people who think lance is genuinely arrogant and ready to brag at all times honestly confuse me because like…whenever we see lance do something super cool/save one of his teammates he never really flaunts it?? like the sharpshooter scene, he’s obviously proud of himself but he doesn’t do anything other than flash a smile and imitate the yupper despite how fucking AWESOME he just was. like…obviously lance does brag sometimes but he’s not an arrogant person

the fun thing about Han Solo is that everyone (read: gatekeeping sweaty fanboys) reads him as this roguish scoundrel that girls fall all over

except he avoids awkward conversations by shooting at the console and falls in love with literally one girl over the course of the movies

like. folks, Han is a dweeb.


“I Can’t stand morons like you who can’t get to the damned point! Basically you’re saying, ‘we wanna cause trouble, be our pal!’ What a joke! I’ve always admired All Might’s triumphs. No matter what any of you jerks say… Nothing’s ever gonna change that!”