and i look hella emo

This is a selfie from my birthday cause I got my haircut the day before and I also look hella rad, which isn’t very common (farewell, emo-bieber hair, you wont be missed). I’m Nico or Nick, whichever. 15, demiguy/transguy (still not 100% sure) he/him pronouns. ((pssst, my blog is @bored-and-weird13 so just say hi is ya wanna chat))

the greatest part of being able to see multiple stops this tour is getting to focus on different things every time, and seeing how stunningly happy Taylor is. she radiates happiness. and despite my inherent tendencies to be brash and cynical, I really do think that she means it with her whole heart when she says things like “these two hours I get to spend with you are the best thing about having the career I do” and “these are the moments when I am happiest and the moments that I will look back on when I’m feeling sad.”

idk. I’m hella emo about it rn. tonight was just really beautiful. another round tomorrow and I have a feeling it’s going to completely wreck me.