and i love his hair so much

*sending a text to TY*: I think I’m craving for some ice cream…

TY [5 minutes later at the front-door]: Hey… *no signs of ice cream* 
TY [takes his hat off]: Strawberry, raspberry, cotton candy…I brought you all these flavors baby!

  • kit: wow ty is so beautiful and i love his voice? i love hearing him talk he has such nice hair and his smile is so bright and dazzling and hes just so great ok if i had to choose a parabatai i guess id choose ty? wow and his eyes they are luminous and he knows so much and i want to hold his hands tight and never ever let him be worried or scared ever again
  • also kit: i dont feel like kissing livvy again lol weird i bet its cause i wanna be a shadowhunter
  • me: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
HongIce Headcannons!

-Li Zhao comes up with a lot of simple pet names, like “sparky”, for Emil.

-Emil once convinced Li Zhao to get his hair cut shorter, and Emil thought that he looked fine. But, Li Zhao didn’t like it as much, so he grew his hair out again.

-Emil hums and whistles. This is something he picked up off of Li Zhao. He doesn’t notice it, but Li Zhao does.

-Whenever Emil criticizes him, Li Zhao will just say, “At least I don’t have a penis museum.”

-Emil does not appreciate the “that’s what she said” jokes…Or the puns.

-Common conversation:

“Oh, shut up, Emil, you love me!”

“I’d sell you to Satan for a single corn chip.”

“Hey! I am worth at least ten corn chips!”

-Comfortable silences are golden and priceless.

-Li Zhao can’t speak Icelandic to save his life.

-These two binge watch Netflix every weekend.

-They don’t have “date nights” often, but they do plan to do tedious things like chores and errands together. Having someone to talk to makes the unpleasant to-do list enjoyable.

-Neither of them are ones to spoil each other, but every now and then, when one does something nice, the other will think “I’m in love with a sweetheart!”.

-Li Zhao will sometimes make faces behind Emil’s back. He will also give him bunny ears.

-They like to mess with people sometimes, and their biggest joke is making people suspect that they are together, and then saying, ”What makes you think we’re in a relationship?” When asked about it.

-They like to do fake proposals to each other. Both are in on the joke, and plan it out. They only do this at restaurants, and it is to get free food. 

Montgomery De La Cruz Headcanons

A/N: Some general Montgomery De La Cruz headcanons. 

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  • Monty secretly loves cuddling 
  • He is the big spoon
  • His parents aren’t around much so he gets his house to himself a lot 
  • Monty will wake up his S/O in the middle of the night just to talk about pancakes
  • He snores. A lot.
  • He is a Gemini 
  • Loves singing even if he’s terrible at it
  • He is the king of pranks 
  • He’s pansexual
  • Monty secretly loves to paint
  • He loves it when his S/O runs their fingers through his hair, it helps calm him
  • He has IED
  • Monty is an amazing cook
  • He loves BTS
  • He believes in psychics
  • He knows all the first names of the detention staff since he’s there so often
  • His favourite time of year is Winter, because when it snows he turns into a child again
  • He has a younger sister (who he is insanely protective of)
  • Monty spends around 30 minutes in the shower every morning, mainly because he gets caught up singing
  • He will always tip the exact same amount at restaurants
  • He is obsessed with the dog filter
  • Secretly loves having his nails painted but stopped because Bryce kept telling him it was “so gay”
  • He has the infinity sign tattooed onto his wrist
  • Sends his S/O memes at 3:00 am


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Hi! I was just wonderin', since I've been having a pretty image of myself lately, if you could write some headcanons for any two characters having a chubby and short haired female s/o? If it's kinda meh, I understand!

Oikawa Tooru

♡ He loves, loves your short hair!!

♡ He was a bit pouty because he couldn’t really braid it at the beginning but now he loves it so much!

♡ Especially gifting you some colorful hair pins~

♡ (expect for him to jokingly give you a hairpin of his face, Hajime is always at hand to give him a punch or a kick)

♡ He doesn’t care for your chubbyness at all, even if he slightly teases you about it, nothing too bad, just squishing your tummy, etc

♡ In bed he always has his face in your tummy, liking the soft feel of it (and well if that leads to other activities :3c)

♡ Wear a skirt for him and he can feel his soul ascend to heaven

♡ No one gave you permission to look so pretty how dare you y/n-chan?!

♡ He flirts with you as if you aren’t together already, it’s ridiculous

♡ If you’re feeling insecure either about your hair or about your chubbyness he turns serious, and starts listing off all that he loves about you, including your chubbyness and hair

♡ Watch him pick you up and spend all day with you in his arms, either bridal style or piggy back rides he doesn’t care

♡ (he may feel up your soft thighs when he gives you piggy back rides and you have to stop him because we’re in public you idiot!)

♡ He expects you to not judge him too hard over his faults, his jealousy, pettiness and being so hateful sometimes behind closed doors

♡ Only you and Hajime know about this after all (and hiro and issei)

♡ He loves you so much so please let this plant love you~~

Bokuto Koutarou

♡ He tells you that when volleyball season is over he gets chubby as well

♡ (more like chubby fit because he still does exercise but his face is more chubby and he has a tum)

♡ He loves picking you up, showing off his arms you see and to bring you up for a smooch and a hug

♡ He has no shame and the team has seen this happen a bunch of times

♡ (Komi tells him to get a room lmao)

♡ Plays with your short hair all the time, even if he can do much with it just running a hand through it soothes him

♡ Cuddles with you and splays his hands all over your tummy and thighs

♡ He’s so weak for your thighs save him

♡ Also you’re so fun to just love

♡ Like he praises you a whole lot, in public and in private he just loves you and just wants you to know

♡ You get flustered and he loves you 200% more

♡ If you call him ‘your owl’ or ‘your dork’… he’s done. he’s yours. what do you need babe?

♡ Feeds you whenever he can, meaning always at lunch and (if he can) when he’s staying over at your house dinner too. You find this embarrasing.

♡ Whenever he can, he always has you in his lap, especially when you’re watching movies at home. He’s either playing with your short hair, having his arms periodically squeeze your tum or he’s feeding you popcorn

 (gifs by me~)

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anyways today my history class consisted of my best friend lying in between my legs and sleeping in my lap while i played with his hair and i never felt so at peace. we have been best friends for about 2 years now and seriously nobody knows me better than him. he's the jim to my pam and i love him so much. he makes me feel so peach-yellow and i'm always so much happier when he's with me and i felt the need to share that with you 😊


My Brother’s In Love [Pt. 2]

After learning about his little brother’s secret – and apparently serious – relationship, he was on a mission. That mission included Ian getting shit-faced.

“So, Ian,” He started after sharing a dozen or more beers with Ian, a comfortable buzz finally setting over them both. “Wanna talk about this lucky guy?”

“I love my mouse.” Ian said abruptly, apparently not hearing or acknowledging Lip’s question. 

“What? Mouse? You don’t have a mouse.” 

“I do have a mouse!” Ian shot Lip a dirty look as if he had just said the worst thing in the word. “His hair is black and he has blue eyes and I love him very much.”

“Your… mouse?” 

“Yes.” Lip was very confused. The only pets they had ever had is that one turtle that died, he doesn’t remember anything about a mouse. Why was Ian declaring his love for this non-existent mouse?

“Ian, seriously, you don’t have a mouse. What the fuck are you talking about.”

“You kinda sound like him.” Ian smiled slightly, the haze in his eyes filling with a warmth. 


“My mouse.”

“I sound like your mouse?”

“Yeah,” Obviously Ian understands the look on Lip’s face so he continues. “He always says that he’s no one’s bitch, not even mine, but he kinda is. I know he is, cause he laughs at my jokes and my jokes are terrible, they’re shit, and he holds my hand even though he would totally deny it if you asked, he’d probably punch you in the face. He’s tough like that, he’s a total badass, but, Lip, he’s so soft, I’ve never met a softer person, he’s like a human blanket. A badass blanket.” In amongst Ian’s ranting, which he had a growing smile throughout, he gathered that Ian's ‘mouse’ wasn’t a mouse at all. 

“Tell me more about your mouse, Ian.” Lip realised that the encouragement was unnecessary since it seemed like Ian was going to continue anyway. 

“He’s so cute, he is the definition of cute but he would tear your arm off if you told him that, well, he wouldn’t tear my arm off cause he loves me, he told me that, he told me that, before I told him. It was amazing. He told me and then threatened that he would shoot me if I made a big deal out of it, but how could I not? He told me he fucking loves me, after two years, of course I knew way before that but he finally said it, after everything. Im so proud of him.” Ian trailed off, obviously lost in his own thoughts, leaving Lip in a jealous kind of awe. His brother was so in love that it hurt. He could see Ian’s feeling displayed all over his face, the intoxication allowing him to let down his guard and spew his thoughts without much hesitation. It was unbelievably fairy-taleish. “Should I call him?” Ian suddenly asked. “Imma call him.” He decided, not allowing Lip a chance to answer. He fished his phone from behind the couch cushions where it had fallen and hit the dial button, obviously having his ‘mouse’s number saved as a favourite. Lip had never been happier than he had gotten his little brother drunk. 

The line rang for about five seconds before Ian started talking, obviously his boyfriend had picked up. 

“Hey, you.” The smile on Ian’s face grew impossibly bigger. “Nothin’s wrong,” “I’m well aware what time it is.” “What, can’t I call the boy I love?” Then he started giggling, something that Lip couldn’t remember ever happening before. “You’re cute when you’re angry.” “Nah, you wouldn’t, you like my face too much to do that.” “Don’t tell me to shut the fuck up,” Lip found himself quietly laughing at the conversation, the love between Ian and whoever was on the other side of the line was obvious, even if Lip was only hearing one side of the exchange. “I can hear you smiling, you dimwit.” Then Ian straightened up and the smile fell from his face, concerning Lip. “Hey, listen, no, fuckin’ listen. I love you, alright? You gotta get that in that noggin of your’s mister.” Lip heard a whisper quiet laugh come from Ian’s phone and then he could’ve sworn he heard a soft ‘yeah, yeah, I love you too.’

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Say “Hi!”: Oh…Hello….

What house did you get sorted into: Ravenclaw and I like your color :3

Are you a muggleborn, an half-blood or a pureblood: I am pureblood

Of which elements your wand is made: Horn of basilisk, Thunder bird feather and Thestral tail hair

What pet do you have (owl, cat, toad): I have an adorable little mouse, it’s called “White”

What is your favourite class: Flight Class, )I love getting on my broom <3),potion class and astronomy

What is your patronous: I have not yet managed to conjure it, but it gives me the suspicion that it will be a winged being

You are in any extra curricular activites (quidditch, dueling club, herbology club, potions club, gobstones club, chess club, Lumaclub…): Herbology

You are or will be a prefect/headgirl/captain of the quidditch team/ecc: Not in fact, I do not seem to like much

Do you often get detention: Only once, but it was because I broke something by accident, thanks to that will not make spells out of class again.

What do you want to do after Hogwarts: ….I do not know yet…

Would you participate in the Triwizard Tournament (without Voldemort and Harry Potter of course):  I would not dare, I’d rather be a spectator.

Your favourite teacher: Aurora Sinistra 

Your favourite fantastic beast: The pegasus

Your favourite spell: Aqua eructo, Cantis and Avifors 

What would Amortentia smell for you: Water spray over roses or Chocolate

Create an outfit with the color of your house:

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I love Daveed so much but like can we just take a sec to admire his perfect hair because omg 😍

His hair makes me b e y o n d weak like…He shakes that shit and my heart melts. When I saw his hair like up close and personal I was in awe. I wanna run my fingers through it so baddddd but of course I won’t unless he tells me I can!

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aHhHhHHH thANk YoU! Now I'm just imagining Hunter telling Nate how much he loves him, and Nate just turns into a blushing mess and hides his face in Hunter's chest - 🔥


•Nate’s been having a super bad day right? And Hunter notices because Hunter knows all

•So he pulls Nate in his lap and Nate is super clingy– He literally just latches on to Hunter and does not let go (He’s a teddy bear after all)

•Hunter’s just running his fingers through Nate’s hair, humming softly

•He starts rubbing his shoulders too to help Nate relax, nuzzling at his neck and snuggling him

•Nate is just in bliss at this point and he’s just all relaxed and almost asleep

•And then Hunter just mutters how much he loves Nate and the poor boi turns into a blushy mess

•Nate nuzzles into Hunter’s chest whining for him to stop but he doesn’t