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Gongmyung always being supportive of NCT 127 and his small brother

Beggin' For Thread (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! ❤

A/N: To the lovely anon that requested this brilliant idea!! I loved writing this because boxers in general are super comfy and look hell sexy, too. Especially on Bucky Barnes! :D Hope you guys like it!! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤

Beggin’ For Thread: Reader steals some of Bucky’s boxers during laundry day. But when he goes to her for comfort from a thunderstorm he gets a surprise.

Warnings: S M U T! Biting. Fluff. Comfort.

You usually did the laundry on Sunday’s.

But as Steve stood before you holding two laundry hampers filled with his and Bucky’s dirty clothes and a sheepish smile on his face, you couldn’t help but giggle at the man. You didn’t mind it though, not one bit. In fact, you were more than happy being given the chance to do anything but sit around and wait for your ankle to heal.

A couple days ago, you managed to fracture your ankle. Fury flat out refused to let you go on any missions, including the one you’ve been training for since last month. Sitting around while your friends got to go kick Hydra ass wasn’t in your nature. So you savored any small tasks that were given to you. Even if that meant doing the laundry every day this week.

On the bright side, it gave you a chance to see the team’s embarrassing underwear collection.

Wanda secretly had a Hello Kitty thong collection, which was either the cutest or funniest thing on this planet. You still couldn’t decide which, maybe it was the latter. She nearly imploded when you brought it up to her one training session. You wondered if she wore them for Vision.

Sam secretly had a couple pairs of hot dog boxers. You were practically on the floor with laughter whenever you found it the first time. You at least expected some Captain America undies in there, but hotdogs? That was completely unexpected.

Nat’s underwear collection consisted of mostly black lace, with the exception of a couple cotton boy shorts in the mix. You were actually kind of surprised that she didn’t own at least one Black Widow themed thong, but what she DID have raised some eyebrows. Besides her underwear and other clothes, there was an American flag themed lingerie set. And if it was in the dirty laundry that must’ve meant it had been recently used. Interesting.

Tony’s underwear was by far the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen. He preferred briefs, but that wasn’t what shocked you. They had little Winter Soldier’s printed on them. You couldn’t NOT take a picture of that. After all the teasing, Tony was still a softie for the man.

But out of everyone’s underwear, you liked Bucky’s the best. They weren’t anything special. They all consisted of plain black boxer shorts. They didn’t look amazing, but they surely felt like it when you ran your hands along the material. Although it was wrong, you really did need some new sleeping shorts.

The stress of your injury and work caused you to gain a couple pounds onto your hips –nothing drastic, but it was enough to make all of your jeans and shorts feel like they were made of metal against your tummy when you wore them.

Staring down at the boxers in your hands, you placed them into your laundry hamper and hurriedly walked to your room. You’d only wear them tonight, that’s it! Then tomorrow, you’d just say they got mixed up in your laundry. Voila! Nothing to be worried about.


Bucky stood outside your door, debating internally whether to knock or just let you rest.
He was heavily considering just going back to his room, but the thundering…he couldn’t sleep through that. You offered to help comfort him during the storms whenever he needed it.

The news showed that the storm would roll in around 3:30 am, which was fine by him since he was usually up by then from the nightmares, but after the latest mission he needed some rest. His body felt so heavy, but his mind was racing from the constant shaking of the building and the sound of thunder.
With a heavy sigh, he knocked gently onto the door.

“Y/N?” he asked, opening the door slightly. He peeked his head in, squinting his eyes in the darkness. If it weren’t for the sudden lightning strike, he would’ve have seen you. And boy was it a sight to see.

You were lying on your stomach, with the covers across your waist. You looked absolutely gorgeous like this and he couldn’t allow himself to ruin that by waking you for his own selfish gain. Bucky turned around and turned the knob as quietly.

“Bucky?” you called out, your voice still laced with sleepiness. “Where are you going?”

He turned around, staring at your upper body, which was only covered with a black bra. He was instantly reminded about his mom’s scolding as a child. “It’s awfully rude to see a woman without clothes that ain’t your wife, James!” she would say. Jesus, she would probably give him a smack upside the head if she were here right now. But this was an entirely new era with new rules, right?

Bucky avoided your eyes entirely, focusing on the random stack of books on your desk instead.

“I couldn’t sleep,” he mutters, a blush beginning to grow on his cheeks. “The storm woke me.”

Catching the hint, you leaned over the side of your bed and grabbed a random shirt lying around and slipped it back on. If Bucky was the man he was in the 40’s, he would’ve been staring shamelessly. But he’s not that man anymore. He respected you and your privacy.

You patted the empty space next to you, smiling tiredly. You could barely keep your eyes open yourself. Bucky made his way over to you and slid into the warmness that was your bed. Somehow, despite being littler in size and shape, Bucky felt safe with you. As inane as it seems, you made him feel like nothing could ever happen to him.

You nuzzled into the pillow and looked up at him. “I can’t believe this thunder,” you yawn, looking out the large window in your room. As if on cue, another large clap of thunder caused the entire building to shake. Bucky filched harshly and clinged onto your smaller frame. You could feel him trembling slightly, his heart racing wildly.

You shifted so that you were on your back and gently placed his arm around your middle. Taking the hint, he rested his head onto your chest.

“My mom used to say that the lightening was actually a giant camera in the sky that Mother Nature used to use,” you say softly into his ear, running your hand through his hair slowly. “And the thunder was just the sound it made each time she took a picture.”

Bucky smiled. The vibrations from your chest as you spoke filled him with ease.

“My parents used to say it was just rain.” He snorted, causing you to giggle. You were glad that he still had a sense of humor.

You felt his flesh hand against the skin of your stomach that wasn’t covered by the shirt. His calloused fingertips brushed against the flesh lightly, tracing unknown patterns into the skin.

You were nearly asleep again, when you felt the waist band of the boxers you wore being pulled away from your waist and then suddenly being snapped back onto the skin, creating a loud sound.

Your eyes shot open, brows drawn together in confusion. But only to be met with Bucky looking at your with a smirk. “So this is where my favorite boxers went.”
Uh oh.
“I swear I’m not some creepy underwear thie-“
Before you could explain yourself, Bucky’s mouth was on yours. You moaned into the kiss. His tongue found its way to yours with ease. You could never find it in you to deny him anything.
You both shifted so that you were straddling him. All while never breaking the kiss. Bucky’s lips were a little chapped and raw from the many times he bit them, but to you they were perfection.
Bucky grinded against your clothed core, his member rubbing against the material. You would’ve never thought of trying this, not in a million years. As odd as it was, the sensation was mind blowing. You rolled your hips back in time with his, enjoying the feeling of his member sliding along the thin material. The small crotch area began to dampen from a mixture of your wetness and his pre come, making it even better.

Bucky’s metal hand found its way to the back of your bra. You could hear the mechanical shifts as it worked the hooks expertly, unclasping it within seconds. His blue eyes dilated fully as they focused on your chest. His flesh hand let go of your hip and traveled along the curve of your breast. His fingertips gently pinched your nipple, causing you to shiver. It was like you were doing this for the first time all over again. It certainly felt like it, given how your body reacted to desperately to his touch. All of your self-control went right out the window and into the rain.

The thunder struck again, but this time, Bucky didn’t even acknowledge it. His eyes were glued to your chest. Watching it with hunger as you rocked your hips into his. You couldn’t wait any more, you needed him now.

You slid the material of the boxers down your legs, kicking them off the bed and onto the floor. Bucky’s hands gripped your hips gently and guided you onto his lap once again. The wetness from your core began to slide down your thighs, drenching his as they rubbed together.

Bucky let out a small groan, throwing his head back onto the headboard with a thud. Thinking back on it, none of the previous girls could compare to you. None of them ever got this wet for him, yearned for him like you did. You were a goddess and he wanted to make sure you knew that.

You aligned yourself with his member, the feeling of his tip teasing your folds sent a wave of excitement through your body. You were about to have sex with Bucky. It wasn’t the ideal way you’d imagined it would happen, but it was better than the backseat of a car or what he was used to. You could tell by the way his hands shook with excitement as he ran them along the flesh of your hips that he knew this, too.

Before you could do anything, Bucky gripped your chin with his thumb and index finger and forced you to look at him. It wasn’t rough by any means, but he was desperate.

“Do you love me?” he asks, staring into your eyes. You felt like he was looking into your soul. To say the question threw you off guard was an understatement. Did you love him? But most importantly, did he love you?

“I do,” You say truthfully, before sinking down onto his length. Bucky let out a curse, his head falling back onto the headboard. You let out a whimper as he filled you finally. It had been a while for you. Your last lover wasn’t anywhere near as big as Bucky. He wasn’t even on Bucky’s level when it came to anything, really. Bucky Barnes was one of a kind.

“Fucking Christ, doll,” he groaned, his hands dug into your sides. His eyes fluttered shut as you began gently bouncing. He let out little grunts each time your hips connected with his. The sounds of skin against skin filled the room, along with the dueling sounds of your cries of pleasure and the booming sound of thunder.

Your arms wrapped around his neck, using it to balance yourself as you bounced faster onto his cock. He filled you up in ways you’ve never thought you could be filled. And it felt so right.

Bucky’s mouth hung open as you began circling your hips, providing him with a deeper angle.
You could feel his cock throbbing against your g spot each time you rocked a certain way.

Sending your certain pace, Bucky began thrusting into you, his hands grabbing your ass forcefully.

"Oh my god, Bucky!” You screamed, your head falling back. The feeling of him hitting that special bundle of nerves repeatedly made your orgasm near.

“You like that, prințesă?” He asks, thrusting faster into your heat. You cry out at his words. “You feel so fucking good around my cock.”
“I’m gonna come!” You shout, digging your nails into his shoulders.

Bucky’s lips went to your throat and sucked harshly. With a scream of his name, you came. Your legs shook with pleasure. With a growl, Bucky followed suit, coating your walls with come.

You collapsed against each other, completely exhausted. The storm had finally stopped and you could see the pinkness of the rising sun in the sky. It illuminated your entire room with it.

“I love you,” Bucky confessed, resting his chin on your head. His flesh hand rubbed small circles into your back. You grinned into his shoulder.

“I think I figured that out when you came inside me.” You smirked.

He let out a tired laugh. “No, I’m in LOVE with you, Y/N. really.”

You placed a small kiss onto the scarred flesh of his shoulder, right above the metal part.

“I know, James,” you giggle. “I think the entire floor knows, too.”

-FIN ❤

P.S. Sam wears hot dog undies, pass it on!!

If I close my eyes, I can go back in a heartbeat to the flower-patterned sofa in my grandmother’s living room, where I was curled up with my face pressed close to the slightly rough fabric. It was a Saturday morning, but not a typical one. I was 14 years old, deep in the throes of my first heartbreak, and I imagined that nobody in the world had ever felt the monumental pain I was feeling that day.

My boyfriend — who was two whole years older than I was – had told me that he was going to high school, and I was now far too immature for his tastes. It was not only heartbreaking, but humiliating. I imagined I would never be able to love anyone again, and that life couldn’t possibly go on.

A gentle hand on my back roused me, and I turned around to look into my grandmother’s face. “Do you want vadai?” she asked.

How A Broken-Hearted Young Girl Found Healing In Her Grandmother’s Vadais

Photo: Awanthi Vardaraj for NPR

I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever received in my entire life. Thanks @stitch-xiu-up, I will use this meme as my new blog note book.

“Deeper than blood
Greater than love
Theirs is a union
The ‘Demon’
 and the Goddess” [LISTEN]

  1. Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love
  2. Within Temptation - Lost
  3. Amanda Lee - Erased OP/ED
  4. Thousand Foot Krutch - Hurt
  5. Bastille - Skulls
  6. Nightwish - Forever Yours
  7. Radical Face - Welcome Home, Son
  8. The Unforgiven II - Metallica 
  9. Two Steps From Hell - His Brightest Star Was You
  10. Nightwish - Alpenglow
  11. Katie Herzig - Human Too
  12. Wolf Alice - Silk
  13. Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream
  14. Future World Music - Eternal Love
  15. Blue Oyster Cult - Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
  16. Starset - Halo
  17. Red - Pieces

A revamped fanmix dedicated to my favorite space-faring pair, John and Cortana. 

(Special thanks to @decade-dance @cortnan and @aflamebeyondtheveil for their contributions!) 

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Sheith 3 pls!! :)

Reincarnation AU I wrote with @crowlines :)

3. “It’s always been you.”

It surprises them both, when on their first date Keith remembers Shiro doesn’t like pickles. But how can he remember something Shiro’s never told him before?

They brush it off; maybe they’re just compatible, but it keeps happening. How did Shiro know that Keith loves soft kisses on his cheek and behind his ear? How did Keith know Shiro’s favorite colors, favorite animals, favorite foods?

When they hold each other for the first time Shiro says, “Maybe it’s just because I’ve thought about this moment a lot, but it feels like we’ve done this before.” And Keith presses his face against the crook of Shiro’s neck and mumbles, “Me too.”

Shiro brushes a strand of hair away from Keith’s face and says, voice low and gentle, "You might think I’m crazy, but I really think you’re my soulmate.”

Keith pulls him closer to brush their lips together and says, "I don’t think that’s crazy at all.”

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We can’t see Ohno laughing many times lastly (or not like before) (I missed how he laughed in DnoArashi and GnoArashi ;-;)
Then, I see him smile or laugh many times when he’s with Nino or he’s disturbed by Nino xd
Ohno is a temple of patient with Nino, I don’t know how he can do it XD
(I would have chosen more gifs but Tumblr decided not allow me to upload many gifs in one post :/)

1. Nino really loves hit Ohno ;—-; Nino, don’t hit his precious face ;—; But Ohno just laughs like if he had said something funny XD (Sho laughs too xd). Everyone knows that Nino didn’t hurt Ohno but the slap sounded a lot and you think “God, it hurts ;-;”. Thanks of the luck of Nino, not, it didn’t XD (Or I hope so because I would want to punch Nino xd)

2. Well, their conexion appears clearly like many other times xd The thing that I want emphasize is both are controlling their laugh but it’s see each other to break in laughter. And that is not the first time, I don’t know why but there are a lot of moments of both laughing together because their eyes meet XD (LOOOL)

3. This is one of the few times of Ohno making laugh Nino. Normal is Nino to Ohno, well, Oh-chan sometimes shows his love to Nino and when he does it, he’s so cute being happy because Nino smiles. Lastly on ANiShi and VsArashi if there are Ohmiya they don’t show it. Only you can see it in magazine’s photos or putting special attention in both, sometimes they appear talking or laughing together in their world less than 2 seconds. How many Ohmiya moments are we losing because they cut them? Sincerely, I hate that idea.

Well, I wrote it listening Walking In The Rain and I figured myself out loving Nino and Aiba’s voice in this song specially c:
I hope that they continue making each other happy for many more years.
Well, my last phrase with Be With You… It’s a bad combination if you don’t want to cry.
Then, mata ne~

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Oh my god. That angst with Jumin and MC(plus Saeran and the fuckingsnake). Holy fuuuuccckkkk!!! Was the last pot inspired by that video about the guy confessing he cheated on his ex and he just looked nonchalant about it?? Oh my god. I wanted to punch his (Jumin too) face!! And rika. Oh god that conniving fucking bitch!!!!! It makes me think when it started...did it start while Jumin got busy with work..or before that....or when MC went to hang with the Choi twins?! Oh my godddd


Originally posted by begavet

cause my ass would of been like “Boi I’m talking to you”

Originally posted by lifes-joys

He legit got me fucked up and I felt so bad that loved fucked her over but I’m glad she is happy now 

And I will make sure to answer every question that can possible come up :D I’m going to add Jumin realizing shit and reader x jumin talking about everything and YES IM excited to CLOSE THIS DRABBLE 

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hi can you just talk about nylander a bit because i love happy rants and i love him and i'm so happy he scored tonight

(get ready for the most incoherent thing you have ever read)
okay okay my beautiful baby swede,, 

he always looks so good?? his hair is so silky and looks so soft

his cute ass smile, why is face so nice and jaw so chiseled??

his relationship with his brother is so beautiful, they’re so supportive and proud of each other and I love that they are like down the road from each other and it just makes the Sabres/Leafs rivalry better

can you believe that his dads first goal was assisted by Brooks Laich and his first goal was too,

once I saw a meme that William Nylander is evolving like pokemon and its’ the best thing ever, he is buiLT, his arms,, just yesss 

his bff Kapanen, I cant wait until he transitions into a centre and Kapanen is on his wing, THINK OF THIS ANON what a line

and his hockey?? is so good?? his vision on the ice, his speed, his ability to drive play and run a line and he’s only in his rookie season!!, HIS AWESOME SHOT, urgh I love so much that he is a Leaf

all praise Will Ny the Hockey Guy

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funny moment from today: INTJ and I were in science and I kept calling him a nerd, and he was like 'shut up, you're a nerd too, I'm not that bad' and like five minutes later ended up explaining Esperanto, fencing and D&D (like his main passions) to these kids in our science class and I just gave him this Look™ and he burst out laughing (he always covers his face when he starts to laugh and it's lowkey adorable with his curly hair) and it was a Good Moment™ I love my INTJ friend

WHY DO ALL INTJS DO FENCING!?! I swear if you’re trying to figure out if someone is an INTJ, ask them if they do fencing/swordplay and if they say yes you’ve got yourself an INTJ™ (of course this is a stereotypical exaggeration you critical ‘that’s not true’ nugget followers of mine)
Anyway that’s pretty coooool I love INTJs!!!! For that reason !!!!

snapebae  asked:


okay pls imagine his face the first time he drinks it tho (bc mary lou was super minimalist, they probably only drank water and milk) because it’s not like the sweetest drink in the world and tbh it tastes nothing like i imagine (though i love it too) so he probably squishes his face up on instinct and smacks his tongue on the roof of his mouth at the taste and it’s adorable af tbh

I don’t know when the one shots will be up due to my problem with my internet, but know that I’m trying to fix it and get shit done!

Can’t Stop Loving You (Jasper Hale x Reader) Par II: “Jasper can’t help himself from loving (Y/N) and this time he shows her how much he loves her with an extravagant gif”

Too Late (Peter Parker x Reader): When Peter meets (Y/N) he didn’t expected to fall for her and now he has to face his feelings, but it may be too late.

Adore You (Carlisle Cullen x Reader): “It’s Valentine’s Day and Carlisle has his mind set on making (Y/N) the happiest women alive.

{Ps; I suck at summaries but it’s something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯}

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Just thought I'd point this out that it's important in the new episode at the end where Clary tells Alec that she doesn't blame him, and all the gifs show Clary saying it. But none show when she walks away, and the smile he conjured falls back, you can practically see on his face that he still doesn't believe it. Thought it was important to note.

Yes! I noticed this too. I think it may take Alec sometime to get over it, which is understandable considering. There’ll likely be a little more of Alec struggling through, but he’s strong and he has people who love him surrounding him, so hopefully with all that he’ll soon be able to move on; but he’ll likely be in a dark place because of it for sometime.


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”