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could you do like a headcannon about the height difference between isak and even? like i imagine even would tease isak and be like "oh do you need help reaching that lol" or calling him his smol boyfriend and isak gets frustrated because like he's only a few inches shorter than even idk i miss them so much

im sorry this is so late! but ha yEs!!!! this is not really what you asked for but im just starting to get back into the writing headspace again! so this is just a quick and sweet lil slice of life xx

  • listen im a shortie at 5 feet and everyone i know makes fun of my height, i have no doubt that even would be a cheeky lil shit and do it to isak who’s only slightly shorter. now there’s heaps of situations where even would do this but here’s one.
  • firstly - even showering isak with compliments is #canon. so i imagine a time where they’re both lying in bed on their sides, loosely cuddling and even goes all, “you’re so soft, like your skin and your hair and your face.” and then proceeds to kiss each mentioned feature before he adds, “and so small you fit perfectly beside me.”
  • isak ofc is offended. “ME? small???? even im 6 feet fucking tall, im SLIGHTLY shorter than u?? im taller than everyone we know!”
  • “well.” even replies pensively. “compared to me. admit it.”
  • and isak just huffs and counters back with, “yeah, only because you’ve somehow got giraffe genes.”
  • and it was so random that even just blinks, taken aback, before throwing his head back and guffawing and isak’s lips are quirking up as he watches even lose himself to something that he doesn’t even think was that funny. so isak pushes playfully at even’s shoulder with a muttered and half-hearted, “shut up its true, you’re like, freakishly tall.”
  • things get a bit serious tho all of a sudden when even calms down and looks isak in the eyes, his own eyes soft before he states, “but you still love me anyway.”
  • he didn’t phrase it like a question but isak still heard the hint of one. for all the confidence even seems to have, isak’s been seeing quite a lot more of his insecurity lately and while it hurts isak to know that even feels this way sometimes, he’s glad that he believes in them enough and trusts isak enough, to share all the different parts of himself, the good and the bad, the fun and the sad. 
  • but isak rolls his eyes, tryna play Cool, be cool isak don’t randomly jump him and shout ALWAYS!!!!
  • so isak ducks his head down a lil and then looks up and locks eyes with even, cheeks warm, and he could say something ridiculously sappy like ‘always’ or ‘ yes’ or ‘of course! but he’s isak and this is even and they’re both still so new to this, the feelings that even will bring up in isak will always feel new even after months, that’s just the way it is between them.
  • isak decides to stay chill and say, “well, if i must.” with a long drawn out and obviously fake sigh and even’s eyes twinkle and isak knows that he Knows. isak doesn’t even have to say ‘always’ or something sappy like ‘forever’, bc even can see it in isak’s eyes, he can feel it in the way he kisses and moves around him, the way he touches him and looks at him, the way he talks and supports him. 
  • the way he just IS.
  • because he does love him and he isn’t afraid of even knowing.
Taking you to Bed

Anon asked:  How about reader x Dean where the reader has stayed up late working on some research and Dean notices they’re overworking themselves and forces them to go to bed. You have full creative rights to tweak if need be! ❤️ School has been stressful af so i need that good ol fluff 😬

You rubbed your eyes for the millionth time and stifled a yawn. You had been cataloging all day with Sam, while Dean had been out running errands and working on the impala. Now he was sitting in the library with the two of you reading a book and you felt his eyes on you each time you yawned so you tried not too.

Your not so subtle attempt to hide your tiredness didn’t go unnoticed by your boyfriend though. He put aside the book and walked across the room, pushing your laptop shut without a word.

“Dean! I’m working.” You scolded, but he didn’t listen he just removed the computer from your reach, making you almost whine in annoyance.

“Dean! What the hell do you think you are doing?” You looked up at him, baffled by his sudden forceful behavior.

“Taking you to bed, before you fall asleep on that thing,” Dean motioned towards the laptop before reaching for you but you pushed him away.

“Dean I am a big girl. I decide when it is time for bed not you. Now let me finish my work,” you grumbled at him but Dean just raised a brow smirking at you.

“It that so?” he teased making you even more annoyed with him.

“Yes. Now leave me alone,” you hissed at him making him chuckle.

“Not a chance,” Dean wrapped his arm around your waist, practically throwing you over his shoulder when you tried to reach for your laptop. “Say goodnight to Sam.” Dean laughed and you practically fumed with anger.

“Dean what the hell! Put me down. Sam!” You looked to his brother for help but Sam was just shaking his head smiling at the two of you.

“Goodnight Y/N.” He called after you when Dean began walking the two of you down the hallway. You fought to get loose but no luck. Not as long as Dean had you in this position, still you were too stubborn to stop struggling. Too stubborn to admit he was right. You needed sleep.  

Your struggles stilled the moment Dean let the both of you fall down onto his bed, pulling you into his arms. Your back was pressed against his chest and his lips ghosted over your neck, sending pleasant shivers through your body as you quickly began drifting off to sleep.

“Night sweetheart,” Dean whispered into your ear, making to hum in response.

“I am still mad at you,” You mumbled, stifling another yawn as your eyes fell shut.

“I know,” Dean chuckled, “You can take it out on me in the morning.”

His low rasp and promise of a morning workout made you fall asleep with a smirk on your face, feeling safe and secure with Dean’s strong arms around you. Maybe finishing your work early hadn’t been such a bad thing after all.

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anonymous submitted:

“twenty one pilots is getting so much recognition now (which is so WEIRD but anyway) which means it’s at the point where people are complaining about “ugh now all these fourteen year old girls are obsessed with them and it’s ruining everything :(((” but like……….

the older people in the clique are always talking about how important the music is and how it changed/saved their lives and how when things are really really awful, listening to TOP reminds them to keep going and not give up - all of which is AMAZING and so so true, but doesn’t it make sense then that 14yo girls would like them?


being at the height of your uncertainty and awkwardness and having society/people coming at you from all sides telling you what you have to be and what you have to look like and how you have to act…all while you’re too young to really know how to deal with it and ignore it and cast it aside as the bullshit it is. THE MOST HORRIBLE I EVER FELT ABOUT MYSELF WAS AT FOURTEEN. eleven years later i’m still not at a point where i like myself, but at least i’m old enough now to have worked through it…it’s fine it’s cool it doesn’t matter, i exist and i’m gonna try my darndest to keep existing.

and we all know that TOP attracts a lot of mentally ill people - tyler literally refers to “his people” as being the ones whose brains are a battlefield - and i know from personal experience that being mentally ill as a kid SUCKS. it SUCKS SO MUCH because you keep doing and thinking these things that you know don’t make any sense and yet you CANT MAKE IT STOP, and when you’re young, you don’t have the words yet to express what you’re feeling. what’s even worse is when you’re a kid (and especially when you’re a girl) people so often try to write off your mental illness as a plea for attention or you “trying to be cool/different” or “you’re just pretending to be like this because you read about it in a book somewhere.”

i think we can all agree that that’s completely HEINOUS. that’s disgusting and horrible and isolating. but isn’t that what the clique is doing when they say “what could fourteen year old girls possibly get out of their music”? short answer: it is. and it’s so invalidating of people’s experiences it should make us - the ones who know what it’s like to have messed up brains and no support from those around us - feel sick.

so i guess what i’m saying is this: being young sucks. being a young girl sucks even more. being a young mentally ill girl sucks the most. and if these fourteen year old girls find meaning or comfort from TOP’s music they should be welcomed in with open arms. because life is HARD dude, we all know that…so don’t begrudge people what gets them through the day, no matter how old they are.”

hey i totally agree with this. i’m so sick of the idea that once the music becomes renowned within the teenage girl demographic, it’s ruined. it perpetuates the idea that once a teenage girl likes something, it’s meaningless and silly and that’s extremely sexist, ageist and just all-round invalidating. who and what teen girls are passionate about is not of any less importance than what men are passionate about. young female fans are usually compounded with the idea of irrational excitement and being a “shallow” fan - not having a critical perspective of the music, which is absolute bullshit. 

let me just reiterate what anonymous is saying…. being a 14 yr old girl with a mental illness is not easy dude. heck, being a 14 yr old girl without a mental illness is hard enough. 14 is a very vulnerable age where you constantly feel like everything’s out to get you. from around 12 - 15 i felt like i was constantly under pressure to act a certain way and music has always been something i’ve turned to for comfort. i started getting into top and /alternative/ music when i was 14 and the misogyny which seemed to be particularly strong amongst alt music fans was something that really confused me and i found myself having to prove that i was different from the “other teen girls” (whatever that meant at the time???) as if being a teenage girl was something that was embarrassing?

tyler and josh always describe the clique as being an inclusive group of people who support each other through thick and thin and yeah ideally the clique would be like that, and it is like that within certain /subsections/ (for lack of better word?) but unfortunately in reality, the clique as a whole is probably just as judgmental when it comes to accepting young teen girls into the fanbase which really really sucks. when i was 14 i wasn’t in the clique yet but i’d listened to their spotify discography probably about 100 times and it helped me, and continues to help me through so much and sadly in a sense, i’m kind of glad that i didn’t join the clique until later because looking back, i know that my experiences would be invalidated because of my age and gender. 

so in conclusion, teenage girls are fucking hardcore for staying so beautifully passionate about what they love despite having to deal with everybody’s shit, and anybody who invalidates and looks down on young female fans for no other reason than because they’re young and female, needs to get their head out of their ass. 

Right where you want me to be

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Wordcount: 3.171

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, amusement park date

Summary: You’ve had a crush on your friend for a few years now and he finally decided to ask you out.

I only wanted to write a short drabble but oh well. I find it quite hard to write about Yoongi, because his personality is so difficult to see through, but I tried my best lmao

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Yesterday night I’ve been up all night to read SoC and I’m cry

Basically I’m at that part where they aren’t making Inej go on the chariot while Nina can, after the Wesper part that’s like “If only you could talk to girls in equations…”

And these are my thoughts:





“If Jesper and Wylan don’t kiss before the end of the book I’ll be outraged”

“OMG why an I shipping Nina and Inej”







“omg does it even get gayer”


*at the equations part* “Listen I’m cry”

Also all the gay parts with Jesper and Wylan had me sobbing on my pillow

Henry Cavill Imagine

A/N: It was requested by an anon. I hope you like it! 

(Y/N’s pov)

I was busy making my and Henry’s favorite dishes all day because today was our second anniversary. I wanted this night to be special, to be ours. I was listening to my favorite songs while I was cooking. I was very happy and excited for tonight.

I prepared the table and put candles on it. He was out filming but he would come early tonight. I was done with the food so I changed my outfit. I wore a tight red dress. Then I sat on the couch waiting for Henry.

It was 9.30pm but he hadn’t shown up yet. He should have been here by now. I wondered where he was so I called him. There was no answer. I poured myself a glass of wine while waiting for him. I called him a few times more but he didn’t answer. I decided to call Dave, who was one of Henry’s friends at the set.

“Hi, Dave. It’s Y/N. I hope I’m not bothering you.”

“No, it’s okay. What’s up?” He answered politely.

“I can’t reach Henry. Do you know where he is?” I asked hoping him to know.

“I don’t know where he is right now but he left like two hours ago.” I got shock as I heard that. What if something bad had happened to him? Otherwise he would have already come because it was our anniversary. I wasn’t the optimistic one. I couldn’t help thinking about bad things.

“Y/N? What’s the problem? Are you okay?” Dave said as I was silent for a while.

“I- yeah,” I heard the sound of the keys at the door. It should have been Henry. “Thanks, Dave. I think he’s just come. I’ll talk to you later, bye.” I said quickly and hung up. I ran to the door expecting Henry. It was definitely him.

“Where have you been?” I almost yelled. I was really worried about him. He pulled of his jacket slowly. He was staring at me blankly and having difficulty in standing.

“I was with the friends” he slurred tottering.

“Are you drunk?” Well, he totally was. “Why didn’t you call me or answer my calls?” I asked not waiting a response from my previous question.

“Sorry, I’d forgotten” he said sitting on the couch. I was standing furiously in front of him. He’d also forgotten our special day and got drunk with his friends without even calling me.

“I can’t believe you.” I said with a cracky voice. I could feel my eyes filling with tears.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asked worriedly. He looked at the dress I was wearing, then he realized the table behind me. He hardly stood up.

“It’s 13th of October, isn’t it?” he asked upsetly. He finally got what day it was. I just nodded.

“I’m so sorry.” he said trying to hug me but I pushed him. I didn’t want him to touch me right now and he was stinking. He looked disappointed.

“I made all these things and all you had to do was- Whatever, you are drunk. It’s meaningless.” I shook my head taking my purse. Then I headed to the door.

“Where are you going?” he asked grabbing my arm but I got rid of his caught easily. “Cassey’s” She was my best friend. I wanted to stay the night at hers. All I needed was a friend to talk. Not a wasted boyfriend.

“Don’t go, please” he begged but I didn’t listen. It was for our own good. I was still angry with him and I didn’t want to do anything wrong with anger.

“We’ll talk tomorrow. Happy anniversary.” I closed the door feeling my heart broken.

“Goodmorning sunshine!” Cassey woke me up cheerfully. After I’d come Cassey’s, we talked all night and I got relieved. I felt less anger for Henry now. However, I couldn’t forgive him yet.

“You have a visitor” Cassey said grinning. “Don’t say that it’s Henry” I said only making the grin on her face bigger. “He is in the living room. Thank god he’s sober”

I got up and checked my appearance on the mirror. My eyes were a little red but I didn’t care. I went to the living room. Henry stood up as I entered.

“Y/N…” he whispered hugging me tightly. I let him hug me. This time his scent was really nice. “You can’t imagine how sorry I am” he said kissing my neck several times. “Could you forgive me?” He really meaned it looking sorry.

I could never resist him. I could never stay mad at him. Even his smile was enough to melt my heart. So I nodded wrapping my arms around his neck “I forgive you, Cavill.” Maybe the last night hadn’t turned out to be special, but every moment we had together was already special, already ours.

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So Togami, how's your first time cooking? Is it easy? Or is it harder than you anticipated?

*knocks on the kitchen door* Byakuya? Are you still in there? I’m coming in.

Makoto? No, wait-

*enters* We were supposed to meet a while ago now, do you have a problem with something? *looks around the kitchen*

Hum…what happened here.


C’mon. I can see that it’s not “nothing”…You tried to make something?

….*sighs* I wanted to cook you dinner but it seems that I need more tries to be able to do it properly.

Really? Where is it? I don’t care if you think it’s not good. I want to test it.

I threw it away.

What ? Why?

It wasn’t good. And I didn’t want you to laugh at me.

….You’re an idiot.


You’re an idiot !!

Listen Byakuya. I know you were raised thinking differently but…You don’t have to be perfect in everything.

I’m in love with you. That means with all of you. Not just the part of you that is good at everything but also the part that isn’t as good as others at something. I love you with your qualities and your flaw. So of course I’m going to think you’re an idiot if you tell me you thought I was going to laugh at you for such a thing.


I’m sorry for doubting you…And also because now I don’t have any gift for you.

It’s okay. You will just have to give me one on White Day ! But here, takes yours ! *gives him his chocolate*

….*takes it*

…Thank you. *bends down to kiss him*

You’re welcome.

a couple fights & lonely nights

rating: t

a/n: my rebelcaptain secret valentine fic for @ardentaislinn! her prompt was: jyn and cassian stranded on a mission together. this definitely got away from me, but i’m pretty happy with how it turned out. i spent the better part of a month working on this, so i hope you all enjoy! (oh, and the title is from “no matter where you are” by us the duo, which i listened to on loop while writing this)

The twin suns of Tatooine beat down on Cassian’s back, making the trek to Mos Espa that much more grueling. Jyn follows behind a few paces, no doubt searching the sand dunes for hostiles. He’s got his own blaster tucked beneath the dark poncho he’d been outfitted with back on base. It’s a formality, really. They aren’t expecting much trouble right now.

Then again, the rebels never expect trouble.

“How much farther?” Jyn asks, voice lost a little in the wind coming off the rocky cliffs to the north.

In fairness, it’s been a long day already. Their ship landed in Mos Eisley too many hours ago to count, Kaytoo explaining the discrepancy between mission location and landing site with a clipped, “Well, you don’t want your target to see you coming, do you?” They’re supposed to rendezvous in two days and make the return to Hoth.

“Not long,” Cassian answers. He stops to riffle through the bag slung over his back to look for binoculars, but Jyn’s already handing them to him. “Thank you,” he says, hefting the bag back between his shoulders.

“Anytime, Captain.”

There’s a bite to her words that stings like sand in his eye. Jyn didn’t want to go on this mission. She made that abundantly clear when he briefed her. “I don’t know what use I’d be. I’m not a spy,” she had said, sitting across from him and Kaytoo. It took an order from Draven to finally get Jyn to say yes to coming to Tatooine.

Cassian can’t say he’s that surprised, honestly. He’s been avoiding her since Scarif.

That was three months ago.

So, when he approached her about a simple reconnaissance mission involving the Hutt mob and their ties to the empire, Cassian knew it would take convincing. He wanted her to come, wants her to be here, really, because she’s…because, no matter what, he trusts her. It doesn’t hurt that she’s scrappy as a Jawa, to boot.

For better or worse, she eventually gave in.

“I’d say we’re maybe an hour’s walk away.” He can just make out the ridge that should come before the city, if Kay’s map is correct.

“Let’s get this show on the road.”

Her words hurt the spot right between his ribs, but, clenching his jaw, Cassian continues along in the warm sand.

finish on ao3 (it’s like…7k)

(special thanks to @cassianperalta, @cptcassianandorable, and @reylukeanakins for reading, editing, and generally being there for me while i wrote this monster!!)

Back To You

An anon requested a one-shot based on the song This Town by Niall Horan. I hope this is what you were looking for. I listened to the song so many times. Now, I’m slightly obsessed. :)

word count: 4,206
I didn’t mean to make it so long, I’m sorry.

Lucas was on the subway on his way to the clinic to start his first official day as a veterinarian. He’s dreamt of this day for as long as he can remember, and it’s finally here. The nerves start to settle in his stomach, and he shifts nervously in his seat. Lucas looks around the crowded subway car, and he gets a familiar feeling that he can’t quite put his finger on; the same one he felt yesterday.

He looks around again, and he realizes that he’s sitting in the same subway car him and Riley met; including the same seat where she first fell into his lap. He has avoided this subway car for a while, but this morning he was running late and not thinking.

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Ready - Kim Taehyung Scenario/requested

Anonymous said: Hi ☺️💕 I was wondering if you could please make a Tae scenario where you tell him you’re ready to try for a baby after being married a little while? Like, you wanted to wait for a little to make sure you guys were on your feet and he respected your decision and all that (because as much as he loves kids that boy is super respectful)? Thank you so so much, and love your blog 😊

Hello!! I’ve decided to do this now because I’m about to finish the kdrama I’m watching and it’s getting me so upset, so I thought this would be uplifting to write about. Thank you for requesting this, I loved writing it!! <3 

I’m listening to “Golden Love” by Midnight Youth while writing this.

You just weren’t ready. A year had passed since your marriage to Taehyung, and you still remember it like it was yesterday. It was an outdoor wedding, with beautiful mossy trees cascading down on the arch where you said your vows, casting golden shadows across the lawn where the guests chairs sat. It was the most magical day of your life. If you could pick one moment during the ceremony that you wished you could replay over and over besides the actual marriage part, it would be seeing Taehyung watch your little cousins walk down the aisle as flower girls and ring-bearers with such love in his eyes made you realize how excited he was to be a dad.

Over the course of the year, a lot has changed. The two of you are getting settled into your new house - one picked with lots of regard to the future. It was picture perfect, you always imagined yourself living in a house with a pretty lawn and wrap-around porch. The two of you even adopted a kitten from the shelter - and named him Baepsae (Try Hard) after he kept running after and clawing at Taehyung’s pant leg. Namjoon thought it was hilarious that you named the cat after a song, but it fit. 

But something was missing. From the day you moved into the house, it felt empty. When Tae would work, you’d be there alone with the cat, who preferred to just sleep in your lap. 

There have been multiple times where the two of you discussed babies. 

There was one time you remember, a few months after your wedding night, that he didn’t grab protection like he usually did. Freaked out by the thoughts of pregnancy and children, you scuttled backwards away from him and propped yourself up against the pillows.

“What? Are you okay?” He had exasperated, eyes widened. 

“No, I’m, uh, fine, just make sure you grab a condom. I don’t want kids yet.”

That was the first notch in your relationship.

Taehyung slunk backwards, slightly hunched. He just nodded at your words, put his clothes back on and walked out of the room, leaving you breathless and confused. After that, he never brought the topic of children up. But you knew, because whenever Jin and his wife wanted to go out on date night, Taehyung would be the first one to volunteer to babysit Jin’s two little girls. Tae always asked to hold Jimin’s new baby boy, and has already jumped on Namjoon about being the permanent babysitter for his new baby boy. You felt bad for Tae. But you weren’t ready.

That is, until the day he came home looking beaten, tired and utterly upset. He collapsed into the brown leather couch, slumping down with his eyebrows drawn together. 

“You alright?” You asked, coming over to sit beside him.

“I’m fine,” he spoke, his voice unwavering. 

“Look, Tae, I was thinking-” 

“Y/N, I had a really rough day, can we just order takeout and go to sleep? I’m not up to a lot right now.”

You were worried about him, because he was Taehyung. Happy-go-lucky, always uplifting and energetic, and you knew something was bothering him. Was it practice? Was it you? It was you who usually was the downer, not ever-loving Taehyung. 

The next morning was Taehyung’s day off, and the two of you laid in bed until early afternoon. You planned to talk to your husband today, and although you were scared, you knew it was time to start trying. 

“Good morning, jagiya.” Taehyung said with one eye open, moving to stretch his arms above his head before leaning down and kissing the top of your head. You smiled and kissed his lips before springing out of bed, almost ecstatic about the news you wanted to share with him today.

He smiled his charming little grin before following you downstairs and into the kitchen.

“Are you feeling a little better today, Tae?” You ask shyly, moving the pan over the stove to begin making pancakes.

“Yeah, of course. I was thinking today we could invite Jin and the girls over-”

You stopped him. Because it was now that you needed to tell him, before you could push it out of your mind and use Jin’s girls as a distraction to what you really needed to tell Taehyung.

“Wait.” You said, leaving the pan on the stove and walking over to your husband, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing yourself close to him before whispering, “I think I’m ready to start trying.”

Almost immediately, Tae jumped backwards and looked at you with an expression you couldn’t quite read. “You’’re what?” He asked, incredulous, almost as if you were speaking an entirely different language.

“I want little Tae-Tae’s running around the house. It’s too empty in here when you’re gone, and I see the way you look at Jin’s girls and Jimin’s baby and how you look at Namjoon rubbing his girlfriend’s baby bump. I know you want everything they have and so do I…finally.” You breathed out, locking eyes with him.

A grin grew quickly on his face before he yelped and ran towards you, twirling you in a tight hug before whispering, “why don’t we start now?”

Hope you enjoyed it!

I’m not the kind of person who’s really very good at forming her own opinions on things. It takes me a while to kind of ponder and crystallize how I feel about most topics, and pretty much everything winds up having elements where it looks different from different angles, so I never have like, A Solid Feeling I Always Feel About This Thing.

(I used to worry about it a lot, when I was a kid. There are still some songs/bands/albums I listen to and remember my deep anxiety: how could I tell if this was Good? Other people seemed to always know– that music’s shit and we’ll laugh at you, this music’s Great but only right now, that music there is Classic and no matter what will always be Good. How do you know which is which.)

Anyway. So, I don’t really have An Opinion Of My Own about Rogue One.

What I do have, after reading many reviews, is an interesting observation to make:

Every person of color I’ve read a review from loved it. I don’t know that my sample is representative, but for so many people, it fulfilled such a deep-seated need inside them that, several reviewers independently said, they hadn’t realized they still had, to see someone who looked like them in this context. And that’s incredibly touching, to me. I know I cried to see a lady pilot among the 70s-moustached dudes! My only tears of the movie. So I get that, I do, and I’m so excited for it.

The critical reviews I’ve read have mostly not been from people of color. And they’ve made excellent points– how terrible is it, for one, that the only way the powers that be could see their way to putting so many men of color into a Star Wars film was to kill them all in the end? The hope, and eventual success, of the Rebellion is literally built on the ashes and bones of women and people of color, who were expressly not included in the glorious success at the end of the original trilogy.

(And also: where are the women of color. Where are the women, period. What the fuck, racists and misogynists were already going to protest your movie; you could have done whatever you wanted at this point, so why was this all you wanted??)

I feel like the critical points are good to make. And I feel like that’s maybe who should be making them. Sure, there are valid points to be argued about structural or thematic weaknesses, sure there are still complaints to be made. But. 

If you got to have representation for the first time in this movie, you should feel free to enjoy it uncritically. 

Faith In The Impossible

Last week all the spoilers and especially the promo shot of the Turners sitting in the car was making me very anxious about 6.3, so in order to calm myself I listened to some music.  One line struck a chord with me and this is partly based on that and how Shelagh’s faith would help her through that first night in hospital.

I hope you like this.

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A fic where Hermione and Draco’s head common room is right next to the 7th year Gryffindor boy’s room and there’s constant banging cause the boys are bringing girls over and at first Hermione doesn’t understand what it is and Draco laughs his head off because she’s so naive and he explains it to her and she gets all red and embarrassed and the next few days the banging continues with moans and everything and Hermione tries to ignore it ir order to be mature and Draco has a nice time making fun of her and teasing her like “do you think that’s potter or weasley?” and she blushes even harder but eventually he starts to get angry and frustrated because who the hell do these gryffindors think they are, having fun while he’s forced to listen to it and with Granger no less, and why isn’t she angry and what is she doing all this time in her room anyways so he gets all these mental images and whenever they’re in the room together the atmosphere is really tense and now they’re both blushed and embarrassed and they try a few silencing spells but nothing seems to work and then, frustrated, Hermione sugests they mess with them through the wall like knocking to annoy them or imitating a professor’s voice to scare them and Draco’s very impressed because he never though Granger could be this fun but then she does an impression of mcgonagall and he laughs harder than he has ever in his life and the next time they hear a couple he gathers up the courage and does his secret but uncanny impression of Snape and Hermione drops to the floor with laughter and now everytime they hear as much as a creak from the next room they both stop what they’re doing, look at each other, and run to the wall to see who can come up with the best prank and eventually he can’t help it and has to kiss that smile of hers and they end up getting hot and heavy right up against the wall and the next day Harry and Ron tell her they think they heard Snape and Mcgonagall DOING IT AND THEY’RE SO FREAKED OUT and she just laughs and thinks wait till I tell Malfoy this and maybe we should start using the bedrooms….

Hail to Scanlan Shorthalt - An Episode 85 Playlist

got super emo about Scanlan “the Manlan” “the Panlan” “Burt Reynolds” “That Fucking Gnome” Shorthalt so I made a playlist, i hope you listen and get sad or something. i linked the individual songs below but the whole playlist in order can be found HERE on youtube because i don’t know where else to put it, however one song is left off that list and it can be found HERE on soundcloud


*Lovely Thing Suite: Roses - Watsky
“I don’t need the courage to work / I want the strength to quit.”

Sleepsong - Bastille
“Your mother warned of strangers and the dangers they may bring.”

Scarecrow - Between the Trees
“They say you’re never too far / To start it all again.”

Different People - Biffy Clyro
“I am going home / Forever and evermore.”

*From Now On We Are Enemies - Fall Out Boy
“I’m just the man on the balcony / Singing ‘Nobody will ever remember me.’”

One Foot - Fun.
“I don’t need a new love or a new life / Just a better place to die.”

Interlude: Holiday - Paramore
“Now I get a holiday / Wherever I go I might stay.”


*Dedicated to Christina Li - Watsky
“Those who chose to ask it probably knew / I could have dug in deeper if I wanted to.”

Wounded Healer - Watsky
“You wrecked me when you stepped out / ’Cause you’re the wounded healer / And you’re supposed to stay.”

Everything We Had - The Academy Is…
“I am no gentleman, I can be a prick / But I do regret more than I admit.”

*The Collapse of the Great Tide Cliffs - The Dear Hunter
“Blind eyes preoccupied / With the surface more than the core.”

A Breathing Secret - Amarante (not included in youtube playlist)
“No one knows your face / No one knows your life.”

Everybody Knows - Jukebox the Ghost
“You were never a soldier, you were never a prize / You were never a song in my eyes.”

Thoughts to a Friend - Xenoblade Chronicles OST


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Don’t Leave Home

Title comes this song, and it just compliments that hazy morning coziness between reader and Bucky, so feel free to listen while you read!

Thank you so much @wellthatsrandomkek for requesting this adorable little fic, I really hope you like it, but I think I might have gone overboard on the fluff but I couldn’t help it! Please let me know what you think doll and thank you for requesting  ❤❤

Requests are now open again and feedback is so very much appreciated, every little bit is like treasure to me ❤

Request: Your stories are some of the cutest and when I found that your requests are open, I couldn’t refuse. Could you please make one where bucky and reader wakes up beside each other for the first time and it’s all staying in bed, cuddling and fluff? ❤

Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff! 

Words: c.1,240

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

Soft and golden light shone in through a tiny crack in the heavy-set curtains and it cast the room in a warm golden glow. Despite it being the middle of Fall and the morning air being cool Bucky knew it was going to be a beautiful day.

He couldn’t move to check the time for fear of waking you, but he figured it was still early morning.

You were curled into his side, cheek pressed against his chest and one hand splayed across his stomach. He pressed his lips gently to the top of your head savouring the scent of your hair and his heart felt so much in that moment, he thought it would surely burst from the emotions he was trying so hard to process.

He took in your peaceful form and he wanted to savour every single moment of this feeling because he’d never seen you so still or so quiet, and you were so beautiful.

You sighed in your sleep and moved your hand ever so slightly igniting sparks throughout all of Bucky’s nerves.

How could someone so inherently perfect, pure and beautiful end up sharing his bed? How did he ever even get to lay his hands on you? His hands that had done so much bad, absolutely dwarfed your tiny ones that had done nothing but bring goodness and protection to this world.

“You know I can hear the gears turning in your head,” you whispered and when he looked down you were staring back up at him under your eyelashes and he squeezed you to him in response.

“What are you thinking about Buck?” you asked gently and he cursed your ability to read him like a book.

“I-” he began but was almost choked by emotion –“You’re just so beautiful and I don’t deserve you,” he whispered and swallowed hard.

“Bucky,” you cried, eyeing him sympathetically, a conflicted look crossing your face.

“There’s something I want to tell you,” you whispered against his skin, and you felt him freeze and his heart rate thumped quicker against your ear, so you sat up to look at him properly, soft sheets slipping down your back.

When you looked into his eyes, you found he couldn’t hold your gaze, and you reached forward to push a strand of his perfect chestnut coloured hair behind his ear.

“You deserve this. You deserve to be happy, do you hear me? I’m not going away and any reason you could possibly come up with in that beautiful head of yours would never be enough to send me away. So stop trying to think of reasons why we shouldn’t be together, of why we don’t deserve to be together, because for any reason you can come up with I’ll have a thousand more of my own, but the most important of those is that I am in love with you Bucky. Unequivocally in love with you.”

“I’m scared,” he admitted, clasping your hand, “For the first time in years it feels like I could be happy. This”- he said linking his hand with yours –“feels like home and I keep expecting something awful to happen because I don’t deserve to be happy y/n. But when I’m with you everything feels right again, and I couldn’t live with myself if you got hurt because of me.”

“Do you trust me?” you wondered gently.

“Of course,” he answered in a heartbeat.

“Then let me be your safety. Let me look after you Bucky, look how quiet the world is when it’s just me and you, so don’t go leaving home on me. From now on if you’re cold I’ll keep you warm and if you feel lost you just hold on to me.”

“Don’t leave home?” he repeated and finally that smile you adored so much broke out across his worried features, “If you’re my home, then I’m going nowhere!”

“Good!” you responded scooting down in the bed, pulling him with you “because all I want to do today is cuddle, just me and you.”

“That could be arranged,” he smirked pulling you against his body.

“I want to wake up beside you every day,” he told you honestly, and you leaned into his touch.

“I want to wake up beside you every day too,” you admitted listening to the silent thumping of his heart in your ear, drawing silent patterns across his abs with your fingers.

You had kissed Bucky with a soft languidly when he nudged at your neck with his nose and you had moulded to him as he pulled you closer, so much so that you weren’t quite sure where you ended and where he began and it pained you that Bucky thought that he was the only one with anything to gain in this relationship because he was everything you had even wanted in a man, and you tried to tell him this in the way you kissed him, and the way he responded told you that he knew.

You awoke sometime later in the morning, the space beside you was cold and Bucky was gone. Sitting up you wrapped the sheets around your frame to stop from shivering, you sighed wondering if Bucky had gone to work out, or maybe you’d slept in for too long and he grew bored, eitherway you hadn’t meant to fall back asleep.

The bedroom door swung open and you were greeted by the sight of Bucky walking backwards into the room, clearly carrying something heavy in his arms, and that was when the smell hit you.

“Oh no doll, you’re supposed to be still asleep,” he sighed when he finally turned around “you’ve ruined the surprise now!”

You took in the contents of the tray he was clasping, two cups of coffee sat either side of a giant stack of pancakes and an option of various toppings.

“Did you do all this?” you asked in sheer adoration as he laid the tray down on the middle of the bed and climbed carefully on, sitting down the opposite end of the bed but facing you.

“I was thinking while you were sleeping,” he began and you shot him a glare, “No, no it’s nothing bad. I was just thinking that maybe we could be each other’s safety. If you’re going to look after me, then I want to look after you. I’ll give this- I’ll give you everything I got. So that means no more doubts and plenty of breakfasts in bed.”

You took his flesh hand in yours and pressed a kiss to his knuckles, and his face flushed but he was smiling.

“What are your plans for the day Buck?” you asked and he smiled.

“You’re my plans,” he told you softly, “I was thinking maybe after breakfast we could cuddle up in bed and watch movies, I just want to spend the day with you, it’s our first day off in weeks and I just want to enjoy being here in this moment with you.”

“Don’t leave home,” you proposed lifting your coffee cup to him and picking up his own he clinked it against yours.

“Don’t leave home,” he confirmed with a lazy smile and you felt a surge of affection for him as he began to distribute pancakes onto the two empty plates that were begging to be filled and you giggled as his stomach growled aggressively, causing another little blush to sweep across his face.

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Current favorite thing about Michael Emerson?

um anon…? idk how to answer this because i love everything about him simultaneously! but i guess if i were to pick something right now considering he hasn’t tweeted in a while and i haven’t seen any pics of him with carrie or chumley recently and he’s gone AWOL because of this play then i’d say…

his love for his craft ☺️ sometimes he’s so passionate about acting that it makes me want to be an actor even though i don’t even like acting and i’m terrible at it. i guess i’ve listened to and read a few interviews recently where he talked about how it was his dream and you should never let go of your dream because he did and it was the worst…and that just gives me butterflies because i love him so much and i’m so happy that he’s happy

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Hello there (*^*)/ may i have a scenario where Viktor's s/o says "I love you" for the first time and his s/o is really shy about it o///o?

If anyone had the same practice regimen as Viktor, they’d probably be dead tired by the end of the day. However, Viktor seemed to have a lot of energy leftover, which was visible from the way he chattered on and on about things that didn’t even make sense.

To be honest, (y/n) had stopped listening a while ago. The couple was currently seated in front of the TV, cuddling. There wasn’t anything interesting to watch, so the Viktor had decided to fill the silence with his voice.

When she heard the pause in his chattering, (y/n) looked up to find the tall skater looking at her intently, but after a few seconds, he leaned down to press a quick kiss to her lips, whispering a quiet ‘I love you’.

Now, (y/n) was a shy person by nature, but this was the first time Viktor had actually said he loved her (and he did it so casually), that it was only natural she would turn a nice shade of red.

The male laughed at her reaction, a fond smile growing on his lips.

“You’re not going to say it back?”

(y/n) blushed even more at the sentence.

“It’s not so hard, is it? It’s just three simple words.”

“It is hard! You say it so casually…”

Viktor’s face turned a bit serious at that.

“It might sound casual, but I really do mean it.”

By now, (y/n) was dead. Or, at least, from the amount of blood that was coming to her face, she looked ready to pass out any moment.

The girl inhaled deeply before leaning up to press a kiss to Viktor’s face.

“I love you too.”

A split second later, her face was buried in Viktor’s neck and the male’s laugh echoing to the house, happy to finally hear those words.

Irresistible ( Part 1)

Oh Signa, What the fuck are you writing now?

Well, It’s a Antisepticeye x reader. Because.. I can’t help myself and I have a problem. Hoping this one doesn’t end up like the last one did.

This Antisepticeye doesn’t have any relation to my Antisepticeye in my other story Darkness is your friend now. He’s going to be different in this one. So.. uh.. There’s that.

Warning yall now that I have never been to these places and I didn’t do a lot of research on the city so, if I make mistakes, I apologize and I don’t mean disrespect.

Let’s get started, folks!

Song(s) I listened to while wring this: Irresistible cover by Natewantstobattle, Honey, I’m good by Andy Grammer

(Y/N) = Your name


It was the beginning of summer break of the year 2017.

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More Than Teenage Angst

Pairing: Warren Wothington III (Angel) x Reader

Request: yes

Summary: Can I request a Warren x mutant!reader where the reader is Charles’s daughter who is now 18 and has been going out more. Charles decides to use Cerebro to check on her one night and finds her in the mansion’s basement making out intensely with dirty rock music playing. Charles is shocked/appalled so he talks to her and Warren about the secret relationship the next day and he’s kind of forbids them to be together but Warren saves Charles during the fight with Apocalypse and allows them together

Warning: making out, slight sexy time, also some spoilers for xmen:apocalypse BONUS: Cherik insinuations if you squint

A/N: So I listened to this playlist while I was writing this imagine and it made me very very happy so you should check it out :’)  Also Erik doesn’t 100% agree with apocalypse (mainly because he wants to be in charge not apocalypse) so he’s been visiting Charles so they can team up against Apocalypse, Ja feel? I kinda feel like this sucks so I’m sorry then again when do I ever think my imagines are good? lol

“I’m very worried about y/n, Erik! I don’t know what to do with myself these days, she never talks to me about anything and I feel as though I have to coax it out of her and you know how much I dislike violating peoples’ personal thoughts!”

“Charles she’s just a young teenage girl trying to live her life. Just let her be!” ”What if she’s getting herself into trouble? She’s been going out a lot recently and I don’t understand why? Everything she could possibly need is here at the school! Even if she wanted a boyfriend.” Charles cringed at the thought of his daughter with a boy. Sure you were 18 but you were still his little girl and he wasn’t ready for you to move on much less with a boy.

“Charles you just have to be patient and give her some privacy.”
“I’ve tried that but I don’t think I can do this anymore!”
“Then I guess there’s only one thing to do.”
“Oh really? And what is that?”
“We are going to do this the Erik way!” Erik smiled happily at Charles who just rolled his eyes.
“Im not going to follow her or torture it out of her or do something to make her hate me for life!”
Erik frowned, “I was going to say you should use cerebro but if that’s how you truly feel about me perhaps I will leave.”
Charles chuckled, “Oh my apologies, dear friend, please stay. That’s not actually a bad idea.”
“I know.”

“Warren!” You whimpered breathlessly, pulling away for air. His chest heaved lightly against your own as you tried to steady yourself on his shoulders. He seemed to be very aware of your dizziness, wrapping his wings around you as his smooth voice cooed, “Yeah baby?” Before you could respond Warren’s lips were splayed against your neck, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. You laid back a blissful moan pouring through your lips, “I love you, I love this.”  He’s lips pulled into a bright smile as he pulled away, “I love you too, y/n.” “Good” Before you knew it you were straddling him again; lips meeting, tongues clashing, and that awful feeling that someone was watching…

Charles tore the helmet from his head throwing it to the side, as he felt his skin heat up, appalled.
“Charles, are you alright?”
“You knew didn’t you?” Charles gasped turning to Erik angrily.
“I thought you were here for me but you are just here to distract me from them!” He growled.
“If I was here to distract you from someone why in the hell would I tell you to use cerebro to spy on them?” Erik’s voice rose a bit louder than necessary.
“Shes with that boy! The one with the metal wings!”
“Angel? What the hell? I thought he was back with-… How could they have possibly met in the first place?”
“I don’t know and I intend to find out.”

“y/n, can we please talk. In private.” Charles asked stressing the last bit. You looked up hesitantly before following him back to his office. ‘Shit shit try not to think about it he will know. Shit shit what is he going to ask… what do I say…’
“I’d prefer the truth, y/n.”
“You told me you would never read my mind and violate my trust.”
“Quite a one-sided ordeal isn’t it? When you are sleeping with the enemy.”
You gasped loudly, “What?”
“You and ‘Angel’ have been together, I don’t know for how long but I know that you want to get out your teenage angst but associating yourself with that drunk mutant “badboy” isn’t worth it. You are endangering yourself and everyone at this school for bringing him here-.”

“what the hell were you thinking Warren? Charles girl? Are you kidding me?”
“Its not like that, Erik. I love her…”
“You are endangering her! What if apocalypse found out? You could get her killed, or worse apocalypse could turn her into one of us.”
“I know but she…”
“She’s going to tell you whatever she thinks you need to hear to stay with her. It’s up to you to realize what is best for her, and this is definitely not it.”
“You’re right I guess.”

After Apocalypse abducted your father you had thought it was your fault, this must have been god’s way of telling you that you were wrong for loving Warren. You were absolutely devastated over the loss, especially since the last time you spoke had been so unpleasant. The worst part was that you had been at the mall with Kurt, Jean, Scott, and Jubilee when the school caught on fire and Stryker attacked, you had lost everything in a matter of hours and wanted nothing more but vengeance. You, Scott, Jean, and Kurt piled into Stryker’s helicopter and snuck into the facility using Jean’s powers to disguise you. You helped the others escape before your fathers voice echoed through your ears,
“Guys Charles is talking to me.”
“Hes talking to all of us Jean.”
“But this is different”
“Can you ask him if he’s alright?” You whimpered, waiting for Jean to respond.
“He says he’s alright and not to worry, he loves you and he’s in Cairo.”
“I’ve always wanted to go to Cairo!” Peter pipped up shooting you guys a goofy grin. “Well what are you guys waiting for?! Let’s go!”

“Storm can you take care of this one, I think another one went inside!” Angel called pointing to the small blue boy in front of him. Storm nodded suddenly shooting bolts of electricity at the teleporter. Meanwhile Warren slipped away to find Charles in hopes of saving him. He knew he wasn’t perfect but he loved y/n, and he wasn’t going to let Charles die, even if it meant defying Apocalypse. He skillfully averted the walls and traps set in the pyramid to protect the sacred ritual. Funny how a simple girl could shatter his misplaced loyalties and beliefs with the bat of an eye; he remembered a time before her when all he had ever wanted was to kill every human on earth. For what they’d done to his parents, to him in that ring, to other mutants. And now that he was finally about to fulfill those dreams, with a team he knew was unbeatable, he was rebelling. Against his own beliefs, his own people, for her. “I hope she’s worth it.” He imagined Erik would say shaking his head lightly. “She is.” Angel whispered before diving down to scoop up Charles body and fly him far away.

“Warren!” you shouted rushing to his side. “I never thought I’d see you again.”
“Imagine how I felt watching my life literally flash before my eyes… More than once might I add.”
You laughed helplessly, “shut up and kiss m-.“ You couldn’t even finish your sentence before his lips were pressed against yours, kissing you passionately. Your hands trailing through his hair, as his hands cupped your ass. You heard a loud cough behind you quickly pulling away.
“I’m going to ignore the fact that your grubby hands were just on my daughters’ ass,” You blushed slightly as Warren pulled you close, “to thank you for saving me. I know it wasn’t easy to help us, to go against someone like Apocalypse could mean death, but I’m glad you took that risk. I-. I would like to give you two my uh “blessing”. Don’t make me regret it!” He added at the end as you giggled looking up to see Warren smiling.
“Thank you dad!”
“You’re welcome sweetie.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“No, Warren, thank you.”


Pairing: Onew/Reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Dirty Talk, recreational alcohol use, You POV + Onew POV

“What is it?”

“You’re as drunk as I am, hun.” she says, grinning.

She’s approaching. Dangerously. She’s dangerous. Why loving someone that dangerous, really.

“No.” you whisper.

“Honey don’t lie, it makes me want to punish you.”

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