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Hey guys, it’s been a while… The thing is that I’ve been REALLY busy with college and stuffs. This means that I won’t be able to post as frequently as I wished I could, I’m really sorry. But to make up for it I’m posting this little doodle(ish) piece! I had a really good time doing it!

There’s Firepaw, my daughter Cinderpelt in all her beauty! Some sibling cuddle cus Feather and Storm are my fav sibling couple! And baby Littlecloud napping… cus I love him.

Also there’s me trying to deal with all the college bullshit at the top and a pretty accurate pic of me drawing this piece while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack… is like this to all many of the songs!

I like to think that the Cobblepot household was always full of music. It was usually old jazz that Gertrude loved and wanted to share with her son. Oswald loved every one of them. They usually played these songs while making dinner and hummed along with the notes in unison. 

Once Oswald started emerging as the Penguin, he used his power to seek out and find old vintage sets of his mothers favorite songs. He went to some pretty drastic measures for some of them but it was worth it for the smile she would give him. 

After Gertrude died, it pained him to listen to the music. It brought too many bad memories but Ed was able to bring happiness back with listening to the music. He continued to collect music during his ascension to mayor and picked out tunes he thought she would like. 

Flash forward to the night where Oswald was going to confess his feelings to Ed. He spent hours looking through his collection trying to find the right song for this occasion. He finally found the song he was looking for which was one of his favorites as a child. La Vie En Rose. He had it playing for a major portion of the night while he waited for Ed. Once he realized that his chance to tell him was taken. He put the record away. He hasn’t brought it out again since. 

Drabble #2                                             Summer Rain |Rucas|

Based off of Tumblr Girls

                        You and I we’re made of glass, we’d never last

“Maybe around this time next year we’ll be here together wondering what could’ve went wrong. Heck, we’ll probably think ‘Why in the world did we think we were different?’. But you know what Riles it doesn’t matter if you’re going to NYU and I’m Going to A&M in Texas, what matters is that I love you and I know we can make this work.”

“Okay that was better but you’re still fidgety, I mean come on dude you’ve been waiting since 8th grade to ask her out again, do you really think you need to do all of this?” Zay questions while sitting on the couch at Topangas eating popcorn, it was there second-to-last summer together before their senior year and Lucas finally got the courage to ask her out. 

Well somewhat of courage.

“Zay I want to do this right, I mean we spent three years in a love triangle and it just ended last week when Maya finally said she was officially out and went to some art camp in Peru… I care about her a lot–”

“And you don’t wanna screw it up, blah blah blah, I know you’ve said it for years that you’d ask her out when it’s your moment and if it’s now then do it now”

“Do what now ?” Both of the boys turn their heads towards the door to see Riley walk in with a small smile on her face. She looked like a beauty in just her simple light blue skirt and bright hot pink crop top, her hair slightly curled as her black ankle high boots trudge against the floor. She looked between the two, now completely quiet, boys as they stared awkward at the ground. 

“I’m just gonna go ahead and head out before the storm starts up, knowing New York weather I’ve got about five minutes so tell your mom I said thanks again for letting me and Lucas stay here a bit longer” Zay told Riley as he gives her a quick hug and Lucas a knowing nod before leaving. She waved goodbye through the window before turning back to Lucas as he cleared his throat. To say it was slightly awkward between the two good friends was an understatement of the year, the tension between them constantly grew and grew before Maya’s depart just last week.It didn’t help that they had been arguing over the situation before he had blurted out his famous last words to Maya.

“I never liked you like that Maya, I thought I could if Riley told me to but I couldn’t and I still cant’t!, There Riley! I said it I said it and I meant it” He looked at the brunette who stared back at him with disappointment, as if she didn’t believe a word he said for her sake or Maya’s he couldn't tell with the way her eyes gleamed at him.

“Lucas that wasn–”

“It’s cool Riley, honestly we’ve been doing this for three years now, when is enough finally enough?” Maya questions looking down. She lets out a loud breath before clasping her hands together and standing in front of the two, Riley instantly falling back into the background of her best friend as she gains eye contact with the Texan boy.

“Since I don’t have long before my flight I’m just gonna say this one thing Huckleberry; I’m out, I’m out of the triangle for good, it’s done nothing but cause drama and honestly it doesn’t even feel like a triangle” She turns to look at her best friend as well, “It feels like I’m the third wheel who’s in the way”

“Maya no–”

“Honey it’s cool, honestly I don’t even remember what i felt for him but I promise I don’t feel it now so therefore I’m no longer in the triangle so it’s done” She confirmed staring at them both back and fourth.

“This is done”

Never in Riley’s wildest dreams did she think they ever get back here; in the uncomfortable silence holding her captive of what she truly wanted to say. 


“Soooooo” He replied with a small smudge look on his face as she looked up at him, her cheeks slightly turning pink as she looks away.

“What were you guys talking about ?”. Small Talk, that’s easy right ? Nothing bad or wrong about small talk.

Nervously, He moves his hand behind his head, the rain slowly pouring outside the shop doors, “You know.. guy stuff”.

“Really? What type of guy stuff” She asks as she heads behind the counter dropping her mother’s keys as she takes two cupcakes out, one cookie & cream and the other birthday cake flavored out for them. He sits down at the counter as she hands him the cookies & creamed flavor cupcake while she leans on the counter.

“Stuff” He spits out somewhat nonchalantly.

She makes a nervous laugh and munches a bit into her cupcake, “Okay”.

They once again sat quietly, looking away while munching on their cupcakes. All he wanted to do was tell her how he felt (for what felt like the hundredth time) and hoped she wouldn’t try to dismiss it with her unruly logic of her minds overthinking. He just wanted to finally hear her say she felt the same, hug her tight never letting her go, kissing her passionately as everything around them disappears. 

God now he really wanted to kiss her.

After a few more minutes of silence and them both finishing their food, he moves closer to her as she looks up at him.

“Riley there’s something I really need to tell you” He says, his breath already disappearing just for looking into the chocolate, hazel eyes of the beauty standing in front of him. She smiled up at him, her hands getting a little clamp as she brings them in front of herself.

“You can tell me anything”

Without holding any anticipation he lets out what she was solemnly hoping he wouldn’t, they’ve been over it in a nonsensical way more times she can count;saying what they want but not truly saying what they want, it was a never-ending cycle that she did not want to go through right now.

“Lucas if its–” 

“No wait, Riley, Listen” He says following after her as she unlocks topangas, with the rain coming off somewhat louder he closes the door before she gets a chance to reopen it.

“I need to say this, maybe this time you’ll listen to me”

“I always listen to you Lucas, but not about this not now, at least wait until Maya get’s back so we–”

“Riley we’re not in the triangle anymore, you don’t need Maya’s approval or her voice for what’s happening between us” He tried telling her but he could see the walls of her heart building themselves back up as their conversation skews to the topic they’ve done their best to avoid.

“There’s nothing happening between us” She whispers almost breaking her own heart as she pretends to believe the little lie, “There never was”.

His heart beats a little slower at the sound of that. While still taking in the blow, Riley moves to lock the door leaving them both outside as the rain picks up.

“You don’t believe that do you? You don’t seriously think there’s nothing going on between us” The Texan boy questions her as she stands there, not even daring to look into his emerald eyes knowing if she did she would crack right then and there.


“Look Maya is my best friend, and you guys dated and I don’t wanna be one of those backstabbing girls who steals their best friend’s ex boyfriend, I’m not that kinda girl Lucas and besides it wouldn’t matter if we got together we’d just break up within the week just like last time because everyone in our class thinks that you and Maya fit way better than you and me” She takes a chance and looks at him, seeing the mirroring reflection of hurt in his eyes.

“We don’t work, I don’t think we ever did” She moves and walks into the rain as it comes pouring down, she’s heading towards her car when he shouts no and runs in front of her and stops her.


“No Riley this isn’t fair, none of this is! I spent three years of my high school being tied in a triangle that never even existed. I had to even up every single joyful moment with you to Maya, I had to watch you go on dates with guys who only wanted to in your pants when you volunteered me to go with Maya for our group plans, Riley can’t you see ? Maya was right there was never a triangle. It was us, me and you Riles and you forced Maya into being a third wheel”

She scoffs at him,”Are you serious? Are you pinning this whole crap on me? Lucas, you caused this, you’re the one who went and kissed Maya at the fire-camp, it’s not my fault that I just assumed you had feelings for her after that since you were completely okay with going with her to the dance and out to dates!!”

“The kiss didn’t even happen and you told me to date her!” He shouted, his face wet with raindrops and her hair and skirt dripping down. 

“And you listened !!” She yelled back, “Just admit it Lucas, you cared for her and you loved her… and that you never felt that for me” Her voice dying down as if she were hoisting up a white flag of surrender, she was so tired of their fighting over something that obviously was stupid, why couldn’t he just admit he never cared about her ?

“Riley don’t you get it? I am hopelessly in love with you, I have been since the 7th grade since you made me feel like I could be a better person, Since I realized that without you I never would’ve survived New York and that I would be back in the same position that I was in when I was in Texas. Without you I’d never learn to grow or be thankful for little things like having real friends or learning to trust, Riley you’re one of my favorite people to talk to and you’re probably… no you are the most important person in the world to me and without you and your amazing love and kindness and beauty, I would probably out on the streets of New York bruised and battered way worse than before I got here.” He told her as he moved closer to her, her wet locks covering her face as she looks down to the ground, he moves her hair out of the way and holds her face in his hands.

“Riley people will say whatever the fuck they want to say, the only person’s opinions on us that I care about is yours and mine,and I know you’re insecure and worried about what they think and what Maya may think but it doesn’t matter, nothing matters when it comes to how we feel about each other.” He rubs her cheeks as she looks up at him, small yet unsheathed tears are clouding her hazel eyes..

“And you cannot stand here and tell me you don’t feel anything” He whispers, his eyes shifting between her eyes and her lips, one hand slowly and gently running down her cheek to her lower back causing her to close her eyes and breathe a little more heavier.

“I can’t feel my face, not when you touch me like that” She mumbles, her arms slowly crossing over behind his neck.

“I can’t feel my heart, not when you hold me like this” She laughs lightly as she holds onto him, his hand still tracing her back that covered with wet hair, her eyes open and she’s once again looking right as his lips. Sometimes it surely didn’t help that her height stopped right at his lips, especially in times like this. Both clouded with only one thought, they collide to make it a reality of bliss. Feeling her heart swell up in joy and his in full blissfulness it was easy to get loss in each other, especially when it felt as good as this. He twirls her around in his arms making her break the kiss from laughing just a little to hard. He sits her onto the ground as she stares up at him adoringly.

“I love you Lucas, I’ve always have”

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50 To Binge with 2D (could it be fluffy btw pls :'))

A/N: I tried to hard to make this fluffy for you (it will be in the end) but I forgot To Binge existed for a bit so I listened to it and cried a lot then I read what number 50 was and cried again. This song played with my emotions sO MUCH WOW I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT THO BC MY HEART HURTS A BIT 💓

“I need you to forgive me.”

You were staring at the small bag that you had stocked up for while now and back at the the trash bin. This was super hard for you. This tiny bag was like your safety net, you felt reassured whenever you had it and you thought you needed it around. But it’s drugs, and you’re tired of going on that path. It cost you so much; your boyfriend, possibly the best job you had, and the genuine joy you once had before ever experiencing that tiny bag. You were sick of it. You cringed at the thought of your past and as dropped it into the trash, hesitating a bit before realizing retreating it wouldn’t be the best idea. You let out a defeated sigh when you hear a knock at your door, looking at the clock wondering if it was your food. You open the door and nearly choke when you saw who it was.
There he was, in the flesh, just as you remembered him: except a bit off. His hair seemed messier and he looked more tired, which you didn’t think was possible. He clung onto his jacket and looked up from his shoes to you. No matter his appearance though, you’re heart still did a small flip when you opened the door.
“Hello, y/n…Can I come in?”
“I-I don’t know, I-”
The way the please came out hit a string in your heart, it was so tired and desperate. Plus it was cold and nearly dark out you couldn’t just leave him.
“Yeah, yeah come in,” you stutter moving out of the way to let him in.
A small ‘thank you’ leaves his lips as he entered the room, shuttering at the temperature change before turning to you.
“I’m sorry to drop by. It’s just, I ran into one of your old friends and we started talking and she said how you’re tryingtoquitandIreally missyoua-”
“Wait slow down, I can’t understand you.”
He exhales in distress before refocusing and saying, “I really miss you. I’m sorry on how things ended. Mila told me where you lived and that your planning on quitting and I-I’m trying I really am. But I still love you and every time I think about the mistakes I made I can’t help but go back. I need you to forgive me, please give me another shot. I think if i have your help and support and just you all together actually, I can be better and I really really want to be.”
Your silence really unsettled him and your eyes focus on the trash bin slightly confused him. You were rethinking back to the last few days before you split. The distant and unfamiliar feelings, the constant arguments, the inability to regain past feelings, the tears. And all because of the pills and joints.
“Y/n, are you alright?” Stuart asked when he saw small tears forming in your eyes.
“Stuart, do you really, REALLY want to get better?” You asked, startling him a bit.
“Ye-yes! Yes I really, really want to.”
“Alright,” you exasperate. “I’ll help you-but well start off slow alright? On everything, cutting off, replacements, this” you say pointing at the two of you. “And we’ll see how it goes ok?”
“Got it, thank you so much.” He says, pulling you into a hug, smiling from ear to ear.
You stumble a bit at the impact, but the comfort you felt in him made you return the hug.
Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad

later on: you both get closer again and quit your addictions completely, have a family and a content life together

A list of BTS’ most socially-conscious, thoughtful, woke, non-love songs:

2 Cool 4 Skool (2013)

No More Dream * = about the pressure of the younger generation to follow the dreams of their parents/elders and give up the dreams of their own

길 (Road/Path) = about taking the untraditional path despite the uncertainty of the future

O!RUL8,2? (2013)

Intro: O!RUL8,2? = about pursuing your own dreams, taking chances, and living without regret

N.O * = about the machine-like nature of the current education system

팔도강산 (Satoori Rap) = about being proud of where you’re from and your dialect. acknowledges and unifies Korea’s vast linguistic/provincial diversity

Skool Luv Affair (2014)

Tomorrow = about making the future better by being the instigator for change and never forgetting who you really are

등골 브레이커 (Spine Breaker) * = comments on consumerism/materialism and respecting your elders

Jump = about remembering the hopeful dreams of one’s youth and growing up to become the hero of your own childhood

Dark & Wild (2014)

힙합성애자 (Hip Hop Lover) = about the power of music to change one’s life

Rain = comments on the repetition/monotony of life and that fact that one has to confront oneself in order to create change

BTS Cypher, Pt. 3: KILLER = haters? “i don’t give a fuck”

핸드폰 좀 꺼줄래 (Can You Turn Off Your Phone) = comments on society’s obsession with social media and the decline of face-to-face communication

2학년 (Second Grade) = about working hard and staying humble in order to reach the top

Wake Up (2014)

The Stars = about facing the ups and downs of life and never giving up no matter what

Wake Up = about continuing to work hard as others sleep & taking control of one’s life

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1 (2015)

Intro: 화양연화 * = comments on the uncertainty of the future, the search to find one’s purpose, and the dangers of comparing oneself to others

I NEED U * = going beyond a classic love song, the song comments on the insecurity of youth

쩔어 (DOPE) * = about waking up the sleeping youth and breaking the stereotypes placed upon the younger generation by working hard to reach the top. reject rejection!

흥탄소년단 (Boyz with Fun) = about ignoring the judgement of other’s and doing what makes you happy

이사 (Move/Moving On) = about remembering/learning from the past while reaching for a higher place

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2 (2015)

Intro: Never Mind * = about looking forward and working even harder if you feel like falling down

Run * = about not letting anything stop you from pursuing your passions

Butterfly = comments on the insecurities of youth & the fears of feeling dependent on someone

Whalien 52 = about loneliness & feeling like no one is listening/understanding

Ma City = comments on being aware/proud of your hometown’s history (& also calls out a Korean online terrorist group that targets minorities and leftists, especially people from Jeolla province, were J-Hope was born)

뱁새 (Baepsae/Silver Spoon) = comments on the concept of social status/privilege and the growing gap between the upper and lower class

고엽 (Dead Leaves) = comments on the difficulty of giving up something good for the better

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever (2016)

불타오르네 (FIRE) * = about how one should live however one wants to without labels & that it’s okay to lose

Save ME * = comments on the duality of youth (happiness and sadness) and thanks ARMYs for accepting who they (BTS) are and letting them be who they are

Epilogue: Young Forever * = comments on the difficulty, but importance, of facing reality, moving forward, and following one’s dreams

House of Cards = comments on how ignorance can be bliss but that reality will always catch up eventually

YOUTH (2016)

Good Day = comments on brotherhood and the importance of lifting each other up to create a brighter tomorrow

Wishing On A Star = about not being afraid to have big dreams because the more you hope, the more likely it will come true

Wings (2016)

Intro: Boy Meets Evil * = comments on the dangerous addiction of greed/ambition

피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears) * = comments on the danger/ease of succumbing to temptation & losing the innocence of youth

Begin * = about brotherhood & how the other members shaped him to become who he is today

Lie * = about feeling trapped under the lies he told himself & losing his identity in the process

Stigma * = about struggling with his self-identity & his guilt because he can’t always be there for the people he cares about

First Love * = about how the piano guided him to recover his passion for music

Reflection * = about insecurity, loneliness, self-hatred & learning to love himself

MAMA * = about thanking his mom for always supporting him & telling her she can lean on him now

Awake * = about acknowledging his limits and imperfections but trying hard anyway & putting the other members before himself

Lost = comments on the uncertainty of growing up and finding one’s own path

BTS Cypher Pt. 4 = about not listening to those trying to bring you down & to love yourself

Am I Wrong = comments on the corrupt government system that doesn’t care about the general public and only focuses on pleasing the top 1%

21 세기 소녀 (21st Century Girls) = comments on the unjust treatment of females in current society & a women-empowerment message of strength and self-love

둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를) (2! 3!) = about enduring/overcoming hardship by sharing your burdens and finding strength from one’s loved ones

You Never Walk Alone (2017)

봄날 (Spring Day) * = comments on government corruption by referencing the Sewol Ferry Tragedy & is about missing a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time

Not Today * = about empowering the underdogs/minorities/women of the world

Outro: Wings = about believing in oneself and having trust in one’s decisions in order to choose one’s own path

A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone = comments on the importance of teamwork in order to dream bigger and reach higher

name: video w/ lyrics

=: live performance/dance practice

*:official music videos/trailers

My mind felt a little static-y tonight so I did some pose drawing from references to calm myself down. it turned into voltron, as it so often does.

10 Tips For New Kpop Fans

1.) Find some underrated groups! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with loving the most popular groups such as EXO, BigBang, BTS, etc. I love them, too! But I have found my greatest loves in some of the smaller groups. They seem to have greater fan interaction, and not to mention, it’s just fun to watch them grow. There’s nothing better than finding a newly debuting group and watching them grow.

2.) Girl groups, girl groups, girl groups! While it’s easy to get caught up in the fever of loving boy groups, don’t be afraid to branch out and listen to some of the talented girl groups out there. Their concepts can range from adorable to powerful, with everything in between.

3.) Don’t forget about solo artists. And I don’t just mean the solo albums put out by members of existing groups! There’s Ailee, Crush, Zion.t, and so many more talented soloists. Not to mention, that makes it easier to pick a bias ;)

4.) Shipping is okay! But… don’t be rude about it. There are some idols that are uncomfortable being shipped with others, and don’t like to hear about it. Write all the fanfiction you want, run a blog about your otp, but don’t annoy the idols themselves. There’s nothing worse than seeing comments on SNS and livestreams asking if they are dating someone, or if the other member is there with them.

5.) Try not to over-sexualize them. Of course, we all get a little thirsty when it comes to the sexy concepts a group can have, but you have to keep it within reason. There is so much more to them than the subject matter of their songs or the way that they dance. There’s a fine line between enjoying a sexy concept and fetishizing their every move.

6.) Don’t start fan-wars or compare artists. There’s nothing worse to me than hearing someone say that their fav is better than someone else’s. Truthfully, each and every artist works so hard to get where they are, and we as a fandom need to recognize that. For example, I am not a fan of BTS, but I respect them and recognize that they work incredibly hard to do the things they do. They deserve every moment they have recieved in the spotlight. It’s okay to dislike someone, but don’t try to make it into a contest. We are all just here to listen to good music. :)

7.) It’s okay to be a casual fan. Not everyone needs to get swept up in the obsession over kpop. One can listen to the music without knowing a single member’s name and still be a kpop fan! If you want to run a blog and watch every interview and memorize blood types and heights, you can. But if you simply want to listen to a few songs every now and again, you’re still a fan. Welcome to the kpoppin’ world.

8.) Don’t be embarrassed! It’s easy to think you’re weird for liking kpop if you live in a small town like me, but in truth, you’re never alone. And even when you feel like the only one on the planet that likes it, you’re allowed to rock it. Wear your merch, listen to your music, and scroll through your blog in front of others. There’s nothing wrong with loving what you love. (If you are being bullied already for your interests, please reach out for help.)

9.) Whitewashing is a no-no. I love me a good kpop edit, and kudos to those who make them, but please do NOT whitewash them. Melanin is a good thing, and their natural skin is something they should be proud of. Some photos are posted by them already over exposed, but the edits are different. If you think their skin is too dark, perhaps you should choose a different picture to edit.

10.) Unless you are actively learning Korean, please do not use random Korean words while you are speaking. Not only is it slightly annoying, it’s offensive. If you don’t know or understand where it comes from, you just happen to know it, it’s disrespectful. If you are interested, there are many online courses you can take and apps you can download on ios for free to learn the language properly.

That is all I can think of! Enjoy your stay in this wild fandom. :)

and then there was me, a queer girl in the catholic church with traditional parents. i grew up with a fingernail caught in my throat. i changed the words to songs so i’d be singing about boys. i was scared of “gay”. my mother told me it meant happy but i knew it meant being pushed to the floor of the bus. i remember my bible school teacher telling us that the greatest sin a woman can have is not giving a man her love. i remember realizing i liked girls and putting it in a box i labelled dirty and couldn’t bring myself to touch. when i came out i had to ask if my parents still loved me, like the idea of their acceptance ended where my sexuality began. they pull back when i accidentally slip and admit i like a girl. they promise the church doesn’t hate us, just doesn’t let us get married under god’s roof with god present. oh it’s a fine marriage, we accept it, but technically in the eyes of the church i’m living in sin. it would be better if i liked men. when i was 7 i was sure i was going to unhappily marry a man just to make my parents happy. at 23 i might marry a man just to make my parents happy.

god was this hard thing we couldn’t figure out how to handle. god came beyond the doors of the church. my god answered me at night but reminded me to cower. my god killed my brothers and sisters in the hands of others. how am i to reconcile that god that felt like love and belonging with the god called down in conversion camps. how am i to say i love the light of god when i have seen it burn the flesh of others.

i watch it still. for a while i was spitting and hissing and wouldn’t let god near me. i think it was better then, when i had shut my doors to the idea of it. once i tried to find god again i found myself desperately lost in the forest.

i was always so alone in church. always different. it wasn’t until i mentioned it once in an online chat that i found someone else who had gone through the same thing. how terrible, to form a community of people who have all been cast out. how powerful.

we, together, discussing at two a.m if god is real and if she is where she begins and ends. my brothers and sisters and family - we are all so strong for having survived this. for having been spat out by what should have accepted us. that first community. that first slap. the book that taught us not all books are homes. the book that i spent hours combing over looking for where my flaws were entombed. that curse that keeps following us, doggedly, just when we thought we shook it off - watching others take god as an excuse to punish us, to put into law our discrimination, to enact and enforce violence against us. “god loves you,” we were told. is this what god looks like? our first relationship with abuse?

i am stuck with an eternity of questions. can we find our own god? can we find her in each other? do we leave god entirely, and just find love in the stories of us lost lambs? is god worth it? was the word of god really to ruin us? is god even to blame for any of this, or is this how humans are when they find something to hit? 

all i know is this: i am not alone. and if you’re like me, come to me. talk. i’ll listen. god only knows nobody else did.


I’ll take a deep breath and I’ll grow stronger;

My favorite part about listening or watching live TOP concert videos is when the audience just knows when to sing. Tyler doesn’t tell them what lyrics are next, and he doesn’t prompt them to sing. He just subtly goes silent and the crowd carries it on because they know where the lyrics fit in around the music. They’re just so familiar with these songs from late nights in their rooms, or long car rides, or while making art, that they just know how they should sound. 

And to hear it is one of the most powerful displays of unity I’ve ever experienced.

“Prom was invented just to make girls starve so they can fit in a dress and compete over a stupid title.”

“Uh –” Derek blinks, eyes his sister dubiously, “I’m not a girl?”

Cora huffs. “Whatever.”

In the kitchen Laura bursts out laughing. “Don’t worry.” She yells. “Cora is just jealous she will have to wait five years to go to her own prom.”

“I’m not going!” Cora yells back. “Prom is stupid, I don’t even know why you’re going,” she tells Derek, “it’s not like you know how to have fun.”

Derek raises an eyebrow while Laura just laughs harder. “Oh my god.” Their older sister says. “I stay away for six months and Cora turns into a sassy queen.” She walks into the living room, pretends to wipe at her eyes. “I’m so proud.”

“You two are ridiculous.” Derek says, turning around. “And I’m just going because Erica promised to pay me. With ice cream.” Then he gives Cora a wicked smile. “That I’m not going to share with either of you.”

“You are the worst brother!” Cora yells as he begins to climb the stairs. “And I hope you fall on your ass while trying to dance!”

“Can’t hear you!” Derek’s cell begins to ring. “Too busy getting ready to prom!”

Laura lets out a high-pitched laughter. “I love you two so much.”

Derek shakes his head fondly, closes his bedroom door behind himself just as Cora tells Laura to shut up. “Hey.” He answers the phone, collapsing on his bed. “What’s up?”

“Yo,” Stiles answers, “whatcha doing?”

“Listening to my sisters fight.” He says, snorting when he hears his dad start complaining about all the yelling and ‘no, Cora, I’m not letting you go to prom, you’re thirteen!’. “I’m gonna have to check the trunk of my car tomorrow night.”

Stiles laughs. “She’s not that good.”

“If you keep teaching her, she will be.” Derek blurts out, curses himself mentally when he realizes it came out harsher than he intended.

It’s just – sometimes he can’t help it. He’s known Stiles since they were four, Cora wasn’t even born then, but one day she turned eleven and Stiles became her new favorite person. Stiles couldn’t find it funnier and took Cora as his little apprentice. He even taught her how to cheat on Mario Kart.

He’s never taught Derek that.

Derek rolls his eyes, thinks about his little sister still downstairs pouting and trying to convince their dad that she’s old enough to go out. He shouldn’t be jealous of her, but the thing is – he grew up with two sisters, he knows how to share toys and food, but he doesn’t know how to share Stiles.

Because Stiles is his.

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I know I’m not the only one still screaming about this, but I’ve just gotta screaming about this some more. 

Dean. Made Cas. A fucking mixtape. 

Like, I just wanna make SURE that you younger folks that were raised during the digital age are fully understanding this (and I apologize if that sounds like I’m talking down to you I just need to make SURE you understand).

Dean made Cas a MIXTAPE.

Not a mix CD. Not a custom playlist. 

No. He made an actual MIXTAPE.

He took the time to sit there and record each individual song. You hit record, press play on the source, sit there, and listen while it records onto the tape. Then the song ends, and you hit “pause,” and repeat. You have to make sure the tape doesn’t run out in the middle of a song. You have to get the timing right so there’s not too much blank space on one side of the tape. 

And it’s like one of the biggest fucking signs of a crush ever, because then you know someone bothered to put craft and time into it just for YOU.

Dean made Cas a goddamn fucking mixtape.

[TRANS] 170523 Kim Hyunjung's News Show - Phone Interview w/ Rap Monster

KRN - ENG © ktaebwi

Kim Hyunjung (KHJ): Hello Rap Monster. Congratulations!

Rap Monster (RM): Hi, nice to meet you, this is Rapmon from BTs.

KHJ: You are in Las Vegas right?

RM: We have some additional schedules so we’re heading to LA from Las Vegas noe. Please excuse me for taking the call while on the road, thank you.

KHJ: You’re really well-manner. I’m the one who should say thank you for taking the call in such situation.

RM: It’s my honor.

KHJ:To be honest, did you go there with expectation?

RM: Of course, we had a lot of expectation. We thought that we shouldn’t have any expectation but at the same time, we expected a lot too. “They called us all the way here, wouldn’t they give us the award? But anyway let’s not hope too much,” we were kind of in a dilemma.

KHJ: How did you feel like when they called out BTS’ name at a stage like that?

RM: We talked about this among ourselves already too, it didn’t feel real. We just went out to the stage like we were being possessed by something, and in front of us were people like Drake, DJ Khaled. It felt like we were dreaming.

KHJ: Felt like you were dreaming? Back then when you were a trainee, have you ever dreamt of a stage like this?

RM: We actually have never dreamt of anything this big. When we were still trainees, around 1 year before debuting, we went to see a sunbae group’s concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. We talked about having to stand on this kind of stage at least once before retiring. We didn’t dare to imagine of attending an award show like BBMAs and receiving an award in front of such people.

KHJ: So you were watching the concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena and you said “Wow, we have to do a concert here at least once before we die, don’t we?”. Was it your dream?

RM: It was nearly exactly what I said. For real.

KHJ: Those trainees now walked on the dream stage of Billboard and became the first among K-pop idol groups.

RM: It’s our honor.

KHJ: What do you think is the main factor to such global popularity? What is the core point?

RM: The local media outlets always ask us this too so I thought about this a lot, since I have to answer them. And I asked around too, of course. I think K-pop is like a gift set, an assorted gift ser. The music, the choreography, music videos and what we always do, communication on SNS. These things are combined together and once you fall for something, for example, if you listen to the music, you will watch music videos, then if you find the choreography cool, you will look up for performances on Youtube and find the fun videos that we always shoot, then you will check out our SNS and find out what thoughts we have. I can say that it’s extremely easily accessible. So the process of becoming our fans is extremely easy too. And most of all, our typical type of music or lyrics tell the stories of the youth in all over the world, no matter if it’s across the globe or Korea, the youth all feel the same emotions. We think it can create a bond of sympathy more easily, letting them think “So they feel like this in Korea too.”

KNJ: Your songs are in Korean, can those feelings be delivered? Including the lyrics too?

RM: The Internet and such are developing strongly these days, so even if we just tweet something, a lot of people would immediately translate it to not just English, but also multiple languages like Romanian, Portugese.

KHJ: So they translate and make subtitles in multiple languages?

RM: That’s correct. Nearly all of our contents have subtitles, so it’s easier to know what we talk about, what we write, what our lyrics say. I think we are benefitting a lot from the media.

KHJ: An assorted gift set made up from those things. And the finalization of it, the finalization of 2017, we can think it’s BTS.

RM: Thank you for saying that.

KHJ: But Rap Monster, how can you speak so well like that?

RM: Thank you. There’s a lot of chances where I need to speak on behalf of the group, so I think I have to speak well to dignify our group. I always think in my head first.

KHJ: You pulled out English interviews perfectly too. The assorted gift set story you talked about is true in many ways. It makes me think idols are indeed incredible, you started from Olympic Gymnastics Arena and now took home a Billboard award. What will be your next goal?

RM: Our next goal is a worldwide stadium tour. Stadium tour is the kind of tour that attracts at lease 30,000, 40,000 to 50,000 audiences. I can say that our next goal is to hold a worldwide stadium tour.

KHJ: So us older generation can understand that it’s like when Michael Jackson holds a concert and have 3-40,000 audiences?

RM: Yes, we want to do that.

KHJ: Earlier you said when you went to the concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena yiu wanted to be like that sunbae group, who was that sunbae?

RM: They are called Highlight now right? We got a chance to go to Highlight - formerly known as B2ST - sunbaenim’s concert in 2012. We sat at the back.

KHJ: At the back?

RM: They were so cool so we told each other like “Let’s become like those sunbaenim”. We still sometimes talk about that among ourselves now.

KHJ: It would be even happier because you made it after going through hardships. Having a busy schedule must be really tiring right? What do you want to do first when you come back home?

RM: I always like enjoying the park or landscapes. I sometimes come to Gyeongbokgung too, it helps filling out the feeling of emptiness. I heard the Seoullo 7017 (a pedestrial overpass) has been opened.

KHJ: Yes, Seoullo. Oh, do you follow current events too? How did you know Seoullo is opened when you go abroad that frequently?

RM: I take a lot of flights and they always have newspapers there, so I read them.

KHJ: You need to be this level to become a global idol. Rap Monster, congratulations again. I hope you can soon come back and take a walk in the park or Seoullo 7017. I’ll continue to support and look forward to your future activities and worldwide stadium tour.

RM: Thank you.

Self Care

It’s Mental Health Month. May 1st. The beginning of it. I just want to post some tips on what I find useful when I feel anxious, depressed or lonely. Some tips on how to care for yourself mixed in here too. I know what it’s like to feel like nothing is going to work out and you feel like there is no point anymore. I still get sad from time to time but here is what I try to do to lower those horrible feelings. 

  1. Music 
    When I feel down I put on my chill playlist and listen to the songs. Not just recognize that the song is playing. I listen to every word, every beat, every instrument that makes a sound. I listen so hard that I forget everything else around me and forget everything that is going on in my head for a while. This actually really helps and especially if it’s a slow song, something that matches my mood. 
  2. Reading 
    Reading is one of my favourite things to do. I’m in love with words. And getting deep into one of my favourite books helps me forget for a while. Grab something to drink and maybe a snack, find a quiet and comfy place to relax and let yourself fall into a book. 
  3. Eat 
    When I feel depressed my appetite can go away pretty quickly. But if you don’t eat, you’ll feel even more tired and low. And that’s not good. So eat. Not junk food. Maybe a treat every now and again but make sure to eat healthy too. Fruit or vegetables. Maybe make some type of sandwhich or maybe eat a bowl of porridge. Whatever you want to make. But remember, not always junk food. And drink lot’s and lot’s of water. 
  4. Shower or bath 
    If you feel all ugh, and ew take a long warm shower or a bath full of bubbles. Taking a shower or bath might help you feel more relaxed and feel more taken care of. And keeping yourself fresh and clean will help help boost your system. 
  5. Fresh air 
    When I’m down, I get lazy. So the whole ‘take a long walk’ thing doesn’t go with me. What I like to do instead is open a window and stand there or take a chair and sit near there. I’m getting fresh air into my lungs which is good and I don’t need to get up and go outside to do it. Now getting exercise is a good thing to do too because it’ll boost your system also. But when you really can’t get up and walk far, just go to a window and read or listen to music.
  6. Cry 
    Yes crying is on this list. When you really need to let those tears out, just do it. If you’re in a place you feel comfortable enough to do it. Let it all out, for however long you need to. Crying doesn’t make you weak or a loser or whatever you think it makes you. It helps you. Instead of holding all those feelings in, you can let them out by crying. So just do it because a cry every now and again, will make you feel a little better. Hopefully. 
  7. Decorate and change it up
    This may be an odd one but it helps me. When I’m sad I’ll look up some quotes that I really like, write them on some paper and decorate the paper and stick it on my wall. Or sometimes I sift things around. If I think something in my room would look better in a different position then I’ll move it. I’ll maybe take some things down and hang something new up instead. Tidy my room too if it needs it. This helps because I’m focusing on other things. Where will this go? Does this look good on this wall? Things like that. Try it and see. 
  8.  Breathe 
    When I feel like I can’t breathe, I remember that I just need to take a minute. Look at my surroundings. What’s the colour of the walls? Breathe. What’s in the room? Breathe. What’s the weather like outside? Breathe. What’s my favourite food? Breathe. Do I have any plans this week? Breathe. Ask yourself some questions. Answer them and breathe. Breathe, breathe and breathe. Don’t let you make yourself small. Think bigger than what that stupid annoying voice in your head is telling you. Breathe. Because you’re worth it.

I hope these tips helped. I really do. And please, please REMEMBER… you are beautiful. You are so amazing and this world needs you in it. Maybe you feel like no one cares. But I guarantee you there is somebody out there who thinks the world of you. You are somebody’s moon. You’re that person who lights up the darkness for them. Don’t let your light go out. Stay strong and remember to love yourself and take care of yourself. You guys are more than welcome to ask me something if you need any advice or have any questions. The door is open and you are welcome. 

If I were being totally blunt and honest, I had no interest really in listening to the record. I wasn’t even terribly curious about it. But I kept hearing from people… Well first of all he put out this epic single a little while back about six minutes long called ‘Sign of the Times’ which I thought, 'Gosh this sounds like Bowie crossed with Pink Floyd.’ I mean it’s absolutely the last sound you expect from this kid. And I was reading an interview that he gave with the New York Times… and he said you know once he finally stepped out on his own and got to do whatever he wanted, he said, 'I want to make a record that I would listen to and I grew up listening to The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd and The Beatles.’ And you hear, as you heard on that song ['Carolina’], you hear the influences throughout this entire record. I think it’s pretty striking. He really does a great job with it. He’s only 23 years old, so I’m really looking forward to seeing where he goes with all of this. I’m just impressed that he was able to make such a left turn from everything that he knew leading up to this point.