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I don’t know how to explain it, but his existence is just so shocking to me. He is like a chemical reaction to my system, something that looks pretty but heats up and burns something fierce. It is not something to inhale, but you’re going to anyways; he is that intense. He is the air that fills your lungs with sweetness until you can no longer breathe anything but him, and by then it is too late. You have already been poisoned. He is poison. Sweet, painful poison.
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write
Lauren Jauregui Coming Out Reaction 😨🌈 ❤️ 💛 💙 💜🌹

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If you don’t get the SARCASM from the gifs then maybe you are way far up your a**. Laugh a little, will yah? 

Soo. . Lauren’s “coming out” wasn’t exactly a surprise. Let’s face it. . we knew it was coming. It was just a matter of how and when. And her being Lauren Jauregui, she did it in the most Lauren Jauregui way.

I love the girl. She is brave. Brave i tell you. So if I see someone giving her the shade for calling Harmos out about three years ago for changing her Wikipedia info, then i must assume whoever those salty b*tches are, must be straight or just plainly ignorant and have never had a sense of fear on how hard it is to be who you truly are in public as a teenager who is growing up infront of eveybody’s eyes.

All we had to do was wait.. wait for her to be more comfortable in her own skin. We must understand that 17year old Lauren mustve been scared out of her wits for people to “assume” stuff about her thus she reacted the way she reacted. I dont blame her. I was once in her place. And it is beyond scary.

So no.. i wasnt shocked. I was happy. I AM HAPPY. Happy that finally she did what she did and she can finally be comfortable being whoever she is.

Honestly, whoever her endgame is will be the luckiest person ever. Because her beautiful soul, amazing mind and resilient heart radiates from miles away and they will be thankful that they get to wake up to that every morning, preparing them breakfast with eyes that would look at them with love day in and day out. 

Im glad i stan a legend. Yesterday was such a good day. 11/18/2016!

Lauren OUT!

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NO PUN INTENDED! Haha! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dancing To Their Song (BTS)

(my name is jeena if you wanna use but I don’t mind if you don’t and I love your blog❤) can I get a reaction of bts when they find you dancing to their songs? Thank you so much!” 

(gif credits to the original owners)

Rap Monster:
He would stop in his tracks, being careful to not knock anything over, and stare at you in complete adoration. He’d be a lil’ embarrassed that it was his song which you dancing around to like no tomorrow - but happy to see you happy. He’d apologise profusely when he made you jump (from not noticing him there before). He’d just be a stunned cutie.

This is why I love you.”

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(i want a sign that says “fite me if u think kim namjoon is ugly”)

It would take no time for a massive grin to form on his face. He’d have to hold back a chuckle as he watched you jive around like a fool to your favourite songs of his. Then, he’d swoop in and surprise you. His arms would pull you in so tight, iterating how adorable you actually are and that you are his favourite human in the planet. He’d sway you from side to side from behind and would nuzzle his face in your neck.

You never fail to make me smile jagi!”

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(do u ever cri bc ur sharing the same oxygen as a literal flawless person: bc that’s me @ jin)

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Seventeen reaction to meeting Hoshi’s short Chinese girlfriend who’s basically like The8 for the first time

Thanks for requesting! ^^ I hope you like this and if you don’t, please tell me! 

okay but like this request is so cute! i’d love to do more of the kind of reactions~ they don’t necessarily have to be this descriptive but i’d love to do more descriptive ones too even though i usually prefer doing ones that more people can relate to~

Requested by anon ♥


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  • A bit worried about you and how the others are going to react to you (are these guys going to make her feel uncomfortable straight from the start?), tries to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible and makes sure that you feel welcomed, tries to tell the others to calm down, would probably think you are really cute
  • “Welcome to the family _____”


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  • Bombards you with questions, would probably be the most caring and would almost be like a brother to you immediately, would probably think of you as a sister
  • “Does he treat you well? If not, tell me and I’ll give him a lecture.”


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  • Shyest of them all, would probably talk very little but when he says something, it’s either sweet or just really nice, would probably find you a little cute
  • “It’s nice to meet you, I hope we can get along well in the future”


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  • Talks only Chinese to you, which annoys Hoshi, would probably be a more subtle version of Jeonghan, maybe like a brother
  • *talks to you in Chinese while Hoshi asks him ‘what are you talking about’ every five seconds* “I hope you can think of me as a brother or a good friend”


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  • Would probably introduce you like “this is my girl y’all wolves, you better behave”
  • *is really relieved when he notices that you aren’t feeling uncomfortable, still looks at Jun and The8 with narrow eyes tho since he understood none of the stuff they said to you*


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  • A little shy but not nearly as shy as Joshua, talks to you a little, finds you adorable and would act like a friend to you
  • *whispers to Hoshi* “Dude your girlfriend seems nice”


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  • Would be excited about meeting you but would try to hide it since you already have a million 11 other excited guys around you, wouldn’t really talk to you much
  • “oh hell yes i’m not the shortest here anymore” *greets you with a small smile* “Hi, I’m Jihoon and I’m the most mature out of the thirteen of us


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  • Would greet you sweetly and act almost like a brother, makes sure you feel comfortable, would probably make you laugh *Grandma Hosh & Grandpa DK activated*
  • “I hope we can become friends”


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  • Probably spills all Hoshi’s secrets, can’t help but chuckle at how short you are and that would be the only thing he would talk about
  • “Lol you’re as short as Jihoon hyung” “Nice to meet you”


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  • Extremely excited about meeting you, talks to you in Chinese (making Hoshi annoyed), tells Hoshi later on that he has the best girlfriend ever
  • *talks to you in Chinese about this and that, making you feel comfortable while Hoshi looks at you two with narrow eyes* “I hope you won’t feel uncomfortable around us, we are actually really nice even though we’re so freaking loud” *smiles that darn cute smile of his*


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  • Would be a little shy but wouldn’t show it and would instead greet you excitedly, MC Boo activated y’all, probably makes you laugh immediately, finds you cute and wonders how Hoshi managed to get you
  • *the meeting suddenly becomes a Boo Seungkwan talent show* *you laugh* Seungkwan’s thoughts: yes thank god she laughed oh yes i’m so relieved 


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  • Would probably be awkward but would try to act like he wasn’t, just to make you feel less uncomfortable, would try to talk in English if you understood English better than Korean
  • “Hi, nice to meet you” *tries to keep in the awkward giggle but fails*


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  • Excited af, probably the first one to greet you, would smile to you and make you feel comfortable, asks a ton of questions
  • *just… a really excited Lee Chan asking you questions*

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Can I have a monsta x reaction to their gf playing volleyball? Sorry if you don't do reactions for them.. btw I love your blog

Shownu; He loved that you were getting physical activity in. He loved that you were staying healthy.

Wonho; He also loved that you were staying healthy, but also he didn't mind the tight ass shorts.

Minhuk; He would go to all of your games, loving to see you play and how into the game you got.

Kihyun; He would never miss a chance to see you play or practice. He loved to watch you.

Hyungwon; He would be super fuckin’ judgy, but still loved to see you enjoying something nonetheless. “How the fuck isn't she getting tired?”

Jooheon; Whenever he went to the games, he would watch from the sidelines, trying to catch your attention to cheer you on, or distract you with his legendary aegyo.

I.M; He would get nervous going to your games, not wanting to see you get hurt, but also loved to see how into the game you were. Sometimes he would even ask you to teach him how the game works.

Unfortunately for me, my biggest pet peeve about social media is the disingenuous virtue signaling everyone does. Imagine if a friend came over to your house, grabbed a soda from the fridge, sat down on your couch and said, “MEN HATE WOMEN IN STRONG ROLES IN FILMS. I DON’T THOUGH. I LOVE THEM. HERE’S A LIST OF ALL THE MOVIES WITH STRONG FEMALE LEADS THAT I LOVE!”
My reaction would be, “Bro, I don’t give a fuck. You wanna get some burgers?”

I don’t base my friendships on how outwardly noble and virtuous people pretend to be. This is 21st century church, this social media. This is dressing up in our Sunday’s best to show how functional and happy of a family we are to the rest of the congregation.

Except it’s 24/7, 365, endless. We don’t have a special social media day wherein we choose to pander to those which we think would judge us as heathens lest we show off our best possible selves. We do it non-stop. And it’s all fake.

Another Member Kisses You While You’re Dating Him

I’m gonna do it like, he’s always been suspicious of ____ liking you, then he sees ____ try to kiss you. (Just going in alphabetical order).



Chanyeol, I just don’t-” You start to say while backing away, but he smashes his lips onto yours. You immediately pull away, but right when you do, Baekhyun walks in.

What the hell’s going on?” He yells angrily, staring right at you. You start to explain yourself, then Chanyeol interrupts. “Calm down man.” He says to Baekhyun.

He slowly turns his head to look at Chanyeol, then shoves his finger in his face. “If you ever-” He starts, walking closer and closer to Chanyeol. “-Go near her again, there’s going to be a very big problem.


Chen, no-” You say as he pushes you up against a wall. “I really like you..” He whispers, attempting to kiss you.

You hear footsteps come up from behind you, then feel yourself being lifted up forcefully. “Don’t touch my girlfriend.” Chanyeol mutters to Chen angrily. He stares at Chen for a few seconds before saying “You are dead to me..


No, I really don’t like you like that.” You say to D.O. as he stares deeply into your eyes. You turn your face away, but then he grabs your chin and forcefully kisses you.

What the actual fuck is this!?” Chen yells as he walks into the room. D.O. pulls away, but smirks, staring at an angry Chen. “I knew you always liked her like that you piece of shit..” Chen says walking toward him.

Chen, it didn’t mean anything-” You start to say as you lightly try to push him away. “Fuck this, I’m going to beat the shit out of you.” Chen says to D.O. and moves you away.


Kai, I understand, but I can’t return your feelings for me..” You say as Kai confesses. He nods, but attempts to give you just one kiss to try to change your mind. You push him away forcefully, and as you do, Kyungsoo walks in.

Did I just see what I think I saw?” He asks, looking at you with hurt eyes. “No, I was-” You start, but Kai interrupts. “I like her, a lot. Probably just as much as you.

D.O. stares at Kai with sad eyes and purses his lips. “That is just too bad Kai, because you can’t have her. She is my girlfriend, don’t even try to compare your love to my love for her because I am utterly in love with this woman. If I see you with her like this ever again, my anger will not be pleasant for you.

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(I’m doing Luhan for Kai cause there’s literally a perfect gif for it)

Luhan had just kissed you, without even letting you react, when Kai walked outside. Kai tells you to go inside, so you do.

Listen here,” Kai says grabbing Luhan by the coat and pushing him up against a wall roughly. “I know that you like my girlfriend, but you don’t just go and kiss her. She is mine, not yours, and you didn’t even ask how she felt. That is no way to treat a woman, forcing yourself onto them. You’re scum.


As Lay leans closer to you, you take a step back and hit the wall. “I’m sorry but I just can’t-” You say but get stopped as he presses his lips to yours.

Yixing, get the fuck out.” Kris says as he walks into the room, looking not impressed at all. There is no surprise on Kris’ face, only anger. “Look, I know you like her, but if you do something like that again, you’re done. So, get out of here before I do something too bad.

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Sehun had you pinned to a wall, his arms on both sides of you. “I really do like you..” He says as he gets closer. As soon as his lips land on yours, you shove him roughly away.

What the hell!” Lay yells from behind Sehun. He turns around to look at a pissed off Yixing. “You’ve got to be kidding me, you would do this to me?!” 

It’s not like that.. I really like her, I couldn’t control myself..” Sehun says backing away.

You may have the looks, the voice, and even the moves, but the one thing I will make sure that you never have, is my girlfriend.” Lay shouts in Sehun’s face.

Protective Yixing is making me feel things


Suho grabs your arm as you walk past him, and spins you to look at him. “You can’t just tell me you don’t like me!” He says leaning in closer, as if it was a game to him.

I’m being serious, I don’t like you in that way, not one bit!” You yell. Suho grabs your face and kisses you. As soon as he does, you hear Luhan’s voice from behind you.

Get the fuck away from her.

Suho moves away and stares at Luhan with wide eyes. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I just-

I don’t want to hear it. I have no words to say to you, get out.


Tao grabs you roughly, placing his lips onto yours. It caught you off guard, coming out of nowhere.

You have three seconds to get the hell out of this house before I hurt you.” Sehun says, his voice intimidating and deep.

1..” He starts. “2..” He yells, pointing at the door. Tao slowly starts to walk out, while saying that he is sorry.

Sehun raises an eyebrow and rolls his eyes. “Get the fuck out.


You were outside, waiting for Suho to come back out from inside, when Xiumin walks outside and sits next to you.

Hey!” You say smiling as he sits down. He looks at you with a serious look on his face, then puts his hand on the back of your head to pull you to him. “Xiumin, no-

I knew something like this was bound to happen!” Suho yells, running over. He takes off his sweater and tells Xiumin to stand up.

Just because you like her, doesn’t mean you can go around touching my girl.

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Crying bc of how hot that gif is


Kris kisses you roughly, catching you super off guard. You push him away as hard as you can, but he pushes forward, shoving you up against a wall. You feel his mouth on yours again, but then he is shoved away from you.

You watch as Tao pins Kris up against the wall. “You’re an absolute piece of shit.” He yells. “Why the hell would you do that?

I like her so much.. I just-” “Did you think I was going to just let you go after doing something like that to my girlfriend?


No!” You yell at Baekhyun as he tries to kiss you. “I don’t like you like that, I love Xiumin!” 

I don’t care, I like you so much! You just don’t understand!” He says back.

She loves me, not you.” Xiumin says coming up behind Baekhyun. “So back the hell off before I beat the crap out of you.” 

I can’t entirely judge the “coming out to the rest of the team” scene until I see it all, and don’t get me wrong I loved everyone’s reactions so far, but am I the only one that feels weird that Maggie didn’t say a word? That just seems so OoC. Even if she says something after that we haven’t seen yet, knowing Maggie’s personality, she would have definitely thrown in a joke or something not just stand there and smile. Is it just me?

BTS Reaction to Their GF Wanting to Try Anal

Anonymous said to kpoptrashreactions:hi i hope you are having a wonderful day. can i request a reaction for BTS when their gf suggests that she wants to try anal? Sorry if this is a weird request. you can skip it if you don’t like it.


Hello loves!!! I hope you enjoy this reaction! Also idk if you guys know the app amino but its basically a app where you can join communities and stuff and its really cool. There is a kpop version called kpop amino. I would like to make one for this blog to update you guys on stuff but first I would like to know if you guys would actually join. So ya let us know!!! Now on to the reaction…

- Admin Jasmine :)


RapMonster:  WOAH WOAH WOAH. Say that again?

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*five mintues later* I’m down

(Jimin: He likes short skirts  Jungkook: He likes no skirt)

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Jin: I don’t know how to feel about this

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Suga: Well you know I’m that D boy with tongue technology 

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J-Hope: *sexy in the sheets boy*

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Jimin: ahhh I don’t know how to feel about this *low-key excited*

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Jungkook: *he’s not a smol child anymore*

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React to: imagine you naked

Teen Top react to: imagine you naked. [n: since i don’t have so many requests and I love to make reactions, I was looking for inspiration… So this post was inspired by this one (x). Please, if you want, ask something, I don’t bite            (☆^ー^☆)]







Feel free to ask anything (⁀ ᗢ ⁀)  // Gifs doesn’t belong to me.

EXO Reaction to you getting flustered over another member sexiness

 Well before I went to dream of Kyungsoo (Thank you Mi I can’t stop thinking about him), I decided to leave you guys another reaction. Love you, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Don’t be a bad girl and look at this handsome boyfriend you have”

Kris: “Why are you looking at Chanyeol? I’m even better than him when I play the cello!” *Tries to impress you*

Sehun: “Is she really enjoying Luhan’s abs more than mine?!”

Tao: *Annoyed* “Kai-oppa Kai-oppa! Evething is about Kai!”

Kai: *Enjoys watching Chen’s yogurt video too* “I should learn to do that”

Xiumin: “Are you talking to me?” *Feels offended*

Baekhyun: *Thinking very hard* “Am I not enough.. or what?”

Luhan: “Oh no I won’t let you look at him for another second”

Chen: *Drepressed* “What does Kyungsoo have that I don’t??”

Kyungsoo: *Judges you so hard* “Really? First Luhan and now Sehun? Really?”

Lay: *Can’t even watch* “This is too xxx for me!!”

Suho: *Plays innocent* “I’m going to kill him… Where are my gangsters?”