and i literally heard this while i was int he other room

Monsta X reaction to their s/o fainting due to dehydration

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Shownu; The two of you were just strolling down the park when you suddenly  loss consciousness but Shownu was just in time to catch you. Worry would be plastered all over his face but he’d try his best to look calm. He’d actually lay you down on the grass on your back, shaking you lightly by the shoulder. But when you haven’t regained consciousness, he’d actually loosen up the constrictive clothing that you might have worn and when a couple approaches the two of you, he’d really ask a favor from them, asking them if they could buy you some water while he continues to fan you with the fan in your bag. And once you regained consciousness, he’d let you lie down for a while and once you’re finally okay, he’d bring you to the nearest restaurant and would treat you until you have to unbuckle your jeans.

Did I faint? *about to get up, only to be stopped by Shownu*”

“Lie down for a couple more minutes, baby. *assists you while he continues to fan you* Here drink some water. *places your head on his lap and hands you a bottle of water*”

“Do you feel okay now, babe? *sees you nod* C’mon, let’s go grab something to eat. *wraps his arm around your waist just in case something might happen again*”

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Wonho; Wonho just came back from the bathroom when he saw you faint. Wonho would be the type of person who’d be so shocked that it’d take him a couple of seconds to act. He’d stare at you like that in the gif but once he finally realizes what just happened, he’d act on his feet really fast that he’d lay you down on the floor on your back and would frantically gather his thoughts. He’d be calling the members to be honest, asking them what he should do and etc. He’d have a water ready nearby and he’d actually fan you. And once you regained consciousness, he’d act calm and hand you the glass of water but then you’d notice how silent he’d be. Wonho couldn’t help but feel really scared and worried. He’d also make you lie down for a couple of minutes, fanning you while his other hand pushes away the strands of hair away from your face. And when you’re finally okay, he’d pull you into a hug, showering you kisses on your head without muttering any word. When the boys arrive with food, he’d actually give you his portion and just watch you eat.

*places his chicken portion into your bowl, making you look at him* Babe, it’s okay. I have enough chicken already…”

“No, you should eat more…. *gives you a fain smile, continues to watch you while caressing your hair*”

“Hyung, you should eat some. We would be really worried if you’re the next person to faint.”

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Minhyuk; Just imagine Minhyuk freezing on his spot when Jooheon catches you on time when you fainted. He’d be staring at Jooheon as he lays you down on the floor on your back. He’d only snap out of it when Jooheon tells him to get a fan and a glass of water while he checks if you’ve regained consciousness or not. This pup would be really worried that he wouldn’t be able to reply to Jooheon’s questions and whatnot. He’d also take over in fanning you while Jooheon calls a friend, who’s a doctor, and asks what to do and etc. By the minute you regained consciousness, Minhyuk would just let you lie down for a couple of minutes  and once you’re finally okay, he’d pass you the glass of water before he pulls you into a hug, just like Wonho, and just expect him to bring you to your bed, making you rest for a while as he would try to cook something for you, only to be stopped by Kihyun.

Babe, I’m fine–”

“No, you’re not and you need to rest okay? *lays you down on your bed* Just rest and I’ll be back with food… *leaves the room without saying any other word and goes straight to the kitchen and was about to cook something with the pot when Kihyun stops him*”

“Just sit down and I’ll take care of her meal.. *sits Minhyuk down and takes care of the meal*”

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Kihyun; The two of you were busy drying out the blankets out of your yard when you suddenly loss consciousness. Good thing Kihyun was quick on his feet to catch you just in time before you met the hard ground. He’d bring you to the nearest shade and would lay you down on your back. Kihyun would be calm and collected to be honest. He’d shake you lightly to check but when you don’t respond, he’d actually remove his shirt and use it to fan you with and would actually call out Shownu, who was busy taking out the boxes to your living, and ask him to get some water. Kihyun would also push away your hair and check for any signs of you regaining consciousness. And when you finally regianed consciousness, he’d let you drink the water he asked Shownu to get and would wait for a couple of minutes until he’d smile faintly at you, bringing you to the living room before he starts nagging but not that really hard tho…

Didn’t I tell you to drink lots of water, baby? *he asks as he trudges towards the kitchen and starts to cook some soup*”

“You did…. *you replied while pouting*”

“And what did you do? You didn’t listen to me? *walks back to the living room and hands you a glass of water* Drink up and I’m cooking some soup and you have to finish the food that I prepare okay? You also didn’t eat breakfast that’s why.. *walks back to the kitchen and continues to nag*”

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Hyungwon; The two of you were just happily talking to each other when you suddenly lost the color in your face, fainting right after. Hyungwon was able to catch you just in time but he’d be so lost that he’d lay you down on the floor on your back and would stare at you blankly. Once he gets a hold of himself, he’d shake you lightly and would scramble to his feet, getting some fan and some water bottle from the fridge. He would try to act calm to be honest but it’d be stupid for him to deny that his heart was beating fast. He was worried and scared after all. He also then remembers that you shouldn’t get up suddenly when you regain consciousness he’d keep you down and would let you drink water. He’d be stammering the whole time to be honest. And when you’re up already, he’d pull you into the couch, feeding you something from time to time.

Baby… It’s fine– *Hyungwon plops a grape on your mouth, stopping you from talking back*”

“Eat up baby. You got me scared there for a moment. I thought I was gonna lose my sht. *continues to feed you more grapes until you looked like a squirrel who stuffed ten acorns in his mouth*”

“adskljasdkljaslkdsahdls *smacks him on the thigh, making him look at you*”

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Jooheon; By the minutes he heard a thud on the floor, Jooheon would be rushing to your side to be honest. Just imagine the panic on his face as he lays you on your back, unbuckling your belt and those clothes that are tight on you and he’d also tap you on the cheeks, calling your name over and over again and if you don’t respond, he’d dash to get some water and would start fanning you. Just like Hyungwon, his heart would literally race and sweat would start forming on the side of his temples. And when you’d regain consciousness, he’d heave a sigh of relief before making you drink some water and lie down for a couple of minutes. And when you’re finally okay, he’d actually whine to be honest, and he’d only stop whining when you pull him into a tight hug to calm him down, only to make you wonder if he’s the one who fainted.

Babe! You scared me for a second there!! *whines whines whines*”

“Hey, at least I’m okay now right? *Jooheon still continues to whine but then falls silent when you pull him into a tight hug* I’m sorry for scaring you babe but thank you for taking care of me right away…”

“No, baby, you don’t have to be sorry… It should be me apologizing to you… I’m sorry for whining.. I just didn’t like the thought of you losing consciousness… *tightens his hold around you*”

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I.M; Let’s just say Changkyun would react like that int he gif but he’d actually catch you before your head meets the ground. He’d be so out of it that he’d be tapping your cheeks, your shoulder, calling your name over and over until someone approaches him and offer him some help, which he is eternally grateful. He’d be fanning you while wiping away the sweat on your forehead and he’d be thanking the man who helped him. Changkyun would be so worried but he’d be calm on the outside. When you finally regained consciousness, he’d actually freeze, making the man give you the bottle of water to drink up and advice you to lie down for a while. Changkyun would snap out from his train of thoughts when you finally got up and tap him on his cheeks, making him look at you and pull you into a hug, a sigh of relief would leave his lips.

Thank goodness you’re alright! *caresses your hair as he plants a kiss on the side of your head*”

“Babe…. It’s alright now.. you can let go of me… *pats him on the arm to let him let go of you*”

“O-oh sorry… Next time I’ll be bringing a bottle of water every time we leave the house okay?”

“I fell for you the moment we met“

Request: “hello, can you do an imagine where the reader and a couple of friends are in a band and eventually tyler and josh find them and ask them to go on tour with them. the reader and her/his friends get to know them and spend time with them but the reader gets really close with josh. before the first show the reader gets really nervous and josh just comforts you, […]“

(A/N): An announcement,but not really, I‘ll be moving onto a new pic as soon as the requests are written. Also, I watched HSM during the process of writing this so no promises. Thank you for submitting x

Words: 1,080

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About a months ago your whole band gets called into the office to talk with your record label. Being a fresh new artist in the music industry is exciting but also incredibly nerve wrecking and stressful. Once you arrived, your manager and some other people you didn‘t recognise were already seated at the big table. As soon as you sit down the businessmen introduced themselves as the managers of Twenty One Pilots. Next, they went ahead and make an announcement explaining why they wanted to talk to you all in first place. The exciting news is that your band is going to join Tyler and Josh on their world tour in North America. First you were all surprised by the fact that they‘ve even heard of your music and your reaction immediately escalated  as the manager confessed that the guys specifically want your band to be their opening act. Without even thinking about that decision you instantly agreed to the opportunity.

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Fun after hours. | George Weasley

This is the first fulfilled request and I hope it meets your standards! Tell me what you guys think, please and thank you💖

Word count ✍: 1001

Quietly as possible, Y/N shut the portrait as she left the Hufflepuff common room and made her way down the corridor. She looked behind her, as she thought she heard a noise, only to run into something in front of her and fall onto her back. No. Someone. She braced herself for detention as she opened her eyes, “George?” She asked, taking his hand with a smile “I was coming to get you.” He chuckled as he pulled her into a hug.

“I told I’d meet you by the loo.” She said as they began down the hallway “Yeah, yeah. Say, you wanna go down to the kitchen? My sweet tooth is craving some pumpkin pasties.” He said, pulling Y/N into a secret door “It doesn’t seem I have a choice int he matter, eh Georgie?” She giggled a bit “Were you going to say no?” He looked back at her as the two made their way down the narrow passage way. “No,” she said “George.” She said stopping under a grate, concern lacing her voice.

“What is it, love?” He asked, turning to Y/N “I don’t think this is the way to the kitchen.” She said, looking up “What? Of course it is, I’ve gone this way many times with Fred.” George scoffed “My dear, this looks like the courtyard.” Y/N pointed up at the moon illuminated trees and stone.

“Lumos,” George muttered “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” He said, tapping his wand on the Marauders Map “See? We’re heading away from the kitchen.” Y/N laughed as her boyfriend realized he was wrong. “Alright, we got it figured out now. Let’s go.” He said, tucking the map and his wand back into his pocket.

The two kids passed several hidden entrances to these secret passageways until they came to one above them. George motioned for Y/N to be quiet for a moment as she was in the middle of telling him about someone spilling an entire jar of basilisk venom in potions. She nodded and they listened for any movement in the room above them. A few minutes passed in silence so George reached up, pushing the loose stone across the floor.

George held his hands together, fingers intertwined for a boost. Y/N put one foot in his hands and jumped as he pushed her up into the kitchen before pulling himself up onto the cold floor. Y/N smiled once George turned on the fireplace with a flick of his wand. “Come on, darling.” George said as he pulled Y/N to her feet and over to the sweets pantry. “Alohomora.” Y/N spoke softly and unlocked to wooden doors, revealing the loads of sweets in the cabinets. George dove for the pumpkin pasties, Y/N on the other hand went for the Peppermint Pistols. She put the candy on her tongue and giggled as she felt it crystalize for a moment before melting down her throat. “Have you ever tried these, Georgie?” Y/N asked.

George looked up from the spot he’s made for himself of the floor covered in various sugary eats and shook his head, mouth full of Chocolate Cow’s Tail. Y/N plopped next to him and held a Peppermint Pistol out for him, George opened his mouth and Y/N gently set the candy on her boyfriend’s tongue. His eyes bugled as the peppermint took over for a few seconds then went back to normal after realizing it wasn’t long before her could swallow the candy.

Y/N picked up the last wrapper from their adventure and threw it in the waste bin. “I do have to say, Weasley, you do know how to get a girl out of her comfort zone.” She laughed, resting her head on the lanky boy’s shoulder. George wrapped his arms around her and sighed contently “I get that a lot.” He laughed but was cut off by movement on the other side of the room.

A cat. Wait, Mrs. Norris. Oh no, Filch is close by. The teen wizards look at each other and scrambled up and back over to the secret door. George jumped first, motioning for Y/N to fall into his arms, literally. He put her on her feet and closed the door, catching a glimpse of Filch. “Run!” George whisper-yelled. Y/N followed as instructed and sprinted in the direction from which they came, George following hot on her heels.

Soon Y/N stopped, too much out of breath to continue. George pulled out the map and his wand, trying to figure where they were in the giant castle. They were far from both the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor common rooms. If they ran, though, they’d make it back to the Hufflepuff entrance by at least 3 A.M. and then he could make it back to the Gryffindor portrait by, hopefully, 3:15.

“This way.” George grasped Y/N’s wrist and pulled her out into the breezy corridor, the winter chill was enough to freeze the warmest of hearts. George noticed Y/N shivering and pulled her close into his side, rubbing her arm. “We’re almost there, my love.” He told her after walking for a little while. Y/N nodded, her teeth chattering too much for her to be able to make out words.

They stopped at the Hufflepuff common room and George pulled Y/N into his chest, her arms finding their way around his torso, hugging each other tightly. “We should do this more often, it was fun.” She smiled up at him as his face inched closer to her own. He smiled as their lips brushed against one another. Finally, Y/N closed the space between them and their lips moved in sync until Y/N shivered so hard it shook her body “Get Inside, darling. It’s freezing.” George laughed and watched as his world walked behind the portrait and it closed. George sighed as he made his way to own common room, thoughts of the night filling his head, reminding him of how much he actually loved his sweet, little Hufflepuff.

Got7 Imagines: Annoyingly Cute

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader (Fluff)
Word Count: 1,973

“What the heck?!” You yelled when someone abruptly grabbed your notebook when you were doodling. Your eyes widened in surprise and your heartbeat doubled when you saw who it was.

You were mentally crossing your fingers, hoping he wouldn’t recognize who it was. It wasn’t finished anyway and besides it’s just a fast sketch. When you saw his eyebrows furrowed, your knees got weak. Ah! I just want to disappear right now.

“Is this Youngjae?”

“What? No!”

But as if he didn’t hear anything, he got your classmates’ attention “Y/N likes Youngjae! She even drew him”

“Yugyeom, stop that!” You kept on jumping to reach your notebook from his raised hand but it’s just no dice. Why do you have to be so tall? D*mn!

“Yugyeom, what are you doing?” You almost bowed on your knees when you heard Jaebum’s voice outside your classroom. He was with Jinyoung, Mark and Jackson. Yugyeom chuckled before handling you back your notebook and whispered Youngjae’s name before running away. You threw your notebook to hit him but he dodged.  You wanted to curse when the notebook landed near Youngjae. And just when you were about to pick it up, he already did.

“Thanks” You stepped to turn away but he held your wrist which made you look at him “Look, Youngjae. It’s—“

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Disney Part 3- Josh Dun

You had decided to skype family once you were back on the bus. Josh’s parents were thrilled. Your parents already knew because Josh had asked you father about three weeks back if he could marry you. Abby and Ashley knew too, they kept asking about the wedding but you just laughed knowing that probably won’t be for another year or so. There was only one more person to tell. Your sister Annie. You first texted her asking if you to could talk. About 15 minutes later you got a call. It was Annie, she sounded kind of pissed when you answered the phone.

“So when were you planning on telling me you left. Huh? Can’t you stop being so selfish and think of others for once.”

“Annie I wanted to tell-”

“No Y/N” she was screaming through the phone. You never did good with yelling and this brought a few tears to your eyes. Josh sat next to you and just gave your hand a reassuring squeeze that it would be ok. He could hear her calling you useless, selfish, slut, and all these other names. He so badly wanted to take the phone out of your hand and yell back at her,but he knew better not to interject.

After her screaming at you for about 2 minutes you finally took a deep breath and spoke.

“Annie, look I know we’ve had our differences but you’re making this a lot harder than it needs to be. I know you have a lot of stress but i’m not your punching bag. I wanted to call you and tell you that me and Josh just got engaged. It’s a really exciting time in my life right now and I would like for you and your sons to be involved in it.” You stayed as calm as possible knowing you could say a few words about her but deciding against it.

“WAIT A MINUTE. YOU’RE CALLING ME TO TELL ME YOU’RE ENGAGED TO THAT NO GOOD JOSH DUN. YOU’RE FUCKING KIDDING RIGHT? I’VE TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM HIM. HE’S JUST GOING TO USE YOU AND DESTROY YOUR LIFE.” You just looked at Josh as he heard the entire conversation. With that he reached for you ear to pull away the phone. He got up and took your phone with him off of the bus. You couldn’t hear what they were saying but you knew Josh was mature enough to not say anything to bad to her.

Jenna joined you on the couch until Josh came back with your phone in his hand and an angry look on his face.

“She’ll call you back tomorrow.”He said as he handed you your phone and walked off to the bunk. You joined him after thinking about what could have been said to piss him off so much.

“Josh? Babe what is making you so pissed.”You asked kind of sheepishly being intimidated by his anger.

“I just can’t stand watching her walk all over you. Since I’ve known you it’s always been this way. Babe you’re such a strong person. Why are you letting her treat you this way?” You both just looked into eachothers eyes.

“I’m not really sure. It’s just always been like this.”

He let out a small sigh. “I can’t watch you get hurt like that. I saw it in your eyes. I always do.”

“Thanks Josh.” You said as you climbed into the small bunk and curled up against him.

“For what?”

“Dealing with my sister for me. You’re right it hurt like hell listening to her shit talk me and you. Also for not being mad for this kind of ruining our day.”

“This would never ruin our day. I’ll always be there for you and you better believe that because I love you so, so freaking much.”

With that you two yet again fell asleep tangle with one another. You loved this man with all your heart and you loved that he was yours forever.

You phone woke you up at 2:30 in the morning. Who was calling you at 2:30am?

“Hello?”you whispered into your phone as you climbed out of the bunk over to the living room area in the bus.

There was no response just a quiet cry.

“Annie? Is that you? What’s wrong?” As much as you couldn’t stand your sister she was still family so you had to be concerned.

“Y/N. Josh cheated on you. You have to leave there now. I wanted to tell you before but I just couldn’t.”she was slurring her words which meant she was probably drinking from the time she got off the phone with josh until now.

“Annie what do you mean?” You didn’t know if you should believe her or not. You knew she was just probably looking for attention because that’s what she always is looking for but at the same time it would make sense if Josh did. I mean you were far from perfect and Josh could literally get anyone.

“Josh is bad news. I’ve always told you that. When you first started dating and I was going through my divorce he kissed me and started texting me asking if we could hook up.” You heard a smile in her voice which indicated she was lying. You knew all your sisters little tricks and games.

“Why are you doing this to me? Just because your marriage failed and now you’re miserable doesn’t mean you have to ruin everyone else’s relationships. I’m sick of this Annie. Me and Josh love each other and I’m not letting you and your games you love playing get in the way of this. I’m seriously sick of getting stepped all over by you. I don’t understand what I did to you, but ever since we were kids you have done things to hurt me. I’ve been there for you and your boys since you and Mark split up. I moved in with you to take care of them. I gave up my life for you and those boys. Now I can’t help feeling bad for them because they have you as their mother.” You felt bad saying that last part but you needed to say it. You hoped it would make her realize that she is an awful person to you and teacher her kids  her poor ways.

“Listen Annie if you don’t support this relationship, I don’t care. You need to pull your shit together though because you have 3 amazing kids to take care of. I mean it. I’m done with you. When you get your life back on track call me.” With that you hung up not wanting to heard her excuses or hurtful words.

“Now that’s what I’ve been wanting you to do for so long.” Josh said breaking the silence and hugging you from behind.

“Josh did you cheat on me.” You asked in an emotionless tone which made Josh pull away from you and you turned are and looked in his eyes. They were so soft and had a confused look to them.

“Did Annie say I did. Y/N I would never think of doing that. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did.”

“Yeah she told me you kissed her and you were trying to hook up with her. I know she was lying but I couldn’t help but get upset and curious. I mean you could have anyone you want, but for some reason you chose me. A nobody. I don’t really understand why though-” Josh cut you off and held up your hand that had the engagement ring on it.

“Do you really think I would give this to just anyone.” he said she he gestured to the beautiful ring on your hand. “Y/N your not a nobody to me. You’re my everything. I’m with you because I feel in love with you the first time I met you. Your smile made my heart melt and once we started dating I knew that you were the one. Stop putting yourself down saying I could have anyone because it’s not true. I really did mean what I said. You’re my one and only Y/N.”

He leaned into kiss you and you smiled while kissing him. You couldn’t wait to get married, start a family, and grow old with Josh. You trusted him and knew he was a great person. You were so lucky you got a loving, kind, handsome guy to fall in love with you. Josh made all your fears, doubts, and troubles disappear. He made you one of the happiest people on Earth.

Okay this was the last part of the Disney series. I really hope you ll enjoyed it. 

I’m using writing as a distraction from my personal issues right now and could use some more ideas for writing. Please make requests. I will write basically everything as long as its not written towards a certain person. I like giving the readers the ability of creating themselves int he story by putting their own name or characteristics.

I might post a short smut tomorrow…… Tell me if you ant it to be with Josh or Tyler. 

SPN Set Visit with itsokaysammy and I…

So many of you know about the SPN10 Contest that was done via twitter and instagram back in Sept/Oct…

Well, it turns out that about 4 weeks ago, Michael itsokaysammy, was notified that he had won the contest and that he and a guest were going to go to Vancouver to visit the set of Supernatural…VERY SOON

I was that guest…Michael and I had made a pact to help each other win and IF either of us won, we’d take the other…IT WAS ME!!! happy crying emoji

We were flown to Vancouver Sunday 2/14 (Valentines) and met up with the winners from the Japan contest, the team from Warner Bros, who were part of promotions, and the crew filming footage of our tour…

So without further ado…I know you all just want the highlights

Monday was the Studio Set Tour, we were there for 12 hours

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Anything and everything

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Pairing: Avengers x reader 

Warnings: Dark imagery. Torture. Horrible thoughts.

Summary: Based on this imagine. - Imagine letting HYDRA experiment on you to protect the one you love. 

Originally posted by who-the-hell-is-buck-barnes

HYDRA sucked. They were evil, you knew that, but you never really experienced it until this past mission. It was supposed to be a quick and easy op, you and Sam had to go incognito and uncover whether or not your target was actually a HYDRA agent.

One night, while on a steak out, you saw a girl get shoved int the back of a van and no matter how important your mission was, you couldn’t ignore the helpless cry of another human. You told Sam to stay where he was and you would be back soon. He didn’t think anything of it, knowing you could handle yourself so he grunted in response even though you were already running towards the car. And all of a sudden, your throat closed up as hundreds of volts of electricity flowed through you, originating from two prongs in your back. You instantly kicked yourself as you heard Steve’s words echo in your head, “always watch your back. Make sure no one has the opportunity to get the jump on you.” After everything you’ve been through, alien terrorists and mass murdering robots alike, you get taken down by a freaking taser.

You woke up with a throbbing pain in your head and a sore spot on your face. A hard pressure of someones fist against your face really woke you. Your eyes blurred from the sudden light and your face was numb from the punches.

“Nice of you to finally join us.” An deeply accented voice said. You looked up and as soon as your eyes adjusted to the person in front of you, you were able to process that he was the source of the voice. He looked sleazy, then again all bad guys looked sleazy. He had a stupid haircut and a smirk that made you want to punch him in the face. He looked and sounded European but the phrasing he used was American which to you that the scumbag in front of you right now probably spent some time in the US more than likely stalking you and the other Avengers. “We’re going to play a little game.” He stated and you bit your cheeks, collecting saliva in your mouth, ready to spit at him. He grabbed your hair by the roots and yanked your hair back roughly. 

“Oh you are one kinky son of a bitch, aren’t you?” You chuckled, teasing him. He smiled, enjoying your joke but brought a knife to your cheek anyway. 

“Here’s how this is going to go.” He put his face right in front of yours so that not only could you smell the mix of cigarettes and whatever he had for lunch but you could see your reflection in his pupils and you looked like shit. “You’re going to tell us everything about your team of circus freaks, or we kill you.” He smiles at you, not afraid to show how much he is enjoying this. You hard expression never faltered and you never showed fear, exactly how Natasha taught you. You spit in his face and he let you go, taking a few steps back in disgust. He calmly wiped the saliva from his cheek and in one swift motion he plunged the knife into your leg. You bit your tongue to keep yourself from screaming.

The man said something in a foreign language to the two goons behind him and the two came over, one punched you in the face and then they precisely tied your hands together in front of you without letting you loose or able to do anything. They did the same with your legs then lifted you up and hung you from the ceiling by your hands. The guy with stupid hair and bad breath came bag into the room, pushing a cart with a machine on it. The two turned on the machine and handed the main guy jumper cables. He smiled at you and touched the cable together, causing them to spark which kind of defy what you learned in science class freshman year. Even if the logic behind that made sense or didn’t, this was going to hurt. 

It felt like forever before they threw you in a cell. Every agonizing second felt like hours. You thought for sure they were going to kill you and even after a while you wanted them to kill you. Then they started making you beg for death and when you did, they laughed. Your Avengers secrets would die with you. No way in hell were they going to torture it out of you. 

You had no idea how long it was before they got bored. For you it felt like days but you couldn’t tell because there were no windows and therefore no sunlight. The was were thick enough to tell you that you were underground and would probably never see sunlight again. When they were done with you, they unhooked you from the ceiling and literally dragged you through hallways and then tossed you into a cell. You were so drained and sore that you laid in the position you landed. You hear the metal of the cell door close and then the soldiers walk away. 

Occasionally you could hear others screaming, the echo of peoples shoes against the concrete and a language that you still couldn’t pinpoint. You couldn’t sleep, you could barely think or even breath but the sharp sound of someones dress shoes clicking against the bricked floor caught your attention. 

“I brought you something to eat.” A voice said from behind you and for the first time you recognized the accent. He was British, which was also a first. You opened your mouth to say you weren’t hungry but it hurt to much to to even that. There was fabric moving around and then his voice was closer. Because you were laying on your side, with your back to the cell door, you couldn’t see him but assumed that he sat because the cell didn’t open. 

“There is talk of using you.” He states. “Instead of killing you, which would be a waste, they want to turn you into their solider. They’re debating on your name right now. One wants to call you ‘the project’ another wants to call you ‘4-1-0′. If you tell me what they want to know I can kill you right here and now I promise.” He says. His voice is friendly and maybe if you weren’t focused on the words it would sound like he’s doing you a favor. And maybe he was. 

Death in exchange for information as opposed to life as a HYDRA experiment. Tempting. 

“Go to hell.” You mustered up enough energy to force out that one sentence. Your voice was scratchy and hoarse form all the screaming done earlier. 

“Why won’t you just comply?” He asks, frustratedly. The answer to his question flashed in your mind. 

Steve walking into the kitchen from the garage, motor oil smudged on his shirt and neck, making you wonder what he was doing in there. Rhodey and Tony bickering as they enter, followed by Bruce who seemed to have less than no interest in their conversation, understandable when you realized Tony was trying to set Rhodey up with Wanda. You laughed but crinkled your nose in disgust at the idea of those two being together. Natasha and Clint walk in, grinning, he drops his dufflebag at the door as the rest of the team greet him. Wanda skips in, shortly followed by Vision and Thor, all laughing together. 

“They’re all I have.” 

The London Session

Hi all, here is my report from the London Session.

I apologise, because this is a jumbled mess. I’m just writing down my memories. Rather than a full narrative. Also, this will be Larry centric. Apologies to Liam and Niall.

I’d be happy to answer or clarify anything that is unclear.

We were picked up at the Millbank Tower near the Tate Britain at 3 p.m. and taken on a “tour” of London before being dropped at the venue. The same place where they filmed the “Story of my Life” music video. Our phones were taken from us about half an hour before we got there.


(It is very long)

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Frat Party (Part 2) || Calum

Hey there! So since I’m currently on vacation and this is queued, I unfortunately won’t see anybody’s reaction to it until I get back. If you haven’t read part one, it’s right here. I pray you guys like it, especially since I wasn’t planning on writing a part two until you guys asked. I’ll see you when I get back and enjoy! Xx

“Good morning,” Calum said as he dropped his books on his desk. You peeled your eyes away from the clock at the front of the room to get a good view of him. This wasn’t the Calum Hood that was drunkenly clinging to you that previous Friday night, blushing and babbling about his true feelings for you. That Calum was incredibly honest and vulnerable, and it still astounded you how he managed to keep that side of himself hidden. That also wasn’t the Calum Hood that walked into the student cafeteria with his friends Saturday afternoon, wearing shades to hide how hungover he was. You narrowly avoided him noticing you, but you wondered why you felt the need to. This was the charming, friendly Calum Hood you’d come to know and you couldn’t be more confused about it.

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Of course I love you- Austin Carlile - Afiya

Can I have one with austin carlile where ur busy writing a song for ur band and austin wnats to cuddle but u keep saying no and then u go downstairs and u see him curled up into a ball on the couch and idk fluff or smut thank u :)))))

Hey so I’m just going to use the song “Eyes Wide Shut”  from this new all female band that screams, Conquer Divide, they’re amazing go check them out.

Shit I fucking need this chorus. “I closed my eyes ignoring the circumstances. It’s so clear, you were never there…shit what else.” Talking to myself, half-singing-half-saying lyrics over and over again till I got them was how I was spending my day. “It’s so clear you were never here…. It’s so clear you were never here and I can’t pretend there’s nothing wrong when you loved me in your messed up ways well it’s not-“Babe!” Austin says, yelling down the hallway coming towards the music room “Babe, come lay with me.” He says, wearing his tiger onesie, “I wanna cuddle.” He says, smiling at me. “I’m even wearing the tiger onesie.”

“God, Austin I just had it! Fuck, not now okay? Just go away.” Shooing him away with my hands, I turn back towards the notepad on the small table I had, hoping I hadn’t forgotten what I had and scribbling it down.

“Fine, whatever.” I hear him say, but I can’t think about him right now. “I closed my eyes ignoring the circumstances. It’s so clear; you were never there, and I can’t pretend there’s nothing wrong. When you loved me in your messed up ways. Well it’s not enough for me to stay.” I edit a few things, and write the guitar instrumental, which took a while.

Smiling to myself, I read through what I have so far, then sing it again with the guitar:

Mistakes that you made/Don’t be surprised that they’re carved in stone/I never thought we’d come undone/Till I learned you can’t trust anyone/Oh!
It’s times like these that I gave in/But times have changed/You’re getting under my skin/
I think I’m out of my mind/Because I’m staring with my eyes closed sitting here/You keep ignoring the past/On your knees like a bitch and you keep crawling back/
It’s a waste of my time/’Cause I’m staring with my eyes closed sitting here blind

Chorus: my eyes ignoring the circumstance/It’s so clear, you were never there/And I can’t pretend there’s nothing wrong/When you loved me in your messed up ways/
Well it’s not enough for me to stay.

“That sounds nice.” Austin says, from behind me.

“God, Austin!” I say, jumping slightly in my seat “How long were you there?”

“I just came in, I didn’t want to disturb you. So I just let you-“

“Austin, you need to just give me some time alone when I’m writing.”

“I’m know, I’m sorry Y/N I just wanted to cuddle, I missed you.” Austin had previously came back from touring last week, and he’s still in the “lets-cuddle-forever-because-I-love-you-forever-and-I-missed-you-for-all-those-months- i-was-gone-so-kiss-me-forever” phase, but I had a song to write and an album to do for my band, and I couldn’t cuddle with him.

“Austin, we cuddled all morning please I need to get to work, if you want to cuddle then if you just leave me alone then maybe we can later but just let me work okay?!” It was 10PM and after working on this song all day, and I had only one verse and a chorus I couldn’t stop to cuddle and watch movies when the rest of my band needed me.

“Okay, fine it’s whatever.” He says, walking out, “I’ll just be downstairs alone on the couch if you need me.” His voice sounded forced, as if tears were challenging it’s strength. “You probably won’t though.” He says, closing the door behind him.

“2nd verse, c’mon Y/N, you can do this.” Saying this to myself, i power through the next verse, it was 11 now, and I was starting to get tired, but i couldn’t stop now, I was almost done. Singing the next verse quietly, i felt confident about it. I was finally getting somewhere.

Games that you play
Don’t be surprised when you’re all alone
You better hurry up, get goin’
‘Cause honestly you think I’m joking
There’s no hope for tomorrow
It’s a lesson learned, so I let you go
And I’ll bury your name
'Cause I can’t live off the happiness of better days

That was the third verse, and again there was the chorus, about to strum, I hear Austin at the door, “Y/N are you done yet? It’s been an hour, I miss you.”

“I’m almost done, but i really just need to be alone right now okay?”

“But all day you’ve been-”

“Austin don’t you think I know that! I fucking know all day I’ve been writing this shit song, trust me, I know. You know too so don’t act like songwriting is easy. If you want to act like a baby do it somewhere else, I’m almost done." 

"Fine.” Slouching, with lips curving downwards and melancholy eyes, he walks back out of the songwriting room we have in our house. He mumbles something inaudible, but it probably wasn’t important either way.

About to start on the last verse, I get a call from my bandmate “Y/N are you done writing the song?”

“Nope, I have one more verse, then I’ll be completely done.”

“Can I send you something? I was writing it but I think it might do you some good?”

“Sure, text me.” Hanging up, I look at my screen awaiting her text message:

Why can’t you face me?
Well you got the best of me!
Well you got the best of me!
I tired to forget you but baby you were my perfect disease
Was it all a dream?
You can’t disagree
Well I wish I’d never let you get to see the side of me
Here’s another story for your eyes to finally see
What will never be, we’ll never be
Watch me walk away

I gave you everything, and now I’m so numb
'Cause I’m staring with my eyes closed sitting here blind
I gave you everything, I gave you everything, I gave you everything
I’m so numb

The lyrics were amazing, and I call her to tell her that. “Bro, thanks so much this is perfect, it fits right in with the melody and everything!”

“Anytime, what did you do today?”

“Write the song, I had a serious case of writers block, but I powered through.”

“You always work so hard, tomorrow take the day off, spend time with Austin.”

“Ugh he was getting on my nerves today.”

“How so?”

“He knew I was writing, and he knew I needed to concentrate but he kept asking to cuddle and stuff.”

“Oh yea, didn’t he just come back from touring or something?" 

"Yep, and I’m happy he’s here and i wanted to spend the day with him, but I had to do the song because we go into the studio in a week or so and-”

“Y/N, you love Austin right?”

“With all my heart.”

“Okay well he loves you too, and you’ve both missed each other a bunch while he was touring, go spend time with him. Go tell him you love him.”

“You’re right, I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“Bye.” That girl was everything to me. She’s a life saver, literally. If she wasn’t in my life during high school I wouldn’t be here now.Going down the steps, I peak at the living room, not seeing Austin.

“Babe?” I ask cautiously, still moving down the steps, “Austin?” Still no answer, so I move towards the couch, where he said he would be, and that’s exactly where he was. “Austin are you okay?” He was in fetal position with his knees to his chest, starting blankly at the tv. “Babe.” I say, touching his foot. “You up?” Crawling on top of him, I admire him along with the tiger onesie.

“Yeah, I was waiting for you all day.” He sighs, “I got really tired but I waited up for you.”

“Austin I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that.”

“It was like you cared about the band more than me. Today I thought you didn’t love me anymore.”

“Of course I love you.” “Didn’t look like it today.”

“Well I do love you, always.”

“Today it didn’t.” He turns off the tv and pushes me off of him lightly, as he walks away and up the stairs, following him, I wonder what he meant by that. “Are you really that mad?” No reply, “Austin,  I yelled at you but I promise it didn’t meant anything.” Following him to the bedroom, he opens the door and crawls into bed.

“I heard the song Y/N, I know how you feel about me.”

“What? That song isn’t about you! Austin I promise the int songs I will ever write about or for you will all be love songs, because I love you, forever.” Kissing him, his tender lips don’t kiss back. “Austin, you didn’t kiss me back.”

“Who was the song about?” He looks at me, eyes filled with concern, “Who hurt you like that, and lied to you?”

“My last boyfriend.” Remembering how he cheated on me, the sadness that was with me came back from nowhere and I hung my head, I was so stupid to think my ex wouldn’t lie to me. It was stupid to think he could ever love me, or anyone for that matter.

“I’ll never lie to you, ever, because I love you.” My eyes light up at his words as he lifts my chin up for my lips to meet his, and he presses on them tenderly. “I just didn’t like how you shut me out.”

“I’ll never do that again, I’m sorry babe.” Breathing onto his lips, I close my eyes, and kiss him once more before laying my head onto his chest. “It’s okay,” he plays with my hair for only a but till we both fell soundly asleep with one another wrapped in each other’s arms, his warmth filling me with sweet dreams.

—– That’s it. I know I hadn’t written in a while at all but bare with me, I’m finishing up all of my summer reading that should have been done already (school starts monday for me) and since I have AP classes next year, it’s a lot.

This was a request Lucy had saved, but I did it seeing as how she is no longer writing on the blog. Hope you all liked it c:

Anansi’s Goatman Story

Here’s my story:

>be 16
>be black and have family down in Alabama
>they farm and own a huge amount of land down in Huntsville
>uncle owns a big house and a bunch of trailers they put out in the woods for hunting or camping
>down south cousins suggest that we go out there to camp
>know I’m a city kid from Chicago so they tease the fuck out of me
>collect food, kill a pig and some chickens, and bring necessities to camp out for a few days
>we get to the camp and it’s obvious something is weird
>air has this weird electric smell like right before a storm, like ozone
>we think nothing of it and unpack and go down to a little creek to swim for a few hours
>All of a sudden some older white guy and a white teenager come out of the bushes
>he has a shotgun in the crook of his arm and says hello and ask us what we’re doing this far back in the woods
>tell him about my uncle, who he knows, and say we’re camping out
>he tells us we need to be real careful out here and stick together there was a big animal in the woods
>His son, who is my age asks if he can stay and hang out with us
>he says OK

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