and i love don's reaction

i figured i would watch produce 101 instead of just watch clips and so far i gotta say:

Daewhi isn’t going anywhere

there’s already too many Samuel/Somi comparisons 

Kang Daniel is a fucking heart stealer and can make it into the top 11 by charm alone

That Ong guy is great at dancing and singing just not at the same time

Moonbok, though not skilled is a favourite for all just through his character

Guanlin. This kid is shy af, awkward, has no rhythm and honestly seems like a shell of a human. But he’s cute so he’ll keep gettin votes. at least hes humble.

Still on Guanlin. He’s gonna be the one with some character arc and improve exponentially (after he stops isolating himself)

Dongho is uninspired. But he too will have a character arc about finding his inspiration again

Nu’est is gonna do really well but no one will care :(

JISUNG. HE’S EXTRA AND I LOVE IT. king of reactions.

I love Sangbin and Namhyun and i don’t know why. Help.

cutie child Woojin is a cutie child

mnet is basically gonna choose the top 11 by giving more screen time to who they want. (just sayin)

bts reaction: you say i love you

request -  bts reaction for the first time you say i love you

a/n - don’t forget to request a reaction if you’d like !!

kim seokjin - it probably slipped out of your mouth when he did something funny, and he’d just stop and go like  。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。 because of how you’re trying to hide your face, saying it back so many times that you just go like  (o˘◡˘o)

oh my goodness!!! say it again!!!!  (⌒▽⌒)☆ ‘

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min yoongi - you say it to him when the room is quiet and you guys are alone, and when you do you act like its nothing and he just turns his head and goes  (・・ ) ? did she rly just say that my heart is going to combust but he’d whisper it back and carry on with whatever he’s doing

just so you know, i love you too.’

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jung hoseok - the definition of extra. jumps around and goes like  \(≧▽≦)/because he’s so happy that the feeling is mutual. he’d see you blushing and his heart would go like  (((o(*°▽°*)o))) so hard that he’d lose his breath

yah!!! i’m so happy my jagiya loves ME!!! :D’ holy fuck i love jhope

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kim namjoon - heart warms so much that he has to sit down. you said it to him when he cracked a joke and it just came out, making his face go  (*ノωノ) along with  (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) on the inside since when he said it back it came out in a faint whisper LOOK AT YOONGI ASDDHAKJA

‘aish, jagiya, look what you do to me’

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park jimin - the one that blushes more than you. hides his face in the pillow, goes like  (ノ*°▽°*)  (⌒ω⌒) times a million. heart races when you kiss his cheek afterwards, saying it back while his voice cracks AW

i lOVe you too’ that was supposed to be the voice crack lol

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kim taehyung - just like jhope, but probably a bit more soft about it. pinches your cheeks and pecks your lips while his heart goes like  (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚ since he’s been waiting for you to say it for sososo long and when you finally do he just feels like ☆ ~(‘▽^人) 

AWWWW, come here!!!’

jeon jungkook - you told him when he came back with your food when you were over at his house, and let me tell you this boy almost dropped your fries i would’ve drop kicked him while his heart went like  (◕‿◕) as he said it back, still shaking

i - uh - love you too  (o・ω・o) ‘

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I love your bts reactions & I am upset you don't make any anymore but it's your blog &I I am happy you are doing what makes you happy. So I was wondering if you can suggest any other good blogs as yours that posts bts reactions? It would be really kind of you

Those are my two absolutely favourite reaction blogs darling
I’m not going to stop making BTS reactions. I’m taking a break in favour of smaller fandoms that have almost nothing to read or are new. Like K.A.R.D, although…I’m afraid frm K.A.R.D
Bts reactions are the reason I am where I am today and it will be a lie if I say I’m not thankful. I just lost my muse because I’m writing about the same people over and over again and there are so many more groups that really want to have things for their fave as well.
I know some people may say “But you aren’t writing anything.” in this case I’ll tell them “Ho read "Rotten” and come back.“

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Hello! I would like to request a reaction please? How would the bts members react to seeing their long-distance girlfriend for the first time? So she's gone to Korea to visit for a few weeks and they see her in person for the first time while picking them up at the airport 😊 I'm sorry if this is too much to ask, thank you very much and I love your blog! ❤️

This is not too much, don’t worry!

BTS reaction to seeing their long-distance girlfriend for the first time

somethingabouttheway  asked:

Oh please oh please I really hope that you continue your "Father" story. I am hooked and it is off to a wonderful start and I am in love. I say this with the utmost reverence for your work and hope I do not come off as rude or demanding because I do understand you have your own life and are busy! I am on my toes about Lucius's motives. Thank you so much for writing!

I promise that you don’t come off as rude or demanding! I love getting reactions for the stuff I write, it’s why I do it. Luckily I won’t be super busy the upcoming two weeks because I am free from school, though I am leaving for Belgium with my mom tomorrow for four days without a laptop, so the update won’t be before that…

When I do update, do you want me to tag you in it to make sure you won’t miss it?

And than you so much for reading! (and for your kind ask)

The Times They Are A Changing

Hey guys!! So, I have some news, and depending on what kind of content you like from me, not sure if you’ll think of it as good or bad! BUT PLEASE READ THIS: 

 1) I’m going to be very distant for the next couple weeks. I have two more weeks of school, which means my ass is about to be kicked by finals. But, after May 4th this blog will have my undivided attention for the summer! 

 2) I am not doing reactions anymore. I really just don’t love doing them. I feel like I don’t put enough time into them and they just flop. Examples of reaction-type posts I’ll still be doing are: here, here, and here. If you’re ever not sure about a request or if I’ll do, you can always just come in my ask box and ask! 

 3) With that being said, I’m really trying to focus more on my writings, because writing is what I’m truly passionate about. I have a bunch of scenario requests that I want to focus on! Also, I have a few fic ideas that I’d love to put out soon! 


 5) I might be changing my URL, but just keep a lookout for that in another post!! 

 6) Make sure you’re buying cute things from MXLOutfitters and get your wardrobe all stocked up for summer!! Use my coupon code COFFEEANDKPOP for 15% off your total purchase! I just got my shipment in, so I’ll be doing a mini haul post later on this week!

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I don't think you understand how hard it is to love Taylor Swift and Harry Styles with the same amount of adoration when all the Harries do is insult her. They're on good terms, he follows her on Instagram, I don't understand why people call her a snake. She writes amazing songs. Harry writes about personal experience too so if you or one of your followers bring up that, that's a stupid move. I only want an explanation

Is this what I get for observing Harry’s reaction in tags one (1) time… 

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tbh ive never seen ur account before but just reading your responses and stuff you honestly have so much love and joy in you its really just beautiful like wow i didnt know people could still be so kind. youre just a really precious person and you make others feel good please never lose that <3

ahhhh this is so kind of you!!! it takes less effort to be kind that it does to be negative and also being negative towards people online through a site like this can be very damaging to a person, which you may not even realise so i try to avoid it as much as i can!! and also i love the reactions i get when i’m kind cause people don’t get enough compliments or hear a lot of good things anymore so it makes them happy! it makes me happy to make others happy! we all need a little more kindness but thank you for this, thank you for taking the time to send such a wonderful and kind message, you’re a sweetheart and i hope you’re having the great and wonderful day you deserve 💖

Reaction to you saying “yes” when they propose

Here is a very cute reaction ^^ Please enjoy! Love, Admn A~

/I don’ t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Surprised* “Really?! Yes?!” *Dances awkwardly*

Kris: “You are mine now” *Never lets you go* (You are Soo :3)

Sehun: He asks you to marry him, but he was so worried because he didn’t know if you would be willing to do it. But you immediately said yes. He couldn’t believe it, he was so happy about it and couldn’t stop smiling. “Is this for real jagi?”

Tao: *Getting into the husband role* “II’ll definitely make you happy”

Kai: *So excited* “Oh babe, I can’t wait for the honeymoon”

Xiumin: *He is so excited he can’t even concentrate at work*

Baekhyun: He is so happy about it he can’t stop telling everyone. He even has some plans made already. “I’m telling you, we could rent the Palace, arrive in such a luxury car and well the dress… it will be perfect”

Luhan: You don’t even know if he is smiling or he is crying. He is so happy he can’t stop his smile but tears are trying to escape his eyes. He knows he will make you happy and he is so proud to have you as his girlfriend.

Chen: “Guys.. SHE SAID YES!”

Kyungso: *He is extremely happy* “I’m getting married!!! OMG”

Lay: “Now we get to wake up next to eachother everyday Jagi” *Things of the lovelydovely stuff you’ll be doing*

Suho; *Get’s serious* “I promise you I’ll be the best husband in the whole galaxy”