and i love betty too

here is Betty from the amazing Undertale AU “Glitchtale” season 2

omg i loved her so much! i can’t wait to see episode 3 *o*
Camila Cuevas is a genius i love this so much!

I loved season one and now i love season 2 too!

Betty and Glitchtale © Camila Cuevas
Artwork © Nekoletta99

I just watched the first 3 episodes of Riverdale and decided to pretend that Jughead was asexual anyway since he isn’t dating anyone and he hasn’t show any romantic interest in anyone and liTERALLY NOT FIVE MINUTES LATER I SEE A CLIP OF HIM KISSING BETTY WHY AM I BEING PERSONALLY ATTACKED I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO DESERVE THIS I JUST WANT REPRESENTATION IS IT REALLY SO HARD TO HAVE ONE CHARACTER NOT FEEL SEXUAL ATTRACTION GOD DAMN
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I wrote a thing!! It’s three chapters long (my longest commitment to a fic ever, even if I’ve written things with more words) and I’m really hoping to continue this, so show me some love!

Archie/Betty/Veronica endgame, slow burn, 5k words so far feat. angsty Archie/Jughead, and hopefully more of geek!Reggie

When his girlfriend teases him

the tough cookie edition


[Y/N] …what have you done?

[ZC] …what?

[Y/N] why does it look like a five year old girl has braided all of your hair?

*he acts cute*

[Y/N] ugh stop it… you’re a grown man… an… adorable grown man *laughing*

[ZC] *disgusting aegyo* don’t you like my hair?

[Y/N] *laughing* can I ask why you did this to your hair…?

[Y/N] yeahhhh… sure you are. *wink*

[ZC] yah! leave me alone *pout*

*squeezing his cheeks*

[Y/N] you know I’m only teasing you… i think you look cute

[ZC] it isn’t meant to be cute!

*poking him*

[Y/N] are you in a mood with me? *cute snuggles*

[ZC] *sigh*…no… i love you <3

[Y/N] i love you too… betty spaghetti… *runs away laughing*

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anonymous asked:

Okay but who is your Riverdale fave??? I'm obsessed with Jughead after that last episode.

Jughead was always my favourite and I love him even more now. Also my love of Cole Sprouse has been reignited. I was obsessed with him as a kid/young teen and literally argued with my friends because none of them believed me when I said that he was the only one who played Ben on Friends because they all said it was Dylan too. Hashtag playground drama haha.

I also love Betty and Veronica so much. 


And I’m glad I haven’t read the comics because I’m able to get in whatever’s new about the show. Like, I wouldn’t care if they won’t follow what’s written in the comics. I’ll just enjoy whatever they give me, that of kind of thing. Tbh, I SHIP ALL OF THEM EXCEPT THAT GRUNDY-ARCHIE, IT’S SO WRONG AND IT SHOULD BE STOPPED!


fiendfyrx  asked:

I completely agree on everything Jughead. He's just--flawless for me. I don't like Archie yet, but I like his true portrayal. He's stupid,(srsly, Grundy?ew) can be selfish,BLIND, confused and messed up .He's not likable at the first glance, but he has me hopin that one day, I can look back at the seasons and be satisfied how he has developed as a character. Comin to Betty(my love!)I used to think abt B being P too,but I came to know Polly will be in 1x06. Ik Betty's frustrated,but NOT a killer!

I think I didn’t like Archie because all the ‘important’ Archie scenes were just about romance. With Grundy, with Betty, with Veronica. For a main character, I feel he’s lacking in depth. However, now that he’s cool with B and V and Grundy’s out of the picture, I think it’s finally time we learn about who Archie really is and I’m excited to find out. And, yes, Betty is so amazing, isn’t she? I think, even if she’s not the killer, there might be something she saw or did or knew about what happened to Jason that she just forgot. We know she has blackouts sometimes. Maybe she’s a crucial part of the puzzle and no one, including herself, knows it.