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Holy angels, in Heaven blessed, 
My spirit longs with thee to rest. 


show: adventure time (miniseries: islands)

pairing: Frieda x Susan, bubbline

summary: Susan and Freida end up back in Ooo and Susan is a little worried about their relationship, she asks Princess Bubblegum (& Marceline) for advice.


A/N: hey, this is based off the AT miniseries (you can watch it here) and has spoilers. I highly recommend ‘Islands’ if you haven’t seen it already! It’s some of the shows best work I think.

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Arrow Fic: Night and Day

Totally unbetaed and completely @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline’s fault.  Written after the Arrow midseason finale and a bottle of Venatore, so please forgive any typos/canon mistakes/weird elements.  Hope you enjoy!

Night and Day
Summary: After crying alone in the loft, Felicity needs to go someplace.  So of course she goes to the lair … 
Spoilers for Arrow 5x09.  Just imagine that last scene hadn’t happened and Oliver had walked into the lair after kissing–and kissing only–Susan.
Rating: M


It was raining.  Because of course it was–it was Star City.  It knew when things were bad and decided, “Let’s make it worse by having it rain like a faucet had just opened up and you don’t have an umbrella!”

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I really think that the writers didn’t do Susan Williams any favors. 

SA, and MG, and WM, keep pushing her, saying that she’s not an Isabel 2.0, that Oliver just needs a friend, Susan is following a lead she found that might be Oliver Queen during the five years, she’s a reporter, ect. They’re singing her praises. However, us the fandom, HATE HER*. (*not the entire fandom). I mean they’re promising us that Oliver’s gonna bang her, some one we hate. It’s not going over so well. 

The reason we hate her isn’t because we ship Olicity. Of course we do. But did we hate Billy with such a passion? Not really. We thought he was weird and a bit shady, and we didn’t LIKE that he was dating Felicity but he wasn’t a bad guy (some of us were hoping he was Prometheus). But we hate SW because of our First Impression. 

First Impressions are paramount when meeting new characters. We loved Felicity because she was cute, quirky and not letting Oliver bullshit her. We liked Moira, but then found out she had a dark side and so she’s complicated. Some of us like her some of us hate her. 

So our First Impression of Susan Williams was not positive. It was a catty reporter who did whatever she could to undermine Oliver’s mayoral office, running over and betraying Thea Queen– a favorite. It’s a bitchy thing and we immediately thought of Isabel. And now, because of a little flirty flirt with the ‘Mayor Handsome’, she’s all well and good? She’s a saint and Oliver’s friend? 

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I’m just waiting for her to betray him, because that is what I’m expecting from her. I’ll be sad to see Oliver hurt in the process ( the poor boy makes horrible decisions we know) but all this Promotion for SW that’s good and sweet, is like tasting lemonade with waaaaay too much sugar. 

Susan Williams is sour, so stop EP, from trying to make us like her.   

Imagine: Being afraid to tell Peter you like him because he and your cousin, Caspian, don’t like each other.

You pushed your hair behind your ear and leaned down to help the wounded man with the cut on his arm. You wrapped it slowly and looked up to see Peter watching you from across the tent, arms crossed over his chest as he smiled.

“You’ve wrapped that wrong,” Susan said, coming up beside you. “Watch.” She showed me how to wrap it and went back to help Lucy string her own bow.

I stand and head over to Peter. “Are you watching me?”

“No, of course not. I admire how gentle you are with the people, we made a good choice in choosing you as our caretaker,” he said, following me out of the tent.

“Please don’t call me a caretaker, it sounds like I’m your babysitter and I really don’t want to be your babysitter,” you said, laughing. His hand brushed across your back and you stood straight, cheeks on fire and hands sweaty from nervousness. “I-I’ve…gotta go! Caspian is waiting for me.

He grabbed your wrist before you could leave. “Well, meet me by the cliff later? There’s supposed to be an amazing sunset tonight and no one wants to watch it with me.”

You nodded, biting your lip, and ran off.

Later that evening, after admitting to your cousin that you liked Peter and arguing with him about going to the cliff, you finally convinced him to let you go. You turned around one of the large rocks blocking the view and saw Peter sitting at the edge of the cliff, head tilted as he watched the sky.

“Peter?” you said softly, walking up next to him.

“Oh, hello. It’s just starting,” he nodded at sun which was dipping below the edge of the ocean.

“Wow,” you murmured, sitting next to him.

There was silence for a long time, the sun eventually disappearing behind the ocean. Peter turned to you and slowly crept his hand into your own, holding your fingers in his. “I like you, y/n…Susan said I should do this, I thought she might be wrong but she’s never wrong…”

You giggled, smiling shyly. “She was right this time.”

“I knew it,” he joked, laughing and rolling his head back. “So…do you like me?”

“What a childish thing to say,” his face dropped. “Why would you even have to ask? I’ve been trying to tell you I’ve liked you for months.”

His face filled with relief and he turned your head slightly, kissing your cheek softly and rubbing your arm. “Caspian won’t be happy.”

You shrugged, kissing his cheek like how he had kissed yours. “Caspian doesn’t matter. He’s an old man.”

“He’s our age,” Peter corrected.

Oh well.

(See also stuff like: “Ten years ago, Susan wasn’t for gay marriage. Susan thought ‘civil unions should be fine!’ Then, three years ago, Susan changed her mind and was for full marriage rights. Susan 'evolved as a person.’ We love Susan!”


“Ten years ago, Politician X wasn’t for gay marriage! They dared suggest that civil unions should be enough! Three years ago, they finally got on the bandwagon. They never changed their mind, of course! They still hate us deep inside. They just changed their stance with the wind. Politicians don’t change their minds, they change their spin.”

I don’t doubt many if not most politicians are at least a little corrupt, but jesus fuck do we like treating them like they’re not people.)

Ripper Street 4x05, 4x06, 4x07 commentary!

Putting these 3 eps together bc I watched them all in one sitting and they are pretty much the beginning, middle, and end of this particular arc.

So…SUSAN FUCKED UP, which at this point I really shouldn’t be surprised…I mean, I get it, she had feelings, it’s her son, but she fucked up and of course Jackson follows her right into the fuck up like a loyal puppy

Rose once again exhibits the great ability of seeing the right things at the exact right time, I’ve never seen a person with better timing…Rose should have been a police woman, if she did she’d just be able to actually see all the crimes perpetrated right as they happen

Remember when I said Rose and Drake were gonna end up doing the Titanic? Yup, I was right

And by God Rose’s hatred is just ????? I don’t know if attempting at motherhood has made her more self righteous but it’s not like she was that high on the scale of morality before all this? And I thought the dads fighting was bad, but Rose and Susan are just vicious…

Poor Thomas Gower…I’d have thought Rose of all people would be sympathetic enough to understand

Edmund Reid is like a freaking bloodhound, once he gets something in his head, he just does not let it go does he?

Drake, my sweet poor Bennet Drake, you’re like the Ned Stark of this story, you were always doomed :(

Homer Jackson…*sighs* what do I even say? You are as sharp as a knife in your talent and skill but when it comes to Susan you are an absolute idiot! You only get good points bc you hugged your son and Connor is adorable…

And in the midst of all this chaos, Mathilda and Drummond are the light, and Thatcher too, my good sweet loyal bbs, my beautiful cinnamon rolls too good for this world, too pure!!

I have never seen four people fail so badly at the game of thrones…but at least I can get my consolation that I got to see these four idiots on the same side again, even though playing hide and seek in the dark tunnels with torches is simply the stupidest thing ever!

Augustus Dove, winning at this game of thrones most definitely.


oh Rose…*shakes head* you sold out 4 people who have done good to you, talked shit to a young woman who’s been nothing but kind…I don’t even know what else to say…I expected better of you Rose

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Prometheus, SW, Oliver, and Felicity - thinking out loud..probably pretty obvious things.   🤹

Susan was a distraction.  Sure Prometheus used her to inflict a little pain on Oliver.  But if Prommy is really 10 steps ahead, then he would know that Oliver was going to rescue Susan…and how.  He would be prepared for that (which he was).   He planted the seed for hacking/Helix with Oliver/Felicity to get John out of prison.  He would know of course then that Felicity would use Helix again to locate Susan.   He used Susan as a way to dig Felicity even deeper into Helix.  I believe that him kidnapping Susan was a complete distraction and misdirect for Oliver.  It was even foreshadowed.  

Oliver: Where is Felicity?

Curtis:  I’ve been texting her like crazy but her phone is off.  You don’t think that Prometheus is….

Oliver:  No….no.  His game is Susan.

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Like for real though?  C’mon Oliver.   But boy oh boy I’m excited to see how this plays out.  Sooner or later,  the light will switch on for Oliver.

Thoughts anyone?  How do you think this might play out? 

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Would you all be interested in seeing tags like this? I plan on having different default flowers (black eyed susans, daisies, roses, etc) but the flower and the heart would be customizable! And the kitty, of course.

But my life is busy and it’s hard to maintain the adopts I have going right now, so once I made the base I would have to sell it.

Would anyone be interested in seeing these tags and/or buying this as a base? :o
PLEASE do not use this sketch!

I swear though Melissa McCarthy being a badass in Spy is a new level of awesome

Of course the movie isn’t perfect

 but having a genuinely amazingly directed action film where the main character is a big woman who is highly intelligent, physically capable and sensible, quick and clever, and wonderful in every way is such a great thing to see in a Hollywood film

I’m currently reading “A Hat Full of Sky”, and first I caught myself thinking: if I could be anything/anyone on Disc, I’d like to be a witch (because Granny Weatherwax, and their coolness in general, and many more reasons).

And then I remembered, how as a child I was always considering, who would I’ve been in this or that imaginary world, what I could have been doing, and so I was looking for female characters to relate to (not that I couldn’t relate to males, of course, but that’s a bit different). And in fantasy novels there was that typical hollywoodish gender balance, so that was kinda problematic to find a place for myself in fantasy realms. I ended up making speculations: “if I were male/if the world was a bit different, I’d like to be…” 

And here it is, Discworld, with plenty space for women and great female role models.

And I thought: if there ever are any kind of little girls around me, I’ll ensure they’ll read Pratchett as soon as they can understand a thing. ‘Cause you’ll never find so many well-written, interesting, non-cliche female characters in another fictional world.

I can just imagine, what influence would have Susan or Granny Weatherwax or Tiffany had on 10-year-old me. I’m a grown-up, and acquainted with wide range of fiction, some of which is good, some feministic and some both good and feministic, but it still is a total delight to be able to think “she’s great, I’d like to be like her (when I grow up)” while reading a book.


I had sent Susan Nimoy some photos of herself and Leonard that I wanted her to have. She was very pleased to get them and made it known that she liked one in particular. She asked me if I knew the photographer, but, of course, I did not. She indicated she would like to use it for a magazine, but did not go into any specifics. well, lo and behold, she and her assistant were able to find/get permission from the photographer and it was used for the cover of this “Compassion and Choices” magazine! Susan was kind enough to mail me an actual issue. I thought the feature was well done and raises a number of subjects we should all consider.

- Bonnie

chris--daae  asked:

a gangster au?

@chris–daae Sorry if I didn’t reply at once, but it was pretty late at night in Italy and I went to sleep. But I thought about this awesome AU before going into the land of dreams (XD), and so here I am. 

  • Erik is an assassin in the pay of a gangster lady boss, sort of like the Khanum in the Susan Kay’s novel (?). 
  • The Daroga is an undercover cop who investigates for the French policy. Then he meets Erik and… they kinda become friends. 
  • It’s a lot more complicated when Meg gets to play into the equation. She’s a young undercover policewoman (with a dancer’s past, of course) who wants to get justice on the crime bosses who murdered her father when she was a kid. Then she meets Erik, sparks fly and and a kind of hate-love relationship begins.
  • Christine is the gangster lady boss’s adoptive daughter. Ops. She tries to get away from her mother’s criminal affairs, is into opera singing etc. Yet she’s intrigued by her mother’s best assassin, Erik, who is a musical genius. She sees there’s good in him, like the Daroga and Meg, who can’t bring themselves to really hate him (quite the opposite - you know I ship Merik with a burning passion, so… You can imagine what’s going on in my mind.)
  • Raoul is Christine’s childhood best friend. They met when they were kids and Christine still was with her late father, Papa Daaé, a Swedish violinist. When they meet again as adults, they fall in love, but Christine tries to keep him away from her adoptive mother’s business.
  • Christine’s adoptive mother (the Khanum-like figure, just not as sadist) is a badass and a caring parent, but she wants Christine to be her heir, of course. Her daughter doesn’t agree. Drama ensues.

Okay, this really sucks, but I can’t make up something better because I’m the worst. I hope you like it anyway! Thank you so much for the ask, dear - I know this is a poor repayment for all the great Merik fics you wrote for me! <3 Ah, and sorry for my English, as usual.

(me, a fic writer: Someone should totally write a fic about this AU, anyway.)

Would you believe, I am still struggling, to read, the same book, I’ve been trying to read, since last August, because the author, writes like this?

Austin, in a dark blue glider, a dozen meters to the right of Susan’s bright pink hydroglider, looked in her direction, and then turned back to concentrate on leveling out.
Both gliders flew in the zero gravity zone of the Lagrange Space Colony’s axis of rotation. Sunlight focused in from the mirrors at each end of the sphere, caused updrafts from the circular stream, keeping them airborne.

Of course his is blue and hers is pink, wouldn’t want to confuse anyone har har.

Ripper Street 3x03 commentary!

- oh Susan, u r so so so in big doo doo this time, so much, why r u behaving this way woman, u r much smarter than this, u should know this is gonna blow up in ur face come on!!

- Mr Capshaw nice knowing ya, Reid is totally gonna murder u now, bye

- what do u mean Edmund Reid isn’t in this episode screaming bloody murder?

- well I’m glad Drake and Jackson get a moment in the spotlight without him taking over everything, how precious r these bbs trying to protect him

- oh Drake, oh Rose…if this wasn’t a tv show, I’d wish u happily ever after…but this is a TV show and u two r so going down like the Titanic

- Jackson, whatever u do don’t get involved with Susan again…ha but of course u r totally gonna get involved, why would u make smart choices when it comes to her

- it’s nice to know Mathilda has gotten the Reid gene of “fucking up all your plans” from her father

- Rose continues the grand tradition of turning up in the right time at the right place exactly and seeing important info, man she’s good

- aha! I knew Reid would suck at playing hide and seek! Knew they couldn’t end the ep without him!

duelistsheiress  asked:

2-3 favorite moments in any iteration of Phantom of the Opera?

Lord, this was a hard thing to do! I could probably go on for 2-3 days about all the things I love about Phantom! But, here’s my best shot-

1. I adore that magical moment in ALW’s show when Christine first starts to sing Think of me. And then when she just comes alive and sings her heart out. Ugh, I get teary every time and I fall in love with Christine all over again. 

2. Anything and everything about Susan Kay’s Erik. I know Phantom is about 50/50 on tumblr in terms of either loving it or hating it- but I love it. Especially when Erik is more relaxed and normal acting, like doing things I would do (like pet my cat)

3. This is actually a recent favorite of mine, but I have started to love the 2004 movie again. Of course, not the English version haha. I’ve been listening to the Spanish dub album for days now. It’s beautiful. Not really a moment in phantom but it’s a new obsession of mine.

Here’s your kick-ass gif for sending me a question!

The hnnng,,, blockboy challenge

Im doign @blockboysensational chellenge

1. What do you like most about minecraft? I love them minecraft creepers
2. What’s ur favorite weapon in mincraft? Well i like the gun of course
3. Why is minecraft your favorite game? I like them blocks
4.who is your favorite minecraft youtuber? Skydoesminecraft
5. What’s your favorite minecraft vore video? I never knew those existed :o now the world is perfect
6. Would you take a diamond block to be my miencraft gf? Heck yea!!!
7.why did susan leave me? Not enough diamonds :( she’s a gold digger
8. What is your favorite mine? Craft
9. What is your favorite craft? Mine
10. Have you ever seen herobrine? Yeah he killed my mom :o
12. Susan…


An open letter to all historians or those claiming to be; Alison Weir, Susan Higginbotham, Michael Hicks, Philippa Gregory, and whoever else it may concern:

I know you have an opinion on the historical people you write about. Of course you do. If you were indifferent to them, you would not write about them in the first place. And that`s fine. As someone who`s doing history at university, we learnt that in our first semester. When you write about someone and research so much about that person, you`ll likely have your own opinion, be it positive or not.

But here`s the thing:

You should pay attention not to let the biases take over your work. You can draw conclusions from the evidence we have, but you cannot ignore the evidence and then still claim to be writing truthfully. For example, if we`re speaking about Richard III, you can state your opinion on Richard and support it with the evidence you have, and that opinion can be both positive or negative or something in between.

If, however, you invent something to support your opinion, or ignore evidence for the same reason, or twist evidence and take it out of context, you can no longer claim you are writing history. You are writing fiction. You are not even writing historical fiction. You are writing historical fantasy at the most.

It also serves no point. If you claim to be writing truthfully, and that goes especially for non-fiction books, people have a right to expect to find actual evidence and opinions that are based on actual evidence, not simply a subjective opinion based on nothing but personal preference. And pretending that what you write is truthful when it is not does not actually make it truthful. You can ignore the truth all you want, but that does not make it any less true. If your opinion goes against the available evidence, then it is the evidence that counts, not your opinion. For example, to return to my example from above, it is fine to say you don`t like Richard. It is not fine and in fact entirely untruthful to pretend he had no friends, simply because you do not like him, and - dear Mrs. Higginbotham - no matter how much you call Francis Lovell his “ally” or “associate” instead of his friend to “support” this theory of yours, it will not change the fact that he was, in fact, Richard`s close friend.

And finally, while you are entitled to full respect for your opinions, so is everyone else. Sneering at people who do not share them or even insulting them is rude and will not make their views any less valid or support your own. There is a difference between respectfully disagreeing and dismissing people because you do not agree with them.

Anyway, tl;dr: Make your point and state your opinion, but use the available evidence to do so. Because, as Kathryn Warner once put it so nicely on her blog on Edward II, if you have to ignore evidence and invent things to make a point, you don`t have a point.

Thanks for listening, and have a wonderful evening, everyone.


Monument for the Excluded
Conceptualizing the performative power of transgender rage

2016 Camille Auer

“I live daily with the consequences of medicine’s definition of my identity as an emotional disorder. Through the filter of this official pathologization, the sounds that come out of my mouth can be summarily dismissed as the confused ranting of a diseased mind.”

“Like the monster, the longer I live in these conditions, the more rage I harbor. Rage colors me as it presses
in through the pores of my skin, soaking in until it becomes the blood that courses through my beating
heart. It is a rage bred by the necessity of existing in external circumstances that work against my survival.
But there is yet another rage within.” (1)

A broken television is at the beginning of this intervention into the medical realm of transgender bureaucracy. An intact television is where we start from, to find its transformation to brokenness, and its rebirth as another identical television in the exact same spot. For a person who wouldn’t know what happened in between, there would be just a continuous existence of a television without the disruption of it being broken and replaced. For the broken television, there is no future as a coherent whole, there is only destruction and disassemblage. But the illusion of the undisrupted existence of the television in the fourth floor waiting room of building Z3 of Tampere University Central Hospital remains intact to anyone who hasn’t witnessed or heard of the happenings of february 11th 2015.

A spontaneous act of outrage can be a powerful opposition to structural power and violence. It can destabilize the hierarchy of decision-making and give its perpetrator their subjectivity back. This is what happened to me when i was faced with the pathologization of my identity.

Long story short, i had subjected myself to the investigation of the transgender authorities of finland, namely the Gender Identity Research Institute (this is my english name for it, i don’t care what its official name is in english) at the Tampere University Central Hospital, one of two places in finland that have the legal right to administer gender affirming medical care for transgender individuals. I was already ordering hormones online and taking care of my transition like any good transgender person would, but in order to get legal recognition and your passport’s gender marker changed, you need to undergo the official process of cross-disciplinary research by a nurse, a social worker, a psychologist and a psychiatrist that can take from six months to a few years.

Since being referred to them, i had waited for my first appointment for six months, then met a nurse twice in intervals of a couple months, then after a few months a social worker, another month or two till i met the psychologist, another month till i met her again, another two months till i met the psychiatrist and one more month till meeting her again and then a few months before my final meeting with all of them where my destiny would unfold to me. Through all this time i had no idea what was going to be their decision. And they make decisions about wether someone is transgender or not. They say it themselves: they have no way of knowing the gender experience of another person. So they concentrate on their patient’s psychological well being to determine wether the person is capable of going through the demanding process of medical gender affirmation.

Needless to say, withholding information about the most important decision in a person’s life, a decision the person has no part in making, constitutes an act of psychological violence. Withholding medical care from a person who might die without it constitutes structural violence.

Based on the Rorschach test i had taken in one of my meetings with the psychologist, she made the assumption that i had an unconscious sexual trauma. I hadn’t said anything that would suggest anything like that. She was directly trying to offer me a false memory. She said that i was sexually perverted, because i had seen a lot of vaginas in the inkblots. I told her that if you pour ink on paper and fold the paper, you most likely get a shape that at least in some parts looks like a vagina, that it was purely technical. She insisted i was hyper sexual even after i told her i wasn’t interested in sex. On top of everything she said i probably have borderline personality disorder, a serious mental illness i later learned should only be diagnosed together with the patient when it helps the patient. For me, it made me paranoid. I started seeing everything i do as symptoms of the disorder rather than my own actions. I also had to go through the possibility of childhood sexual trauma, which seems extremely unlikely.

So because of my alleged mental illness, i was denied recognition as a transgender person. And with that came the denial of legal recognition and public health care.

I kicked in the flatscreen TV in the waiting room.

They made me pay for it.

A crowd funding was organized and it was payed for collectively.

That’s the long story short. That’s not only my personal history, it’s also the history of many transgender people before and after me, who failed to present themselves as mentally and emotionally stable enough. Who failed to present them as trans enough in front of a jury consisting wholly of transphobic cisgender professionals that have the job of upholding the heterosexual matrix. Maybe they didn’t kick in a TV, but i’m sure they experienced the same frustration, rage and disappointment of being faced with absolute bureaucratic power that denies their existence.

I was applauded for my act of spontaneous rebellion. Many transgender peers said they wished more people would vandalize the Institute.

The western history of transgenderism is a history of exclusion, pathologization, invisibility, ridicule, incarceration and violence. Continuing today. That is the history dealt to us from the outside, from the cisgender community, from the heteropatriarchal knowledge machine, the media, the education system, religion and plain old familial values. But that’s the history of how we’re seen, it is not a history of our own. We have our own history, and it’s a history of fierce resilience in front of what seems like an impossible adversary: the whole world. As Susan Stryker writes in My Words to Victor Frankenstein, we are at war with nature itself. Nevertheless, our existence and our identities are real.

For the people whose TV i broke, it was only further proof of my mental disorder. For me, it was an act of reclaiming my subjectivity after being robbed of it. They decided i didn’t deserve my identity, a decision that should have been mine to make, so i decided they didn’t deserve their TV. Even-steven, motherfuckers.

Mentally ill women have been denied their subjectivity all through history. Transgender people have been denied their subjectivity. I took mine back in an act of vengeance. They claimed it was violent, but i say it was vandalism. You can only be violent toward animals, including humans.

A year after the incidence i returned to the place to rename it. I saw the new television, slightly tilted to one side. Perhaps someone had tried to break it, or perhaps it was just poorly attached to the wall. I posted a sign next to the television, renaming it as Monument for the Excluded.

A week later i receive a phone call from the Institute. It’s the psychiatrist i had to see there. She is sorry she has to make the call, explains that she was assigned to make the call and couldn’t refuse. Some people at the Institute have perceived my sign as a security threat. The psychiatrist doesn’t agree with that. I find it amusing and also i’m rather flattered that my art is a security threat to a violent state organization. But the phone call goes on and we talk about what happened a year before. I tell her to tell the psychologist how unprofessional she had been in offering me a false memory and suggesting a major mental illness based on two meetings and a rorschach test. To my surprise, she agrees and promises to tell my greetings to the psychologist. We go on to discuss my situation, she promises to send me instructions on getting all the information they have written about me and also encourages me to start the process again.


1. Stryker, Susan. 1994. My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix: Performing Transgender Rage