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Intertwined-Chapter 2

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: ANGST. Depression, Violence, Smut, Mutant Reader (ALWAYS) powers include immortality, healing and telekinesis. Currently can’t think of anything else.

Summary: 5 years after the events of CACW, you are the live-in therapist for the newly reconciled Avengers, Steve’s Fiancé. The first words your soulmate speaks appears on your body, but only after your first conversation has taken place, making it impossible to know who your soulmate is, what will happen when Steve brings Bucky too live at the compound?  

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Steve is staring at you with pure disbelief “Bucky is your soulmate” he states. Looking between you and his best friend. “You can’t be serious” he says. Guilt is gnawing at your brain. You’re being irrational, but you can’t help but feel responsible for your current predicament. Bucky is sitting to your left looking like he would rather be anywhere but here, Steve’s eyes are darting between you and Bucky, waiting for someone to respond to his question “I… Punk I don’ know what ta say” Bucky ventures “It aint like I walked inta her office wantin to find my soulmate” He adds dryly. “Buck, can you leave me and (y/n) alone please?” Steve grits out through clenched teeth. Bucky casts a worried glance in your direction, it passes over his face so quickly your mind barely processes it. Steve Sits quietly, leveling you with the most destroyed look you have ever seen on someones face “I cannot lose you” he whispers “Because if I ever did I’d have lost my best friend, my smile, my laugh my everything” his bottom lip is caught between his teeth, biting down so hard you can see little drop of blood forming.  “Please don’t leave me baby doll” he whispers. You rise from your chair, tears streaming down your face “Stevie, baby I’m so sorry. I’m not going to leave, I love you. Please believe me” you reassure “He was literally made for ya doll, I know what that feels like, I know how strong the pull is, you can’t promise ya won’t leave, I know because I wouldn’t be able ta promise that.” You suck in a breath “It’s you Stevie. Its always been you” you plead “Don’t push me away Cap” you grab his chin  forcing him to look at you. “I love you, I hardly know Bucky, I’ll marry you right now if that’s what it takes to make you believe me.” he stands and grabs your waist “I believe ya darlin’.” Oh thank god. Your body relaxes as he draws small circles on your hip bone “Ya gonna have ta spend time with him though” Wait, no what “hear me out (y/n), Bucky needs normal. To feel like he has someone besides me, ya know? I’ll talk ta him, we can’t avoid this Doll” Fucking Captain America making fucking sense. Motherfucker. “Alright Steven, we do this your way” resignation thick in your tone. “Thank ya darlin” He pulls you in for a kiss, your hands slipping up his arms “You’re mine, an’ you’re gonna stay that way” he murmurs against your lips. 

 Bucky’s Pov: 

His hands are shaking, breath coming out in short, sharp pants. You’re so beautiful it causes him physical pain. He can’t bear to look you in the eye, you were supposed to be his, his destiny, his love, but he can see the love you hold for Steve and it feels like a hot serrated knife is scorching its way through his chest and he can’t breathe. He needs air, because it’s obviously being sucked from his very lungs the longer he watches you with Steve. Oh yes he heard the entire conversation and every word you uttered felt like a punch straight to the solar plexus. He can’t explain the violent reaction he’s having, he wants to pull Steve apart piece by piece for touching, holding, kissing what’s his, he should be the one reassuring you, holding you close to him and he can’t fucking take it. He growls as he pushes off the wall, running his hands through his hair in frustration. You could never want him, he knows what he’s done, who he is. He’s broken, fractured, and he knows there’s no fixing what’s wrong with him. He needs space, from you, from Steve, you’re too fucking close and he can’t think. He barks out a humorless laugh as he strolls down the hallway, he chuckles at the irony of the situation; Steve never got the girls back in the 40’s, Bucky did. Oh and how the tables have turned, the one woman he truly wants can never be his because she’s already with his best friend. He knows nothing about you, but he wants to, he doesn’t know what you’re feeling or thinking but god does he want to. This burning inside his chest is screaming at him to go back, to make you his, to demand Steve to take his damn hands off you and drag you out of there. He flings himself backwards onto his bed and rubs at his eyes. Fuck he thinks, it hurts having someone in your heart, but never having them in your arms. And with that thought Bucky Barnes, infamous Winter Soldier, deadly assassin, cries for the first time in 70 years. 

 Your Pov:

 Empty, Numb. That’s how you feel after Steve leaves you alone in the lounge, the events of the last 3 hours replaying like a bad movie over in your head. You can’t begin to process what just happened, but you have the nagging suspicion that you are truly and whole heartedly fucked. You already miss Bucky’s presence and you haven’t spent more than an hour with him. You know spending more time with him isn’t going to do you any favors, the bond is only going to intensify the more time you spend with him. The fear you felt at the prospect of losing Steve is already fading and you’re completely horrified that it went away so quickly. The words Steve spoke earlier rise unbidden into your mind. “He was literally made for ya doll, I know what that feels like. I know how strong the pull is.” The realization that Bucky is already working his way underneath your skin has you chocking back sobs. I want Steve you remind yourself he’s not just another person, he’s the love of my life you’re trying to convince yourself that soulmate or not, you will not fall for Bucky Barnes. Nope. Never gonna happen. 

  How completely and spectacularly wrong you were. 

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Wanted - Double Trouble Pt.1

Description : Finding a mate was becoming extremely hard for both Yoongi and Hoseok, what became much more of a task however was when they both began to get a rush from the same girl

Pairing : Yoonseok x Reader, (werewolf!yoongi, werewolf!hoseok)

Genre : angst 

a/n : Couldn’t have possibly completed this without the help of my favorite fic advisor, @unheathyseoulfood 

Yoongi stretched tiredly before reaching for his coffee again, “This human energy booster is only making me want to sleep,”

“You always want to sleep regardless,” His best friend Hobi replied while sipping on his iced latte and reading the day’s issue of Paris vogue, “Ahh she’s pretty, what about her?” He spun the periodical around on the small table.

Yoongi peered into the magazine and scowled a bit after seeing the model Hobi was pointing to, “Too tall, if I’m choosing my mate I don’t want her to tower over me; I’ll feel less of an alpha,”

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Until the word stops turning

Summary: It’s been one hell of a life, but she got to spend it with him. 

A/n: So this is set in 8x16 or as I like to call it “my finale if the real one doesn’t go well”. It turned out to be 5k words so grab a snack and I hope you enjoy! 

She should have seen this coming. 

With the world they live in, no day would go smoothly. 

Not even her wedding day. 

Instead of dancing with her husband and being high on wedding cake, she is stood outside in the town square without even having time to change. 

“She couldn’t have waited 5 more minutes.” 

She sighs and hears Stefan chuckle under his breath beside her, pulling her in closer by her waist and rubbing her arm gently to try and dismiss the goosebumps he can see forming. 

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40s Heat // Bucky

Prompt #5: ‘Damn you are one kinky motherfucker…I like it”

Author: Caitsy

Warning: possibly swearing, some smut (terribly written), 40s Bucky and kinky!Bucky

Disclaimer: I do not own marvel or the characters. I do not own any gifs, images or songs used either.

Summary: The night after your wedding both Bucky and you realize after a night of passionate sex that you both were hiding a side of yourselves. You both are kinky people…

Requested: Yes. Anonymous

A/N I not really into writing smut because I turn so red it’s ridiculous. That’s why it’s not detailed and sucks.


Prompt List

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Bucky and you had a good relationship ever since you went on the first date which was incredibly sweet if you were being honest. You heard that he was a womanizer and would never settle down so you denied having interest. It took Bucky months before you allowed a date.

“Remember our first date?” You asked tracing your name into your newlywed husband’s arm.

“You mean the torture to get a date with you?” Bucky snorted, “You were very stubborn. I thought I’d be a bachelor for the rest of my life.”

“With your head between some girls thighs?” You raised one eyebrow.

“I’ll have you know that I didn’t do anything but use my hand since the day I saw you in the diner.” Bucky laughed not caring about the obscene vision he gave you.

“Well I’m glad. I love you Bucky.” You said leaning up to kiss his cheek, “Now you get to hear the filthy mouth I have.”

Bucky groaned taking it in a different way before he asked a question he would have never asked you before marriage or outside your bedroom.

“What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve even wanted to do?” Bucky said waiting amused at the red that flushed your entire body. You cleared your throat looking away from him before he poked your bare side, “We’re married and what we did last night…”

“Don’t laugh.” You warned him, “I have some…fantasies I have always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to have sex in a pool with Steve laying on a beach chair.”

Bucky’s eyebrows went high at the vision he thought of seeing that happen especially because Steve wouldn’t catch what was going on until it was over. Bucky couldn’t help but think of Y/N wet in more than one ways than one and he had readjust himself under the blanket.

“What about you?” You asked leaning more into the head board.

“Shower sex-“

“Our shower is a little small Buck.” You giggled before he pinched your side for interrupting him.

“At my parents house.” Bucky finished with a grin, “The thought of you struggling to hide those gorgeous moans of yours while my parents are in the small building as us. Damn I probably would have a hard time not blowing my load right there.”

You let a moan leave your mouth before you blushed heavily under this dark and lustful eyes. He knew he had you there but he pulled you under him before his lips went to shell of your ear. You shifted at the heat becoming more and more in your core but nothing got you going as much as when Bucky went on.

“I want to take you from behind with you ass high and your face practically eating the pillows.”

“Only if before you tie me up and have your filthy way with me. Choke me, use toys that make me want your thick, warm dick in me.”

“Yeah? I want to use food on you and finger you in the diner where I first saw you. I want to do so with Steve eating his food on the other side of the table. Then when you make one single sound I’m going to drag you outside and tease you so much that Steve will be the tension from inside the building. When we get home I’m to make your ass cherry in colour and decision when my mouth is taking you to such height-“

You cut off Bucky’s monologue by pouncing onto him and literally taking his cock in hot before slamming yourself down on him. Bucky chocked harshly and screamed at the pleasure that flooded his veins and he hadn’t even come yet.

“You’re one kinky motherfucker.” You hissed assault his neck with your mouth. You could feel him get bigger inside you, “I like it.”

“Holy fuck.” Bucky couldn’t tell what was up and what was done. Hell he couldn’t remember his fucking name let alone where you began and he ended.

When you and Bucky first got really serious in the relationship you had straight up told him that you weren’t going to have sex before marriage. You thought it would be the thing that turned Bucky away from you but he respected it. Two months later you were enjoyed which lasted only another four months when you walked down the aisle.

It was the morning after your wedding night and the two of you had been going at for quite some time before you both collapsed naked. You had woken up wrapped in his arms before you got into the topic of how you cussed like a sailor.

“Holy fucking shit.” Bucky grunted when your voices, in harmony with each other, sang our pleasure filled and filthy sounds.

You were splayed on his chest with you legs entangled breathing heavily with each other. Bucky brushed you long thick hair out of you face with a smile.

“We might need a bigger place.” Bucky sighed caressing your face, “We forgot the condom.”

“Well we should probably make sure that happens.” You winked at your husband.

“We should probably work out the kinks then wife.” Bucky said rolling you back under him, “Head to my parents after?”

“Hell yeah.” You breathlessly laughed from the favourite place in your world. Your husband over top of you but you wouldn’t mind being on top of him again.

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Thank God For You - Part 2

Thanks for all those good vibes guys, and here’s mine to you! Part 2 of that Calzona one shot :)

Arizona can’t stand it. The airport is crowded and loud she’s never wanted to leave anywhere as desperately as she does now. She just wants out, wants this waiting over but she’s early and the flights delayed and the odds really don’t seem to be in her favour. So she paces, nails chewed to pieces and insides bubbling away with nerves and something else she can’t quite describe.

Everything seems so unimaginably possible in the time she’s waiting. Everything she’s ever wanted, everything she’s ever dreamed of, the things that keep her up at night, the desires that make Arizona ache? They’re suddenly all so desperately tangible, just within her reach.

And that’s what hurt the most.

It’s a lifetime before she sees a flash of the brunette she’d never forget, her dazzling smile making Arizona’s heart twist uncomfortably. And then a smaller, equally as beautiful little girl comes bounding into sight and the world makes a little more sense.

Arizona’s arms can’t hold her little girl close enough, can’t squeeze her in close enough or love her quite hard enough. It’s all never enough. But it doesn’t really matter now, because she’ll every day to show it.

“Do I get one of those?”

Callie is chewing on her bottom lip in that little nervous way she does, her eyes wide and hopeful with a thousand happy endings dancing in them as if taunting Arizona and it’s painful in a way she’d almost forgotten.

Standing up from the floor where she’d been clinging to Sofia, the blonde stands with surprising grace and offers Callie a small, dimpled smile.

“Hey you.” Its soft and gentle, breathy like a sigh and Callie thinks it’s music to her ears. When they finally wrap their arms around each other, the beat of her heart increases tenfold as she feels her ex grip her like she’s scared to let go. Like she’s savouring every single moment, every lingering touch.

But something isn’t right and Callie knows it. She feels it. And the niggling thought doesn’t leave her. Not in the ride home when she can’t help but lean across the car to tuck Arizona’s hair gently behind her ear. Not when they spend hours laughing and singing along to the radio with Sofia, making cookies and cakes and even some brownies. And definitely not when the other woman keeps looking at her the way she does. With sad eyes she’s seen only a few times and never, ever wanted to see again.

When they’re finally alone it takes all of Callie’s control not to touch her all the time. Her fingers itch to move, to caress her cheek or hold her hand or just exist in some way intertwined together.

But Arizona’s looking at her in that way again and she feels like she might shatter to pieces with worry.


“No. Don’t. Don’t say it. Whatever’s about to leave your pretty little mouth just please, I don’t, I can’t hear it. I don’t want it.”

It’s childish and stupid and she knows it but she so desperately wants to stay in her bubble.

Arizona can see the tears lingering on Callie’s endlessly long lashes. She looks so small, vulnerable. So easily, easily broken.

“Come on. Andrew is gonna watch Sof’”

Callie doesn’t question when a hand is held out to her, caring only in that moment about how wonderfully good it will feel to have the contact she craves. She follows her because she knows now that she will follow her anywhere.

She doesn’t ask questions or pay attention until she realises where they are and then it all makes sense.


“Oh god,” she brings a hand to her mouth as if she might be sick but Arizona doesn’t look at her. She can’t look at her.

Clambering out of the car in a daze, Callie wonders when Arizona had put her bag back in the trunk. She wonders if it really matters. Because it all feels stupid now. Every good thought she’d had, every pretence of a happy ending was exactly that. A pretence. So she follows her ex inside the hotel and to the already booked room and now, maybe it really is the end.

“I don’t understand.”

Arizona stops fiddling with the sleeves of her jacket and finally looks at Callie.

“I’m just trying to do what’s best.”

“By dumping me in a hotel?!”

“It’s not like that, I’m not dumping you here Callie.”

Callie arches an eyebrow, “uh yeah, you kind of are.”

Arizona’s eyes are darker than usual, something stirring in them that neither quite understand.

“Don’t you get it? Callie you thought you could just come home. You blindsided me. Again. You call me out of the blue and tell me you need me and suddenly I’m at the airport and god, you still smell the same way you did when I kissed you in the bathroom at Joes. Do you know how infuriating that is? But you left. You left me in a crappy therapists office. You blindsided me then and you blindsided me now. Because you’re the one that left, Calliope, not me. I made so, so many mistakes. I did horrible things and I said even worse but you left. You ended us. And me? I was never really finished with us at all.”

When she looks up again Callie has sunk to the bed, sitting on the edge with a child like vulnerability and it’s devastatingly possible to take her in her arms and hold her. But she can’t because Arizona knows it’s not right and not fair and Callie deserves the entire world.

“I’m just doing what’s right for you, Calliope. For once I’m doing the right thing.”

She fidgets for a minute when she receives no response but she knows she has to leave now or she never will. Literally turning her back on a future she longs for is soul crushing.

“Arizona please.”

Arizona squeezes her eyes shut quickly, Callie’s voice is husky with tears and pain but she still makes her way to the door. Away from her.

“Please! Please, Arizona. Don’t leave me here. Don’t leave me.” Her voice isn’t just cracking now and the blonde can hear every tear and feel the chocked sob catch in the brunettes throat as her hand reaches the handle.

“I love you.” Callie whispers and she does. “I love you. Don’t make me stay here. Don’t walk away. Please, don’t run.”

When she turns around, Callie is standing again and she’s begging, pleading with her but Arizona can hardly hear the words any longer and she needs to kiss her like she needs air.

And so she does.

In three strides she’s in front of her, her nose and forehead nestling against Callie in that achingly familiar way and suddenly they’re kissing. They’re kissing and kissing and kissing. Hands everywhere and nowhere and never stopping.

Neither of them realise what’s happening until it’s already happened and they’re laying naked together under the sheets, sweaty skin clinging together with gentle caresses and familiar warmth.

“I’m so sorry.” Arizona finally speaks, breaking the silence that falls open them.

“For leaving me in a hotel room or kissing me senseless while doing it?”

Arizona shakes her head, smiling almost angelically up at her, “for pretending I could ever live without you.”

She watches as Callie’s eyes light up, she physically watches it happen and it’s absolutely beautiful.

“I love you, Arizona. I’m so in love with you.”

“I love you too, Calliope. Thank god for you.”

anonymous asked:

Is it sinful to watch game of thrones?

Great question!

I used to watch Game of Thrones. The story line is crazy good, aesthetics are awesome, and it just leaves you hooked and wanting more episodes. But it’s also chock-full of insanely awful things. Violence and nudity–so much of it. There is graphic, explicit, and sometimes even violent sex. I’m gonna be blunt and say that sometimes it literally feels like you are watching straight-up porn. While I was hooked on the story, I got so convicted by all of the inappropriate things that I decided it wasn’t worth it and stopped watching the show entirely. 

“I think it’s fine to watch it because I wouldn’t participate in something like that in real life.”

That doesn’t change the fact that we are called to live lives of purity. The question is, does it edify you? Does it fill your mind with things of God, or sinful worldly things? It’s hard to imagine Paul would have been cool with the believers in Ephesus watching simulated sex, so long as they don’t participate in such things in real life.

(Check out John Piper’s article on this.)

I don’t understand how watching Game of Thrones could possibly benefit a Christian who lives according to the Bible, when the Bible clearly emphasizes the importance of a life of purity and the power of the eye. 

Double Take #2: “The Other Exchange Student.”

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve started a new series of analysis posts that I am calling Double Take. Each of these posts will focus on an episode from the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil, usually a less-popular episode, and discuss the surprising complexity that some of those early episodes offer.

The season one episodes that I plan on talking about act, I believe, as a kind of “primer” for the audience – that is, an instruction book on how to view future episodes; in other words, these episodes subtly introduce complicated ideas in order to prepare the audience for the later return of these ideas in even more complex forms. One such episode that falls into this category is “The Other Exchange Student.”

Why This Episode?

Like “Lobster Claws,” “The Other Exchange Student” is a lesser-liked episode that many rank near or at the bottom of their list of favorites. I, too, ranked it near the bottom of my favorite episodes. Yet on repeat viewings, I began to realize that there is something very peculiar about this episode – something that, to my knowledge, no one has really remarked on.

In this Double Take, I’ll discuss how Star’s paranoia in “The Other Exchange Student” is – despite being played for laughs – actually quite reasonable. I’ll also connect the lying and conspiracy we see in this episode to later episodes and explain the realizations I think the episode wants us to make.


First things first: Star is absolutely correct to be suspicious of Gustav. Though it’s Star’s jealousy which prompts her to be skeptical of Gustav in the first place, her belief that something is amiss is eventually confirmed by Gustav himself when he breaks down and reveals that he is, in reality, a boy named Charlie Booth.

Yet there’s something peculiar about Gustav’s confession: he never explains why he’s measuring the Diazes in their sleep.

Gustav’s inability to explain his extraordinarily suspicious behavior casts immediate doubt on all of his previous explanations – raising the possibility that he’s simply lying to Star about the rest of his actions.

Now where have we seen someone rattle off plausible explanations in response to a list of suspicious behaviors before?

Oh, right.

Webs of Deceit

I’ve written extensively about the (quite frankly) pretty incredible number of lies being told in season two (especially in the finale) by Ludo, Glossaryck, Moon, and Star. What’s more, many of these lies seem to have fooled most viewers. Yet all the way back in “The Other Exchange Student,” we have in Gustav some early exposure to a practiced liar and social chameleon whose motives are unclear.

The show, I think, wants us to draw a parallel between Gustav’s behavior and that of later characters – particularly Ludo and Toffee. In fact, this might be why “The Other Exchange Student” is paired with “Monster Arm.” I firmly believe that each pair of episodes is connected for some reason – and the reason behind the pairing of “Monster Arm” and “The Other Exchange Student” is that they both in some way precede Toffee and Ludo’s relationship. If you are skeptical, consider this: what is Ludo’s wand if not a literal monster arm? And what is Toffee if not (quite literally) part of Ludo now?

But remember that Gustav isn’t the only one who lies in “The Other Exchange Student”; in order to keep them happy, Star lies to the Diazes about what she’s learned. Does that sound familiar? Star admits in “Starcrushed” that she’s been lying to herself and to Marco about her feelings for him – something she did in order to maintain their friendship.

Let’s be honest for a moment: Gustav is no anomaly. When you really think about it, Star vs. the Forces of Evil is absolutely chock-full of shady characters:

  • Star, who is described – in glowing terms, no less – as a literal criminal.
  • Glossaryck, who (I argue) is one of the biggest liars of them all.
  • Pony Head, who lies and steals constantly.
  • River, who lies to Moon and sneaks away to fight monsters.
  • Moon, who teaches Star that the truth is dangerous.
  • Rhombulus, who makes a deal with Star to hide things from the commission.
  • Buff Frog, who used to torture people professionally.
  • Janna, who is just shady as all hell.
  • Tom, who is a psycho stalker.
  • StarFan13, who constantly stalks Star.
  • Sensei, who really shouldn’t be running a business.
  • Oskar, who lives in his car, drops out of school, and has a record.
  • Roy, who fleeces people for money and sells drugs to kids.
  • Brigid, who steals hair (for good purposes, granted).
  • Lydia, who puts up a fake ad about a dog and stalks Star.

… And that list doesn’t even include the “bad guys.” (Sorry about getting off-track, but it just hit me how incredibly weird it is to have so many shady characters – in a Disney cartoon, no less.)

But beyond specific comparisons, I think “The Other Exchange Student” wants to covey some broad messages to the audience as well: it wants us, the audience, to start thinking about the things that characters say; it’s trying to teach us not to trust characters when they say things, to be skeptical, to make our own judgements, and to remember what really happened instead of letting characters feed us misinformation.

In short – and this may be a bitter pill to swallow – “The Other Exchange Student” is just a warm-up. As the series progresses, the lies will get subtler, more complicated, and harder to detect, just as they do in “Starcrushed.” If that seems a little paranoid to you – well, maybe you should be a little paranoid.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Other Conspiracy Theories

When we first see Star’s wall of conspiracy in “The Other Exchange Student,” it seems fairly obvious that we, the audience, are intended to react as Marco does and think that Star has gone insane. Yet by the end of the episode, we know the truth: that Gustav really isn’t who he says he is – and in fact might be lying about everything altogether.

This, by the way, isn’t the last time we see Star’s suspicions of someone be dismissed only to later be proven as correct the whole time (see “Trickstar”).

But what are the implications of the fact that Star ends up being correct about Gustav?

Well, the meaning seems fairly simple to me: there are odd connections in the show that form a conspiracy – or plot, if you will – which points to something bigger. And “The Other Exchange Student” is the show’s way of telling us to pursue those connections. How does it tell us that? By revealing that Star isn’t wrong.

I truly cannot emphasize this enough: Star isn’t wrong in “The Other Exchange Student.” We never discover what Gustav is really plotting, and everything that he says to Star may be a lie. For all we know, he might have actually been planning to eat the Diazes the whole time. We simply never learn the real truth behind his origins or motives.

Speaking of conspiracy theories – many of you scoffed when I brought out some (fairly convincing, in my opinion) evidence that not only was Starbruary’s episode release structure based on a sonnet, but that those episodes also reference Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Scoff if you like. Yet, to this day, no one has offered any better explanations as to why, for instance, “The Bounce Lounge” and “The Hard Way” are, almost shot-for-shot, compositionally alike. (Seriously – play both episodes at the same time. It’s uncanny.) I explain the similarity as them being connected through the sonnet’s structure; if you have a better explanation, then please, by all means, provide it.

Furthermore, Lekmet – as noted in my post on the Holy Grail – is almost certainly based on Baphomet, who is connected to the Knights Templar, and I’d be hard-pressed to name any other group whose mere mention conjures up as many images of shadowy global conspiracies, hidden treasures, and murky, blood-soaked legends as the Knights Templar’s does.

And, as you may recall, I finally linked the Holy Grail references to what I believe is a literal Holy Grail in the series – in the form of Lekmet’s horn, no less. If that’s not a conspiracy theory, then I don’t know what is! Yet I didn’t conjure this out of thin air. I watched the series and wrote about it. The evidence is all right there; anyone can see it for themselves – just as Marco might have seen in “The Other Exchange Student” if he had been willing to hear Star out.

And speaking further of conspiracy theories – it amuses me to no end to hear people talk about how much time they spent examining the chalkboard in “Mathmagic.” Even people with degrees in mathematics couldn’t figure out what it means. I think that’s just a case of missing the forest for trees – but I can’t blame them for trying. After all, the music in that final scene sounds suspiciously like the opening theme from Gravity Falls (purposely, no doubt).

Yet, as I write about in my post on the Indiana Jones connection, the important thing on the chalk board is, in fact, the last thing written on it: the number seven. It’s a conspiracy theory worthy of comparison to The Da Vinci Code – don’t you think?

Look – if you want to understand what Star vs. the Forces of Evil is trying to tell you, you have to think like the series. Part of the purpose behind “The Other Exchange Student” – behind many of the early episodes, really – is to teach the audience how to think about the series. But don’t be surprised if sometimes you can’t come up with an answer – after all, maddeningly, we never discover what Gustav is really up to. Some mysteries just go unsolved.

The Sum of Its Parts

Star vs. the Forces of Evil operates on a simple principle: with few exceptions, it forms logically-connected links of meaning through association, and then, as those links accumulate meaning through reuse, the series builds on them to introduce greater and grander concepts. Indeed, the point behind Double Take is to discover those links in the early episodes and suss out where they lead to.

Hopefully, I have convinced you that “The Other Exchange Student” is more important than it first seemed. Maybe I won’t be able to convince you that there is some kind of grand conspiracy in the show – and maybe there isn’t one! – but I think you should certainly take into account the comparison between Gustav’s deceptions and the deceptions of other characters.

I believe the series will only get more challenging and complex with the ideas it wants to convey. My goal as someone writing analysis about the show is to shed light on those complex ideas and make them intelligible. And I hope I have served that purpose here for you today.

If you enjoyed this analysis, please let me know, and especially feel free to let me know if there’s a particular older episode of the series you’d like to see featured in Double Take. I still have a few more episodes that I’m planning to cover with the series.

So some thoughts about last night.

Vet and Vex were initially happy because they got their father figure back. I mean they’ve been together for only about 2 or so years but Scanlan has done more for them than Syldor could have even thought about them.

Keyleth might also be glad to have a paternal figure around. While her relationship with her father (forgive me for not remembering his name) was much better than the twins with theirs. I have a feeling kiki was raised to lead practically from the start. It’s good to have a father figure who doesn’t have his attention focused on leading a tribe.

Percy possibly straight up believes that Scanlan is a hypocrite and is still lying straight through his teeth about how he’s changed. The whole “What was Kaylee’s mothers name?” “It’s Sybil” was just chock full of bitterness and underlying rage. I have a feeling he’s also still pissed about the comment Scanlan made about Percy needing to feel good about his name.

Grog, my poor sweet Grog. Scanlan was his second best friend. Grog has grown up without a family for the most part really. Wilhand and Pike are just about it after he was “abandoned” by the herd. And having Scanlan walk away after Grog offered up his strength (literally in the case of the gauntlets and belt) in an (albeit failed) effort to bring him back, hurt Grog more than he let on. (Also Lionel “replacing” Grog also hurt.)

Pike … very possibly loved Scanlan. And the fact that she was just so willing to accept his request about Kaylee showed how much she cared. I feel like Pike will come around before Grog or Percy, as it’s in her nature and the nature of her diety. But I feel Scanlan will only have a single chance left.

Also yeah Tary standing up to his father and telling him what’s what on top of Scanlan. …. Sam did some heavy lifting last night. And without Jon there I have a feeling it would have been much more intense.

Also yeah god bless Jon Header.

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would you recommend some saigenos fics??


Oh my god there’s so many there’s so many I’m going to die. I’m gonna limit explicit suggestions but there are just. A LOT OF GOOD’UNS. So they’ll be on this list as well, heed the warnings. 

Okay so first of all I’ve written quite a few saigenos fics, you can check them all out here but there’s plenty of explicit ones so dive in at your own risk, also don’t judge me please I’m begging-


the magic imaginary and 366 Days by @lawlietismyfavorite

I absolutely adore lawlie’s stuff, the way she writes is really poetic and atmospheric and I love her way of writing Genos and Saitama. Magic Imaginary is one of my absolute favorite saigen fics and 366 is chock full of wonderful content (especially World 2, which is an AU where Saitama and Genos meet as kids)

Colorless Saitama and His Years of Training by @rironomind

This series is very, very gripping, and takes the developing relationship at a really good pace. Saitama’s characterization here is really interesting, the way their relationship develops has a lot of ups and downs and special moments, it feels super natural and dynamic. 

Contained by 8ball

This series literally almost killed me and the memory of it haunts me deep in my heart (it’s REALLY great, if you don’t mind that bittersweet Angst). 

Tumbling Down by @criscura

REALLY LONG REALLY QUALITY A++++ FIC, has the build up of them getting together and a ton more content of them post-relationship. Cris is lovely and so is her writing and TD updates are a gift and a blessing and this fic is so good I cry. 

Sweets for the Sweet? by OldBeginningNewEnding

A really cute and funny one where Saitama works at a bakery and he ends up flirting with the wrong (right?) guy, haha. Great humor and great smut, very tasty~

The Lone Werewolf by @toastycyborg

AU where Genos is a werewolf rather than a cyborg! I actually just re-read this one the other day, I love toasty’s stuff~ And, because I love it so much and have to mention it… Cyborg’s Don’t Lay Eggs (EXPLICIT) is a masterpiece, I died three times while reading it.

House Arrest by toxzen

If you don’t mind a Saitama/Genos/Sonic suggestion, this series is really nice! Mostly smut but there’s continuity and some emotional plot. Lots of kinks, and fun character interactions - I especially like how they write Sonic in the later chapters~

Great tea kit-kats by @dolltrash-etc

REALLY CUTE AU where Genos starts working at a cat cafe run by Saitama ft. Neko Atsume cats, literally what more could you want. 

Devalued by Notsohappycamper

A really great villain AU fic where Saitama’s sees as a God-level threat and Genos becomes interested in him enough to insist on staying by his side, despite the percieved danger. I love how they write Saitama in this! The way their relationship (and Saitama) gradually becomes warmer and more vulnerable and close is really compelling. 

And if you’re really thirsty for smut there are Some Good Collections of just that, check ‘em out if you dare.

THERE ARE. TONS MORE. And I urge you to check out there rest of these author’s works. I’ll probably come back to this list and add more bc I know there are more wroth adding, but it’s harder for me to remember the contents of single-chapter or shorter fics so I’d wanna re-read some before recommending. 

First 1 on 1. 827.

I’ve been lusting after the bouncer for literally months… almost a year.
He was completely shocked and speechless when my husband had told
him that I wanted him and that my husband would allow me to have him. The blindfold scene was uber hot but I wanted more. My husband asked me if
I wanted a one on one with him and I couldn’t deny it. I wanted a one on one with the bouncer so bad… I could tell the threesome wasn’t his thing and that he was more a one on one person and maybe a bit Intimidated. He’s young and he told the hubby he’s never been approached like this before. After seeing him at the bar that one night when I was with my girlfriends… it was evident he wanted more and so did I. My husband told him what I wanted and the bouncer responded by asking if both my husband and I were ok with it. The bouncer and I chatted on kik for a couple weeks and then made plans to meet at a hotel room before he went to work. The day arrived for us to have the one on one… he was nervous and I was nervous but very excited! He doesn’t know my whole hotwife scene which actually made the encounter different then my other encounters and made it steamy and erotic. I arrived at the hotel room … #827 and put a dress on (which you can see on my husbands page @mynaughtyhotwife1), played some music really softly and let him know I was ready. He apparently was worried because I told him I was shaking waiting for him but finally showed up 45 minutes later. I hid behind the door as I opened it And he came in, he looked at me, smiled and said “hey” very softly to me and I said hi. We went in to hug each other and immediately started kissing he wrapped his arms around me and put them on the small of my back which very quickly trailed down to squeeze my ass. I started to walk us backwards to the bed not keeping our lips or hands off each other. I fell back on the bed and he laid on top of me… grinding on me as we continued to kiss passionately … him kissing my neck and my head rolling back in ecstasy and eroticism. We got up again and I unzipped his sweater and I pushed him on the bed, crawled over him and began to kiss him more. I Pulled my dress up so my ass was completely exposed and he loved that… I heard him breathe with excitement as his hands grazed over my ass and he helped himself to handfuls. He is such an awesome kisser and after a few minutes he gently took over me. so now he was over me kissing me, grinding me, his amazing arms on both sides of Me which I continued to grab and drag my nails into. I told him to give me his hand and I slowly grazed his hand down my stomach to my pussy. The look on his face as he felt my soaked pussy and I told Him that is what he does to me was so fucking hot. And then he helped himself to fingering me which felt so good… and I loved hearing him tell me that I was so bad. It was so hot to hear how wet I was for him while he shoved his fingers inside of me. I knew he was so ready to be inside my dripping tight pussy… but I wanted to cum first. He asked what I wanted to do next so we both stood up on our knees and kissed each other then I turned around so he could pull my dress off, then he caressed my boobs and kissed my neck… I love that. Then I put his fingers down to my pussy again for him to play with it. Then I told him to lay down and I started stroking his hard cock through his briefs (something my husband told me to do to him to drive him wild). We exchanged words and he told me how he was so ready to be inside me and I asked him if he came in my mouth if he would be able to cum again after that and he said for sure two times. Then I asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock nice and slow or nice and fast and he said fast and I said ya do you want it messy? And he said oh ya. So I teased him a little longer then started to kiss him and go down his sexy torso and started to slowly remove his briefs. I continued to kiss him and tease him. Kissing down his thigh and then back up and finally taking his cock in my mouth slowly and seductively … looking up at him the whole time watching his eyes roll back into his head, then his eyes close and his head fall back in pure pleasure. He started to push my hair to the side so he could see my face as I was looking up at him with his cock in my mouth then he ran his fingers through to the back of my head and gripped my hair and started to bob my head on his cock… man I loved that. I grabbed my phone and asked him if he would please record this for my husband. He started to record and he started to bob my head again up and down on his cock with force and I was loving it as I was chocking on it. Then I spit on his cock and started to stroke it with one hand while I continued to suck the tip with my mouth. Literally 20 seconds later he was cuming in my mouth… I’ve watched the video probably 10x it is so incredibly hot. After that I really wanted to cum, he went down on me and fingered me and then he slipped his cock inside me. I called my husband and let him listen. The bouncer went really slow for me as I rubbed my pussy and I enjoyed every second. I truly feel I was too aroused to cum and it started to get into my head that I wasn’t cuming. After thirty minutes I put the phone to my head and asked my husband “baby is it ok if he cums inside of me?” The bouncer looked at me and said I can pull out if you want and I said no cum inside of me and he started to pump faster and I said please fuck me harder than my husband does and he pounded me harder. And I loved it …he was over me the whole time and had my legs pinned back. I loved him thrusting his cock inside me. It was literally seconds and he was cuming again inside of my pussy. It was so freaking hot. I was quite impressed and pleased actually given how young he is and how long he lasted inside me and how patient he was waiting for me to cum. I just wanted him to pound me so hard and I don’t cum from penetration but I stay soaked the whole time. I definitely want round two or round three depending on how you look at it. I wish I could but I honestly Don’t think it will happen for A few different reasons. But this honestly was a different experience that I’ve never had before. This experience was very memorable and sexual and one I will never forget. I have expressed to my husband that I wanna be his little fuck toy and his release and I want him to be my friend with benefits. My husband doesn’t care for it because it’s a fantasy that he feels doesn’t have much involvement with him. Which I respect and I never want to degrade my husband in any way or make him feel like I don’t sexually desire him. I don’t think I’ll get to fuck him again… but man I do hope So. I have so many naughty fantasies that go through my head.

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V's route will bring even more tears.

I feel bad because I have literally no clue who that is but it sounds like this game is chock full of angsty goodness asdfghj

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Hi Shanna. I said your jimin fic would be the death of me, I could feel it in my bones. I was right, CAUSE IT’S BLOODY JUNGKOOK AND JIMIN. I chocked when I saw it, I chocked, so hard. Current symptoms: feeling very blessed and proud and happy and an emotional mess for bts at amas. Now I can add light headed and not completely sane to the list after that fic update. Thanks Shanna, I’ll go read my death now. ~ literally Shook anon


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probably the most memorable experience of my entire trip (sans thunderdome) happened today when we stopped by house vinyl. was literally the dude’s house and chock full of hardcore, his specialty. I’m glad nate is so outgoing because I’ve been pretty nonverbal the whole trip, and I got to hear a lot of bonding between the owner and him. “hardcore is, what is the word, my baby. I listened to it at 11 years old and, even now, I have those same feelings.” It was a very small place full of over 2,000 records, and those were just the ones in the “storefront”. he has literally thousands more within his house. his daughter was there too, a year and three months I think he said. she was well behaved and full of smiles, and waved goodbye at us when we left. I only got 4 records there but I had to be selective due to luggage restrictions; we all spent the last hour or so figuring out how the 150 records between the three of us will make it into our carry-on. nate’s haul came to around 85 records! I capped around 30 or so altogether; we’ve visited maybe 5 record shops just in Rotterdam alone.

dordrecht was a beautiful little neighborhood, and the owner at house vinyl made us feel very welcome. it was the first time I felt warmth, though not literally, on the trip. most of the Netherlands, to me, feels very “sterile”, in an “efficient” graphic design-y sort of way, and the Dutch temperament is practical to a point of “coldness” (very xxTJ, to borrow MBTI classification). it makes sense that the urnj is a Capricorn, basically. but all the record shop owners treated us like people, welcomed us as if into their homes (and some genuinely did, like house vinyl), and those times and at thunderdome were the few times I remembered what I was doing there.

I am ready to go back to America, but I do wish this country didn’t have to be so far away. in some alternate universe I could see myself in a little house in a place like dordrecht, so long as that au also had stable Internet.

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Okay but Unmasked Feelings??? Was??? Awesome?? I usually have so much trouble reading long fic cause yo I'm slow as fuck but when it's good like this I don't know it's easier and I read it all one shot. Wow. I am chocked at how good this was. I could picture everything in my head and holy shit I wanna be there. Holy shit. Fuck. Yes. This. Wow. Damn. Yo. Yolo.

I’m so glad you liked itttttt. Like, you literally have no idea how much this means to me.

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Girrrl the full moon is crazy I literally cannot Hold my emotions in like I told his one guy everything I was feeling and got a positive response

I felt it physically? My neck was chocked up, I have Saturn in Taurus and it’s making the conjunction!!!

You know when you cry and try to hold it back, your neck gets stiff and sore, and it starts to hurt? Or is that just me? Idk, anyway, I wasn’t crying yesterday and I didn’t even have anything to cry about, but my neck felt like that and I had to hold a warm towel against neck for a couple of hours, and drank some chamomile tea until it went away.

I know it’s not my thyroid because I go to the hospital every 6 months to get that checked out because it’s a genetic thing in my family, and my endocrinologist just likes to keep track of it. I go again this February. If I notice some weird symptoms, I’ll schedule an earlier appointment.

Working Theory

Why did Star’s wand fix itself?

(Okay, I never intended to make an elaborate theory post, I wanted to watch the new episode and eat a pizza bagel for breakfast. But here we are.)

The wand was working shortly before Star summoned Cloudy, while she was making battleships-in-a-bottle. It’s only when Marco asks her to take out the trash, her trash, and she takes the easy way out does it malfunction. In this case, there was no reason for magic, she was just exhibiting sloth: one of the seven deadly sins. I don’t think that will be a recurring theme, but the point is that she exhibited a negative feeling, and the wand followed.

Keep reading


Okay so I heard that Misha was mugged?! I’m very chocked and totally not crying (don’t look at me). I also heard that he is still doing photo ops at minncon, with stitches and everything. He is literally too kind for his own good.

I think that we should do something together, to show him how much we appreciate his kindness, and to try and make him feel better. So maybe we could all go on Twitter and tweet him a kind message, with the hashtag #WeLoveYouMisha. Hopefully he will see some of them and feel a bit better.

Please reblog this and spread the word. For Misha. Thank you.