and i like how he smokes

There He Was (Derek/Stiles/Scott)

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My lovelies, this is likely going to be the only time you ever see this ship from me, so I hope you enjoy it! I’ve never written it before, but I like how it turned out! <333 Teeny fic #10.

I smell sex and
Candy here
Who’s that lounging
In my chair

Who’s that casting
Devious stares
In my direction
Mama this surely 
Is a dream

Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground

There He Was. Scott/Stiles/Derek. Adult.

Stiles tastes like strawberry Starbursts and Twizzlers when Scott kisses him

Stiles tastes like strawberry Starbursts and Twizzlers. Scott moans into the kiss as he sucks on Stiles’ tongue, his hands reaching out to squeeze his ass as he straddles him on the sofa. The smell of pot and incense is in the air, but all Scott can smell right now is Stiles. It’s like his scent is overwhelming him, flooding his nostrils and claiming a spot that’s been vacant and waiting for him for years.

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☕️ opinion: Gym Class Heroes on hiatus > twenty one pilot's entire discography. honestly i wish people wouldn't sleep on the idea that the POC in the fueled by ramen bandom are so fucking amazing?

true, it’s just plain racism remember when fob went on tour with wiz khalifa and bandom were screaming and planning to boycott the tour bc he’s a rapper and how he’s a “bad influence” on fob for smoking weed (like do they not know who joe and pete are) but they wanted them to tour with 21p even though they also rap

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this is definitely true and I’ve seen numerous example, although, in my own experience, I had my own mom offer me a smoke half-jokingly when I was already of age, suggesting it as a method of fighting off summer allergies symptoms, so…it can go both ways lmao, all I’m saying is that I don’t think he’d be hypocritical on the subject. She tries to take small pleasures in her life and also both of her parents smoked, like what the fuck was he expecting.

they might as well chill on some sofa together and smoke together in the evening, discussing their day and bonding over shit-talking people together and Corvo showing her how to make smoke rings

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(drug/smoking tw//) hi!! so i recently got a new fp and on thursday i got his snapchat and then on friday i went over to his house and we smoked and then later on at night we hung out again and we kissed!!!!!! and then yesterday, we were hanging out for 9 hours! and we kept kissing!!! i feel so happy because hes so sweet and his lips are so soft and hes so fun to be around and while im with him, i feel like im living my life how i was always meant to and i could never be happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve only ever fallen in love twice: with big city and small town.
     I met big city at a bar (of course), and he offered to buy me a drink (of course), and then I didn’t see him for three whole months. That’s just how big city works. But when he called, I was young enough to think the nervous pit in my stomach meant something good. Big city was older than me, and richer than me, and had a white collar  job with a personal assistant. He liked to talk about important things like finances and politics and himself. But that was ok because big city was cool. He showed me all about the world, like smoking and fucking and staying out too late. Before I met him, I was small and shy. I had bangs. Big city liked that about me, he said. Liked that I was so much more than I seemed. And then, five weeks later, he told me he loved me, and I believed him.
     But big city was also fast and sharp and full of dark alleys where men in trench coats auctioned off black magic. Full of prettier people and power. I was only 19 at the time, just a kid, and big city took everything I had, chewed it up, and spat me back out on the concrete. He smiled with all of his teeth and told me we’d had a fun run. I went to therapy for weeks, and big city was engaged six months later to a woman with a loud mouth and no bangs.
     But I’ve fallen in love twice. 
     And small town came along just like big city, only many years later. He asked for my number at a bar and laughed too loud when I said no. I thought it was because he was cocky, but I found out later that he always laughs too loud when he's nervous. And God was he nervous. But I said no, and he laughed too loud, and then I didn’t see him for three whole months. Until his friend and my friend got engaged and we had to moonwalk down the isle at their wedding. He offered to buy me a drink, and I said yes, but only because it was an open bar. One drink, two drinks, three, four fivesixseveen. We talked about our families, and did the YMCA, and passed out in my hotel room.
     And small town held me when I cried and owned a little cafe that did well enough to pay the bills, and small town smiled. He let me tell him about the world. He liked holding hands and Harry Potter. Small town talked dirty and shut down the cafe some days so we could spend all afternoon naked in bed. And we held each other just as tight. Small town met my parents before saying I love you and when he said it, he really meant it. He smelled like warm bread and pine trees, and when small town talked, it was about important things like good books and insecurities and the future.
     And here’s the thing, being with him wasn’t anything like being with anyone else. It was like coming home after traveling the world. Knowing all the rooms by heart. Laying in your childhood bed and thinking, this is it, kiddo. You fucking did it. And maybe for you it’s big city or small town or someone else entirely. I think maybe we fall in love everyday, but sometimes it's different. Sometimes it’s everything. Just trust that it’s out there. Please, please. Just wait for your homecoming.
—  everything I know about love

Super Saturday Night Concert at Club Nomadic in Houston, Texas

And she stands there against the colorful smoke that curls around her frame like a lover, oblivious to him–oblivious to how she’s shattered all that he is with just a passing glance–and he wants her to know. God, he wants to know her.

My interpretation of Sakura for my KakaSaku fic Adaline! 

Done in Krita, an awesome FREE art program. 

 Please don’t repost without my permission! 

kind of wanna talk about how much of a fuckijg stoner isak was. talking about parallel universes while high ???? wouldn’t expect anything else from Stoner Isak. he’s probably the kid that the first time he ever smoked, he did the Stoner Voice and said some shit like “do u guys ever think about like….. how time isn’t REAL man…”. everyone laughed at him like, oh poor smol isak one hit and ur already high out of ur mind but, get this. he isn’t. he’s faking it. the weed didn’t really work on him so he overcompensated.

me: hey like i wanna make it clear for anyone who is intrigued that typ is dark and about how creepy the church is. despite how we meme about it, the pope is homophobic and terri–

also me: he is TEEN POPE he will skateboard over the cardinals while smoking a bong and then he will get a boyfriend and then take down the church i can FEEL it

Long Time No See

Kol Mikaelson Imagine

Requested: Can I request an imagine where the reader and Kol meet for the first time something like how Klaus met Aurora and then after the Originals flee the place they see each other again, centuries later and the reader is a vampire too?

Word Count: 578 words (3,031 characters) 

Warnings: Swearing.
(gif not mine, credit to the creator)

“You son of a bitch,” you exclaimed at the top of your lungs as you stepped towards Kol, fuming with anger he could practically see smoke releasing from your ears as if you were both in a cartoon “You left me for dead. Mikael hunted us for a whole century whilst you had your freedom” Kol stood in front of you speechless. In that moment he reminisced on the first time you met, it was back in 1002 A.D in the South of France in your family’s mansion.

(flashback, Kol’s POV)
I remembered her walking through the front door dressed in an angelic, white silk dress, my face practically drooling as I looked at her figure in the sheer piece of clothing. She walked towards the front of her mansion and greeted her father politely with a courtesy as her arm remained linked with her brother. I was transfixed, she lured me in with her presence it was as if she was the only person in the entire place.

She finally turned around, her smile brighter than the glowing orbs of light emitting from the chandelier above her. Her eyes turned to meet my gaze, I gulped, my heart racing faster than ever before. Her eyes fluttered and her eyes widened, her features becoming more prominent as I made a permanent painting of her in my head, and torturing myself as I wanted nothing more than to graze my hand against her cheek. I used to be a non believer of love at first sight but, in that very moment she was the one.
(end of flashback)

“Kol, you bastard answer me!”, You grew incredibly impatient as Kol’s mind was somewhere else. He shook his head and snapped back into the 21st century, he made himself familiar with his surroundings once again, looking up at you with tears forming in his gorgeous deep chestnut eyes. “I have endured a century of pain..” You explained, “I will not leave here today with my heart once again broken.” You continued, your whole body shaking as 100 years worth of pain coursed through your veins once again “You turned me.. You are my sire.. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Do you have any idea how you hurt me? Yet I still can’t seem to shake you off. I’m still in love with you!”, You sit down and break down, your body feeling weak and hopeless as you couldn’t believe you were still in love with him after what he had done.

Tears had released from his eyes and streamed down his face. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I promise you I wanted to be with you. It was just too risky, I begged Elijah to let you come, he however did not believe we were in love. But let me tell you now Y/N, You were the first love of my life. I still love you. Your love is infectious.. It.. It consumes me.” You look up at him, your eyes red and puffy as a small smile creeps onto your lips. You stood up and he grabbed your waist pulling you close until your lips were but millimetres apart. He leaned in and kissed you passionately, your arms limp by your side in utter happiness. You had wanted this for so long. It was finally happening. You found your true love again, and you were not about to let him go this time.

Author’s note: This one took ages, it would really mean a lot if you read this and shared it :) Thank you my loves 

-M xo

Andreil Quits Smoking

so i somehow messed up answering your ask directly, but this was requested by @vexingcosmos! i’m sorry it took me forever, but i actually did some research because i know NOTHING about smoking. also, this got long. like…really long. 

  • it began as most things do, where the Foxes are concerned: with a bet
  • it’s a Friday night and the Monsters have come to Columbia, and for once, the upperclassmen were allowed to come along
  • Matt’s birthday was on Wednesday, and he just wants to hang out with his best friend and favorite human Neil okay let him live
  • so Neil *asked* Andrew and well…we all know how that goes
  • the whole gang is having a grand ol’ time
    • Aaron, Nicky, Allison, and Dan have been on the dance floor practically since the second they walked into Eden’s
    • Allison dragged a reluctant Renee out to join them within the first hour, and this girl can DANCE don’t fight me on this 
    • Kevin has been drunk since before they even left Sweetie’s (snuck in a flask, the little troublemaker)
    • he’s so far gone that he couldn’t even tell you who the first striker in Exy history to reach 1,000 goals was. he may or may not be aware that he is swaying.
    • Matt has been hanging out at the table with Neil and a rather annoyed Andrew
  • Matt has convinced Neil to take way too many shots for his tiny body to handle, but Andrew is there, so he’s trying not to worry about it 
  • sometime around the seventh shot, the rest of the gang makes their way over to the table
  • Andrew’s hand is on Neil’s thigh, and his pointer finger has been tapping incessantly for the past twenty minutes
    • and Neil can only take so much, even from Andrew
    • he stares at Andrew as subtly as he can (i.e. not very) in an effort to catch his attention
  • Andrew eventually drags his gaze over to Neil and lazily cocks his head to the side, as if to say what could you possibly want at this moment in time, Neil
    • Neil looks pointedly to Andrew’s hand and then jerks his head towards the exit
  • Neil is, of course, very unsubtle with all of this
    • Kevin turns to stare at them and says, in a barely intelligible voice, “if you’re gonna hook up, you could at least wait until we’re back at the house and i’m passed tf out”
    • Nicky laughs and says, “aww Kev c’mon, let the munchkins have playtime whenever they want”
  • Andrew is about to turn his whiskey glass into a weapon for the munchkin comment when Aaron suddenly pipes in
    • “nah, Andrew needs to take care of his other habit”
    • it is now very quiet in their group of normally very loud people
  • everyone looks to Aaron for him to clue them in on what he means
    • everyone except Renee, who has silently moved closer to Andrew just in case he really does decide to use that whiskey glass
  • Aaron continues: “you know what smoking does to your body over time, right? i assume i don’t need to go all Bill Nye on your ass and draw you a picture”
    • Aaron becomes Dr. Minyard when he is very drunk. trust me.
    • Andrew doesn’t say anything, just stares at Aaron. is he even blinking? probably not
  • “who am i kidding. you don’t care. you’ll just let this ruin you. i bet you couldn’t quit even if you tried” 
  • that gets everyone’s attention
    • Nicky: “did he just say the B word”
    • Allison: “looks like it’s that time again where i get even richer”
    • Matt, softly: “oh shit”
  • Neil is about to jump in and open up a can of whoop ass on Aaron when Andrew’s steady voice comes from beside him
  • “fine”
  • everyone, collectively: “WHAT”
  • Andrew rolls his eyes. “fine. i bet that i can quit completely within a week”
    • complete silence. everyone just stares. shock. disbelief. 
  • Andrew gets up and starts heading towards the exit, dragging Neil along with him 


  • Neil decides to join Andrew in Operation Quit Smoking
  • but two days into it, they’re both at their wits end
  • they definitely aren’t about try anything medication-related, for obvious reasons
  • after doing a bit of research related to natural methods like adding more of certain vitamins into your diet, Neil confronts Andrew
    • “you know we have to. we don’t have another choice”
    • “fuck you, i’m not doing that”
    • “Andrew. it’s our last option.”
    • [after a long, defeated sigh] “fine. but you have to ask him”
  • so Neil does the one thing he wished he’d never have to do with anything that isn’t Exy
  • he asks Kevin to help
  • when they wake up the next day, Kevin has printed out color-coded meal plans for both Andrew and Neil
    • Andrew Minyard does not cry. But let me tell you. Looking at that list of food options…it was an extremely close call.
    • on every single day, the breakfast item was a green smoothie
    • Andrew thought he’d rather just pay the entire $500 betting pool off himself
  • but Neil. precious, precious Neil. tells Andrew that they can definitely do it, and wouldn’t it be great to prove Aaron wrong and make him lose money that he probably would have spent on Katelyn?
  • so they pull themselves up by their metaphorical bootstraps and follow all of Kevin’s rules. every. single. one. 
  • halfway to their deadline, Andrew finally wants to kill everyone slightly less than he did yesterday. he marks this as massive progress. 
  • Neil didn’t really smoke in the first place, but he’s still having trouble finding something to replace that feeling he gets from the smell
    • he’ll be okay without it, he thinks. he has Andrew to keep him steady, to ground him when he feels like he could float away from reality for good
  • by the following Friday, the Foxes have gathered in the girls’ room to hear the final word and settle their bets
  • Kevin has become the official referee of this particular bet
  • everyone waits in suspense, heartbeats flying at the thought of all the cash they are either about to lose or gain
  • Kevin takes his role seriously, as he does everything else
  • “i declare that, as of this day at 4:27 pm, Andrew and Neil have gone three consecutive days without one cigarette. i predict that they will be able to continue resisting, if they keep following my suggested guidelines”
    • the last bit is said with a hard look at Neil and Andrew. of course.
    • Allison, Matt, and Dan don’t try to hide the smug looks on their faces as Aaron and Nicky hand over entirely too much for a bunch of college students to bet with
    • Renee chose not to participate, but her new bruises say that she’s been helping Andrew cope all week
    • Aaron grudgingly looks back to Andrew, holding out his hand with his share of the winnings
    • Andrew just stares at him. blinks. turns around and walks out the door. 
  • Neil edges out of the room to follow him up to the roof while everyone is arguing over who gets Andrew’s share, since he’s obviously not taking it
  • Neil reaches Andrew and sits beside him with their shoulders touching
  • they’re looking out over campus when Neil turns to Andrew
  • “i’m proud of you”
  • Neil gets a disgusted scoff and a hand pushing his face away in return
  • “you’re still a junkie”

in honour of reaching 1.1k followers (which how?), i present — part two of this au & a fic from this verse, below the cut. thank you all so much for following me, i truly love every single one of you and it means so much that you like what i do here enough to follow me. enjoy <3 (there might be more coming as thanks too so keep your eyes open for that)

au: mama i’m in love with a criminal & this type of love isn’t rational  / part one.

she disappears from his life like smoke — pulls a job and disappears into the night. all he can do is add it to the list of times she’s chosen this life over him; the amount of times he’s come second, despite promising her everything he could possibly give her.

but mike knows without a doubt, it’s never the last time ginny will be in his life. she always comes back… unable to stay away from him; like magnets pulled together. this time; she brings her ex-boyfriend along for the ride, claiming he’s out to kill her for a job gone wrong six months ago… and mike? mike’s left with the question — help the love of his life or arrest her like he’s been ordered to do?

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It goes like this: he holds you like a question mark and you never wonder why. Lanky limbs and cold coffee, but when he presses you close, you forget to ask where he goes in the middle of the night. No promises, he says, and you think that’s sweet. Because maybe the world is cruel and some prettier girl broke his heart. Or maybe he just doesn’t care. Whispered, half way past the moon, an I love you followed only by breathing. And even though you know he’s awake, you learn how to pretend.

It goes like this: he doesn’t come back one day. He grows out his hair and starts smoking on the patio of someone else who believes in mending broken pieces. Your mother says she told you so, and your friends pour tequila down your throat like some kind of consultation prize. They tell you he’s a fool, and you let them think you agree. And you tear, and you crash, and you crave, but you survive. At night, you whisper this into your pillow, and begin to remember that he smelled like secrets and women and somehow, you confused this with hope.

It goes like this: he holds her like a lifeline and you begin to wonder why. But chicken legs and frigid waters, you always knew you weren’t enough. And when you forget how to pretend, curled like a child under the covers of a bed that is suddenly bigger than all the world, you’ll learn how to forgive yourself or maybe just how to hate yourself, but at least you’re beginning to understand yourself.

Let me tell you  a story I wish I’d known. It goes like this: we break our own damn hearts.

also? so much of what happened to jack and how he interacts with media opinions of him has to do with when he was first gaining notoreity. 2006-2009 was the entire era of “celebrities gone wild” and things like that. britney shaved her head in 2007, lindsay got two DUIs the same year, and in 2009 (the year jack won the memorial cup) michael phelps (the best male swimmer! ever!) was dragged in the media for smoking weed. hearing people say all these negative things about addicts and mentally ill people (esp. athletes) was undoubtedly hard on my boy and i’m sure he still feels the affects of how fucking cruel media was back then (this was. the height of perez hilton’s popularity so that should say a lot about how mean people were to fuckin kids) to this day. add in the fact that he’s navigating his sexuality and big bob’s son and my boy barely had a chance :(((. i’m so proud of him for rebuilding himself and trying to learn how to ignore what people say. i love him and i wish the world had been different when he was growing up

The season isn’t even over but i’m just so overwhelmed by how much isak has grown. like i keep thinking about him at the house party sitting in that bathtub smoking with his bros and hitting on emma even though he is not really into her, to where he is now. and even helped him get here, to be who he is, and be happy, and more open about how he feels and i’m just so proud!!! Thank you Julie Andem for creating the two characters i love the most in the world.