and i love how entirely different they are

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HECK YES! I am excited for this!! Escpecially because it takes place in Canada, my home n native land!!

oo! I’m so glad you’re excited!! I was very nervous about sharing that, so this honestly means a lot to me! 😊 And yes, I love Canada!! I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I can make San Myshuno resemble Vancouver, I’ve already flown around the entire map noting down the different areas I think I’ll be able to use in screenshots!! I never really noticed how ‘futuristic’ some parts of San Myshuno are! thank you noo! 💕

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How Finn Balor would react if you showed him pics of your own (huge) lego collection.

How Finn Balor would react if you showed him pictures of your own huge lego collection…

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~ You two would have been friends for a little while. Possibly around 1 year.

~ You may fancy him slightly, I mean just look at him however in his eyes you two were two entirely different people with not a whole lot in common.

~ He basically thought the only thing you had in common was your love of wrestling.

~ Your mind was solely set on proving him wrong.

~ You would be having a normal, casual conversation before bringing up the whole ‘nothing in common’ subject. Finn still insisted that you were nothing alike.

~That’s when you sent him a picture of a whole cupboard in your house, entirely devoted to your lego collection.

~ He took a while to reply, maybe out of shock.

~ Once he did, it only read, “Holy fuck, well guess I was wrong about you.”

~You carried on texting back and forth about your favourite lego sets and all that fun stuff.

~ Early morning the next day, Finn stopped by your house, fascinated by your collection of legos quite similar to his.

~ He also carried with him a new box of legos to build and the two of your spent one of your rare days off together, putting together this new set as a fun little activity.

~ You could tell how happy these moments made him as you watched his face light up every single time a piece fit together.

~ It was rare you got a day like this but you could say it was well spent with nothing short of laughter and good memories.

~ Well that was until there was a final heated debate as to who got to keep the finished product, which ultimately ended in you winning and gaining a kiss on the cheeks as well.

Awh Finn’s seriously too adorable! Hope this was alright!xo ~ Nikkii

Positive things about the SU fandom

- Low quality screenshots of a character in the background captioned ‘reblog if u agree’

- Those harmless ships that get little attention but have a few super dedicated fans

- Random posts at 3AM that just say “i love [character] so much??” like they were sitting there thinking how much they love that character and made a post about it. So pure

- The livebloggers

- Old fans interacting peacefully with new fans

- THEORIES. The simple ones, the complex ones, the ones that open your eyes, the ones that are really reaching – they all had thought put into them and you know that each one had that ‘oh!’ moment where they realized something new

- Fans with differing OTPs supporting eachother

- The pro-redemption crowd

- That strangely peaceful steady stream of content during a hiatus

- The entire community getting super excited on the day a new episode is gonna air. Like you can just feel it radiating around you

This fandom has it’s fair share of demons, but at the end of the day, there’s really somethin’ special about this fanbase.

I restarted Skyrim recently and I forgot how much crap they make you go through before they let you meet Paarthurnax. And then you get up there and he’s like “but you didn’t come here to talk to an old dov.”

Buddy. Pal. Friend. That is the entire reason why I am here, let me love you.

Guys but for real, can we talk about how Hunk has more lines in episode 1 than any other character (maybe the entire series, idk) and yet he’s still side-lined? Like Hunk is a great character because he’s complex. He originally values the well-being of him and his close friends over other people (which he admitted after meeting Shay, and that he was learning to see the bigger picture and value more than those around him). He is prone to saying insensitive things, but he still learns compassion.

Imagine the stark difference when he first saw Shiro in the security cans back on Earth to when he, along with the others, were outraged that Keith could even think of leaving Allura behind.

He has developed so much, and he still hasn’t even had an entire character development arc (not one like Pidge, who cannonly reflects on her past behavior)

Its just, Hunk is such a refreshing and new character. He’s more than the “friend” guy or the “cook”. He is his own character completely, and too many people just don’t care to give him the time to portray this in their own works.

i’m just saying that i love him more than i should and it makes me queasy but it makes me happy like one of those carnival rides you tried when you were seven and whenever you think about you get this weird sad punch of nostalgia about spinning lights and a warm night where everything actually felt good. i’m just saying that a lot of people have said they love me and i’ve said the same but it wasn’t until he drove three hours out of his way just to bring me chicken noodle soup that i realized love is less about the words and more about the actions of three a.m. when you’re both drunk and honest. what i’m saying is that love looks different from the inside. like i had no idea how to read and he showed up with an entire story.


Fight because you don’t know how to die quietly. Win because you don’t know how to lose. This king’s ruled long enough—it’s time to tear his castle down.

All For The Game series by Nora Sakavic


you bet i do and you bet i made it as tooth-rottingly sweet as possible 



After many hours of hard work i have completed my life’s work: the entire Lodge of Sorceresses (guest starring Yennefer).

Yennefer, Triss, Sile (Sheala), Philippa, Keira, Sabrina, Assire, Fringilla, Francesca, Margarita, Ida.

Designs mostly based on existing gowns scoured on the internet. I tried to go with book lore, some of them are very different from their in-game appearances and some not so much.

ok but can we talk about jack being really sensitive to tastes and textures because of his autism and bitty Getting It™?

like, for example, jack can’t stand pumpkin pie because the texture is Bad in his mouth. he’s kinda terrified to tell bitty bc he’s never NOT LIKED one of bitty’s pies before. he starts nervous-stimming (like hardcore chewing on lip and clenching and unclenching his fists) before just blurting it out.

everyone kind of freezes?? bc no one’s ever told bitty that they dont like one of his pies and no one knows how he’ll respond. for a moment bitty just stares at jack with wide, hurt eyes before his entire face just softens and he smiles warmly at jack. “ok, hon,” he says. “from now on i’ll make you a different kinda pie”

and thats when it fully cements in jack’s mind how much he loves bitty

"You cannot pick and choose which parts of her to love."

There. That, I think, is the phrase that describes the difference between the love Chaol has for Celaena and the love Rowan has for Aelin–and notice how i phrase that. Dorian says that on chapter 40 of HOF and it resonated deep with me, for both of the SJM series. Chaol has always been a little bit afraid of the killer in Celaena, the beast inside her. But from the moment he finds out she is not entirely human–he can never love her. Not as Aelin, not as fae, not as a being of fire and rage. He is too scared of her, of what she represents, of what she could become. And that is how I know Chaolena could never be endgame, at least not until Chaol faced his fear. Rowan, on the other hand, has always known who and what she is. And he doesn’t care in the slightest. She is a princess and the rightful heir of Terrasen and a freaking assassin and still he won’t take none of her shit. Bc he is even bigger a warrior and a prince and fae just like her, has killed more than she could count, has lived more than she could imagine. And when they fall in love it’s so beautiful it hurts, his quiet and her fury, his experience and her impulsiveness, his wind and her fire. A mix that could build up kingdoms, and Terrasen would be theirs.

It seems Kubo-sensei found out about the upcoming Hallmark film, “Love on Ice” that many YOI fans have noticed a startling similarity to.

Kubo’s comments on “Love on Ice” are that *she thinks that the two works are entirely different* and that she knows how hard it is to make a story about figure skating, so she wants to show support.

(Very rough translation as I am not a fluent Japanese speaker/reader. Just thought I’d share.)

She stays up waiting for him to call, waiting for him to answer, waiting for that one goodnight text. She’s left alone in her bed, as she painstakingly waited for him all night, only for him to go to bed without calling. They haven’t talked in hours, days, and what’s seemed like weeks. He once told her he loved her, so why didn’t he show it now? Maybe after all this time they’ve been apart, the feelings dissipated. He forgot how beautiful her smile was, how much he said he loved her eyes, and how different her voice was in person. And as he was slowly forgetting her, he didn’t realize that he was also losing her. He didn’t realize the love he had with her until he screwed it all up. Well there you go, and I sincerely hope you’re happy. You lost someone who could have been your entire world, if only you let them in.
—  1.24.17 // for maggie: love is difficult, but it’s also worth fighting for. But the battle is that much more difficult when it’s only one-sided…

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I can't get over how jongin looks at kyungsoo??? It's like he's the only person he looks at like that.

I know Nini looks at other too, BUT the way he looks at Soo is smth entirely different!! Soo could literally just be standing there doing nth, and Nini would still be staring at him. His eyes are a lot more intense and there’s this little glint in them ;_; and if you look up “heart eyes” in the dictionary you’d find a pick of Nini’s eyes when he’s casting loving looks at Soo T__________T


^we know nini.. we know

^he gotta stare at his hyung so hard that he looks behind everyone else xD

^that time nini flirted with soo like crazy and got told off xD aka “kicked puppy love stares”

^totally normal bro stares 

I have a tag for nini and his “heart eyes” here ->> (x)

But there’s A LOT MORE under the cut 

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I don’t know how I got so lucky with someone as amazing as you;
I always think back to the night we met, in that room packed full with people, and how I managed to find you in that crowd. I didn’t even know your name, and you didn’t know mine. But our friends pushed us together, and thank god they did. If you were only on the other side of the crowd, if your friend hadn’t told you to go talk to me, if I had walked away, if I never showed up at that dance… oh, how my life would be so different. It’s funny how someone who was just a stranger months ago is now your entire world. I didn’t know it that night, but I had changed my life for a long, long time. And now, I’m forever thankful for those spontaneous moments that almost never happened, but somehow did, and somehow brought me to you.
—  2.15.17 // love you long time

Anyway, while I’m having overwhelming Bispearlnet feelings, might as well dump them here.

I love Bismuth! I love her thousand-year-old camaraderie with Garnet and Pearl! I love that she has that established, proud call-and-response with Pearl: “Who do you belong to?” “Nobody!”, that Pearl launches herself at her from across half the room, that the SU wiki has a very important entry for her and Pearl’s relationship that says that they “have bonded over their common disregard of the Gem caste system” - in which the two of them are right there at the bottom, and look at them go! How delighted she is to see Pearl demonstrate a cool new skill (lasers, man!). I love that they spend 95% of their shared screentime in entirely unnecessary physical contact, and that Bismuth tears up at the sight of Pearl crying because she “can’t take it”. How she apparently made like 50 different swords for Pearl and how Pearl treasures them and takes great care of them thousands of years later, long after Bismuth was presumed lost.

I love her carefree roughhousing with Garnet, the teasing and banter, the extent to which Garnet is relaxed and smiley around her because she doesn’t have to hold anything back (neither physically nor emotionally) or hide any part of herself. I love that way back in Giant Woman Garnet told Amethyst and Pearl they couldn’t come with her on a mission because only she could swim in lava, but guess who else takes hot lava dips? I bet nice lava baths were her and Bismuth’s #1 relaxing method, especially after extra gruelling battles, or before them - but after Garnet combed through vision after vision, a thousand Bad Ends, trying to ensure the best possible future outcome for all of them. (I get extra sad thinking about Garnet blaming herself after the Battle of the Ziggurat where Rose told them Bismuth was lost, kicking herself for not seeing this, for not managing to find a good enough future when it really counted.)

I love how all three of them reminisce about the war and the old days (both bad and good) and how they relentlessly support each other and build each other up (Bismuth is building what she wants to now, after all). The way they hold hands! Look at that! Tiny hands.

Anyway I want this

to un-happen with the intensity of a thousand suns and I am upset.

have you guys ever thought about how different it would be if the acotar series was in Tamlin's perspective?

And by ‘it’ I mean the story, obviously, but especially the romance between the two of them, and the other characters.

He’s so demented, he can’t see that he is abusing her. He would probably trick us into loving their romance, hating Rhys, and the entire 2nd book being his rescue mission for her, like its fucking Taken or something.

You know how for ToG, we’re all obsessed with rowan finding his aelin, and we are looking at eagles and bird gifs and saying “bring her home” with tears in our eyes and shit-well that’s what we would be doing for tamlin in regard to feyre.

And when nearing the end of acomaf, he finds out rhys has like tricked feyre and put her into a spell, it would be so devastating and everybody would be screaming, and then when the spell “broke” and he took her home everyone would be flooded with emotion.

And we would all hate rhys so much; all our rant posts would be tagged “rhysand the appliance” or some shit

I know that after a while some alarms might go off for us, when he inevitably thinks something incredibly misogynistic or just generally twisted and wrong, but I think at least for a while we would be fooled because his perspective is so fucking warped it’s insane.  Anyways just a thought.