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When Edmund realizes he’s in love with you

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  • He probably realizes he’s in love with you when you pull a prank on him that he completely falls for
  • And he’s like, “Aslan, I love her”

  • The words just leave his lips and he’s surprised

  • He’ll go tell Lucy about it first

  • And then Lucy would freak out and shout, “I knew it! You love Y/N!”

  • Then Ed would have to tell her to shut up because you might hear

  • Then Lucy would run off to tell Peter and Susan obviously

  • Susan would send a knowing smile towards Ed and Peter would smirk at him

  • Of course, it didn’t take long for you to find out Ed loves you

  • Because how couldn’t you when they tease you every time they see the two of you together

  • You and Edmund went out for a ride and when you both took a break you confronted him about it

  • And he’s stuttering and rambling

  • “I…uh, yeah” “I mean, you’re so beautiful,” “And I just…I can’t not love you” “But that doesn’t mean you have to love me, I mean if you do, that would be great—“

  • And you cutting him off when you pull him in for a kiss

  • “Shut up, Ed.”

  • When you pull away, he’s blushing

  • He’s blushing and stuttering but he somehow still has the courage to say, “Make me.”

  • So you kiss him again and just when things start to get pretty heated, Phillip decides to interrupt the both of you

  • “Your Majesty, Lady Y/N, as much as I love seeing you two finally admit your feelings for each other and kiss, I would appreciate it if you did it behind closed doors.”

  • So you were forced to pull away and you both end up blushing hard as Phillip and your horse laughed—or like neighed, idk.

  • “I love you, Y/N.”

  • “I love you too, Ed.”

  • “Your Majesty, Lady Y/N—“

  • “Phillip!”

  • “I’m sorry, Your Majesty”
In a heartbeat (Chapter 2)

A/N: OMG, you guys, I am literally startled. Thank you all so much for your positive and numerous feedback, I never thought this new project would be so well received. Enjoy the next chapter! ♥

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Ride - Bucky Barnes

Request: Can I please V-Day smut with Bucky? Bucky, stolen bouquet of roses and a kiss… and that’s all I want for Valentine’s Day :D ((Anon))

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Smut. Thigh-riding. Dirty talk.

A/n: I’m a slut for thigh-riding.

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You were sitting on the small couch of yours and Bucky’s apartment. It was in New York, and front his high up you could barely hear the traffic below. But you were starting to worry, Bucky hadn’t been home all day, which you hadn’t worried about at first; he said he was going to have lunch with Steve, which you were always fine with, but when he wasn’t home around three you got anxious.

Now it was eight at night, and Bucky still wasn’t home. You were pacing, running your hands through your hair and glancing out the window every other minute. The door clicks open and you spin around, running down the hall and hugging him.

“I got worried when you didn’t come home.” He presses a kiss to your cheek as you pull away and reveals from behind his back a bouquet of roses.

“They’re beautiful.” You take them from him staring down at the white and black roses. You never really did like the color red, too much to do with Hydra.

“I had to find the most beautiful roses for the prettiest woman in the world.” You blush, looking up to him and smiling.

“Let me go find a vase.” You walk quickly into the kitchen, and fish a vase from the bottom shelf of your lazy susan.

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Unfriendly Competition // Min Yoongi


the prompt: I’ve been thinking lately about dragons;; Could I request a Dragon Tamer!AU with Yoongi of BTS? Where you two are both dragon-tamers in training (like you’re both students under the same master, kind of thing?) and you two have a very intense rivalry that’s literally all pent up romantic tension but of course neither of you realize it~ So you’re constantly teasing and trying to one-up each other, but things go too far when one of the baby dragons gets hurt?? And in nursing it back to health you two grow closer, and start to realize that you don’t hate each other as much as you thought… and actually might even like each other??

words: 3682

category: fluff!!

author note: i had fun writing this!! your requests are always fun to write tbh. i hope everyone enjoys this! (also, i made the flame dragon’s name susan because dan and phil okay bye)

- destinee

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I start my new job today March 27th, 2017 after wrongful termination from my previous job March 1st, 2017. I went through something very traumatic, I had never lost a job before. Not only that, I had never had to make sure I could pay my bills and slip by on skipping out on meals or so. Never before. I struggled night and day trying to find a profession. I had numerous interviews, I had no luck in call backs that were good news. I was defeated and disappointed because now I needed a job, instead of just wanting one for my own income. I have bills to manage and keep up with. I didn’t have a choice to be lazy. Thankfully I am not out on my own, my parents kept telling me to take it easy but me being myself, that wasn’t happening.
I kept that job on my resume to prove I had experience in jobs I was applying for and despite the wrongful termination, I allowed those jobs to contact for proof of work experience. This was a life lesson for me; anything at any point can happen. Your parents and teachers inform you of that throughout your entire life, but they don’t discuss how realistic it is in adulthood when you not only can “expect the unexpected” but you can damn well sure to be terrified when the “unexpected” could very well send you into mental breakdowns. On my resume I had certification for the jobs I was applying for, hours I put into making damn sure I could use those later in life for these purposes. I was rejected. Because Susan was fifty with twenty years of experience while I was twenty with four years of experience. Of course with odds like that you’re going to lose. And that breaks your heart, how could you lose like that? So once again, I was defeated. Then I ran across this post that @kimreesesdaughter posted about how to finesse an interview and how to “bone up” on your resume. It was a blessing because I took the advice. On that same post @dickprintbandit commented telling people she could finesse resumes and fix them up for you. I decided that I needed some help, so I called to her. She not only fixed my resume for me, she gave me life tips and pointers for even if you have all the experience in the world, an employer will still doubt your abilities. I didn’t lose hope thanks to her. She fixed my resume, made it more than just professional and presentable, she made it my own and it is heart warming to inform people of this, of how she helped me land the best job I get to start today. My dream job.
If you’re struggling with a resume or how to finesse an interview I highly recommend @dickprintbandit because she was more than a blessing for me, she became a long time friend. She will make your resume the experience they are looking for and will boost your confidence with it too. She does them for no cost, although I say give her a follow and a shoutout once she turns your life around for you. My resume helped land me a job before the month ended, meaning I can continue my career without a break in cycle. I can pay my bills and also have fun at my new job and my world is coming back together again thanks to her help. I cannot say thank you enough to her.
She’s also a great listener and has wonderful advice. Please consider her if you need help, she’s quite a joy.

Caspian x Reader - Won’t Miss This Chance

Request: Caspian x reader where they meet when she & the Pevensies return and he falls in love with her. She has to go back to our world, but comes back with Lucy and Ed on the Dawn Treader. He finally confesses his feelings, she stays and they get married :)

Caspian x Reader - Won’t Miss This Chance
Setting: PC then VDT
Contains: Variations of PC and VDT so it doesn’t follow the movie exactly. That way, it doesn’t end up being like those fanfictions where the main character (or the reader in this case) takes the best lines. Cus personally, those ff got super boring whenever I read them.
Word Count: 1782

Enjoy! I got sorta lazy/didn’t know how to write the ending so I hope you guys are fine with all of this.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Is this… Narnia?” (Y/n) asked as she looked at her surroundings on the beach. The Pevensies stopped splashing water around and looked at their friend who entered Narnia for the first time. Susan had told her of the stories and the others told theirs. (Y/n) was honored that they had picked her to tell the stories. Lucky them, she believed it. Of course, (Y/n) will always believe Susan, she was her best friend after all.

“It should be,” Peter replied. (Y/n) slowly started to grin then she jumped into the water with the Pevensies.

“This is great! I never thought I would make it to Narnia with you guys,” (Y/n) started to splash her friends. 

“Well, if that’s the case that means Aslan needs us here,” Lucy told her. (Y/n) looked at her. She heard all about Aslan and each and every time they mentioned him all her worries disappeared. She felt like how she did when she found out she was going to study abroad at England. But ten times better. 

“But why?” Edmund asked. 

“I think we’ll found out sooner or later, look.” Susan pointed up on top of the hill where ruins were. 

“Were there ruins in Narnia?” Edmund looked at his siblings. They all exchanged a look and then got out of the water to go explore and discover where they were in Narnia.

“I am Prince Caspian the Tenth,” the long haired boy spoke out proudly. “Who are you?” 

“Peter, High King Peter of Narnia,” Peter answered. Caspian was taken aback. The horn had called the Kings and Queens of Old. He looked at them all but grew confused when he saw someone he didn’t recognize from the stories. Yet, at that moment he grew attracted to her. 

“But who are you? I only remember two Kings and two Queens,” Caspian motioned towards (Y/n). He would have remembered someone as beautiful as her in the stories. 

“(Y/n). (Y/n) (L/n) friend of the Kings and Queens,” (Y/n) answered. Caspian was completely transfixed by her voice. It was loud yet graceful. Commanding yet gentle. Almost everything about her was the definition of beauty. He just couldn’t wait to get to know her. 

Time seems to go by really fast when you’re having fun. And that’s what (Y/n) was having, fun! With the Narnian air working on her the moment she entered Narnia, a lot like the Pevensies, she grew much braver, stronger, and skillful in fighting. Which certainly caught the eyes of a certain Prince. 

But of course, all good things must come to an end and that was what happened, an end. 

“I’m afraid this is where we leave,” Peter said to all of us. He looked at the tree that teleported three people not that long ago then back at us. “Back to England.” 

“What?” (Y/n) was barely able to breath out. “But, the stories you told me. Can’t we stay a bit longer?” Her eyes started to water a bit. 

“Would we ever come back?” Lucy asked. 

“You guys are,” Peter motioned to (Y/n), Lucy, and Edmund. 

“We’re not,” Susan finished. She had the saddest smile on her face. Right when she got used to living in Narnia once more, it got snatched away. 

“But, I’m the same age as you Susan, why do I get to come back?” (Y/n) questioned. Aslan, who was sitting down and facing them, spoke up.

“It is because you still have a lot to learn, they have learned what they can here in Narnia. Now it’s time they learn things in your world.” (Y/n) nodded in understanding. It was in that moment when they all went to say their goodbyes. (Y/n) walked up to Caspian and they stood in front of each other before enveloping each other in a hug. 

The five started to walk towards the tree and Caspian finally mustered up all the courage he could gather.

“Wait- (Y/n)!” He tried to reach out towards (Y/n) but it was too late. They were long gone. 

Aslan walked up beside Caspian and looked up at him, “Don’t fret, dear one. You will see her again.” A lonely tear ran down Caspian’s face before he quickly wiped it away. 

Three years passed in Narnia. Only one had passed for (Y/n). Edmund and Lucy were at their cousin’s house for the summer in Cambridge. (Y/n) lived with her family. Though, one day (Y/n)’s family decided to pop into Cambridge for some family matters. (Y/n) took this chance to go visit Edmund and Lucy.

“Uncle Harold, I bought all of what we could but they didn’t have carrots again,” Lucy carried the bag into the house with Edmund and (Y/n) following from behind. “I also hope you don’t mind that a friend of ours can come over for a bit.” (Y/n) stood there awkwardly staring at the man who was reading a newspaper but didn’t pay any attention towards the three kids. Edmund, who disliked his cousin, Eustace, and Aunt and Uncle strongly, stuck out his tongue at him. 

“Father, Edmund’s making faces at you!” A voice from the stairs yelled. (Y/n) spun around and before she knew it, Edmund chased the poor kid. (Y/n) stared at Eustace then looked back at Lucy. 

“I’m sorry,” Lucy said then she went off to start putting the groceries away. “You can stay in my room a bit, up the stairs and the third door on the right.” 

“Thanks, Lu,” (Y/n) went up the stairs and then walked into Lu’s room. She saw a painting hanging on the wall and she slowly walked up towards it. 

“It’s very Narnian looking isn’t it?” (Y/n) jumped but realized it was just Edmund. 

“Yes… I miss it a lot,” (Y/n) reached out towards the painting and stroked the ship that was drawn on it. 

“Edmund, (Y/n)! We got a letter from Susan!” Lucy ran into the room and then sat on her bed. Edmund sat down next to it. The two Pevensies continued to read it but (Y/n) continued to stare at the picture thinking about Caspian. 

“When do you think we’ll get back?” (Y/n) turned around to face her friends. “To Narnia, I mean.” 

“There was once three kids who wasted their time believing in old Narnia nursery rhymes,” Eustace came in from the door. (Y/n) ended up glaring at him, she barely knew him for an hour and she disliked him already. 

“Please let me hit him,” Edmund took a step towards Eustace but Lucy held him back. Eustace, who was obviously scared, tried to seem tough but had taken a step back. Then when he realized Lucy wouldn’t let Edmund hit him he walked towards the painting, lightly shoving (Y/n). 

“What’s so fascinating about this painting anyways? It’s hideous,” Eustace stared at the painting then looked back at the three. 

“If you dislike it so much, why don’t you get out of here,” Edmund spat back. 

“It’s my house, I do as I please,” Eustace said proudly. (Y/n) and Lucy were staring at the picture and they both started to notice that the water is moving. They looked at each other. 

“I-It’s moving!” They both said at the same time. The two tried to get Edmund’s attention but he spent his time going on about how he licked Eustace’s candy. Then finally when the two noticed what was going on, Eustace tried to smash the painting.

“Aslan is that your country?” Reepicheep asked. Lucy, Edmund, Eustace, Caspian, Aslan, Reepicheep, and last of all (Y/n) stared into the wave that seemed to stay still. 

“Yes, it is,” Aslan answered. 

“Well, if that’s the case,” Reep took out his sword and planted it into the ground, “if you may, I’ll lay down my sword and ask if I can enter into your country. It had been my dream to enter your country and see it with my own eyes.” Aslan chuckled and smiled.

“My country was made for noble hearts like yours,” Aslan looked back towards his country and a small boat made for someone the size of Reep sat at the shore. Reepicheep looked up at the magnificent Lion and then back at his dear friends. 

“Your majesty,” Reepicheep bowed towards Lucy. She walked forward and knelt down onto her knees. 

“May I?” (Y/n) smiled. Lucy was asking for a hug, something she always wanted to do since she met Reep.

“I-I suppose. Just this once-oof!” Lucy already bent down to hug him and Reepicheep melted into it. Reep went off to say his goodbyes to Eustace and then went off into Aslan’s Country. 

“It’s time to go home, isn’t it?” Lucy sniffled. “This is our last time here, too.” 

Aslan looked at Lucy sadly and nodded, “By knowing me a little bit here, I hope you learn me a bit more in your world.” 

“Then you’ll come visit us, won’t you?” Lucy asked. 

“I’ll be watching over you, always,” Aslan replied. Lucy gave Aslan a hug.

“It’s time to go Lu,” Edmund tugged on Lucy’s sleeve. Eustace walked up to Aslan and the same with (Y/n). 

“What of me?” Eustace questioned. 

“Narnia may have need of you yet,” Aslan answered. “And you, (Y/n), must stay. Caspian?” Aslan looked over at Caspian and he immediately walked over towards (Y/n). 

“I’m not going to miss my chance like I did last time, stay here with me in Narnia and be my queen,” Caspian almost demanded. (Y/n) had tears start to run down her face and she looked over at her friends. They smiled but their eyes showed sadness. They nodded, telling her to stay. 

“Yes, I-I’ll stay with you,” Caspian immediately kissed her there and then. When they broke apart they all said their goodbyes towards each other. 

“Tell Susan and Peter goodbye for me. And that I love all of you,” (Y/n) was sobbing as she hugged Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace in one group hug. 

“We will,” Lucy too was also crying. They walked into the wave and it closed.

“Aslan, how will my family react?” (Y/n) still looked over at the wave that took her friends back to England. 

“For now, they won’t remember you.” (Y/n) nodded then looked up at Caspian. “It’s time to head back now.” 

(Y/n) grabbed Caspian’s hand and they went back onto the boat. Aslan gave them a current to go back towards the Dawn Treader. When they looked back, he was gone. 

kings and queens

this is based on this edit by @queensusan

„Victim’s names are Helen and George Pevensie, according to their driver’s licences.“ He kneels down next to the woman who has been thrown out of the car when it hit the slam barrier. She had likely sat on the front passenger’s seat, seatbelt unbuckled. “When will people learn to use their seatbelts, honestly?”

“Did you say Pevensie?” His partner, who would retire soon and needed reading glasses, knelt down next to him. “How is that spelled?”, she asks. He shows her Helen’s licence and she pales. “Oh God.”

“Are you alright?” He puts a hand on her shoulder, the rough fabric of her jacket hard against his palm.

“You don’t know who they are, do you?” She takes off her glasses and looks at him.

The Pevensies rule this town. Some say, they could rule the world if they wished, that they could sweep up cities with a smile and a laugh and a prayer. There is no criminal that hasn’t faced them, hasn’t stared down the barrel of a gun, hasn’t choked on a knife to the throat, lips to their mouth. They’re children wielding weapons and darkness and prayers filled with blood.

They’re dangerous and he has to call them in for questioning.


“Mr Pevensie, I’m just going to ask you a few questions, pure routine.”

The boy smiles, jovially, all white teeth and twinkling eyes, his glove clad hands lie folded on the table. “Of course”, he says, voice silky soft. The scar tissue on his cheek stretches as he smiles.

“How was your relationship with your parents?”

“We were estranged. I didn’t agree with their political stance and they didn’t agree with the tight bond we have.” The boy’s blond hair falls just below his ears, like golden thread caressing his cheekbones.

“Tight bond?”

He laughs, low in his throat. “They always found it curious that we didn’t fight like siblings ought to.”

“And why didn’t you? Fight, I mean?”

“I don’t know. I never felt compelled to. I think it is rather idiotic to turn against each other for sweeties.” He smiles, as if he made a clever joke.

“Well, in general siblings do fight over idiotic things: toys, food, their parent’s love, accomplishments at school, the list is endless. And a five year old, for example, rarely understands the concept of sharing.”

“I thought this was about my parents, detective.”

“Of course. What do you mean by ‘political stance’?”

“They believed in pacifism and listening to every point of view. A rather short sighted affair.”

He furrows his brows. “Short sighted?”

The boy, Peter, the one who allegedly rules the rulers, the one they call king, the one they kill for, smiles again, wide and friendly. “Well, sometimes you cannot respond with peace to violence, detective.”

“I see.” He clears his throat. This smile makes the hair on his neck stand upright and he can’t tell why. “Was it a habit of your mother’s not to use a seatbelt?”

“No. She always wore it and wouldn’t let father drive without it. I take it she wasn’t wearing it?”

“Thank you for your time, Mr Pevensie.” He holds out his hand and Peter takes it, the fabric of the glove feels soft against his palm, and warm. “I’m sorry for your loss.”


“Already done with that family?” Jane, who is on guard duty, grins at him. “They’re exhausting, assholes, aren’t they?”

“He was pretty cooperative actually. He just creeps me out. How is a guy in his early twenties this calm and collected?”

“He probably wanted information from you. Cause of death there yet?”

“ME’s still working on it, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a variation of ‘didn’t see the road turn and slammed against the window’.” He opens the file they keep on Peter Pevensie. “This little? I thought he’s a huge terrifying crime boss.”

Jane shrugs. “That’s why we don’t have much. Guy’s too cautious to let us find out anything more than where he went to school and that he was rushed to the emergency hospital years ago. Him and his brother had a disagreement that ended in a little stabbing.”


“Why?” She takes a gulp of her coffee. “We know they’re violent bastards, the lot of them.”

“He just told me they didn’t fight. Apparently that was the reason why them and the parents didn’t talk much.”

“I mean, it’s probably the fact that they run around killing people and then going to church, still blood stained.”

“Another rumour?”

“I can’t count them all. Apparently the small one, Lucy, is a devoted Christian and makes them all pray after they kill someone. No one has figured out where they pray, though, and the priests are either helping them or don’t know. It’s infuriating.”

He hums.


“Miss Pevensie, right?”

She smiles, cherry red lips and black hair twisted into a knot at the back of her head. “I didn’t marry within the last few days, if that is what you are asking.”

“Well, Miss Pevensie, I hear that your relationship with your parents wasn’t the best.”

She cocks her head. “Is that a statement or a question, detective?”

He coughs. “A statement. Do you know why your relationship with your parents was troubled?”

“We didn’t see eye to eye.” She leans forward, the fabric straining against her skin. He blinks. “They didn’t agree with our life choices.”

“Your life choices?”

“Our parents are traditional people. Wait until marriage, go to church every Sunday, don’t even think about issues that didn’t publicly arise until about fifty years ago.” She laughs, a quiet pleasant laugh behind deep red lips.

“And you’re not?” He clears his throat. “Traditional, I mean.”

She cocks her head. She paints poison on her lips and drinks the secrets spilling from dying lips, hair impeccable, smiling. “No”, she says. “I don’t agree with traditional.”

“You do go to church.”

“I go to church when I please, detective, not because the calendar tells me to.”

He nods. “Did your parents take safety seriously?”

“In what way?” She leans forwards.

“Well, we found sedatives in both their systems, quite substantial amounts. Where they in the habit of driving drunk?”

Susan furrows her brows. “No”, she says. “Mother wouldn’t let father drive if he even had just half a glass of wine.”

“Can you think of a reason why they would do it on that particular day?”

She leans back and smiles. “I’m sorry”, she says. “But I cannot help you with that.”

He thinks about the scar on Peter’s cheek and the poison on her lips.


“Goddamn it she’s pretty.”

Jane grins. “Told you. She’s one of the most beautiful people you’ll ever see.”

“And secretive. I thought Peter didn’t say much but questioning her is like pulling teeth. She says a lot and when she’s done and out you figure out she said so little you could’ve asked the next door neighbour.”

“What did she say?”

“Parents don’t agree with their values and that they drove responsibly.”

“That’s it?” Jane puts down the crossword puzzle she was brooding over and folds the newspaper.

“Well, she said a lot more, but she didn’t tell me anything else. Please tell me her file is larger.”

“Sorry, not really. All we know are stories without proof.”

“Didn’t you say she’s immune to the poison she uses to kill people?”

“Allegedly. But we can’t place her at any of the crime scenes and without proof it’s pretty hard to pin her down. It’s a wonder she even agreed to talk to you.”

“I’m pretty sure they’re all using me for information. Susan and Peter seemed eager to figure out details without giving me any.” He sighs and runs his hand through his hair. “Oh, cause of death is here. They were already dead when the car hit the slam barrier. Overdose.”

“With what?”

“Belladonna.” He sighs.

“That doesn’t exactly help narrowing down suspects. That stuff grows in the woods in the outer districts.”

“Exactly. And they had saved up a lot of money, seems like good old fashioned greed to me.”

Jane furrows her brows. “Susan uses it sometimes”, she says. “That’s how she kills.”


“Mr Scrubb, thank you for agreeing to speak to me.”

The pale boy nods. His hair is cut in short, sharp edges around his ears. “Of course. I want to help.”

“How was your relationship with your aunt and uncle?”

The boy bites his lower lip. “I didn’t know them much. My parents thought they’d give me stupid ideas.”

“How so?”

“My parents are atheists and very rational people. They figured Aunt Helen would try to convert me.” He shuffles his feet.

“Did she?”

“She dragged me to church with Lucy and the others, but I always thought it was nonsense. Never picked up a bible until a few years ago.” He twists his hands.

“Why did you pick it up?”

“I had an eye opening experience.”

Eustace Clarence Scrubb pissed them off, called them stupid and foolish and childish and he stared down Edmund’s gun. Edmund doesn’t shoot from up close, he’s like a shadow, killing you before you realise he’s even there. He’s part of their web now, people say.

He’s so nervous, so small, so different from his cousins who ooze confidence and experience like people at least twice their age. Eustace looks and acts like the boy he is. It’s almost comforting.

“And did it do the trick? Did it convert you?”


“Do you think your mother might have blamed your aunt for that?”

“I don’t know. I think so.” He runs a hand through his short hair and smiles, a shivering small smile.

“Do you think she may have been angry enough to-”

“Are you saying my aunt and uncle were murdered?” His voice is loud and shrill and there is almost something like relief in the air as the boy acts on his feelings.

“That is my current theory. I’m sorry.”


“We found large amounts of belladonna in their systems. They were likely already dead when the car crash happened.”

“Excuse me”, the boy whispers as he storms out.


“I call bullshit on the Scrubb boy working with them.” He slams his notes on his table.

Jane looks up from her newspaper. She’s still working on her crossword puzzle, several rows completely black because she crossed them out so often. “Why? Apparently he’s the one figuring out the torturing techniques.”

“He was pretty upset and ran out crying when I told him his aunt and uncle were likely murdered. He was emotional the entire time, I don’t believe that he has the detachment for what people say he does. I couldn’t even ask him if someone wanted them dead.” He sighs and thinks about what his partner told him. The Pevensies are dangerous, children with blood on their hands and in between their teeth, with prayers spilling from their lips and death on their fingertips. Anyone who angers them, who wrongs them, winds up dead.

Jane shrugs. “Maybe he’s manipulating you. I mean, he did get it out  of you that they were murdered. If he tells the Pevensies, they may figure it out a lot faster than we will.”

He nods and takes his coat from the hook.

Jane raises an eyebrow. “Where are you going?”

“Edmund Pevensie refuses to come to the station and since I don’t have enough to call him for an interrogation, I’m going to meet him in the park.” Edmund is the one he’s most curious about, the boy without face, the executor, the one who’s loyal to Peter to the grave. He was stabbed, people say. He was stabbed and he survived it, carries the scar next to the tattoo they all share, the tattoo of a lion, teeth bared, crouching down as if it would jump from their skin.

Jane cocks her head. “Good luck”, she says. “Don’t die.”



“Yes?” He turns around. The boy in front of him is small, lithe, his hands bare unlike his brother’s posture straight and aware. “Edmund Pevensie?”

The boy nods. The scarf he’s wearing obscures half his face and his hand lies steady at his right hip, scarred skin stretching over his knuckles. “May I?” He gestures to the park bench. The words are muffled.

“Ah, yes of course.” He nods and scoots over. Edmund sits down next to him, back straight. “So, Mr Pevensie, can you tell me if your parents had any enemies? People who would benefit from their deaths?”

The boy hums. “Aunt Alberta had a standing feud with mother, but I doubt she would have killed her over a theist disagreement.”

“According to their financial records they had saved quite a sum over the past year. Do you have any idea why?”

“They were saving up to contribute to Eustace’ tuiton. He wants to go to a very expensive private university and Aunt Alberta begrudgingly asked for help.”

“So there was money for your cousin and none for you?”

Edmund laughs, a cold, sharp sound. “Oh, no, don’t mistake this for jealousy, our parents would have done the same for us if we asked.”

“But you didn’t?”

“No. We didn’t. Is that all?”

“Yes. Thank you for your time.”


“Look at this.” Jane slams a bulk of papers on his table. He picks up the first one and raises an eyebrow.

“What am I looking at?”

“Everyone who was caught with large amounts of belladonna in possession and had a reason to want to take revenge on the Pevensies. It’s mostly people who already have a police record but there’s someone standing out.” She pulls a file from the pile. “This is Jadis Charn. She’s a noble from a country I’ve never heard of and she has this garden filled with poisonous plants. She says it’s for health reasons. That already seems fishy, but the Pevensies pressed charges against her years ago because she allegedly kidnapped Edmund. According to the stories going around, she was the first person the Pevensies targeted. They didn’t exactly kill her, but she’s in a wheelchair now.”

He looks at the picture accompanying the file. A woman so pale she almost disappears into the wall stares at him. “That seems like a pretty good motive”, he says. “She knows she can’t get to them, so she does the next best thing, she kills the parents and tries to frame the children.”


“Miss Pevensie -”

“You can call me Lucy.” She smiles, bright white teeth and shining eyes.

“Alright, Lucy. ” He smiles back. “Do you know someone named Jadis Charn?”

Lucy drops her hands on the table. The prosthetic replacing her right hand makes a loud banging sound. “Oh, I’m sorry, sometimes I don’t know where my limbs are.” She laughs. “Still growing, you know?” She leans back. “The name rings a bell, but I couldn’t tell you why.”

“Well, your family pressed charges against her for kidnapping your brother, Edmund.” He crosses his arms.

“Oh, that. I don’t remember it very well, I was so small when it happened.” She pulls the chair closer, muscles rising and falling and he has to think of the soaring knife burying itself in the throats of people unwise enough to cross her. “Now that you mention it, I do remember her being very pale, but I don’t know more.”

He hums. “Well, we found belladonna in your parent’s system. And your brother Edmund told us that your parents were saving up for your cousin Eustace. But from what I gather, there was no money for you?”

“Because we didn’t want it.” She shrugs. “They worked so hard, we didn’t want them to work even harder because they thought we depended on them.” She smiles again and he thinks about how they call her lioness, the muscle, the little girl with a lion’s roar beneath her teeth. “Why did you ask me about Jadis?”

“I just want to cover as much as possible, and to find out who may have wanted your parents dead, we have to dig in their past. And that includes this incident. Routine.”

Lucy cocks her head. “Of course”, she says.


“Miss Charn?” He knocks on the old wooden door. “Miss Charn, please open the door, I would like to ask you a few questions.”

The silence that meets him, feels heavy and strange and he knocks again. “Miss Charn, this is the police, open the door!”

When she doesn’t answer, he experimentally pushes down the door handle. The door swings open. “Oh my God”, his partner whispers next to him. The apartment is covered in mud and dirt, ripped out plants adorning the floor. “Miss Charn?”, he calls out and cautiously steps into the living room.

All of the furniture has been pushed to the walls, flowers surround the table in the middle of the room. A woman has been tied to it, pale blond hair dangling to the floor, eyes staring at the ceiling in horror. The wheelchair lies broken in the corner and a dagger protrudes from her chest, lipstick marks adorning her face.

“They found her”, he says.


The Pevensies rule this town. And God have mercy on those who dare cross them and the lion sleeping in their bones.

  • One: Master? Master who? I don't know him, have you met Susan, she's my granddaughter!?
  • Two: Where is Jamie? Sorry, what did you say? Master who? JAMIE?!
  • Three: Ah yes, the Master. I totally hate him and steal his sandwiches. (NopleasedontgoitsboringhereSTAY)
  • Four: I'd rather jump down a radio tower than talk to that evil fucker!!!
  • Five: No no, of course I believe you, Master. You're here to help me. See those Cyberman? Help me with them while I... run away. Also: Burn!
  • Seven: Care for a motorbike ride? This is Ace, btw. She likes cats, too!
  • Eight: Sorry, do I know you?
  • Nine: Iwishthemasterwashereiwishthemasterwashereiwish....
  • Oh, hello Rose, nice to meet you!
  • Eleven: Master who?
  • Twelve: I was totally in love with that dude, can't you tell?

Holy angels, in Heaven blessed, 
My spirit longs with thee to rest. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I know you're more into meta that deals with the current season, which of course makes sense lol, I was just wondering - what do you think about the scene from season 9 where Metratron is talking about Castiel and says, "He's in love....(blatant pause)....with humanity." Do you think that the writers were being intentional with that? Cause every time I watch that I'm just like wow, if that was an intentional beat then that is probably the biggest load of subtext we've ever gotten.

This is just more proof to me that Carver Era was textualising Destiel and wanted to go there for endgame. I mean… alongside the cut “I love you” from 8x17, oh and the probably end grace cure of demon!dean.

So then in the end of Carver era / beginning of Dabb era they then re-addressed this “he’s in love with humanity/you did it all to save Dean” scene in 11x06 where we had interspersed for drama:

A Metatron/Cas scene: Cas facing Metatron’s humanity and his own emotions 

A Dean/Amara scene : Amara telling Dean that he represents humanity

Originally posted by heymishasha

They literally did a mirroring of this 9x22 scene WITH THE SAME CHARACTER WHO HAD BEEN ABSENT FOR AGES to remind us that DEAN IS HUMANITY AND CAS IS IN LOVE WITH HIM.

So as much as I love Dabb and am a huge Dabb fangirl, yeah Dabb is just following on from Carver era ;)

spockoandjimjim  asked:

Bad bob in absolute tears as he carries jacks chuppah down the aisle along with shitty, tater and ransom

dont do this to me i HAVE EMOTIONS

the amount of PLANNING that goes into the wedding smh bc of course alicia and bob are like susan, coach, we love u  but… jewish wedding and the southern, religious ass bittles are like LISTEN YOU KNOW WE LOVE YOU BUT UM 

it takes some TIME to come to some compromises holy hell

Meet the Parents ~ REQUESTED (Rodrick X Reader)

Okay I have a rather long question, could you please write an imagine with Rodrick where y/n and Rodrick had a date and he couldn’t sneak out so she stops by the Heffley resident to check if everything is alright. Frank opens the door and is really surprised to see a girl in front of the door and y/n just shyly ask if Rodrick alright is and she is really worried and Susan invites her to eat with them and while having diner they get to know her and are really surprised what a beautiful person Rodrick has as a girlfriend. And Greg and Rowley are surprised too. And Rodrick just kind of sits next to them and is really awkward because he wanted them to meet different.And when y/n is home,Rodricks parents tell him how proud they are that he has a girlfriend.But it’s just an idea.You can change some things if you want.Have a great day.:)

(A/N: Hope you’re happy with this! Thank you so much for the request! Requests are always open x)

Y/N stood at the entrance of the cinema, her fingers nervously tapping against the screen of her phone. Her eyes skimmed the crowd, searching for the familiar face of her boyfriend, Rodrick, yet each glance left her more worried than she previously thought. She checked the time; he was never late for dates, yet there was still no sign of him 30 minutes after their agreed time to meet up. With an anxious sigh, she shoved her phone in her pocket and began the rather short walk to the Heffley residence. What if he was sick? What if something had happened? She needed to check to be sure - especially since the ‘Rockstar’, as she so fondly called him, had not answered a single text.

Y/N had been at his house a few times, when no one else had been home. Rodrick had claimed it was because he enjoyed the privacy; truthfully, he didn’t want his family scaring off the only girl he had ever been crazy about. Rodrick did care for his family, but he couldn’t help the crippling embarrassment he suffered at the thought of them meeting.

Y/N’s knuckles lightly knocked on the door. There was a shuffle of footsteps from inside and the door swung open, revealing the man she assumed was Rodrick’s father, Frank. “Hello, Mr. Heffley. Is Rodrick home? We had a date planned and he never showed, so I was a little worried.” She let out a sheepish laugh and Frank stared at her, bewildered.

Never in his wildest dreams could he imagine Rodrick having a girlfriend, let alone someone who seemed as polite and normal as Y/N. Frank thought he knew his son well, and despite how much he loved Rodrick he had to admit his good qualities were scarce. “Uh, yeah. He’s upstairs. Come on in.” Frank offered, shutting the door behind Y/N as she entered the house. “Honey? Who was that?” Mr. Heffley followed the sound of his wife’s voice to the kitchen and Y/N followed behind him. She was worried it would be rude not to introduce herself, and she wanted to make a good impression seeing it was her first time meeting her boyfriend’s parents. “Rodrick’s girlfriend.” Frank mused, unable to keep the surprised tone out of his voice.

“Rodrick’s what?!” Susan looked at her husband in mirrored surprise, then glanced to the teen girl behind him. “H-hi, Mrs. Heffley. I’m Y/N L/N.” The girl offered her hand to Susan and she responded by pulling Y/N into a warm embrace. “It’s so good to meet you! Rodrick never told us you were coming tonight, would you like to stay for dinner?” Rodrick had not even told them he had a girlfriend, so of course Susan was eager to get to know the girl she already envisioned as her future daughter-in-law. Just like Frank, she loved her son yet was overly aware of his poor qualities. She couldn’t help but worry this would be the only girlfriend Rodrick would have, so she wanted to make the most of it.

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to intrude…but if you’re alright with it, I would love to.” Y/N grinned at Susan and was immediately on board to help set the table for dinner. Frank called the boys down for dinner; Greg and Rowley were the first to surface, glancing quizzically at Y/N and introducing themselves. The theme of surprise carried on with these two, although they were much more vocal about it. “Since when did Rodrick have a girlfriend?!” Greg asked in shock. He and Rowley took their usual seats at the table. “I didn’t think any girl could stand to be near him longer than 10 seconds. She must not have a sense of smell, although Rodrick has been showering a lot more lately, so he’s a little more bearable than usual.”

Frank had to call Rodrick a second time before the lanky boy eventually made his way downstairs. His dark, sleepy eyes widened in shock when they landed on his girlfriend sitting at the table and he quickly straightened his posture. “Y/N! What are you doing here? Our history project isn’t due until next week!” He gasped. It was a poor attempt to conceal the fact she was his girlfriend, and Rodrick knew that, but he felt incredibly awkward with the thought of this sporadic meeting between his girlfriend and family.

“Relax, Rod. They already know I’m your girlfriend.” Y/N laughed, patting the seat beside her for the dark haired boy to sit. Rodrick let out a sigh of defeat and pressed a swift kiss to her cheek as he joined her at the table. “I’m sorry about standing you up. I got grounded this morning, then I got my phone taken from me when I was caught sneaking out. I’ll make it up to you.” He promised with a murmur. Rodrick’s hand rested on the small of Y/N’s back and it took everything in Greg’s body not to gag at the unusual sight of an affectionate Rodrick - although the fact Rodrick had actually apologised for something had Greg even more alarmed.

Susan set the dish of lasagne down and invited everyone to help themselves. To say dinner went well would be an understatement; both Susan and Frank were highly surprised by how lovely Y/N was. She proved herself to be smart and thoughtful, yet also very humorous. Greg was shocked that Rodrick could get someone like her - it was highly clear to him that Y/N was the settler in her relationship with Rodrick. She was very much out of his league! He could only hope that her good ways rubbed off on Rodrick, and make him a kinder person somehow. Greg concluded this as unlikely on second thought.

Rodrick dropped Y/N home after dinner. He took his sweet time, knowing very well that there would be some kind of discussion waiting for him when he got home. It was definitely not something he was eager to experience. “Hey, Rod…I’m sorry for showing up at your house tonight. I was just worried when you weren’t answering my texts, I thought something happened.” Y/N let out a heavy sigh and Rodrick responded by gently panting her knee. “Don’t worry about it, babe. I appreciate how much you care, although I’m worried about what my parents will have to say when I get home. They seemed to like you, so hopefully it’ll be only good things.” The messy-haired boy dropped his girlfriend to her house and kissed her goodbye before making sure she got in safely. He chuckled to himself on the way home; maybe he would repay her someday by making a surprise visit to her family.

When the oldest Heffley son returned home, he was greeted by the terrifying sight of his parents waiting for him at the kitchen table. Anytime Rodrick witnessed this, it was never good so when Susan motioned for him to sit he did so with hesitation. “Rodrick, we just wanted to tell you how proud we are that you have a girlfriend, especially one as nice as Y/N.” Susan beamed at her confused son. Frank let out a chuckle. “Yeah, you should invite her around more often. It was nice having her here. Although I would like to remind you you’re still grounded, so maybe invite her over when that’s over.” Rodrick let out a long sigh of relief and relaxed in his seat. “I thought you guys were mad or something, good to know that’s not the case.” Rodrick grinned and got to his feet and swiftly made his way to bed. Despite the fact he would never admit to it, having his parents approval did mean a huge deal to him; it made his relationship with Y/N all the more special.

my thoughts on 5x16

I haven’t been around for the last few episodes so I sorta missed doing my standard bullet point list. So let’s do that again, shall we?

  • I have PTSD from Oliver on snowy mountains. 
  • I feel like the stuff Talia told Oliver should be shocking but it’s not shocking. Thanks, spoilers!
  • Oliver going directly to confront Adrian is kinda hot and amazing. 
  • Now that you mention it Adrian, he DOES look tired. Are you getting sleep, Oliver?
  • Felicity touring Helix is interesting but I just feel “doom doom DOOM!” with every footfall. 
  • I don’t like Helix. I don’t like the Helix girl (I can never remember her name). I’m the physical representation of this emoji: 🙅
  • Adrian being super creepy is super working for me. I was concerned about him as Prometheus before but my fears have been assuaged. 
  • Nope, still don’t give a rats ass about Snoozan. 
  • Did it literally take Oliver a whole week to realize she was kidnapped? They can’t still be together, can they? He would have known, right?
  • Oliver concerned about where Felicity is is my jam. 
  • Watching Oliver spin his wheels during this episode is also my jam.
  • He makes a lot of stupid decisions tho. Namely: going to Adrian’s house. Also: bringing Doris to the confrontation at the end. 
  • Soon as she showed up I KNEW Adrian was gonna kill her. I thought he’d snap her neck but he went for the knife in the gut. Eh, it works. 
  • When Felicity DOES show up in the bunker, Oliver asks to speak to her alone. 
  • Felicity says she likes to get her tongue lashings in private and I immediately burst into flames. Why do I let them do this to me. 
  • Oliver’s worried about her. HER. He knows she’s hiding something and he’s concerned about it. He radiates concern. It’s beautiful. 
  • Felicity gets that but she wants to keep hiding the Helix thing so she basically says “let’s put a pin in this for now”. 
  • She asks him to trust her and he does readily and I am SO LOVING the shoes being on the other feet. 
  • Adrian’s name is Simon. Meh. I’m gonna keep calling him Adrian until they tell me to stop. 
  • Felicity goes to Helix for help in finding Susan and they want tit for tat which is so very Bratva. I love it. So Felicity does illegal things and Curtis gets scandalized like a little old lady. 
  • There’s a lot of taunting about Oliver killing Adrian in this episode. Which of course means he won’t kill him. He can’t. This season is showing that all these problems, even TALIA, is because he’s killed. Makes sense the answer is: stop killing. 
  • The pep talk from Dig was glorious and I need about 500% more of those in the coming weeks. 
  • Oliver is worried he’s a monster. Dig is showing him how to hold onto his humanity. This will be key, I feel. 
  • I also see more seeds of Oliver merging his personas and coming out as the Green Arrow being sown. 
  • Oliver barely glances at Susan after he frees her. So much warmth. So much affection. So much for him giving more than the bare minimum shit for her. 
  • Stupid decision #3 (there’s probably more in this ep but work with me): not realizing that Susan was just bait to draw him in so Talia and Adrian could kidnap Oliver. LE SIGH. 
  • Felicity being willing to burn the world to find Oliver and get him back is SO VERY MUCH MY JAM. 
  • Next week is gonna be rough but I’m also kind of excited for it. What a crazy way to feel. Welcome back, Arrow. We’ve missed you.

“What is this?”


“I can see that Oliver but why did you make it down here in the bunker?”

“I wanted to say thank you.”


“Don’t say I didn’t have to.”

“You really didn’t”

“Felicity once again you proved to be much smarter than me and you literally saved my life and only thanks to you we have beaten Prometheus so yes I had to and mostly I wanted to.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Let’s sit.”

“I can see you made my favourite dish.”

“Of course.”


“There is something else I would like to talk about.”

“I knew this was just a bait.”


“I like when you say my name like that.”

“You know lately I have said a lot of things.”

“I was aware.”

“I thought that by putting on that hood I lost any chance at having normal life and normal relationship.”


“I broke up with Susan believing it was for her own good but in reality…when I thought about my life and person I could risk all of this for I didn’t see her. I saw you.”


“I know I ask for a lot. I am incredibly stubborn and I make a lot of mistakes and being with me puts you in so much danger but…I can’t imagine my life without you anymore and I don’t want to.”


“I am risking a lot I know but you are worth it Felicity, you are worth everything and if you won’t have me…”

“You big idiot.”


“I have never stopped loving you.”


“I told you that many times before my life my choice.”

“Felicity are you…”

“Deeply and completely in love with you? Yes.”

“I can’t believe it.”

“You better do because it’s true.”

“I promise you I will do better this time, no secrets.”

“I know hon.”

“What are you doing?”

“As good this dinner is looking I am taking you home.”


“I’ve missed you Oliver.”

“I’ve missed you too.”


“Felicity one more thing.”


“I love you.”

“I know.”

Going to the Women’s March on Washington with Harry Imagine

Or when Harry fangirls over feminist icons and chants feminist chants…

“You sure you’re going to be alright going to this?” you fidget with the zipper of your puffy winter jacket, zipping it up and down. “It’s just they’re predicting there will be nearly half a million people there.”

Harry puts his hand on yours, stopping your fidgeting. “I’ll be fine, it’s an important day, it’s an important issue, it’s important that I’m there.”

You look up at him and smile. Sometimes you can’t believe how lucky you are to love someone like him and have him love you back just as much and sometimes more.

Harry glanced down at his watch. “C’mon then, grab your sign, I don’t want to miss anything,” he gently taps your bum as you walk away to grab your sign. The night before you both had stayed up late, sharing a bottle of cabernet and painting your sign. You were quite proud.

“Trans rights = lgbtq rights = black rights = muslim rights = immigrant’s rights = women’s rights = human rights,” the sign said. Harry had contributed by drawing on hearts and inclusive gender signs inside flowers.

You hold the sign up above your head and smile wide at Harry as you walk towards him at the door.

“Utter perfection,” Harry murmurs, pulling his phone from the back pocket of his skinny black jeans. You start to bring your arms down to get ready to go. “Nuh uh, let me get a picture of ya like that, this is history I need to preserve.”

You roll your eyes but lift the sign back up and smile.

“Got it,” Harry pushes his phone back into his pocket and zips his coat up, pulling his hoodie up and sunglasses onto his face. “Can you tell I’m Harry Styles?” he laughs.

“Not at all,” you lie, bopping him on the nose. “Let’s go then,” you say, walking out the door and waiting for Harry to follow so you can lock the door to the flat.

You take the metro to the mall, the car nearly completely packed with women in pink hats. Harry stands close behind you as you both hold tightly to the metal pole in the aisle, every once in awhile he tugs on your braids beneath your black baseball cap and chuckles, knowing how much it annoys you.

You step out of the train and are immediately overwhelmed by the size of the crowd. Then Harry grabs your hand and your anxiety lessens immediately. You both exit the station and follow the stream of people towards the museums and the crowds.

You’re a few blocks from the metro station when you hear it. “Oh my god, that’s Harry Styles, Susan, That’s Harry,” a younger girl with a bright pink hat on screeched at her friend. They immediately approach you and you feel Harry’s hand tighten around yours.

“Hey there,” he smiles down at them. “I like your sign,” he points to the ‘women of color matter’ sign in one of their hands.

They both look at him in awe. “Can we please take a picture with you and our signs?”

“Of course,” he smiles brightly, then turns to you with an apologetic look. But you’re used to it and honestly don’t mind. Harry’s fans have never been rude to you, at least in person. Twitter is a completely different beast.

You take the iPhone from the girls with a smile and step back to fit them all in the shot. Harry flips off his sunglasses and puts up a peace sign as the girls beam and hold the signs in front of them. You take four pictures and have to admit they are adorable. You hand the phone back to the girls and step back into place tucked into Harry’s side.

“Thank you so much Harry, we’re so happy you’re here!” they grin.

“It’s an important cause, women’s rights are human rights,” he smiles. The girls grin even wider and run off. “I’m going to tie my hoodie a little bit tighter,” Harry mutters to you and you giggle, it’s impossible for him to disguise himself, especially with those curls poking out of his hood.

“C’mon, the speakers are starting soon,” you skip ahead of him, catching up to the crowds before coming to a stop next to the Vice TV bus. Harry chases after you, coming up behind you and grabbing you by the waist hoisting you in the air for a brief second forcing a rather high pitched screech from your mouth.

You keep walking until the crowd comes to a standstill. You’re next to a big screen but not close enough to see the actual stage. Harry stands behind you as the crowd tightens around the two of you, his feet on either side of yours.

Throughout the speakers you hold the sign high above your head and chant along with the crowd. Every once in awhile your arms get tired and the sign falls back and hits Harry in the head, making you giggle and Harry whine.

“It’s Angela Davis,” Harry gasped suddenly as a new speaker came on screen. “Holy fuck,” you look back at him and his look of awe and can’t help but grab his cheeks and kiss him hard.

“Black lives matter,” he shouts even louder than you.

“Say his name,” he yells passionately as Janelle Monae and the mothers of the slain boys perform and say their names. You even see a tear drip down his cheek as your own eyes water.

When the speeches seem to be coming to an end and the crowd turns to march to the White House, Harry grabs your waist and mutters in your ear, “we just witnessed history, I’m so glad I experienced it with you.”

After marching to the White House and screaming at the top of your lungs you are completely exhausted. You drop your head onto Harry’s shoulder and he carries the sign as you walk towards the nearest metro station.

Once you’re back to your Airbnb, you both crash onto the couch, nearly instantly falling asleep your head tucked into his shoulder and a big smile on your face.

the destruction of hillary clinton

ok first of all i want to start off by saying, i actually really genuinely enjoyed this book. it’s about 270 pages, so it’s a fairy light and easy read. it took me a few weeks to finish though because i just didn’t have any time to read it in one sitting. but besides that, i really like susan bordo’s writing style, i read one of her other books (’unbearable weight’ in one of women & gender studies classes) a few years ago. the book focuses primarily on the 2016 election (written from a feminist perspective) and that factors that inevitably went in to hillary losing an election that was considered unlosable. she breaks it down into the merciless right wing attacks, the left becoming susceptible to believing those attacks, the younger generation of voters who considered the two candidates to be equally as bad and thus became apathetic, and of course the media. in the intro susan explains, “it’s a central premise of this book that the hillary clinton who was defeated in the 2016 election was, indeed, not a real person at all, but a caricature forged out of the stew of unexamined sexism, unprincipled partisanship, irresponsible politics, and a mass media too absorbed in optics to pay enough attention to separating facts from rumors, lies, and speculation.“ i know there’s several op-eds and think pieces already out there on the hillary double standard and specifically sexism in politics (sady doyle is probably my favorite author for that, you should check out her trainwreck series on hrc- it’s a good read as well!) but this book in particular was incredibly insightful and interesting considering it only came out a few months after the election. she was able to take all the factors that we speculated went into hrc’s loss and her unlikable/untrustworthy narrative and have it all make sense in terms of her eventual defeat. the book also serves as a sort of cautionary tale that will hopefully make voters aware of the forces that went into hillary’s loss and that those forces don’t repeat themselves with any future female candidates. it’s definitely worth reading!

You know what I really love about Steven’s introductions to new companions? He doesn’t forget the old ones. It’s not like the Doctor just moves on and starts picking up companions because they’re clever and fun and he needs them. Nope. He gives the Doctor a reason to move on, and it’s always tied to the memory of the previous companion. 

When 11 met Clara, it was her use of the word “Pond” that made the Doctor leave his cloud. When 12 met Bill, it was her “Imagine” how you’d feel if someone wiped your memory that moved the Doctor. I like this a lot. That his lost companions are saving him one last time. 

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Felicity x Dinah x Thea (mentions of olicity) || ao3 || teen || light angst || 1476 || more fics

summary: prompt: the ladies of team arrow seek revenge against Susan Williams (thank you, @blackcanarydinah)
a/n: happy birthday bb!! i hope you enjoy (: 

p.s - the c-word gets dropped once in this fic. idk i know some people don’t like that word so i thought i would warn

Normally, Felicity wasn’t the type to get her hands dirty. She didn’t mind being on the field of course; she did it when she had to. And right now she definitely had to. It wasn’t technically a mission. Not one that Oliver had given a stamp of approval on. Well, he can’t approve something he doesn’t know about. That was beside the point. What she was doing was important. What she, Thea, and Dinah were doing was important.

“The alarm has been disabled,” she whispered, “And security cameras are offline.”

The three of them walked right into Susan Williams’ apartment building without a problem. She was able to find the exact room with just as much ease. The place was nice. A lot nicer than the average local news reporter would be able to afford.

“You sure you still wanna do this, babe?” Dinah asked.

Felicity nodded, “I need to,” she said, “Oliver would do the same for any of us.”

Dinah couldn’t argue with that. She might not have been on the team for very long, but she already fit well. The other woman got along with everyone on the team and was protective of her and Thea.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Dinah nodded to the door.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do headcanons on what the Pevensie siblings would rule like in a modern au?

oooh this is intersting!!! I assume you mean how they would rule if narnia was in the modern times???

  • imagine all of them just juggling college and school and ruling a kingdom at the same time
  • they would travel all over the world in order to attend summits and international conferences
  • they would work very closely with UN, especially Lucy and Susan
  • Lucy is an advocate of animal rights and Susan has very strong views when it comes to equality
  • the Pevensies support and founded a lot of charities and have given a lot of money to different charities
  • but, of course, they are still a normal family
  • some of the only glimpses people get to see of the Pevensie royal family would be from Lucy’s vlogs or Su’s snapchat
  • Edmund is a twitter king and loves to speak his mind in 140 characters or less
  • want to find the best twitter rants and roasts? Ed’s got that covered
  • without a doubt, Peter has the best instagram
  • he is a natural photographer and it all looks so aesthetic
  • they are just your average, normal family who happens to rule a kingdom