and i like masquerade balls and fantasy parties

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could how the members of rfa would throw mc a themed party and stuff? :))

<aww this is such a cute idea!! i’m sorry i’ve been procrastinating this one, i’ve had it on my phone and every time i go to write it’s always off:(( but here it is now!!! and since i am never really invited to parties nor go to them i actually had to do some “research” on these HAHAH>


  • he payed attention to every word you’ve ever said
  • so that included when you mentioned how much you loved the outdoors and campfires
  • so when he was trying to plan your college graduation party what the theme should be
  • campfire theme
  • he made smores and hot chocolate and all the things you loved about campfires
  • he was kinda disappointed that he couldn’t light an actual campfire in yours and his apartment (i mean Seven tried to persuade him into thinking that was a great idea)
  • so, he put an image of a campfire on the tv!!
  • “Surprise! I hope you like it MC!! Happy graduation!” 
  • you were taken back for a moment because it hit you that he payed attention to every little thing you’ve ever said to him
  • “Aww, Yoosung!! This is so cute! Thank you baby.” 
  • ^you made him blush and he needed to leave before everyone saw him
  • you enjoyed spending the night sharing smores and hot chocolate with Yoosung and the rest of the RFA (since they’re the only ones he invited)
  • it was probably one of your best night, especially when Seven persuaded Yoosung that his scary story was completely true

Jaehee Kang: 

  • she saw how stressed you were with work lately
  • she knew that tea was one of your favorite things
  •  so she gathered up your favorite tea, cookies, and some coffee for herself and decided to throw you a tea (and coffee) party
  • she invited the only the RFA since they’re your only true friends 
  • you opened the door expecting to see nothing there waiting to you, the normal quietness since Jaehee would still be at work 
  • Surprise! I knew how stressed you’ve been lately, MC, so I gathered up the guys for a nice little tea party!!“
  • “You don’t even like tea that much Jaehee…”
  • “I’ve got coffee for myself. Come on, now, everyone’s waiting!!”
  •  you walked in to see all the boys sitting around a small round table Jaehee set up, sipping out of little cups that looked new and special made
  • “Hey MC! How are you doing today?“ 
  • this very easily unstressed you, it felt nice to just enjoy tea, and coffee, with a group of close friends
  • “Thank you, Jaehee, I really needed this.”
  • “I know, darling. That’s why I did it!”


  • so one thing you both loved doing was sitting on the roof to watch the stars
  • and it just so happened that your birthday was coming up as well
  • so Zen decided to combine two, well three, things he loved into your party
  • an under the stars movie night
  • watching films late at night was like ritual for you two since both of you came in from work so late, that’s the ideal date for you both there.
  • and once in a while Zen would pull a blanket on the roof and you both would stay there for a few hours watching movies under the stars
  • so the night of your birthday you were driving home and…what is that on the roof?
  • is that….a movie screen??
  • and why is Zen up there?!? 
  • “Hey babe! Happy birthday!! Come on up, the gang’s all here!!”
  • you claimed up there and saw all of the RFA sitting on blankets with pillows around them, a cake in the middle which looked like it was made for you
  • “Aw, Zenny!~ You didn’t have to do this for me.”
  • “Yeah, I kinda had to give my babe the best birthday of all time.”
  • …and this definitely was one of your best birthdays  especially Zen’s present once everyone left ;)) 

Jumin Han:

  • “Hon, why aren’t your business parties more…fun?”
  • “Sweetie, it’s a business party, not a fun party.” 
  • “I-I know, it just gets boring after a while…you know?”
  • he took that into mind when planning his next party
  • “Assistant Kang, can you look into the requirements for a…masquerade ball?”
  • you came home from work one night to see an extravagant dress with a face mask lying on yours and Jumin’s bed, he wasn’t anywhere to be seen
  • he left a simple note- “MC, change into this and have Driver Kim take you to my business party. I’m sorry I can’t be with you, but this is a special one…just for you.”
  • your heart pinged and you instantly got dressed and (attempted to run) ran out the door
  • you pulled up at a big ballroom, you were confused
  • he did say this was a business party, right?
  • you checked in once you got to the front, and as you looked around you realized it was themed to look like a masquerade ball…one of the fantasies you’ve talked about
  • “Enjoying the view of the party, Mrs. Han?” 
  • you turned to see Jumin, a mask on his face as he extended a hand out to you
  • “You did all this..for me?” 
  • “Of course, darling, now let’s go out on the floor shall we?”


  • you two never needed a reason for a party
  • the RFA members were used to random texts about your next party that they’d all need to go to
  • they all groaned, this was also a typical
  • when the party started, Seven took the honor of starting
  • but not until everyone practically got drunk
  • “And tonight I’ll be opening up with Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time!”
  • you lost it
  • this boy
  • you can’t handle him 
  • “giVE ME A SIGN! HiT mE bAbY oNe MoRe TiMe!” 
  • you all made fools of yourself that night 
  • for christ sake when it was Jumin’s turn Seven made him sing It’s Raining Men anD BOY HE DID IT
  • you all wound up super drunk towards the end and you always blacked out at the end
  • “I don’t remember anything”
  • “All I remember was Jumin singing-”

<I’M ACTUALLY CACKLING AT SEVENS I’M IN TEARSSS THIS WAS A GOOD ONE OH! anyways i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did anon!! much love!!>