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hI SCHool is coming for me and im transferring to a Very Expensive School and also i’m too lazy to do commissions so i’m making adoptables instead


  • $33 each
  • no holds
  • i only accept paypal!!
  • do not resell these
  • first come first serve
  • send me an ask if interested!
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I painted a little Rufus with some daisies and hydrangea flowers! 🌼
This was really fun to paint :>

Get well soon Stefán! 💜


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A/N: here it is!! this took forever to craft but i’m so so happy w how it turned out and this is just the beginning! i hope you all love it as much as i do <3

wc: ~4.5K

witch! hobi | witch!yoongi

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The Latest from the UK. There’s suggestions the military may be deployed regularly at public events


~Jump Rope Buddies!!!



Life Sentence - “Mom just left Dad.”

like, guys………………..if there were any Actual Real Life confirmage of Any of th heroes being ace

You Would Know

this blog would become nothing but me screaming incoherently for at least 4 days straight in all caps, all bold, the only thing i reblog is screenshots of whatever confirming source it was, i probably would be crying and record myself doing so

it would be a Real Big Huge thing and not just ‘#confirmed’

gastonsbiceps  asked:

PLEASE DO THIS ONE OH MY GOD WHEN I READ IT I LITERALLY COLLAPSED!! [Gaston is the one who tried his best not to feel anything for Lefou bUT FAILED OMF PLEASE] For Gafou: (37) “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”

THERE YOU GO sorry for any mistakes I’m not a native speaker blablabla and sorry it’s so vague but oh well, it’s just a little drabble thing :p

“I tried my best not to feel anything for you.” Gaston’s voice was strangely soft in its steadiness; something LeFou hadn’t heard in years. It wasn’t like him, and set a strange feeling in the pit of LeFou’s stomach.

What did he even mean?


Gaston stopped LeFou with a quick, sharp shake of his head, and a warning look.

“I regretted it. Everything I did to you,” he continued. “But I thought I’d rather die than admit I’d been wrong. I couldn’t give them that satisfaction now, could I?”

The laugh that followed was a sarcastic thing. Meanwhile LeFou was quiet, for the first time unsure of what to do. He knew Gaston well, better than anyone, but this? This was new, and utterly unexpected.

“I really tried,” Gaston repeated then. LeFou looked down. “But guess what, LeFou? I failed.”

Failed. That word didn’t sound right on Gaston’s tongue. Failure wasn’t something Gaston acknowledged, nor owned. If anything, there was nothing he hated more.

“Gaston, I’m not sure I understand—”

With two fingers under LeFou’s chin, Gaston made him look up. LeFou held his breath at the proximity, eyes widening as he abruptly understood what was going on—what was going to happen.

“What is happening, LeFou, is that I don’t care anymore,” Gaston said. His face was closer now, his lips almost brushing LeFou’s. “I know what I want, and if you allow me—I’m going to take it.”