and i like coloring scenerys so whatevs


sorry I cant do scenery. I also took some creative liberties with design but heres part of one of my fav. moments from Mark’s Subnautical videos so far. (Can you tell I’m really digging them)

Also drawing hair underwater f-ing sucks. and while we are on the subject of hair, i do have to add that I am really digging the color thing Marks got going on. I was a little iffy about the pink at first, but man to I love it now. Not that it matters, home boy can do whatever he likes, just wanted to let ya’ll know.  

Falling For You

The Fosters Imagine

Jesus Adams Foster x Reader

So there’s seriously no imagines for this gorgeous boy, which disappoints me. I hope you guys enjoy!

Summary : A new girl moves in across the street from the Adams Fosters family, and Jesus and the new girl hit off really well. After a couple months later, both confess that they like each other.

Please excuse the crappy writing, and just please enjoy!

“Someone’s moving in across the street.” Jesus noticed as he aimlessly looked out the window.

“Which house?” His twin Mariana asked as she walked into the living room, biting into an apple.

“That really big one, where that old grumpy dude used to live.” He replied, not looking away even for a second.

“You mean Mr. Jackson’s old house?” She questioned, and looked out the window as well.

“Hey kids!” Lena greeted as she entered the house with groceries in hand.

“Hey.” They absentmindedly replied as they remained fixated on the scene occurring outside.

“What’re you two doing?” She asked, noticing them looking intensely out the window, wondering what had captured their attention so intently.

“Someone moved in across the street.” Jesus answered again, and Lena arched a brow. How she had missed that was beyond here.

“Which house?” She asked, suddenly interested herself.

Jesus pointed to the big house right across the street, and all three noticed a man and a girl about their age carrying boxes into the house.

“She looks about your age,” Lena started with a smile, and a plan already forming in mind. “We should invite them over, you know, to welcome them.”

“Sound fun!” Mariana smiled as she turned to her foster mother, and checked the messages on her phone before helping Lena with the groceries.

As for Jesus, his eyes were glued to the family that was moving in, for some odd reason he just found it just so damn interesting.

His eyes upon the teenage girl that grabbed her purse from the van on the drive way and turned his way. She had beautiful (long/short) hair, and the color was (h/c). She was wearing black skinny jeans and a flannel with a shirt with a guitar on it.

‘Damn, she’s hot.’ He thought.

“Jesus! Come help!” He heard Mariana call, and groaned slightly.

He reluctantly got up, and marched his way to the kitchen with the new girl fresh on his mind. He wondered if they’d ever encounter one another.

.A Week Later.

When the Adams Foster children returned from school, they were greeted by a surprise.

“Hey kids!” Lena greeted, and gave each on a hug. “This is the (Last/Name) family!” She introduced them. “They’re the ones that moved in last week!”

Jesus noticed the girl, and recognized her as the one he had seen the week before. Wow, wasn’t he lucky today?

“Why don’t you all show (Y/N) around?” Lena suggested, and Jesus instantly jumped at the offer.

“I got this,” He said with a mischievous smile as he waltzed his way over to the new girl. “Hi, I’m Jesus.” He said giving her one of his best flirty smiles.

A laugh escaped her lips, as she knew what was going on. “I’m (Y/N).” She replied back, and winked at Jesus.

“ Mariana, and this is Callie, Jude, and Brandon!” Mariana introduced herself in a chirpy tone.

The kids walked over to the kitchen, and started to talk to (Y/N).

“I’m from LA,” She answered, eliciting wows and small gasps from the Adams Fosters’ kids. “My dad has work here, and I had to tag along, or else I’m sure he’d starve himself to death.” She laughed.

As Mariana passed out ice cream, she noticed her twin’s flirty behavior.

She just hoped that it wouldn’t drive away a potential friendship with (Y/N), she seemed decent.

“Met any cool celebs in LA?” Jesus asked, wiggling his brows at (Y/N).

She responded back with a sly smile. “Of course, but my favorite was when I bumped into a shirtless Zac Efron!” She exclaimed.

Mariana squealed as she sat down next to (Y/N), gushing over her love for Zac Efron.

Soon the conversation revolved around current movies and music.

(Y/N) got into how her father was involved in the music industry and how many people she had met.

 As for Jesus, he simply couldn’t keep his eyes off her. First off, she was simply gorgeous as hell.

Second off, her eyes were heavenly amazing, he had never seen such a beautiful shade of _(eye/color) _before.

Third, she seemed really cool and flowed in really nice with his family. It didn’t seem like she was faking being nice for the sake of her dad or whatever. 

 (Y/N)’s P.O.V.

 So we were invited by this seemingly nice neighbor from across the street for snacks and stuff.

Who knew moving in to a new house could be so exhausting? 

 Either way, I like the change of scenery I guess. To be honest I didn’t want to come, but having a whole house empty to yourself sounds promising! 

 “Now be nice (Y/N).” Dad said as we crossed the street.

 “When aren’t I?” I gave him a cheeky grin. 

 Once we reach our destination, our hostess warmly greets us and invites us inside.

“The kids will be here any moment.” She smiles and I arch a brow.

 She has children and she seems just so energetic. Weird. 

 My dad and her engage in a conversation that I could care less for and I fiddle around with my phone bored. Waiting for messages from my friends back home.

 I jumped when the door opened, and my attention was completely captured.

“Hey kids!” Our hostess greets enthusiastically and I smile. “This is the (L/N) family!” 

 Her kids seemed to be around my age, thank freaking gosh. I would’ve pulled out my hair if her kids were significantly younger than me. 

 My eyes wander over to a familiar face, a boy with light yet darkish brown hair, and with really gorgeous eyes.

It was the boy I had seen earlier on in the week, walking with his brother up and down the street.

 “Why don’t you all show (Y/N) around?” Mrs. Lena suggested, and the boy quickly jumped in. 

 “I got this,” He looked at me with a mischievous glint that flickered through his eyes. “Hi, I’m Jesus.”

 I rolled my eyes at his flirty tone and then smiled. “I’m (Y/N).” I replied back with a wink.

 “I’m Mariana, and this is Callie, Jude, and Brandon!” Mariana introduced herself and the others.

They whisked me away to the kitchen, where Mariana offered ice cream and I couldn’t resist.

 “I’m from LA,” I answer their questions, eliciting wows and small gasps from the Adams Fosters’ kids. “My dad has work here, and I had to tag along, or else I’m sure he’d starve himself to death.” I laugh. 

 “Met any cool celebs in LA?” Jesus asked, wiggling his brows at me.

 I respond back with a sly smile. “Of course, but my favorite was when I bumped into a shirtless Zac Efron!” I exclaim, reliving that beautiful moment. 

 Mariana squealed as she sat down next to me, gushing over her love for Zac Efron.

Looks like I’ve found myself a good set of new friends!~ 

 Soon the conversation revolved around current movies and music.

I started to explain how Dad worked on the music industry and how I got to meet all types of people. 

 Well not to get all mushy or anything, but I really clicked the best with Jesus. He really held a sense if adventure like myself, and was a trouble maker.

Not to mention that he has some damn fine eyes and handsome features.

What an interesting friendship this will turn out to be. 

 End of P.O.V.

 A month later

 (Y/N) settled in just fine and was more than well acquainted with the Adams Fosters’ family.

 She hung out with Callie and Mariana a lot, as well as some more new friends she made.

Sure she missed her friends back home, but was fully enjoying her new life here as well.

 Jesus and her became fast friends, and were now practically like best friends.

She admired his qualities, reminding her a bit of her older cousin. 

 "Hey (Y/N)!“ Jesus greeted, sitting down on the porch, next to (Y/N).

 "Hey Jesus.” She greeted back warmly, feeling her cheeks redden.

 "You play guitar, hmm?“ His handsome features held a grin.

 "Yeah~.” (Y/N) had developed a small crush—correction—huge crush on her friend’s twin.

 "Planning on becoming the next Taylor Swift?“ He joked, and (Y/N) playfully shoved him. 

 "No, no, no.” She answered back with a laugh. “I plan on being a songwriter, composer maybe.”

“You’ve got some big dreams (Y/N).” He teased, nudging her shoulder with his.

“Well someone’s got to dream big, don’t you agree?” She smiled, feeling butterflies in her stomach. “ 

 Jesus nodded and smiled mischievously at (Y/N).

 "I know that look, what do you want?” She eyed him. 

 “Play something!” He told her with a huge smile. “Play that one song we both like!”

 “(Favorite song)?” She asked, and he nodded. “Well, I’ll try.” She hadn’t praticed on the song very much. 

 Once she started to play, Jesus smiled warmly at her, captured by how she smiled when played, that concentrated look her features held. Damn, he was crushing on her more than he’d like to admit.

 As for our lovely (Y/N), as concentrated as she was on playing, every 30 seconds or 20 seconds she’d look up and gaze at Jesus. His features were concentrated on her and the song.

The way he hummed along made (Y/N) feel all gushy mushy inside. The way he looked at her made her feal weak inside.

Damn, she was crushing on him and it wasn’t even funny!

A couple of months later

It was a Friday afternoon, (Y/N) was walking home with the Jesus alone, usually they’d walk with his adopted siblings but not today.

Jesus had told her that he needed to ask her something very personal, and wanted to ask her alone.

Then they were stopped by a boy from one of the classes she and Jesus were in.

“Hey, Mike right?” She said, with a smile, and noticed him holding a couple of small flowers in a bouquet. 

“Yeah, um hey.” He said, and shoved the flowers in her direction, causing her and Jesus to arch a brow.

Jesus slightly glared at him, full knowing that the guy was a player.

“For me?” (Y/N) asked hesitantly, and looked at the flowers, clearly not interested in taking them.

“Yes,” He said in a husky tone. “I like you (Y/N), will you go out with me?” He asked, shocking them both.

(Y/N) just started at the boy wide eyed, and speechless. 

“Sorry, but she’s taken.” Jesus growled being protective all of a sudden, and roughly grabbed onto her arm dragging her away.

“What!? By who!?” They heard Mike shout, only resulting in Jesus’s grasp on her wrist to tighten.

“Ow! You’re hurting me Jesus!” (Y/N) screeched, as soon as they were far away from the school.

Jesus instantly let go and turned to (Y/N), still pissed at what had happened.

“What’s with you!?” She narrowed her eyes at him, irritated by his behavior. 

“Nothing!” He vehemently denied, turning away from (Y/N), while crossing his arms.

“Really? Then why’d you tell him that I’m taken?” She challenged.

“He’s a player, and I don’t want you to get hurt.” He replied.

(Y/N) stared at his back in agitation and hurt, she was hoping he’d say that he liked her, then his actions would make sense and plus her feelings would be returned.

“Is that all?” She asked, fighting back tears attempting to spill from her glossy orbs. “There’s no other reason?” 

Jesus shrugged. “No, no other reasons.” He lied, thinking she didn’t feel the same way he did.

(Y/N) wanted to choke Jesus, his actions were confusing the hell out of her! Balling up her fists, she stormed off.

“H-hey! Wait up!” He called after her, which only determined her get away quicker. “Come on (Y/N)! Wait up!!”

Once he caught up with her, they reached her house. Man, she just gave him a workout without even meaning too.

“Come on (Y/N)! Look I’m sorry like you actually wanted to go out with him!” He pleaded as she tried opened her house door.

(Y/N) turned around glared at him. “I didn’t want to go out with him! I like you!” She blurted out and her hand flew to her mouth when she realized what she said.

“What?” Jesus smiled at her in disbelief, not sure what he heard was right. “You like me?”

(Y/N) shook her head furiously, and her cheeks felt hot, embarrassed by her outburst. She walked away from him as he stalked towards her, and tensed up when her back hit the locked door.

Why didn’t she just ignore him in the first place?!

“So you like me?~” She heard that smirk present in his tone as he placed his arm over her, and leaned in.

“Me? Me like you? No,” She averted eye contact, knowing he’d tease her and never let this go.

He grabbed her chin and gazed into her eyes. “You’re so weird,” He chuckled, and she looked at him vexed. “Don’t worry, I like like you too.” He confessed, feeling the heavy weight come off his chest.

A lazy smile was on Jesus’s face as he waited for a reaction from (Y/N).

An  amused smile spread across her face, and she shook her head at her stupidty. “Boy, aren’t we screwed up?” She placed her arms around his neck, and pressed a kiss on his lips.

Once she pulled away, he whined at the loss of contact.

“So, will you be my girlfriend (Y/N)?” He asked with a twinkle in his eyes, and saw her nod.

“Why not? Sounds fun.” She winked at him, and giggled when he dove in for another kiss.

The End

anonymous asked:

Prompt: What about a story where it's the first time Tim and Kon get close. Like around late Young Justice, or in the break between Young Justice and Teen Titans or something. It can be anything ya want but if you need something more specific it can be Tim having doubts he's a good Robin in secret and Kon happens to hear him.

This is the last ask! I saved this one for last because I was intrigued by the prompt as something I’d kind of played around as an idea about early Tim/Kon. This is earlier than you had listed, more like early YJ, I hope that’s ok! I was just excited for an excuse to write this idea on how Tim and Kon first started becoming friends (with maybe the opportunity to become more later)

Superboy, newly dubbed Kon-El, examined the note he’d found taped to his new room at Mount Justice where he’d been crashing since, well, he had no other place to go. The Gym, 3pm, Be ready to fight. Seeing as only him, Impulse and the new Robin came to the old headquarters they sort of commandeered for themselves and Imp had illegible chicken scratch, you didn’t have to be the World’s Greatest Detective to figure out who was challenging him. He tucked the note into his pocket and kept walking, determined to see what their little group’s resident human was up to.

He honestly didn’t know what to make of the Boy Wonder. I mean, yeah, Superman had gone on before about how impressive Batman was but his kid sidekick didn’t do anything for Kon. He was tiny for one, smaller than even Imp who was just a skinny beanpole himself. Rob was kind of annoying and naggy too, trying to direct and boss around the two metas like he was the leader or something. And who ever thought it was a good idea to put some random dude, a teenager even, in charge of a bunch of superheroes? So maybe that’s why he finds himself walking down to the Mountain’s gym at 10 to 3. He’s curious what the human thinks he can do to someone as strong (nearly) as Superman. Kon probably should be more worried about accidently hurting the kid, they were like maybe sorta friends after all, but right now he really wanted to punch something. Supes let him use the name and the symbol but no matter how much Kon tried, the man wouldn’t give him the time of day. All Kon had was his costume, a rundown secondhand base, a crazy speedster kid and an annoying prep.

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Manly Needs an Artist

So the big 100k sub milestone has passed and to signify a new era of sorts I’m changing up my channel banner!

*Important Part* In contrast to my thumbnails, this is a paid commission I’m seeking. I will be using it possibly in a lot of other promotional sections later so you must be comfortable with that.

So essentially in the next week or so I’m looking for an artist to work with that can capture the MBH feel I’m looking for. If you’re interested, know someone who is or know of talented artists you’ve seen or work with in the past, please message me. If I decide or am interested in someone you’ll receive a message from me. Even if I don’t use you I will be needing artists for more (possibly commercial) work in the future so I’ll be putting your name down in a file.

To give an idea of what I’m going for design wise (more information will be sent to whoever I’m inquiring to) the banner will be focused solely on me this time. I am looking for someone who can draw my character image with a semi anime, 90s era masculine/attitude style so think, Getter Robo Armageddon, Super Robot Wars/Taisen, Gurren Lagann/Imaishi, early Capcom, Kamen Rider, etc. You don’t have to be matching these styles though (nor does it have to be anime), if you can draw the male figure in general I’ll definitely take a look at your art!

The background would most likely be simple scenery so the character aspect would be the most important. I might be revising some of my core of my design color wise but the basic character art of it can be seen in many of my thumbnails or the numerous amazing interpretations under my fanart tags.

Anyway, that’s the gist of the information. If anyone is interested send a message to this tumblr, my twitter @ManlyBadassHero or my youtube channel Whatever is easiest for you.

The Girl is Mine

Part 1

Requested by Anon
Ivan and his MC (Yuki) meet Yakov and his MC (Stacy) from the sub-story

This one took me a while. After reading the story, I was trying to figure out how they would they would have some kind of conflict. The original story had Ivan and Yakov fighting over the MC, but with Yakov’s MC present he would not fight for another girl, right?. Anyways I hope that this is what you were looking for and hope that you enjoy it. There will be more to come, but it got pretty long so I am going to break it into parts while I finish it.

It was a glorious sunny day when Ivan and Yuki finally had some time alone. They had decided to go for a picnic on a grassy knoll just outside of the wood line. Yuki is wearing her favorite riding outfit that consisted of black ankle boots with dark leggings, a black and white floral pleated skirt that reached the top of her knees matched with a white blouse. Ivan was in his usual sea green casual button up shirt with tan pants and riding boots. Yuki had prepared the bentos herself and was laying them out on the blanket while Ivan moved Mariska further away so that she could graze. 

Yuki giggles slightly at the pace in which Ivan ate his food. He may be a prince but he always gobbled the meals she made with haste, and always too much. Her laughter seemed to have caught Ivan’s attention and he turns to face her, looking deep into her eye with one brow raised.

“What is it that you find so funny, Yuki?”
“Oh, nothing. Its just that you always seem to scarf my food down really fast.” She laughs again
Ivan looks away with a slight blush on his cheeks. Embarrassed he mumbles, “………anyone else…..some.”
“What did you say?”
“I don’t want anyone else to have some!” His cheeks have now turned crimson.
Yuki gently places her hand over his with a kind smile, her eyes twinkling with humor as she tries her best not to laugh out loud at his insecurity. “How about if I promise not make food for anyone else but you. I cannot promise I wont bake for anyone, but I won’t cook for anyone but you. Besides it always makes me happy to know that you enjoy my food.”
Ivan smirks and looks at her approvingly and slightly cocky. “I guess that will have to do.” 

After the meal Yuki shuts away the dishes and cutlery in the basket before summoning up her courage to ask Ivan to do something romantic. 
“Go ahead Ivan.” She pats her lap, but a troubled expression overcomes Prince Ivan’s face.
“You want me to use your lap as a pillow?”
“Yeah, no one is watching, so it should be ok. Besides we never get a chance to do something like this.” Yuki pouts a little, looking at Ivan with puppy dog eyes. Ivan shyly lays down and rests his head on her lap. After a few moments she starts to lightly run her fingers through his hair. 
With a slight blush he asks, “Are you enjoying this?”
“Of course! Who would no enjoy having the man they love rest his head on their lap? I am overjoyed!”
“Well, I admit I enjoy having my head on your lap as well.”
Ivan gives her a little grin while gazing up at her from his position on her knees. “Yuki, you still have some jam on your lips.”
Embarrassed, Yuki quickly moves her hand to wipe away the bit of jam but is stopped by Prince Ivan.
“No, allow me to get it for you.” And with a smirk he leans up and tenderly licks the corner of her lips. “This jam is good, but it is so much sweeter when it is from your lips.”
“Ivan!” Yuki’s face turns bright red and her eyes widen in shock.
“I’d like to taste the sweetness of your lips a little more. May I?” Prince Ivan captures her lips in a searing hot kiss. His hands on both sides of her face angle her head to deepen the kiss. He swipes the tip of his tongue across her bottom lip, asking for entry. She hesitantly opens her mouth to accept him and he relishes the taste of her on his tongue. She moans into his mouth as he pushes hard against her, gently lowering her on her back. Without breaking he stride he covers her with his body, his hand runs down her side as he feels her shiver. A few moments later they tear apart, gasping for air.
“If this keeps up it could be a problem. I’ll want to have my way with you right here, right now.” With a bittersweet smile, Prince Ivan reluctantly backs away from her. 

Right at this moment they are interrupted by Ivan’s wolves. “You two have terrible timing.” He says with a scowl. Sitting primly next to the picnic blanket, Urey and Sneig have come to protect them.
“I get it, I get it. I wont do anything scandalous to her in a place like this. You two can stop fretting and go play.”
As the two wolves began to frolic Yuki turns to Prince Ivan. “Ivan, where you going to do something ‘scandalous’ just now?”
“Just be glade that I have the self-control of a saint.”
Self-control of a saint my ass.’ She thinks to herself. Just then a mischievous glint gathers in her eyes. ‘I think I will have to test that control of his.’ 
“Well…if you can make it until we get home tonight, I’ll let you do whatever you like.”
“Time to go home then.” Prince Ivan says as he snatches up the basket and the blanket.
“What, already?”
“You’re the one who fanned these flames so prepare yourself. Urey, Sneig, we’re going!”

On the way home Ivan chooses another route so that they can enjoy different scenery. This time of year the woods look very enchanting. The wild flowers have bloomed and cover the grassy floor with an amazing array of colors. The rough path they are taking is canopied by the trees, allowing the sunlight overhead to trickle in the breaks of the branches. The light breeze sways the trees and plants, making it seems as if the forest around them is alive and dancing. Yuki, riding with Ivan, leans onto his broad chest. Resting her head she closes her eyes as she enjoys the peaceful serenity of nature. Ivan gently wraps on arm around her, securing her to himself while guiding the horse with an expert hand.

“This route is a little bit rougher, but it should be no problem for Marinka.”
“We are counting on you Marinka.”
As if the horse understood what they were saying she shakes her head cheerily and clip-clops along through the forest. However she suddenly stops in her tracks. Mariska begins to dance nervously and rears up. Ivan almost looses his grip, but he was able to keep them on top. After he calms the horse, he gets off and helps Yuki down as well fearing the startled horse would hurt her. The two wolves on either side of them lower their heads simultaneously while the hair along their necks and back rise, their ears flatten to their skulls. Urey pulls back is lips, exposing his sharp teeth letting out a low growl. 

“What is it? What is going on?” There is a tremor of nervousness in Prince Ivan’s voice. Just then a bright light explodes all around, but is over just as soon as it started, leaving the two to wonder if they really saw anything.
“Ivan, what was that?”
“I don’t know. I have never seen anything like that before.” His grip on her tightens even more and he prepares to pull Mariska away if there is any danger. Just then Yuki yells out, “Ivan look! I see someone over there!”
“There! Just beyond the birch trees on the left. Wait…it looks like there are two people.”
“Hmmmm. I am pretty sure there is a cliff over there.”
“Oh no. We’ll have to warn them…I’ll go on ahead and make sure they are ok!” 

Leaving the safety of Prince Ivan’s arms, Yuki dashes off in the direction of the people she saw. Ivan tries to grab her again but Mariska rears again yanking Ivan backwards.
“Wait, Yuki! Come back it’s too dangerous.”
“But what if the people we saw fall off of the cliff?!” Yuki yells back as she runs forward will all of her might, the shrubs snagging on her clothing causing small tears. 
Next to the birch trees she sees one of the figures collapsed on the ground. Looking around she sees no one else and runs to the persons side. Upon closer inspection she finds a tall man who looks to be a rock musician or a model with long golden locks spread across his face. He looks to be unconscious.
Huh…? He kind of looks like Ivan somehow. Maybe they share an ancestor.’ Yuki thinks to herself as she moves his hair from his face. 
“Hey! Are you alright? Are you awake?” She lightly slaps at his cheeks while calling out to him.

The young man opens his eyes with a groan. ‘His eyes are the same as Ivan’s.’ Transfixed Yuki stares into his face. She pulls his head into her lap while he tries to regain consciousness. While still groggy he lifts his hand and places it on her cheek. He sits up and places his forehead on hers.
“Stacy….are you ok?” His voice is weak as he poses the question; his eyes seem a bit unsteady. His hands travel to her shoulders and hold her close. With one hand holding her, the other pinches the bridge of his nose while groaning in pain. 
“My head is killing me, babe.”
BABE!!’ In her confusion she is frozen to the spot. Ideas float through her mind and she starts to panic, thinking, ‘Oh, god. What do I do? The man in front of me resembles Prince Ivan and he is holding me tenderly like a lover. What should I do….?’


Pay what you want commissions OPEN

deciding on commission types n prices gives me anxiety… so i thought i would do a pay what you want and ill draw depending on what you paid. meaning you can get cute simple little doodles to full colored/shaded work with simple backgrounds, maybe even more like paintings with scenery? you can pay me a dollar and its chill i can do something simple fast n cute. ill have an invisible tier system ill go by but i might break it for whatever reason.

if you have something specific in mind, like you want a badge with text but willing to pay a  reasonable amount, or ur oc sitting in a lovely flowery field, or have a cool image you want me to use inspiration from… i can do that! same with icons. a certain scenery or pose… or a bust, you can ask for that too!

ill probably do “pwyw” from now on for a while too if it works out good!! i figured it would be the most stress free way of doing commissions besides ychs. it would also allow me to experiment n stuff!

just contact me with a ref and the amount u will pay

go here for my commission and contact info.