and i love her relationship with ten

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd recommend my top ten favorite romance anime.


A frank depiction of the love/sex life of a woman in her twenties, this anime follows badass, chain-smoking, aspiring punk rocker Nana, and her clumsy, feminine roommate of the same name as they struggle to find a meaningful connection with someone in the big city, and also find themselves. Features the struggle of love vs. career, the consequences of giving your heart (and body) to the wrong person, the difficulties of long-distance relationships, and the joy and pain of living on your own. 

Warning: depicts sex, drinking, smoking, domestic violence, and a male prostitute character. Not a show for kids or anyone uncomfortable with these subjects. 

2) Peach Girl

Teenage protagonist Momo takes absolutely zero shit from the characters around her, be it her love interests or her female rivals. That’s one of the reasons I love this series. It’s got an insanely complex and dramatic plot with a million twists and turns that would be impossible to explain concisely here, but the basics are this: Momo’s years on the swim team have bleached her hair and tanned her skin, making her think her crush, Toji, will never be attracted to her and the rest of the school think she’s a Barbie-copycat bimbo. Her “friend”, Sae, bullies her constantly, and her one actual friend, Kairi, is a perverted knucklehead who she can’t quite figure out her feelings for. How can she survive the minefield of rumors, miscommunications, and mean girls that is high school?

3) Suzuka

This anime is unusual in that it’s a love story (not a harem and/or ecchi series) told from the perspective of a teenage boy. Yamato falls in love at first sight with the beautiful Suzuka when he sees her practicing her high jump, and summarily joins the track team in an attempt to impress her. It….doesn’t work, at least not at first, but Yamato vows to keep trying, because she’s the only one for him. Yamato and Suzuka are also hilariously tsundere to each other and manage to say the exact worst thing at least a dozen times. XD But, there’s also a lot of real drama here that will hit you right in the feels. 

4) Uta no Prince-sama

This admittedly cheesy reverse-harem anime follows young Nanami’s quest to write songs worthy of the seven handsome musicians she attends performing arts school with, in hopes that one day they can all debut as idols together. Many of her scenes with these boys are incredibly romantic, despite the fact that not one of them actually kisses her in the entirety of the two currently available seasons. -_- This series is full of awesome J-Pop, beautifully animated bishies, and far more heart than you’d expect.

5) Kamigami no Asobi

Revolving around a mortal woman named Yui who is spirited away to an extradimensional island and commanded by Zeus to teach the value of humanity and love to gods from Greek, Norse, Japanese, and Egyptian mythology, this reverse-harem series starts out cute and fluffy and then heads right into Feels-and-Yandere Land with no goddam warning. It also has copious amounts of manservice. ;) I highly recommend it! 

6) B Gata H Kei

An extremely frank depiction of high-school sexuality that’s also over-the-top comedy, this anime tells the story of horny teenager Yamada, whose dreams of having casual, anonymous sex with as many boys as she can get her hands on (a total 180 from the usual blushing, innocent shoujo heroine). But, every sexually liberated woman has to start somewhere, and so Yamada chooses naive, awkward gentleman Kosuda (what a role reversal!) to be her first sexual experience. But, seducing him proves much harder than she initially imagined, because he’s the most oblivious boy on the planet! This series bravely features scenes other anime would consider taboo, like shopping for condoms and visiting a love hotel.  It’s also one of the funniest comedies I’ve ever watched.

Warning: contains nudity and arguably “ecchi” scenes. 

7) Fruits Basket

A shoujo classic suitable for any age group, this anime tells the heartwarming tale of how unfailingly optimistic orphan Tohru heals the emotional wounds of a beautiful but broken clan of cursed shapeshifters. 

8) AnoHana

You’ll bawl your eyes out over the tragic love between emotionally stunted Jintan and the ghost of his childhood friend, Menma, who he was never able to confess his true feelings for (and the unrequited-ish love of his other friend, Anaru, who still lives, but wonders if she can ever compete with Menma’s memory). 

9) Ouran High School Host Club

Another classic, this anime tells an unconventional but unforgettable love story about a blue-collar, arguably non-binary teen and the ultrarich, clueless coterie of boys who she forms a host club with. It’s half parodying comedy, half feelsy drama, and all awesome!

10) Princess Jellyfish

Tsukimi is an agoraphobic, extremely socially anxious, awkward, nerdy NEET girl with a bizzarre obsession with jellyfish. Kuranosuke is a rich, extroverted drag queen. You wouldn’t think they’d fall in love, but they do, and it’s one of those stories you just need to see. 

I definitely reccomend all ten of these anime to anyone!! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, followers!!


Beneath this mask I wear
                    there’s nothing of me
                                        just horror, shame, despair…

A Star Wars + Phantom of the Opera AU, in collaboration with, inspired by, and for @bodhimwe

As children, Anakin Skywalker, heir to the nobility, retrieves the scarf of young ballerina Padmé Amidala. Ten years later, Padmé is making her grand debut when she falls in love with the now-grown Anakin. Their relationship would be a scandal, but the strain of keeping their secret - and Padmé ‘s pregnancy - unleashes a dark, possessive side to Anakin bent on controlling her - and murdering anyone who gets in their way.  

  • Padmé Amidala as Christine Daaé
  • Anakin Skywalker as Raoul de Chagny
  • Darth Vader as The Phantom
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi as The Persian
  • Luke Skywalker as Gustave de Chagny

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Prompt:  May I request of reader and bones celebrating Christmas in Georgia with Joanna. Pretty please!
Word Count: 724
Author’s Note: I needed some fluff…I hate this week

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Me: Yeah I mean I liked the Miss Peregrine’s movie even though they changed massive details like peculiarities and making the children younger to appease to a younger audience and then making one of the youngest characters older to probably have a sexual appeal that’ll translate into Tumblr notes from fangirls like me and then making the books most iconic yet smallest relationship a non existent figment that easily hides because now they’re children and then making one a ten year old girl 16 and magically making her fall in love with a boy who she had little to none interaction with within the book and on top of all of that creating no diversity in any of the characters and completely deteriorating the true meaning behind most of the characters and then having a director who gave no comment on the obviously impact subject. but yah besides that i liked the movie. 

I used to ship Ten/Rose, but then I watched season 8 and 9 and I fell in love with Missy and her relationship with the Doctor: after rewatching the previous episodes with The Master in season 3 and 4 I found myself enjoying Tensimm and Twissy far more than Ten/Rose. I still like this ship, but nothing and nobody will ever convince me that their bond is stronger than the one The Master and the Doctor have.

His eyes would grow soft; that’s how I knew he was lying. His eyes only searched my face with such concern when his mouth searched her skin the night before. Our relationship was too much too fast and not enough love to last. Promises were never kept and wandering hands were inevitable. He used me in every way there is to use a person. He took and took until I no longer had, given nothing in return except the countless nights spent wondering where we went wrong. There was a time when he looked me in the eyes and felt more than just sorry. But that’s all it is, isn’t it? One person always ending up feeling just sorry. Sorry for this, sorry for that. But never really apologetic. Never really meaning it.
—  I asked her why she hated apologies

‘You know what I really love?’ He asked the girl laying on his bed beside him.

She hummed, and glanced up at him but quickly looked back at her phone. She was used to the boy always randomly telling her oddities about himself.

The boy wasn’t discouraged. He pulled her closer and mumbled, 'I love the little curls at the tips of your hair and how you’re always whining about how much you hate them. I love how you’ll drag me to Walmart at 11 o'clock at night because you need a new package of Oreos and how your makeup always makes you look like a raccoon in the morning. I love that you aren’t afraid to wear my sweatshirt to school with just some plain sweatpants on. I love your eyes, that are the color of dark chocolate. I love your smile that constantly brightens my day.’

Now he had the girls attention. She looked at him with wide eyes that only widened more as he whispered, 'but most of all? I love you.’

—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #3
My ten unusual headcanons for Riverdale

1. Riverdale meets suite life of Zack and Cody. I think that it would be fun to see how the characters play off of each other, I think that it would be interesting.

2. Cheryl Blossom going to the dark side only for a season.

3. Archie realizes He loves Veronica when both their parents come back.

4. Jughead’s real name revealed

5. Kevin gets a long term boyfriend

6. learning more about Jughead

7. Polly and Jason’s relationship in flashbacks at least

8. Polly names Her child Betty or Jason

9. Bughead proposal in the rain but is interrupted but Betty says “yes" Happily.

10. I want there to be a story about Jason being alive.

Keep in mind this is all headcanons, and headcanons that I want to be real

Carol Peletier is among the top ten characters in any piece of media i have ever consumed. Show me another character who has gone through such a heart wrenching and utterly believable character arc, show me someone who has grown and been torn down in ways her history and person reinforce, show me someone who has such meaningful relationships with herself and the people she loves, someone who is as willing to act on those relationships to the degree Carol is. HOLY FUCK, HELP ME, I LOVE CAROL PELETIER AND I WOULD HAPPILY LICK THE BOOTS OF WHOEVER PLAYED A PART IN CONCEIVING HER. 

charlie spent ten months crushing on riley and following her relationship status and respectfully watched as she went through her whole ordeal with lucas and waited until he knew that she wasn’t going with him to plan the most elaborate beautiful semi-formal invitation known to man and accepted that she was busy and didn’t harass her when she very obviously was trying to come up with reasons not to go with him and then he let her choose between him and lucas with absolutely no pressure and only hope that she would choose him and wanting her happiness 

Relationships don’t work the way they do on television and in the movies. Will they, won’t they, and then they finally do and they’re happy forever. Give me a break. Nine out of ten of them end because they weren’t right for each other to begin with, and half the ones that get married get divorced anyway. And I’m telling you right now, through all this stuff, I have not become a cynic, I haven’t. Yes, I do happen to believe that love is mainly about pushing chocolate covered candies, and you know, in some cultures a chicken. You can call me a sucker I don’t care, cause I do… believe in it. Bottom line, couples that are truly right for each other wade through the same shit as everyone else, but the big difference is that they don’t let it take them down. One of those two people will stand up and fight for that relationship every time if its right, and they’re real lucky. One of them will say something…
—  Dr. Perry Cox - Scrubs
why you should read looking for alibrandi by melina marchetta

last post for the marchetta books!! (more)

okay looking for alibrandi is her first book and extremely underrated tbh

more reasons to read:

  • josephine alibrandi, the mc, is italian
  • and very sarcastic it’s the best
  • she’s really in touch with her culture especially bc she spends a lot of time with her grandma and her single mother
  • and then her dad comes back to town
  • and she slowly starts to build her relationship with him
  • and furthering her relationship with her grandmother too
  • who’s keeping some ~secrets~ !!
  • it’s intense
  • but also!! josie faces a problem with her love life
  • jacob coote and john barton
  • jacob goes to the public school and drives a motorcycle
  • john is the golden boy (but actually hates it)
  • but it’s not a love story tbh
  • this book is one big family book i loved it you need to read it
  • time for quotes!!:
  • “Living is the challenge. Not dying. Dying is so easy. Sometimes it only takes ten seconds to die. But living? That can take you eighty years and you do something in that time.”   
  • “promise me you’ll never stop dreaming”
  • “i’ve been passionate about two things in my life. one was christina alibrandi. the other is josephine alibrandi”
  • i’ve run out of quotes just trust me when i say it’s an amazing book

go read looking for alibrandi by melina marchetta!!!

Okay, so I’m going to rant for a moment...

I do not understand how people can ship TenRose but not NineRose. I MEAN LOOK AT THEM. People say, ‘well he’s too old for her’, and ‘he isn’t as good looking as ten,’ but they are the same person, the same Doctor! What I love about their relationship is that it is so pure between both of them. There isn’t some crazy plot twist, it starts out with them being purely friends. You watch every episode as the Doctor changes, you watch as Rose brings him back to be the Doctor once again. You watch as Rose matures and discovers herself in the love of the Doctor. The Doctor and Rose compliment each other in every way. Ignoring this part of the Doctor and Rose’s relationship is like ignoring how they met and how they fell in love, the most important part of the relationship!!!  If you can’t ship them as NineRose then you have no business shipping them as Tenrose.

phoenix-173  asked:

When you get this, please reply with five things that make you happy. Then, send this to the last ten people in your notifications 😊

1. The deep sighs and whines my cat makes when lying down and falling asleep.

2. Sailor Moon Drops - a version of candy crush that is adorable and I love it. Just look at little Tuxedo Mask!

3. My adorable nieces. They love each other so much and it’s just cute seeing the baby having a relationship with her sister.

4. Guacamole.

5. The fact that my brain has been cooperating with me lately. It’s been a good couple weeks.

anonymous asked:

I had boyfriend I still love. He broke it off because he wasn't happy but he said he still loved me. I didn't tell my cousin, who knows him pretty well until yesterday when she told me he snapchatted her pictures showing off our relationship less than a week ago. Ten minutes ago a very close mutual told me he has a girlfriend. I don't know how to deal with it. I can't tell any of my friends cause rn it's a bother. I can't stop thinking maybe I was that shitty a girlfriend. I just want to die

Don’t blame yourself, don’t blame his actions on yourself, they say a lot more about him then they do about you. I know things are pretty shitty right now but sometimes life’s like that but what you have to do is push through it because things always get better, I promise, they always do. Don’t let one person dictate your life like that, don’t ever think your life isn’t worth living because he’s not in it. 

I know that you’re hurt so this is what I want you to do:

Cry, I know you’ll probably be doing this already but just cry it all out. Think about what you had and miss it, wish for it back but know that life has a funny way of working itself out and realise that these things happen for a reason. Cry but don’t wallow in self pity, you’re better than that and you know it. Go for a bath or a shower, wash your face and light some candles. Watch your favourite film (not a soppy one where everything works out in the end for the couple, you’re not ready to enjoy them yet and you’re still trying to understand that love is not always how it is in the movies). Watch a sci-fi, or a thriller or a crime film but not a romantic film unless it portrays love accurately (my personal favourite is 500 Days of Summer, watch that when you’re ready to begin moving on). Listen to your favourite song on repeat until you can see the lyrics spinning around your room. Listen to a few sad songs but don’t put them on repeat. 

Don’t reread your old text messages, don’t stalk his social media, stop wondering what he’s up to and who he’s with. I know this is easier said than done but distract yourself. Study, take a few extra shifts at work, read a really good book, take up writing. Do something that makes you happy or distracts you or both. Go shopping with your friends, buy a new top and be glad that you don’t have to worry about whether he’ll like it. 

Treasure what you two had but stop wishing for it back and accept that what’s past is past. Leave him behind and be glad that you did. Don’t let loneliness trick you into settling for someone who doesn’t see your worth. Learn to be happy on your own and when you finally are, that’s when you’ll meet someone who deserves you and will treat you right.

Breathe. It’s going to be okay. Soon your heart won’t feel so heavy and you won’t care about him anymore. I know this seems impossible but it will happen, I promise. So for now work on yourself and surround yourself with people who love and care about you. Good luck, I know you can get through this.

Top Ten Ships

1. Buffy x Angel: Where do I even begin? These are the two characters that I feel are just absolute soulmates. Their story is so tragic, but I love that even when Angel leaves after season 3 Joss Whedon kept emphasizing Buffy’s love for Angel and Angel’s love for her and showed that it was really a forever type of love

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2. Stydia: This ship literally took SIX WHOLE SEASONS to become officially canon and oh my god it was TOTALLY worth it. Watching their relationship develop from Lydia never noticing Stiles to a deep friendship and then to love was just BEAUTIFUL. 

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3. Han Solo x Leia: These two were my first ship ever probably. I never ever shipped Leia with Luke I was ALWAYS rooting for Han. He’s just so soft around her and they both really let their guard down around each other and of course their banter and bickering is AMAZING

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4. Logan x Veronica: Their chemistry. They were just literally on fire every scene they were in and I was SO SO HAPPY to see them finally end up together in the Veronica Mars movie. To be honest after a certain point I was really just watching for this relationship it was amazing - two very sassy and witty characters together is always great. 

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5.  Noorhelm: JUST KILL ME NOW oh my god these two are amazing they are great together. Sure, their relationship was a little dramatic and had its ups and downs but I was rooting for them the whole time. She tried to deny her feelings for so long but in the end she gave in and ultimately made William a better person. They make each other better together. 

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6. Spuffy: Okay I know what you’re thinking - how can I ship Spike with Buffy and also Angel with Buffy? Basically I just do I can’t help it I ship them both with Buffy. Although I do believe that Buffy and Angel are true soulmates, if Angel isn’t in the picture Spike is a GREAT choice. Their relationship is probably the rockiest out of all ten but Buffy made him a better man (he literally got a soul for her) and in the end I do truly believe Spike was in Buffy’s heart. 

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7. Bellarke: I HAVE BEEN SHIPPING THESE TWO SINCE SEASON 1!! If Bellamy and Clarke never get together it will be the BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY WASTED and I will probably cry. They need each other and completely balance each other as leaders, and I think in season 5 hopefully things could turn romantic. 

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8. Brian x Justin: After a certain point I was watching Queer as Folk solely for these two and their story. Where to even begin? I love their relationship because I think their type of love story really could only be told in a gay relationship. I mean, who doesn’t love the time old story of man with heart of stone suddenly developing feelings for small and cute partner?

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9. Rae x Finn: UGHHH THESE TWO WERE SO GREAT. Finn was the perfect love interest for Rae and the fact that he could love her despite her emotional baggage was a really important thing for people with mental illness to see on television. They were just total goals. 

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10. Nancy x Steve: IF YOU THINK JONATHON IS BETTER FOR NANCY YOU CAN FIGHT ME OKAY!! Steve underwent MAJOR character development and I think he’s the much better match for Nancy. I really really hope they stay together for season 2!! 

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Music Tag!!

So I was tagged for this by @healingqilin and @the-heart-alchemist. Thank you guys for thinking of me!! <3 

Rules: Using only songs from one artist answer these questions and tag ten people.

Band Artist: Norah Jones (I love her songs so much!)

What’s your gender: She’s 22
Describe yourself: Light as a Feather
How do you feel: Above Ground
If you could go anywhere: Carnival Town
Favorite mode of transportation: One Flight Down
If your life was a tv show: Strange Transmissions
Relationship status: What am I to You?
Your fear: Broken

I tag: @gomboc123, @xennariel, @queenxolivier, @ugh-its-anna, @couch-bean, @thestaffofra, @the-musical-alchemist, @greenfoxtree, @keep-moving-dammit, @nerbert if you guys want to do it! :D 

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yo for the most recent "send me a ship" thing, can you do KidoMomo? Btw i love your writing, keep up the great work! (☞゚∀゚)☞

ahgfjhfkh thank you so much!! i’m so glad you like it! and yes, i would LOVE to do kidomomo!

send me a ship, and i’ll tell you who…

  • who said “I love you” first?

momo has said i love you like a million and ten times since they first met. it was never intended to be taken seriously, and thusly, when momo eventually tells kido that she actually loves her for real, kido doesn’t understand what she means at first and brushes it off as another casual “i love you” between close friends. momo has to kiss her before it finally clicks that she means “in a gay way”.

  • who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?

momo fucking kisaragi. the press found out abt their relationship bc of momo’s phone bg. “oh! who’s that on your phone, kisaragi-chan?” “this is my GIRLFRIEND i love her so much! look, isn’t she cute?” [passes phone around the room] “has everyone seen how cute she is? i love her. i love my girlfriend.”

  • who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

kido. while momo’s in the shower, too. she’ll use her ability and draw tons of hearts in the fog, in the hopes that momo will think it’s cute. (she does.)

  • who buys the other cheesy gifts?

kido. she doesn’t know too much abt being in a relationship, so she typically opts for doing “romantic” things that she’s seen in movies to make momo happy. it usually backfires though, because when kido hands momo flowers and chocolates and stuff like that, she can never seem to stop blushing. it sort of ruins the cool aesthetic that she’s going for.

  • who initiated the first kiss?

momo. when kido didn’t realise the extent of her feelings. kido, however, initiated the second kiss, almost immediately afterwards.

  • who kisses the other awake in the morning?

momo has to get up early for a lot of idol events, so she always tries to bring kido along with her. this is… pretty much the only way to get her out of the house without coffee. girlfriend kisses.

  • who starts tickle fights?

kido kido kido kido kido. and she uses her eye ability to sneak up on momo beforehand, too, which is not fair, as momo points out, but kido isn’t the type to play fair with games, sooooo

  • who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

momo pops her head into the shower and asks. when she gets in, she washes kido’s hair and scrubs her back. cute.

  • who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

kido. she almost always brings momo lunch, actually, a deco lunch filled with all of the weird shit that momo likes to eat. it’s almost sickeningly adorable.

  • who was nervous and shy on the first date?

both, to a certain extent? momo is nervous and shy, but now she’s sort of used to feeling like that bc ~idol~. she talks through her nervousness and just sort of rambles on while kido hangs onto every word she says. as the date goes on, though, kido manages to chill out and lose the nerves. sorta.

  • who kills/takes out the spiders?

kido. momo always waits in the corner with a broom until the spider is safely taken out, and then hails kido as a “brave and brilliant knight!” afterwards and kisses her. (KIDOMOMO BRIDAL CARRY AGH)

  • who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?

KIDO. if she’s around seto and kano, she’ll drunkenly lean on them and ask if they have any date ideas for where she can take momo bc theres an underlying fear that momo’s going to get bored of her if she doesn’t put 9999% effort into everything in the relationship. followed by tearfully talking about how much she absolutely loves her girlfriend and everything she does. neither seto nor kano have the heart to tease her about it when she’s sobered up in the morning.