and i liked that i had this song in common with him

Every so often Walt would call us up to his office on a Friday afternoon. We knew what he wanted. When we got there, he would say, “I just wanted to know what you boys were up to these days.” Then he would turn around in his chair and stare out the window, like the first time we played it [Feed the Birds] for him, and he would say “Play it.” And we would…and you could just see Walt thinking “That’s what it’s all about, everything we do at Disney.” - Robert B. Sherman

I remember the first time we met. Neither of us knew what was going to happen between us did we? I remember when we held hands and how yours fit so perfectly into mine. I remember how you smiled whenever I looked at you and thinking it was the best smile I had ever seen. I remember how your eyes lit up when you found out that we had so much in common and thinking that your eyes were so beautiful. I remember when you first texted me. I almost dropped my phone. I remember when we had our first phone call and how my heart melted at the sound of your voice. I remember staying up at night listening to the songs you liked, which I ended up liking too. I remember thinking something had happened between us. Something DID happen, and I’m so glad it did.

Sixty-Nine Is The Only Dinner For Two.

Pairing: Broken!YoonSeok (Side!SugaMon)
Genre: AU!Angst
Rating: NC - 17 (For physical abuse, sex scenes and mature language)
Type: Oneshot
A!N: Based off Childish Gambino’s Heartbeat.
Word Count: 3202
Min Yoongi knows that Jung Hoseok is using him, emotionally and physically – like a common-place prostitute without the spare change and the seedy STD. But for a second or two or maybe even three he kids himself into believing that the glint in Hoseok’s eyes is something kindred to the love they had not long ago, before it all turned sour.

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anonymous asked:

After reading Stevie's explanation for "Fall from Grace" it sounds like she was mad at him for Kristen being pregnant, but she also told him to stay with Kristen because he would regret not being a full time parent if he left Kristen for Stevie. So even though Stevie wanted to be with Lindsey, she wanted him to be happy too and knew in the long run he would regret not being a full time parent to his child.

I know that’s been a fairly common theory people have had about how Thrown Down and Fall From Grace come into being. I understand why it seems very plausible. We do, however, tend to read our theories into songs more than let the theories be informed by the songs occasionally, I think. One thing to take into consideration is that even after Thrown Down and (at the very least) the chorus of FFG were written, Lindsey was hanging around. There’s one more than plausible detailed sighting of him on her Enchanted tour, at the very least.

I’m still slightly amused by the visual image I get of this poor, almost grieving Stevie selflessly sending Lindsey back to Kristen, and him just nodding his head and saying ‘yes, dear, whatever you say, dear’…

Day 8: Do you two have a song, or a song that reminds you of them right now?

Do my thickems and I have a song? I would say we have artist that we have in common that we like, like Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Big Sean, J Cole,  etc. He always is getting me hip to something new. A song that reminds me of him lately has been “YNO” by  Rae Sremmurd feat Big Sean because I remember when we danced around his room to their whole album being really cute and had a great time for no reason . Just being together and in the moment.



So last semester I had this boy for a class, we sat right besides each other & we became friends. We had an upcoming project so we exchanged numbers, he texted me a couple of days later and began a conversation. We shared likes and dislikes, we had a lot in common like we both enjoyed Ed Sheeran’s music and I told him my favorite song he sang was Drunk. One day he sent me a cover of him singing an Ed Sheeran song.. He sang very well. The project came up, and the next day was the last day of class. The next day he texted me confessing his like for me and invited me out for coffee because he said he enjoyed my presence but could tell school stressed me out (the only place I saw him) and that he wanted to see me outside of school. I overlooked the date and missed. He kept texting me and I freaked so I stopped communication. And I receive this today *a video of Ed singing drunk in concert

Two Can Keep A Secret

“Where is that guy when you need him…” she muttered, following that minor complaint up with several ‘ow’s as she walked.

She looked like a mess; face and hands decorated with several cuts, scrapes, bruises and a few emergency bandages here and there. Her clothes were covered in dust and some wear and tear around her knees. She probably should have patched herself up first, but instead she was urgently looking for ‘McGrumpyface’ again.

At this point the townspeople weren’t even surprised to see her in such a state; it had become a common thing to them. More than that it was surprising how fast she always was back on her feet again after incidents. So most of them simply answered with a ‘Sorry, haven’t seen a guy like that’ or ‘Yes I think he went that way,’ when she asked about Ren’s current location.

As quick as she still was on her feet, she was more than relieved when she finally found him a little up ahead. Enough to not even pay attention to whatever he was doing and contemplating whether it was a right time to interrupt his activity for this important thing of hers. (Knowing him, it would never be a good time anyway.)

“Hey! You’re never gonna believe what happened to me this morning! So I was sitting at my table just eating breakfast and suddenly I fell right through the floor! The floorboards apparently gave up on me and broke– and no I’m not going to ask you to repair them for me.” She figured she’d mention that before he’d roll his eyes and walk away again. After all she did have him move around furniture for her before. 

“There’s something below my home which I’m pretty sure you’ll want to see. You should come with me and check for yourself.“

Please bear with us

The most charming child was crying like never before as I left him wounded.
I had no option but to surrender unto you.
Now I know that I have been selfish and I regret it. I miss him. And soon you’ll hear a goodbye.
These years with you and without him have made me strong; strong enough to leave you and protect him.
As I will meet him, he may think I am his new friend, but It is not so. I already know all the things he loves.
He loves to travel, This is one of the common things we both love to do.  I will take him on a journey to the places he wants to go.
He loves to wake up before the sunrise.  I wonder if I can get up so early. I will try, and soon we will be meditating together.
Copying the chirping birds, walking barefoot on the fresh grass, being spontaneous and singing crazy songs, random and colorful sketching at public places, I remember everything.
I will fall in love with him again. I will hug him. And I hope I will heal his wounds.
And one day my inner child will identify me again.
Please bear with us. I will miss you and the way you made me stronger.