and i like to wear my flower crown a lot

Renaissance Faire - Race and Culture

This month hosts The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Los Angeles. For those of you who have never been to a Ren Faire, one of the key aspects of it is costume and dressing up. 

When I was in High School and would go with my High School friends, I was always a little jealous of the costumes that they would wear. All of my friends in High School you see, were white. The costumes that they would wear always looked right on them and somehow, wrong on me. 

One year, I took things into my own hands and decided to dress as a Chinese Peasant. I got a Rice Paddy hat from our local chinatown and a pretty drab and easy top and pants (I super wish I could find these photos for you guys)  

The effect worked, a lot of people noticed my costume and laughed at my little joke.

Still, I would look at my friends in their beautiful dresses and flower crowns and envy that they could easily slip into this land of make believe and I still felt a little bit like an outsider. 

I don’t believe that anyone particularly made me feel this way, it was just something that made me aware of my race when usually it’s something I don’t necessarily think about. 

So, I went and decided to just wear the ‘wrong’ feeling costumes anyways, it was all pretend and I could do anything I wanted. 

But this year, I decided to do something different. I did some research and found out that during the Elizabethan period, the Ming dynasty would have been in power. I did some research online and found myself a Ming Dynasty costume. 

It was everything I had ever wanted. I felt pretty, but also I felt like I belonged. I felt like I was able to share my culture and what was beautiful about that time period with people who didn’t know. A lot of people stopped me to ask about my costume! I wish I had known a little bit more about accurate construction or really, anything about the Ming Dynasty, but I still felt right in it. 

There are lots of cultures that existed during the Elizabethan era and I encourage any People of Color to share that when they go to a Renaissance festival next time! I would love to see more costumes, maybe Armenian or Turkish or Mongolian! 

Next year I want to take this as a starting point and try to incorporate more elements of fantasy. There are lots of Chinese dramas that take period costumes and throw some fun fantasy elements into it. Here are some cool examples:

An Aside:

One of my favorite things to do is look through the people that follow me, to see the different demographics of everyone who likes my content. I can now break those demographics down into a few different types.

Type A) The Fandom Fanatic

Everyone knows at least three of these. These are the people with sideblogs devoted to certain fandoms, but it still bleeds into their main blog an awful lot. The people with character icons from various books/games/shows, usually with that character wearing a flower crown. These people are very nice, if a bit manic. Likes reblogging cute animals and Fandom Discourse.

Type B) The No-Face

These are the people with no background, no icon, nothing but the tumblr default. The majority of these will only “like” your posts. Looking at their blogs will reveal a wide variety of random crap, from poetry quotes to alligator gifs to whatever’s on the Trending page that day. No idea what these people are. I was once of them. I think on them kindly.

Type C) The Guy Who Likes Butts

These are some of my personal favorites. Mostly men (though I have seen a few women) whose blogs are near-exclusively softcore porn. Lots of butts. Not a lot of boobs, surprisingly. These people are nice enough, if hard to read. But it’s odd, to see your fandom post shoved in between a 56 second twerking video and a hand-drawn gif of a girl sucking a dick.

Type D) The Normal

These are approximately 2% of your followers. The rest are majority No-Faces and Fanatics. Normals are people with nice, pleasant main blogs, with not a lot of flashy HTML and a mix of content. Some fandom stuff, some cute stuff, the occasional political piece. They probably only check tumblr once or twice a day. They do not realize how few they are in number.

Bonus) The Porn Blog

Need I say more?

Feel free to add onto this post if you’ve noticed any other types.

🌿 Cold days of Spring 🌿

• Dark chocolate with Lavender melting in Almond milk for a tasty hot chocolate
• Surrounding myself with pastel colored stones
• Picking up some flowers and branches/ pieces of wood ( I do offerings with seeds for birds )
• Soft blanket everywhere at home
• Going for a walk in the woods and fields
• Doing Self love spells
• Making so many “ pieces of Art” with branches, ribbon, old jewels …
• Tarot reading in the garden
• Still reading, still learning
• Setting up an altar outside with candles, shells, flowers and plants
• Daisies flower crowns
• Wearing long dresses with jumpers and feeling like a Hippie
• Collecting Rain Water

That’s basically what I spend my time doing • 🌿 Cold days here where I live in France are quite sunny for the moment but when it rains, it rains A LOT •

Flower Crown Luck

One shot

Pairing: Phan

Genre:Fluffy as could be

Warnings: none 

Word count: 1.6k words

Description: Punk!Phil has a slight crush on Pastel!Dan and when Dan drops his flower crown in the library, Phil returns it and they start talking.

                         Read It On A03

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Well you’re new so it’s understandable that you’d be confused

That’s sort of why i’m making a comic, to clear up what exactly my au is about because there’s a lot more to it that I haven’t exactly explained yet… And I don’t really have a page or anything that explains stuff either… But hopefully I can help give you an idea of what the au is about!

Every monster in Naturetale is based off of a plant whether it be a flower, tree, or whatever. I don’t wanna say TOO much tho cause I do wanna explain a whole lot in my comic. 

Basically the humans waged war upon themselves, polluting the earth and forcing the monsters to retreat underground to save themselves. Basically the surface is nothing but a wasteland and the underground is full of life and lush forests and all that good stuff. 

As a sign of peace and as sort of a promise to never fight like the humans had done, the monsters traditionally wear flower crowns (or some sort of crown usually). If not just like flowers or plants in general (Cause Naturetale Undyne’s hair is too big for her to wear a flower crown usually-) 

Because the humans and monsters never fought, Naturetale Asriel never died. Thus, Flowey does not exist in this au. Cause Asriel never got turned into a flower. Naturetale Toriel and Naturetale Asgore are still the king and queen of the underground so Toriel does not live in the ruins by herself. 

The au is not all about the skeletons. There’s many more characters it’s just that the skeletons on account of the fandom and such are much more popular and Lavender Sans is kinda the mascot of the blog.

When a monster in Naturetale dies, they turn into seeds, petals, leaves etc and those remains can be planted back in the ground as a sort of ‘life after death’ thing. A lot of the plants in Naturetale might just be the past remains of fallen monsters.

The monsters in Naturetale don’t eat meat because they don’t like hurting animals. Herbal tea is a very popular drink among the monsters.

Again there’s a whole lot more but if you choose to follow along once my comic gets going, things will probably be explained better!

I hope that clears a little bit up about the au!


anonymous asked:

I'm ftm and I deal with a lot of hate for "not being trans enough" because most of my friends are girls or trans guys. I also enjoy flower crowns but other than that I just can't do it. I'm also Pansexual and have a crush on a guy, according to someone in my friend group doing those things is considered "too feminine" to be trans. Oh I also like to curl my hair, but I pass a lot lately. Any advice on what to do. I haven't started t or surgery,

Hey man, I know the pain and unfortunately i think a lot of trans guys do. It’s important to remember that this idea of not being “trans enough” is bullshit. It’s basically saying if you don’t conform to oppressive gender roles and society’s outdated ideas on masculinity then you aren’t a man. If curling your hair makes you happy, you go for it. If wearing flower crowns makes you happy, wear them. Would you say a cis man isn’t a man because they have curly hair? Absolutely not, and it’s no different for you. 

In terms of passing, I would say start with hair. try to avoid fringes (bangs) if you can because these are seen as quite feminine and most men don’t have them. If you have short hair ask the barber/hairdresser to square off the ends by your ears (or you could square them yourself if you’re brave enough). I also read somewhere that you look more masculine with darker hair. I’m not sure if this is 100% true but you’re more than willing to try it out (I mean I’m naturally blonde and I dye my hair back and don’t really notice the difference but who knows maybe others do). 

Working out and gaining muscle can help ease dysphoria. My only warning with this is to be careful, especially if you’re new to exercise, don’t over work yourself or you’ll be in a lot of pain. 

if you have small feet: trainers (sneakers), converse, Dr Martens and heap equivalents are all gender neutral. Wear shirts a size up so they don’t cling to your chest. 

you can also look up voice training videos on YouTube if you want to lower your voice (safely!!!) 

But ultimately, you don’t have to do any of this. Whatever makes you happy is fine. We both know you’re still a man when you’re wearing boxers and when you’re wearing stilettos.

So theses originally started out as guidelines for me when I was editing flowercrowns onto transformers but then they morphed into headcanons so I’m gonna share them with you all. There is no particular order, my just writing my thoughts down.



  • Sari had introduced him, as well as all the other autobots, to flowercrowns.
  • He originally thought the concept of them was kind of strange. Until he tried some on. He loves them.
  • He likes brightly colored flowercrowns the best.
  • He thinks he looks the best out of all the autobots when wearing flower crowns. 
  • It’s actually really hard to get him to take them off. 
  • He rocks flowercrowns and he knows it. 


  • It takes a lot of convincing to make him wear flowercrowns. He doesn’t like them. 
  • If someone does manage, somehow, to get Rachet to wear one, he prefers the flowers to be either red, pink, or white.
  • Compliment him on how he looks when he wears a flowercrown, he gets all flustered and grumpy.
  • Its adroable. Give him all the compliments.

Optimus Prime

  • This big dork wears them whenever the autobots have freetime, which isn’t often
  • He likes them but thinks they make him look like less of a leader.
  • When he does wear them, he feels so confident. 
  • However when he gets complimented, he gets all flustered and blushy. Its so cute.
  • Also give him all compliments.


  • Unsurprisingly, he loves flowercrowns.
  • Surprisingly, he doesn’t wear them all that often.
  • He usually only wears them when he’s meditating. 
  • He likes flowerscrowns that have a lot of leaves on them.
  • There have been a few cases where birds and other animals have landed on him when he wears a flowercrown. He loves it when that happens.


  • Bulkhead thinks they are pretty neat. He likes them but doesn’t wear them often.
  • Usually Bumblebee or Sari puts one on his head. He doesn’t really mind. 
  • There have been a few time where he forgets he’s wearing a flower crown and has transforms into his alt mode. He feels really bad afterwards because the crown gets destroyed.
  • Whats really cute is that when there is no deceticon attacks and everybot is relaxing, he likes to paint using the colors of his teammates flowercrowns.
Day6 Stickers

Hello everyone! 

Now that I have thought about it a lot I want to make stickers (and later buttons and keychains) and sell them, but I also want to include you in the process! I’m currently figuring out how everything works and maybe set up a shop on etsy or redbubble.

NOW you will join the game and tell me what concept you’re most interested in for the stickers!

I’ve uploaded a poll on my google docs (click here on the link) if you want to vote anonymously^^ If you’re alright with sharing your answers here, these are the concepts I came up with:

Day6 wearing:

- Animal onesies

- Harry Potter AU (Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw uniforms)

- Casual Clothes

- Flower crowns

- Day6+Food

If you don’t like any of the choices you’re free to suggest a different concept and I might add it to the list :D 

I would be so happy if a lot of people participated in voting and if you’re actually interested in stickers! 

I’m open for suggestions and oppinions. Thank you ^_^


A Kid In A Candy Store (Devin Sola Imagine)

Can you do a Devin Sola one were your like really girlie and wear flower crowns and is innocent as anything and you two have a day out at a theme park and he’s really sweet and you take lots of pics and videos for insta and soo much fluff. Sorry it’s too long love the blog<3A/N; AND DON’T FUCKING TELL ME “OH MOTIONLESS IN WHITE ISN’T METALCORE”, I LOOKED IT THE FUCK UP.. YOU CAN’T TELL ME NOTHING OK, GET A LOAD OF IT. “You ready to go, love?” I heard a voice on the other side of the door ask. I smiled looking down at my dress. I adjusted my flower crown and slipped on a pair of Vans and walked out. “Yeah, lets go!” I said, smiling at my partner. To be honest, I’m surprised we even started dating. Devin was in a metalcore band, which I had no clue about the genre, called Motionless in White. While he was playing bass and rocking out on stage, I was sitting at home crying over “The Notebook.”  Devin wore nothing but dark clothing, I wore nothing but bright pastel colours. I sported flower crowns everyday while he wore black nail polish. Today, Devin and I decided to walk along The Garden. The Garden was extremely close to our house, a 15 minute walk, 10 minute drive. We set out on foot, hand in hand. The Gardenr was just what it was. A giant gardenr. It had a few rides on it, mostly for younger kids, but ever since we moved, I begged Devin to take me. “Smile, babe!” He said, pulling out his phone and taking a picture.  I smiled as he snapped the picture of us and put it on instagram. “Come find me and @y/insta/n at the garden in y/city/n!” He wrote down before posting the picture. Instantly the picture was flooded with comments, mostly people commenting on how cute we were.  “What does that one say, Dev?” I asked him, pointing to a specific comment. “I’m gonna be there at noon, we should all meet up at some point!” He read out to me as we crossed the street. “You wanna do it?” I asked him. He smiled to me as he typed out a response to the person. The responded back instantly, mostly freaking out over how Devin responded, but also to say that they would meet us at the Starbucks across the street. We finally got to the garden and we stood above, the wind blowing my dress and hair. “So, noon, huh? That gives us plenty of time to screw around.” Devin said to me. “Well, what do you wanna do first?” I asked him. “Whatever you want to do!” He smiled, kissing me on the cheek. “Devin! Oh my god, they have a maze. Oh my gosh, we need to go!” I exclaimed, pulling him towards it. “Calm down, Y/N. God, you’re adorable. Ok, let’s go.” He said as I dragged him to it. We paid the feel to get in as we were surrounded by the light green hedges. I walked through it, dropping Devin’s hand as I tried to find my way. After about fifteen minutes of going in circles, I became frustrated. “Dang. Didn’t we just pass this hedge?” I asked him. “We passed it a while ago, baby.” He stated.  “Well, dammit, Sola. How am I supposed to know where were going?” I said, my temper breaking. “Hey now, don’t get mad. I’m sure were close to an exit somewhere. We just have to plan out where we’re going. See, have we gone that way?” He asked, pointing to another path. I shook my head no. “Well, let’s try it.” He said, taking my hand and gently guiding me. After a matter of minutes, we were out of the maze and standing outside of the exit. “See, we made it! I guess we weren’t looking hard enough.” Devin smiled. I smiled back, pecking his cheek as I pulled out my phone to see a new notification.  “@lonesomeghost1937 has taken a photo of you.” I smiled as I unlocked my phone and looked at the photo, a picture of me not looking and my hair blowing in the wind. “Well of course we weren’t looking hard enough when you were too busy taking pictures of me.” I giggled to him. He smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer into a hug. He kissed the top of my head as I giggled again, pulling away. “Don'tttt, you’ll give me cootieessss.” I cooed, trying to pull away from him. “Well of course, my love. You probably already have cooties from all the time you spend with me.” He said, kissing me on the nose. I wrinkled my nose and stuck my tongue out at him as he blew a kiss at me. “You love me.” He stated. “I do. But only because you love me.” I said, crossing my arms, walking along the path to the rose garden. “I could’ve sword it was you who said ‘I love you first’ but whatever floats your boat, princess.” He said, picking a flower from the garden. He picked off a few thorns before passing it to me, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me in for a kiss. “That was unexpected.” I said in between his kisses. “You love unexpected.” He said, lightly touching my butt. “Hey! Not in public, silly butt.” I said, pushing him away slightly. He tried leaning in to kiss me again but I covered his mouth with my hands. “I think this is instagram worthy.” I said, pulling out my phone. Devin smiled to me as I put on the video. He stayed paused for a moment, smiling at my phone. “Ghost, it’s a video.” I cooed to him. He burst out laughing, burying his face in my shoulder. “Now I feel like an idiot, Y/N!” He laughed to me. “Yeah, but you’re my idiot.” I smiled ending the video. I uploaded it, tagging him and the rose emoji. “I love you.” He said, kissing my earlobe. “I love you too. Should we go meet those girls now?” I asked him, spinning around to wrap my arms around his neck. “Of course. Can’t keep 'em waiting can we?” He asked. After walking to the Starbucks and ordering, we sat down with our drinks. Two girsl in Motionless in White shirts opened the door and walked in, making a beeline for us. “Hi.. Um, we’re from instagram?” The girl with the blonde hair said. “We’re huge fans of your band, Devin!” The black haired one gushed. “Really? I never would’ve guessed by your shirts.” He said sarcastically. They gave each other a weird look as I tapped Devin’s hand, just to let him know he was being rude. “I’m sorry, he has a very dark sense of humour. What’s your guy’s names?” I asked them. “I’m Pepper and this is Mandy.” The blonde one said, introducing us. “Nice to meet you too. Would you like a picture with Devin?” I asked them, Devin looking at me. I gave him a look that said, “Yes I’m making decisions for you, be quiet and deal with it. "Yes! But we want you in it too, you’re amazing and you and Devin are sooo cute together!” Mandy gushed, but quickly became red faced. “Sorry, this is our first time meeting famous people.” Pepper said quickly. “Oh, don’t worry. I’m not famous, I’m just Devin’s girlfriend.” I smiled. “And you’re an amazing one at that.” He smiled, picking up my hand and kissing my knuckles. After getting a picture together with the girls and talking for a bit, me and Devin decided to call it quits and go home. “I had fun today.” I said, laying in bed next to Devin. “I did too. I may look like a giant goth guy and look like I want to sacrifice baby animals most of the time, but I swear, you bring out a side of me that makes me feel like a little kid again.” He said, pulling me closer to him. “Like what?” I asked him. “Like a kid in a candy store. I can’t help but feel all happy inside when I’m with you.” He said, kissing behind my ear. “A kid in the candy store, huh?” I mumbled, before drifting off into sleep.

I need admitted plant alien Lizzie headcanons

She takes sun-facing window seats whenever she’s out in public

Butterflies tend to flock to her which is lovely and people think that’s adorable but she also attracts bees which is horrifying

She always smells nice and floral which Nigel always thought was perfume nope it’s natural (also she smells FANTASTIC after it rains)

Even after its out in the open that she’s not human she keeps the human disguise because she thinks it’s adorable like oh my god most humans have cute little tendrils that they can style and modify to fit their aesthetic how CUTE (she wears flower crowns a lot which ain’t helping the whole “BEES?” thing but hey love the bees save the bees)

When the Day met the Night

When the Day met the Night:

Phan Oneshot

Pastel!Dan Punk!Phil

Word Count: 2,289

Summary: Dan is the weird kid who wears pink and cries a lot. Phil terrifies everyone in the school. What happens when they meet under a tree in the rain?

Fluff, highschool, slight angst, homophobia

~Dan’s POV~


Ugh. I hate school. Okay, maybe I’m not the first 15 year old to say that, and I definitely won’t be the last, but it’s true.

School sucks.

I guess it doesn’t really help that I’m literally the walking embodiment of ‘weak’, at least according to my tormentors. I like to wear cute pastel colours, pale pink, blue, lilac, mint green… etc. And that’s not all, get this, I also wear flower crowns, and I have lilac highlights, and I wear makeup!

I know what you’re thinking, it’s no big deal, and I probably look hella cute (which, yes, I do) and I agree with you. I wish I could say people at school thought the same way.

Unfortunately, this is reality, and in reality people are pricks. And people firmly believe that pretty colours, flower crowns and makeup are solely intended for females, and any male that dares to break that unspoken rule must instantly be demoted to ‘fag’ and ‘gayboy’ and many other colourful and inventive nicknames.  

I shouldn’t complain too much though, I mean it is my choice to be fair, so I should face the consequences. I just wish the consequences weren’t so… crap.

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gravityphil  asked:

Phan prompt :) Punk!phil and pastel!dan, Dan wants to get a tattoo but is scared about the pain, Phil already has a lot, so he explains what will happen and holds his hand during it and stuff, and lots of cuddles when they get home, basically just pure comfort!phan fluff

Title: Flower Crowns And Tattoos

Summary: pastel!dan really wants to get a tattoo, but he’s scared of the pain, so best boyfriend punk!phil goes with him and assures him and comforts him.

Pairing: phan

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 1,560


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i really wanted to make one ok shush

this is dimension J-975 rick, he’s kinda young nd he is v indie and dyes his hair a lot of pastel colours and wears flower crowns sometimes!! i’m still getting the hang of drawing rick tbh, he’s more difficult than you’d think

he found his morty in the council when he’d gotten lost and decided to just kind of take care of him, but then it all carried on from there and they’re adventure buddies now (morty likes to borrow his jackets sometimes to look cool in front of jessica!!)

Bold Truths

Tagged by @ladymatt!! Thank you, this is a lot of fun!!

1st rule: tag 9 mutuals you would like to get to know better: @flower-crown-lover, @soft-raphael, @nanf1c, @somethingaboutshadowhunters, @anjawritingsx, @alecbaene, @alecslittlesnores, @wildflower-clace, @damnyoudaddario

2nd rule: bold the statements that are true


I am 5'7" or taller 

I wear glasses

I have at least one tattoo 

I have at least one piercing (two in each ear)

I have blonde hair

I have brown eyes

I have short hair (shoulder length)

My abs are at least somewhat defined

I have or have had braces (I had them for 2 ½ years. I think I was 12 when I got them, and was 14 when they came off. I had horrible teeth, lol)


I love meeting new people

People tell me that I’m funny

Helping others with their problems is a big priority for me

I enjoy physical challenges 
(sometimes when I exercise)

I enjoy mental challenges
 (I love doing those brain puzzle type of games)

I’m playfully rude with people I know well

I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it

There is something I would change about my personality


I can sing well
 (Well, I can “sing,” but can I sing “well?” That’s debatable)

I can play an instrument (not perfectly yet, but I can play two)

I can do over 30 push-ups without stopping

I’m a fast runner

I can draw well 

I have a good memory

I’m good at doing math in my head

I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute

I have beaten at least 2 people in arm wrestling 

I know how to cook at least 3 meals from scratch
 (I love cooking!)

I know how to throw a proper punch


I enjoy playing sports 

I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else

I’m in an orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else
 (I was in a youth choir outside of school when I was in high school)

I have learned a new song in the past week

I work out at least once a week 
(I try to at least)

I’ve gone for runs at least once a week in the warmer months

I have drawn something in the past month

I enjoy writing (ha! That’s not something I ever thought I’d say)

Fandoms are my #1 passion
 (*in Magnus Bane’s voice* duh…)

I do or have done martial arts


I have had my first kiss

I have had alcohol

I have scored the winning goal in a sports game 

I have watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting

I have been at an overnight event 

I have been in a taxi

I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year

I have beaten a video game in one day

I have visited another country

I have been to one of my favourite band’s concerts


I’m in a relationship

I have a crush on a celebrity

I have a crush on someone I know

I have been in at least 3 relationships

I have never been in a relationship
 (I think you all know why…)

I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them 

I get crushes easily

I have had a crush on someone for over a year

I have been in a relationship for at least a year

I have had feelings for a friend


I have at least one person I consider a “best friend”

I live close to my school (just a 15 minute drive)

My parents are still together

I have at least one sibling (I have 4)

I live in the United States 

There is snow right now where I live 

I have hung out with a friend in the past month 

I have a smartphone

I have at least 15 CD’s

I share my room with someone


I have breakdanced

I know a person named Jamie 

I have had a teacher with a last name that’s hard to pronounce

I have dyed my hair (does getting highlights count as dying your hair?)

I’m listening to one song on repeat right now (not at this very second, but I have been listening to a song non stop in my free time)

I have punched someone in the past week

I know someone who has gone to jail

I have broken a bone

I have eaten a waffle today

I know what I want to do with my life (well, kinda…)

I speak at least 2 languages

I have made a new friend in the past year (I’ve made several! You all know who you are…💖)

electrvcfeel  asked:

🌸 8DD

     “jace, what are you—-?” she rears back slightly when he leans over her, and drops a halo of flowers on the top of her head. she hasn’t spent a lot of time around the blond shadowhunter, so she isn’t sure if this is typical jace behavior, but it’s cute, and the werewolf has to admit that she kind of feels like a princess now. “thank… you? i think. wait, are you gonna wear one too?”

send 🌸 to put a flower crown on my muse | @electrvcfeel

pyrolighter  asked:

I've been rewatching one piece and I just got to the scene where ace dies. Can I have emergency fluffy head canons about my freckled babe because I'm a lowkey mess.

*puts on cape and mask* OF COURSE!!!!!

  • Ace cares a bunch for kids
  • He’d such a good father himself my gosh
  • He sometimes randomly wears flower crowns, because he generally likes flowers and it’s a bit of a memento to his birth mother
  • He’s proud that he looks like Rouge, except for the black hair
  • He’s been planning on visiting his mom Dadan a lot in the past years of his piratry now, but he never actually got the chance to sail back to the east blue
  • He purchased his little flame boat but he tinkered a bunch of stuff himself on it, with help of others of course, but still he was pretty darn proud at the outcome and told everybody 

baenaby-brooksjr  asked:

Part One: So Punk!Levi having Erwin and Mike over at his and Genderfluid/Pastel!Eren's place for dinner since they hadn't met Eren yet. When they arrive Levi introduces them to Eren and Erwin is ever charming and asks Eren about his/her pronouns

Part Two: Eren’s pronouns are she/her and Levi’s just like" stop doing that weird ass commander charming shit at my princess.“ While Mike sniffs her and she jumps and scoots away from him and hides (as much as she can) behind Levi. Erwin laughs and

Part Three : before he explains that Mike does that to everyone and Mike apologizes for alarming Eren. And then the dinner goes really well and later on while Levi and Erwin are cleaning the kitchen they notice that Mike and Eren had snuck off.

Part Four: When they find them in Levi and Eren’s bedroom, Mike has a face full of makeup & is wearing a flower crown & Eren just says "Tada! I made your boyfriend even prettier, plus I contoured!” Erwin’s in shock bc fuck his boyfriend looks great

Part Five: and Eren’s makeup skills are amazing & the cute little blue flower crown was a nice touch, so Mike & Erwin end up leaving early & Levi’s just like “damn those old men fucking ran for the door” & Mike &Erwin do the do when they get home

Part Six: And Levi and Eren have a nice movie night with lots of cuddling. The end. (: