and i liked that too


I didn’t expect anyone to request the twins so I’m pleasantly surprised :p

I like to call this “stop squishing Lily 2.0″

We’re All in This Together –– Law and Order: SVU 19x04: No Good Reason


First Steps

Zergnan was created @deductionfreak and this was also supervised by him : D

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I was tagged by @besitosbbh @kyungsooslatinagf  @1gothminseok @littlechefsoo @nunchiwrites (if I forgot anyone I’m sorry!) to post selfies + lockscreen + what I’ve been listening to!

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gods I wish I had an actual scanner

Black Paladin Allura

I think she would look hella nice with the Black Paladin uniform, what about you guys??

my gf picked me up today after i told her i was having a rough day and wanted juice but was too lazy to go out and buy some and she handed me orange juice and a rose and like it was a small gesture but it really made my entire day better and she really is so good

Wait a goddamn second

So… Since Darkiplier is Damien, Celine, and you (the viewer)… does that mean that he’s like… bigender or genderfluid or something? I just had this thought when I saw fan art of Dark in a dress and make up, embracing his Celine side. I’m probably thinking too much into this, but whatever. These are just my personal thoughts.