and i look somewhat older now

“You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell

“ Arm yourself because no one else here will save you “

Bex has always been quite reliant on other people; he’s young after all. But slowly, he’s realising the only person he can rely on is himself. When he split with his first boyfriend, he realised then that he needed to protect himself. To live for himself and his own dreams. As the older he gets, the more he lives by this. I kind of feel that this song is a song about him becoming less naive, hardening his heart a little, and becoming his own person who is a little more dangerous, a little less soft, but capable of looking after himself. It also somewhat refers to his career change from a simple healer to what he does now which a little more violent.

Sketch 39, Connie Cervicé.

Fran’s older sister, Connie. I was kinda winging it through this design since I never got around to finalising it before now. I’m still not completely sure what she’ll do for a living, but at the moment I seem to be hovering between secretary for a highly successful business, and a fitness instructor/personal trainer.

In any case, Fran rather looks up to her, and physically she’s somewhat slimmer. She takes more after her father in terms of her build, but has far more of her mother’s personality.

Also, sorry about missing the last few days. It’s a mix of watching Star Wars, having the work Christmas party, and generally sleeping in all day.

Star Wars was awesome, btw. No spoilers, please. :)