and i like to take others down with me

I'm Sorry Guys

I apologize to you if you feel offended and are not able to have a good time looking at posts in the tag.

But maybe that’s a good thing.

You just felt a sliver of what women of color in this fandom feel whenever we see someone who looks like us, who could easily be one of us, getting attacked simply because she’s black. What sense does it make not to take it too seriously? People are literally claiming that Iris is a useless character but that would somehow change if she was recast as a white woman! It’s unacceptable.

So no. We’re not going to calm down! Even the slightest hint of racism is not ok. I want to spread good vibes as much as the next person. But I refuse to turn the other cheek when someone tries to make me feel inferior just because the sun kissed my skin more than it did their’s…

It’s the little things that brighten my day, really.

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I was at the gym and the biggest black guy there smiled at me while he was fully naked and i got red and walked away. I really wanted him but I’I’m just not forward enough. I’m all talk but no action: I like what I want, but I don’t take action to get it. 

Then as I was walking back to my apartment, there was a white guy who lived about 4 apartment rooms down from mine (he’s been there for 3 years like me) and we used to eat alone but we always ate near each other during freshman year. Anyway, he stared at me and said, “How’s it goin’?” in the hottest way possible. He had the southernor cowboy dialect + a deep voice! 

I really want to make an excuse to walk back outside my apartment such as throwing the trash, but I had to stop myself because it is true when people say “you shouldn’t look for love. It happens when you least expect it. Let it come to you”. And on the other hand, people also say that I should at least make some move or else nothing would happen, but 100% of the time when I tried to do something in the past, it never worked out in the end. It’s time I change my tactics just as an experiment.


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bruh. BRUH. How bout instead of making blog about how rebornica is a bad person, how bout make a blog about kittens. kittens don't give any hate to you nor away. Its just kittens. KITTENS MOTHER FUCKER. KITTENS. DONT LIKE KITTENS? MAKE A BLOG ABOUT PUPPIES. the fucking bullshit that's been going on is making me so fucking pissed. its like one person spews bullshit and then others spew bullshit when none of it was bullshit to begin with. I remember when this didn't happen. I want that memory back

hey hey bro take this picture of cats play fighting and calm down pls

look at those tiny fluffs aren’t those just the darndest little things

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The pizzeria was less active than normal, the main three content to stay on the stage, Bonnie straying to the backstage area every once in awhile. Foxy on the other hand, watched the cameras with glowing golden eyes before taking his chance, bolting down the hall like a hellbent beast. He'd get in there this time, he would.

Mark screamed as the figure blurred in his camera, quickly turning and closing the door. “Ergh, why did the stupid game have to suck me in?! I HATE MAGIC!” He yelled dropping into the spinning chair and giving a spin. “I want out of here. And it’s only night one. Contrary to belief, there’s seven nights…” He grumbled.

i went to the beach with my friends today and like one of my friends has an A+ body like flat stomach, big boobs, everything and like my other friend i guess is like very insecure about her body rn

so when we all like stripped down to our bathing suits, she wouldn’t stop making comments to my skinny friend like “oh you’re making me feel bad about myself” or like “we can’t take pictures together because I feel bad next to you”

and like, man, i’m not happy with my body either but we’re all girls here u kno? and we’re friends and none of us are going to judge each other…? it literally doesn’t matter what we look like, it’s not like we’re trying to impress each other so this whole idea that one of us is skinnier than the other really shouldn’t get in the way of us having fun and i think it really did for her….

i mean obviously i understand where she was coming from but i realized that honestly no one cares and i’m happy that i realized that because i can apply it to situations where I start to feel insecure about myself too

Day eighteen

The last two days I’ve been down and out of my own mind in a way. Why? Well yesterday I said goodbye to several of my friends at my current hospital as I won’t see them before next weekend. The other reason is with all this change that’s taking place I keep having flashbacks of me and my ex and despite my efforts they still hit me like bricks. I hate being this type of person and I’m back to wanting to cut that out of who I am even though I know I wouldn’t be half as good without my compassion. Just at times it’s nothing but a burden to me to feel this shit so deeply and for so long after it’s done and over with. 

It’s very difficult going through this transition from one hospital to another while dealing with these issues of mine. I have a lot to work on before I start and hopefully I can get my ducks in a row. Tonight though I think I’m going to go eat pizza with a friend and probably sleep in tomorrow. Trying to stay motivated is getting hard to do but maybe a night off from everything would do me some good. I dont know. 

Tiredness Overwhelms

It’s 2:30pm on Friday afternoon. I have just come home from work early. My body is still running at a ridiculous temperature. It made no sense to sit at my desk any longer, potentially exposing co-workers to whatever bug I seem to be carrying.

London was an adventure yesterday. I woke up with a raging temperature at about 4am (after going to bed at 9 the night before). I couldn’t call in sick because others were relying on me, so slept fitfully until 5:30, after which I got up and downed two nurofen (ibuprofen), and two paracetamol. After half an hour I felt vaguely ok, although a bit deaf. Ibuprofen does that to me - it takes pain away, but makes me feel like my head is full of cotton wool.

I somehow made it through the day on client-site in London, and got home at about 8:30pm. As is usual, I started washing up the moment I walked in the door, and got told off for it - so I stopped. This morning - surprise, surprise - none of the washing up had happened, so I set about clearing it before leaving the house for work.

I get in again half an hour ago, and guess what. Sink is full again, and dirty plates, mugs, and dishes are stacked everywhere around it. I think the rest of the family has gone shopping (it’s half term).

I just finished washing up before writing this. My entire life seems to revolve around washing up. It’s the first thing I do in the morning, the first thing I do when I get home from work, and the last thing I do at night. It drives me NUTS.

I shouldn’t really have been at work over the last couple of days. There is an unwritten rule that if you’re sick you should stay away - because you will make others sick. That rule is “unwritten” on purpose - because there are exceptions to it. Apollo astronauts threw up all over the capsule - they didn’t get to stay in bed though.

I’m hoping against hope that I’ll get a chance to relax this weekend. The grass needs cutting, the hedge at the front of the house needs cutting, and all of the school clothes will probably need to be washed. I’ll also have to go and buy food to make packed lunches next week, and if previous weekends are anything to go by, I’ll have to buy, and prepare all food to feed everybody throughout the weekend. And then wash it all up.

I need a vacation from life as I know it.

And a pizza.

i'm holdin' on
i'm barely holdin' on to you
Domestic Starters 2.0
  • "Do I smell breakfast or is that the house burning down?"
  • "Honey, you look tired. Go sleep."
  • "So I was driving past a pet store the other day and couldn't help but wonder how cute an animal would be like in our home."
  • "I want to move in with you."
  • "I think we should go house hunting. Buy a big family home on the beach or something."
  • "What do you think about children?"
  • "Our son/daughter got sent to the principals office today."
  • "Babe, can you explain to me what this is doing here?"
  • "You look like you could use a massage."
  • "I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It'll save water."
  • "I may have broken the dish washer."
  • "There's a spider in the shower!"
  • "I think I might be pregnant."
  • "I want to try for a baby."
  • "I want to adopt a child."
  • "You would make the perfect father/mother."
  • "Think about it. The little patter of children in our home."
  • "I want to marry you."
  • "What do you think about this color wall for our room?"
  • "Why is the bathroom overfilling with water?"
  • "Did you eat all my oreos?"
  • "We live together. You can't blame this on anyone else."
  • "I've got a romantic surprise for you."
  • "Let's just stay in bed."
  • "Get back into bed."
  • "Can you call in sick today?"
  • "I just want to lie here all day with you."
  • "Oh, there's no need to put a shirt on."
  • "I'm sick of doing all the chores!"
  • "We can't afford this!"
  • "Don't mind me, just want to remember how beautiful you look in bed this morning."

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IM REALLY CONFUSED ABOUT THE WHOLE 'ASHTON BEING RUDE' like i know he wants privacy and everything but if it wasnt for the fans he wouldnt be with that model hes had enough time to be with her while they were off tour now the tour is to meet fans lots of fans dont have money to see them and if they got the chance to see them on the street thats amazing not so amazing when he tells you he cant take a quick pic with you bc hes spending time with his gf who hes had plenty of other time to be with.

Alright, let me try to break down my response to this a little, because I don’t want to be rude, so please know that I’m just trying to give my genuine opinion on the whole thing & not make anyone feel bad. This got really long so…it’s under a cut!

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Season 5 ep.6: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

When HBO gives me lemons, I make Lemoncakes!

Normally, I take inspiration from the fun stuff from the episode and have a little more fun with it. In this case, I’ve decided to completely re-write the entire Myrcella/ Dorne storyline. Like many others, I had been looking forward to the Dorne’s introduction to the HBO show, and although I understand changes need to be made, I’ve found this whole section of the show underwhelming and disappointing thus far.

So, I hope you enjoy my version of events, and how I think they should have gone down.

See you next week!


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Omg carmilla pins laura to the cave wall whenshe finds her and kisses the fuck outta her somebody write this

You’re welcome anon. 

“Ooooh, light, I am going to catch you if it kills me!” 

Laura makes another grab for the little ball of light, and once again it suddenly is far away. In any other scenario she’d be running the hell away from strange lights, but in her feverish, cold, half-delirious state, the logic was sound. 

Fire is warm. 

Fire emits light. 

Ergo, light would be warm like fire. 

Laura needs warm now. She’s been chasing this stupid light for almost a day now, even going down stairs. 

“Wow. This must have been a mine. A tiny mine.” And Laura takes out her phone to tweet it. As she walks farther down the staircase, she sees the light again. Now it’s not moving. It’s just hovering. 

She gets closer, and it still doesn’t move. Perry and LaFontaine were going to be so happy when she brings them back this warm light. Carmilla will probably be mad that she wandered off, but she’s grumpy all the time so Laura doesn’t really care. 

Oh boy, her fingertips are less than an inch away if she stretches. It’s too dark to see anything in front of her but the light, and her phone is in her pocket. She goes to make another swipe–


–Laura is startled, and realizes as she stumbles that there’s a disturbing lack of ground as her foot goes forward. She wobbles on the edge for a bit before she feels a pull on the back of her jacket. The back of it rips off and Laura flails. Whatever is trying to pull her grabs her scarf instead, and Laura grabs the fabric in her hands desperately.

She feels herself being flung backwards and falls on her back, looking up at the faces of her friends. 

“Perry! LaF!” 

“Laura honey, are you hurt?” Perry asks, kneeling to check for injuries. 

“…Other than still being cold and sick and kind of bruised, I think I’m okay…” 

“Laura, what the hell were you thinking?” LaFontaine exclaims, “Did the last few months tell you nothing about the possible dangers of strange light sources?” 

“But…but…it was warm…” 

“That’s because it was a will-o-wisp. They lead unsuspecting travelers to their deaths!” 

And LaFontaine uses their phone as a flashlight, showing the giant chasm Laura was about to fall into. 

“…If you guys were here, then where is…” 

A giant black panther looks down at her now, and Laura gulps. 

“Carmilla!” Laura sits up as Carmilla morphs back into a vampire. 

“Cupcake, what is it with you and needing to be pulled away from the edges of giant pits?” Laura takes the vampire’s hand and is pulled up. 

“I don’t know, I’m cold and feverish and sick and it seemed like a good idea at the time–” 

Carmilla doesn’t let her finish, because she’s too busy pinning her against the wall and kissing her deeply. 

“I thought–” Kiss. “You might have died–” Another kiss, holding her face in her hands, Laura entwining a hand in Carmilla’s hair. “You fucking idiot.” 

Perry clears her throat. 

“Give us five minutes,” Laura and Carmilla say. 

LaFontaine rolls their eyes, but takes Perry’s arm and tells the two that they’ll be outside and they better no ‘take too long’. 

“I’m sorry,” Laura whispers against Carmilla’s lips.

“Shut up and kiss me, cutie, we’ve only got five minutes.” 

Laura grabs Carmilla’s hips and pulls her body as close to hers as she could. And she wonders why did I chase that light in the first place? Because seriously, this was even warmer and a lot more fun. 

okay so like we have a lot of jeanmarco sports au’s but like where are the wrestling au’s

where’s the au where they both show up for their first practice like freshman year of college and they take like one look at the other and they’re like “god help me don’t make me practice with that guy I cannot handle it” and then they have to fucking roll around trying to pin each other down while dying internally


i’m down about… 170 dollars now since i replaced my motherboard (and i do have some other repairs i’d like to get done before i leave korea) so i’d like 2 take this time to PROMO FULLBODY SKETCH COMMISSIONS!!!!! great fOR OC REFERENCES!!!! 

$15 dollars per chara!!! + $5 for color!!!! WOW!!!

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hello fellow phandom members*\(^o^)/*

((I promise this will only take a sec))

So as many of you know, Vidcon is coming up. And sadly not all of us can go and meet these absolutely amazing and wonderful humans.

BUT after some begging and hinting to my parents, I’ve been blessed with a ticket. And I really want to take this marvelous opportunity to get the fandom involved!

here we gooooooo:

  1. Leave me a message saying something that you would like to tell Dan and Phil
  2. I’ll write that message down (+ your url and any other social media) and put it into a jar and give it to them at the convention

[nothing inappropriate or something that would make them feel uncomfortable please]

ALSO if you could reblog this and spread the word to anyone else in the Phandom that would be super helpful and amazing.

**Messages in by July 18th, 2015 please**

“As I’m such a bitch, of course, I’ve got to the front row. When she came down to fans and when she was in front of me, I said “Lana” only once, she looked me in the eyes and took my hand Awww She didn’t took a lot of selfies because fans were really soooo crazy. Damn, they would kill to take a selfie with her. WTF? Why are fans so obsessed with her? Yeah, I love her so much too but they are like really CRAZY. When she comes down, they start pushing each other and scream, they really lose their heads when they see her. That’s not normal I took this video when she was going back to the stage. She signed a book for the fan that was next to me and took a couple of selfies and got back to the stage for the last song @lanadelrey @francescocarrozzini Next stop is Chula Vista, CA on May 16 😻 #EndlessSummerTour #LanaDelRey #LosAngeles #LA #California #CA #Cali #Hollywood #WestHollywood #BeverlyHills #WestCoast #LanaDelRey #BornToDie #Paradise #Ultraviolence #CourtneyLove #KurtCobain #Nirvana #Rock #Arizona #Phoenix #AkChinPavilion”

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are you into guys girls or both? do you have a partner?

I’m into a specific and very special girl. We don’t call each other girlfriend/boyfriend yet, but I’m true to her.

I’ll do everything I can to keep her, no matter the pain we have to go through, because it will be nothing compared to the pain I would feel if I lost her.

She is the most incredible girl, and I will never take her for granted. I want her to feel like I’m always fighting for her love, because I am!

It feels amazing to share both laughter and tears with her. She makes me laugh until my body feel numb, she calms me down when I’m angry and she cheers me up when I’m sick.

She’s my weakness and strength! I just love her so much. I love her the most.

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What do you believe are some good ways to relieve stress and anxiety?

Hi there, good question! Well everyone is different, everyone experiences stress differently and thus experiences stress relief differently. For me, and many other people with anxiety, the most effective way to relieve stress and anxiety is exercise. I work out five times a week, usually by doing yoga, and it’s hugely relieving for me. But again this depends on the person. Some people like to destress by slowing down, taking a bath, meditating, etc. But others need to rid themselves of nervous energy which other things like cardio are better for. One of the reasons why I like yoga is because it’s a combination of exercise and meditation. Another big thing for me is organization, staying organized really really helps to prevent stress and keep it at bay. But there are really endless ways to decompress and you may need to try a few before you find the ones that are most effective for you!

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"Oliver Queen, put me down this instant!" Hope you feel better, cher!

Awwww, thank you so much, sweetie. It means a lot, lots of hugs towards you. Hope you like it. 

Read it here on Ao3.

“Fine.” Oliver said while putting her down. When Felicity’s feet touched the ground, she looked at him, but he was already walking away from the living room and he seemed sad.

“Where are you going?” Felicity asked.

“To my room.” He said quickly while he got to the stairs.

“To our room, you mean…” Felicity didn’t understand what the hell was wrong with him.

“Nope… I’m taking the guest room today…” He said while he got to the other floor. Felicity went fast after him.

“And why is that? Because I didn’t let you carry me?”

“No, because you are pushing me away for about two weeks now. If you don’t want to be with me anymore, let me know. If you’re done with me, I’ll leave you and you’ll never see me again, I’ll do as you want.”

“What?! I’ve been pushing you away?”

“Yes, you have. You never can have lunch and/or dinner with me, you won’t let me carry you, we don’t have sex in 2 weeks, when I call you, you seem to be rushing the phone call, wanting it to end… Do you want me to continue?” Oliver was so angry, but mostly sad.

“No… I don’t… I- I have been trying to figure out a way to tell you- to tell you-”

“Oh god, Felicity, just say it all at once!”

“To tell you that I’m pregnant.” Oliver’s mouth dropped open. “I didn’t know how to tell you and I’ve been so nervous… I didn’t know how you’d react and I just… I’m sorry for taking me so long to tell you… I never meant to hurt you…”

“You’re… You’re pregnant?” Oliver’s brain froze at those three words. “No, I’m so sorry for talking to you like that… I- I didn’t know. You were acting so strange and distant. I’m so sorry.”

“That’s okay, it was all my fault. I’m sorry, Oliver.” 

Oliver got closer to her, his forehead touching hers, his hands on her belly.

“I’m so happy. I love you, Felicity. And I love our son so much.”

“So, it’s a son, huh?” She said grinning.

“Yeah!” He chuckled. “Felicity, can- can I ask you something?” She nodded at him, so he kept going. “If it’s a boy, can we… can we call him Thomas?”

“Oh Oliver, of course we can.” 

He smiled, his eyes were teary with tears of joy and happiness. They were a family. Now more than ever.

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when i first discovered ur work, i was the sad. but ur incredible work has inspired me to try to become THE RAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no but seriously, your silliness always brings a smile to my face. I struggle with depression too, and knowing that someone like you shares those experiences but still is hilarious and hardworking inspires me to be the best person I can be. I hope that knowing I and others like me that you've helped exist can help repay some of that inspiration!!

The harder depression tries to get me down the sillier I get and the harder I laugh. u just gotta take a giant hairy shit all over depression and laugh at it for even bothering to try, all HAHA LOSER. I’M STILL HAVING FUN ASSHOLE. It’s like getting revenge on life for trying to give you a shitty time. 

In all seriousness tho depression can be a lifelong struggle but if you fight it hard enough and figure out how to cope with/treat it it’s still possible to live a really great and fulfilling life, and I hope you guys can know that. ;v;