and i love his hair so much

Pictures of the Eros costume popped up again on my twitter tl and I scream a bit every time I see it BC LIKE



Yuuri could obviously fix his hair on his own without problems but it’s so sweet that Viktor just takes over all of these things AND THEY OBVIOUSLY LOVE IT AS WELL and tons of people already discussed it but the act of brushing someone’s hair has a much more intimate history in Japanese culture as well

THESE TWO ARE SO PURE THEY CARE SO MUCH FOR EACH OTHER ON EVERY LEVEL AND OBVIOUSLY ENJOY ALL OF THESE SMALL THINGS THEY DO TOGETHER A GREAT DEAL I love how their relationship blossoms so seamlessly in the moments we don’t get to see in the show

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I really really really love how you draw Sam's and Alex's hair! (Sam's hair is the hardest thing ever for me to draw TBH...)

AHHH thank you so much!! sam’s hair is untamable i’m 100% positive of this (but i still love drawing it sfhskdjf)

i threw together this quick tutorial of how i do it for anyone struggling to capture the true essence of his hair (a stylish porcupine)

imagine Yurio all nervous and freaking out cause Otabek asked him out for dinner. it’s not like he said “hey man, let’s go grab some food, maybe pizza or something”. no. he meant actual dinner. in real restaurant. what if it will be awkward? what if Yuri will do something stupid? what if Otabek will stop liking Yuri cause he is just a 16 year old boy and he doesn’t know much about going out to an elegant restaurant like an adult?

(ok maybe I am exaggerating a little cause that place in the fanart doesn’t look super fancy but let’s say this situation I am talking about happened before some other date maybe)

so poor Yuri is so anxious but then when Otabek shows up on his doorstep, dressed nicely, hair perfectly stylized (as always), smelling so good (Otabek always smells good, Yuri secretly loves his cologne - this is the reason why he always “accidentally” steals Otabek’s hoodies), he smiles at Yuri, this small smile but it reaches his eyes and Yuri adores it, and ask him “are you ready or not?” Yuri feels nice warmth in his chest and can’t help smiling back and suddenly he forgets about being nervous.

the thing that Yuri will never  find out about (or maybe he will?) is that less than an hour earlier Otabek was freaking out too, cause what if Yuri won’t like the place? what if he will make himself a fool or something? what if this night will be a disaster and Yuri won’t talk to him ever again????

in the end they spent very nice evening together. they had a delicious dinner. and even if it was super fancy restaurant they had fun talking the whole time and laughing. later they went for a walk and had ice creams and at some point Otabek linked their hands and they both blushed so hard but none of them took his hand back so they continued their walk but now holding hands. when it got late Otabek drove Yuri home on his motorcycle and walked him to the door and then Yuri thanked him for nice evening and Otabek said that he had fun too and then they both went silent and Yuri smiled and kissed Otabek for the first time.

and after the kiss Yuri smiles and says they should do it again sometime and Beka is like “you mean date or kiss?” and Yurio says “both” while grinning so Otabek leans in and kisses him again.

okay so after harry first got his hair cut, when it was really really really short, louis’ was quite a bit longer than his, especially his fringe, so consider this: harry braids louis’ hair into tiny, delicate lovely braids whenever he starts missing his long curls a little too much and louis lets him without a word, sometimes he even snuggles up under harry’s chin, before harry’s asked because he just knows, and afterwards louis keeps them in for as long as possible

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heii :) so i absolutely LOVE your hairstyles, but most of them are way too long for my taste... i was wondering whether you could make more hairs ending around the boobs? (lol what a sentence but i didn't know how to say it differently)

Hi ^^ thank you so much! I am super fan of super long hairstyles this is why there is so much of them. But of course, I will keep in mind to add some short and medium length hairstyles too 😌

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For the NSFW Alphabet thing, can I request A, F, I, and K for Noya? Thank you so much <3

A (Aftercare)- Noya has the tendency to go a little overboard when he’s having sex. On more than one occasion, he’s accidently hurt his s/o in a way that they didn’t like, but he’ll always apologize for it afterwards. He really tries when it comes to aftercare, he really does. He’ll get out his s/o’s favorite blanket and run his hands through their hair all while telling them how much he loves them. If it’s not too late he’ll go grab them a snack or drink they like and spend time cuddling in bed.

F (Fave. Position)- He likes taking his s/o from behind to be honest. He’s a bit of an ass guy. That, and if his s/o is bigger than him, he feel kind of small being on top of them, and kind of awkward when they’re on top of him.

I (Intimacy)- Intimacy is definitely very important to him. Although he has the tendency to be rough and a bit careless at times, he feels like sex is an act you only do with someone you really love, and it shouldn’t be treated so lightly. He really loves his s/o, more than anything, and sometimes all he wants to do it hold them close and kiss them softly.

K (Kink)- You already know this boy has a bit of a cosplay kink. If his s/o were to dress up in lolita style clothing, the girls uniform or a maid outfit, Nishinoya would be through the roof.

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kyungsoo's hair is growing so fast aa are we finally saying goodbye to eggsoo? :(

I think we might anonnie?! T___T 

I love eggsoo, he’s seriously adorable!! And it really brings out his wonderful cheeks <3 

But everyone knows how much I love kyungsoo with longer bangs ;;;; So I really hope that we’ll be seeing the return of his bangs very soon!!!! 

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hi!!!! one: I LOVE YOUR WRITING SO MUCH THANK U FOR BLESSING US WITH IT!!!! two: can i maybe request a sirius thingy where he asks out the reader and she thinks he's joking???? thank u!!!

A/N: you are so sweet and kind and I love you!

“Today’s the day, Prongs.”

“You’re finally going to ask Y/N, out, huh?” James replied, glancing down the table to where you were sitting with a small group of your friends. Sirius nodded his head once and ran his fingers through his long hair, prepping himself to make the moved he had been thinking about ever since second year.

“Good morning, Y/N.” He had quickly made his way over and sat down right next to you. 

“Good morning, Sirius,” you giggled, not sure why he was being so peculiar, so formal.

“So I’ve been thinking,” he started, clearing his throat, “that maybe you’d like to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend.” His grey eyes looked over to you and he raised an eyebrow waiting for your answer. The invitation swirled around your head for a moment before you responded.

“Stop it, Sirius. It’s not nice to joke with people like that,” you scoffed, turning back to your breakfast.

“Joke with…joke…wait, I’m not playing, Y/N!” he pleaded. You turned slowly back to him, a confused expression on his face. “Why would you think I’m joking?”

“I don’t know, because you joke about everything?” you said. It was true. He and his friends were constantly joking or playing pranks, and while you had been friends for quite sometime, it was still difficult to tell when the joke was over.

“Well I really want to take you to Hogsmeade this weekend,” Sirius stated simply. You blushed a bit and gave him a small smile.

“You know how upset I’d be if you really were kidding? I’ve been waiting for you to ask me out since–”

“Second year?” he grinned. You just laughed and looked away.

“Something like that, yeah,” you confessed. “Common room at 10?”

“Sounds perfect.” Sirius gave you one last wide smile before getting up and walking back towards James, but not before turning back to watch you lean into your friends, no doubt telling them about what had just happened.

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Female, 5'2, curvy. I have a huge obsession with animals and I love "kid at heart" things like Disney movies, Spongebob marathons, making forts, and play wrestling. I love to cuddle but I'm not clingy. I'm a writer in my spare time. I can get really loud and boisterous, but I'm peppy and I love making people laugh! I'm pretty lazy most days but I love going out and exploring new places like an excited tourist. I'm also super easy to please, I get excited over everything :D

I match you with Noctis!

Originally posted by mineraruuota

He would love to spend lazy days with you just doing silly things and goofing around, and he especially loves getting into tickle fights and making you laugh so hard your face hurts. And chilling just watching TV is one of his favorite pastimes, and doing it with you just makes it so much better, he loves having you cuddled in his lap and stroking your hair, and sometimes he would rather watch you than whatever is on the television.

He loves seeing you get excited about everything, and just your enthusiasm is enough to put a smile on his face. It may seem like he’s distant at times, but really he’s just admiring how your eyes light up when you start talking about something you enjoy, how bright your smile is when something makes you happy. 

Overall, you seem like a kind of “night and day” type of couple, but you manage to balance each other out very well, and nothing makes him happier than seeing you laugh.

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I write a marauders AU and my OC 100% you. He is cute, pure and french and his hair is blonde and he deserves so much love(bc he's a werewolf lol). But I started to write this AU long before I followed your blog. that's awkward. xD

Oh no this is not awkward this is actually pretty cool! I would love to read your work :D ❤

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Can I have a Supernatural ship? I love to read, am a total nerd/fangirl, have brown hair and hazel eyes, and I'm average height. We all know Sam's my favorite...😉. I could spend hours in a bookstore or library. I love Star Wars and Harry Potter. I love kids, dogs, and cats. I am a history nerd...I aslo share Sam's fascination with serial killers.

Supernatural: Well I guess it’s a good thing he’s your favorite, because he’s who I ship you with! Sam is like a tall Cinderella who’s head over heels for you. Between the bookstores, Harry Potter, and love of animals and munchkin kids, he can’t get enough of you. Obviously you’re much shorter than him. So when you try to be all romantic and braid his hair he literally has to sit on the floor. The best date of all time is a Harry Potter marathon while drinking homemade butter beer.

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The Originals: Nobody really see’s Rebekah as the nerd type, but she’s not all badass and hot looks. Hidden underneath that thick accent is a book worm and obviously somebody who knows her history. Neither of you really fight with the other. That is unless it’s over a historical fact. She always claims since she’s over a thousand years old she knows what she’s talking about. You say she was daggered for a good portion of it and doesn’t know jack squat. Overall, you keep each other on your toes.

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Want a ship? Click here for rules.

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Honestly I really liked Libra in Awakening! And I could relate to him a lot since I'm a trans boy who gets mistaken for a woman a lot. And I'm a Libra haha (his hair is also... Goals af..)

AAA I AGREE. I love his hair so much. He honestly saved my butt so many times, because he can heal and fight and you get him early on in the game so he’s super useful! And in every support I’ve read with him he’s always so sweet and respectful to everyone. Honestly he just radiates warmth and he’s probably a literal angel because he’s just.. so angelic?? He deserves so much more love

Of course my first drawing of 2017 is of Hanzo <3 Can’t help it with that undercut.

Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve been at Disneyland! And I’ve had no motivation to draw. Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s and a nice start to 2017!


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue