and i love don's reaction

Theo’s random “I’m not dying for you” outburst and Liam’s reaction were like

“I don’t love you. Don’t think I’m here because I love you.”

“Duh, I don’t love you either.”

They are so cute and childish.

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What if Abel saw Anie in a BIKINI!? pretty sure he'd be blushing~ (p.s. I love your art! So coot! 😘)

Oh God, another reaction? XD
I don’t know, the truth, I have not the slightest idea that it could happen, I’m sorry, but I’ll have to pass this question, I have no idea what to draw or if I can draw a reaction on that. 6_9

And thanks. qwq

In no way are my reaction images supposed to be mocking, mean, or implying that I don’t care.  I love getting asks and I love reaction images, so I’m mashing two things together.  Sorry if any of them seemed dismissive!

Reaction to you saying “yes” when they propose

Here is a very cute reaction ^^ Please enjoy! Love, Admn A~

/I don’ t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Surprised* “Really?! Yes?!” *Dances awkwardly*

Kris: “You are mine now” *Never lets you go* (You are Soo :3)

Sehun: He asks you to marry him, but he was so worried because he didn’t know if you would be willing to do it. But you immediately said yes. He couldn’t believe it, he was so happy about it and couldn’t stop smiling. “Is this for real jagi?”

Tao: *Getting into the husband role* “II’ll definitely make you happy”

Kai: *So excited* “Oh babe, I can’t wait for the honeymoon”

Xiumin: *He is so excited he can’t even concentrate at work*

Baekhyun: He is so happy about it he can’t stop telling everyone. He even has some plans made already. “I’m telling you, we could rent the Palace, arrive in such a luxury car and well the dress… it will be perfect”

Luhan: You don’t even know if he is smiling or he is crying. He is so happy he can’t stop his smile but tears are trying to escape his eyes. He knows he will make you happy and he is so proud to have you as his girlfriend.

Chen: “Guys.. SHE SAID YES!”

Kyungso: *He is extremely happy* “I’m getting married!!! OMG”

Lay: “Now we get to wake up next to eachother everyday Jagi” *Things of the lovelydovely stuff you’ll be doing*

Suho; *Get’s serious* “I promise you I’ll be the best husband in the whole galaxy”

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i came out to my parents as trans and got a horrible reaction so thats always fun :) im sorry for saying this on your account but i just really had to say it somewhere

Yaaaay, don’t you love negative reactions?
I’m so sorry they reacted that way, hon. But nevertheless, I’m proud of you.

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I honestly love you reactions so damn much, like I don’t even know how to put it into words! You’re such a talented writer and your work is so different to a lot of the other blogs I follow (in a good way of course) I’ve only been following you for a few weeks now but I can tell that you put a lot of effort into your work! Anyway, I hope you stay happy and healthy! 💖

Thank you so much, you really have made my day! I’m glad that I stand out even a little, and that you can recognise how much I work for this. Thank you, you stay happy and healthy as well! ❤️