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Boy Next Door (Part 3)

A/N: Ah yes! The last part of this fic! Hope you guys enjoy it. And thank you for the support for this fic. Like always, tell me what you think!

Warning: This is probably straight up cheese

First two fics can be seen here:

Part 1

Part 2

The one where Harry is jealous, and Y/N won’t stop blushing.

This had been an incredibly off day for Harry. He’s been trying his hardest to finish the melody of one song that he’s working on, but it’s just not coming along well. Y/N’s been there watching, hearing him groan or mumble commentaries about how terrible everything sounded, or how his voice doesn’t mix well with the melody. She didn’t see anything wrong about it really, or maybe she’s just a bit too biased because she absolutely adored Harry’s voice.

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Jaehyun  Appreciation Posts

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So I’m a huge HUGE fan of this beautiful man. Jung Jaehyun (Jung Yoon-oh he changed his name) is perfect in everyday. If you didn’t stan him I’ll give you reasons why. I mean why aren’t you even staning him, he’s Jaehyun.

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He can cook and his cooking is up to a whole new level, such boyfriend material. (Love how Winwin is helping)

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He can dance, look at this little shit. So rude. STAY IN YOUR LANE JAEHYUN STAY IN YOUR LANE!

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He can sing. I’m sorry did you read that correctly? THIS BOY CAN SING. If you never heard him sing, you better go on YouTube and search it up. A VOICE OF AN ANGEL

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He’s tall, I know you can’t really tell but he’s 6ft. I don’t know about others but 6ft is pretty tall for me. (I’m 5′6 ½) And If being tall isn’t  one of the reasons enough for you to be convince he is boyfriend material, I don’t know what will.

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He’s hella sexy and handsome. If you couldn’t tell but oooo his face is just perfect. In .01 second he’s cute and another your calling him daddy.  Also those lips thou. I don’t know if it’s just me but  his lips look so gentle and kissable.

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BUT HIS GAZE THOU. HIS FREAKING GAZE. I could stare into his eyes forever. 

He’s good at sports, LOOK AT THOSE ARMS. Note: These pictures aren’t mine credit to the original owner. 

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He’s cute, such a little cinnamon roll. So cute and fluffy, someone need to protect this precious boy at all cost. (ALSO HOW CAN  I BE THAT PILLOW?)

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But at the same time he’s hella RUDE. Like boy who do you think you are teasing us. Put that tongue back in your mouth.

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Those arms. THOSE SEXY MUSCULAR ARMS. Remember I said someone needed to protect him? Yea forget that more like he’ll protect you, those arms could probably kill a man with one punch. 

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He shows a lot of skin ship, can I be Chanyeol like I WANT A HUG FROM JAEHYUN. DON’T WORRY CHAN I LOVE YOU TOO. (Look how cute he looks hugging Chanyeol like that) 

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But at the same time he’s a giant dork. I’m confused half the time who he really is. (ft. Taeil, Winwin and Mark having to deal with this dork)

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Overall I have to end this sadly, cause I can’t really put anymore gifs and I have like 1000000+ more reasons but I feel like I will break Tumblr. I hope now you stan him, cause this boy need as much love as he can get. However just love all the members, cause all the members deserve all the love and support they get and have. 


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I’m So Sorry Part Two

The ending of I’m So Sorry. Glad everyone enjoyed the first part so much!

I’m So Sorry Part One


“It’s okay, Jay.”

The words had barely left her mouth before Y/n’s eyes fluttered closed. Jensen tried shaking her again, but nothing was waking her up. Her head lolled gently to the side and Jensen had never felt such fear before in his life. Sudden there was a loud commotion behind them and when Jensen turned back he saw the paramedics finally bursting onto the set.

“About damn time,” Jensen hissed, exchanging looks with an equally terrified Jared. What happened next was a bit of a blur to him. The paramedics crowded around her and in no time, were lifting her into the ambulance, and before he knew it he was left standing on the back lot with Jared, watching as the ambulance and Y/n in it drove off.

“Jay, Jay, JAY,” Jensen snapped out of it and turned to his friend. Jared nodded to the parking lot. “Let’s go, Cliff said he’ll drive us down to the hospital. I want to be there and I know you do to.”

Jensen numbly nodded, he was still in shock. Not only did Y/n, one of his best friends, just suffer a major injury, but it was his fault. How did he not realize it wasn’t a prop? And better yet, which asshole, who has about to lose his job, gave Jensen the wrong knife?

Jared looked up from his phone, as his whole chair shook from Jensen’s constant fidgeting. The older man was still clearly beating himself up over what happened. Jared sent one more text to Gen before closing his phone.


“I’m gonna kill that friggin prop man,” Jensen steamed.

Jared sighed, he knew Jensen well enough to know that he was really just mad at himself. “I know Jensen, and that guy is as good as fired. What I’m more worried about at the moment is Y/n and you.”

“Me?” Jensen scoffed, “I’m fine, but I’m worried about Y/n too. There was a lot of blood Jared.”

Jared gulped and nodded at his friend, “I know man. I can’t stop seeing it.”
“Me either,” Jensen looked down at his still stained red hands. “I can’t believe I did this to her.”

“Jensen, c’mon. You had no idea and Y/n knows you’d never intentionally hurt her.”

“It doesn’t matter. I still did. Jared, I stabbed Y/n.” Jensen’s voice rose as he continued to grow in hysteria. “I stabbed Y/n. She’s in here because of me. Jared, this is all my fault.”

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Can I request a little comedy scenario with protective Bakugou & his like 5 yr old daughter talking about crushing on boys and having a bf?? And have it be Deku's son? XD Maybe even expanding to go into their teenage years with them officially dating?? lol

I really need more of this in my life because this was so much fun to write?! I hope you like it, bb and thank you for requesting! I suck at names though.

“Absolutely fucking not,” Bakugou argued and his eyes are narrowed, eyebrows knitted together as a sign that he wasn’t going to back down from this.  You let out a heavy sigh, knowing exactly where this conversation was going. “My fucking kid is going nowhere near that little shit’s goddamn brat! Over my dead body!”

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A Different Fate (Elriel Fluff)

So I read these elriel pregnancy headcanons by @fck-tamlin and @sparkleywonderful again the other day and I couldn’t stop myself from writing this little drabble. (Starts off a little angsty but ends up fluffy.)

Elain knew the pain of heartbreak well. She’d suffered through the loss of a mother and a father. She’d lost a mortal life. She knew what it was to lose love.

But this… this pain was another thing entirely. Nothing could quite explain this kind of heartbreak. Her chest felt like it had been cleaved open, her entire body numb with realization. It was one thing to lose something she’d already had… but to never even have it in the first place?

By the Cauldron, it hurt

She should’ve known. She should’ve known. There had been nothing in their future. Even when she’d first gotten her visions, she’d seen her sisters grow big with children. She’d seen Feyre glow with her pregnancy, Rhysand always close at hand. She’d seen Nesta grumble through hers and bicker with Cassian for causing her so much discomfort. (Though their hands were always linked through this, a show of unity for all – including for their unborn child. Both her sisters hid surprisingly soft sides.) 

But she’d seen nothing of pregnancy or children in her and Azriel’s future. There would be no babies with Azriel’s beautiful wings and her pointed ears. There would be no brood of children running wild around them, their laughter helping to heal their parents’ oldest wounds.

Mother above, she should’ve known. After all, both her sisters now had children and yet Elain and Azriel had been trying for longer than both of them combined with nothing to show for it. And the future, always open to her, had been suspiciously blank in just this one regard. 

Their visit to the healers only confirmed what Elain and Azriel had begun to suspect. 

Incompatible. The word rang in her ears. They were incompatible. Infertile. Barren.

And so Elain’s heart – the heart that had ached for children and family ever since she was little girl – broke. 

And Azriel, he was just as distraught and blamed himself. He thought it was his fault – after all, he wasn’t the mate the Cauldron had chosen for her. The worst part of it was that, in a way, he wasn’t wrong. They were incompatible in this base sense… But she and Lucien wouldn’t have been, not in terms of children. 

Still, that was neither here nor there. That future was long gone. Because when Elain pictured home, she saw wings wrapped protectively around her and felt scarred hands holding her tightly. She saw smiles wreathed in shadows and heard a gentle, patient voice coaxing her through her every vision.

She saw Azriel, every part of him, good and bad – her constant, loving companion throughout their eternity.

So even in the midst of her heartbreak, of her grief, she held on tight to him. She would not let this break them apart. Neither, she was sure, would he.

And they didn’t. There were hard days of course, when their house was too empty and when the nursery they’d so lovingly prepared years before seemed to taunt them. They had each other, however, and they had all their nieces and nephews to fill their hearts. 

Feyre and Rhys’ son was first – a fickle boy with all the sass of his parents combined, who always drifted to Elain’s soothing presence. Feyre and Rhys’ daughter was quiet in comparison, but could throw a tantrum like no other. She’d been a fussy baby as well, though that was quickly solved with Azriel’s magic touch – Cassian laughingly called his Illyrian brother the baby whisperer. Elain’s brother-in-law quickly stopped laughing when his own twins were born, however, especially when it seemed that Azriel was the only one who could keep both babies calm at the same time. 

Soon enough her and Azriel’s house became the go-to place for all their nieces and nephews, the children always happy to spend time with their favorite aunt and uncle. Despite not being the future she’d always wanted, Elain found she was happy, content. She wouldn’t mind spending her forever like this, a guiding hand for a her sisters’ children and with Azriel – her husband and her dearest friend – always there with her.

No, that wouldn’t be a bad life at all. 

But then Azriel came back home one day with something that Elain had never seen in her visions. A baby. A little Illyrian boy with hazel eyes and a wrecked wing. Abandoned in the forest for his perceived imperfections. 

“They left him out there. They left him for the wolves… all because he isn’t like the rest of them,” Azriel explained, growling. He cradled the child with the utmost care, his eyes shadowed with anger and grief. But there was also hope in that gaze. Hope that Elain found echoed in her own heart. Hope that she thought long lost. Azriel raised his eyes to her. “They left him to die because they think he’s weak. But they never even gave him a chance. He needs a chance to live, to grow up and become strong… he deserves that much.”

Elain saw the pain of her husband’s past in his expression, in the protective way he held the baby. And when she turned her eyes to the little boy, to his deformed wing and his perfect baby cheeks, she knew. She felt it in her very bones.

“Then we’ll be his chance. And he’ll be ours,” Elain said, feeling the rightness of it in her chest. She laid a hand on top of where Azriel’s lay on the boy’s little chest, leaning into his side as she peered down at the baby – their baby.

“He is ours, isn’t he?” Azriel asked her, voice raw with hope. Elain could practically see him falling in love with this little boy. 

She smiled. “Yes, he is. He’s our son.”

Azriel grinned back at her, his entire face alight with his joy. “Our son,” he repeated, almost dumb with happiness. “We have a son.”

As if he couldn’t help himself, he cuddled their son closer, dropping a lingering kiss to his little forehead. Elain’s heart ached viscerally for her husband. He never thought he’d have this. Finally, Azriel looked back up at her, his eyes shining.

“I think it’s about time he met his mama, don’t you?”

Elain felt overcome with emotion, her throat thick with tears as Azriel handed her their son for the very first time. Her baby curled instinctively in her arms, slowly blinking open beautiful hazel eyes. “Hello there, baby,” Elain whispered, utterly awed. “I’m your mama. We’ve been waiting for you for a long, long time.”

Her son cooed at her and then the future opened up with thousands of possibilities before her very eyes, visions flying past as if tied to the life she held so delicately. But there was one thread that Elain yearned for. Because Elain saw their family in that thread… and it was not just built up of their friends and siblings and nieces and nephews. No, their house could be filled with the laughter of their children. Not just this beautiful little boy in her arms – their son who Azriel would teach to fly despite the odds – but several others. She saw a little girl for them one day, with Illyrian wings and a wicked smile. She saw another girl, this one High Fae, her ears delicately pointed and bearing the scars of mistreatment on her back. And then she saw their last, a third girl who was neither High Fae nor Illyrian, but rather a so-called lesser fairy with skin that glowed like the stars. (Estelle, they’d call her, star.)

And their son would love all of his little sisters with the fierce loyalty he learned from his father and the gentle sweetness he learned from his mother. He would take to the skies with the oldest, help their second girl through her nightmares, and defend the youngest from all those who would call her ‘lesser’.

Elain saw the family of her future clearly for the very first time… tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks, unstoppable. She hugged her boy a little closer. He would have a beautiful life. She would make sure of it.

Eventually, Azriel’s soft voice brought her back to the present, back to the boy she was rocking gently.

“What should we call him?” he asked, coming to stand behind her and wrapping an arm around her waist. He ran finger down their son’s downy tuft of brown hair.

Elain leaned back into her husband and smiled. “Let’s name him Darien,” she said. “It means–”

“Gift,” Azriel whispered. “Yes. That sounds right. Darien.”

Our gift.

Because, that’s what he was. A gift. One she would treasure for all eternity. And one day his sisters – Semira (who would fly faster than she would walk), Isa (whose scars would never batter down her strength), and Estelle (who would learn to be proud of her star-blessed skin) – would join them. But for now, for now, Elain simply held her son and leaned into the endless comfort of Azriel’s hands.

Guys!! Imagine Keith adapting to Lance’s love for beauty products.

Like Keith isn’t super into facials, makeup or anything involving beautifying oneself but just imagine Lance blabbing about it all the time because he’s super into it and Keith listening to his boyfriend talk about these things he’s into because he just loves hearing Lance talk about things he loves!!

Imagine him asking questions about it and Lance being super excited to teach Keith about the world of beauty products.

Imagine Keith doing facials with Lance and Lance explaining the dos and don'ts of facials while Keith smiles like a dork.

Imagine Keith asking Allura for help on beauty products to buy and Allura being like “I didn’t know you liked this stuff.” And Keith being like “It’s not my thing but Lance likes them so I want to get him something”

Imagine Keith getting Lance little gifts and Lance being like !!! because his boyfriend actually listens to his blabber and he just kinda cries cuz he has the best bf ever.

On the other hand, imagine Lance getting into things Keith likes!!

Imagine Lance watching conspiracy documents with his dork of a boyfriend and being super confused but happy to spend time with Keith

Imagine Lance asking Keith about Mothman and the Moon Landing and Keith excitedly rambling about it and pulling up a laptop to give Lance a two hour lecture on why Kothman is real and the Moon Landing was fake and Lance just being like “Ohmygosh my boyfriend is so cute”

Imagine Lance researching conspiracies and sending them to Keith to get his opinion on it.

Imagine Hunk going “Wow Lance, when did you get into conspiracy theories and cryptids and Lance going “Tbh I don’t understand them at all but Keith loves them and I love him so”

Imagine Lance making Keith a Mothman plushy and Keith crying for three hours straight, he loves it and it’s now their son.

Just imagine space boyfriends engaging in each other’s interest even if they don’t understand anything about it and supporting each other

So good, so pure

A New Chapter (Ch. 10): Epilogue

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Platonic!Reader

Length: 1611+ words

TW: Mentions of miscarriage

A/N: THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER. I’m crying, and I’m so emotional that this series is coming to an end. Thank you for sticking with me through this one. What was once a bunch of garbled ideas in my head because a freaking 21 CHAPTERED FIC!! I am shook. 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!

Catch up on the Hell on Earth Series HERE

- Five Years Later - 

Dean drove as fast as he could to the hospital, his heart racing as he ran the worse case scenarios in his mind. He turned off the engine, and ran inside the building, running to the closest nurse. “I’m here for Y/N!”

The nurse checked the clipboard she was holding. “She’s in Room 156.” Dean barely waited for the man to finish telling him which room she was in before he sprinted to that direction, throwing the door open.

“Y/N! Are you okay? What happened?” he fired various questions as he held her face in his hands, his eyes roaming around her body.

“I just fainted at work. It’s okay, Dean.” She put her hands on his wrists, giving it a squeeze before pulling it down to her lap. “I’m okay.”

He kissed her forehead, rubbing her back while doing so. “You’re going to take a one week vacation from work. Deal?”

Y/N laughed, but nodded. “Only if you’re taking a week off too.”

“I will.”

“Y/N?” The general doctor on-call knocked on the door before entering. She was in her mid-40s, a hijab framing her tanned skin, and a mole on her left cheek. She’s only been working in the hospital for a couple of months, but knew of Y/N from working several shifts with her already. As well as the fact that Y/N was promoted to be head nurse two years ago, and that role meant that she was to remember all of the names of the doctors that are in her precinct.

“Hey, Dr. Hussain.” Y/N greeted, giving the woman a warm smile.

“Oh, Y/N. How many times do I have to tell you to just call me Sarah?” She waved her hand, dismissing the formalities between them. “I heard about what happened, and the other nurses told me you’ve been feeling pretty unwell these past few weeks.”

She nodded, ignoring the worried looks Dean was giving her. “Yes. I just thought I was coming down with something.”

The doctor nodded, pulling out her charts.

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Leo Messi Alphabet: –> B - Ballon d’Or

“On 7 January 2013, Messi became the first player in the history of football to win a fourth Ballon d’Or. And he celebrated it wearing a polka-dot dinner suit. Platini, Van Basten and Cruyff won it three times. Beckenbauer, Di Stéfano and Ronaldo twice. Cristiano Ronaldo once. In the previous six years, there had been little rotation, proof of how complicated it is to reach the top: Ronaldo was on the podium on five occasions, Iniesta two, Xavi four. Messi on all of them.

While Messi walked to the stage, the cameras cruelly zoomed in on Ronaldo’s twisted face, he was finding it hard to project a smile. Messi received 41 per cent of the votes, Ronaldo 23 and Andrés Iniesta 10. That was the year Rodrigo Messi told L’Équipe that his brother had been clear about it from the beginning: ‘I still remember when he told me he’d love to win the Ballon d’Or some day. He was thirteen years old.’

Although he was known to be favourite, Leo’s words did not flow easily: ‘I want to share and thank my Barcelona team-mates, especially Andrés. I am proud to be by your side today and train and play with you every day. To my Argentina team-mates. To those who voted for me, both captains and coaches.’ There Leo stopped. ‘I don’t know … I’m very nervous. Thanks to my family, my friends and lastly and especially my wife and son who is the most beautiful thing God has given me.’ Later he explained what had happened: ‘I went blank in the middle because of the joy and because of the nerves. The truth is that I’m not used to speaking in front of so many people. I told the truth, but I was nervous.’ Thiago ‘doesn’t understand anything yet,’ he said later in a press conference, but he wanted to name him and his girlfriend Antonella, too. He also wanted to pay tribute to Tito Vilanova and Éric Abidal but the nerves betrayed him: Obviously, this one is for Tito, too. As I said recently, at that moment the words wouldn’t come out. It is for Tito and Abidal. It was a tough blow for us but I hope to see them now, it makes us very happy. The biggest prize we can receive is them being here with us.’

A Few of My Favorite Things

I think that everyone has a list like this, but in celebration of reaching a 150 followers, here’s mine: Just some random thoughts, and little things about The Magnificent Seven that I adore…I mean, aside from like, everything. 

Originally posted by hellacluttered

-Billy’s hair. Seriously, it needs its own blog. 

-Vasquez’s smile. Particularly in the scene where he decides to join Sam. He’s already smiling, but then he stops for a second and then starts smiling even brighter. For me, there was basically no going back after that point. 

-I love that there is footage of Martin Sensmeier scratching behind his ears with a prop arrow. 

-The scene where Faraday is walking up behind the stable master and he says, “Silly horse?” The stable master doesn’t even have to turn around to see who it is, and he just hangs his head.

-”Dicky, shut yer goddamn mouth!” If that line delivery didn’t make Dicky and Earl believable as siblings, I don’t know what would. 

-On the subject of ill-fated siblings: One of the Pigeon Bros. says something like, “Horne may have killed 300 Crow, but he never met the Pigeon Brothers.” It is my headcanon that that “joke” had already fallen flat for him, and then he insisted on repeating it again in front of a larger group…but nobody found it particularly funny that time, either. 

-There is a moment where McCann really thinks Bogue is going to kill him. And the look on his face fills me with joy.

-The entire scene where Goodnight is trying to teach the men of Rose Creek how to shoot. It just packed so much humor and emotion into it. If I’m playing The Magnificent Seven just for background noise, that’s probably the scene I’ll stop what I’m doing to actually watch. 

-On an aside, I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of a movie wanting so badly to smoke a cigarette and go to a shooting range. For the record, I don’t smoke. 

-In one of the trenches, right before the big fight, there’s a burly dude playing a harmonica. He’s clearly scared out of his mind. The equally burly guy beside him puts a hand over the instrument, a.) to keep him quiet, and b.) to comfort him.

-The way Faraday teeters as he gets out of the saddle when he, Goody, Billy and Teddy join Sam and Co.

-And the scene where Red Harvest is introduced?! Everyone just kind of loses their collective shit about potentially meeting a band of Comanche warriors. (Actually, the scene really kind of hints at how badass they were!) I love the way Sam holds his hand when he walks over to Red Harvest for the first time. “Just chill, guys.” 

-Sam telling Powder Dan, “They’re better off without you.” That line always hits me. You don’t know what, or why right then, but Sam clearly has convictions beyond just doing his job. 

anonymous asked:

How would Todoroki, Bakugou, and Tokoyami (for that other anon) react to their S.O. serenading them with a sappy love song?

Awww~ Look at my little sinners doing things for their fellow sinners:3 Also, I didn’t know if you wanted HC’s or scenarios so I just went ahead and did HC’s I hope you don’t mind;-;


- Would be relatively calm about it until he starts actually listening to the lyrics
- Sits through the whole thing with a light blush dusting his cheeks
- Actually thinks the song is kinda catchy
- Would give you a small smile after you finished


- “What the fuc-”
- Ends up stomping away mid song with tiny explosions erupting on his cheeks
- Tries to follow him but Kirishima holds them back for their safety


- Wouldn’t know how to react at first
- Turns into a blubbering mess
- Uses his hand to cover his face, trying to hide his blush
- Would pull them into his arms holding them tight and tell them they did wonderful after they were finished

I just want Lud and Al showing everyone how good their relationship is and how much they love each other by being gross and mushy in public 😩😩

Like Ludwig shuffling papers while everyone is piling into the meeting room, and Alfred comes skipping in and holds a bag with mcdonald’s breakfast in front of his face and he ordered Ludwig a coffee with a sausage and cheese biscuit because it’s the only thing he likes and Ludwig looks up with a smile and pulls Alfred in with a swift and hard kiss and a little nose nuzzle before they both sit down for the meeting and everyone just rolls their eyes because ugh gross

A Little Lesson in Lost Love Letters

Authors’ Note: Happy Wednesday, wonderful readers!!! Sadly summertime means no new SVU, but @vintagemichelle91 and I have the next best thing!!! Tonight we present the final part of Rafael and Natalia’s trip to Vermont!!! Special thanks to @xemopeachx for inspiring this series of “Little Lessons,” and be sure to check out the first two parts in case you missed them!!! Enjoy!!!

A Little Lesson in Getting Lost

A Little Lesson in Being Found

“Are you awake?”

Turning to her side, Natalia smiled upon finding Rafael’s eyes. Leaning in to the feel of his palm against her cheek, she ran her fingers down the length of his other arm and took his free hand in hers.

“What does it look like?” she tenderly teased.

“Even without my glasses, you look like a million dollars,” he quipped back.

“Hmmm… bet you say that to all the girls,” Natalia responded, easing him to his back and straddling his hips as she stroked his bare chest and peppered his jawline with light, feathery kisses.

“No,” he countered. “Just the pretty ones I happen to be married to.”

“Oh really,” Natalia challenged, her fingers sliding down his sides as she bowed her head, a light stream of air leaving her lips to circle around his naval. “And just how many are there?”

For a second he stayed silent, appearing in deep thought as he laid one hand over hers and released a slow sigh.

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ppl always talk abt shownu's eye smile but not enough ppl talk abt Jooheon's ok his eyes squeeze closed when he smiles big and its the cutest fuckin thing



It’s been quite a long day and just wanted to end things on a positive note before I go to bed by saying how thankful and appreciative I am of every single message that appears in my inbox - whether it’s just a short hi, or a lovely note about something I’ve written, or old friends reaching out once more, every single one of them puts a smile on my face.

While we’re on that note, my heart always melts into a little puddle on the floor when I have old mutuals or people whom I’ve spoken to pre-hiatus reach out to me again. Truly. One of the saddest things that tugs at my heartstrings is knowing that I’ve lost plenty of that connection during my year away and I kid you not, with each message that reconnects me to you (y'all know who you are), I legit feel it as a warm hug from an old friend.

I wrote about this in a reply yesterday but coming back to Tumblr and finding out how much has changed (the dynamics of the fandom and how many have left), it did bring me down a little - perhaps I thought things would just pick up where I last left them. But it’s okay, I know things happen and it’s natural for people’s interests to shift. I’ve just always been a very sentimental person and I have the best and fuzziest feelings whenever I recall my time here pre-hiatus - which was what I was probably trying to recapture as well.

Anyways, this turned out WAY LONGER than expected. I just wanted to thank those who’ve welcomed me back and have taken the time out to drop me a line or two. Also, been planning out properly Happiness? I Do’s timeline so there aren’t loopholes down the line!

adrischirping  asked:

can u do suga?

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: Suga’s smile has returned years upon years of my life back. But also his kindness. His willingness to give up something he wants for the sake of his team. I almost cried a little when he told Ukai to not worry about putting him on the court for his final year. He put the team ahead of himself.
worst quality: To quote someone else “actual angel Sugawara Koushi”, I’m not saying he’s perfect by any means. I am saying that I don’t deem any of his qualities to be bad enough to be considered “the worst”. The only quality of his that might need some toning down is his penchant for smacking people, but then again occasionally a good whack is what you need to get your head together.
ship them with: I find Suga to be very shippable and he is one of the few characters I can multiship. Tendou, Semi, Oikawa (in certain circumstances I am still Iwaoi end game). I didn’t ship Daisuga for a long time but there have been a couple fics where I have cried actual tears for them.
brotp them with: The 3rd years, like all of them not just Karasuno. I know everyone throws the captains together as buddies but I can see Suga there as well. I love the idea of both him and Bokuto calling each other Kou and whenever anyone else says Kou they both say “what” in unison.
needs to stay away from: No one, he’s Mr. Refreshing and can bring a bit of happiness to everyone’s live
misc. thoughts: I hope that Suga can be treated better by the fandom at least as far as characterization is concerned. He is a layered individual who deserves to be shown as more than just “the mom” in fic.