and i love coloring



i tried to think of something creative for this prompt so i went and illustrated the first time ochako met inko :’’))

im 90% sure that deku wasnt really noticed much by girls in middle school so inko was really happy when she met ochako lOL i hope this comic somewhat makes sense

Whizzer finally smiles, relieved and happy and loving, and Marvin leans in to kiss him just as Whizzer murmurs the words out, “I want you .”

if you haven’t read @moreracquetball‘s baseball au you’re missing out! it’s such a delight to read!!


Will  you  try to  LOVE  him,  the  angel  that  fell  from  HEAVEN  &  then  rose  from  HELL?


Did anyone else notice?

When Dirk had the hat on in “Shapes and Colors”, he was all like “I don’t want this hat.” but when it was taken off, he frowned like a child. Like he was actually sad about getting the hat that he didn’t seem to like stolen from him.