and i like she hulk


RARE FOOTAGE OF STEVE AND TONY BEIN CUTE AND SOFT (avengers v7 (2016–) #5 & #6: time-travelling retro silver age avengers edition)

she stole their clothes and none of them fit her correctly but thats oka y cause she’s establishing dominance over the tower

the only one remotely close to her size is tony and even then like still

thor has big feet

Bruce Banner attempting to pick up Mjolnir and then pretend hulking out and being judged by the rest of squad is the best thing of life. Not just because it’s adorable, but it shows the progression of his mental and psychological health. Banner is finally at a place where he feels safe and comfortable around these people to joke about something which previously isolated him from everyone and everything and that’s beautiful.

Day in the Life of Danielle and Philippa!

Description: A regular day in the life on Phil’s 29th birthday only this comes with a feminine twist.

Tags: Fem!Phan; Filming!Phan (yes it is different than normal phan)

A/N: written for dannihowell because I love her and recommended reading she has ever written. <33

“Hey guys! So I’ve just woken up to 3 million subscribers! Thank you so much that number is insane! I’ll send you all your own little duck children as celebration!” I shoved my hair out of my eyes and groaned when the strands stick to my forehead.

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When nobody ships your OTP and there is no fan fic, fan art or merch of it:

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When that OTP is the main, canon pairing of a hugely popular franchise and yet somehow the majority of people either don’t know it exists, or completely ignore it:

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When I was a kid I really liked the orion girl from stark trek the original series and then later I really liked Jennifer Walters (she-hulk) and then star trek 2009 came out and I really liked Gaila who is also Orion and now I’m all into Gamora… its taken until today to realize that there’s seriously a trend here that has been occuring my whole life and I can’t stop laughing omggg

I’d like to see more stuff about professions that touch on super heroics without actively being about super heroing. (I really liked Slott’s run on She-Hulk.)

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I think Bernie is my favorite canon love interest of Steve’s. She lived in the same building as him and they ended up dating. She was a famous glass-blower, but she was going back to law school. They got engaged after she proposed to him, but they broke up so she could focus on her goal of becoming a lawyer. She later defended Bucky Barnes at his trial. She’s super awesome.

I remembered about Phoenix Wright being in Marvel vs Capcom last night (the day me and my friend discovered that on our own at some random anime con arcade will always be an amazing memory) and basically just, wasted my time watching clips and all the battle quotes last night.

If you’ve never seen the Phoenix Wright Marvel vs Capcom stuff, you need to, bc Phoenix’s attacks are literally: pointing, tripping on people, throwing paperwork, picking up evidence and throwing it badly, sneezing, OBJECTION!. Maya comes and trips on someone FOR him, Maya comes and does some sort of spirit shield thing, Maya BURSTS OUT OF HIS CHEST (how???) and beats the shit out of someone for him (and according to the wiki this attack is called “Steel Samurai Maya Smelting”)

 and yes he can totally beat up Captain America and Galactus with this shit. 

I can’t decide what I like best: the weird LAWYER RIVALRY he and She-Hulk have in the game or the fact that if you put Phoenix vs Iron Man Tony’s all like “If I win, you’ll drop the lawsuit against Stark industries right?” 

why is Phoenix representing a lawsuit against Stark industries? He’s a defense attorney? Did a reversal of the third game happen and Miles is tragically wounded and gave Phoenix his badge and told him to go prosecute?

Or is he defending a lawsuit? Is Stark Industries suing someone? Who is the presumably innocent person Tony is harassing? Or is Miles prosecuting Stark industries and Tony is basically saying “get your boyfriend to drop it”.   what did Tony do???

Has anyone written a fanfic based around this lawsuit because they need to.