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The start of Infinity War, probably. Welcome to the wonderful world of having shitty big brothers who pick on you, Peter~

Inspired by basically any interview starring Holland with Mackie and/or Stan :P

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life has gone to shit in the past few weeks and so i decided to start waking up early and taking charge of my life. it’s going ok so far. i am a night owl, though, soooo listen to me my tips work y’all

getting ur sleep hours

  • okok so iK that this is not always possible n u stay up late doing crap for school or smthing BUT
  • waking up early becomes so much better and easier and calmer when u get ur hours ok
  • find out how many hours u need (varies from person to person; me it’s 8 hours which kills me bc so much frigggging time)
  • depending on what time u want to wake up at, calculate it backwards and this new hour is ur hour that u absolutely cannot stay up past*
  • (* unless u absolutely absolutely have to. i understand that sometimes u just have too much stuff to do and u gta get it done. so in that case u would have to go to sleep as early as u can - meaning after ur deadline has passed, u focus focus focus n don’t do shenanigans.)
  • the idea here is u want a routine ok bc ur body likes routines ur brain likes routines and eventually it’ll wake up naturally at the time

ur alarm

  • this can either go both ways, whatever works 4 u:
    • make it RLLY RLLY shrilly n hella annoying that u hate it and u go and turn it off
      • warning: this can backfire bc u just turn it off and don’t actually wake up
    • or u make it like soft and happy and pretty
      • warning: similarly this can backfire bc u r still sleepy bc soft and happy and pretty
  • either way!!!!!!! DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE
  • u made the promise to urself to wake up early, honour it. don’t be a shitty person who can’t keep their word. (look @ me guilting u)
  • some ppl like their alarms far but i don’t have enough self control for that lol like my alarm is my phone n getting out of bed b4 sleep to put my phone across the room eh

ur awake. now what?

  • ur probably still sleepy af bc ur a sleep-deprived person who would ideally be sleeping but u persevere my friend
  • ok first thing u do is get out of bed bc the bed is ur enemy and it distracts u ok it sucks!!!!!!!!!
  • couple things to stay awake:
    • in the winter especially i blast light in my face 2 tell my brain “yooo it’s like the day now can u wake the hell up” and then serotonin comes in and it’s like “yooo ty
    • wash my face w/cooold (diduthinkiwasgnasaycool) water bc that wakes u up !!! if u’ve ever been woken up w/water!!! yes it works !!!
    • some ppl r like exercise but be warned: this only works if ur body is somewhat used 2 exercise like mine is not and so exercising in the morning just makes me tired tbh
    • stimulate ur mind ya ok some ppl r against electronics in the morning but idk watching a funny vid or smthing cheers me up a lot (laughing!!! important)


  • bc we r humans driven by desires
    i make like a nice breakfast that i like w/like fruits and like good things and it makes me feeling nice n it’s usually rlly tasty
    • things i like to eat: berry smoothies, burrito wraps, congee, dates lol i’m obsessed w/dates rn
  • sometimes i also plan my outfit n i’m like yooooooo i look so good and it gets me feeling rl nice
  • i also have a short impromptu dance party bc like i can afford it w/the time i have now like i don’t listen to music that much anymore :( but now i have a special time to dedicate to music and dance and it’s gr8

final words

  • pls persevere; habits r not made overnight n u will miss some days n it will be totally ok
  • sunrises r nice to actually see and it’s x108908394 easier in the winter bc later sunrise time soooo js
  • my best friend just texted me “can we nap together tmrw” and that pretty much sums us up idk why that’s relevant but s.o. to him !!!
  • i rlly want a burrito rn
  • ur a superstar u can do it also wtf is sleep who needs that???
  • <3

I remember doing a challenge a million years ago about drawing your favorite character in whatever you’re wearing (or an outfit you have) and so I’ve decided to do it again, this time with the Pines Family! haha 

Dipper and Mabel look great in glasses, now I headcanon they both need glasses haha 

This is a lot of fun! You guys should do it too I want to see it haha 

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Alright wayhaught prompt coming at ya. Nicole has to go undercover on some case she's working on and she has to dress up all sexy and when waverly sees the outfit for the first time she gets like super turned on

She’s used to Nicole wearing her uniform, and she’s used to Nicole’s casual wear.

She’s used to her in dresses, and she’s used to her in… well, nothing.

So Waverly figures, if she can handle working alongside Nicole in those boots and that hat and that belt; if she can handle fighting alongside Nicole in that dress while punching homophobes and saving her sister and the town; then she can handle Nicole wearing… well, anything.

What she’s not prepared for is Nicole in a full-out suit.

She’s not prepared for Nicole in a femmey black suit that hugs her body just right, complete with a sleek black skinny tie. 

She’s definitely not prepared for that.

Even though they’d talked about it. 


“You know I don’t like the idea of using you for bait on this mission. Or any mission. But since Dolls and Wynonna seem to think it’ll be fine – “

“Because it will, Nicole – I can handle myself, you know that – “

“I do, baby, of course I do. I just don’t like dangling you in front of lesbian demons.”

Waverly grinned even as Nicole flinched.

“God, you homophobe,” Waverly joked, and Nicole shook her head.

“Yeah, that could have come out better, huh?”

She flinched again, and Waverly laughed. The laughter lit Nicole up, inside and out.

“So punny, Officer Haught,” Waverly leaned in for a kiss. Nicole returned it with a grin, but sobered pretty quickly.

“But I’m serious, Waves. You know I’ll be there undercover to protect you – not that you need it, I know, I’m just saying, a little backup never hurt anyone – but you need to act like you don’t know me. Really, Waverly. Everything hinges on that.”

Waverly saluted and Nicole melted.

“I’ll be the best bait you’ve ever had,” Waverly promised.

But that was before she saw… this outfit.

This outfit that stops her heart and makes her mouth dry and makes her wish more than anything else in the world that they were back in her bed, or right on top of the pool table, or in this dingy bar bathroom… anywhere, really, but on an undercover mission where she has to pretend not to even know her.

“Dolls,” Waverly wires in, moving her lips as little as possible. “I’ve got a bit of a problem in here.”

“What is it, babygirl? Need me to come in and – “

“Wynonna, she was calling me, would you let me – “

“She’s my sister, Dolls, I – “

“Um, guys? If I were in actual danger, it’d probably be too late to save me now.”

“Right. What’s the problem, Waverly?”

“No one briefed me on… um… Nicole’s… outfit. How am I supposed to pretend to flirt with some lesbian demon when Nicole looks like… that?”

She hears Dolls groaning and Wynonna snickering.

“Keep it in your pants, Waves, and you can take hers off all you want when you get home safe and sound, okay?”

“Wynonna!” Waverly hisses, pretending to cough into her drink gently so no one would notice her lips moving. “Not helping.”

“Deal with it, Earp. Keep the comm line open for emergencies only, understood?” Dolls tells her.

“Have you seen Nicole in this outfit? It is an emergency,” Waverly mutters, but Dolls has already cut the comm.

She rolls her eyes, sips her drink, and tries to figure out the best way to be subtle about turning around to just… watch Nicole.

Because if she can’t have her right here and now, at least she can look.


But it turns out that what she sees is her girlfriend surrounded by women.

Very attractive women.

Her face falls.

She doesn’t know how Nicole sees her – if Nicole remembers she exists – because her attention seems so focused on entertaining the women around her. But she does see Nicole take out her phone, and a few moments later, her own buzzes.

She picks it up irritably.

I only have eyes for you, baby. This is only the mission. I can’t wait to take you home tonight. 

Waverly nearly melts off her bar stool, and she watches Nicole let herself catch her eye. She winks, soft, subtle. Perfect.

She gulps and she sits a little taller.

She’s the one who gets to take Nicole home tonight. 

The one Nicole wants to take home tonight.

She licks her lips and tries to wipe the goofy grin off her face.

She can hardly wait.

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i'm trying to clean out and restock my wardrobe so that i have all cloyhes that i actually like and can feel confident in my outfits, but im on a tight budget (college student tight). any tips?


1. Thrift Stores. Unfortunately there’s no guarantee that they’ll have what you’re looking for, and you often have to search through fifty over-sized pants to find the right pair. I either leave Goodwill with twenty five things or leave with nothing. But still! Super cheap, reliable clothes, and a wide if not bizarre variety.

2. Amazon. Ya’ll. I order so much of my wardrobe from Amazon. You’ll need to be confident about your size, and I highly recommend you spend a little bit of time searching for the best deals. But if you’re looking for something specific at a reasonable price, look no further.

3. H&M. I know what you’re thinking. But I have purchased some unbelievably cheap and gorgeous dresses from H&M’s sale racks. I got a gorgeous dress several months ago for $3. $3!! Eschew their displays and make your way directly to their sales racks. I guarantee great deals.

4. Target. Target is very hit or miss for me, but I love their lingerie/underwear selection. So cheap and comfortable. Cruise around for discounted items and deals!

Followers please add your suggestions.

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Anti in a1 please ^-^ and thank you so much if you do!!

he would rock every outfit to be honest
also im sorry but i had to put eyeliner on him, just for shits and giggles
but here ya go nonnie~

Blackwatch Meeting
  • McCree: So?
  • Genji: So what?
  • McCree: How do ya like the outfit?
  • Genji: It's literally melded to my skin! I have a feeling my opinion doesn't matter by this point.
  • Gabe: Welp, I told ya the kid would be a shithead about it! You owe me forty, Morrison!
  • Jack: Fuck off, Gabe.
  • Tracer: Why do Angela and I look like flight attendants again?
  • Torbjörn: And why do I have the same color scheme as the girls do!?
  • Winston: And I have a lab coat!
  • All: ...
  • Genji: He does look pretty good in the lab coat.

Joyce standing on tiptoe to hug Hop, requested by @winonabyers. I did the math and honestly, just on tiptoe is not enough for Joyce to reach Hop’s face, so I had to put her on a box. Anyway, sorry it took a little while and also it’s not quite exactly what you requested, but I hope you like!

MUNY newsies

(just a collection and babble of happy thoughts abt newsies at the MUNY!!!!)
-I have to admit I wasn’t really looking forwards to another white dude as jack kelly (like cast actors of color! blease!) but jay armstrong johnson killed it and was very very very sweet and humble and lovely at the stage door.
-also he’s a dancer so we got dancer jack along with the other newsies which was AWESOME
-I think they changed up the harmonies for jack & crutchie in the Santa Fe (Prologue) a bit and it was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-diverse n wholesome cast. some truly good boys !!!!!!!
-davey!!!!!! was so squeaky and anxious and good and perfect! spencer davis milford was awesome. (and then he had a really different voice and was really bro-y at the stage door which was hilarious)
-les. just. les!!!!!!!!! a very good dude!
-(also I haven’t said this yet but Daniel Quadrino? best Crutchie I’ve ever seen)
-MEDDA!!!!! I COULD MAKE A WHOLE POST ON MEDDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my GOD she was the star of the show I wept she was so gorgeous and she had these AMAZING costumes and she got more stage time in this production and she was seriously the most incredible thing in the show. like during her number she shed her dress and was in this SUPER COOL GREEN SEQUINED CORSET-Y THING AND DANG !!!!!! I DIED OH MY GOSH SHE WAS KILLIN THE GAME !!!!! JEEZ OH MAN I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE..
-(also her actress was BOMB and she was so cool and sweet and came back to my friend at the stage door to exchange instagrams cuz she liked my friend’s art it was SO SWEET)
-more Bowery Beauties! who had their own little jingle!
-tessa grady? phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal and rocked those kath outfits? yeah
-also ya know they couldn’t really do the RIDICULOUS CHOREO from the Broadway show so they did a lot of simpler dance numbers and worked with what they had but GOD WERE THEY AMAZING!!!
-at “even though we ain’t got hats or badges” one of the ensemble newsies looked at his hat like ???? ok Kelly
-in Watch What Happens kath was in a rolly chair and she rolled away when she did that happy squeak it was cute !!!
-the Most Beautiful racetrack higgins i have ever seen
-seize the day!!!!!!!! that is all. it was so pure.
-darker now but right before Santa Fe jack was sobbing and pacing around his penthouse choking out “crutchie” and GOD
-jay armstrong johnson hit this surprise high note during Santa Fe and it like slapped me in the face it was AMAZING !!!!!!
-KING OF NEW YORK!!!! THE ENERGY!!!! god it was phenomenal and kath’s tap skills and… AHH. katherine was more incorporated in this one and tapped along with them and it was PHENOMENALLLL. probably my favorite dance number.
-again. daniel quadrino = best crutchie ever. his voice… his acting… god
-at one point an ensemble newsie reached up to adjust his cap but there was no cap there. me too bud.
-spot…. was such an amazing spot.
-Something To Believe In was so… raw and real? god I was captivated. these poor kids..
-tessa grady is just such a phenomenal actor..
-during Once And For All right before the key change all of the other newsies came out from under the set in the shadows with their caps over their eyes and their heads down in this eerie orange light and OHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!
-ALSO!!!! mixed in with the newsies at this point were actual KIDS as newsies singing their hearts out to this key change. they had actual people as old as the newsies in the ensemble for this part to make it more gut-wrenchingly beautiful. god.
-all the kidsies also had names (for example: Flounder)
-it ended so powerfully and well. gosh. gosh gosh gosh. it was phenomenal. I could feel it in my heart.

Learned From The Best

Summary: Dean makes a mistake and reader tries to make the most of it…

Square Filled: Teasing

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Rating: mature (smut (grinding), language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo

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sjoran submitted: i posted this earlier but i guess it got lost, but here’s ya boy with my first dnd character too! just wanted to wish you luck in your campaign <3


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Pls tell us the story of how you scammed a boi

the following story is titled: Don’t Be Like Winnie

okay i’ve been super out of it lately n forgetting things n somehow i managed to…….mix up………….dates for a midterm and dates for a quiz………..i was literally studying all day n reading articles over again n stuff listening to some cursed songs like fantastic baby n boy in luv. and i checked my syllabus to see what kind of scantron i needed.

the answer: none.

BECAUSE I DIDNT HAVE A HEALTHPSY MIDTERM TODAY I HAD AN ONLINE QUIZ ! that closed @ 11am and it was currently 12:15 ………… the notorious winniebrain was suddenly

(translation: screaming)

and im like oh my god oh my god oh my
God what tf do i do !!!!! i missed an entire quiz !!!! my life is over i’m a bad student etc etc and then the lil devil on my shoulder remembered…………….one of the ta’s for the class………….. likes me…………..and hatched an evil evil evil plan……….and started picking out an outfit instead of studying………..wksjsklssfu

so I found him before lecture and was like
hi ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡how are u ! lookin good ! how’s life ! (^O^☆♪ and he was like oh winnie hi sit down w me!!!!!!! :)

and then my evil plan went into motion……………and u kno……….did what i had to………n he was eventually like “hey u wanna get 🍲 w me after lecture !!!!”

me, a scammer 😥: oh ya sure !!! i was gonna study for this class afterwards but i’ll go w you !
him: :) !!!!!!! ah i’ll help u study if u want !
me: i need to do rly well on the exam bc i missed the quiz today :((((((
him: oh u did ! it’s only a super small percent of ur grade you shouldn’t worry abt it !!!
me: yeah………..:( i guess……….:(
him: don’t be upset !
me: :(
me: :(
me: :(
him: i can………
me: 🙇🏻‍♀️❗️❓
him: open it…….
me: 🙇🏻‍♀️❤️❓
him: for you………….if u want……….
me: ❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️🌹🌹🌹
him: and then you’ll go eat hot pot w me right ?

i am irresponsible and forgot abt my quiz but got free hot pot as a result . don’t be like winnie don’t become a professional scammer & date ur ta for 2% of ur grade .


yoo i cant believe im actually nearly through two whole weeks of inktober! good luck to all ya’lls who’ve been able to stick it out so far as well!! youre are all amazing. When I did inktober last year i maybe got 3 days in and stopped because i wasn’t motivated enough but now that I’m nearly half way through the month I’m determined to finish it! 

I did Jade in some different iterations of the fancy prospit outfit i usually draw her in over at dailyprospit + one suit one i liked a lot. 

Inktober Prompt List
My Inktober Tag

Archie made a Friend? (AA imagine)

This was not a request, but I really liked this idea so I decided to write it! It’s could be a multi-part imagine, but that’s only if you guys want it to be! Enjoy :)

archie x reader

word count: 1,678

Triggers: None 

Originally posted by daddybetty

The first thing that you figured out when you got to Riverdale High is that it’s definitely separated by jocks and nerds, all except that one table in the middle of the lunchroom. Everyday you try to push yourself to sit there, but you have yet to actually make it to the table. See, what happens is you talk yourself into it throughout the whole lunch line saying that ‘this is it, this is the day I’m going to sit with them.’ but then as soon as you get into the actual lunchroom, you chicken out and go sit at a table in the back where there’s only a few kids. None of them talk to you and they all have headphones in. You sigh as today is another one of those days. You make your way to your usually seat and pull out your latest read. Reading and writing is one of your favorite past times. You sometimes write song lyrics but, singing is something that makes you very nervous, so you can never sing them. Ever. The final lunch bell rang, taking you out of your daze, and you made your way to chemistry. As soon as you walk into the room you see ‘NEW SEATS TODAY!’ written on the board. You and a few other kids groan as you walk to the back of the room, waiting for your new seats. You’ve been here for 4 months now and you still have a hard time remembering everyone by name.

“(y/n) (yl/n) you are going to be partners with.. Archibald Andrews. Find a table you two.” Said the teacher. You look around trying to remember who Archibald was. Archibald? Who names their kid Archibald? You finally see a boy with bright red orange hair taking a seat while trying to find his partner.

“Uh Archibald right?” you say with a weird look on your face. He grins and chuckles at you.

“Yes, but everyone calls me Archie. You’re (y/n) right?” He asks as you take the seat right next to him.

“Yeah, how do you know me?” You ask with nervousness behind your voice. Does he see you looking at his lunch table everyday? More and more crazy and outrage thoughts come to mind until finally Archie snapped you out of it.

“(y/n)? I said I have you in like 4 of my classes. And you’re new, which doesn’t happen too often here in Riverdale. Our last new person was ronnie, and she only came a few months before you.”

“Ronnie?” You ask.

“Veronica Lodge. River Vixen? Black hair. You’ll see her now that you know who she is. Do you eat lunch in the lunchroom. Not that I think you don’t! I mean, I didn’t want it to sound like you eat in the bathroom because that would be-”

“Archie!” you said with a laugh before he got even more flustered.

“Sorry, it’s just that I’ve never seen you in the lunchroom before, that’s all.” He finally says before turning bright pink. You give him a small smile.

“I eat in the back of the lunchroom. See, I haven’t made too many friends yet. Actually, none at all. So I sit in the back with like 3 other people who don’t speak. They just listen to music and watch movies.” You explain almost embarrassed at the fact that you just admitted all of that to a boy you just officially met 5 minutes ago.

“Well, since we’re friends now, why don’t you sit with me and my friends? Oh Betts would love you! Please?” He begged. You thought about it. You finally got the invitation to sit with the group you’ve been wanting to sit with since you’ve got here.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to be invading anything…”

“No really it would be fine! I promise you they would all be okay with it! Give it a try and if you don’t like it you can go back to sitting with the no-talk kids who listen to music and watch movies.” You smile at this offer.

“Okay deal.”

The rest of class that day was you imagining what everyone would think of you. You finally were going to make some friends and Riverdale will finally start to feel like a home.

The next day, you were nervous in every class before lunch. You also realize that You had Archie in 2 morning classes, and you figured out who Veronica was.

“Hey (y/n), mind if I join you.” Archie smiles as you both walk out of English together.

“Uh sure, my locker is this way.” You both made small talk about random things on the short walk.

“Hey Ronnie! (y/n), this is Veronica, Veronica this is (y/n).” Archie says as you stop at your locker. I guess ‘Ronnie’ was a few lockers down from you. Just because you oh so desperately wanted to sit with them at lunch, doesn’t mean you knew who they were. You’ve only seen side profiles.

“Hello (y/n), it’s nice to meet you. Anyone that’s a friend of my dear archiekins is a friend of mine.” She says with a smile.

“I’ll see you guys at lunch.” She exclaims as she walks off to her next class.

“I like her.” you said as you and Archie walked off to your next classes.

“I knew you would. See you at lunch?” he asks with a huge grin. You smile back.

“Yup, see you at lunch.” You begin to think of all the things that are going to go right at lunch, and not the things that could (and won’t) go wrong.

This is it. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You finally get to sit with the group you’ve been waiting to sit with all year. You start to slowly walk over there when Archie finally catches your gaze and motions for you to sit next to him.

“Hey Arch.” You say smally as you take a seat at the table of hopefully new friends.

“(y/n), this is Jughead, Betty, Kevin, and Veronica. Guys, this is (y/n). She was new at semester and hasn’t exactly found the right friend group.” He started to explain.

“Hi guys, it’s nice to meet you.” you slightly smile.

“Hello (y/n)! Archie has talked so much about you! I’m glad he finally had to guts to talk to you.” Betty laughs. Archie’s face tinges pink. You give him a confused look. Betty realizes what she said probably wasn’t the most appropriate and decided to change the subject.

“So, (y/n), play any sports?”

“Uhh not really. I was on a swim team when I was younger but I had to stop because I got so busy. I used to play volleyball in middle school but not anymore.”

“You should be a river vixen! They are having tryouts again next week. A girl broke her foot when she was rollerskating with her family, so we have to get a replacement.” Veronica says. I blush at the offer.

“Gee, thanks Veronica but I, I don’t know if I can do that. I’m not really built to be a cheerleader.”

The River Vixens are everywhere and they are so intimidating. I don’t think I could be like that.

“I think you could do it.” Archie says nudging you out of your thoughts. Veronica laughs.

“Oh please, (y/n), he just wants to see you in a cheerleading outfit don’t ya Arch?”

“W-what! Ronnie that’s not true. I feel like she should join a club or something to make more friends.” He says with slight embarrassment in his voice.

“Join the Blue and Gold. Can you write?” Jughead asked.

“Uhh yeah. I write poems and songs in my journal all the time…”  you slightly trail off. Betty and Veronica give each other a look.

“Archie sings.” Betty said with a small smile. You look towards Archie.

“Really? You sing?” He blushes.

“Well yeah sort of, It’s this new thing I’ve been trying.” He grins.

“Maybe you guys can sing a song together sometime?” Veronica said.

“Oh no no no, I don’t sing, I just write lyrics.” you say with a sheepish smile.

“What? That’s nonsense. Spend 2 weeks with us and you’ll be singing right next to Archie at some event.” Veronica said.

“She’s not wrong, eventually, she’ll make you do some of your biggest fears.” Jughead added.

Ronnie gives you a huge smile as the bell rings.

“Well, I hope you continue to eat with us, I love it when Archiekins gets new friends. See you later.”

“It was great meeting you (y/n). Again, I’m really glad that Archie finally had the guts to invite you to eat with us. He’s been talking-”

“OKAY Betty! That’s enough we will catch you guys later.” Archie starts.

“Let’s head to chemistry.” He says to you as you both walk away. You nudge him.

“What was that all about?” Archie blushes.

“Well, uhh you see I’ve kind of had my eyes on you for awhile now. Not-not like that! Just in a friendly way - oh god I sound crazy now don’t I? Ugh well, I just really wanted to be your friend because you seem like a really cool person and oh I don’t know, I saw you sitting by yourself and I just felt like you could have more fun sitting with me and my friends. I’m sorry that this has been really long and rambly I’m not-”

“ARCHIE! It’s fine, I get it. I’ve had my eyes on you guys for awhile now too.” His eyes widen.

“Really?” You nod.

“Now come on Arch, let’s go blow stuff up!”


*pretends to be cool like I didn’t just throw a jacket over my PJs to go buy popping candy*