and i love burdge's art

suddenly, you’re unmoored, your ties cut, a balloon freed from the hand of a child. all that’s left of home is you and a few meager trinkets, so what else can you do but continue on? (a science fiction au featuring a boy made of lightning, a flying assassin, a dream of immortality, and several ways to heal a broken heart.)

read it here: ao3 ||


a fic by zxanthe

with artist marshofsleep [look, listen, and look]

and artist burdge [look]

rated NC-17

word count: 57k

pairings: tsubaki/black star, soul/maka, background arachne/lord death

warnings: minor characters die in major ways, violence, explicit sexual content, gore, language, scenes of murder, minor drug use, psychologically distressing situations

at last! presenting my entry for 2014’s Resonance Bang! if i had to describe my experience in a single word, i’d have to say transformative. i feel like i’ve grown a lot as a writer and as a person (self-confidence +1000 because I DID THE THING AND LIVED!). in addition, i’ve met many amazing people in the fandom and had a lot of fun. shoutouts and endless thank-yous to therewithasmile, monkkeyslut, fabulousanima, and marshofsleep for being amazing betas, and an extra-special thank you to marsh for the time she took to bounce ideas around and create the fabulous fanmixes and art. i also want to give the lovely burdge thanks for taking the time to draw for this thing. hugs to all of you wonderful people! :D

(banner by marsh; click for beautiful full res!)

Just felt like practicing my digital inking. Somehow Percy and Annabeth ended up looking really manga-like at first, haha, but I think the colors helped. 

Original drawing by Burdge

Holey moley, guys, I actually did it. I drew Harry Potter. I’ve been rather inspired by Burdge and other lovely artists lately, and when I revived my HP obsession during finals week, I wanted so badly to be able to draw the characters (cuz, y’know, the movie versions just don’t cut it). And I’ve been struggling the last week, cause I really have never been able to draw people…

But I did it!

Because perseverance pays off, y’all. Remember that.

Of course, I didn’t mean to draw him looking so pensive, it just came out that way. Oops. So I kinda imagine this Harry as the one that’s just experienced that huge paradigm shift; he’s found out he has to sacrifice himself and that nothing is as it seemed to be for so long. And he’s walking down to the Forbidden Forest, lost and a bit forlorn, and he hasn’t yet remembered the snitch that Dumbledore left him that holds the resurrection stone that gives him one last glimpse of those people that he’s learned SO MUCH from and holey moley run on sentence but ugh, I love this part of the story…

Happy Birthday burdge! I know this is probably one of the worst and most terrible drawings you’ve seen but I just wanted to tell you that, like, I’m form the other side of the world (Pakistan) and me and my friends are so inspired by you and your art (and your hair). I personally think that this is the highest achievement for an artist to inspire others with their art.
Once again happy birthday and may you have many more! Stay blessed.