and i like to comfort myself with moments like this

today a really nice girl came up to me and complimented my hair, and said how she wanted grey hair really bad but don’t think she pull it off. reminds me of myself for a while when i stared at styles i like worn by other people with longing “i want to wear that, i want to style my clothes like that, i want hair like that" 

to be honest the moment i stopped looking at other people and at myself and dressed myself the way i always wanted to do, i felt so good, confident, and content… dont restrain yourself by forever staring at what you want but never trying it even when you have the capacity to.  it will be shockingly more comfortable to you to dress the way you wanted than trying to blend in with everyone else

Confession: I feel like when I was younger I was comfortable with myself as a black person and I don’t recall having any moments of self hatred, but I do remember the first time I witnessed my my olders brothers internalised racism. I was buying a doll with my dad and brother and I wanted a black doll, because she had gorgeous thick hair and looked like me and my brother told me to get the white doll with blonde hair and blue eyes because she was pretty and my doll was ugly I didn’t think much of it at the time and I still bought my black doll, but when I think back it to it shocks me that he felt that way, and like that was nothing wrong with his comment.


Ahh.. *sigh*.. both are literally my biases from the start.. i come to know bts in just one day era and at that time i really attracted to hobi and jiminie voice.. one day i come across this video (the owner really did a splendid job, i dont know how to thank him/her) while searching for jiminie moments and can feel myself laughing (like a lot, who can resist sunshine line), crying (in hobi surprise birthday), dying from second hand embarassment (i laugh but at sometime closing my eyes due to embarassment while seeing them dancing especially to girl group dance, hehe).. jihope is actually a dynamic in which hobi foreseen minnie as mutual (as quoted by @i-jiminiekookie, hehe => thanks dear!) And minnie find much comfort and happiness in hobi’s teasing (he said somewhere i dont remember but he do said something like he will be sad if the members tease him but he feels happy when hobi tease him).. they find that they can release their stress to each other (asc i need u)..hobi really look up to minnie when he said that jiminie is the one who shine the brightest on stage, and minnie always trying to comfort and give support to his hyung.. minnie also said that hobi being all hope and sunshine is not merely a concept, he is being himself.. what i love the most about their dynamics is that they are the reason for each other smile and laugh.. ^^ jjinjja, they are really a bunch of sunshine and the epitome of happiness.. i hope they will continue to enlight each other and the members as well.. =)

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I'm really insecure about my boobs. I feel like they are too big and saggy and my nipples are too big. How to get comfortable in your own skin as a woman ? I never had sex hardly ever kissed a guy, a little too embarrassed about my age and not having hardly any sexual experience. I love how your so comfortable in your skin, and I feel like thats a part of growing into your womanhood is owning your body. How do you do it ? lol

yea some days im comfortable in my skin but just like everyone else in the entire fucking universe they’re plenty of days when im not and that might be more often than you think. 

It might help to not assume that there’s this magic “im a woman and im completely comfortable and at ease w/ myself” moment that you need to achieve in order to be a “woman”… there’s no such thing…

if you had the opportunity to ask any woman of any age what physical attributes they didn’t like about themselves im sure they’ll gladly type up a 10 pg dissertation explaining what and why.

just because i look cute on the internet sometimes doesn’t mean im living some perfect always happy life, that goes for me and every other instagram, tumblr, twitter bitch you see. please keep that in mind. 

everyone has their insecurities,
everyone has good days where they think they’re the baddest bitch in the room and everyone has bad days when they don’t even want to get out of bed.
everyone, like you, is just coping.

its ok.

James Ironwood

So finally got to see the new RWBY episode and omg it’s just as fantastic as everyone’s been saying. And now that I’ve seen it I can now reblog my small James Ironwood posts that I’ve been collecting in my likes.

And…I don’t know what to say about this man. Like I came into this series expecting to like one of our main four girls and to be fair I did. I started like Ruby, then went to being a Weiss fan, found myself favoring Yang out of all of them, but then Ironwood happened. Like from his introduction and his first few episodes I thought he was a pretty alright (and handsome) guy, but with each passing moment for him I found myself liking him more and more and by the third season started I’ve seem to have fallen deep in love with my with this character like what the hell. 

I did not expect to love this guy and I honestly feel comfortable saying that he’s probably my overall favorite character of the series. Jeez I just like everything about him. 

Also after this last episode I can’t help but of Ironwood, Qrow and Glynda fighting together against a bunch of Grimm. Ironwood would take to the streets taking out the Grimm on the ground while Qrow is taking out Grimm on the rooftops, occassionally they toss a half beaten Grimm towards each other to finish off. Meanwhile Glynda is taking out Grimm that they miss and the ones in the sky that neither can reach.

I need more Ironwood in this series.

anonymous asked:

May I get a match-up please? I'm terrible at describing myself BUT I'LL TRY! ^-^ I'm very short, light skin, large brown eyes, curvy. Usually laidback but I have moments when I'm bursting w/ lots of energy more likely w/ close friends. I'm always there for help & comfort. I smile a lot & like to get others laughing. My sense of humor is stupid but it's mostly my laugh & reaction that gets others. Interested doing any forms of art, sciences, learning & having great discussions. Ty!

I ship you with Matt!

He would love how energetic you are, as he is quite chill, it would add a nice contrast.
He would adore your sense of humor and find you’re laugh adorable

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I just saw how you reblogged a quote about sadness being comforting, and it made me curious. I love your blog so much and from that feel like I like you as a person. even though you find sadness comforting, do you still actively peruse it in real life? or how do you feel about it? because its a very interesting thing to reblog.

its not that i think sadness is a better or necessarily comforting. its more that once you are sad, once you fall into a deep depression, its much easier to just give in and let yourself be sad. i feel like i get the compulsion to do things that are ultimately harmful to me and my general well being, like isolate myself from my friends or neglect personal hygiene. its the easier thing to do and much more comforting in the moment. why pursue happiness or a healthy range of emotions when its much easier to just lay down? 

its the wrong thing to do and makes everything worse but i still do it to myself and i think thats what that quote was saying. i like that the writer talked about that side of being depressed bc the belief that you are sabotaging yourself feels like a secret you have to hide so people will still want to take care of you (not view you as a lost cause or waste of time). 

If it’s any comfort to you damn DID systems who so love “debunking” us, myself and Amethyst (and some others) felt like little more than “alters of Morcant” during the latest part of the hiatus instead of feeling like ourselves, and believe you me that losing the identity that had been fresh and clear since the moment we arrived was a disgusting and invalidating experience that I’d never like to reexperience. 0>:^/ As the third and fourth members of this system to arrive I think Amethyst and I know exactly what the fuck we’re talking about!!! I know you’re following us for posts like this!!


I’ve started feeling much more confident in myself lately following changing my major to something I’m really passionate about. I’m finally comfortable with my looks, and I finally started buying clothes that I like. There happens to be a lot of black and red at the moment, but I’m feelin’ it. I was never confident in my makeup skills and NEVER wanted to wear any bright or colorful lipstick. But today I finally tried, and honestly, I feel like such hot shit. (On the left is a dress I got for my college’s formal in May, and on the right is one of my favorite outfits.)

The new episode of Osomatsu-San kind of made me a bit unclean feeling. The first story was obviously just fanservice, but I feel like it was poorly directed. And aside from the seeing the younger three look worried and the older three look angry when they were captured, and the fourth wall break at the end, I didn’t find myself enjoying it much. The second part was a bit heavy on the BLmatsu with moments between Ichi & Oso and Ichi & Kara. And while I don’t usually have an issue with BLmatsu ships for the most part (I actually find them slightly comforting trauma ships myself), I feel like it was so much more forced in than I’ve seen in previous episodes. I enjoyed the premise at first - Ichi dressing like Kara & trying to be him.While it may be seen as a look at how socially awkward Ichi is when he’s forced to interact with others, I just found myself disliking those moments that were so forcibly matsucest moments. More subtle moments are much more enjoyable to actually watch, but episode 16 was just so overbearably cringeworthy with how forced all of the moments felt. I just feel gross after watching it all the way through.

A lesson on comfort zones.

So I’m not an actor or a dancer or a singer or anything like that. I love watching other people do all those things. Artistic humans are just about the most beautiful people in the world. Doing anything artistic is something I’m not used to so whenever I do, it’s a step outside my comfort zone.

Right where I like to be.

Every year I’ve auditioned for a play on campus because every time I do, I force myself out of my comfort zone and it’s such a great feeling. Sure it’s terrifying in the moment, but when it’s all said and done you’re awesome because you did it!

Tonight I auditioned for a play called Pullman Car Hiawatha. My very dear friend, soul mate, true love, and hero, Sarah, is stage managing the production. Sarah and I met first year; we lived next to each other. Since then we’ve gone on many adventures and shared wonderous day dreams. That’s my side note about one of the best humans in the world. Of course I say that about her at least three times a week so… nothing new.

For the audition, I had to dance around like I was a planet. Me. Dancing. Like a planet. Quite a sight I imagine. And totally fun. Good way to round out a weekend, huh?

Reminds me of you.

“When We Were Young”

Everybody loves the things you do
From the way you talk to the way you move

Even the teachers loved how you courted me. From the way you talked about me and from the way you treated me.

Everybody here is watching you
‘Cause you feel like home

Everyone was watching you court me, everyone saw how i felt comfortable and secure with you.

You’re like a dream come true

You were my dream come true. The dream of finding someone who loves me for my simplicity and flaws.

But if by chance you’re here alone
Can I have a moment before I go?

Until now, I still want closure. We talked last Thursday but SHE was there. 

'Cause I’ve been by myself all night long
Hoping you’re someone I used to know

I’ve been by myself thinking that you might still have feelings.

You look like a movie

From the day we met, to the day it all ended. 

You sound like a song

Songs that knew how I felt. All the emotions that only you saw.

My God, this reminds me
Of when we were young

I’m still reminiscing what we used to be.  

Let me photograph you in this light
In case it is the last time

I took a lot of photos because I knew we might not last.

That we might be exactly like we were
Before we realized
We were sad of getting old

May be you got sad that it’s already the future and nothing changed between us.

It made us restless
It was just like a movie
It was just like a song

You got tired of chasing me, I got tired of seeing you sad. From the beginning to the end of a song and a movie. 

I was so scared to face my fears
Nobody told me that you’d be here

I wanted to move on, that’s why I said that to you but now all I want to do is hold on to something I don’t even have anymore. 

And I swear you moved overseas
That’s what you said, when you left me

I swear you told me that you didn’t want me to see you so sad and upset. That’s what you said before you left me.

It’s hard to admit that
Everything just takes me back
To when you were there

Everything reminds me of you. PROM night, all the songs. Like I’m Gonna Lose You, What do you Mean?, even from dessert. When you usually stand by my locker, get my water bottle and wallet from above. From a simple leaf, from a simple word, from a simple phrase. You were my everything.

And a part of me keeps holding on
Just in case it hasn’t gone

Has it gone? I’m still holding on. 

I guess I still care

I still care, JM. 

Do you still care?

It’s different now, the way you ‘care’. 

To what could’ve been us 


kou32 asked:

Here's a long one 3, 5, 11, 13, 16, 26, 27, 31, 36, 37, 38, 39, 43, 61, 69, 70, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 97, 100.

*cracks knuckles*

3. Do you like the person you feel like you’re becoming?
Sexy as hell and comfortable in my own skin, fuck yeah I do!

5. Do you suffer from anxiety/depression/PTSD/other?
I have anxiety sometimes but I wouldnt say it is very sevire, I do however have aspergers.

11. Do you like who you are around people?
I am myself, I don’t let others change who I am.

13. Tell a secret.
Ummmmm idk….. I dont really have many secrets and can’t think of any at the moment.

16. Romantically, do you prefer men, women, both, any/don’t care, or are you aromantic?
Romantically I prefer men, sexually I am weird. What I find attractive about people are their personalities, looks have nothing to do with it and neither does gender.

26. What does your favorite tattoo mean to you? Or if you had to get a tattoo, what would it be? Why?
I only have 1, it is  cherry blossom on my ribs and the reason I got it was to turn a mole that I hated into something beautiful. (its the center of the flower)

27. How many groups of friends do you have? How do they vary?
Right now I have 4 main groups of friends. One is my rocky group, they are sex feinds and I love them. Another is my group from school and they are fucking nerds. The next is a cosplay group where most of them live on the other side of the country from me and are a bit more reserved. The last one is newer and it is a skye group I am part of, still getting to know them.

31. What are you looking forward to right now?
Getting to see my BF wednesday, and ALA on thursday!

36. What’s your favorite book?
Brave new world!

37. Favorite poem?
Penutbutter sandwich my shel silverstine

38. Favorite movie?

39. Favorite song?
Make a wish from Jirachi Wishmaker LINK

43. If you could choose your own name, what would it be? Why?
Stephanie  or stella. They are beautiful names.

61. What quirks do you have?
Ummm not sure, I tend to start all me conversations with “So” and change topic a lot.

69. Do you like the kind of attention you get from other people?

70. Are you in a relationship? What’s your favorite thing about your partner?
Yup, hes great, his name is Mo and I love his personality.

75. What’s that movie you know is bad but enjoy anyways?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

76. Do you masturbate (be honest)?
Just did 5 min ago, do it almost every night.

77. What’s your kink?
Oh I have so many, but they can mostly be put into the BDSM category.

78. What’s one thing you don’t feel comfortable doing around your friends?
Masturbating? but I’ve had sex at a party in plain sight of a bunch of them so I’m not sure…..

79. What’s your most prized possession?
Right now it would be my computer.

97. What’s your favorite word?
Amoeba or nudibranch

100. Are you okay?
Yup! thank you for asking!


It’s Raining Somewhere Else

…and like that I’m aware of a deafening silence,
like waking from a dream.
My emotions are quiet for only a moment
acting like an inaudible scream.

This happens every so often
when night begins to take hold,
and every soul is my house is asleep,
and I’m the only one who wasn’t told.

I’m consumed by the darkness
yet it feels more like comfort
because I feel like I’m not by myself.
I look out the window and then I remember
it’s raining somewhere else.

sharing your thoughts in a book is like showing a tiny part of yourself and saying look here is me, i have all these interesting beautiful things to say, here is me & let me see you

dancing in a dark room i don’t know on saturday night, he takes me there but leaves me. in this moment it’s okay because i feel capable and i love to watch myself move in the huge mirror on the wall like a dance studio would have

he comes back and tugs me close in a way that feels very scary but also comforting in a way, i don’t know how to process it at all and i still feel bad about doing what i did, like i was a child

i want to wash the feeling off of me but i know i will see you again 

something about the way and number of times joanna newsom says she was drunk and half dead in have one on me

laying so hot and cozy in the middle of the bed with two of my favourite people

we spend 5 days together making

a lot of the best people are the ones you feel like you knew forever. this always scares me, like i don’t know me. sometimes i can trust very fast 

the man in the corner who is saying i have a very innocent look about me, i walk away. asks if he is my boyfriend, i say no and walk away again. later i hear him asking rama “what is she to you”, i yell at him that i can hear him



  • slept in the latest i have since i’ve been here - noon! big!!!!!
  • we all got ready and met up with jesse and headed to camden market!
    • i bought this tree of life ring which is a little cliche but u know what?????? i am growing!!!!! and it fits me perfectly and i like to look at it and remember….. i am growing!
      • you know what ive been thinking about a lot though, for real? any time that i’ve been sad or upset or hurt in my time here, i remind myself, in that very moment: i am growing, right. now. like thats exactly when the growing happens, right? when we are hurt or ripped from our comfort zone or make a mistake, we immediately begin to learn. we adapt and progress, its what we do! we once had to be burned by the fire, to learn not to touch it. they are just growing pains. they notify me: hey!!! you must be learning and getting better in this moment! thinking like that makes me feel much better.
    • delicious food. magical friends. complete cultural chaos. beautiful.
    • headed home, then pub! 
    • BED

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the house at murs, the neitherlands, and castle whitespire!!!

The House at Murs: Where do you feel most at home?

It’s less of a place and more of a situation. When I’m in a group of friends and sort of comfortable just existing there, not worrying about talking too much or not enough, when I feel like I can just be me and not have to edit myself in any way. 

The Neitherlands: Describe a moment where you felt like time was standing still.

Probably the time I drove on the wrong side of the road for two minutes straight and didn’t realize it because I was so tired from traveling until I finally saw a car coming my way. 

Castle Whitespire: Favorite MAGICIANS character?

I already answered Eliot and Julia, but I’m gonna add Alice because lmao I can’t help myself. I love her character arc so much. I love learning all her family’s history, I love her determination, her anger, her occasional fragility, her impatience for Quentin’s bullshit. She’s wonderful.

cocoakisses226 asked:

Ship please. I'm shorter than average compared to most people my age. At first in very shy and awkward with new people but once I feel comfortable I can become very outgoing. I can be immature but I also know when to be mature. Im more on the independent side. I tend to keep to myself and barely open up about my feeling. I'm very focused and dedicated to my studies.

I ship you with:

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I ship you with the stud that is Derek Morgan.

What Derek likes about you:

Derek likes that you are a fun person to be around. Once you got to know him, you became very outgoing and he likes it. You two have your immature moments but he likes that you two can be serious when needed be. He is happy that you are determined and you stay focused when it comes to things you want to get done, especially when it comes to your education. He likes that you are a strong and independent person…you guys bring out the best in each other and never have to get into arguments over one or the other being too clingy.

Best Friend:

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I feel like you would be close to Rossi, after you got to know him, your outgoing side began to show and he loves talking to you. He is inspired by your independence and how hard you work. He is a great father figure and he treats you like one of his own. He said he’d personally take Morgan down if he ever broke your heart. Italian’s honor.

Cutesy Couple Scenario:

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After a long day, nothing is better than cuddling up to your favorite man and falling asleep. You like to feel his heart beat from under your arm that is splayed across his chest. He likes to run caress your back by tracing his hand along it because he knows that it helps you fall asleep.

How you kiss:

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He loves it when you bite his lip while you two are kissing, it drives him insane.


You shown me a friendship before anything else. When all I needed was someone to listen to the thoughts in my head, you were there. When all I needed was someone to sit and enjoy the silence with me bc words were too overwhelming at the time, you were there. You see things in me that is hard for even myself to see. You accept me. I cant promise my mind won’t scare you away but if you are willing to stick by my side long enough to be tested, that means a lot to me. Our connection is stronger than the force field between two magnets and for that, I am so blessed. I thought I wouldnt find happiness and comfort in someone else ever again, but girl, you proved me wrong. Its nothing but warmth, familiarity. But nothing like my past. My hat goes off to you for being strong enough to look for love one more time. My hat goes off to myself as well. Lets continue to build and cherish each moment like its our last.