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A question from your 41 prompt answer~ do you have any fave fic or rec of rich Víctor you have read? I've only read 2 -one of which is yours! 😊

eyy!!! yes have some rich victor fics honey:

  • all the word’s a stage by @actualyuuri
    victor’s an actor and yuuri’s still a skater and maddie wrote this so you already know it’s amazing like do i need to say anything else i mean, really, do i, do i really,
  • matched by @plotghosts
    they’re all rich… all of them… it’s amazing… this is so heckin luxuriant… major gossip girl vibes… the slowest of burns so g o o d l u c k bud
  • Lonely Hearts Club by @dadvans
    victor’s a skater and yuuri is not (at least not anymore) and victor mistakes him for an escort and h e c k. the ending is so sweet i just
  • Like A Fairytale by @lucycamui
    victor’s a prince and yuuri’s a baker and this is literally so sweet and fluffy u could get a good luxuriant fondant outta reading this if u know what i mean,,, do u know what i mean,
  • blood is thicker than by @icanhinatashouyoutheworld
    (WIP) victor’s a model and yuuri’s a dancer and yurio is yuuri’s son. and also, like, victor’s son. this is a custody battle/kid fic and it gives me many feelings i am so ready to for it to steal my soul ha h a h h aa 
  • Sugar High by @ryoseirui and @victuuuuri-on-ice
    (WIP) yuuri’s in college and signs up to be a sugar baby to make ends meet and i’ve JUST started reading this and oh my god… oh my god… i’m already dying
  • Icicles Melt in Summer by @dystopiansushi
    (WIP) victor’s a model and yuuri’s a stylist and the vibes. the vibes, you guys. also my man kenny is so cute in this heck. victuuri is overall super heckin cute in this o k 
  • All Eyes On Me by Kuzina_Auri
    (WIP) a/b/o fic where they’re both camboys but victor’s famous and yuuri’s up-and-coming (haha… geddit…) and it’s super explicit yo
  • The Boyfriend Experience by @victorsporosya
    (WIP) victor’s a skater and yuuri’s an escort and someone please send help i’ve just started reading it and i can already tell i’m not gonna sleep tonight
  • Money Shot by @captain-erwinmerica
    (WIP) yuuri’s a fighter-kind of and victor’s his sugar daddy-kind of and this one is also super explicit yo [fire emoji] [100′s] [money bag] [explosion]
  • the death of a bachelor by @exile-wrath
    (WIP) victor’s in the mafia and yuuri’s a bartender and it’s the 1920s and plz listen to this song while you’re reading this fic because your experience will improve 200% i just lov the vibes that this story has o k a y i love it

as always, hailey over at @victuurificrec also has relevant lists like here have some more fashion aus in addition to kings in couture; and more sugar daddy, actor, and businessmen au fics too

happy reading yo may your ao3 ‘marked for later’ tab rest in peace 

What do they think of the heroes (players)

For a lovable anon

Varian: “…They are good…. Well, not exactly babysitters. Anduin likes them. That’s important.”

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: “All I am saying is that around them more secrets are revealed within one hour than on regular base in thousand years.”
“They are either clever enough to not let us know how clever they are… Or very very dumb.”
Falstad: “They are particularly good finders.”

Tyrande: “I think they lack respect. Someone should teach them about it.”

Mekkatorque: “I think they are extremely lucky! Odds always in their favour.”

Velen: “They are nice and all but… Where do they stuff all of those things? And how? I have never seen them with a purse or anything else but they keep pulling out two-hand swords out of literal nowhere!

Genn: “How in the name of Light could those cretins survive all the things they’ve gone thorough and get so far?”

Aysa: “They can learn to ride any mount there is. I wish I could do that. A horse wouldn’t carry me, not even speaking about rams… I want a ram.”

Thrall: “Well, I think they are needed. And they are kind enough to help.”

Vol'jin: “Dey be a bunch o’ troubles with legs ‘nd blades. Or spells. I can relate to dat.”

Baine: “I find them too haste and rushed.”

Sylvanas: “I think they are… useful. They do not question me.”

Lor'themar: “I think they are annoying. But they are annoying somewhere else. So I don’t really mind.”

Gallywix: “I actually don’t know. I haven’t seen them…”

Ji: “They do all the fun stuff and adventures. Nothing is left for me, and even worse - I have to clean afterwards the mess they left behind.”

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☾ "See? I don't get why you'd say I need sleep." Cyr gestures toward the clear moon and starlit sky. "I'd miss shit like this all the time."

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☾ - Taking a night time walk with them

Willow shook her head a little and sighed, able to understand where Cyr was coming from, but still more concerned than anything else. “Y-y’know,” she began, “If y-you’re that deadset o-on stargazin’, y-you could always try sleepin’ during th-the day. O-or literally anythin’ other than n-not sleepin’ at all. Th-that really a-ain’t healthy, a-and…and I….”

She sighed again, realizing too late that the advice was unwarranted and likely more than unhelpful. Relaxing her arms, Willow fixed her gaze on the ground and continued walking in silence for a brief moment. “…Sorry,” she apologized, “I-it’s just…pretty as all this is, y-you still do need sleep. I-it’s a lil’ worryin’, knowin’ y-you’re havin’ a hard t-time with that…”

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Omfg could we please have more mchanzo/reader poly relationship headcanons??? like what are sleeping arrangements like, who hogs the bed, who clings and to who?? what do mccree and hanzo behave like when they see their s/o fall on the battlefield?? literally anything else u could imagine, I am in hearts with this relationship pls n thank you


  • McCree sleeps at weird times and in weird places
  • When he is sleeping in bed, he literally just fuckin sprawls out
  • He’s a restless sleeper, too, so you and Hanzo are p much fucked
  • McCree is very warm and Hanzo is cold most of the time, so Hanzo will hog the blankets
  • You’re not clingy, per se, more like… restraining Jesse’s limbs so you don’t all end up on the floor
  • Hanzo likes to be on the end, and generally not physically beaten while he sleeps, so you normally take the middle
  • And all three of you are prone to nightmares and / or sleep paralysis so sometimes you all just meet up in the living room and Hanzo makes some tea and you just cuddle
  • You’re not much for public dates since the three of you can get pretty rowdy, so most of the time it’s ordering in or one of them cooking for you or getting drive-thru milkshakes at two in the morning
  • They’re very competitive, especially when it comes to games
  • If there’s a disagreement, you can count on it being settled in Mario Kart (“like real men”, they say)
  • If one of you had a bad day, all you have to do is say the word and you’re in charge for the night
  • Attachment Issues and Unhealthy Emotional Expression all around, so there happen to be quite a few misunderstandings
  • But generally you get each other (even if it’s just nonverbally) and are quick to forgive
  • Separation anxiety basically, if anything happens to any of you shit will hit the fan
  • You work as the best team on the battlefield, but if any of you are hurt, panic
  • The boys are very protective of you. They’ll beat themselves up for days
  • Their immediate concern is always your safety
  • Prepare to be carried in this relationship tbh. It’s comforting for both of them to feel in control, and have you entirely in their arms
  • There are old, slightly worn pictures from a photobooth right after you’d gotten together. You were all kind of tipsy and very, very happy, and the pictures are so cute and sentimental that you all have a copy in your wallets
  • Casual pda is fairly common, especially with McCree around. The team gets very used to the sight of Jesse’s arms around your shoulders, or the three of you holding hands, or chaste kisses before missions
  • 100% supportive relationship, all of you are relentlessly encouraged in everything you do
  • Hanzo still blushes sometimes when you and Jesse tell him you love him, so you do it pretty often
  • On rare occasions, this will start an “i love you more”, pet name sort of battle
  • Jesse wins tbh
  • But you try your damndest, and both of them really appreciate it
  • Just. so cute??? all of you? wtf

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Hi there! Can you share with us your favorite Omegaverse fics? Or others stories that inspire you... (By the way, I'm soo addicted to that Neighbor story! You have to continue :DD).

Precious velvet cake anon you have no idea what you have just asked of me.

ALRIGHT so first thing before I do this is my tastes are very specific and so I end up not liking a lot of fic, because if something is off I just stop, aha this is how I end up not liking fics that are super popular in the fandom. ;;; This is also why most of the recs are years old since I don’t read as much these days even though I’m always looking. /o/

Second thing some fics(2) are abandoned. I will still list them because I still think they are GREAT and yea I’m a shitty reccer like that, but I will label them as such. Please be sure to read appropriate warnings on the fics!

Lastly I only read USUK in that order so there’s that to keep in mind.

So onto the recs~

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Muro+Mura+Kise+Hana (KnB) being hit/kicked and thrown off the bed by their surprisingly violent sleeper s/o? Fluffy crack please!

THIS ASK IS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE OMG YES. I don’t know how their s/o managed to kick Mura off the bed. They must be a freaking super hero or something lol. 

-Admin Glori

Hanamiya had been sleeping peacefully; his arm loosely hugging his s/o as his face was buried against their shoulder blades. The entire night was spent tossing and turning as his s/o suddenly smacked him in the face. His eyes opened and he stared at them with bleary eyes. “What the hell…?” Before he could say anything else their foot connected with his stomach; sending him off the bed and onto the floor with a loud thump. Even that wasn’t enough to wake them up, for his s/o was hugging a pillow instead of him. “Why!?” He sat up; a bushy eyebrow twitching. Grabbing a pillow he smacked their head with it, growling when they woke up and yelled at him. “What is your problem Makato!? Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep!” They whined, noting the red mark on his face. “What happened?”

“What happened? You smacked me! And than you kicked me!” He accused before crawling back in bed. “I’m sorry…I move a lot in my sleep.” They confessed with a sheepish grin.” It’s fine…” He hugged them tightly; his arms holding their’s in place while his feet tangled with theirs so they couldn’t move. “Much better. Good night, brat.” He kissed their cheek before falling asleep as they squirmed. 

Himuro sighed, his right eye twitching as he tried to fall asleep. It was growing increasingly hard with his s/o kicking him in the back or smacking him as hard as they could. “___-chan, stop.” He hissed before turning around to see what was wrong with them. He found that they were fast asleep; a frown on their face as they almost punched his face. He dodged it, about to wake them up with their fist collided with his gut. He was sent backward; arms flailing as he fell to the floor with a load thud. His s/o shot up, screaming at the sound before looking down to find Himuro dazed, and on the floor. “Tatsuya, what are you doing down there?” They asked, wondering if he lost something. 

“You kicked me…” He got up, rubbing the back of his head. “I’m so sorry! I do that a lot in my sleep…” They hugged him tightly, kissing all the places they had accidentally hit. “It’s okay, just get some rest, okay?” He kissed their forehead, running his fingers through their hair until they fell asleep. He put a pillow in between them for good measure, leaving them to beat up the pillow all night long while he slept. 

Kise was snoring; a smile on his face as he dreamed of taking his s/o out for a nice romantic dinner. “I love you ___-cchi.” He murmured, smiling as his s/o grinned back at him in his dreams. All of a sudden he was awoken with a pain on his side before his body fell to the floor. He sat up, thinking it was a nightmare and almost screaming when his s/o wasn’t beside him. That was when he realized he was on the floor. Getting up he laughed at his lover on the bed; legs and arms spread out and a little bit of drool falling from their mouth. They groaned, kicking and punching the air. It was really cute, and he couldn’t help but snicker even more. 

Grabbing his phone he began to take pictures, more so for himself than blackmail of his s/o acting weird in their sleep. Once he was finished he wrapped them up tightly in a blanket and laid next to them; hugging the cocoon he had made and rubbing his cheek against the soft fabric. His s/o rolled, but couldn’t hit him with their arms restricted, and soon enough the ace was fast asleep; dreams filled of his s/o as a small little butterfly. 

Murasakibara was out cold; not feeling any of the punches or kicks from his s/o. He was like a brick that wouldn’t move until one hit was so hard that it had him turn. He didn’t realize he was at the edge of the bed until he fell face first onto the floor. A groan escaped the sleeping giant as he got up; noting the bruises all over his body. His s/o was awake, rubbing their eyes and staring at him apologetically. “I’m so sorry Atsu-kun! I didn’t realize…!” They moved, pressing kisses on the small bruises as he patted their head. 

A tired yawn escaped the giant as he pulled them into his arms; holding them tightly so they couldn’t budge. “It’s okay ___-chin. Just go back to sleep.” The giant fell asleep with his chin on their head; his arms never loosening as his s/o settled back down into a restless sleep. 

i generally hate to do this kind of thing but like this happened today 

and literally this is so insane to me, this time last year i had just hit my first 1k and was slowly leaving the glee fandom and going headfirst into the teen wolf fandom, where at the time, i could barely make any tw friends, so i know that all you wonderful snowflakes are here because of teen wolf (because otherwise i don’t know why you’re here i don’t blog about anything else really) so wow thanks, i’m extremely confused and humbled by this turn of events and just w o w 

O all you host of heaven!O Earth! waht else? And shall i couple hell? O Fie! Hold, hold, my heart And you, my sinews, grow not instant old, But bear me stiffly up. Remember thee?

“–This is so hard… Shakespeare is a whole another language! Beautiful, but super hard. Do you think they’ll still be teaching Shakespeare in like 15 years time?”