and i like hugs like that


Done this part during a loooong livestream! I would like to thank again all those who joined and kept me company :3 *sending hugs to all of you*

Also, Jesse is starting to feel bad about what he did, since it didn’t came out as he probably envisioned it, and now he fears disappointing the one who trusted and helped him mostly, Gabriel Reyes. Hang in there, Jesse! Hanzo will help ya!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 (coming soon)

~ This comic will present the events that happened about 20 years before those from Rendezvous comic(linked below). Not to mention that this will reveal how Hanzo and Jesse met!~

Rendezvous comic:

Original post | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 (the end)

Happy belated birthday to @miscellaneousramblings, the best translator and friend you could ever ask for~ ❤ Love you, dear~! ❤ here’s a quick drawing of our son, before what is happening now let me dream okay

tfw Mass Effect constantly inspires you to draw more aliens (also we need more sentient bug aliens that aren’t friggin enemies, ie. Reapers. Rachni, Thresher Maws, Harvesters, Klixen, etc.)

btw these guys are gonna have furry bits, or some of their species will. Probs will go into why later~

bonus bod view:

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Okay, so, I've said this before... but: I noticed that Matt and Lance's brother looks similar (Hair/Skin- wise) and, imagine when Voltron gets Matt back, Lance just suddenly starts crying and hugging Matt. Matt is all, "Lol, wyd, k..."



It was like seeing a ghost. The boy in front of him was like a figment from the past, someone he’d been dreaming about night after night as he lost track of the passage of time in the endless empty void of space.

Leo. Leo with his shaggy dark hair, resting wildly at the nape of his neck. Leo with his sharp face and lopsided grin. Lance’s brother.

Rationality told him it wasn’t Leo, of course. It was Matt Holt. He could see it in the lightness of his skin and hair, in his height, in the fact that Pidge currently had a vice grip around his waist. But that didn’t stop hot, raw emotion from flooding his chest. It didn’t stop the tears prickling in his eyes.

Shiro was hugging Matt now, and they were speaking softly in choked but laughing tones. Pidge still clung to him, tears streaming down her face, babbling her joy unintelligibly.

“Lance,” Hunk’s voice was at his ear, soft but insistent. “Are you okay, man?”

Lance found himself surging forward, his throat burning, his chest tight. He remembered the last time he’d seen Leo, a family visit at the Garrison. He remembered him ruffling his hair, congratulating him on him on making fighter class, teasing him ceaselessly. He remembered the brief but tight hug he’d received as they made their leave.

Without thinking, just as Shiro distangled himself from Matt, Lance threw him arms around him in a crushing hug.

“Woah,” the word came in a shocked breath from Matt. “Uh… hello. Um, it’s Lance, right?”

Lance ignored him for a moment, thinking of his own brother, how he so wished he had hugged him tighter and longer when he saw him last, how he wished he’d kissed his mother’s cheek or lifted his sister off her feet. For a moment he poured his emotion into Matt Holt.

He moved back, slowly, flushing as embarrassment started to wash over him. “Um, yeah,” he rasped, his voice strangled with tears. “Lance. It’s, uh… good to finally see you.”

Matt gave him a genuine if slightly uncomfortable smile, and Pidge eyed him curiously but withheld comment. He felt Shiro’s hand rest on his shoulder and flashed his leader a sheepish smile.

He was glad Pidge had found her brother. He was so proud of her strength and so overjoyed that she could finally be with Matt again.

And he was only the tiniest bit jealous.

Jaal Ama Darav (true mother)

(Suggest not reading until finished with Jaal’s romance.)

Can I just say how wonderful Sauhna is? She is so warm and inviting. The scene where she’s talking about how wonderful Jaal is is so precious. And when if you choose to hug her (like my lady Ryder naturally did) she doesnt shun it, or try and step away or make a disgusted face like “Ew. This alien is hugging me.” Nope. She hugs you back and even smiles. In fact its Ryder that pulls away, almost like she’s worried she might have overstepped her boundaries with the hug. At least thats how it seemed to my eye.

And after she finds out that you’re in a relationship with Jaal, she isn’t worried about what your influence will have on him. She’s worried about what everyone around the two of you will think and do upon seeing this new, alien relationship. She’s not worried ABOUT you. She’s worried FOR you. And not just for her son, but for both of you. She advises you to give everyone else no thought, and that what you have with her son is basically a wonderful gift.

She is so loving and accepting of this new alien being with her son, even though she is a resistance fighter and has likely seen the worst of the kett. She has so much reason to mistrust you, but she doesn’t.

Hell, the woman makes you pie. Plus she asks about the human birthing process ‘for obvious reasons’. I’m assuming she’s already concerned about if you and Jaal ever wanna have kids and what it would be like for Ryder. Dunno if angara and humans can crossbreed, which i hope not since that would be reduculous, but Ryder IS a huge part of the Andromeda Initiative and like as not everyone is pribably expected to have at least one kid while there. Ryder could just do it artificially.

But Sauhna’s willingness to so openly welcome you into her family, not as a human but practically like one would welcome a wayward angara with no home, is so touching. She even asks about earth so she could make havarl more comfortable for Ryder. Clearly she is fully prepared to open up her home and family to you as she would if Jaal was with an angara. Moreso even, since she shows a willingness to go out of her way to make human food and learn about earth and what humans find comfotable all for Ryder.

This woman’s selflessness and caring knows no bounds, including the bounds of species and galaxies. Being so open with their emotions as angara are, she’s likely just thrilled to pieces that Jaal, who has been living in the shadow of his siblings and trying to match up with them his whole life, has finally found his place and himself with this person. Her race doesn’t matter because she makes her son’s heart sing.

And this probably means so much to Ryder, having lost her mother to illness. Not only that but her father was always distant, so she probably never had the familial connection that Jaal does. And now, this woman she has only met once is accepting her into the family without hesitation. Likely willing to be as much a mother to her as she is to Jaal. That has to mean so much to Ryder. In a short time she left everything she knew behind, lost her father, and wasnt sure about what would become of her brother.

Now, because of Jaal and Sauhna, she’s going to have more family members than she knows what ti do with. She can never replace thebparents she had, but I’m sure having Sauhna as a new mom and being surrounded by this large angaran family is going to help heal the wounds.

This game is so special.

Secrets, Songs and Bad Habits part 2

In which the strange dynamic gets stranger.

A/N: I’ve had such a positive response to part one of this imagine and I am so extremely grateful! I seriously just want to hug you all. However I can’t so I have decided to post this instead and make this a little series with maybe some smut in the next chapter?!?! I hope you like it lovelies xoxo

Warnings: language and kissing? (is that even a warning idk)

At two o’clock you clambered out of your window, this time with a new anticipation. You had thought of nothing but Jughead since you had left his arms to return to your slumber. Sure, he had acted like a total prick but his confession and that kiss made up for it all. You lowered yourself from your roof and onto the dewy grass beneath then turned around to be met with the sight of a tall, dark-haired boy staring at the floor, cheeks flushed and hands in his pockets. You smirked and slowly approached him. his chiselled features and curls peeking out from his beanie were illuminated by the fiery glow of the streetlamps. He looked up at you and mimicked your smirk as his eyes ghosted over your attire.

“Shut up, you dig it really?” you whispered teasingly, motioning to your lack of bottoms and the raggedy hoodie hanging loosely over your curves and inching further towards him.

“I didn’t say any…” he was cut off by your lips on his. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer and he chuckled against your lips when he noticed that you were stood on your tiptoes and straining to reach him despite him leaning downwards. He pulled away and you gazed back at him doe eyed and biting your lip. You drove him crazy. “So, I’m guessing you didn’t regret last night?”

“Not at all,” you whispered in response, reconnecting your lips with his for a moment before reluctantly pulling away once more, “do you?”

“Well…” he pretended to consider it but his lopsided grin gave him away and you promptly shut him up with another kiss.

“Come on Juggie, let’s walk,” you wrapped both of your arms around his in an attempt to gather some heat amongst the chilly autumn air. You fell into step with each other, making your way towards the drive-in as you had done for the past few weeks.


Monday morning rolled around and you waltzed groggily through the hallway, too tired to be aware of your surroundings. You almost toppled over on your heels as you were pulled into the janitors closet under the stairwell. Still out-of-it you blinked confusedly at your ambusher only to find Jughead with his back to you peeking out of the door that was cracked open slightly.

“Jug what the fu-” you were cut off by his lips on yours. When he pulled away he just stood there smiling sheepishly as you looked back at him with furrowed brows. “Why are we in the janitors’ closet?”

“So nobody sees us!” he replied, scoffing and narrowing his eyes as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. You snorted in annoyance.

“Why the fuck don’t you want anyone to see us?” you demanded, hands on hips.

“I thought we’d discussed this Princess, to everyone else we aren’t an us and that’s just the way it has to be…” he sighed and although you were slightly disappointed by his apparent desire for secrecy, you simply couldn’t help the smile that crept onto your lips as he referred you both as a collective.

“Hmmm…so, does that mean that this,” you motioned between you two with your index finger and then grabbed his shirt in your fist, yanking him closer so that you were backed up against the wall and his forehead rested against yours, “is an us?”

He swallowed thickly, wetting his lips in contemplation and you nervously chewed on your bottom lip whilst anticipating his response.

“Look, I don’t know what this is…” your heart dropped momentarily and disappointment invaded your thoughts until he spoke again, his voice wavering with honest nervousness, “…but I really, really don’t want it to end.”

He looked at you, light eyes filled with sincerity and want. His breathing was heavy and you could tell that it was unusual for him to be so open.

“Me neither,” you breathed and he reached up to cup your face with his hand, thumb running over your lower lip before leaning down and pressing a searing kiss your lips and then a chaste one to your nose. You giggled lightly at his affectionate gesture and intertwined your hands.

“So…” Jughead began but he was cut off by echoing ring of the bell that signalled the beginning of the school day. He sighed in exasperation and brought his hand up to scratch the back of his neck, “…to be continued?”

“To be continued” and with that you slid out from your place between him and the wall and opened the door, merging effortlessly into the crowds of people flooding through the walkways and falling into step beside Cheryl.

You left Jughead trying to stifle a grin and realising that she to him was the equivalent of her cigarettes. She was like a bad habit – he knew he shouldn’t want her but he craved her more than anything because despite the fact that he knew being with her was a bad idea, he couldn’t help himself, when he was with her it felt so good.


April Kepner is one of the strongest characters on this show and sometimes I feel like she is underrated

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Which of the children is the biggest dork? They deserve a hug.

Well, the kids are all dorky in their own way, so it’s hard to compare.

Luckily enough for you, I made a graph to explain !!

Some of them, like Hanayo, Ruby and Kotori were very hard to put in there, but we counted their very specific sense of humor in. So these three are a little apart.

As you can see, you’ve got four categories.

  • The clumsy looney square is for the kids who trip over nothing, don’t get the jokes but laugh anyway, and the likes. They don’t expect to be funny, but somehow they’re glad they are.
  • The Living gag zone is for the kids who have come to terms and embraced their dork side. It’s part of them, they wouldn’t be themselves without it and they’re very attached to humor.
  • The sneaky prankster corner is for a bunch of kids who get into mischief within a heart beat, but you’ll never find out it’s actually their work if you don’t know them very well.
  • The denial land is for the most unfortunate ones. They don’t want to be funny, but somehow they are. Some of them are even hilarious, but they don’t want to hear about it. It will haunt them for days. Every time somebody dares to mention their unintentional jokes they scream internally (or externally, depending on the kid.)

There you have it, it’s actually a good way to know the type of kids you’re interacting with !

By the way mod Nocti belongs in the clumsy looney square idk what you’ll do with this information but h e y

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can i have some love starved junkboi headcannons? ^3^

  • Who needs constant love and reassurance? Jamison ‘Junkrat’ Fawkes needs constant love and reassurance
  • Like if he goes on a mission and is away from you for longer than twelve hours he feels like he’s dying
  • He seriously talks about how wonderful you are and how sweet you are and perfect and how nice you smell and taste and he won’t shut up
  • Roadhog will have told himt o shut up like a million and one times and he will…for about five seconds before waxing your praises yet again
  • He actually beings to whine, like it starts off as just really sad sighs that evolve into quiet whines when he’s talking about you
  • When he is back with you his hands are everywhere; your face, your hair, your body, your hips and waist. He just wants to feel you, it helps to ground him
  • A million kisses and hugs and I love yous await
  • And he’s asking you if you missed him with that puppy dog look in his big citrine eyes
  • He’s not letting go of you for the next hour or so, might as well get comfy on his lap and let him tell you how his mission went or vice versa
Tree Talks

I have a few trees on my property. Not many, and we aren’t allowed to do anything with them, like climb or hang food on them for animals. Nothing. So most of the people in our apartments ignore them. They don’t have a lot of trees in one spot, but on my way inside I saw this tree, and I decided to try and talk with her.

I touch her trunk and she feels slightly startled. But she accepts it like a hug. I put my forehead to her and greeted her. I don’t know why I did this other than I felt it was right. When I could feel her welcome my presence and my request to talk, we had a quick conversation.

Most of her answers were calm, passive, almost as if she was dazed and, sad? Perhaps she was just living in her dormant stage still. Asking how she was her answer was that she was well. She’s excited for spring and showed me a beautiful mental picture of her in her fully bloomed form. I asked if she liked her location. She told me her location was of no issue. She’s proud to do her job and will do it no matter where she’s planted, as long as she’s alive. I realize her job was referring to many things, but mostly utilizing air. Filtering, playing with, etc. I tell her it’s time for me to go but we will talk again. She told me it’s nice to be acknowledged.

Nct Dream's reaction to you being married to one of the older members

Request: Nct dream reacting to you (their stylist noona or something) getting married to one of their hyungs? Like they saw a ring and were like JACBSKJDND?

A/N: you’re their stylist for a few years now here, and you’re older than all of them!! i changed it up a little so i hope you don’t mind. this was so cute to write tbh hehe



Had totally no clue and didn’t suspect anything even when you and Taeyong hugged in front of him-even more than once. As much as you wanted to tell him that the both of you were together, the company had asked you to keep it a secret and you had no other choice, until that one day they finally got lenient and finally allowed the both of you to make it public. Mark would be shookt™ and speechless for probably 2-3days, unable to believe his own ears and eyes. Everytime he sees you or Taeyong he just widens his mouth and go like “Woah… I still can’t believe it”, he’s just so cute and clueless you want to protect him.

“Mark ah.. Me and Taeyong has something to tell you,”

“Yes, what is it?”


“Oh My God, are you serious? When hyung? Woah, *gasps and is in disbelief*”

Originally posted by y-ta


He has suspected that you and WinWin had something going on, from the way he’d always smile at you even when he was far across from you in the room, and even when you were not helping him to dress up. But Renjun didn’t want to create misunderstandings, so he kept quiet and said nothing. Not until he saw that WinWin’s contact name of you in his phone was,“宝贝”(baobei;babe). Shocked and happy at the same time, he’d bomb WinWin with questions, and eventually when he found out that both of you were married, he’d be so happy he wouldn’t stop smiling and hitting WinWin, who’s blushing like mad right now.“

“How was practice today- WOAH HYUNG, WHO IS THAT, WHAT BAOBEI”

“I…Uh… it’s Y/N”

“Y/N noona?? OH MY GOD HYUNG”

“We’re married too….”

“Why didn’t you tell me hyung, I’M SO HAPPY”

Originally posted by haechannie


He always thought that you had a crush on Jaehyun, and often teased you when Jaehyun was near, “Noona, he’s here”. And you’d only internally laugh to yourself because Jaehyun would just be smirking at you, with clueless and cute jeno standing at the side, happy that y'all are interacting. Which is why it came as a shock to him when he found out both of you were together, in fact married, when he accidentally came about Jae’s text message to you, “I won’t be able to make it back today baby, we have extra practice :-(”. Would immediately ask Jaehyun lots of questions and when he saw you the next day, he’d just smile a lot and tell you how happy he was for you.

“Noona, hyung told me everything!”

“He told me about it too, sorry Jeno-ah, we had to keep it a secret”

“I’m just happy for you noona!! I always thought you and hyung looked good together, that’s why i always tried to make you both talk more, who knew…”

Originally posted by nctmark


As someone who catches on to things easily, he  immediately knew that something was going on between you and Doyoung, as Doyoung would compliment you non stop in front of the boys, and as for you, he’d often catch you staring and giving small smiles to him. On some days he’d tease the both of you,“Noona, you seem to like Doyoung hyung a lot”, and on others, he acts like he doesn’t know anything. When he caught you giving a small kiss to Doyoung on his lips before stage, he immediately jumped up and exclaimed excitedly,“I KNEW IT!!” So it didn’t come as big as a shock to him, and he’d be more happy for himself as he guessed it right. Poor Doyoung had to deal with his whining after as he complained that he was a ‘bad’ hyung.


“Keep your volume down hyuck”

“okay but… I’M HAPPY!”

*both you and doyoung hides your face in embarrassment*

Originally posted by donghyukslee


Like Donghyuck, he knew something was up between you and Yuta and would always give his signature sly smile when he caught you and Yuta exchanging looks and texting each other. Yuta had mentioned to you many times that Jaemin would always ask many questions about your relationship, “Hyung, do you like Y/N?”, “Are both of you dating?”. So you both knew you had to tell him before he asked even more questions every single day. Like Hyuck, he’d exclaim loudly and get all jumpy when Yuta finally admitted, “YES! I ALWAYS KNEW SOMETHING WAS GOING ON”, and would probably like teasing the both of you whenever he saw you two together.

“This outfit is nice but… I think it’d look better on Yuta Hyung”

“Jaemin, seriously omg”

“*smiles and laughs like crazy*”

Originally posted by mkayjaemin


Like Mark, he was oblivious to how you’d always take a longer time to help Johnny get ready. But he found it weird how Johnny would just call you casually by your name, and sometimes even a nickname, as compared to the way the other members called you. But he wouldn’t do or say much, because he thought that it was normal since you had been working for them quite some time now. But on fine day while Johnny was calling for you, his tongue slipped a “babe” instead of your name, and Chenle heard it too. He’d probably squeal and scream so loud you had to ask him to stop, as he giggled while asking for an explanation. Is just really happy and excited about it rather than shocked and surprise, and by the next hour the rest also found out about this matter.

“Johnny hyung and Y/N Noona so cute!!”

“Chenle ah, don’t tell about the rest about this first okays?”

Okay hyung!!“

*5 minutes later Jisung comes in looking shocked, "I heard from Chenle that both of you…”

Originally posted by nakamotens


He had always been curious about the ring necklace you wore and its’ significance, but never had the chance to ask you. Not until he saw a similar looking one falling out of Ten’s bag after practice. “Oh, this looks similar to Y/N Noona’s one!” he’d say to Ten, not expected an actual asnwer but as soon as Ten admitted and said the necklace was your marriage rings, he’d be all speechless and have nothing to say, unable to believe that y'all had actually hid a relationship im secret for that long. The next day he met you, he’d just smile a lot and probably ask you lots of questions, like you and Ten met and all that.

“I never once expected for this to happen”

“It’s okay Jisung ah, now you know haha”

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I feel like Peter Parker is the type of guy who appreciates everything. Like you give him a hug, he will talk about it 5 years later. And like if he does something as bad as getting you your second favourite flavour of ice cream instead of your first, you can be that he’ll apologise till the end of time.
Peter also has a really great memory, like he remembers the day back in 1st grade when you first made eye contact with each other.
Peter never forgets the little things

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Tsuk does not initiate affection and cuddles but as soon as Yama does something like a little peck on the cheek or holding his hand Tsuk's brain immediately counts it as "initiating contact/cuddles/affection" and just envelops Yama's body in a hug and never lets go like this boy will not start the cuddles but if Yama starts it oh honey he is as clingy as a koala good luck getting him to let go, Tsuk does not care if it's pda if he isn't the one who started it, (venti)

I love this omg

~ Mod Han

I am very tired of this fandom and I feel very protective of Swen.

If you want to do a blackout today you are not stupid. Yeah, the fandom is small compared to the GA and it doesn’t make a difference if you don’t have a Nielsen box, but if it will make you feel better about being disrespected by this show, go ahead. If you think this episode will hurt you, you have every right to skip it and not feel like you’re a bad Regina fan of stupid because of it. If you think it’s worth a try, it will feel like at least you’re doing something about it, go ahead and do it. (And if you want to watch it, awesome! watch it!)

Swen has been hurt so many times by this show, and I really think the hug was extremely disrespectful. It would be nice to at least get a little support from the other fandoms about this. I know swen has supported other fandoms when they felt they were disrespected by the writers. Oh, well, like I said. I’m very tired of this fandom.

well tonight’s episode of once blew my mind. Swa queen hugged and I died, Then Regina and Evilqueen make amends and hug like wtf. feels. Then REGINA SAYS she finally can love herself and i cry. And then Emma gets hurt by hook surprise surprise. but she took the ring off! and in the promo it looks like Regina and Henry are comforting her and she says she needs to move on and i’m dying bc i’m sad that my baby Emma is sad but SWANQUEEN. also the evil queen gets to be happy with Robin and i just love that.