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AU - The Legends girls as city roommates with 0 direction and too many cropped shirts (multi/poly)

Kendra- barista, has yet to hit caffeine threshold, everyone falls in love with her, has like 3 boyfriends and a sara and really doesn’t give a flip. sings and plays the guitar and should probably try to do something with it but whatever

Sara- teaches karate to kids and competes on the weekends, sleeps in kendra’s bed more than she sleeps in her own, once met sebastian stan in a starbucks and stole his drink from the bar, is no longer allowed on the roof for obvious reasons

Amaya- the new girl who brought her cat, fat pumpkin, instagram model, really too classy for this mess, lies to her mom on the phone about her roommates, can’t tell kendra’s white boyfriends apart, borrows clothes but always washes and returns them, regrets joining the groupchat

Sing About Tragedy

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Summary: Abby finds out Marcus’ name wasn’t on Clarke’s list and must deal with the consequences of what it means for her relationship with her daughter and with the man she loves. Set in some alternate S4 future after Abby returns from Becca’s lab and Marcus gets out of whatever mess he’s in with Azgeda. :/

Author’s Note: This is the angsty-est 8,000-word thing I’ve written in a long time, but I just couldn’t let that list plot go without exploring the idea that Abby might find out he wasn’t mentioned. Don’t hate me. Cry with me instead.  

Pairings: Kabby, and hella implied Raveric/Puppy Mechanic because I’m TRASH NOW AND THE TRASH CAN IS WHERE I RESIDE

Abby smiled as she moved through Medical, taking care to keep her steps as quiet as she could. For the moment, her only patient was Octavia Blake – freshly returned from another brush with death, which seemed to be a talent of hers – and two members of their camp had hardly left her side for the day’s duration.

Bellamy had set up a chair next to his sister’s cot, sat down, and proceeded not to move an inch for at least three hours. Octavia had yet to awaken – she’d been bruised pretty badly, and one of her legs had been fractured – this was, of course, factoring out the stab wound she’d sustained from Echo. With her hair fanning out in all directions like a raven waterfall, she appeared the most peaceful Abby had ever seen her. No matter how ardently she reassured her older brother that she was going to be fine, he seemed determined to be there the moment the anesthetic wore off.

“They’re both asleep,” Jackson noted, his gaze drifting from Bellamy to his companion as his lips formed a wry smile. “Didn’t you offer to let them know when she woke up?”

“I did,” she sighed, a slow quirk at the corners of her lips forming a mirror image of Jackson’s expression. Of all the things that had surprised her with the oncoming nuclear meltdown, this wouldn’t have come close to making the list. “They didn’t listen.”

Jackson’s smile widened. “As long as they’re resting,” he said, his focus switching to the test tubes of Nightblood they had managed to manufacture in Becca’s lab. Or rather, the person standing next to them, drumming her fingers absentmindedly against the countertop. Jackson asked permission with a glance, and Abby nodded. There was nothing more he could do for Octavia: now it was a waiting game to see how she felt when she awakened.

Abby watched as Raven met Jackson with a smile, and they began an animated discussion about the contents on the counter in front of them. At one point, she thought she even heard Raven laugh – a welcome change from her demeanor only weeks ago. Jackson, it seemed, had that effect on her. Thank you, Jackson.

Abandoned by her assistant, Abby’s gaze drifted to the man sitting in a chair on the opposite side of Octavia’s cot. Marcus had tried to find things to do in Medical for the past few hours as the sky darkened, for what Abby guessed was a two-pronged reason: to spend time with her and to be there for Octavia. The majority of his day had been spent in meetings; time with Clarke, Jaha, and others. Now, it seemed, the steady flow of duties had slowed to a trickle, and he had time to spare in awaiting Octavia’s recovery.

He hadn’t had time to tell her the specifics of what happened, but it was obvious enough that he and Bellamy had thought she was dead. From the weight in his tone and the regret in his eyes, she guessed their last conversation hadn’t been a pleasant one. It was a sharp, white-hot pain Abby knew all too well; when she had been in space and her daughter on the ground, regret and grief had almost swallowed her whole, sanded down the edges of her will to keep fighting for what was right.

Thankfully, she thought, they managed to salvage their relationship and come to an understanding about what happened to her father. To realize Marcus had gone through a similar stage, all while being captured by Azgeda…it was almost too much for her to bear. Octavia might not have been his daughter, but he certainly loved her like one: his relief at seeing her alive was enough to prove it.

As if her soft stare was enough to wake him, Marcus blearily lifted his head and found Abby looking at him from across the room. Instinctively, they both smiled. In the past she might have been embarrassed for him to find out she’d been watching him sleep. After all, it was an intimate thing – in sleep, he appeared weightless, unburdened, calmness and tranquility having filled in gaps where stress and anxiety vacated – and while she couldn’t say she’d never done it before they were together, it meant something different now. Every touch, every glance, every word was a treasure.

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02 Kate Kane

  • How I feel about this character: I LOVE HER. In all seriousness, Kate is a highly, HIGHLY important character to me and she means so much to me personally, but also to comics at large.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Renee, Maggie, Diana
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Cass, Stephanie, Tim, Bruce – I really loved the relationship potential from ‘Tec
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: She and Renee work best as past lovers
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Can we PLEASE resolve the crap with her dad and sister and be done with the Cult of Cain or whatever? Please?
  • my OTP: KatexMaggie
  • my cross over ship: Okay, hear me out: Kate and Jessica Jones. JUST THINK ABOUT IT
  • a headcanon fact: She’s going to challenge Bruce to a fistfight over who gets to publicly adopt Cass. He can’t tell if she’s actually serious or not.

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Do you really think that in the end Bugghead will be a thing? Because I really have a felling that the love triangle will be Archie/Betty/Jughead, and its really sad because I ship Varchie

i’m going to hit you with some quotes:

Veronica certainly doesn’t have to be with anybody, but is there a relationship you’d love to see her explore? Or is she meant for Archie?

CAMILA: I do think Veronica’s really good for Archie. I know I’m biased!

They do have some sweet scenes together.

CAMILA: Oh, there is! There are so many sweet scenes. I feel like they’re exploring this darker side of Archie, and he’s dealing with the darkness of Riverdale. I think Veronica plays into that. She’s seen a darker world; she’s not from Riverdale. She’s seen some shit. She’s been through shit. If anyone can help him through whatever he’s going through, it’s her. She’s kind of the strength in his life—or she’s stability. She can also recognize his…I think both of them are a little bit impulsive and a little bit unstable.

KJ: When he sees Veronica, it’s just endgame 

how do you feel about the betty/jughead dynamic? 

KJ: i feel, as kj, i think it’s awesome, and i think they play it so well. i love their storyline as well, it gets better and better too.. and, uh, but archie is kind of, you know– it’s kind of like that thing where you always want what you can’t have. and so that kind of plays into it, in terms of archie, towards the latter end of the season 

COLE: he’s kind of a tortured youth that ends up finding a comfort and a resonance with another person who’s going through a lot of trauma. They end up forming this kind of beautiful, honest union, and I think that, to me, is a narrative that works with this universe of Jughead.

There’s also a bit of a murder mystery going on in Riverdale with Jason Blossom’s apparent murder. As the editor of the student paper, Betty has teamed up with her ace reporter Jughead to try to crack the case. How does that relationship develop?

LILI: Betty is best friends with Archie, which means she grew up with Jughead. They know each other, and they’re friends. Jughead is more outwardly dark and brooding, and Betty wishes she could be more like that. On the outside, they couldn’t be more different, but a lot of what Betty feels on the inside is what Jughead presents to the world — and that’s something that she hasn’t been able to do, out of pressure from her parents. She can’t present weakness to the world, and that’s what attracts her to Jughead. She’s attracted to his darkness because she relates to it. She feels like an outsider at the end of the day, which is why they make such a great pair. They’re both outsiders.

For all of the ‘shipping this show has inspired online, it doesn’t feel like romance is necessarily a priority. I think a lot of people went into this thinking, I’m Team Betty or I’m Team Veronica, but that’s really not the point. Archie can barely deal with his own problems! He doesn’t deserve Betty or Veronica yet.

LILI: It’s more about the relationships between the characters. A lot of people go into this show thinking that this guy has to choose between these two girls, and that’s the plot of the show. But that’s very much not our show. These characters are working through real issues. The main plot point of Season 1 is Jason’s murder. It’s definitely not the love triangle. I don’t think there’s even that much of a love triangle. Betty has already accepted the fact that Archie doesn’t love her that way, and she knows you can’t force someone to think differently about you. She needs to move on.

Archie’s a mess! You don’t want to get with him. He doesn’t know what he wants.

LILI: Archie is such a mess! They’re just two people who are so much better off as friends, but she doesn’t realize it just yet. That’s OK. She’s young. She’ll realize it eventually.

LILI: He’s a confused teenage boy. He doesn’t know what he wants, romantically or for his future. He’s just lost. She has sympathy for him, but she’s trying to protect him. At the end of the day, she doesn’t want him to get hurt or wrapped up in something dangerous. I think her opinion of him, as a person, doesn’t change, but her opinion of him, as a romantic figure in her life, changes. She grew up with him as a best friend, and when you grow up with a guy as a best friend when you’re a girl, it’s hard not to see yourselves becoming romantically involved. You’re like, “We’ve been best friends. Why don’t we just be together?” That’s what she thought. Maybe she wasn’t really in love with him. Maybe she just thought she was because it felt like the right thing to do. It wasn’t easy, but it was easier than you would think for her to get over the fact that they shouldn’t be together, romantically. She just had an idea in her head of the perfect couple that was Betty and Archie, but in reality, it wasn’t there and it wouldn’t have been as good.

LILI: It was important to us that Archie did not come between these girls. He does for a second, but the main goal of our show – and Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa] talked about it beforehand – is that Archie is not going to stand between a friendship between these two girls who are destined to be best friends. They are classic frenemies, but on our show, they’re just friends. They just love and care about each other. Betty has a different love interest in the show. She comes to terms pretty fast with the fact that Archie doesn’t see her in a romantic way. She gets it and can’t be mad at him for not feeling a certain way about her. And she can’t get mad at Veronica for wanting to be with Archie ‘cause she gets how great of a guy he is. Veronica wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt Betty. 

i don’t know if betty and jughead will be together at the end of the show, but, right now, i really think it’s going to be bughead and varchie. archie is going to have his *eye roll* slight jealously with betty and jughead being together (because now he has one less option), but the love triangle this season (if there is one) is going to be val/archie/veronica 

i’m going to pick apart this one quote in particular: 

KJ: at this current point in time, if you’ve been watching, it seems like veronica and archie kind of have a thing going there, for sure.. but, uh, at the end of the season, archie does… he does get with, you know, he stays with a girl, and it’s definitely who he should be with. for sure 

at first glance, it looks like he’s saying they’re a thing now, but it’ll change by the end of the season. HOWEVER, we know that he starts dating val by episode 8. that means, while they look like something is going on now, nothing is actually going to happen. that gives me the impression that archie is going to be with val for awhile and (connecting back to camila’s quote) mean while grow closer to veronica, ending with them getting together, and staying together, in the finale 

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So you think that after the list scene, C thinks B doesn't have more than platonic feelings for her? You think she felt rejected in a way?

I definitely think she felt rejected, when she touched him back that way, a clear invitation to something more intimate, whatever it might be, and he told her to get some rest. And this after such an emotionally draining moment as had just happened? So much care and love and then a rapid retreat just as she opens a door?

 I think she has an idea that he might feel something more than platonic for her and that’s why she made the move, but then he brushed her off. So she’s going to take that as a no, thanks. Because it was. I mean, she’s not going to know the reasons why he ran away from her… i mean, we don’t know, either. We just know that he did. 

I mean, here we are, watching them nearly die for each other, debating whether or not they are in love, and we can’t say with an absolute. So how does an 18 year old girl with feelings and insecurities say with an absolute that Bellamy loves her “that way?” When he turned her down. That’s a logical reaction and response, imo. 

Hey guys, i have a favor to ask. 

My brother-in-law has had end stage renal failure for the last 5 years. He has been on the transplant list for 5 months and he is scheduled for surgery tonight at 11 pm. 

Please send him prayers, positive energy, good karma, whatever. 

I am absolutely terrified and I can’t talk to anyone in my family about this because every one else is just as scared and trying not to think about it.

He saved my sister. She was married to a HORRIBLE man for so long and he left her. Robby has been her saving grace. He has changed our family dynamic in such a positive way and I cannot imagine our lives without him. They have two beautiful children who I love more than I can possibly explain. I hate kids but those ones mean everything to me. If they ended up without a father I would lose my mind.

So please, if you believe in any kind of higher power or luck send it his way. This could change his life in such an amazing way but it could also go horribly wrong. 

Please, God, let him be okay.


He motioned toward the kitchen, walking backwards so that he could find a seat of his own. Once the older man was situated on the nearest chair, he looked to his son, expecting him to follow even if Clarus hadn’t said another word as of yet. “We don’t have a lot of time together right now, Gladiolus. This is temporary. “ He warned quietly, watching him.

“The Gods granted one last talk between the two of us. After this, I won’t be able to visit you or your sister.”  His Iris. He wouldn’t be able to see her bright smile again or give her the flowers he knew she loved. He shook his mind of the thought before sighing. “Go on. Say whatever it is that you want to say. I’ll listen.”

so this was the gods’ doing. they granted him one last chance to speak to him. he wasn’t going to waste it and fuck it up. he is going all out this time. he will let his father know his feelings towards everything that’s bothering him and even how much it pains him to have lost him during the attack at insomnia. he could feel his heart ache once again when he knew that after this there’s no more dreams like this. he would of course wished more of this happened but also he hopes iris gets a chance like him. seeing he motioned him towards the kitchen he follows him.

after taking a seat he takes a deep breath although it came out a bit shaky. he was still grieving for him. “i-i…” a pause. “i’m sorry dad… i know i shouldn’t have let my emotions go out like this but… this is too much for me… everything… everything went so fast that i can’t handle it anymore.” he could feel his eyes watering up as tears threatened to go out and he didn’t even look away from the older male. “dad… i’m sorry i couldn’t tell you a proper goodbye… i couldn’t even had a chance to tell you that i loved you so much… i… i never thought i would lose you. it’s… it’s lonely without you there to guide me… it hurts so much…” that wasn’t all of it but he just wants to hear his side of things so he waits for the man to talk.

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1) Scott NOT gay. Guillaume I think so but not coming out b/c coaches need him to show the love with Gab for extra pcs. 2) Tessa has always had a crush on Scott but seems like Scott has always been in love with Tessa but recently it looks like Tessa is falling hard for Scott. 3) Tessa is happy & glowing now so whatever is happening I am extremely happy for her (them) because Tessa had it hard in the past. 4) I wish them both happiness whatever the outcome in the future. LOVE READING YOUR TUMBLR.

Guilliame isn’t out in the sense that there’s been an announcement but it’s not like he’s hiding the fact and bearding it up with someone either.

I said it before but what a revelation Tessa has been this season. She’s so happy that she’s radiant and she’s not brushing off Scott’s affections and is, in fact, seeking them out and initiating her own.


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Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs


Part 3 of Yuri!!! on Ice but with text-to-speech voices and pretty awful writing.

Part 2: Viktor’s Lament // Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio // Part 4: Eye of the Tiger


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: It’s your birthday, and this is Bucky’s late gift to you. (No plot, just smut)

Warnings: smut. Unprotected sex(Wrap it before you tap it) daddy and kitten kinks, sergeant kink, ties and such

A/N: Happy birthday to my babe, @jamesbarnesblog! This one is for you, bb.

Bucky backed you up against the door of his quarters, smashing his lips against yours as his hands roamed your body, your hands playing with his white collar and tie in a hot and heavy kiss. “Easy, Sergeant.”

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The only thing I have to do is be happy with myself - and I am! I want to be able to eat a burger without someone having their say about my figure. I’m not particularly dainty by nature and don’t plan to starve myself to change that. Girls should accept themselves the way they are. And others need to be more accepting of us too - we deserve more respect! I like myself the way I’m and would never starve in order to look the way others expect me to. There will always be people who criticize me, and I’m a very sensitive person, but I have learnt to care less about what people think. In the past year I’ve become far more confident and now I’m happier and more relaxed than I’ve ever been! 


#personal space? #i don’t know her. #married 

general li mulan

okay so i LOVE mulan okay. as far as i’m concerned it’s a Perfect Movie and doesn’t need any fixing. but i was thinking today and -

- what if mulan didn’t go to war to save her father?

say her father is dead, okay, killed by the previous war. so she’s raised by her mother and grandmother, women who’s complacency and softness has been worn away by necessity. she needs to marry well, for her family’s sake, because her mother has refused the hand of every man who offered. but mulan is even more rough around the edges than before, is educated not only in books (her mother said men wouldn’t find smarts attractive and grandmother pointed out that men aren’t always around and off to school mulan went) but in the sword too, taught to her by her classmate, ping.

mulan is considered in the lower end of the upper class, coming from a family of military men and scholars and successful merchants. ping is near the top, the son or nephew of an advisor to the emperor. his family is very rich and very important, and the reason they become friends is because mulan manages to notice something about him that he’s been hiding from everyone else - he’s going blind.

not totally blind, enough to get around, but blind enough that reading is difficult and swordplay is even worse, although once he has it down he has it. ping is no fool, he’s not weak or bumbling. his eyes just don’t work. so mulan notices and confronts him about it. she promises to keep it a secret, and hey, she’ll even help him with his assignments by reading the books out loud and helping him study. but in return he must teach her the sword, must teach her about military and tactics. he agrees.

ping and mulan become very good friends and there’s some raised eyebrows about it but they are TOO far away in class for it to be inappropriate, so they make tutting sounds and disapproving faces and let it go.

then the draft happens. ping can’t go to war, he won’t survive it. not with his eyesight like it is. so mulan offers him a deal - she’ll go to war for him, in his place. in return, if she survives, he must marry her. if she dies he must take care of her family.

ping can’t make this kind of family decision on his own, so he goes to his mother and tells her everything, about the eyesight and how he’ll die if he goes and mulan’s offer. his mother says he must keep it a secret from his father, but agrees - if mulan fights in her son’s place and survives, a wedding will be arranged. either way, mulan’s family will be taken care of. ping will be sent to live with some cousins in the meanwhile.

“you’re not in love with me, are you?” ping asks, helping mulan saddle her horse in the middle of the night. she scoffs and rolls her eyes, “not even a little. but marrying you will make my family happy, and besides, you’re my best friend,” she says, smiling, “better you than some grabby old man.” he smiles and hugs her and says, “i’m not in love with you either. but don’t die out there. we have a wedding to plan.”

so mulan goes to the camp, pretending to be ping, and she’s a little bit less lost but things still go as they go. she’s educated and trained, so it’s not hard for her to pass as ping. shang is keeping a special eye on her, thinking that she’s the son of an advisor, one of his father’s friends. and he sees how easily she excels, how quick thinking and smart she is, and starts giving her more and more responsibilities. by the time they’re called out, shang considers ping ie mulan to be his right hand man, and possibly his best friend.

he’s also a little bit in love with ping, and he’s long known he’s attracted to both genders, so he watches ping laugh and smile and the crease between his eyes when he frowns and does his best to let his feelings chase away the best soldier he has. every time shang looks at ping his heart clenches and he things to himself: i wish i could have you, i wish this was a time and a place where one man could have another, i wish you were a girl, is wish i was a girl - i wish we could be together. he’s literally a step away from doodling ‘li ping’ with little hearts over his battle plans. 

so the battles happen. shang and ping lead their men together, respected and loved. they each get promoted, and promoted, and promoted. it’s been years, and it comes to a point where they’re both generals in their own right. they trust each other, care for each other. and are both secretly in love with the other.

mulan is so conflicted. because she wants this war to end and to go home and settle back into life and become ping’s wife, so she can have an easy life spent studying and learning with her family taken care of. that’s what she’d wanted. but now what she wants is shang, her best friend, her brother in arms, her fellow general. she wishes to be everything to him, aches to be the woman on his arm and in his bed, but knows it’s the one thing she can never be.

then that final battle happens. mulan’s quick thinking saves them all and ends the war - but she’s injured.

shang finds out the ping has been a girl all along. he demands explanations - so she tells him everything, that she traded places with ping to save him, to become his wife.

and the lies should sting the sharpest, but they don’t. she’s still the same person, after all. it’s that she’s promised to another man, for one second he’d thought he might have her, but no. so he agrees not to reveal her but he’s furious and furious at himself for being furious and they’re not the same now, broken and splintered and neither of them know what to do.

the war is over. they leave. mulan returns home, and thanks to her ping is now known as a respected general. she’s done her part and survived, and now she gets her reward - ping’s hand in marriage.

but she sees ping for the first time and flings herself into his arms and starts crying. she tells him everything, because he’s still her friend, her very best friend besides shang, the man whom she lied to and betrayed and loves. and ping listens and takes her by the shoulders and says - i’ll uphold our bargain, if that’s what you want. you can be my pampered wife, you’ve more than earned it. but if you want to go to shang, i won’t blame you. you deserve your happiness.

and mulan goes back and forth, but ultimately she decides she has to try. if shang rejects her she’ll return and marry ping and uphold her family honor. but if shang wants her - he’s not as high up as ping, but he’s high up enough to satisfy her family, and also she would love him and want him if he was no more than a farming peasant so it doesn’t matter much anyway.

she rides to the capitol. she finally meets ping’s father, running into him while looking for shang. “ah mulan,” says this man who was never supposed to know of her until she became his daughter-in-law, “i didn’t expect to see you here. how fortuitous. walk with me.” she does, wary, and that’s how she discovers - he and the emperor had discovered her deception a year in, but at that point she’d already proven herself too skilled and valuable to lose. he tells her that he will uphold his son and wife’s deal and gladly welcome her to his household - but that she’s earned her rank as general, and that he and the emperor have no problem with letting her keep it.

she says thank you, shocked and joyful, but that she has to talk to someone first. “ah, yes, young general li,” he says, eyes twinkling, “i do believe he’s around here somewhere.”

she has no idea how he seems to know everything, but she finally tracks down shang who’s ecstatic to see her and hates himself for it. she confesses - says she loves him, that she’s engaged to ping but willing and able to break this engagement for shang. who is dumbfounded and elated and says yes, of course, finally and forever.

and mulan accepts her rank and marries shang, and they become the literal power battle couple of the general li mulan and general li shang. ping becomes a scholar and marries a very nice young woman who loves reading and is happy to read aloud to her husband with his failing eyes.

and they all live happily ever after.

Who remembers THIS quote?

“They had you wrapped up like a present yesterday. Like you were his reward.”

Remember Feyre’s response? “So?”

Remember how angry Rhys was at the response? I can agree with him. Because Feyre was so sick that she honestly didn’t care that Tamlin practically owned her. She didn’t care that she was his goddamn REWARD, as if he had done some heroic thing. As if he hadn’t sat and watched while Feyre faced trials and was dying in the dungeons. She hated herself so much and was so reliant on Tamlin and Ianthe that Tamlin could’ve hit her and raped her and done whatever else to her, and she probably would have fought back the first few times, but would stop fighting after a while. So some people say there’s nothing wrong with her response. I say that EVERYTHING was wrong with her response.

And you know what? Here’s another reason I love Rhysand: he brought back that fight in her. Even the first time she came to the Night Court, she fought him because she loathed him. She gained her power back slowly because he helped her realize she never lost it in the first place. And when she grew to like him, that fight didn’t fade. In fact, it thrived. She healed because Rhys helped her understand she was sick. And when she wasn’t sick anymore, and was able to see that she’d been wrong, he stayed with her. Bonded with her. Loved her. Tamlin hated the fight in Feyre and wanted to stop it; Rhys embraced that flame and fanned it to make it grow.

And you know what? If Feyre looked back now and remembered saying “So?” in response to Rhys’ observation, I’m sure she’d be horrified about it. Her strength is the most imspiring thing in the whole ACOTAR series to me. Yes, the whole “Court of Dreams” thing is wonderful, and having friends as amazing as the Inner Circle is cool, too, but nothing is as awesome (and I mean “awesome” in the old way, not the new) as seeing Feyre overcome her demons, love herself, and become such a strong figure. I aspire to be like her one day. So thank you, Sarah J. Maas, because you did more for me through your stories than most ever would’ve bothered to in real life.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” - Alice Walker

if your dream girl is her then
sorry to bother you. sorry to stay for so long.
sorry I was the one door that wouldn’t shut, sorry I was the one street that didn’t end, sorry I fuckin loved you enough to take whatever bullshit you pulled.
sorry you didn’t want me back, sorry you stopped reading these, sorry for the time you said
“i think about holding you close whenever I can’t sleep,” sorry for telling you it was okay, sorry for believing you were something gold not something
dead inside. sorry for the names I’ve called you and the times I’ve called you
sorry for the letters I used to give to you when I felt desperate enough, sorry for the times I opened up to you when you were screaming at me to stop, sorry for thinking you could save me sorry for thinking I could save you.

so look
if your dream girl is her
don’t wake up from it. i won’t be here when you do.
—  happy if you’re happy– lily rain