and i love catherine parr


six wives with lucy worsley (2016) 

“six wives, their names were tarnished by henry’s propaganda machine. six queens whose stories i want to re-examine.” 


The Six Wives of Henry VIII + Aesthetic : Katherine Parr


I, Katherine Parr, etc., lying on my death-bed, sick of body but of good mind and perfect memory and discretion, being persuaded and perceiving the extremity of death to approach me, give all to my married spouse and husband, wishing them to be a thousand times more in value than they are or been.

5 September 1548 – Catherine Parr, Queen Dowager, dies.

I can't be the only one who's irritated by how Catherine Parr is solely famous for being "the one that survived."

(She did so much for the Reformation too.)

(She was an amazing stepmom to Elizabeth and Edward.)

(She was smart and patient, like Catherine of Aragon was, and she would debate with Henry on theology.)

(She’s my favorite wife along with Anne Boleyn.)

(When anyone I know in real life talk about how much they dislike Anne Boleyn and love Catherine of Aragon I say, “You’ll like Catherine Parr for the same reasons too.”)

(I mean I love Anne Boleyn and hate it when people bash her without researching.)

(But ignorance on Catherine Parr is quite worse than the infamy of Anne, because she has more defenders.)

(Catherine Parr did more than just survive, ya know.)