scripted for Marinette to kiss Adrien not once, not twice, but THREE times!!!! Needless to say Marinette was having a slight freakout which turned into a full blown panic attack when she received a text from Adrien asking her if she wanted to rehearse later. So marinette did what anyone in her situation would do. She called her best friend practically screaming into the phone. And that’s where Marinette currently was- pacing around the room as Alya read over the scene in question.

“This is great girl! What are you freaking out about?” Alya asked as she read through the script.

“Alya I-I can’t kiss him like this! What if I’m bad at it or what if he doesn’t want to kiss me!?” Marinette started pulling at her pigtails in a panic.

“Chill girl it’s going to be like a peck and then it will be over sooo not a big deal.” Alya waved her off as she turned back to the script.

“Yeah, you’re right. I can do this, I mean I’ve kissed you like that before Adrien shouldn’t be any different. I can do this! I should tell him he can come over to rehearse,” Marinette breathed. Marinette quickly pulled out her phone and responded to Adrien’s text with more confidence than before.

“Oh wait there’s a make out scene in here,” Alya giggled just as Marinette’s thumb hit send.

“THERE’S WHAT!?!” Marinette screeched her phone falling out of her hands.

“Yeah I mean the third kiss has to be a make out scene, the two are too caught up in kissing to notice people calling their names. Looks like you’re going to have to make out with Adrien,” Alya said with a wink. Marinette clawed at her face which was now bright red.

“No no no no, I can’t do that Alya especially not in front of the entire class! And I told Adrien it was okay to come over to rehearse!! This is bad Alya! This is very very bad!” Marinette was now panicking once again.

“I’m all for this can you imagine the look on Chloe’s face when she finds out? Plus you get to make out with the guy of your dreams- how could this be a bad thing?” Alya laughed. Marinette gave her a blank look.

“You know you have to kiss Nino right?” Marinette quirked her eyebrow up. Nino and Alya had been cast as the other couple in the show. The blood suddenly drained from Alya’s face.

“I what?!” Alya squeaked.

“Not so funny when the shoe’s on the other foot is it?” Marinette smirked folding her arms over her chest.

“Where does it say that?” Alya said in a panic flipping through the script.

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A Conversation that I’ve actually had

“I’m at work*

me: *mentions kpop*

coworker: “OMG I love kpop! I listen to it like every day!”

me: “Seriously?? Me too! That’s amazing!! What songs do you like??”

coworker: “Gangnam style!”

me: “That’s a good song… What else do you like??”

coworker: “It’s just so funny how they dance! I love that!”

me: “Haha, yeah, but what other songs do you like?”

coworker: “uh, I don’t know…are there any other songs by Gangnam?”


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I'm super stressed today, college is being a butt. Could you possibly tell me a funny family story? They brighten my day. ♡

I’m sorry you’re stressed, love! Of course, though, coming right up!

A Sweet One:

One day, while at the ol’ Ice Skating rink, my uncles realized I was still super slow at climbing stairs. My dad and his brothers decided this was unacceptable, lined up in front of the stairs, and started showing me how to go fast by racing. The four of us stayed there for a total of five and a half hours, with just me learning how to climb stairs quicker. 

I mean, they just cared so much? Everyone in my family is crazy stubborn, so when we all set our minds to it that I was going to learn stairs, I was going to learn the damn stairs. (I’m insanely fast up stairs now, and I can almost beat them in a race.)

An Insane One:

The women decided they wanted to skydive.

So they had my dad’s biggest business sponsor the skydiving program closest to us so that they could go for free.

The amount of time it took for my aunt to speed to town from where she lives is the amount of time between them deciding to do it and actually jumping out of a plane. Sometimes I still don’t really believe it happened?

A Silly One: 

My grandma is…eccentric. I could fill a novel with all of the weird stuff she’s done over the last couple decades. Actually, I used her as the subject of my 30 page book I had to write for English. I learned some weird stuff about her.

Anyways, she always gets everyone the same gifts for everyone every year at Christmas. It’s her thing. We all lightheartedly joke about it.

In 2014, she got everyone $1 fleece scarves that I, and my cousin and mother and aunt, had seen her buy. 

And that’s all fine and dandy, I mean, sure, whatever, you do you, Grandma.

Except she forgot the word for scarf. So when she tried to explain to me what she got me (I was well aware of what it was), she had to come up with her own name.

Thus, began the start of the family “Neck Robe” meme.

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Isn't it funny how larries always ask "what would you do if (larry came out, freddie wasn't louis' kid, louelle wasn't real etc)" what would larries do if harry and louis denied larry? Oh wait, we already know what larries would do 😕

And it’s like… oh no, I respected that a man said his baby was his baby, I’m a monster, how will I live with myself for being respectful and loving about a man’s new baby?

Whereas Larries… what do you have? Eleven months in being proud of having launched a smear campaign against a woman and a baby that involved bullying a baby, a mother, Louis’s under age sisters, 14 year old girls in a band, Louis’s mother, and numerous random other people who they claim are collateral in their quest over it? 

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in assuming someone is the father of a baby they say they are. If Larries are right the only person who behaved reprehensible about it is Louis.

When are they gonna start asking themselves the question, “What if I’m wrong?” It’s been over 10 months and they’re not close to being right, yet they won’t even ask themselves the very question they inundate everyone else with.

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I noticed you've been using a lot of love stage gifs when did you watch it

a long time ago

funny cuz people now think i have an obsession with the anime which i honestly dont haha im just obsessed with the art style so thats why i use the gifs. really…the story….can use some work lmao. not the best thing ive seen. but. i can never deny how gorgeous i think the artsyle is ahhh those colorsss are so dreamy

something funny

You all know how much I rag about Ns choice of footwear when it comes to the birks and the slides. Well today my lovely mother, hair dresser to the elderly and obviously fashion forward, sent me this picture of her at work saying she got ready in the dark.
Yes folks that is my mom wearing 1 weird ass slide with socks and 1 birk'n'sock, all day at work. Thanks mom 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Baby gay story. Okay so you know how compulsory heterosexuality can manifest in attraction to unattainable guys? When I was in elementary school, mine was on the most popular guy in my grade, and I was this awkward little girl with like three friends and no fashion sense. So imagine my surprise when he came up to me to ask me to be his date to the fifth grade dance. I panicked and said that gee, I'd love to, except I just want to stay friends. I ended up hanging out with some girls anyway...

OMG im dying…….. that backfired on u so bad omg….. “I just want to stay friends” LMAO anon………..

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Anytime a finnrey shipper complains why their ship isn't popular is because their toxic plain and simply. The ship is very cute and I love finn and rey to be together but god. Now its like their pushing the blame on anyone that looks at reylo. " how come finnrey isn't big" you blocked reylo, " why doesn't my post have a lot of notes" cause you said anyone that a likes reylo can't like your post" No one wants to be around a ship with toxic people finnrey shippers caused their own downfall its sad

Exactly. And it’s funny because I like Finnrey a lot, and I would do drawings/make content for it but because I also like Reylo I know I would harassed. That’s just not worth it.

I know other people have said it but the Finnrey fandom has policed itself to the point where anyone who disagrees with them is labeled as a “racist abuse apologist/etc”. It’s just a really toxic environment that has pushed away many people who did actively like it.

I always wondered why people wanted to feel love and be in love so bad, it all seemed tiring and demanding —Can one love another with no limitations? How can you love someone more than your own life? Questions I often asked myself.
But funny how it all turned out.
Apple Muffins (Part 1)

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Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader (ft. Friend Taehyung)

Genre/Summary: Angsty fluff (if that’s a thing) / brief sensuality / light swearing / feels. Namjoon has been overwhelmed with work and while you are generally supportive, he’s gone too far and forgets a very important day. You begin to go through your memories of how you met him.

Word Count: 4122

A/N: Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I wrote this on my birthday (Dec 5th, and yes, it’s the day after Jin 😍😍) and was inspired to make a cute fluffy little birthday drabble involving Namjoon. Though it was supposed to be extremely short, I got a little carried away with the backstory and just rolled with it? I guess haha (Also this is TOTALLY NOT my ideal birthday scenario involving my ultimate bias! HAHAHA….*runs away*)

“So what do you think? I mean it is just a demo, if it’s bad I can change it-”

I put a finger to his lips to quiet him. Namjoon was always paranoid that his work was never good enough and his nervousness was more noticeable than his shaking hands. The new album was finally finished, but he had waited to show me the final track. I pulled out my earbuds and looked right into the deep brown eyes I loved so much.

“Don’t start with that now, I really like this one. The melody is catchy, but I know ARMY will love it because of the lyrics. You guys have been taking on more serious topics surrounding our age group lately, but in this song, you’ve been able to talk about love again, but maintaining the maturity you’ve developed. They’re so personal and will hit home to anyone that has ever loved.”

He tilted his head and made the face he always did when he was touched by something so I knew he really took what I said to heart. I put the laptop that I was using to listen to the song with on the table beside us. Their new studio still needed to be decorated so all they had was the old black loveseat, a pop up nightstand and their basic equipment. I made sure to bring a small blanket this time because this place had no heating. I had no clue how Namjoon or the other guys could stand being in here for hours, even days, without freezing to death.

I kick up my knees to my chest, pull the blanket tighter around me and lean into Namjoon, my head against his chest. He wraps his arms around my front and his warmth replaces all of the cold I’ve been feeling. God, I’ve missed this. I’ve missed him. I needed him.

And I know just how to get what I need.

“Did Taehyung write it? He’s always so thoughtful, passionate, powerful,” I dramatically sighed, “and when he performs, Jesus Christ.” I annunciated every adjective in just the right way to get under his skin.

His arms were yanked away and he pulls back from me, causing me to sit up as well. Just those few words were enough to piss him off. I knew he wrote this song about me and I will be crying while listening to it on repeat, but that’s for later. I need to keep up this clueless act right now.

“What’s wrong? You’re can’t be jealous?” I asked innocently, but my smirk told a different story, “Oh Namjoon, just because I think highly of another guy, doesn’t mean you’re any less. Tae is my best friend. When you were gone, he knew how to make me laugh and get over missing you so much.”

I place my hand on his thigh and lean forward. His entire body is tense and his face is beat red. He remains speechless so I continue my attack.

“I love you, Namjoon, but I just couldn’t help my-” My breath stops short and he shoves me on the couch. He’s directly over me with something other than fury in his eyes. Love? No.


He’s needed this just as much as I have. It’s been weeks since I’ve been able to see him, let alone have or hold him. Now, we were going to make up for lost time. Even when angry, his beauty was captivating. He presses down so close he’s almost laying on me and his head is by my ear. His hot breath sends a jolt through my body to which he notices. I know he’s smirking as he places a hand on my waist and whispers in my ear.

“Couldn’t help yourself? I can take care of that.”

I wasn’t going to give up here, this wasn’t just an act anymore. This was payback for leaving me alone for this long and I was getting so much enjoyment out of torturing him.

“I doubt you can. You don’t know about the times he and I’ve been together, our connection and oh God, the way he makes me feel.” I push my lower body up to meet his, sneak my hand up his neck and into his hair and quietly moan Taehyung’s name.

An involuntary sound came from him and from the frustrated look on his face, I know I’ve won.

“You’re going to regret telling me that, Y/N.” He’s desperate to gain control. We are both extremely dominant and while it may seem like that would make us clash too much, it’s what keeps our relationship (and especially our sex life) fresh and interesting.

“I don’t think so. Taehyung had me in ways you never did. Face it, you can’t compare.”

My other hand snaked down to just below his waist and he got the double message. This pushed him over the edge and in an instant, his grip on my waist tightened and dug into my skin, other hand in my hair and face just above mine. Our lips were just about to touch before I was rudely awakened.

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Which compromise would the Yandere Americas make? Like, what does the crush have to do, to gain some freedom? Get married to them for seeing their family or other stuff? How would they react to such a deal?

That’s an amazing ask! You must really love America! It’s funny, I’m writing a short story on another one of your asks at the moment! I always love your asks, you’re very creative!

I think for both 1p and 2p America you would have to be married to him before you got any freedom. You would have to have the wedding ring on at ALL times, so people know who you belong to. By the rules of marriage, you both legally belong to each other. He then knows you can’t truly ever get away from him. But the wedding ring most likely has a tracker built into it, so if you somehow get out of his county, he’ll know. But he also has the states watching you at all times! (I believe that the states would be lowkey Yandere towards their now mother.)

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Oh oh oh, you mentioned you have AUs planned. Let us hear them.

OK, I’ll try not to spoil them too much, but I’ll tell you the titles of the ones that already have them and sort of what they’re going to be like.

1. ‘Goodnight’ - Domestic FACE AU (This is packed full of feels; I had to make two different endings to this because I couldn’t decide how I wanted it to end)

2. FrUK Superhero AU (Sad but sort of funny at the same time)

3. Transtalia AU (MUCH more comedic, you knew this was going to happen at some point considering this blog is run by me)

4. Domestic 2p FACE AU (Pretty dark and serious compared to what I usually do and I can’t describe it right now because it’s a bit of a trigger warning. This AU was sent to me by the lovely @miss-hungary)

5. FrUK Neighbour AU (A lot of my artist friends from all over the internet have been doing APH neighbour AUs and someone requested it a few months ago but I never got round to it. This is intended to be funny and fluffy to balance out the Train of Tears I’ll be sending your way with the others)

These are all going to be quite long (the first one is going to be a 10-20 minute video) and I have a few short comic strips planned of other mini AUs that I probably won’t make a second part to. I also plan to continue a few other things I started not too long ago, like the hotel AU and the YouTube AU.

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1/2 Do you ever love and relate to a character in a way you can't entirely explain? Like, I love Sam a lot. And I relate to him, not so much because of shared experiences but because of similar struggles with self esteem and because of similar emotionality, I guess is a good word to describe it? Like my friends and I joke about it sometimes, and I don't mind because it is funny how much I talk about him, but for real I feel such a deep connection and kinship to him?

2/2 And I know that fictionkin is a thing that some people feel describes them and I totally respect those people, but I don’t really think that’s it for me? I just can’t help but feel like Sam is… a part of me? I’m sorry these are weird asks, I just felt the overwhelming urge to explain this to someone. I hope you have the amazing day/night you deserve *hugs if you’re cool with that*

*hugs back if you’re cool with that* Thanks so much for trying to put your experiences into words! I’m happy you wanted to explain this to me. And I hope you have an amazing day/night, too! ♥

And absolutely! I don’t often like fictional characters in the sort of all-consuming way that I like characters like Sam (and a few others from other shows), but when I do, they’re pretty much my reason for watching the show. If I don’t find a character like that, I usually just… lose interest and stop watching.

But yeah, it’s hard to describe. There are definitely some experiences or feelings Sam has that I relate to a lot, but there’s something else that makes him more than just an interesting character. It elevates him to this mythical status of THE show-defining character.

For me, I think it has something to do with how good he is, and how little attention, appreciation, or reward he gets. And he’s somehow still forgiving and caring and just… I don’t even have words. It’s not often I can even think of saying that a character has been… an inspiration, I guess? Sam is just so, so relentlessly good. His forgiveness and his kindness and his endless well of faith and love for people are things I aspire to.

It’s impossible to explain what draws me to him, but I definitely think that’s part of it.

I’m borrowing internet from McDonald’s right now and the lights are bright and everything is beeping and my brain is not cooperating, but I hope this made sense. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experiences! 

it’s funny to have listened to falsettos, but not really know the show very well, and to see posts about the minute details and the eccentricities in the revival because like, there’s so much, and it’s all so specific, and i know it’s all true

like you all could just make stuff up if you wanted. you could all be like “i love how andrew rannells clenches his teeth when jason starts singing about how trina burned the apple pie” and i’d be like, yeah that sounds right 

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so today we were playing this shitty version of chinese whispers in class and this dude i thought i liked said my name and i got really excited. then i found out the question he got asked was who's the ugliest girl in class and that was just hella fun. it's also actually kinda funny how the dude who got called ugliest was a poc as well. sorry for venting to you but i'm just really sad/angry rn and your blog is probably my happiest place tbh. anyway have a wonderful day alex, lots of love xx

Are you kidding me? What an ugly soul he has, honey, that’s a blessing in disguise. If he can even answer a question like that, knowing that whoever’s name he says will be hurt, he’s scum. I know it hurts and that you’re probably going to remember this shitty boy for a bit, but who is really the ugly one when it comes down to it?

And that’s truly disgusting? That makes me so sad, I’m sure you’re a beautiful person, remember that beauty is subjective and horrible people can’t usually find the beauty in anything.

Here are two pretty poems that I think will help (because I’m reading and your sad and why not)

“i want to apologize to all the women i have called beautiful
before i’ve called them intelligent or brave
i am sorry i made it sound as though
something as simple as what you’re born with
is all you have to be proud of
when you have broken mountains with your wit
from now on i will say things like
you are resilient, or you are extraordinary
not because i don’t think you’re beautiful
but because i need you to know
you are more than that.”

“for you to see beauty here
does not mean
there is beauty in me
it means there is beauty rooted
so deep within you
you can’t help but
see it everywhere”
-Rupi Kaur

💕💕love love love anon💕💕💕

Best friends bar night! Jane and Charlotte are back for an 80s ladies night out. Getting silly in the back patio of some hip club. (BTW all the clubs in our story are run by villains). (So that’s something to look forward to).

Jane looks like she’s distracted by some fancy cocktail (I’m sure with multiple umbrellas) someone’s carrying around. Charlotte’s like “Imma get us some because tipsy Jane is funny”. 

….Or yeah, maybe Korso just walked in hence Jane’s dopey I’m in love face and Charlotte’s like “You silly, I’m going to restrain you because it’ll be funny to see what you do… squishy”.

…Or best yet, Jane espies Korso holding a cocktail overflowing with colorful umbrellas, looking confused as hell how it got there. And Charlotte’s like “Yes Jane, whatever Jane wants”.

now that we have the whole translation (thank you so fucking much, awesome translators, you are so quick!) I love Magnus even more.

Isak just has this word MANIC in his head and he googled it and is afraid because he’s concentrating on the fact that it’s an illness as in Even is crazy.

And in comes Magnus, who does know first hand what bipolar means and he brings such a lightness to this topic. He talks about how funny his mum is, how she’s not crazy and how this illness does not define her.

You can literally see how some weight on Isaks shoulders is taken off by Magnus words, because he realizes “Hey, my friends mum is bipolar. He is okay with it, she’s okay with it. They are doing alright.”
Hell, even I felt better by the end of this clip, because Magnus just made it seem so easy.

Yes, his mother is bipolar.                                                                                 Yes, they still love each other and get on with their lives.

Yes, Even is bipolar. Yes, he still loves Isak.

Your mental illness does not define you.



((Someone pls bring back the Box Quadrant…

((whats the box quadrant?))


ok so way back when on The Original Gigapause™ a group we were part of came up with this thing called The Box Quadrant and thats literally. All it is. It’s the quadrant for people you sit in boxes with. Symbolized by [+] an empty quadrant grid. Sort of like “I love you so much but no romo”. Best friends but not an actual quadrant, kinda like how humans might do <3 at each other as a show of platonic affection?

Plus it’s just really funny to imagine characters sitting in boxes. But it was genuinely really useful on an IC level.))

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Sometimes I listen to Power And Control just to hear the "Think you're funny, think you're smart." I loooove those lyrics and just how the music changes and all that. So good.

yessss! that line is so powerful to me, bc i can relate so badly. i had a friend/someone i was in love with once who thought she was all that. and altho she had the upperhand in our relationship, i ended up leaving and proving to her that i didnt need her!! so that part is rly full of confidence when i sing along to it, its nice 💕

i should listen to p&c more bc its rly good and criminally underrated