and i love birthday spam!

V and Joshua Birthday Gif Spam

I love both so I had to combine them, happy birthday boys!


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ioananix  asked:

Happy birthday! Bonne anniversaire or as we say in my country La mulți ani! have an awesome day and thank you for being here for us VC fans, thank you for doing an amazing job with this blog and taking time to answer our question. you are extraordinaire *hugs*

Mulțumesc foarte mult! (tha google told me La mulți ani! was Romanian, hope that’s right!)

You are SO welcome and I love doing what I do for you guys so I’m gonna keep on doing it, you all give me back so much more than I put into it <3

(As always, my answers are only my own opinion, and I’m so touched that you want them!)


My dearest and absolutely stunning lovely friend @sassysupernaturalsweetheart​ entered a new year in life today and because I am the impossible person I am, I cannot let this go unnoticed!

And, I also want you to know how much I cherish our friendship and how much I value you as the wonderful person that you are; without you, you amazing sweetheart, I would not be the way I am today and I would not have the courage to even be here, so thank you. You were always encouraging me to go on and to move past the things and people that were bringing me down and there is absolutely nothing to repay you for that, ever. Still, I need to thank you for being so awesome and for sticking with this huge mess that I am - there is no way to show you how truly grateful I am for having you in my life ♥

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Once I am able to function properly I’ll make a small present for you, promised! Until then, remember what I said a while ago: You’re a wonderful angel and I don’t deserve you and your kindness and understanding. I still friggin adore you, sweetie ♥

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! Yesterday was markiplier​ ‘s birthday and.. -sigh- i’m late to the race again! ´__`;;

this is Mark in my mind but in reality he’s probably more like 

yea.. >_>;;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MARK! i hope you had a good one with Jack, Bob and Wade uwu;;

art and stuff©moi :u


N°1 in the 2015 birthday spam for Fi
N°236 in the series “wild spam of random caps”  - SN: 1x16



OMG shorelle, you’re amazing!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS LOVELY AND WONDERFUL AND SUPER AWESOME GIFT!! Especially the books! <3 (omg you have no idea how loud I screamed about it. Now I can cry myself to sleep because of all the Skywalker family feels - THANKS A LOT lol ;A; ). And all those treats look so good~ I can’t wait to start *omnomnom* (also - the cutest fox stationery ever *-* )

AND THE ANIDALA *flails* A perfect depiction of their relationship tbh lol
Honestly, it arrived at such a great timing, in the midst of my breakdown from graduation project and shizz - it totally made my day and entire week (Sundays are always too much for me to handle OTL).

I’m still not over this (and crying over your letter because obviously you’re my queen and senpai and inspiration~~~) Thanks again for being so awesome! I feel so blessed to have you as my friend! <3<3<3


A role model, passionate in music, dance and everything he loves
doing, a cutie pie to lighten up your dark days, gifted with
immense talent, honey-like sweet voice, a caring heart and one
of the most beautiful smiles imaginable. words won't simply
describe how much you mean to me but i deeply wish that after
all the hard work in these past 17 years you'll find the
strenght, passion and happiness to further continue this
meanigful journey - creating more sweet memories together with
family, friends and fans. always stay healthy and the cheerful
little Minbong we love so much. coming across oppa and Shinhwa
will forever be the best decision i've ever made;
a life-changing experience.
'M' - Shinhwa's cool guy - Minwoo...
... I love you ♡