and i love his jackets

“What do you choose? Well, firstly: to never give up. :)

I threw Captain Rev [EO] in the BC this week because I found out one of my favorite games classify’s under ‘RPG’. And of course I had to draw to that. :V 

[[I threw some encouraging words for his description, because I guess that’s gonna be a ongoing thing now where I post pets into the BC and leave nice words. Pffft]]

modmikail said:Just out of curiosity, which Jak designs’ your favorite? Mine’s Jak 2

My favorite design for Jak is from the second game. But man, do I have a HUGE soft spot for his look in Jak X! I loved the jacket and clothes they gave him. It just screams racer! But yeah, Jak 2 all the way!

outsidersfangirl asked:

What do you think dating Johnny would be like?


• wearing his jean jacket

• getting grease on your forehead when u kiss because his bangs press against your face

• lots of hugs and i mean a lot of them

• johnny loves back rubs dont fight me on this so you’d have to rub his back all the time

• him walking you to every class

• his small, shy smiles when he sees you

• spending the night at the lot with him

• he’d call you dollface all the time

• baths together !!!!

• spending lots of time with ponyboy

• him kissing your cheek all the time

• his hand lazily rubbing your side under your shirt when you’re cuddling

• his shy touches across your body the first time you have sex

• laying on his chest with him rubbing your back

• sweet dates to the movies or just going on random walks with him ahh ❤️❤️❤️


In this imagine you’re the youngest Curtis sister, and you’re 15 at the time. ** Contains very mild smut.

“Dear Diary,

He was over at our house again last night, wearing his leather jacket. God, I love that leather jacket. He’d just returned from being out of town for whatever reason and I missed seeing him so much. It seems like he’s always running of to somewhere, never settling here for too long anymore. The boys and I miss him like crazy, so it’s always exciting when he randomly shows up.

He says he’ll be here for the next few days, but there’s really no way of telling if he’ll stick to that. I wish he would just stay here, he could even live with us. I worry about him a lot, even though I know he can handle himself on his own. He’s Dallas Winston. When he turns up he tries to act happy enough, just so he can fool me. The entire gang tries to hide me from the problems, like I don’t already know. I would argue, however, that what he’s doing is just existing, not living,” you write in your journal. Dally would be coming over in the afternoon so you needed to make sure you looked good for him. Who cares if there’s a four year age difference? That wasn’t going to stop you.

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shuttlepinky asked:

Beastboy :D


“Give me a character and I will answer:” 

  • Why I like them: Precious/ dumb lil emotionally distressed cutie (and half of my ultimate OTP) 
  • Why I don’t: Had some flawed judgement in the romance department in Season 2 :P 
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Beast Within 
  • Favorite season/movie: Season 5 
  • Favorite line: “Look we may not be the perfect team but it’s all we’ve got. We’re the Teen Titans, now. If we work together, we can accomplish anything.: ~to his make-shift team in Titans Together 
  • Favorite outfit: I love that leather jacket he wears in his “asking out Terra” montage 
  • Brotp: Cyborg and Beast Boy yo! 
  • Head Canon: The first person he opens up to about his deep-rooted emotional issues is Raven 
  • Unpopular opinion: I think it’s important that he was not the one to go after Raven during the Trigon saga. His role was elsewhere in that arc. 
  • A wish: I wish for him to lead a happy life (*coughs* with Raven *coughs*) 
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Don’t fall apart due to your unstable genetics 
  • 5 words to best describe them: Cutie, fave, best, idiot, hero 
  • My nickname for them: BB (just like everyone else :P ) 



chickadddddd asked:

OK, I'm kinda new to the NV fandom but I have to say, I ADORE your art and I'm in awe of how prolific you are! So, I never thought I'd get into Earl's character, but lately I've been working on a story that features him in the main role (how did this happen?!) and I've been getting all inspired by your punk!Earl drawings. I freaking love his "Scout 4 Life" jacket, so hard. k bye :D

Thank you! I’d love to read the story o wo

anonymous asked:

Wanted to do a confession. I love it when my boyfriend randomly gives me his clothes cause they smell like him and it calms me down bc separation anxiety and also he doesn't know this. I have a flannel and his jacket I'm in love with and I'm happy.

Are you in love with him or his clothes? lol



Nous passons quelques jours sur l’Île de Ré et entre deux balades à vélos et quelques baignades, nous avons tout de même trouvé le temps de vous concocter un petit look :)
Du denim et encore du denim… Js a dégoté cette superbe veste Acne Studios en soldes et je m’en réjouis car elle me va à moi aussi ! Il l’a associé à son tout nouveau short bleu indigo Phillip Lim et à ses sandales Valentino qu’il ne lâche plus d’une semelle (woop woop le jeu de mot). J’ai quant à moi complètement craqué pour cette combinaison Asos qui me donne l’allure d’un mécano perché sur talons !

During our lovely stay in Île de Ré, we found some time to shoot some street style pictures :)
We’re all about denim these days, especially Js with his brand new Phillip Lim indigo blue shorts and his Acne Studios denim jacket (which I also love because I can wear it too!). Big crush on my denim jumpsuit from Asos, super comfy, which gives me the look of a mechanic haha.

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hamhammers asked:

Hello! I was looking for robots of dawn stuff on google and I saw your fanart. Its great!!!! I loved it so much!!! I actually screamed hahaha;; I loved Giskard's little jacket ;v;


I’ve no idea tumblr stop sending me ask notice o_0!? It changed a lot since last time I loged in…..

Glad you like my fanart!  I love Giskard too!!!! ;o;