and i love his hair so much

BTS Reaction | Saying ‘I love you’ For the First Time During Sex

Request: BTS reaction to saying ‘I Love You’ for the first time during sex

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Till The End.

Best friends, 
Ex-friends till the end,
Better off as lovers,
And not the other way around…

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info: min yoongi x oc
genre: angst, smut, fluff, ex-friends!au
word count: 3.2k
a/n: inspiration just struck me randomly for this and I had to write it. I don’t have enough Yoongi on my masterlist. Let me know what you think and as always, enjoy space cadets!

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#286: You Cuddle In The Morning


This is just like omg the best feeling ever… I’ve heard so many people complain and such about sleeping with their partners close through the whole night can be so irritating but I love it so much. The feeling of being so close to someone is like the most peaceful feeling ever and especially in the morning… It’s just so nice! 

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“Oh my god…” It was the vibrations through his body and the sound of his moaning voice that woke you up. You fluttered your eyes open to feel movements from your behind, he was getting eager. “What’s wrong?” You asked and blew a piece of hair away from your face. His arms were wrapped around you close, his chest heaving up and down from the back of your head. The constant movements definitely woke you up from your tired state. “The sun is right in my eyes.” He tried to blink away the annoying feeling, but it just wouldn’t seem to work. Looking up by his comment you couldn’t help but giggle just a little bit. Being in your position it was much easier to sleep without having to worry about anything. You could just block it out by turning around and burying your face into his warm chest. “That’s fun because I’m not having the same troubles.” You knew it was a sneaky comment and he looked down at you with wide eyes as much as he could. “You’re lucky you’re cute in the morning, you know?” He asked and leaned his head back, shutting his eyes completely because he was too comfortable to let go just yet.


“You’re so warm oh my god.” You mumbled and snuggled closer to his chest if it was even possible. Calum chuckled lightly by your comment, it wasn’t the first time it was being said. It was almost his significant thing. “Well you were the one complaining about the cold even though the sun is high outside and we’re in Sydney.” He mumbled back, looking towards the curtains streaming in warm honey colors. “I was. Very cold. I think I still am.” You made a fake shiver just to act it out just a bit. He rolled his eyes by your lame way of just trying to get him to hold you closer but it worked. It was the best way to start out the morning and truth being spoken you didn’t want to leave for anything. “You could actually say we match. You’re cold and I’m hot. It’s like we’re soulmates.” He commented, trying to hold in the laugh from not cracking up. He just heard how ridiiclous it sounded. “You’re so romantic in the morning I must admit.” You mumbled and leaned down to kiss him on the hand that was resting casually on the top of your chest.


“You know even in your sleep you react like this.” He commented and seconds later you started to wiggle by the kiss that was pressed onto your neck. “That’s because it tickles.” You mumbled into the sheets, feeling that your cheeks were already going red from the morning. “Yeah it’s fun to see. I’ve been doing it for the past hour trying to see if I could wake you up.” He admitted and leaned down to give you just one more. “Michael…” You almost wanted to groan, both because it still tickled and because he had actually woken up you. It wasn’t more than 9 A.M and that was early for a Saturday morning. “What…” He mumbled, pulling you closer if it was even possible. “I’ve just been missing you.” Rolling your eyes by his charming self you turned around on the mattress and looked up at him with tired eyes. “Did you know it’s possible to miss someone even in your sleep?” “No I haven’t heard of that yet.” You mumbled a bit impressed, watching how the bright smile on his face turned even bigger. “I think it’s always possible when it’s you.” He whispered and gave you a well deserved morning kiss.


“I have to get up in like… Less than ten minutes. This sucks.” You said sadly, trying to utter best to feel uncomfortable because that way it was easier to get up but it didn’t. There was just something about the whole situation that was perfect. Ashton’s chest was soft and warm, the sheets around you were just the same and you were laying in a nice position without a dead arm or side. You could look up at him when you wanted to and he could kiss you in the forehead when it pleased him. None of you wanted to get out already. “What sucks even more is that I have a day off for once. I don’t have to be anywhere but here waiting for you to come back again.” He mumbled, dragging you right down when you tried to stand up. “Ashton…” You giggled, looking down at him to see him shutting his eyes. “I need to find my panties.” He fluttered his eyes by your comment and within seconds he had found them under the bed sheets. But when he threw them towards the other end of the room you were forced right back to his chest. “They are too far away for now. Let’s just stay here.”

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Hello! I know this is random, but I just wanted to say that I'm SUPER impressed by your Overwatch OC Imperius design. The fact that his hair and goggles make him look like he's wearing a Roman helmet is SO COOL!

shucks thank you so much!! his whole design is a little uh             dated

but i really love drawing the roman centurion look!


his hands were made for holding

Ah yes high school, before he dyed his hair and was out of the closet but super down-low about it, and whats this a love letter? 

I’ll clean up the coloring a bit later =w= wasn’t expecting to take this much time on this! While making my new commission sheet I noticed that I didn’t have many recent colored pieces of art so I really need to get back in the habit of coloring my drawings, Need more examples of that

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tuafw you're 90% sure your autistic friend who you look up to as a big brother suspects that you're autistic as well since he gets very protective when you shutdown/meltdown and is just really sweet and helpful with helping you deal with the autism stuff in general. his hugs are the best pressure stims and let's me pet his hair and I just love him so much 😷

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I would love it if you did number 5 for bakugō from your recent headcannon reblog. Ur really the best and thank you so much !!!

8. Bathing/showering headcanon

Bakugou hates baths and his showers only last a maximum of 10 minutes. In his mind, it’s pointless to waste water and he’d much rather be doing something more productive with his time. He does put music on when he showers, though. Once two songs play all the way through he’s usually done with his routine of scrubbing his body with soap and washing his hair with 2 in 1 shampoo.

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SPEAKING OF RAVUS'S HAIR-----any headcanons for how our Rae Rae maintains his beautiful self?

He maintains it by conditioning it with the blood of virgins. But he doesn’t need any virgins because he supplies his own blood for it- *SHOT*

I mean, he probably has just as normal of a routine as anyone. c: Shampoo, condition, maybe applies a little bit of that dry shampoo too? He probably doesn’t spend too much time out in the sun, so he probably doesn’t have to worry about sun-damage to those lovely locks either. Has a healthy diet enough to where his hair won’t really suffer as a result of it. He does all the right things to have fabulous hair~ :D

Judging by how his hair though looks like a mess of ‘I don’t know whether or not I want bangs’ and ‘I just sort of pushed my hair back, so here we are,’ he probably doesn’t really do much in the morning to do his hair besides brush it too.

But he probably has some extreme bed-head when he wakes up because he tosses and turns alot from his insomnia and general trouble sleeping/getting comfortable/relaxing. When he finally gets comfortable, most of his hair gets dented because he fell asleep and just doesn’t budge for the rest of the night because he’s too tired to move anymore. c:

All of the gorgeous hair though~ Hair, hair, everywhere~

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This looms like so much fun! I'm am 4'7" black Filipino mix with brown eyes and long hair. I'm a little competitive and care more than I should about people and love adventure. I have a lot of hobbies including crafting and video games. Think I match up with anyone?

I ship you with….

Strife. He’s got a competitive streak as well and ‘adventure’ is his middle name! You care about him a lot, which he’s not sure he deserves, but he’s humbled by it. 

Best friends with Karn. He love love loves to go exploring with you, finally an adventure buddy. You and he spends hours making things, he teaches you how to smith a hunk of metal into a helmet and you teach him how to do what you can. 

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I just wanted to say about your most recent Riddler masterpiece, that I have had to keep going back to look at that piece over and over because it's so beautiful and it continuously floors me. The sparkle in his eye, the subtle smirk, the light glinting off his hair.... I'm just in love with it. Thank you for sharing your work with the world, it's superb 👍

Oh my goodness, this is the nicest ask!

Thank you so much ;A; I’m really glad to hear that.
I’ve been trying to see lately if I’ve made any progress with drawing this character, and your ask made me feel great.

across-the-cypress-trees replied to your photosetMaedhros through the years.  But the shadow of his…

The ribbon in his hair though. (I love this so much.)

I absolutely can’t resist…Thank you!! <3333

sillaya-ambereye replied to your photosetMaedhros through the years.  But the shadow of his…

ow ow ow….my heart…especially because of that ribbon.

I always draw Maedhros after Nirnaeth Arnoediad with the ribbon now, because apparently I love breaking my own heart! I was gifted the wonderful fic Heard the Owl’s Cry, by Vampiric_Charms, and now that’s my headcanon on how Maedhros got the ribbon. 

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Yusef liked chris post i wonder if he did his hair lol

😂😂😂a female did his hair from what I was told you crack me up zaddy was feeling himself with them braids too cute on his NYC shit I’m glad Chris getting so much love


congrats on anime debut!!! 


(also on pixiv)


I’ve only known matt for a few hours but if anything happened to him i’d kill everyone in this room and then myself